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Guide to Living in Korea 2009

“Make your smile forever”

* A professional clinic: Implant esthetic clinic,
prosthodontics esthetic clinic, endodontic restorative
clinic, orthodontics esthetic clinic, oral & maxillofacial
clinic, periodontics clinic, pedodontics clinic and power
whitening clinic.
* Brand new equipment: State-of-the-art
instruments, including lasers, fully digital
X-rays (low radiation emission) and brand new
equipment are ready for patients. Dr. Ha has appeared on "MBC Good Day"
as a dental adviser.
* Large-scale dental clinic: 13 separate rooms and 20 chairs.
* English-speaking staff treat you as a V.I.P from beginning to end.

* Aboveground parking provides you with

large spaces for a hundred vehicles on the first
floor of the building.
* Dental insurance forms completed

• Opening Hours
Mon. - Fri. 9:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Sat. 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Venture B/D 3F, 76-6 Hannam-dong Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Tel: 02-795-1500 | Fax: 02-795-0770 | www.chicagotooth.co.kr
Guide to Living
in Korea 2009
Exchange Rates (Basic) Nov. 2008 Telephone Codes Disease/Injury
Hello [ annyeong haseyo ] Is there a doctor who speaks English?
Nation Currency Name Korean Won(₩) Seoul 02
Gyeonggi 031 Excuse me [ sillye hamnida ] [ youngeoreul hal jul aneun uisaga isseumnigga? ]
United States USD 1318.00
Incheon 032 Please [ butak hamnida ] Is there a pharmacy nearby?
Japan JPY 100 1316.95 Gangwon 033 Thank you [ gamsa hamnida ] [ geuncheoe yakgugi isseumnigga? ]
European Union EUR 1779.30 Chungnam 041
Daejeon 042 How much? [ eolmayeyo? ] Shopping
United Kingdom GBP 2280.14
Chungbuk 043 Sorry [ miahn hamnida ] What is this?
Switzerland CHF 1162.26
Pusan 051 Yes/No [ ye/aniyo ] [ igeoseun mueotimnigga? ]
Canada CAD 1108.21 Ulsan 052
How much is it?
Australia AUD 884.64 Daegu 053
[ eolmaeyo? ]
Sweden SEK 175.38 Gyeongbuk 054
Gyeongnam 055 I’ll take this one
New Zealand NZD 810.57
Jeonnam 061
When you need help. [ igeoseuro hagesseumnida ]
Hong Kong HKD 169.90 Gwangju 062 Help!
Thailand THB 38.64 Jeonbuk 063 [ dowa juseyo ] Food
Singapore SGD 890.24 Jeju 064 Please lend me your phone Please give me some water
[ jeonhwa-reul billyeo jusipsio ] [ Muljom juseyo ]
India INR 27.33
The international access codes to call abroad from That was delicious
Indonesia IDR 100 13.49 South Korea are 001(through KT), 002(through Dacom), Expressing yourself [ aju masisseosseumnida ]
China CNY 192.93 00700(through SKTelink), 00345(through KTF), I don’t know
00365(through Onse) or 00321(through Naray) Please make it mild
Taiwan TWD 40.66 [ jeoneun jal moreugesseumnida ] [ maepjianke haejuseyo ]
Philippines PHP 27.84 Really? What do you call this in Korean?
Metric Conversions [ jeongmarimnika? ] [ igeoseul han-gungmallo mworago hamnigga? ]
Temperature ˚C=(˚F-32)÷1.8 Do you speak English?
Business Hours [ yeongeo hal jul asimnigga? ] Transportation
Banks 9:30~16:30 Mon~Fri How long does it take to get to ( ) ?
Distance 1inch=2.54cm Greetings
Post offices 9:00~18:00 Postal Service 1cm=0.3937inch [ ( ) ggaji eolmana geollimnigga? ]
9:00~16:30 Financial Service 1m=3.2808ft=1.0936yd I’m pleased to meet you Where is the bus stop?
9:00~13:00 Saturday 1ft=0.3048m [ cheom boepgesseumnida ] [ bus jeongnyujangi eodi imnigga? ]
1km=0.6213miles My name is ( ) Please take me to ( ) (to taxi driver)
1mile=1.6093km [ Je ireumun ( ) imnida ] [ ( ) ggaji butak hamnida ]
Useful Phone Numbers Weight 1kg=2.2046lb You are welcome How long does it take to get to ( ) ?
Ambulance 119 1lb=0.4535kg [ cheonmaneyo ] [ ( ) ggaji sigani eolmana geollimnigga? ]
Fire Brigade 119 1g=0.0353oz
Goodbye (to person going)
1oz=28.3495g Time
Police 112 [ annyeonghi gaseyo ]
Volume 1L=0.2642 US gallons
Tourist advice & help 1330 Goodbye (to person staying) Excuse me, but what time is it?
1 US gallon = 3.7854L
[ annyeonghi gyeseyo ] [ mian hajiman, jigeum myeossi imnigga? ]
Telephone directory assistance 82-1588-5644 1L=0.22 imperial gallons
1imperial gallons=4.55L Leisure/Touring
Invest KOREA 82-1600-7119 Apologies, asking again
Area 1m2=10.764ft2=1.1958yd2 Where is a/the ?
1py=3.3058m2=35.5836ft2 My apologies
[ joesong hamnida ] [ neun eodie isseumnigga? ]
1ft2=0.0929m2=0.1111yd2 Could you explain that again? Would you take my/our picture?
1acre=43560ft2 = 4840yd2 [ dasi hanbeon seolmyeonghae jusipsiyo ] [ sajinjom jjigeo jusigesseumnigga? ]
Invest KOREA Overview Comprehensive Service Invest Korea’s One-Stop Service
Bank Accounts & Credit Cards Post Office Other Banking & Postal Services
Invest KOREA’s step-by-step approach to total investor care Invest Korea Plaza(IKP)
Investor Support Center(ISC) Organization of Invest KOREA 138 EDUCATION
Location Global Network System of Foreign Schools in Korea Major Foreign Schools in Seoul & Other Areas
Learning Korean Language Libraries
25 WELCOME TO KOREA Subway Buses Express Buses Taxis Domestic Airlines
Korea at a Glance Images of Korea KTX Trains Domestic Ferries Rental Cars National Lost Property Office
35 ENTRY AND DEPARTURE Driver’s License Information Buying & Registering a Car
Foreign Automobile Insurance Traffic Regulations Traffic Accidents
36 OBTAINING A VISA BEFORE ENTRY Modified Highway Route Assignment System
Entry Visas Procedure for Visa Application
Visa Type and Required Documents Pre-departure Checklist 170 HOSPITALS & HEALTH INSURANCE
Hospitals for Foreigners Pet Clinics Mortuary Service
45 ENTRY PROCEDURES Health Insurance Life Insurance
Arrival in Korea Major Immigration Services
Customs Clearance for Baggage Distance Customs Clearance Procedures
Customs Clearance when Moving to Korea Customs Clearance for Mail 184 ABOUT KOREAN TRADITIONAL CULTURE
Traditional Clothing - Hanbok Traditional Food Traditional Korean House - Hanok
Traditional Arts Religions Experiencing Korean Traditional Culture
Alien Registration Permission for Activities other than Residence
Permission for Workplace Revision and Addition Residence Status Endowment 193 KOREAN ETIQUETTE & MANNERS
Permission for Revising Residence Status Staying Period Extension Permission Drinking Manners Invitation Etiquette Cultural Differences
Reentry Permission Place of Residence Change
Expatriate Employment Permit System
Major Sightseeing Spots City Tour Bus Tour of Mt. Geumgangsan
64 DEPARTURE PROCEDURES Cultural Tours Main Cultural Facilities
Airport Procedures Moving Freight Transfer
68 INCHEON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (IIA) Recreational Activities Annual Events Leisure Sports
Overview Floor Information Transportation from Incheon Int’l Airport to Major Areas in Korea
Major Air Routes to and from Korea and International Airlines
Shopping Movie Theaters Jazz Clubs in Seoul


