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Format For Instruction Plan [for Courses with Lectures and Tutorials

Course No Cours Title Course Planner Lectures Tutorial Practical Credits

MGT208 QUANTITATIVE TECHNIQUES-II 14805 :: Himanshu Jindal 4 2 0 5

Text Book: 1 Malhotra,Naresh K,Marketing Research, Pearson Education,New Dehli,2010

Other Specific Book:

2 Gupta S.P , Statistical Method, Sultan Chand and Sons, New Delh,2009

3 Cooper Donald R. & Schindler, Pamela S , Business Research Methods, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Limited, 2007

4 David J.Luck, Marketing Research, Prentice-hall of India, India, New Delhi 2005

5 Gillbert A.Churchill, Marketing Research Methodology Foundations, Thomson South Western, Chennai 2004

6 Sachdeva J.K.Business Research Methodology, Himalaya Publishing House Mumbai, 2008

7 Kothari, C.R, Research Methodology: Methods & Techniques, New Age International Publishers, New Delhi, 2008

8 Anderson, David R. Sweeney Dennis J. And Williams, Thomson A., Quantitative Methods For Business, Thomson South-Western

Other Reading

Sr No Jouranls atricles as compulsary readings (specific articles, Complete reference)

9 Arindam Laha, Formal and informal Credit linkage and its implication to Monetary policy , Finance India Vol. XXII No.3 September 2008, Pages-863-877
10 Foued Khlifi., Corporate governance and voluntary Disclosure : Empirical study using Backward Regression , Finance India Vol. XXII No.3 September 2008,
Pages- 937-956

1 Approved for Spring Session 2010-11

11 N.Namasivayam., Analysis of financing small Scale industries by Commercial banks in Madurai district, Tamil Nadu using Friedman Test , Finance India Vol.
XXII No.3 September 2008, Pages-957-964
12 Subhasis Ray., Building a Model for purchase Decision of Laptops and Price-performance Analysis of Major Player s. Jan 2009,Vol.VIII No.1,The Icfaian
Journal of management research, pp 61-80
13 Improving Student Mentoring through Self-Awareness-Based Pairing, Dr. Robert McKeage, Dr. Len Tischler, Dr. Jerry Biberm and Clyde Rosencrance
University of Scranton
Relevant Websites

Sr. No. (Web adress) (only if relevant to the courses) Salient Features
14 www.itl.nist.gov/div898/handbook/quantgal.htm This is scientific search engine used to upgrade conceptual knowledge
15 http://www.genesys-sampling.com/home.aspx Provide information regarding different sampling techniques and very useful site research
16 http://www.forrester.com/rb/research Provide detail of writing report summary and research
17 http://www.surveysampling.com/ Provide information regarding sampling techniques and also provide case study
18 http://www.acnielsenbases.com/news/news%20092002.html Useful web site for business forecasting

Detailed Plan For Lectures

Week Number Lecture Number Lecture Topic Chapters/Sections of Homework to be Assigned Pedagogical tool
Textbook/other to students Demonstration/case
reference study/images/anmatio
n ctc. planned

Part 1
Week 1 Lecture 1 quantitative decision making & its overview, ->Reference :3,pg 2-4
Lecture 2 An introduction to research: meaning, definition and ->Reference :3,pg 7-9 Case1: Life in the fast
objectives, Goals, Strategy, Tactics, Internal and Lane:Fast Food Chains
External Research Suppliers Race to Be Number
Lecture 3 Research Method Concept, Constructs, Definitions, ->Reference :3,pg 9
Variables, Propositions ->Reference :3,pg 9-13
Lecture 4 Hypotheses research process ->Reference :3,pg 43
Week 2 Lecture 5 Partial Correlation ->Reference :1,pg 540 Case2:A Gem of Study
->Reference :2,
Lecture 6 Partial Correlation: zero order, first order, second ->Reference :1,pg 540

2 Approved for Spring Session 2010-11

Week 2 Lecture 7 Multiple Correlation, coefficient of Multiple ->Reference :1,pg542 HomeWork 1 Allocation Case3:Nike sprints
correlation ahead of the
competition,Yet has a
long way to run, pp-67/1
Lecture 8 Multiple Regression ->Reference :1,pg 552 Term Paper 1 Allocation
->Reference :2,
Week 3 Lecture 9 Correlation Analysis Least square regression plane, ->Reference :1,pg 553
Lecture 10 linear Multiple regression analysis ->Reference :1,pg 554
Lecture 11 Coefficient of Multiple Determination ->Reference :1,pg 555 Case4: Miles
-561 Laboratories,Inc.,pp90-
93/4, web ref.-18
Lecture 12 Research problem: selection of problem, ->Reference :3,pg 54 Case5 : Campbell-
Ewald Pumps
Awareness into
Americans Heart
Week 4 Lecture 13 understanding problem, ->Reference :3,pg 56 - Case6: Sturgel Division
Lecture 14 necessity of defined problem, ->Reference :3,pg 69- HomeWork 1 Submission

