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4 Types of Leukemia
There are many types of leukemia, but the four Interesting Facts
major types are acute lymphocytic leukemia, acute
Leukemia kills the most children (ages 2-15)
myelogenous leukemia, chromic lymphocytic
besides car accidents.
leukemia, and chronic myelogenous leukemia.
In acute leukemia, red blood cell counts drop Over 57,000 people will die from a blood
dramatically, and functionless cells are reproduced related disease this year.
very fast, which causes anemia.

In chronic leukemia, it has the same effets, but not

as dramatic. They cells produce slower.

Research Outlook
Scientists are still trying to figure out what
exactly causes leukemia. It is extremely rare to
inherit leukemia and they are researching on
how it could be inherited.

Complications of Leukemia
People with leukemia often have social and
emotional problems. Children who have
leukemia never get to go to school and socially
interact with people. They recieve low grades
and it is hard to make friends with people when
they are stuck in a hospital all day. Having
treatments done can be extremely expensive so
many people end up going in debt. Many people
with leukemia often get different kinds of
infections and are often tired because of their Leukemia is a disease of the bone marrow and
low blood counts. blood. It is when blood cells, usually the white
blood cells (also known as leukocytes) produce
extremely fast. What happens is a piece of
chromosome translocates (or, in other words
breaks off and attaches itself to another
chromosome). In childhood leukemia, this would
be Chromosome 11.
Information About
So far, inheriting leukemia is extremely rare. The
causes of leukemia are still unknown, but
scientists have come up with theories:
• Down Syndrome - People who have the
disease Down Syndrome are more likely to get • Chemotherapy
leukemia than someone who doesn’t have This is an example of a translocation of
• Interferon Therapy
Down Syndrome. the Philadelphia chromosome. This is
• Radiation Therapy what happens in Chronic Myelogenous
• Environmental Factors - If a person who has Leukemia
leukemia has a twin, then they are more likely • Stem Cell Transplantation
to get it too. It isn’t clear if this is genetic or
• Bone Marrow Transplant ( to put in a large
plastic tube to put in medications and
• X-Rays - Some people who get a lot of X-Rays withdraw blood )
are more likely to get leukemia.

• Other Kinds Of Radiation - Like atomic bombs Symptoms

make getting leukemia more likely.
• Fever
• Chemicals - Benzol vapors are suspected of
causing different blood disorders, and leukemia • Tiredness
is one of them.
• No appetite
• Viruses are also suspected to be the cause of
• Decreasing weight
Leukemia can never be fully cured, there is • Frequent infections
always a chance of it coming back. • Enlarged lymph nodes

• Bone pain
• Shortness of breath after low physical activity

• Easily being bruised or bleeding

• Anemia Useful Websites:
• Fatigue
• Joint pain and
• Swelling lymph nodes, spleen, or liver.

The American Cancer Society can also help you

Leukemia is a mutation in the CBFA2 gene. with anything that you need to know.
Leukemia is rarely inherited, and the causes of
the disease are still not found, although there are
some theories.