Hotels List of Hotels in Korea Korean-style Inns (Yeogwan) Youth Hostels Condominiums
Accommodations Buying and Renting a House Major Residential Areas for Foreigners 273 OTHER USEFUL INFORMATION
Lease Agreement Tips On-Line Trade Networks Tax Counseling Legal Counseling Service
96 DINING IN KOREA Information on Korean Economy Human Resource Services
Introduction to Korean Cuisine Dinner Theaters in Seoul Korean Restaurants 285 GOVERNMENT-RELATED BODIES
International Cuisine Foreign Investment-related Bodies (National)
110 COMMUNICATIONS & MEDIA Foreign Investment-related Bodies (Provincial)
Telecommunications Facilities Pay Telephones Long Distance & International Calls 286 APPENDIX
Media & Communication Translation / Interpretation Companies Provinces of Korea Time Differences Subway Map Calendar
122 USEFUL DAILY LIVING INFORMATION Investment Service Team Map of Korea Map of Seoul
Useful Phone Numbers Garbage Disposal Shopping for Daily Necessities Fee Index
National Taxes Local Taxes
�Administrative Support : All procedures periods of foreign corporate personnel can be
ABOUT INVEST KOREA pertaining to the investment process from handled directly through Invest KOREA.
investment registration to factory establishment
can be initiated through Invest KOREA.
> Invest KOREA Overview �Plant Site Location : Invest KOREA helps > Invest KOREA’s One-Stop Service
investors find the optimal location in Korea for
■■■Our Vision & Mandate projected foreign-invested facilities, plus The Project Manager - the key figure in the
provides support on all procedures necessary delivery of our one-stop service
Invest KOREA is the Korean national investment
for their establishment.
promotion agency, established with the sole Following an initial contact between a foreign
purpose of facilitating the entry and successful �Cooperation with Investment-Related Bodies :
Invest KOREA liaises between foreign investor and Invest KOREA or a Korea Business
establishment of foreign business into Korea. Nor Center overseas concerning a proposed
does our involvement halt there, since our investors and relevant governments,
institutions and local companies, and arranges investment in Korea, a staff member will be
agency delivers an extensive post-establishment designated as a project manager to handle
service designed to promote the rapid settlement meetings between them as necessary.
bolstered by specialists from specific industrial further inquiries and lend assistance on all
of foreign corporates in Korea and ensure they sectors to provide faster and more accurate ■■■Follow-up Service matters and procedures relating to the eventual
maximize the benefits of the Korean investment investment-related services to foreign investors establishment of the project.
environment to the fullest extent. �Investment “Home Doctor” Service : Designed
as determined by need. The project manager will undertake a range of
The scope of our activities on behalf of foreign to help foreign investors resolve the difficulties
experienced in doing business in Korea, the services on behalf of foreign investors including
businesses ranges from business consultation,
Investment Aftercare Team designates a airport reception, local schedule management
market research and partner searches to > Comprehensive Service
specialist to provide one-on-one service. and M&A/joint venture partner searches.
accessing grants, administrative processing and
resolving difficulties with government and �Visa Extensions : Extensions of the sojourn
Invest KOREA, as a one-stop window, provides a
mediating in labor disputes. comprehensive service to meet the foreign
Invest KOREA is dedicated to providing the kind
investor’s every need through an integrated
of comprehensive, seamless, one-stop service > Invest KOREA’s step-by-step approach to total investor care
package of professional services.
that allows foreign investors to put down roots in
Korea and join the thousands of others who are ■■■Investment Planning with Invest KOREA
operating successfully and profitably here.
�Provision of Market Information : For the An investor visits an overseas Korea Business Center
■■■Who & What We Are purpose of determining the feasibility of a
proposed investment, Invest KOREA �
Invest KOREA is the new name of the former
undertakes research and provides information
Korea Investment Service Center (KISC), which
was established in 1998 as part of a radical on Korean markets and industries.
The center forwards the investor’s inquiry to Invest KOREA for appraisal
liberalization of Korea’s investment regime under �Partner and Investment Opportunities Search :
the Foreign Investment Promotion Act of the Invest KOREA assists investors locate potential
partners and high-potential investment �
same year. Major recent revisions to the Act
empowered Invest KOREA to act as a far more opportunities in the areas of Greenfield, M&A,
The center encourages the investor to make a fact-finding visit to Korea to ascertain first-hand
efficient, practical and integrated investment SOC, venture and real estate.
the investment climate
promotion agency(IPA). �Investment Regime : To help foreign investors
to gain a better understanding of the foreign �
■■■Who Makes Our Agency Work investment regime, Invest KOREA provides
Invest KOREA is staffed with KOTRA employees information on investment procedures, tax On arrival, Invest KOREA designates a project manager to work with the investor until investment
who have extensive expertise and experience in incentives, Foreign Investment Zones (FIZs), notification is made
supporting inbound foreign direct investment labor and industrial complexes for the exclusive
(FDI), public servants from other related use of foreign investors. �
government agencies, and experts from the ■■■Ongoing Project Support After notification, the project manager and the Invest KOREA investment Consulting Office jointly assist
private sector in fields such as accounting, law the investor through the process of factory setup and establishment as a legal entity
(including tax and labor law), as well as mergers �Matchmaking with Potential Partners : Through
and acquisitions (M&A). Invest KOREA staffs our extensive database, Invest KOREA �
have become progressively more specialized to matchmakes and arranges meetings between
meet the increasingly specific needs of our foreign investors and potential joint venture and A “Home Doctor” addresses any grievance encountered by
clients. Accordingly, the agency’s staff will be M&A partners. the foreign-invested company once it is established in Korea


> Invest Korea Plaza (IKP) > Investor Support Center (ISC) regional governments of all cities, provinces and
free economic zones in Korea. Useful data may
Invest Korea Plaza (IKP) is the first business be found by a quick glance around the center.
Dedicated to providing foreign investors and their
incubation complex in Korea for foreign investors.
families with living and business assistant so they Areas of consulting for foreign direct investors are
As part of efforts to improve the environment for
can successfully adjust to life in Korea, the Investor as follows:
foreign investment in Korea, the Ministry of
Support Center (ISC) was founded in October 2006. Finance
Knowledge Economy devised the initial plan for the
IKP project and placed KOTRA (the Korea Trade- Armed with the database and know-how Accounting
Investment Promotion Agency) in charge of accumulated under Invest Korea, the center Law
execution. provides improved investment services for foreign Stock and Real Estate
investors. Construction
Designed to meet 21st century business needs,
IKP offers furnished office space, cutting edge Foreign investors living in Korea may obtain
conference facilities, in addition to on-site information printed in English and Japanese from >>>Government Administrative
comprehensive services ranging from investment the ISC either on or offline. Located at the second Government officials are assigned to the center
consultation provided by representatives of Invest floor of Invest Korea Plaza, it is open 9:00am - to provide administrative services, expediting the
KOREA, numerous government agencies and 6:00pm, Monday through Friday. By phone, services investment process, thus making it easier for
ministries, to programs to orient clients on Korea’s are available after business hours at 82-1600-7119, foreign investors to invest in Korea. Foreign
business culture and information on daily living in Fax: 82-2- 3497-1611. investors may handle complicated administrative
Korea°™all in a dynamic international business processes for obtaining a visa, alien registration
ISC also provides access to information before
environment. and business registration with much more ease
arrival in Korea, including administrative services
With the aim of helping foreign companies locate to at the center.
needed to establish a foreign corporation and visa
Korea, attain success and expand their business, processing. A comfortable visitors’ lounge is another
Invest Korea Plaza’s staff combined their expertise thing you may find at ISC, stocked with books in
and knowledge of Korea’s investment environment ■■■Areas of services
various different languages, including guide books
to assist international companies with all aspects of Visas (D-8 & F-3) and Alien registration
on living and investing in Korea.
doing business in Korea. By utilizing resources at (Ministry of Justice)
IKP, Korea’s one-stop business incubation center, Healthcare: Provide referrals to medical centers
Application of business registration
foreign companies may rent office space at for foreigners and information on public health
■■■Areas of consultation (National Tax Office)
reasonable rates and improve efficiency, saving insurance
Confirmation of the Completion of Investment
time and avoiding costly mistakes. >>>Living Transportation: Provide information on buying
in Kind (Korea customs Service)
ISC, aware of the common problems faced by a car and obtaining an international driver’s
>>>Location foreign investors and their families living in Korea, license Tel: 82-1600-7119 / Fax: 82-2-3497-1611
IKP offers direct and easy access to visitors can rest assured that they will receive the Living: Distribute ‘Guide to Living in Korea’ and
transportation. Conveniently situated minutes best consultation at the center available in two other guide books on living in Korea
from the Gyeongbu Highway, IKP is just a short different languages English and Japanese. All the
drive from Yangjae Subway Station located on information needed in terms for living, including >>>Business
line 3 of Seoul’s extensive underground railway buying/renting accommodations or getting a In addition to living information, ISC offers a wide
system. Korean driver’s license, can be found here at ISC. range of management information to
Strategically located adjacent to KOTRA multinational businesses. ISC staffs professional
Minutes from the Yangjae Exit of the Below is a list of the main areas of consultation: consultants specializing in foreign investment
Gyeongbu Expressway who can also provide a detailed description of
One hour from Incheon International Airport Housing: Issue referrals to real estate brokers procedures for investing in Korea.
10 minute drive from Yangjae subway station and generic apartment/house rental forms for The center also offers a wide variety of guide
(line number 3) foreigners books published by Invest Korea which include
Tel: 82-2-3497-1000 / Fax: 82-2-3497-1616 Education: Provide a list of foreign schools in detailed descriptions and statistics on
www.ikp.or.kr Korea and contact the administrator of the investment as well as promotional articles
school of your choice published by the central and autonomous

