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Created by: Jimmie Oakman

CHRIS MOONEY: http://coachoakman.blogspot.com

2011 NCAA Tournament—Sweet 16 vs. Kansas 3/25/2011

Offensive Plan of Attack:

 Control the tempo
 Backdoor cuts for open lay-ups
 Utilize the three point shot from all five players
 Proper spacing with precise cuts and screens


1: Kevin Anderson In this opening play, Richmond goes with a quick ball-side exchange and swing to
2: Darien Brothers Harper cutting high. As Smith hits Harper he cuts through the lane to the strongside
3: Kevin Smith and Geriot pops to the elbow to receive the pass from Harper. As the pass is head-
4: Justin Harper ing to Geriot, Anderson cuts to the corner for spacing. Brothers continues the rota-
5: Dan Geriot tion and receives the quick pass from Geriot who then sets a ball-screen for him.
After not turning the corner, Brothers hits Anderson and then receives a flare
screen from Geriot. Anderson, now with the ball receives a ball-screen from
Geriot, who then pops outside the three point line for the return three point shot.
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1: Kevin Anderson Richmond looked to get the ball inside to Geriot
2: Darien Brothers coming off the downscreen from Brothers. As Har-
3: Kevin Smith per feeds Geriot he spaces to the corner and while
4: Justin Harper Brothers quickly goes to the three point line, he im-
5: Dan Geriot mediately dives to the basket for a backdoor lay in

1: Kevin Anderson Anderson waves Brothers through
2: Darien Brothers and hits Geriot popping to the elbow.
3: Kevin Smith Anderson then sets the dummy
4: Justin Harper Princeton screen for Harper, who
5: Dan Geriot fakes and backdoors. Kansas played it
well, so Anderson then pops and
receives a return pass from Geriot,
who follow with a ball-screen. Ander-
son uses his quickness and is able to
turn the corner and drive for an easy
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1: Kevin Anderson
2: Darien Brothers
3: Kevin Smith
4: Justin Harper
5: Dan Geriot

Brothers now brings up the ball

and waves Anderson through
similar to the first point action.
This time Brothers goes over
Geriot and sets the dummy
screen for Smith in the corner.
Both Brothers’ and Smith’s de-
fenders go for the backdoor
leaving Brother wide open for
the return pass and three
pointer on the wing.


1: Kevin Anderson Identical to the way the other two point plays have started, the point waves the
2: Darien Brothers other guard through, sending Geriot to the elbow. This time the elbow is denied.
3: Kevin Smith Anderson spin dribbles, signaling Harper backdoor to the post. He hits Brothers
4: Justin Harper and replaces him. Brothers snaps it to Geriot who goes hi-lo to Harper in the post.
5: Dan Geriot

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