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Mission, Vision & USP

Brand AD Voice is a professional Media and Brand Consulting firm established in

2006, headquartered at Varanasi, branches at Hyderabad and Noida.

The marketplace is the interface between product and consumer. All market and
customer driven business enterprises therefore tailor their strategy, based on the
Profile Against the backdrop of studying successful businesses in several countries,
Brand AD Voice was set up almost two decades ago, with the objective of providing
world class management inputs to businesses in India.
As commercial enterprises have to be market and customer driven, Brand AD
Voice adopted the market management and research route to achieve its aim.
Business research is an intricate, involved and specialised subject and
specialization cannot be mass produced. We therefore believe that in our business,
small is beautiful.

To see our company in among top ten branding agencies for its value added creative solutions.

Develop design and deliver value to our clients to make their brand unique, visible, saleable
and outstanding.

Outstanding tailor made solutions to make you stand out

Ability to recognize the problems from each direction of your business.

Outstanding intellectual, analytical skill and Professional integrity.

Mutual understanding of customers expectations from your company,

Our USP products and services.
Intelligent thinking, effective planning and applied expertise form the
foundation of the way we work with our clients
Our service is cost effective - our rates are usually based on the client needs,
timeliness, efforts involved and service charges but much comfortable than
our competitors.
Solutions delivered by Brand AD Voice are based on a unique group
knowledge, related research findings, and understanding of the clients
customers expectations.

www.brandadvoice.com contact@brandadvoice.com Contact No: 040-64551221

Our Recognized

Our Expertise

In order to provide integrated management solutions to our clients, all our

activities have to be closely inter dependent. Brand AD Voice therefore has a
loosely constituted system of divisionalisation that allows for freedom of thought
while ensuring functional focus.

Our divisionalisation has been a product of client need. This segregation has been
made keeping in mind the specific needs of each of the activities. Extensive field
investigation with advanced analytical techniques is routinely deployed to evolve
Over the years, Brand AD Voice
an accurate quantitative and qualitative analysis.
client base has expanded to
Experience from several successful projects are simulated for similar situations. cover companies in all sectors of
Brand AD Voice strength lies in weaving different aspects of business into a
commerce. It has been our
winning fabric.
relentless endeavor to enlarge
Customer Delight Cell has been an experiment of our company which aims at the role of conventional market
providing upgraded Reports as frequently as the customer desires, at a fraction of research to full fledged Business
the original cost. Not only this, we also offer to renew or upgrade any research
Research and we have been
that a client may have carried out in the past ten years.
rewarded for our effort.

♦ Identifying new business opportunities
♦ Demand estimation and forecasting
♦ Identifying demand gaps and niche markets
♦ Export market identification and export potential studies
♦ Techno economic feasibility studies
♦ Measurement of customer expectation and satisfaction
♦ Analysis of consumer behaviors, pricing and packaging as well as Buying attitudes
♦ Employee training initiatives
♦ Pre & post advertising research, focus group discussions
♦ Corporate image studies
♦ Investigating client strengths and realigning them to meet the
♦ requirements of the market
♦ Research involving dealers, end users and potential customers
♦ Price sensitivity analysis
♦ Direct mailing, telemarketing, event management, dealer promotion

www.brandadvoice.com contact@brandadvoice.com Contact No: 040-64551221

Our People
What makes us different

Our Team

Brand AD Voice has a skilled team of Brand Consultants, Graphic Designers and
Brand Research professionals to carry out seamless execution and implementation of
business to business branding solutions.

The team comprises of aluminates, experts, experienced professionals from premier

educational institutes. of whom have completed their post graduation in management
sciences. Every executive is selected with great care and analysis, with a long term
view. And in such a way that each one merges into a specialised team. In each
challenge we take, we have expertise to solve them in a professional way.

They have cumulative experience working in brands, market research, design, strategy
and sales functions for reputed national and multinational Companies.