10 11
> Organization of Invest KOREA

> Location

Address: KOTRA Bldg. 300-9, Yeomgok-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul 137-170, Korea

URL: [www.investkorea.org] Tel. 82-2-3460-7114 Fax. 82-2-3460-7777


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Opening hours 11:30 a.m.~11:30 p.m. (Closed on Sunday)
N° 85 Susong-dong Jongno-Gu Seoul Korea
Somerset Palace 1F, take exit 1 or 6 from Anguk station, line 3

Guide to Living in Korea


Authentic German Cuisine

in the Heart of Seoul
Guide to Living in Korea

WELCOME TO KOREA climate in spite of its small size. It lies in the

temperate zone, and has four distinct seasons as
well as diverse topography.
date it originated and the names of the people
who invented it. And it was created without any
direct influence from already existing writing
Although Korea has the general characteristics of systems to become the national written
a continental climate, it has monsoonal weather language. Hangeul has contributed greatly to
in summer. It is bitterly cold and dry in winter enriching Korean literature.
due primarily to the Siberian air mass. Torrential
rains fall during the rainy season that begins in ■■■Religion
late June, often causing severe damage to Freedom of religion is fully guaranteed in the
property and loss of life. It is hot and humid in Republic of Korea. There are four broad streams
July and August due primarily to the maritime of influence: Shamanism, Buddhism,
Pacific high. The transitional seasons, spring and Confucianism, and Christianity. Christianity has
autumn, are generally sunny and clear, although had a large following in Korea since its
they are short in comparison to winter and introduction from the West in the late 18th
summer and have distinct weather patterns. century. Catholicism and Protestantism have
KOREA AT A GLANCE Spring : Mostly clear and dry days. Temperatures significantly grown under the influence of Europe
and the United States. There are also various
range from 16℃ to 19℃ in May.
minor religions based on various combinations of
Summer : Hot and humid. Temperatures range elements from traditional religions.
■■■Geography approximately 70 percent of South Korea is from 23℃ to 27℃ in August. Daytime highs are
usually over 30℃ in mid-summer. Also, two to ■■■History
The Korean Peninsula, mountainous. Along the southern and western
coasts, the mountains descend gradually to the three typhoons usually hit Korea during this Dawn of Statehood
which lies on the
coastal plains. season. 50 to 60 percent of the annual Although Korea’s first kingdom, Gojoseon,
northeastern edge of
precipitation comes in summer. Monsoon was founded in 2333 B.C., it is presumed that
the Asian continent, ■■■Population season (heavy rain season) starts in June and humans began to inhabit the Korean Peninsula
shares its northern
The Republic of Korea is populated by 48,607 lasts about 30 days. High humidity in both July several centuries earlier. The ideology of the
border with China and
people as of 2008. Administratively, Korea and August. Gojoseon Kingdom was characterized by
Russia and juts toward
Japan to the southeast. consists of nine provinces, one special Fall : A little cooler than spring but still mostly devotion to the welfare of mankind.
The highest peak is municipality - Seoul, and the six metropolitan clear and dry days. Temperatures range from 11 Gojoseon’ s rule of the peninsula lasted some
Baekdu mountain in North Korea, which rises cities of Pusan, Daegu, Incheon, Gwangju, ℃ to 19℃ in October. 2,400 years.
2,744 meters above sea level along the northern Daejon and Ulsan. Seoul, the capital of Korea, is
divided into 25 gu, or wards. Winter : Cold and dry. January is the coldest
border facing China. This mountain is regarded
month of the year. Temperatures range from -6
as an important symbol of the Korean spirit and
℃ to 7℃ in January. Most of the snowfall
is featured in Korea’s national anthem.
occurs in mountainous areas with little snow in
The second highest mountain is the 1,950-meter
urban areas.
Halla mountain in South Korea. The peninsula
has a significant number of rivers, including the ■■■Language
Hangang (514 km) and Nakdonggang (525 km),
(Hangeul-Korean Alphabet)
both in South Korea, and the Amnokgang (Yalu,
790 km) and Dumangang (Tumen, 521 km), both In 1443, King Sejong promoted the creation of
in North Korea. Considering its territorial size, the an alphabet for writing that could simply and
peninsula has a relatively large number of rivers accurately convey the sounds of the spoken
and streams. Except for its northern area, seas language. Originally known as Hunminjeongeum,
surround Korea on three sides, with some 3,400 or“the correct sounds for the instruction of the
islands dotting the coastline. people,”it is an easy-to-learn phonetic alphabet
■■■Climate that enabled the common people to express
Korea is roughly 1,000 kilometers long and
encompasses a total of 222,154 square The Korean Peninsula, which is situated at the themselves in writing.
kilometers (South Korea - 99,392 sq. km; North eastern edge of the Eurasian continent, lies Hangeul, as the alphabet has come to be known,
Korea - 122,762 sq. km). It is nearly the same between 33°and 43°north latitude. With the is unique among the world’ s writing systems as
size as Britain and a little larger than Portugal. Taebaek mountain range forming the backbone its creation is well documented, including the
Excluding some plains in the southwestern area, of the Korean Peninsula, Korea has a diverse

