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Fractured Reservoir

Formation Evaluation
Fundamentals and Analysis of Naturally Fractured Reservoir for undiscovered
potential production
JW Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia • 23rd – 25th February 2011


“I learned a lot and have a bunch of new ideas to try out”

~ Hess Indonesia

“I really enjoyed the week in the Pyrenees and especially your outstanding knowledge
concerning all the fracture architecture. We have to send more geologists and even engineers
to your course to get a better understanding of our various reservoirs. Congratulations on
the successful course! ”
Course Facilitat
“…It was also good to see all the fractures and faults and to think about the implications
JON GUTMANIS of these faults on a reservoir. I also thought the classroom sessions worked well with your
GeoScience Ltd practical conclusions about determining the influence of fractures being key…”
~ Woodside Energy
Fractured Reservoir Characterization
Consultancy Service
Chief Geologist and Manager

Capitalize On Expert Knowledge To Gain Maximum Value

Journals Publications On These Vital Issues
Some of Jon’s recent technical papers:
ESTABLISH essential prerequisites for fractured reservoir characterization
• Basement Reservoirs: A Review of their
Geological and Production Characteristics. ACHIEVE in-depth understanding on fracture reservoir properties and improve
• Reservoir Characterisation and Modelling in fracture properties prediction and estimation
the Fractured Basement Plays of Yemen. GAIN comprehensive knowledge on fracture reservoir workflows and appraisal
• Application of Pyrenean Fractured Carbonate
LEARN fracture scales and attributes and how these impact on fractured reservoirs
Outcrops for Sub-Surface Reservoir
Characterisation. performance
• Characterising fractured granite reservoirs PRACTICE different exercises on interpretations of fracture, fracture chronology,
including the role of geomechanics bore hole image log and stress directions
GET to know fracture models: static and geomechanical models
Highlights of Experience and Affiliations
CONSIDER formation damage issues and other issues in drilling in basement
• Wide technical experience with project
experience in Europe, Africa, Russia, N and
fractured reservoirs
S America, Middle East and Far East APPRAISE various case studies in fracture reservoir characterizations for better
• Technical Supervision for projects on different strategies of addressing the complexity of fractured reservoir
formations: Carbonates, Clastics, Evaporites,
• Experience across hydrocarbons, geothermal UNI training courses are thoroughly researched and carefully structured to provide practical and
and nuclear industries exclusive training applicable to your organization.
• Delivery of classroom and field-based training Benefits include:
courses in the UK, Spanish Pyrenees, Middle • Thorough and customized programmes to address current market concerns
East • Illustrations of real life case studies
• Comprehensive course documentation
• Contributor to Competent Person Reports
• Strictly limited numbers
involving fractured reservoirs
• Team Leader for fracture and flow studies at
site investigations for underground nuclear
waste repositories Official Hotel Proudly Organised by
• Fellow of the Geological Society of London
(Chartered Geologist), European Association
of Geologists and Engineers
• Author of many technical papers and
presentations at industry conferences

Reservoir characterization and simulation modeling of naturally fractured reservoirs present unique challenges that differentiate it from
conventional, single porosity continuum reservoirs. Therefore, this workshop is specifically designed to provide you a solid introduction
to the engineering and geological character of fractured reservoirs. The focus is on understanding fractures in a reservoir, detecting
fractures and analyzing the fracture system for the purpose of improved reservoir management and hydrocarbon production.

The workshop discuss important topics and issues encountered when dealing with fractured reservoir formation evaluations such
as fractured properties, scales and attributes and their impact on fractured reservoir performance. Fractured reservoir porosity and
permeability will be discussed in details to provide participants an in-depth understanding on these parameters, their range of values and
methods used for better estimations. Other topics covered include data acquisition, techniques and limitations of natural fracture analysis
in core, borehole image, full wave form sonic data and open hole logs as well as fundamentals on fracture models with examples from
the Course Facilitator’s consulting projects. Formation damages and basement drilling issues will be further discussed to complete a
comprehensive view on fracture reservoir appraisal and development.

