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Business, more than any other occupation, is a continual dealing with the future; it is a continual calculation, an instinctive exercise in foresight. - Henry R. Luce

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To lead corporate strategy, market expansion, partnerships and best practices development within a high-growth organization by creating and being part of winning teams. Male, Married, Indian, Born on February 7th 1969.

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A versatile and result oriented professional with 15 years of experience in Business Development, Brand Management, Corporate Communications and Sales & Marketing. Experienced in both strategic planning and tactical management that has led to increase in both profitability and market penetration for the organizations served. Bring over 15 years of experience in overseeing operations, involving conceptualization, setting up and managing Profit Centers which requires deep-understanding of critical business drivers in multiple markets and industrial sectors. Highly disciplined, dedicated and focused person with strong interpersonal and analytical skills coupled with entrepreneurial leanings. Innovative Thinker with broad-based expertise in operations, strategy and business development with ability to quickly analyze key business drivers and develop strategies to grow the bottom-lines. Keen strategist with expertise in managing entire operations with focus on profitability and optimization of the resources with good attention to details without losing sight of the BIG PICTURE. A proactive planner in market plan execution, marketing communication and corporate communication, media buying/planning, ATL & BTL forms of advertising, competitor and market analysis, key account management and financial planning. Can coordinate several concurrent activities viz. Sales & Marketing, advertisement, Brand Management, distribution, package development, sales forecasting & promotional planning with result oriented approach. A Team player with an intrinsic ability to lead besides being devoid of inhibitions, a highly energetic and enthusiastic person with a creative temperament and a flexible outlook. My strengths lie in extracting important information from clutter, defining exact needs, handling details, setting & meeting deadlines and implementing decisions. Highly motivated person with great people management skills, capable of easily accepting broad responsibilities with little requirement of overhead supervision, managing workplace conflicts and thrive on imminent dynamic changes. Innovative leader with a proven track record of building and managing teams, promoting a success-driven atmosphere and cross-team collaboration. Skilled strategic planner and problem solver adept in identifying operational roadblocks, and developing tools and processes to optimize efficiency. Have the acumen to solve day-to-day problems with common sense approach & native wisdom. Above all, a good judge of men & effortlessly perceive nonverbal messages.

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Strategy Planning & Implementation Business Development & Lead Generation Brand Management Profit Centre Operations

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Team Leadership Negotiation & Deal Closure Corporate Communication & MR

channel partners and print media to promote Group’s strengths. Reviewing and interpreting competition after in-depth analysis of market information for providing inputs to modify/ restructure Student Enrollment strategies. These innovative initiatives employed are bearing fruits today. the group currently operates 3 full fledged campuses with 26 colleges and a combined strength of 12000+ students with 1400 plus employees under the single brand. Chandigarh (July 2004 – Sept 2009) Deputy Director Reporting to Vice-Chairman Profiles held with the group  Admissions & Marketing  Corporate Relations & Placements Rayat . newsletters. Revamped the Website from just website to informative & interactive website. Driving business growth through identification & penetration of new market segments for attainment of targets. Help Developed web links for the R&B Brand on the various same sector websites. Effectively implemented the PR strategy to build positive disposition & perception. Instrumental in executing MOU’s and mutually beneficial tie-ups with various leading National and International organizations (Infosys.Outlook Through Innovation. GTL. Three more Campuses are in the pipeline and at various stages of launch. conceptualize ♦ Professional Experience ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ . Brand Management ♦ Repositioned fastest growing Educational brand operating in a highly competitive region with adequate ATL & BTL support. Noteworthy contributed in forging tie-ups with leading Indian & multinational companies for their long term Just-Out-College manpower sourcing and mapping student profile & placements with that. which help achieved TOM Recall for the brand. Developed alliances with institutions like NHRD. The group is currently expanding to open State-ofthe. CII. Initiated diversification & development processes in strategically synergistic segments in order to capitalize on the emerging market opportunity in Healthcare & Hospitality. Created website content. Established in the year 2001. layout and messages to communicate to the audience effectively. CDs.Art Medical campuses in Kundli. direct mailers. district Sonepat (close to New Delhi). IBM. Business Development ♦ Successfully launched and expanded operations of the Group from Five College-One Campus entity to 26 Colleges-Three Campuses Group operating at three different locations. Increased awareness through well thought out and executed marketing communication efforts. Defining the ‘Marketing Plan’ for admissions to the group including Rayat London College. Wipro) on Academia-Industry partnership initiatives from scratch. advertisements. Developed marketing partnerships with PR agencies.Bahra Group is one of the pioneers of Professional and Technical Educational Group in the Northern Indian region. PHP Chamber of Commerce. Rayat & Bahra Group. Developed promotional materials which projected the strengths of the Group and solution offerings like sales collateral. created highly successful team (Specialty Task Force – STF) with in-house grooming and sensitizing program. Developing and reviewing group MIS reports for critical decision making. The task force focused on Admissions & Marketing in addition to successfully launching new Colleges and Courses. Initiated creation of internal newsletter as a communication channel on current happenings & updates. Determination and Perseverance anything can be accomplished. trade associations. Devising and deploying Marketing Communication & PR strategies. Hoshiarpur and Mohali. As Co-Head of Admissions & Marketing.