The Three Kingdoms and the Unified Silla Joseon Dynasty Colonial Rule
Period The Joseon Dynasty was established in 1392 After emerging victorious from the Sino- IMAGES OF KOREA
Data available to date indicates that the Three after the fall of Goryeo. Joseon adopted Neo- Japanese War, Japan set its sights on taking [www.mcst.go.kr]
Kingdoms - Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla - lasted Confucianism as the state ideology. It put in over Korea. Korea lost its sovereignty with
from 57 B.C. to A.D. 668. place a centralized political structure based on Japan’s annexation of the country in 1910. ■■■Taegeukgi
Goguryeo, which was the first to be founded, the yangban (noble) class. Class distinction Korea regained its independence in 1945 with
occupied the largest part of the peninsula. Its between the upper and lower classes was Japan’ s defeat in World War II. (National Flag)
territory encompassed the northern part of the strictly enforced. The Korean flag is called
Modern-day Korea
peninsula, which is now North Korea, and The vast majority of the population belonged Taegeukgi. Its design
Korea’ s first President Seung-man Rhee ruled
Manchuria. to the so-called middle class. The hereditary symbolizes the principles
South Korea for 12 years until 1960 when he
As such, Goguryeo was the most powerful of system of these people was again divided into of Eum and Yang in
was forced out of the presidency.
the Three Kingdoms. Baekje and Silla were peasants, artisans and merchants. Moral, Oriental philosophy. The circle in the center of
Afterward, President Jung-hee Park established
established in the central and southern parts of ethical and social principles prescribed by Neo- the flag is divided into two equal parts. The
an iron rule after suppressing rising popular
the peninsula that is now South Korea. Confucian codes of conduct were enforced upper red section represents the positive cosmic
aspirations for democracy. At the same time,
Wiryeseong, the capital of Baekje, was along the extended family system to forces of Yang, while the lower blue section
he pushed ahead with economic development.
established in the area that is now Seongnam, strengthen the status of the yangban class. represents the negative cosmic forces of Eum.
For instance, he promoted Saemaul (New
a satellite city southeast of Seoul. Silla unified The family system and moral and social codes These two forces together embody the
Community) projects designed to raise income
the kingdoms of the central and southern part were thoroughly based on Confucian codes of concepts of continual movement, balance and
levels and foster long-term national development.
of the peninsula later, ushering in the Unified conduct. Under the extended family system, harmony that characterize infinity. The circle is
Korea became known globally as it played host
Silla period. Bulguksa Temple and Seokguram the head of a family exerted absolute control surrounded by four trigrams, one in each corner.
to the 1986 Asian Games and the 1988
were built during the Unified Silla period. over his family in line with Confucian traditions. Each trigram symbolizes one of the four
Summer Olympics. The Seoul Olympics is
Meanwhile, Balhae, the kingdom that The head of the family represented and universal elements: heaven, earth, sun (or fire)
remembered as an Olympics that promoted
succeeded Goguryeo in part of Manchuria and controlled his family and performed rites for and moon (or water). The white background
world peace and harmony by all the
the northern part of the peninsula, lasted for his ancestors. represents peace, and also stands for the purity
participating countries. The co-hosting of the
some 230 years. Because Buddhism was suppressed, few and homogeneity of the Korean people.
FIFA 2002 World Cup with Japan put Korea on
Buddhist works of art, such as those produced
Goryeo Dynasty the map once again. ■■■Mugunghwa
during the Silla and Goryeo periods, were
Goryeo was founded in 918 after the fall of
Unified Silla. The name“Korea”comes from
created during the Joseon era. However, (National Flower)
Joseon’s political and social stability, along The national flower of
Goryeo, as foreigners began to call the
with the buildup of national strength, enabled Korea is the Rose of
kingdom“Korea.”The peninsula suffered
the kingdom to produce outstanding cultural Sharon, or Mugunghwa
frequent foreign invasions after Goryeo
and academic achievements. Of special note, as it is called in Korean.
developed relations with other countries. Of
academic activities in this era made significant Every year from July to October, a profusion of
particular note, Mongols and Khitans invaded
headway as Neo-Confucianism became a Mugunghwa grace the entire country. They are
on many occasions. Among the many cultural
source of politics, society and culture. remarkably tenacious and able to withstand both
legacies of the Goryeo Dynasty are the
internationally renowned blue-green inlaid blight and insects. Mugung means immortality,
celadon pottery and the world’s very first and hwa means flower, thus it is a flower
metal type. symbolizing the immortality, determination and
perseverance of the Korean people.

■■■Hanbok (Traditional Clothing) ■■■Seokguram Grotto ■■■Bulgogi places mental cultivation above physical skill. It
Hanbok is a comprehensive term used to [http://english.cha.go.kr] Another food that Korea is famous for is bulgogi. has less to do with offense and defense than
describe Korean traditional clothing. Seokguram Grotto is one of the world’ s finest Usually translated as“Korean barbecue,”the with the unity of mind and body that arises from
The most notable features of hanbok are the Buddhist shrines, dating back to the same period term literally means“fire meat.”Beef and pork the movement itself.
lines. Women wear an elegant combination of a as Bulguksa Temple. are most often identified with bulgogi. Whereas When the body moves in union with the mind,
short jacket and long skirt while men wear loose Surrounded by Bodhisattvas and guardian kimchi is served at virtually every meal, bulgogi is we experience stillness in motion and
trousers, a jacket and a vest, all beneath an outer deities, the serene central statue of Buddha usually a treat that Korean hosts enjoy sharing movement at rest. Within this movement lies a
coat. The color, material gazes out over the forested with foreign visitors. mind in repose.
and manner of wearing hills and across the East Sea Bulgogi tastes best Dynamism is the beauty that is manifested in
hanbok differ according to the horizon. The carving of when it is cooked on a movement. As movement of the body
to the season and social the granite dome of pan that is placed over a expresses the thoughts of the mind, taekwon-
status of the wearer. Of Seokguram was a truly charcoal grill or gas range. do is founded on the same principle as dance.
late, hanbok design has amazing architectural feat. The taekwondo uniform
been adapted to better In 1995, Bulguksa Temple and Seokguram consists of a white
suit modern living. Grotto were added to UNESCO’s prestigious jacket and pants tied
■■■Korea Insam (Ginseng) with a belt. The belt is
World Cultural Heritage List.
■■■Bulguksa Temple an important part of the
(Located at the edge of Mt. Tohamsan, [www.insam.or.kr]
[www.bulguksa.or.kr] Jinhyeon-dong, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do) Ginseng is a root vegetable whose shape uniform and comes in
Bulguksa Temple is one of Korea’ s best known resembles the human body, and its name five colors indicating
■■■Kimchi levels of achievement:
temples, a testimony to both the skill of Silla (pronounced“insam”in Korean) contains the
architects and the depth of Buddish faith at the Chinese characters for“man.”Korean ginseng is white, yellow, blue, red, and black. Worn in
time. While most of the also known by the names of Korea’s last two different variations, it forms a large tie-string for
A pungent, fermented condiment generally
wooden buildings have royal dynasties: Goryeo and Joseon. Its scientific the pants.
made of cabbage or radish and seasoned with
been rebuilt over the name is“Panax Ginseng C.A. Meyer,”panax The dynamic element in the technique of
salt, garlic, red peppers, ginger and other
centuries, all the stone being a composite term formed from the Greek taekwondo lies in the basic movements of the
ingredients, kimchi is found at virtually every
bridges, strairways and words pan (all) and axos (medicine), which also hands and feet. The fist and limbs are used in
meal served in Korea. Kimchi is low in calories
pagodas are original. give us the English word“panacea.”Although blocking, punching, thrusting, and chopping,
and cholesterol and very high in fiber. Kimchi
Korean ginseng belongs to the same botanical and the feet in kicking, each with various
comes in a variety of types ranging from
genus as the product grown in Japan, China, the stance postures.
delicately flavored versions to hearty stuffed
U.S., and Russia, substantial differences in Skill in taekwondo is measured by a grading
cucumber kimchi. To Koreans, any sumptuous
quality and efficacy system in which the learner progresses from an
meal is meaningless without
have branded Korean ungraded beginner to a grade holder and then a
kimchi. Kimchi contains high
ginseng as the best holder of a dan, or level of accomplishment. The
levels of protein, calcium and
in the world. grades are counted in reverse from 10th grade
iron that are derived mainly
(the lowest) to 1st grade (the highest), while the
from the seafood such as
dan progress from level 1 to level 9. The terms
oysters, squid, shrimps and
dan and dan holder are applied only to
anchovies that are used for
competitors aged fifteen or older, while for
■■■Taekwondo younger students who have reached the
requisite level, the term pum is used instead.
Korea’s traditional martial art taekwondo is a
form of wholesome exercise that has taken its
place as a recognized sport in worldwide
competitions. But taekwondo is more than just
a sport. It is also a performing art infused with
the Korean spirit. The artistic beauty is both
stable and dynamic. Stability is expressed in the
contemplation that forms the mental component
of taekwondo training with its emphasis on
stillness in repose. More so than other sports or
martial arts, the movement style of taekwondo