The last day of the workshop serves to provide attendants with practical case histories of fractured reservoirs worldwide in different
formations ranging from carbonates, clastics to basement in order to improve participants’ understandings about fractured reservoir
geology and characterization and provide the know-how strategies to address the complexity of this diverse class of reservoirs.

DAY 1 | 23rd February 2011 DAY 2 | 24th February 2011




Introduction to the course and it’s objectives
Definition of fractured reservoirs and range of geological Key data sets, benefits and limitations
properties Natural fracture analysis in core, borehole image logs, full
Reserves and production rates waveform sonic data, and openhole logs: techniques and
Typical appraisal and development issues in geology, limitations
geomechanics and engineering Recognition of induced fractures and their implications for
Introduction to a workflow for fractured reservoir appraisal reservoir stress
Key conclusions and recommendations for geologists and Application of dynamic data to natural fracture characterisation:
engineers working with fractured reservoirs mud losses, production logs, well tests
Introduction to downhole geophysical methods (VSP,
Session 2 BASICS OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY AND tomography., microseismics)
FRACTURE CHARACTERISATION FOR RESERVOIR GeoTV: visualisation of borehole fractures and shape from
APPRAISAL borehole image log data (demo)

Stress and strain defined Exercises

The formation and reactivation of fractures Interpretation of borehole image logs for natural and induced
Description of the range of fracture types and their implications fractures, and correlation with other downhole data such as
for reservoir quality and performance Stoneley wave logs
Fracture scales and attributes and how these impact on Interpretation of stress direction in image logs
fractured reservoir performance
Fracture porosity and permeability: definitions, methods, range Session 4 INTRODUCTION TO FRACTURE MODELS
of values
Karstic features Methodology
Controls on fracture distribution: lithologies, faults, folds, in- Fracture data processing and preparation of static fracture
situ stress models
Examples at outcrop and in sub-surface Integration of well data and seismic mapping
Use of outcrop analog information
Exercises Methods of fracture prediction away from the wellbore
Interpretation of fracture chronology in outcrop and core (curvature, seismic attributes)
photographs Dynamic calibration of static models
Interpretation of fractures in particular stress regimes Introduction to geomechanical models
Examples from projects
End-of-Day ReCap, Summary and Open Floor Discussion
End-of-Day ReCap, Summary and Open Floor Discussion

In-House Training
Cost effective In-house courses, tailored specifically to your organisation’s needs, can be arranged at your preferred location and time. If you
would like to discuss further, please contact our In-house division at iht@unistrategic.com.

DAY 3 | 25th February 2011 WHO SHOULD ATTEND

This workshop is specially designed for professionals involved

in fractured reservoir characterization or conventional
characterization professionals that are looking into fractured
Session 5 CASE HISTORIES reservoir potential as well as reservoir engineers who want to
enhance knowledge on different kinds of reservoirs for future
Examples of fractured reservoir characterisation projects from responsibilities and opportunities. It is highly applicable for
hydrocarbon fields including individuals from all subsurface disciplines. These include:
Case Study: Permian Carbonate Reservoir in NW Russa Geologists
(prospect development) Petrophysicists
Case Study: Cretaceous Carbonate Reservoir in the UAE
(simulation upgrade) Geoscientists

Case Study: Jurassic Carbonate Onshore UK (simulation

Case Study: Cambro-Ordovician Reservoir in Algeria (miscible
gas injection) It is estimated that more than 60% of the world’s proven
hydrocarbon reserves lie in naturally fractured reservoirs. Thus,
Case Study: Arabian Shield Basement Reservoirs in Yemen the high potential of fractured reservoirs is out there to discover.
(development drilling) including basement drilling issues However, the high degree of reservoir heterogeneity and the
complexity of the paths of hydrocarbon and other fluids created by
fractures require us characterize fractured reservoirs accurately
to make use of assistance from fractures and their inhibition in
Wellbore stability, drillstring and related issues hydrocarbon production so as to achieve ultimate recovery.
Formation damage issues (eg plugging of fractures)
This workshop not only provides you with fundamental knowledge
End-of-Course ReCap, Summary and Open Floor on fractured reservoir characterization but also enhances
Discussion participants’ understanding on the complexity of fractured
reservoirs. Beside practical exercises on interpretations of
fractures and Geo TV demonstrations on visualization of borehole
fractures and shape from borehole image log data, delegates
will have extensive discussions on case studies from different
fractured formations and learn the practical issues encountered
and solutions involved.

