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The World Cataclysm in 2012

by Patrick Geryl

The Authors
In my book, The Orion Prophecy, I came to the staggering conclusion that the ear
th will be subjected to a huge disaster. The cause: the magnetic field of the ea
rth will reverse in an instant, resulting in catastrophic consequences for human
ity. Immense earthquakes will flatten all buildings on earth; while continents w
ill shift thousands of kilometres and an all-demolishing tidal wave will leave b
illions of dead people behind.
In my book I scientifically reveal the millennia-old codes of the Maya and the O
ld Egyptians, which refer to this super-disaster.
You will get carried away in an astonishing series of discoveries about the secr
ets of a long lost past -- of an antediluvian civilization, which was able to ca
lculate the previous pole shift, and its later descendants, who have calculated
the next polar reversal for 2012. I launch this world-shattering message after h
aving cracked several ancient codes of crucial importance to civilization as we
approach the year 2012.
The Dresden Codex of the Maya, for instance, contains the secrets of the sunspot
cycle. The conclusions that follow are even more staggering. At a certain momen
t, when the sun's magnetism reaches a crucial point, the sun's surface will be s
ubjected to immense storms. Enormous electro-magnetic forces will then be libera
ted - with unknown strength - from the interior of the sun. Giant sun-flames wil
l send a gigantic wave of particles to the earth.
Recently this phenomenon has been observed and confirmed in several suns. Durin
g several hours and days they exhibited an explosive activity, after which they
returned to their normal state. Astronomers were wondering if this were a one-ti
me event or if it could occur more often. They can be sure it will occur again!
Our sun is also showing this kind of pattern.
What Will Happen?
The particles that are spewed out will set the earth's atmosphere "in flames" an
d have a real destructive effect on the Van Allen belts. Because of the continuo
us stream of electromagnetism, the magnetic field of the earth will get overchar
ged. Trillions of particles will reach the poles. Unknown electric forces will b
e generated, a nightmare for everybody involved. When the poles are filled with
auroras from the falling particles, the inevitable will happen: the earth's inn
er electromagnetic field will get overcharged and will crash. A mega short-circu
it with super lethal effects. The planet's entire atmosphere, without magnetic p
rotection, will be bombarded by falling particles. The earth s magnetic field func
tions to protect us by directing the electromagnetic particles to the poles, but
this would become impossible.
The particles would penetrate the earth from all sides and generate intense radi
ation, in luminosity as well as in radioactivity. Burning, intensely burning, is
how you could describe the entire sky. Or, as the Holy scriptures say: the light
of the light is around the world now. And that is the prelude to the cataclysm.
Polar Reversal and Pole Shift
The iron core of the earth is magnetic. Because of the switching of the magnetic
core, the earth will start to rotate in the other direction! Because of this, t
he outer earth s crust will break off! In other words the outer layer will be "flo
ating." It will be on the loose, no longer attached to its "master." If you are
on the planet at that moment, it will tilt some thousands of miles in a couple o
f hours. Looking up in the sky it will seem as if "the sky is coming down," as i
t is described in the old scriptures! Giant quakes will occur. Earth plates will
be moving, mountains will be rising where first there was nothing, land masses
will break open and collapse, mountains collapse, land will sink into the ocean,
volcanoes erupt in many places. In short, the most terrible nightmare cannot be
terrible enough to describe this world's destruction.
They Calculated it!
Now you can ask me: are you sure of what you are saying? My answer: very sure,
because the Atlanteans and their descendants the Maya and Old Egyptians knew a t
heory about the magnetic fields of the sun that even modern astronomers don t know
anything of! With this theory they were able to predict the worldwide flood of
9792 BC and the coming one in 2012! Here, I m asking for your comprehension. I wan
t you to understand that they CALCULATED the end of Atlantis - now buried under
the South Pole. Again,they CALCULATED an even more violent end for us. That ther
e is a link between 2012 and 9792 BC is undeniable (See my book The Orion Prophe
cy). If we keep ignoring these findings - we will all die. All alarm bells shoul
d be ringing around the world!