Part 2
Week 4 Lecture 15 Pilot Testing, ->Reference :3,pg 76 Case 7:T-shirt Design
Lecture 16 Data Collection, Analysis and Interpretation, ->Reference :3,pg 77 Case8:Tyme,Inc229/4
Reporting the Results.
Week 5 Lecture 17 Review of literature in research ->Reference :3,pg 78 HomeWork 2 Allocation
Lecture 18 Research design: meaning, types ->Reference :1,pg 76- Case9:BBQ Product
77 crosses over the lines of
varied tastes
Lecture 19 descriptive, diagnostic, ->Reference :3,pg 82 Case10: Delaware Art
Lecture 20 exploratory and experimental ->Reference :1,pg 80
Week 6 Lecture 21 Sources and methods of data collection: primary ->Reference :1,pg 411
and secondary sources, -414
Lecture 22 data collection methods, ->Reference :1,pg 414 HomeWork 2 Submission Case 11:The Sneaker
-420 Shack,pp371-72/4
Lecture 23 Questionnaire designing: ->Reference :1,pg 299 Quiz 1

3 Approved for Spring Session 2010-11

Week 6 Lecture 24 construction, types, ->Reference :1,pg 306-
Week 7 Lecture 25 developing a good questionnaire, ->Reference :1,pg 311-
Lecture 26 mailed questionnaire ->Reference :1,pg 314-
Lecture 27 schedule ->Reference :1,pg 317
Lecture 28 Revision

Part 3
Week 8 Lecture 29 Sampling design , ->Reference :1,pg 332-
Lecture 30 Sampling techniques ->Reference :1,pg 334- HomeWork 3 Allocation Case12:Silken
339 Hoisery,Inc.,pp494-95/4
Lecture 31 , Scaling techniques: meaning and types ->Reference :1,pg 270-
Lecture 32 sampling distribution, ->Reference :1,pg 273-
Week 9 Lecture 33 Data processing:: ->Reference :1,pg 364-
Lecture 34 editing, ->Reference :1,pg 431- HomeWork 3 Submission Case13:ValueMart
435 Discount stores,pp467/4
Lecture 35 coding, ->Reference :1, Case 14: Super Clean
Lecture 36 classification, tabulation ->Reference :1,chapter
Week 10 Lecture 37 Hypothesis Testing: ->Reference :3,pg 490-
Lecture 38 Statistical significance, the logic of hypothesis ->Reference :3,pg 493-
testing,. 496
Lecture 39 statistical testing procedure, ->Reference :3,pg 496- Case15:Data Fact
497 Research,pp471/4
Lecture 40 p-values ->Reference :3,pg 497-

Part 4
Week 11 Lecture 41 Test of significance: ->Reference :1,pg 480

4 Approved for Spring Session 2010-11

Week 11 Lecture 42 Types of tests, z-test, ->Reference :1,pg 480 HomeWork 4 Allocation
Lecture 43 numerical problems on z test ->Reference :1,
Lecture 44 t-test, ->Reference :1,pg 482 Term Paper 1 Submission
Week 12 Lecture 45 numerical problems on t-test ->Reference :1,
Lecture 46 chi-square test, ->Reference :1,pg 474
Lecture 47 numerical problems on chi -square test ->Reference :1, Case16:
Lecture 48 ANOVA ->Reference :1,502-
Week 13 Lecture 49 problems on anova ->Reference :1, HomeWork 4 Submission
Lecture 50 Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis ->Reference :3,pg 590- Quiz 2
Lecture 51 Conjoint Analysis ->Reference :3,pg 586
Lecture 52 Revision

Spill Over
Week 14 Lecture 53 Research design and its practical use in business
Lecture 54 Exploratory and Descriptive research designs
Lecture 55 Applications of Regression
Lecture 56 Conjoint analysis and product designing

Details of homework and case studies

Homework No. Topic of the Homework Nature of homework
(group/individuals/field work
Homework 1 H.W-1 Critical appraisal of review of Literature (at least 10 articles from a journal or internet).Evaluation: Individual
Introduction to the project: 2 marks,Objectives: 3 marks,Review of literature 5 marks, Researchdesign 3
marks, methodology:2 marks
Homework 2 H.W-2 Questionnaire designing on various topics (evaluation 5 marks for submission ,10 marks for Individual
Homework 3 H.W -3 Case based presentations(evaluation 5 marks for synopsis .10 marks for presentation) Group
Homework 4 H.W-4 Practical assignment based on numerical from correlation, regression and chi-square-test, t-test Individual
etc.)evaluation 5 marks for submission of min 6 numericals given by teacher . 10 marks for assignment
base test .