Program Schedule

(Day 1 - Day 3)

08:30 Registration
09:00 Morning Session Begins
10:40 - 11:00 Refreshments & Networking Break
12:45 Luncheon
14:00 Afternoon Session begins
15:30 - 15:50 Refreshments & Networking Break
17:00 Course Ends

To ensure that you gain maximum value from this course, a detailed
questionnaire will be forwarded to you upon registration to establish your
exact training needs and issues of concern. Your completed questionnaire
will be analysed by the course trainer prior to the event and addressed
during the event. You will receive a comprehensive set of course
documentation to enable you to digest the subject matter in your own

Jon has been with GeoScience since it started in the 1980’s and is currently Chief Geologist and Manager of the company’
s Consultancy Service in Fractured Reservoir Characterization for the hydrocarbons and geothermal industry.

He is responsible for marketing, sales, and technical supervision of FRC projects as well as performing his own technical
work including delivery of class room training and field-based training courses on Fracture Reservoir Characterization
in UK, Spanish Pyrenees and Middle East for Oil and Gas E&P industry.

His experience in GeoScience includes the management and technical supervision of a range of projects worldwide
including Europe, Africa, Russia, N and S America, Middle East and Far East, formations ranging from Pre-Cambrian
basement to Tertiary sediments.
He has detailed experience in fracture, flow and stress studies using well data and is in charge of development of local
to field-scale fracture models and simulation parameters by integration of well, outcrop and seismic data, for application
in well planning, volumetric estimations, or reservoir simulations.

Other experience includes structural geology and fracture characterization for geothermal energy developments
including Engineered Geothermal systems at 4km depth, evaluation of seismic hazard for carbon sequestration projects,
structural model construction for seismic hazard evaluation at nuclear installations, and contributions to Competent
Persons Reports on hydrocarbon prospects.

From 1985 to 1997, he is in charge of characterization of sub-surface fracture and fault systems from well and seismic
data, including their permeability and flow properties. He took a major role in the investigations for an underground
repository for UK radwaste at Sellafield (1989 to 1997): technical and financial management of data acquisition and
interpretation, together with preparation of technical reports for Public Inquiries. He is the leader of multicontractor and
multi-disciplinary teams covering a wide range of earth science applications.

During this time, he also worked on development of geological models for geothermal reservoir developments (USA,
Indonesia), for nuclear installations in the UK and France, and for hydrocarbon reservoirs. His specialization was
in remote sensing interpretations (eg radar interferometry at an onshore oilfield in the Far East) and in fault activity

He is Fellow of the Geological Society of London (Chartered Geologist), European Association of Geologists and
Engineers and hold memberships in different Petroleum Exploration and Geological Associations and was Chairman of
Geological Remote Sensing Group of Geological Society.

Some of GeoScience recent clients in fractured reservoir projects:

Anadarko (Algeria) BP (UKCS, Norway, Algeria, Angola, Alaska)

Centrica (North Sea) Chevron (Russia)
Cepsa (Algeria) ConocoPhillips (UKCS)
DNO (Yemen) Emerald Energy (Colombia)
ENI / AGIP (Iran) Heritage Oil (Kurdistan)
Hess (UK, Thailand, Algeria, Denmark) Hunt Oil (Yemen)
Hurricane Exploration (UKCS) JKX Oil & Gas (Ukraine)
Nexen (Yemen) Oil Search Ltd (Yemen)
OMV (Yemen) Perenco (Gabon, Ecuador)
Petro-Canada (Syria) Premier-Kufpec (Pakistan)
Safer E & P Operations (Yemen) Schlumberger Algeria)
Shell (North Sea) Star Energy (UK)
Statoil (Algeria) Sterling Energy
Total (Yemen, Libya) Venture Production (North Sea)
Woodside Energy
Fractured Reservoir Formation Evaluation
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