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hand , receives teaching , guidance and prophecies but not a book. There were
1,24,000 of there in history.

• Allah has a record He keeps with Him of all wisdom , knowledge and truth.
• This special record is called the Umm-ul-kitab or Mother of the book
from which all earthly revelations are derived
• This grand record is open only to the lord of the universe.

“Certainly (the Quran) is in the Mother of Book which is in our presence ,

raised high and full of wisdom.”
when the revelation was organized and meant to be studied for generation to
come , either that messenger himself , would write it down or he would expect
people to write it someday. These writings then are known as a “Book” of
Allah or Kitabullah.
• We don’t know how many books Allah sent to the world in the last 6000
years of literacy.
• Allah told in the stories of some of our forefathers.
• Because Quran is not ment to be a book of stories
• It is rather a book of lessons.
Books Revealed
The Quran only mention five books from Allah by name but we can certain
that there were others which have simply not
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Survived the tide of history.
The five are so historical order:
1. the scrolls (suhuf) of Ibrahim.
2. the law (Taurah) of Musa.
3. The Zabur(hymns) of Dawud.
4. The Ingeel of Isa.
5. The Quran of Prophet Muhammad.

All of there revelations have been lost or corrupted except the Quran.The
jeues and the Christians, who are called “people of the book, claim to
have the first four books within them Bible but their own scholars agree
that it’s not true.
About Taurah the Quran says,
“And before this was the book of Moses as a guide and a mercy.”
Torah contains guidance, Allah’s commands, and warning’s for Bani
They distorted or perverted Allah’s word.
No original copy is available now.
About Injeel the Quran says,
“And in their foot steps we sent the jesus the son of many confirming the
law that had come before him ; we sent him the gospel therin was
guidance and light and confirmation of the law that had come before him:
guidance and a adominition to those who fear Allah.”.

Injeel confirmed Turah.

Contain guidance and light for Bani Israel.
The Holy Quran
The last and most comprehensive book revealed by Allah to his last
messenger Muhammad (PBUH) through Jibreil:
The period of revelation is 23 years