Our Clients
Our Client List of almost two decades makes us proud as professionals. We have researched for clients in the
“Industrial World”. From Engineering to Industrial Chemicals. From micro instruments to light, medium and heavy
plant, equipment and machinery. From products to systems. Qualitatively and quantitatively.

We have served discerning clients in the Automotive Sector. Not only for vehicles that are already on the road, but
futuristic vehicles of visionary clients! We have researched the vast Auto Components business, including the even
bigger After markets. Renowned MNCs, domestic companies large and small, and niche players have all utilized our
exceptional research capabilities time and again.
The opportunity of working for clients producing consumer durables has been very special. We have researched
entire businesses for an unending array of products; from small value home products to top end commercial products
and services. Even soft analysis like Ad Impact measurement and such.

We have clients with specific interests in rural markets. Companies in the Agriculture, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
Sectors. Spread all over the country, they range from specialized single product companies to those with multiple
product mix. From Fertilizer manufacturers to Animal Feed producers! Harvesting machinery producers to tractor
We are truly privileged to have had the unbelievable opportunities our clients have
bestowed upon us. How many research companies have been fortunate to study and analyze completely new
Township Concepts! And all this accumulated expertise is now at your disposal.

www.brandadvoice.com contact@brandadvoice.com Contact No: 040-64551221

Our Services
How we work

Branding Strategy
Brand Naming
Brand Assessment
Successful branding encompasses understanding ones
Brand Positioning market, ones consumer, their perceptions and determining
Brand Architecture what the value and benefit of that product or service is to
Brand Training them. Creating unique solutions that engages the customer
Brand Promotion through various touch points, and building strong

Brand Collateral relationships with one's consumer, is what successful brand

building is about.
Brand Designing

Strategic Planning
Setting Objectives and Goals
Designing Business Portfolio
Marketing New Market Entry
Portfolio Analysis
Customers don’t buy products; they buy the benefits they
Business Analysis
believe product delivers. Marketing helps you learn what
Market Penetration
customers want, tailor offerings to their desires, convey
Market Development
benefits, communicate promises, and create the incentive that
Marketing Strategy
leads to sales and customer loyalty and you can do all this with
effective marketing strategies. Market Segmentation
Market Positioning
Marketing builds your reputation and helps you gain and Market Auditing
maintain customer trust. Marketing is the link between your Marketing Analysis
business and your customer. It paves the way for Competitive Analysis
sales. Marketing is the process by which you attract, win and Marketing Planning
keep customers. Marketing gives small businesses an edge and
Business Plan
leads to stronger businesses.
Market Plan
Sales Plan

Integration Marketing
Communication Planning Advertising
Agency Selection
Media Planning/Buying We help companies to find out best advertising agencies for

Agency Assessment their communication plan. We help them to find out best

Price Negotiation creative advertising agencies looking at their price

Impact Evaluation considerations. We have a successful record of helping our

Performance Assessment clients to get associated with right vendors.

www.brandadvoice.com contact@brandadvoice.com Contact No: 040-64551221

Our Services
How we work

Executive Search Human Resource
Permanent Staffing
Giving a right HR solution for corporate has always been
Temporary Staffing
strong focus of Brand AD Voice. We firmly believe and
Performance Management
have seen that the best way to “Improve the Company is to
Reference Check
Improve the People in the Company” - We can help you
Employees achieve these goals. Brand AD Voice has an extensive and
Sales Training intelligent team of skilled and qualified professionals
Skill Testing and Development across various domains for HR Consulting Services.
Lead Generation Skills

Market Research
Marketing Research Competition Research

Marketing research is an area of applied data analysis whose Price Research

purpose is to support marketing decision making. Marketing New Market opportunity

researchers ask many questions, including: assessment
Brand Performance Analysis
♦ Who are my customers? Channel Research
♦ Who else should be my customers?
Product Packaging Research
♦ Who are my competitors’ customers?
B2B Research
♦ Where is my product positioned relative to my competitors’
International Market Entry
♦ Why is my product positioned there? Opportunity Research

♦ How can I reposition my existing products? Customer Satisfaction Research

♦ What new products should I create? Customer Expectation Research
♦ What audience should I target for my new products? Mystery Shopping
Marketing Research is the way which gives a right direction to Agency Research
the companies to take the right decision with related to its
Advertising Impact Research
businesses, market, customers.