■■■Talchum an ancient mountaintop fortress of the Silla ■■■World Class Artists
The masked dance Kingdom. Other points of interest are Biseondae Paik Nam-June has led composed in celebration of the 1972 Munich
drama that was popular Rock Flat, named after the legend of an angel the world in pioneering Olympics; The Butterfly’
s Dream, composed in
during the Joseon ascending to heaven from the rock flat, and the new medium of video prison; and Gwangju Forever, composed as the
period (1392~1910) Osaek mineral spring, which is thought to bring art. Since making his first theme of the Gwangju Democratization
undoubtedly represents relief from digestive aliments. work out of television Movement of 1980.
the pinnacle of Korean Visitors to the inner area entering from the west sets in 1963, he has held
via the town of Inje can first visit Baekdamsa Jo Su-Mi, The first
vernacular culture. numerous exhibitions in Korean Prima Donna
As its Korean name, Temple, the other gateway to Mt. Seorak. New York, Switzerland, who made her debut in
talchum, implies, it is a and Germany as well as the world's greatest
form of play or dance ■■■Jongmyo Jeryeak Korea, and has won critical acclaim for his opera houses. Herbert
(chum) performed creation of a new artistic genre. In 1977 he von Karajan applauded
Jongmyo Jerye and Jongmyo Jeryeak are
while wearing masks presented his satellite television show, Good her for “The voice that
inclusive terms for the music, singing, and
(tal). It is also a way of Morning Mr. Orwell, and in 1993 he won the comes only one or two
dancing used in performing the rites in honor of
releasing pent-up Golden Lion Prize at the Venice Biennale. Passed times in 100 years” and
the successive generations of kings from the
frustrations while concealing one’s identity away of old age on January 29, 2006. Zubin Mehta praised
Joseon Dynasty (1392~1910) buried in the
behind a mask. By dressing up as a nobleman or her saying she had a “voice from heaven.” She
Jongmyo Shrine. Violinist Chung Kyung-Wha
shaman, a wife or concubine, or a servant, the won the 1985 Napoli Zonta International
Jongmyo Jerye, the Royal Ancestral Rite, is a invariably captivates her
common people would find fun in the tense competition only two years after attending the
solemn and reverent ceremony of strict propriety audiences with the explosive
situations of real life. As a result, there was no music academy and made her presence known
and harmonious music, praising the deeds of power and intensity of her
need for professional actors like those of China on the international stage by sweeping various
former kings, reporting them to the gods, and performances, and has been
or Japan. Masked dance dramas are also quite awards. In 1986, she made her official debut as
praying for a happy and prosperous posterity. judged a once-in-a-century
different from the masked plays of other a prima donna. It was when she appeared as
Designated Important Intangible Cultural rare talent. The finest
countries, which make a clear distinction Gilda in “Rigoletto” at the Triste Verdi Theater,
Property No. 1, Jongmyo Jeryeak, or the Royal orchestras of the world vie
between the stage and the auditorium, as they one of the top five Italian theaters. She has
Ancestral Ritual Music, consists of two pieces in with each other to attract this
are open-air events in which performers and been very popular with music fans in Europe
the form of suites, “ Botaepyeong” and outstanding Korean musician as a concerto
spectators mingle freely together. and the U.S. making her name as a world-class
“Jeongdaeeop.”The words of“Botaepyeong” soloist.
praise the civil works of the former kings, while Prima Donna following Cheryl Studer and
Violin prodigy Jang Young-Ju won the hearts of
■■■Mt. Seorak “Jeongdaeeop”focuses on their military Kathleen Battle.
audiences all over the world when she appeared
[http://seorak.knps.or.kr] exploits.“Botaepyeong”is performed during the as a soloist with top orchestras Through the dazzling successes of these
Mt. Seorak National Park is considered one of “first service”when the first cup of wine is after being singled out by brilliant artists at home and abroad, Korea has
Korea’s most beautiful mountain areas, offered, and“Jeongdaeeop”accompanies the conductor Zubin Mehta at the begun to be recognized internationally as a land
consisting of Oeseorak(outer), Naeseorak(inner) offering of the second and third cups. age of 9. of art and culture.
and Namseorak(southern).
Chung Myung-Whun ranks
It boasts numerous
among the top maestros in the
valleys well-known for
world. Though he started out as
their spring bolssoms
a pianist, he became the
and fall foliage. The less
principal conductor of the Los
rugged outer area
Angeles Symphony Orchestra
stretches east to
and went on to assume the role
Seorak-dong resort
of resident conductor for the Paris Bastille Opera.
village with inns, hotels,
He has won the prestigious title of maestro even
campsites, stores,
in the home of Western
parking lots, and other
classical music, Europe.
public facilities.
A 1,100 meter cable car In the field of music,
connects the park composer Isang Yun
entrance in Seorak-dong has created numerous
with Gwongeumseong, masterpieces including
his opera Sim Cheong,

Guide to Living in Korea



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I am so happy with how they look and feel. It is so nice to be
able to smile without feeling self-conscious.
I should have done this a long time ago…
You are wonderful…and it was true it didn’t even hurt at all...”

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Guide to Living in Korea

WELCOME TO KOREA ■■■Required Documents

Visa Issuance Application
※A Certificate for Recognition of Visa Issuance
This is a document issued by the chief of a district or
branch office in Korea for the simplicity of processing
and shortening the time of visa issuance. In certain
Other documents as required by the applied cases, this document is required before applying for a
visa status. visa to a Korean consulate abroad.
※Submit with the certificate of visa issuance recognition
if necessary

■■■General Visa Issuance Flow

Applicant’s Authorities Approved Authorities

Document Submission Embassy Consulate Minister of Justice
[www.hikorea.go.kr] [K, E, J, C]
orea uses the status of sojourn system with respect to immigration
K policy. There are 32 types of visas reflecting specific social activities and
residency purposes for foreigners. Any foreigner residing in Korea must

obtain permission from the relevant authorities should he or she attempt to

engage in any activity different from what is permitted under the assigned visa.

> Entry Visas > Procedure for Visa Application ①

■■■Single-entry visa Visa Application prior to Entry
A person who holds this type of visa can enter Permission Review
into the country only once during a certain
■■■When applying at Korean Embassies ②
period. Overseas
The visa is usually valid for three months. You
may also request an extension if needed. Fee: - Single entry US$ 30 (Up to 90 days)
US$ 50 (More than 90 days)
- Multiple entry US$ 80
■■■Multiple-entry visa Permission
Visa status
This visa allows a person to enter the country - Processing in person: Single entry visa for a
twice or more during a certain period. stay of 1 year or less
Effective from the date of visa issuance: - Visa issuance authorized by the head of
- A visa issued under a diplomatic mission or Korean embassies or consulates overseas. ③
other agreement is valid for three years. Issuance Visa Attached / Issued
- A visa issued under the agreement of multiple
■■■Provision of visa issuance
visa issuance is valid for the period mentioned (source: www.hikorea.go.kr)
in the agreement. certificates at Immigration Office
- A visa issued under principles of reciprocity or Processing period: 3 days
for official duties is valid for the period Fee : None (fees applied when applications are ■■■Visa Application Fee
decided by the Minister of Justice. submitted abroad)
A Single-entry visa for less than 90 day costs $30 (USD)
Visa status: Overseas embassies or consulates
A Single-entry visa for more than 91 days costs $50 (USD)
issue D-8 single and multiple entry visas with
All multiple-entry visa costs $80 (USD)
residency periods of 2 years or less.
A Chinese Tourism Group costs $10 (USD) per person