Keeper of a Forgotten Time-Capsule
In Egypt there existed an underground complex, which Herodotus called "The Large
Labyrinth," that contained more than three thousand chambers. The following des
cription is quoted from his book Histories:
Description of the Labyrinth:
"I have been there and it is beyond any description. If you made a survey of
all the city walls and public buildings in Greece, you would see that all togeth
er they did not require so much effort or money as this Labyrinth. And the templ
es in Ephesus and Samos are not exactly small works either! The pyramids are imm
ense and huge, and each and every one of them equals many of our Greek buildings
, but they cannot stand comparison with the Labyrinth. The astronomic calculation
s were done in this large complex. It was a copy of the one that used to be in A
tlantis. Because, and I had been amazed when reading it, the Atlanteans knew the
exact date of the destruction of their land two thousand years in advance! We u
rgently have to look for this gigantic building that is even larger than the pyr
amids, according to Herodotus description. It will provide us with the correct da
ta with which the Old Egyptians and the Atlanteans made their predictions of thi
s worldwide cataclysm. All the data of the elite, scientific priests of The Large
Labyrinth will be found there. Also other mysteries from an archaic and elite ac
ademy lies waiting for us there.
The quest for the Hall of Records is an urgent one. I constantly get the feeling
that some ancient force has been reactivated and the whole world will be confro
nted with a momentous find. This will end in an apotheosis that will reveal the
super-science of an antediluvian race that were able to predict the previous pol
e shift. I don t doubt that we will find in The Large Labyrinth a connection betwe
en the reversal in the sun's magnetism, the earth s polar reversal and the destruc
tion of Atlantis. The mysteries of our remote past will shock all people worldwi
de, because The Large Labyrinth also hides the super-secret that the end is near
very near. I, myself, do not doubt one bit after having made lots of discoverie
s that point to it. The only question that has been keeping me busy for years no
w is: how can I possibly survive this? And, is it possible to shut down the oil
wells and nuclear power plants in time?
The Orion Prophecy:
Egyptian and Mayan Prophecies on the Cataclysm of 2012 Patrick Geryl, Gino Ratin
Will the world be destroyed in 2012 ? Prophecies from the Maya and the Old Egypt
In the year 2012 the Earth awaits a super catastrophe: its magnetic field will c
ompletely reverse in one go. Phenomenal earthquakes and tidal waves will destroy
our civilization. Europe and North-America will shift thousands of kilometres n
orthward and end up in a polar clime. Nearly the whole Earth's population will p
erish in the apocalyptic events.
These predictions stem from the Maya and Egyptians. They are descendants of the
legendary Atlantis, which is currently buried under the South Pole.
The Atlanteans had highly evolved astronomical knowledge and were able to exactl
y predict the previous worldwide flood in 9792 BC. They built tens of thousands
of boats and escaped to South-America and Egypt.
The authors launch this world-shattering message after having cracked several an
cient star codes (that are over 10,000 years old) of crucial importance to civil
ization as we approach the year 2012. In that year Venus, Orion and several othe
r stars will take the same 'code-positions' as in 9792 BC, the year of the previ
ous cataclysm!
But there is more. For thousands of years historical sources have told of a forg
otten time capsule of ancient wisdom located in a massive labyrinth. They speak
of secret chambers filled with artefacts and documents from the previous flood.
This 'Hall of Records' was created by this antediluvian race and the Old Egyptia
ns, who held strong apocalyptic beliefs and wanted to preserve their accomplishm
ents and wisdom for posterity.
Geryl & Ratinckx have established to locate this famous labyrinth. The authors p
rove their points with extensive scientific and archaeological research. The exc
avation of this time capsule will have enormous implications, archaeologists and
scientists will see it as an invaluable insight into the technologies of a hith
erto undiscovered race... if they proceed in time!