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Iowa Mortgage Help



The housing crisis in America is seriously impacting

thousands of Iowans. As a growing number of our
citizens face foreclosure, we have convened a
group of public and private agencies to enhance
existing counseling services by increasing the
capacity of counseling agencies to serve more
individuals. Our goal is to motivate homeowners to
seek help by calling the Iowa Mortgage Help Hotline
at 877-622-4866.

© 2011 Iowa Finance Authority

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Iowa Mortgage Help



When you call the Iowa Mortgage Help Hotline you

will reach a trained, respectful, nonjudgmental
counselor at Iowa Mediation Services (IMS). When
you call, please be prepared to provide the
counselor with an honest explanation of your
situation. Your truthfulness will allow the counselor
to help you in the best way possible. After a brief
conversation, the counselor will recommend one of
two possible next steps.

z The counselor may refer you to a local

counseling agency that can help you with
issues such as personal finances and budgeting so you can pay your mortgage in full and on time.
Depending on your situation, the counselor may help you with a plan to reduce your debt, restore
your credit and so on.
z If your situation is more serious, the counselor may suggest that you continue to work with IMS,
which provides more complete services to homeowners. IMS will act as a neutral third party, and
will work with you and your lender to find a long-term solution to your situation. The goal of the
process is to find solutions, not lay blame. To assist you, IMS may also work directly with your
loan servicer. Many borrowers are surprised to learn that their loan servicer is also eager to
resolve mortgage issues.

Please remember that individual homeowners and their challenges vary. Likewise, mortgage loan
products and their conditions vary. The solution that is appropriate for one homeowner may not be the
best solution for another. No matter, the goal of the Iowa Mortgage Help initiative is to provide
individualized assistance to each person who seeks it.

© 2011 Iowa Finance Authority

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Iowa Mortgage Help



The Iowa Mortgage Help initiative's purpose is to

develop a planned, integrated response to the
housing crisis with the strategic intent to assist in
helping all impacted Iowans find the best possible
solutions to their home mortgage issues.

Our goal is to reach 95 percent of Iowans with the

message of assistance and counseling available
through Iowa Mortgage Help and the partner/sub-
grantee agencies available to serve their needs.

Also, we want to motivate at least 10,000

homeowners to contact one of the agencies through the Iowa Mortgage Help Hotline, this Web site
and/or by personal visit, allowing them to receive the counseling benefits of this program for their
mortgage issues.

The Iowa Mortgage Help initiative is made up of the following organizations:

z Iowa Home Ownership Education Project

z Iowa Mediation Service
z Iowa Legal Aid
z Iowa Office of the Attorney General
z Iowa Finance Authority
z Strategic America

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About Us Home Buyers Members Newsletter Contact Us

About Us

To support home owner education in Iowa through a collaborative of organizations and


IHOEP seeks to work with members and others to increase quality homeownership education TRAINING
services and financial literacy throughout Iowa; collaborate with organizations; expand JOIN IHOEP
homeownership in under served areas; and increase financial support to member organizations.

Membership EVENTS

Membership is open to any organization, individual or student with an interest in promoting home
ownership education in Iowa. Members agree to support the initiatives through various means
P.O. Box 31028 Des Moines, IA 50310
consistent with the nature and resources of each respective organization, such as:
Phone: 515 278-1415
z Providing matching funds to foundation grant funds for provisions of education services Toll Free: 888-99IHOEP
z Assisting in raising/generating local match funds Fax: 888 241-3112
z Providing technical assistance to local providers through individual member organization
z Promoting outreach and public education through individual member organization

z Education: Conferences, Newsletters, Educational Classes
z Grant funds: Iowa Home Ownership Assistance Program

Executive Director: Stephanie Preusch, 515-229-7737
Program Manager: Kris Winter, 1-888-99IHOEP
Compliance Administrator: Carol Wells
Group Education Instructor: Jerri Scott