※Countries exempt from fees Exempted country Exempt condition
Exempted country Exempt condition D-7 Those that have worked for foreign public institution, or the main office, branch office or
Intra-Company Transfer other establishments of the company for more than a year
England, Sweden, Spain, All types of visa (regardless of period)
Who works by being dispatched as an indispensable professional worker at the branch
Italy, Thai, Japan, Taiwan England is limited to less than 6 months
office, subsidiary, supervising office or an interrelated company appointed by Minister of
Justice in R.O.K.
Columbia, Barbados, Limited to the visa issued for more than 91 days Basic required documents
Peru, Liberia, - Passport (Photocopy of passport if applying a certificate of recognition of Visa Issuance)
Dominican Republic - Application for Visa Issuance or Application for Recognition of Visa Issuance
- A dispatch warrant or a certificate of incumbency
Paraguay, Benin, Romania, Limited to diplomatic/official passport holders of visa issued for more than 91 days - Documentary evidence of business fund importation record or a copy of business plan
Brazil, Uruguay, Cyprus, - Yearly tax payment certificate
Guatemala - Fee (single-entry visa: $30 (USD), multiple-entry visa: $50 (USD))

Mongolia, Venezuela Limited to diplomatic/official passport holders of visa issued for more than 31 days D-8 Indispensable professional workers seeking engagement in administration
Corporate Investment management of foreign investment company prescribed by^foreign investor promotion
Philippines Limited to the visa issued for more than 59 days law」(excluding the worker hired domestically)
Basic required documents
- Passport (Photocopy of passport if applying a certificate of recognition of Visa Issuance)
Australia Limited to the visa issued for less than 90 days for the Short Term Business (C-2) purpose
- Application for Visa Issuance or Application for Recognition of Visa Issuance
- A dispatch warrant or a certificate of incumbency
Germany Limited to the visa issued for the purpose of Overseas Study (D-2), General Training (D-4), - A foreign investment report (a copy of register of business registration) or a copy of
Supervisory Intra-Company Transfer (D-7), Corporate Investment (D-8), Trade investment company registration
Management (D-9), Special Occupation (E-7) - Fee (single-entry visa: $30 (USD), multiple-entry visa: $50 (USD)

(source: www.hikorea.go.kr)
D-9 Company management, trading, profit making business
Trade Management Installation operation repair of the equipment (machine) to be exported
> Visa Type and Required Documents Supervision of shipbuilding and the manufacture of equipment
Basic required documents
For more information try here: recognition of visa issuance - Passport (Photocopy of passport if applying a certificate of recognition of Visa Issuance)
- Application for Visa Issuance or Application for Recognition of Visa Issuance
www.hikorea.go.kr→Information→ ※2 color photos of the applicant are needed when - A dispatch warrant or a certificate of incumbency
Immigration Guide→Visa→Visa Issuance applying for the certificate of recognition of visa - A copy of register or business certificate
Guide – status of stay issuance - Documentary evidence of business fund importation record or a copy of business plan
- Yearly tax payment certificate
※Items subject to change depending on individual - size: 3.5cm X 4.5cm - Fee (single-entry visa: $30 (USD), multiple-entry visa: $50 (USD))
circumstances - Photos must have been taken within the past 6 months
※Charges not applicable if applying a certificate of - Printed photographs are not accepted E-5 Aircraft pilots that are recommended by the Minister of Land, Transport and Maritime
Professional Employment affairs
Doctors with the latest medical science skills seeking work at the medical organizations
Exempted country Exempt condition recommended by the Minister of Health, Welfare and Family affairs
Those that are serving as intern or resident at a hospital which is appointed by the
C-4 Those seeking make profit during their stay Minister of Health, Welfare and Family affairs, or at a college-attached hospital after they
Short-term Those whose period of stay is within 90 days graduate from Korean medical school or dentistry school
Employment Basic required documents Those invited by business approved from the Geomgang Mountain tourism
- Passport (Photocopy if applying for the certificate of recognition of visa issuance) development business, based on the law of South & North Korea Exchange
- Application for Visa issuance Cooperation, who are essential members of ship which is used for the Geomgang
- Fee (single-entry visa: 30$ (USD), multiple-entry visa: $50 (USD)) Mountain tourism
Those seeking work as an essential staff of the shippinig service hired by the Korean
transportation corporation
D-4 Those that study Korean at the university-attached language institute Basic required documents
General Training Those that are educated at the educational facilities other than academic research - Passport (Photocopy of passport if applying a certificate of recognition of Visa Issuance)
organization or educational organization under D-2 - Application for Visa Issuance or Application for Recognition of Visa Issuance
Those that learn technology or skills at the national or public research organization - A photocopy of certificate of degree and a certificate of qualification
Basic required documents - A letter of recommendation of employment from the head of state administration or the
- Passport (Photocopy of passport if applying a certificate of recognition of Visa Issuance) document which can prove the necessity of employment
- Application for Visa Issuance or Application for Recognition of Visa Issuance - Contract of employment
- Fee (single-entry visa: $30 (USD), multiple-entry visa: $50 (USD)) - Fee (single-entry visa: $30 (USD), multiple-entry visa: $50 (USD))


Exempted country Exempt condition ■■■Countries under Visa Waiver Agreements (July 24, 2008)

E-7 Employees under a contract with the public/private organization The following countries are permitted to enter without visa, in accordance to the Visa free Entry for
Special Occupation High technology such as information technology Korean Nationals.
Basic required documents (source: www.hikorea.go.kr)
- Passport (Photocopy of passport if applying a certificate of recognition of Visa Issuance) Country Applicable Passports Maximum period of stay
- Application for Visa Issuance or Application for Recognition of Visa Issuance
- A photocopy of certificate of degree and a certificate of qualification ALGERIA Diplomatic, Official passport 90 days
- A letter of recommendation of employment from the head of state administration or the
document which can prove the necessity of employment ANTIGUA-BARBUDA Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months
- Contract of employment
- Reference Ordinary: 3 Months, Diplomatic · Official passport:
- Fee (single-entry visa: $30 (USD), multiple-entry visa: $50 (USD)) AUSTRIA Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 180 days, Staff stationed in Korea: During a period
- Bright background is preferred over a dark one of incumbency

F-3 The spouse and children (unmarried, under 20) of those with Cultural Arts (D-1), ARGENTINA Diplomatic, Official passport 90 days
Dependent Family Overseas Study (D-2), General training (D-4), Journalism (D-5), Religious Affairs (D-6),
Supervisory Intra-Company transfer (D-7), Corporate Investment (D-8), Treaty Trade (D- BAHAMAS Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months
9), Professorship (E-1), Foreign Language Instructor (E-2), Research (E-3), Technology
Transfer (E-4), Profession (E-5), Arts & Performances (E-6), or Special Occupation (E-7) BANGLADESH Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months
Basic required documents BARBADOS Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months
- Passport (Photocopy of passport if applying a certificate of recognition of Visa Issuance)
- Application for Visa Issuance or Application for Recognition of Visa Issuance BELARUS Diplomatic, Official passport 90 days
- Documents that prove the family relations (a marriage certificate, a copy of family
register of a birth certificate) BELGIUM Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months
- Fee (single-entry visa: $30 (USD), multiple-entry visa: $50 (USD))
BELIZE Diplomatic, Official passport 90 days

F-4 Those that had Korean nationality but have since abandoned it for a foreign one BENIN Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months
Overseas Koreans Those whose either parent or any of the grandparent had Korean nationality, but have
since abandoned it for a foreign one Ordinary: 90 days, Diplomatic · Official passport:
Basic required documents BRAZIL Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months, Staff stationed in Korea: During a
- Passport (Photocopy of passport if applying a certificate of recognition of Visa Issuance) period of incumbency
- Application for Visa Issuance or Application for Recognition of Visa Issuance
- Fee (single-entry visa: $30 (USD), multiple-entry visa: $50 (USD))
3 Months, Staff stationed in Korea: During a
BULGARIA Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport
period of incumbency
(source: www.hikorea.go.kr)
CAMBODIA Diplomatic, Official passport 60 days
■■■Sample of Republic of Korea VISA
CHILE Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 90 days

COLOMBIA Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months

COSTARICA Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months

CROATIA Diplomatic, Official passport 90 days

CYPRUS Diplomatic, Official passport 90 days

3 Months, Staff stationed in Korea: During a

CZECH Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport
period of incumbency