Corporate Presentation Presentation

Business Meetings
Effective corporate presentations bring life to your products
Trade Shows and services, and enable you to give prospects in depths look
Seminar Presentations at your company, products, and services at their
Conferences convenience. The key to success in today's market is not only
providing quality products/services, but also to market the
Marketing Presentation
quality with innovative marketing techniques.
Corporate Trainings
Sales Trainings
In a word we design your presentation keeping in mind your
Sales Presentations
brand and its objectives by aligning visuals, graphics and
Product Presentations audio/video support with your corporate identity.

www.brandadvoice.com contact@brandadvoice.com Contact No: 040-64551221

Our Clients
Projects we have done

Whom We Serve
♦ Prabhat Agri Seeds
♦ Nuziveedu Seeds Ltd
♦ Market analysis, marketing plan and linkages
♦ Ganga Kaveri Seeds
♦ Competitor analysis.
♦ Clause Agribiotech Pvt. Ltd
♦ Farmers satisfaction Survey
♦ Amrawati Bio Chemical Pvt.
♦ Development Insurance policies for corps
♦ Designing Training Programs for farmers
♦ Ankur Seeds Pvt. Ltd
♦ Quarterly Promotional Planning
♦ Super Seeds Pvt. Ltd
♦ Dealer’s satisfaction research
♦ Gujrat Hybrid Seeds
♦ SWOT analysis.
♦ Product/Service portfolio analysis.
♦ Cropping strategies and cycles

♦ We can capable to develop a strategy to convert a 3-star hotel to a 5-star hotel
♦ We are capable to give a tailor made custom solutions to hotel Sales Dept. as hotel sales and
marketing trainings.
Whom We Serve
♦ We can develop strategies for the stand out brand image and communication for hotel reputation,
♦ Luxer Inn its image for Leisure Audience, Corporate Audience, Group Audience, Travel Agent Audience, and

♦ Savera Industries Wholesale Audience.

♦ Review of hotel's relative performance, operating processes and development of independent
♦ Hotel Walnet
assessment of opportunities to generate more profit.
♦ Quality inn
♦ We can support in the development of a marketing and sales strategies by analyzing industry
♦ Hotel Regency trends and consumers expectations.
♦ Choice Hotels ♦ Situation analysis by conducting research plan on internal and external environment.
♦ Pragathji Resorts ♦ We can develop customer driven marketing strategies for customer loyalty and brand equity.

♦ Hotel Princess

Health Care
♦ We can develop marketing plan to health care firms to win large "captivated" contracts. Whom We Serve
♦ We are capable to assess price sensitivity, and pinpoint the most effective publicity vehicles.
♦ Apolo Health Care
♦ We are capable to conduct physician interviews to narrow the target market, ♦ Yashoda Hospital
♦ We are capable to validate the company’s value proposition for each of its audiences, inform ♦ Access Health Initiative
product development efforts. ♦ Doc Suggest
♦ We are capable to give you customer oriented marketing solution which leads you at front in ♦ Dhii Health Tech. Pvt. Ltd
the competitive market. ♦ Ushamohan Hospital
♦ Medwin Hospital
♦ We can help physician organizations to attract new practices to enable them to negotiate
more favorable contracts with health care payers.

www.brandadvoice.com contact@brandadvoice.com Contact No: 040-64551221

Our Capabilities
Projects we have done

Whom We Serve
♦ Pharma Brand Management
♦ Marketing strategies for new Pharma products
♦ Ranbaxy
♦ Brand awareness studies using our Brand Image Insight methodology
♦ Cipla Ltd.
♦ Collecting feedback on Pharma products from chemists, doctors, and end users.
♦ Natco Pharmaceutical
♦ Comprehensive industry analyses using Market Insight methodology.
♦ Dr. Reddys
♦ Mystery shopping on pharmacy and medical stores.
♦ Nandan Bio metrix
♦ We can minimize your advertising cost by choosing a right agency, effective media
♦ Shanta Bio-Tech
planning/Buying and creative communication designing strategies.

