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Created by: Jimmie Oakman



2011 NCAA Tournament—2nd Round vs. Duke 3/20/2011

Offensive Plan of Attack:

 Penetrate the lane; kick to open three’s
 Control the tempo
 Create mismatches with on-ball screens
 Backdoor cuts for open lay-ups


1: Darius Morris The Wolverines opened up with a set to take

2: Stu Douglass advantage of Darius Morris’ driving ability.
3: Tim Hardaway Jr. Coming off two screens and looking to get to the
4: Zach Novak rim, Morris has three shooter spotted up beyond
5: Jordan Morgan the arc.

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1: Matt Vogrich A pressure release set to initiate some move-

2: Stu Douglass ment against an intense Duke defense. Utilizing
3: Tim Hardaway Jr. this play six times, you see how important the
4: Zach Novak drive and kick game is for Beilein’s offense.
5: Jordan Morgan


Darius Morris begins with a drib-

ble hand-off to Matt Vogrich. On
1: Darius Morris the ball reversal to Novak,
2: Stu Douglass Smotrycz banana cuts to a flex
3: Matt Vogrich screen for Morris and pops to the
4: Zach Novak three-point line. As the defense
5: Evan Smotrycz helps on the flex screen, Novak
skips to Smotrycz for the quick
shot or the drive.


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1: Stu Douglass
2: Matt Vogrich
3: Tim Hardaway Jr.
4: Zach Novak
5: Evan Smotrycz

Douglass starts with a hard drive

and dribble-exchanges with No-
vak on the wing. As Douglass
breaks the three-point plane,
Vogrich steps in to seal Smo-
trycz’s man. Smotrycz steps back
off of the flare screen for the
open look from Novak.


1: Stu Douglass Smotrycz goes to set a

2: Matt Vogrich dummy down-screen for
3: Tim Hardaway Jr. Novak in the corner, who
4: Zach Novak rejects it and backdoors.
5: Evan Smotrycz Douglass then uses the
side-screen and looks to
turn the corner. If the
defense hedges off of
Smotrycz, Douglass re-
verse pivots and hits him
for the three.

1: Darius Morris
2: Stu Douglass
3: Tim Hardaway Jr.
4: Zach Novak
5: Jordan Morgan
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As Morris hits Morgan in the middle, he and

Douglass go to set the double-down on Hardaway’s
man. Hardaway comes off aggressively receiving the
pass from Morgan, who immediately sets the ball
screen. Hardaway makes the read to either shoot
over the defense or to attack the weakside with
Novak in the corner.


Knowing that Duke was switching on ball screens,

Beilein drew up this play to counter their pressure.
1: Darius Morris
Morris hits Douglass and blasts to the strongside.
2: Stu Douglass
Douglass hits Hardaway who pops up from the
3: Tim Hardaway Jr. corner and then fades wide on the weakside wing.
4: Zach Novak Morgan takes two steps toward Hardaway and
5: Jordan Morgan immediately slips the screen. Both Duke defenders
went with Morgan to the rim as Hardaway buried
a three over the defense.


1: Darius Morris Bottom Left: Again using switches against
2: Stu Douglass the defense, Hardaway screens for
3: Tim Hardaway Jr. Douglass and on the switch, dives right to
4: Zach Novak the rim.
5: Jordan Morgan Bottom Right: Same set-up, looking to hit
Morgan for the lob right away. Morris in-
bounds to Douglass and turns to post on
the block

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