① No. of Visa: Serial No. of Visa Issuance DENMARK Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months
② Status: Type of social activities or status of Foreigners while their stay in Korea
③ Period of Sojourn: The permitted term of stay from starting from the date of entry into Korea COMMONWEALTH OF
Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months
④ Entries: Visa Types, single-entry visa/multiple-entry visa DOMINICA
⑤ Issue Date: Visa Issuance date
DOMINICA REP Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months
⑥ Expiration Date: The Valid Term of Visa/after this date, the visa is automatically rendered void
⑦ Issued at: Where the visa was issued ECUADOR Diplomatic, Official passport Official passport: 3 Months, Diplomatic: Unlimited
(source: www.hikorea.go.kr)


Country Applicable Passports Maximum period of stay Country Applicable Passports Maximum period of stay

90 days, Staff stationed in Korea: During a period MALAYSIA Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months
EGYPT Diplomatic, Official passport
of incumbency
MALTA Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months
3 Months, Staff stationed in Korea: During a
EL SALVADOR Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport Ordinary: 3 Months, Diplomatic§˝Official
period of incumbency MEXICO Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport
passport: 90 days
ESTONIA Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 90 days
MONGOLIA Diplomatic, Official passport 30 days
FRANCE Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months
3 Months, Staff stationed in Korea: During a
FINLAND Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months MOROCCO Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport
period of incumbency

Ordinary: 3 Months, Diplomatic§˝Official NETHERLAND Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months

GERMANY Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport passport: Unlimited, Staff stationed in Korea:
During a period of incumbency 3 Months, Staff stationed in Korea: During a
NEW ZEALAND Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport
period of incumbency
Ordinary: 3 Months, Diplomatic§˝Official
GREECE Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport
passport: Unlimited 3 Months, Staff stationed in Korea: During a
NICARAGUA Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport
period of incumbency
GRENADA Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months
NORWAY Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months
90 days, Staff stationed in Korea: During a period
GUATEMALA Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport
of incumbency PAKISTAN Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months

HAITI Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months PANAMA Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 90 days

HUNGARY Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months PARAGUAY Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months

ICELAND Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months PERU Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months

INDIA Diplomatic, Official passport 90 days PHILIPPINES Diplomatic, Official passport Unlimited

IRAN Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months 3 Months, Staff stationed in Korea: During a
POLAND Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport
period of incumbency
IRELAND Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months
PORTUGAL Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 60 days
3 Months, Staff stationed in Korea: During a
ISRAEL Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport
period of incumbency 3 Months, Staff stationed in Korea: During a
RUMANIA (D. O. S.) Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport
period of incumbency
ITALY Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 90 days
RUSSIA Diplomatic, Official passport 90 days
JAMAICA Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months
SINGAPORE Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months
Ordinary: B-2, 90days, Diplomatic§˝Official
JAPAN Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport passport: 3 Months, Staff stationed in Korea: 3 Months, Staff stationed in Korea: During a
During a period of incumbency SLOVAK Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport
period of incumbency

90 days, Staff stationed in Korea: During a period SPAIN Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months
LATVIA Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport
of incumbency
ST. KITIS NEVIS Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months
LESOTHO Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 60 days
ST. LUCIA Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months
LIBERIA Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months
ST. VINCENT Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months
LIECHTENSTEIN Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months
SURINAM Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months
90 days, Staff stationed in Korea: During a period
LITHUANIA Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport
of incumbency SWEDEN Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months

LUXEMBOURG Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months SWITZERLAND Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months


Country Applicable Passports Maximum period of stay ENTRY PROCEDURES
Source: Incheon International Airport [www.airport.kr]
Ordinary: 3 Months, Diplomatic§˝Official
THAILAND Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport
passport: Unlimited

TRINIDOD-TOBAGO Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months

30 days, Staff stationed in Korea: During a period

TUNISIA Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport
of incumbency

TURKEY Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months

UKRAINE Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 90 days

UNITED KINGDOM Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 3 Months

3 Months, Staff stationed in Korea: During a

URUGUAY Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport
period of incumbency

Ordinary: 90 days, Diplomatic§˝Official passport:

VENEZUELA Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport 30 days, Staff stationed in Korea: During a period
of incumbency

3 Months, Staff stationed in Korea: During a

VIETNAM Ordinary, Diplomatic, Official passport
period of incumbency

(source: www.hikorea.go.kr)

> Pre-departure Checklist

Carry important papers with you at all times,
such as passport, birth certificates, school
> Arrival in Korea
documents for children, bank books, insur-
ance certificates (including car insurance
certificates), credit cards, immunization Preparing Documents
records and medical records. Do not pack
them in moving boxes as they may become
lost. Quarantine
※ Be sure to mark“Handle with Care”or“Fragile”
as needed on boxes going through customs or the Immigration
post office to Korea.

Baggage Claim

Animal/Plant Quarantine

Customs Inspection

Welcoming Hall
※ Required Documents: passport, visa , E/D card (entry/departure card)
Quarantine questionnaire (passengers from Southeast Asia, Middle East,
Africa, South America), customs declaration form
■■■Pre-landing ※ Customs tax post-payment system D8 visa, you may use this line. ■■■Goods subject to customs declaration
This system allows for paying customs tax at any local
The process for entry is not difficult. Prior to Goods purchased or acquired from overseas
bank after completing customs clearance procedures so ■■■Baggage claim
landing, flight attendants will hand out declaration (including gifts) that exceed $400 in total value
long as the person is identified and reports all items Passengers may pick up their luggage in the
forms to fill out in the airplane. carried on the customs declaration form. Goods with a value of over $400 purchased
baggage-claim area, which is located on the from local duty-free shops but brought back
Quarantine Questionnaire: Passengers arriving first floor. After picking up their baggage,
■■■Quarantine into the country
from areas infected with cholera, yellow fever passengers should proceed to customs. More than 1 bottle (1 liter) of alcohol
and pests should hand in this form. All passengers and flight crews who arrive in If you cannot locate your luggage on the Alcohol with a value of over $400
Korea from regions where cholera, yellow fever, designated carousel for your flight, please file a
Entry Declaration: One form should be filled out More than 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars
and bubonic plague have been detected (which report immediately at the Lost-and-Found
per passenger, including accompanying children. More than 2 ounces of perfume
may include countries in Southeast Asia, Central Counter (located near Carousels 3 and 20 in
Customs Declaration: All and every arriving (Please note that all alcohol, tobacco, and
Asia, Africa, and South America) may be the baggage-claim area).
passengers must prepare and submit a customs perfume carried by passengers under the age
required to complete a quarantine questionnaire.
declaration form even when they have no items of 19 must be reported to a customs officer.)
All passengers who arrive in Korea with
to declare. ■■■Customs Goods that are to be re-sold at a commercial
livestock or other animals are required to
If you have goods to declare: After your business
present a quarantine certificate from the
baggage, proceed to the customs area and fill Import-prohibited and restricted goods
exporting country to the National Veterinary
■■■How to fill out a customs declaration out a customs declaration form. Customs Goods to be used during the course of the trip
Research and Quarantine Service. All
form officers will answer any questions you may and then taken back out of the country
passengers who arrive in Korea with plants or
have and can assist you in filling out the form. Goods covered by an ATA Carnet
The customs declaration form is an important other vegetation are required to present a
If you have nothing to declare: You must still go Goods already declared as carry-out items that
document for Korea’s customs authority to certificate from the exporting country to the
through customs and hand in the customs are being brought back into the country
manage all items entering the country. All National Plant Quarantine Service.
declaration form notifying you have nothing to Goods that are to be stored at the airport
items brought into the country should be - Incheon Airport National Quarantine
written down. Even in the case of a family trip declare. ※ KOREA CUSTOMS SERVICE
Station [http://nqs.cdc.go.kr/incheon-airport]
or student group traveling together, all arriving [www.customs.go.kr]
Tel. 82-32-740-2700, 2706 <Notice>
passengers from foreign countries must For more questions, Please call:
(Incheon International Airport) - If a customs officer finds that a traveler has not properly
Tel.82-32-740-3221~5 (Customer Service Center)
prepare and submit a customs declaration disclosed all items in his/her possession on the customs
form. - National Veterinary Research & Quarantine declaration form while going through the red channel,
Even if you have no items to declare, you must Service [www.nvrqs.go.kr] he/she may undergo a special inspection. ■■■Custody & return
prepare and submit a customs declaration Tel. 82-32-740-2631 - Don’ t carry items belonging to other travelers. This is Customs can retain certain goods that do not
form notifying you have nothing to declare. (Incheon Regional office) considered an illegal activity. clear customs and charge a storage fee. Visitors
Check the back of the customs declaration - National Plant Quarantine Service can pick up their goods upon departure.
form to see if you are carrying any items [www.npqs.go.kr]
indicated on the list and mark the appropriate Tel. 82-32-740-2074
items. (Incheon Int’l Airport branch)
> Major Immigration Services
Hand one copy to an employee when you
Name Tel Location
enter the country. And submit another copy ■■■Immigration
along with a confirmation issued by the Incheon Airport 82-32-740-7013/30 #2172-1 Unseo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon-City
immigration officer to the customs officer All passengers arriving in Korea must present a City Air Terminal 82-2-551-6922/3 City Air Terminal 2F, #159-6 Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
during customs clearance. passport to an immigration officer to gain Seoul 82-2-2650-6212~5 #121 Mokdongdong-ro, Yangcheong-gu, Seoul
The customs declaration form contains admittance into the country. Visitors must also
Uijeongbu 82-31-828-9499 #494-8 SeoYeong Bldg. 2F~4F Uijeongbu 2-dong, Uijeongbu-si, Gyeonggi-do
information about customs clearance fill out and submit an entry/departure card.
Osan 82-31-666-2677 P.O.3 Songtan Post Office, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, Inside Osan Air
procedures such as duty/tax free allowance, Korean citizens and registered foreigners are
exempted from this. However, registered Base (K-55)
articles of import declaration, and so forth.
Please read it carefully. foreigners may be asked to present their Hwaseong 82-31-355-2016/7 #166 Gohyanggui Bomgil, Seokgyo-ri, Mado-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do
Sign the customs declaration form after filling it certificate of alien registration. Busan 82-51-461-3021/5 14 Chungjang-ro, Junggu, Busan
out. In immigration, there are separate lines for Gimhae 82-51-979-1321/5 Gimhae Int’l Airport 2F, #108 Daejeo 2-dong,Gangseo-gu, Busan
You may also request to pay the duties later foreign diplomats and investors. The investors Jeju 82-64-722-3494 #227, Imhang-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
when you hand in your customs declaration category includes anyone in possession of a
Cheongju 82-43-236-4901/5 #791 Biha-dong, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do
form. D8 visa. It doesn't matter whether you are a
small business manager. As long as you have a Invest Korea 82-2-3497-1062 IKP Bldg., #300-6 Yeomgok-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul
※ Visit the web site of the Ministry of Justice [www.hikorea.go.kr], where you can also download application forms.