P.O. Box 31028
Des Moines, IA 50312

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Iowa Mediation Service

Tuesday, March 29,

Information on Iowa Mediation Service’s

Mortgage Mediation Program
On Sept. 11th, 2007, The Iowa Attorney General’s Office
and Iowa Mediation Service (IMS) announced a joint
program to work with borrowers and lenders dealing with
mortgage, refinancing, and foreclosure concerns. Mediation, a
process where parties meet with a neutral third party mediator
and look for win/win solutions, will be offered to any borrowers
and lenders who wish to participate. This is a voluntary

If you are a borrower or a lender and wish to request

mediation, please fill out a Request for Voluntary Mediation
Form and return it to:

Mediation Training Iowa Mediation Service

February 24, 25, 26, and March 11th & 12th, 1025 Ashworth Road, Suite 504
2011 West Des Moines, IA 50265
Des Moines, IA
Also available is a release allowing Iowa Mediation Service
.....more information
to discuss issues with mortgage lenders (see link). Any
individual requesting help with mortgage issues must submit
this release with their request.

We will process each request and schedule mediation

sessions for participants.

Iowa Mediation Service is a non-profit organization, serving

Iowans since 1985. We have offices in West Des Moines,
Spencer, Mason City, Creston, and Cedar Rapids.

If you have questions regarding this process, please call 1-

877-622-4866 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time, Monday
through Friday.

What is Mediation?
Iowa Mediation Service 1025 Ashworth Road, Suite 504, West Des Moines, IA 50265 Tel: 515-331-8081 Email Click Here!

Iowa Mediation Service © 2003-2008 All Rights Reserved.

http://www.iowamediationservice.com/ 3/28/2011
REQUEST FOR VOLUNTARY MEDIATION Date Received_________________
Case Number__________________



1025 Ashworth Road, Suite 400
West Des Moines, IA 50265
(515) 331-8081
(515) 331-8085 (fax)

DATE MAILED:_______________________________________

REQUESTING PARTY__________________________________________________________________
Street Address__________________________________________________________________________
Home Telephone_________________________Work Telephone______________________________

The above-named party(ies) request Voluntary Mediation with the following:

Street Address__________________________________________________________________________
Home Telephone_________________________Work Telephone_________________________________

Street Address__________________________________________________________________________
Home Telephone_________________________Work Telephone_______________________________

For an initial phone consultation regarding the mediation process and how to decide if mediation may be
useful in your circumstance, call our staff at the regional IMS office in ___________________________
at__________________________________. There is no charge for this initial consultation.

Each above-named party will be charged a fee of $50.00 for each hour of mediation. Payment is to be
made at the conclusion of the mediation session by check, cash, or pre-approved voucher.
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Free legal help and information on civil law problems for eligible Iowans in every county of the state.

Toll-free telephone lines and online assistance make it easy for clients to get help.

z Services statewide from ten regional offices.

z Training and information for attorneys who volunteer to help low-income Iowans.
z Making Hope, Dignity and Justice a reality for clients, with the help of our partners

"There can be no equal justice where the kind of trial a man gets depends on the amount of money he
United States Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black
Griffin v. Illinois 351 U.S. 12, 19 (1956)

In Middletown Iowa, the residents of a mobile home park were being evicted from their
housing. [We] collaborated with Iowa Legal Aid to get a satisfactory settlement for these residents. If
not for Iowa Legal Aid these folks definitely would have been homeless.

Iowa Coalition for Housing and Homelessness I was blessed to be given the gift of a
second chance at a domestic abuse free lifestyle, all because of the help of your staff. My children and I
are forever thankful.

A Client of Iowa Legal Aid Without legal aid, I would be alone. My lawyer took care
of all my needs and took time to understand my case.

A Client of Iowa Legal Aid I was taking care of my wife, who has Alzheimers, at
home. It got to be too much and we had to go to a nursing home, later they tried to discharge my wife. I
could never have afforded a lawyer to fight these people, that's how I came in contact with Iowa Legal
Aid and I will ever be thankful for that.
A Client of Iowa Legal Aid

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