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Andrews Middle School

Administrative Office
3000 Mystic Valley Parkway
Medford, MA 02155
P: 781-393-2228 F: 781-395-8128
Timothy S. Blake Paul D’Alleva
Principal Asst. Principal


Dear Andrews Families,

I would like to thank all the different members of the Andrews school community for helping to
build a strong Andrews community over the past four years. Over the past four years our
enrollment has grown, our staff expanded, and pride in our school has taken firm roots. The ever
growing positive atmosphere would not have developed without your help. Whether it was
reestablishing our PTO, recreating the Site Council, coming to a concert, helping the Drama
program, volunteering, or even just ensuring your child completed their work each night, we all
did our part to create a school to which parents are proud to send their kids each day.

The responsibility of sustaining an excellent school will fall into different hands for the upcoming
2011-2012 school year. For the upcoming school year I will be taking the challenge of leading
the Sky View Middle School in Leominster, Massachusetts. The search for a new principal for
the Andrews has begun with an advertisement in this week’s Sunday Boston Globe. Central
administration will keep the Andrews community informed of the process that will be used in the

In the future, the Andrews school will continue to need your help and support. We will be
graduating many PTO members whose focus will move to the high school. Their contributions
will be missed and we will need to replenish our PTO enrollment. Without the contributions of
our PTO, many extracurricular activities would fail to occur and the school would be lacking
essential school supplies that the PTO funds. We will need your continued support in academic
areas as well. In the coming years the curriculum standards for math and English language arts
will be changing. We will need your assistance in meeting these challenges, especially in math
where our children will be asked to master increasingly difficult curriculum standards. We will
need you to continually work with the school staff and have your children stay after for extra help
when needed.

While the year is hardly finished, I did want to take a moment to say thank everyone for their
continued support, patience, and kindness. I wish the Andrews school community well and am
finding it difficult to say even the premature goodbyes to my second family.


Timothy S. Blake

Andrews Middle School in partnership with Hallmark Health

“Excellence Through Responsibility and Respect”
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