Training & Development ♦ Identifying and recruiting Trainers for conducting sessions for students. Organising and Conducting ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions for them. Identifying the target audience for various programs. Nurturing an active pool of human resource from varied fields like academia. Successfully brought in positive energy and ownership across the spectrum. Ensuring that the visiting companies get the ‘right candidate’ at the right time. Strategy Planning/ Business Operations ♦ Strategizing long term business directions for maximum profitability in line with corporate strategies & goals. Pharmacy and Hotel Management. Develop and direct the implementation of human resource policies. training the marketing team on making effective presentations in various schools and colleges of the region. corporate and the bureaucracy. Working closely with them to formalize the module content. Formulating business plans for different products by implementing corporate policies & strategies to achieve organizational goals. ♦ Professional Experience ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ . Conceptualize. profitability & debtors as well as identifying business gaps. Student profile and strength. registration of the candidates. managed and executed First HR Summit’09 for the Group christened. Boost Academics by induction of professionals from the industry as visiting/guest faculty. the Second Mega Job Fest on June’09 with 65 Corporate and 20. Organising regular workshops and symposiums for the academia on new trends in Education and related areas. ♦ Coordinated with advertising agencies to ensure effective communication of the brands strengths and core competencies through advertisements so as to enhance and improve capitation fee collections. It showcased our Strengths to execute the event of that grandeur & scale with zero defect to various stakeholders. who planned and executed Rayat-Bahra’s First Mega Job Fest May’08 (Three days) with 150 corporate participating. Undertaking periodic business analysis for business volume.000 student participation. planned. Manpower Planning.about Infrastructure. 36. Making presentations to these companies and informing them about finer details and key differentiators with all detailed information regarding the group . “TIMES OF INDIA & RAYAT-BAHRA HR SUMMIT’09” where more then 100+ corporate honchos and HR leaders from this Region registered their presence. conducting the entire process to finally displaying the results and handing over the appointment letters are handled effectively and efficiently. Designing and scheduling the annual Media Plan.000 student walk-ins from the region and more than 4500 job offers and then its sequel.and create video & still films with professional team. pedagogy and delivery mechanism. Operating above 90% manpower deployment in the key departments consistently. Also making sure that all details pertaining to the organization of the event – right from hospitality. It helped our capitation fee revenue by more than 200% YOY basis. peers & students community. new initiatives. Develop recruitment strategy and lead recruitment initiatives ensuring that talent pipelines are available to meet the growth needs of the Group both present and future. Heading and motivating teams towards a common goal. Event Management ♦ Inviting companies from various sectors for campus drives. procedures and processes across the group’s Colleges & Verticals. Engineering. As Chief Coordinator of the core team. This was the First ever initiative taken by any educational sector in the region & was an unprecedented success. Created & Compiled Soft Skills training modules (another First for the educational sector and the industry Benchmark) for the students of various professional courses which were very well received by industry. Liaison with Companies ♦ Establishing and maintaining a relationship with companies across all sectors – Management.

Team & Resource Management ♦ ♦ ♦ Carry out HR role and provide processes.Bass.Gave strategic direction to all the departments that I lead during the course of stay with the group. ♦ Creating and executing strategic market plans – Market research to provide data for expansion and business analysis. As Co-head new business development department. Geoffery Beene. Additional analysis on performance of the unit in terms of manpower utilization. Professional Experience ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Neva Garments. moving stock and making sure that best-selling products are always available. solution offerings and strategy. Give presentation to Members of management team to take informed decisions to support aggressive growth plan. Van Heusen. Managing. Customer Relationship Management ♦ ♦ Gathering information related to customer reactions/feedbacks on products. RFIs and RFPs. Ludhiana (Nov 96. created quick response system to timely respond to RFQs. Maintaining a comprehensive library of appropriate data. the best selling price points. and customer support .Jan 2000) Sr. (Feb 2000-June 2004) AGM (Merchandizing) 100 % EOU Reporting to Managing Director Brands Handled Quiksilver. forecasting and utilizing market understanding to create sales targets and budgets. colors or styles) ensuring that best sellers are fully potentialised and monitoring slow sellers in conjunction with buyers. expenses & margins and project profitability analysis regularly. Eveline International (Ludhiana). ♦ ♦ ♦ Proactively worked with retail buyers to plan the range of products to be sold. training and supervising staff. Perform competitor analysis by identifying competitive trends and early warning trends on threats and opportunities in the competitive landscape. Analyzing data and managing quarterly reviews for the management’s consumption. Profit Centre & Strategic Management. Monitoring revenues. Oxford. Analyzing every aspect of the best and worst sellers (for example. Ashworth Business & Strategy Development ♦ Analyzing. Directing all marketing initiatives to acquire new clients to support business growth. Planning stock levels. Manager (Sales & Marketing) Reporting to Executive Director (A Duke Group Company) Profile ♦ Responsibilities covered managing the technical documentation team. content creation and marketing plan. Interacting with suppliers along with the buying team to negotiate lower prices to reduce input costs.H.loss reviews and pipeline analysis. policies and compensation for sub-contractors besides developing & executing programs for employee motivation. win. account performance. G. Monitoring market trends & analyzing previous season's sales and reporting on the current season's designs and trends.

