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Leica ADS80

Airborne Digital Sensor

Best imagery even faster
Whether you want to capture airborne data of an agricultural area or of
a city, record the challenges in a disaster area or the expanse of a
power line, you need reliable measurements and solutions for your
entire workflow to build image-based maps. Leica Geosystems’ broad
array of airborne sensors and integrated software solutions capture data
efficiently, reference imagery accurately, measure easily, analyze and
present spatial information in 3D.

Those who use Leica Geosystems products every day trust them for
their precision, their seamless integration and their superior customer
support. When data really counts, Leica Geosystems delivers geospatial
imaging solutions with precision, integration and service.

When it has to be right.

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Total Quality Management –

our commitment to total
customer satisfaction.

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Leica Geosystems AG
Heerbrugg, Switzerland
How is it that the Leica ADS80
line sensor technology is superior
to any other digital airborne imaging
Leica ADS80 offers
great opportunities
Best investment, best imagery, state-of- n Simplicity – from flight n Efficiency – tight integra-
the-art geospatial information planning to highly tion of all components
The new Leica ADS80 airborne digital sensor automated data delivery n Reliability – the complete
is the best investment in your future. Leica n Flexibility – all applications airborne sensor solution
Geosystems’ advanced line sensor technology from photogrammetry to from Leica Geosystems
offers you performance in data acquisition and remote sensing
data processing superior to any other large- n Productivity – the fastest Simply put, with the new
format digital camera. workflow Leica ADS80 you can get to
better results much faster –
at even lower cost.

Leica FPES
Flight Planning &
Evaluation Software
Airborne image acquisition starts with
flight planning and ends with project
evaluation. Optimizing your flight plan
and monitoring the quality of your data
is the key to cost effective mission
completion. Leica FPES comes with all
the features you need to execute your
Leica ADS80 project economically from
the start.

Flight Planning and Evaluation

Confidence in your data –
subpixel accuracy from blue to infrared
Subpixel accuracy from color-infrared – even n New flash memory
blue to infrared below 5 cm GSD provides higher reliability
The Leica ADS80 is the only n No pan-sharpening and reduces the payload
large-format digital airborne n Highest geometric weight
camera in the world that stability, even in rough n Increased data through-
can make this claim. Its conditions. put allows simultaneous
unique design provides image acquisition for both
clear advantages in data With the all new Control photogrammetry and
acquisition, always: Unit CU80, Leica Geosys- remote sensing
n Co-registered imagery tems continues to deliver n Improved image data
with equal resolution in real benefits to its custom- compression delivers even
panchromatic, color and ers: better image quality

Leica FCMS
Flight and Sensor
Control Management
FCMS manages the data acquisition
process, provides flight guidance and
minimizes the interaction between
sensor and operator. Additionally, in-
flight quality control considerably
increases productivity and cuts cost.

Data Collection and Georeferencing

Best imagery even faster –
processed at the speed of flight
Leica Geosystems’ line The new Leica XPro features
sensor technology is already improved functionality, speeds up
setting the standards in flight data processing and saves
airborne data acquisition. you time and money:
Now, Leica’s brand new n Fast quality control viewer for
workflow solutions are digital sensor imagery
setting the standards in n On-the-fly L1 rectification
digital image processing, n Fastest image processing
making the Leica ADS80 speed on the market
the most powerful and most n Simplified triangulation process
complete digital airborne n Radiometric corrections in-
imaging solution. cluded in the image load chain.

Leica IPAS20
Advanced Inertial Position
& Attitude System
Direct georeferencing reduces the need for
ground control points and shortens your
production time significantly. The embed-
Leica XPro
ded Leica IPAS20 inertial position and
Download and
attitude system is fully integrated into the
Ground Processing Software
Leica ADS80 and XPro workflow and
Leica XPro ground processing software
features the latest GPS/GLONASS technol-
offers the power to deliver even the
ogy. It supports a range of IMUs and offers
largest projects in the shortest time. To
you maximum flexibility.
go from data download to final product
has just become simpler, better and

Ground Processing
Leica ADS80 delivers
best results
Our changing world de- you stay ahead by providing flexibility, greater
mands up-to-date geospa- subpixel accuracy from blue productivity and lower
B tial information. To remain to infrared – processed at cost throughout the
G competitive means to the speed of flight: entire workflow
provide the highest quality n It remains the only trusted n You can spend less time
R imagery more accurately, and independently tested processing and more
P more reliably and faster sensor solution that time analyzing digital
than anyone else. supports your photogram- airborne imagery.
metry and remote sensing
Leica Geosystems’ ADS line applications With the new Leica ADS80
sensor technology, now in n You can continue to airborne digital sensor, you
its third generation, helps experience increased will deliver best results.







Image analysis


Image Interpretation