Whom We Serve
Education ♦ ICBM – Institute of
♦ Industrial visit arrangements ♦ Institute o Management
♦ Institutions brand Image assessment. ♦ IBS Hyderabad
♦ Events and Trade show arrangement and exhibitions ♦ Madina Education Center
♦ Jaypuria Institute of Mgt.
♦ SWOT analysis and Communication development trainings
♦ Institute of Environment and
♦ Interview skill testing, training and developments Management
♦ Institution promotional planning’s, designing and executions at
♦ Birla Institute of Mgt..etc.
target location.
♦ Summer Internship Project arrangements
ArOur approach for brand design combines marketing strategy with
intuitive creativity. Brand AD Voice ingredient for the creation of
compelling brand communications relies on developing a ‘personality’
Whom We Serve Telecom
♦ Airtel
♦ Customer satisfaction survey and strategies
♦ Tata Tele Services
♦ Competition research
♦ Beam Telecom
♦ Brand Building strategies
♦ New market entry strategies
♦ Nokia
♦ SWOT Analysis
♦ Spice Digital India Ltd.
♦ Dealer Research
♦ Promotional Strategies
♦ Integrated Communication Planning

www.brandadvoice.com contact@brandadvoice.com Contact No: 040-64551221

Our Clients
Projects we have done

♦ We can help you in new products development plans Whom We Serve
♦ We can evaluate the competitors pricing policies for similar kind of products
♦ We can develop improve the distribution and dealers network
♦ Hindustan Unilever
♦ Additional consumer quantitative and qualitative market research
♦ Kerla Vanaspati
♦ We can develop sales and marketing plan to increase the sales and profitability
♦ Sun Drop Sunflower
♦ We can arrange sales training program for your sales employees for better performance.
♦ We can estimate growth of overall market value and volume by type of product and market sector Refined Oil Corporation.
♦ We can help you to analyze existing market trends and consumer demand for products ♦ Onam Agarbathi Pvt. Ltd
♦ We can design consumer driven market strategies as per changing consumer preferences ♦ More Vanspati
♦ We can do analysis of specific companies within food, agricultural and non-food industries

Whom We Serve
Retail ♦ One Stop Shop
♦ PCH retail
♦ Feasibility assessment.
♦ BIG Bazaar
♦ Business planning and supporting the policy.
♦ Vishal Meghamart
♦ Traffic estimation and tariff structure evaluation for a major port .
♦ Srrvasti Shopping Mall
♦ Competition analysis and infrastructure availability.
♦ Raymonds
♦ Market assessment for port services for a planned port complex.
♦ Shobhna Textile Industries
♦ Promotional planning.
♦ Customer Relationship building strategies
♦ Brand Visibility, customers experience analysis
♦ Marketing planning and designing collaterals
♦ Business Portfolio Analysis

Whom We Serve Automotive

♦ Hero Honda India
♦ Customer satisfaction survey and strategies
♦ Bajaj Automobile
♦ Competition research
♦ Shah Auto industries
♦ Brand Building strategies
♦ Khurana Automobile
♦ New market entry strategies
♦ TATA Motors
♦ New Market Study
♦ KIMS Motors
♦ Dealer Research
♦ Promotional Strategies
♦ Integrated Communication Planning

www.brandadvoice.com contact@brandadvoice.com Contact No: 040-64551221

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Contact us

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