♦ ♦ ♦ Monitor all production plan timetables and keeping production moving toward completion in stipulated time schedule. marketing collateral. New town roll outs. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Events Sales Promotions / BTL / ATL Sales promotional tie ups with retail chains for cross promotions. Conceptualizing and executing events for customers for loyalty drive. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Handling annual launches / Retail outlet launches and Product launches / Press conferences. vendor relations. Market Research (local product performance surveys). sales tools. Plan and coordinate prospect communications. sales kits and newsletters. Selecting and managing outsourcing. Analyze monthly information analytics for senior management Collecting customer feedback and market research for strategic analysis to identify target markets to reach them. Future Brand progress plans. Ensuring brand presence in Branded retail outlets. Quarterly newsletter for customers / retailers on new schemes and upgrades. competition & analyzing market trends. Brand building. Develop Consumer base via BTL & ATL. Trade Development plans. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Responsibilities ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Maintain Brand Visibility. The role entails taking ownership of various communication initiatives. promotions end to end. special events and tradeshow activities. Ideated sales communication messages that aided the sales team in effective product presentation. Creative. TOM recall & Imagery. presentations. printers and producers of support services and products. Keeping up to date with en vogue products. Press / Print media ads/Radio spots – From conceptualizing to briefing to coordinating with agencies on final roll out of radio jingles /local press and print media. Print & Communication Coordinating with external vendors and advt.division. Corporate communication and Event management. Oversee advertising. Coordinate with marketing team to develop customer communication messages and material including persuasive sales PPT presentations. PR. Out of Home visibility Handling Out of Home visibility via Outdoors and other available / innovative media. Coordinating with print media on job execution. Brand management. Develop sales strategies and setting sales targets & compiling and analyzing sales figures. Strategy Development & Planning Professional Experience Enhance sales by strategizing innovative promotional activities & working in tandem with field force on planning & execution. agencies for local product and campaign creative from briefing to final creative. Monthly spends budgeting and planning Product wise. Handling Below the line activities. PR & Analysis . and independently executing them without hand-holding or supervision from senior management.

Tesco. KAIZEN Practitioner. Special contributions in carrying out camps in the rural area generating awareness about Drug menace and career awareness.June 1993) ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Worked as Approved Defense Supplier for two years. H&M. Was responsible for prospecting. Awarded special contribution citation by CMD. budgeting. Highly aware and well versed with National & International affairs. Competitors Overview & Analysis. product planning. training to production team. Procuring Export Orders from Buying Houses. Carrefour. Gen SF Rodrigues on 15th August 06. Conferred rare honor of given the Gorkha Sword and the cap by none other than Commander-in-Chief. 2 years in National Cadet Corps (NCC).♦ ♦ ♦ Handling PR / Media Relations with Publications & Agencies. Day to day Administration. Material. Beyond Curricular ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ . Manager (Merchandizing & PPC) Reporting to General Manager (India’s largest exporter of kid’s garments. Marketing & Procurement. Key Responsibilities ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Responsible for market mapping. Profit Centre & Strategic Management Coordinate between Productions. Volunteered for a program aimed at educating the illiterate. Won several prizes at school & College sports meets. disable in action brave hearts. Chess player. Monthly Market surveys on Retail Showroom / Outlet Performance. pricing. Handled 150 years Celebration of Gorkha Regiment of the Indian Army on turnkey basis on not for profit initiative. Interacting & Dealing with the Buyers and their Representative. Organizing. Recruitment and Training of production staff & workers to keep high level of motivation. Machine and Method. Western Command 21st Oct 2007. Controlling and Monitoring the Man. order procurement and purchase and on time delivery of orders. Sumeet Exports. war widows and their dependents. Outdoor & BTL Analysis. 100% EOU) Brands Handled Mothercare. Help set-up HIV AIDS help line for Northern India in association with CII Chandigarh. Head of Pre-Production Team. and formulating strategies for infant garment segment. Responsible for Planning. Ludhiana (July 93. Implementing decisions and Meeting Deadlines. Founder Member of NGO – DESIRIZ engaged in rehabilitation of Ex-serviceman. Job entailed relationship management and interaction with Senior Defense Officers. Staffing. forecasting. Awarded Special Certificate by Honorable Governor of Punjab.Oct 96) Dy. Entrepreneurial Experience Approved Defense Supplier (April 1991 .

we're trying to accomplish something. Suresh Kumar Sharma 098156 17384 . there are no rules here . -Thomas A. Edison Thanks for your time and regards.Academic Qualifications MA (English) MBA (Marketing) – 1992 (Kurukshetra University. New Delhi) Hell. Kurukshetra) – 1996 (IGNOU.