5 Approved for Spring Session 2010-11

Scheme for CA:out of 100*
Component Frequency Out Of Each Marks Total Marks
Homework 3 4 15 45
Term Paper 1 25 25
Quiz 2 15 30

Total :- 55 100

* In ENG courses wherever the total exceeds 100, consider x best out of y components of CA, as explained in teacher's guide available on the

List of suggested topics for term paper[at least 15] (Student to spend about 15 hrs on any one specified term paper)

Sr. No. Topic

1 Select two different cold-drink advertisements. Design and conduct a survey to determine which advertisement is more effective. Use a student sample of fifty
and develop your own measures.
2 Collect data regarding profit, profit after tax, sales, cost, turnover and compare the growth rate and performance of TCS and INFOYSES
3 P & G has developed a new toothpaste that has provided tooth and gum protection for 24 hours after each brushing. It would like to determine consumer‟s
response to this new toothpaste before introducing it in the market place. If a survey is to be conducted to determine consumer preferences, which survey
method should be used and why? Develop a questionnaire for assessing consumer preference of tooth-paste brands
4 Obtain information on the annual sales of (at least five years) ONGC and also collect data regarding industry. Analyze the status of ONGC and write a report
on its performance.
5 Conduct a survey on the comparison of McDonald and Domino Pizza.
6 Obtain information on the annual sales of TCS and software industry for the last five years. Write a performance report of TCS.
7 Conduct a survey on comparison of Lenevo and Dell laptops .
8 Conduct a campus wide survey to know the perception of youth towards state of higher education in India

9 Conduct a survey among youngsters to study their buying behaviour towards deodorants.
10 Collect data regarding SBI and PNB(Capital invested, employees, profit, sales of loan, other benefits, branches etc.) and on the basis of this data compare
which one performed better in 2009
11 Prepare a questionnaire to judge the performance of LUX and DOVE in comparison to other brands (at least 5 brands). Prepare a report to present your
findings. State the factors affecting their performance.
12 Select two different four-wheeler advertisements. Design and conduct a survey to determine which advertisement is more effective. Use a student sample of
fifty and develop your own measures.
13 Conduct a study among the youngsters to know about their buying behaviour towards different brands of mobile phones.
14 Visit 10 different shopping malls. Evaluate each shopping mall in terms of its overall image and quality of services by using scaling techniques.

6 Approved for Spring Session 2010-11

15 Collect data regarding profit, profit after tax, sales, cost, turnover and compare the growth rate and performance of Maruti Suzuki and Tata Motors

Plan for Tutorial: (Please do not use these time slots for syllabus coverage)
Tutorial No. Lecture Topic Type of pedagogical tool(s) planned
(case analysis,problem solving test,role play,business game etc)

Tutorial 1 Research Basics Case analysis

Tutorial 2 Literature review Test
Tutorial 3 Research process
Tutorial 4 Research design Case analysis
Tutorial 5 Why research is conducted in different fields? Business game
Tutorial 6 Exprimental and exploratory research design Test
Tutorial 7 To what extent secondary data is reliable? Case analysis
Tutorial 8 Questionnaire designing Problem solving
Tutorial 9 Sampling Techniques Case analysis
Tutorial 10 Data processing coding and editing Case analysis
Tutorial 11 Sampling design Case analysis
Tutorial 12 term paper review Problem solving
Tutorial 13 The role of experts in research work
Tutorial 14 Application of Z-test Problem solving

After Mid-Term
Tutorial 15 Test of significance-Z-test-One variable Problem solving
Tutorial 16 T-test-Introduction Problem solving
Tutorial 17 Case based presentations presentation
Tutorial 18 Case based presentations presentation
Tutorial 19 Case based presentations presentation
Tutorial 20 Case based presentations presentation
Tutorial 21 Chi-square test- Test for goodness of fit Problem solving
Tutorial 22 term paper review class discussion

7 Approved for Spring Session 2010-11

Tutorial 23 Parametric tests Test
Tutorial 24 Applications of t-test quiz 2
Tutorial 25 assignment- 4 test Test
Tutorial 26 Hypothesis test Case analysis

8 Approved for Spring Session 2010-11