■■■Customs clearance ·It may be more convenient to report locally-
CUSTOMS CLEARANCE PROCESS The customs office will confiscate items that produced business samples to the local
exceed the duty/tax free allowance or those customs office.
orea runs a dual-channel system in which a traveler can choose between a
K red and green channel for customs clearance. As long as a
traveler accurately submits his/her customs declaration to a
items listed as prohibited or restricted from
entering the country.
Customs clearance for vehicles temporarily
used during the period of stay
If you want to retrieve a personal item that is - Vehicles include cars, camping cars,
customs official, he or she may enjoy improved service such as retained by the customs office, you may apply to caravans, trailers, and so forth, brought into
quick customs clearance, permission to pay duties after do so. If an item cannot be released from the country under an agreement with South
completing customs clearance, and other conveniences. customs clearance that day, you may go back Korea and upon compliance with international
the next day to retrieve it. Note that an item that road and traffic agreements. The vehicles are
is over the duty/tax free allowance amount will brought in by ship and used only temporarily
undergo a strict inspection for customs in the country.
clearance. - Import declaration process
Prohibited items A person who brings a car under the
> Customs Clearance for Baggage If a person carries prohibited items such as international road and traffic agreement
fake currency, notes, bank notes, bonds, and should have an international driver’ s license
other securities when entering the country, he or driver’s license issued by the Korean
■■■Customs clearance for duty/tax free back upon departure from the country or government, and take the vehicle back upon
or she must undergo a strict inspection in the
goods business related items for business travelers red channel during customs clearance, and departure. Bring a vehicle with the tag
with the permission of the customs chief. may also face prosecution according to number attached and origin of shipment
All travelers except flight crews are allowed
The business items should be taken back Immigration Law. indicated into a bonded area and submit two
duty/tax free items under the following
upon departure from the country. Duty/tax free for trade goods such as copies of the vehicle temporary import
conditions: unconditional duty/tax free, conditional
duty/tax free, and a duty/tax free allowance per Duty/tax free allowance per person business samples or commercial goods declaration to the head of the customs office.
person. - No customs duty on items valued at - Duty/tax free items: business samples or ※ For more information: Tel. 82-1577-8577
less than $400 per person commercial goods www.customs.go.kr
Unconditional duty/tax free ·An item is viewed as a sample as long as it
- If a person carries two or more items, and the
- One bottle of an alcoholic drink that is 1ℓ or is not conditioned for sale.
total worth of the items is more than $400, a
less. Its price should be US$400 or less as ·An item valued at $250 or less according to
customs duty is charged for the item with the
well. an item list, a price list and terms of trade, is
higher duty rate.
- Tobacco viewed as a sample although it may be sold
- The customs duty will be charged for
·Cigarettes: 200 pieces or less or rented.
personal items purchased abroad.
·Cigars: 50 pieces or less ·An item is viewed as a sample according to
·Other kinds of tobacco: 250g or less its nature and capacity.
※ Those 19 years old or younger are not allowed ■■■The following does not apply for the duty/ - Customs clearance process
to bring any alcoholic drink or tobacco into the ·Report business samples to the customs
tax free allowance of $400 per person
office and follow the directions of the
- Perfume: 2 ounces or less -The customs duty will be levied on alcoholic
customs office.
- A customs tax will be charged for personal drinks, tobacco, or perfume over the allowed
items such as clothes, cosmetics, rings, duty-free quantity even if the value is less
necklaces, and other items purchased abroad than $400.
if the value exceeds $400. -The customs duty will be charged for items
- No customs tax is charged for personal items intended for sale even if the value is less
with which a person departed from the than $400.
country and brought back into the country. ※ Note on duty / tax free allowance of $400 per person
- No customs tax is charged for gifts from a - In case a family with two or more members brings an
foreign government, a foreign local item or a set of items valued at more than $400, only
government, or an international body with the $400 is duty/tax free. The balance should be taxed.
permission of the customs chief. For example, if a family with three members brings a
television worth $1,200 into the country, only $400 is
Conditional duty/tax free
duty/tax free. The balance, $800, is taxed.
- Personal items that a person brings with him
or her when entering the country and taken


> Distance Customs Clearance Procedures > Customs Clearance When Moving to Korea

Customs Clearance Application Preferential Treatment of Distance Customs [www.customs.go.kr]

If items carried into the country by a traveler Clearance (special procedures) applicable The above website offers Conditions for tax exemption items
exceeds tax exemption scope or has the goods and methods information on the Duty/tax free items
possibility to be detained in the customs for Preferential treatment applicable items following: Potential duty/tax free items
being a taxable item, apply for distance (restricted for corporate items) Process of customs Non-duty/tax free items
customs clearance service and get detailed Urgent deliveries on direct transportation by clearance and How to calculate duties for used items
information on the service. cargo holder needed documents A list of related government departments
When reporting bonded items transportation, Urgent deliveries on direct transportation
bonded transportation destination shall be owned by cargo holder
restricted to the in-house warehouse of the Items requiring urgent customs clearance as
destination customs office. raw materials required for export ■■■Customs Clearance Process
Individual items carried in by a traveler cannot manufacturing
be reported directly but must be reported with Urgent imports for repair and inspection of the Shipment contract
Packing of cargo Overseas shipping agent door to door basis
bonded transportation by designating a items within the function assurance period
bonded transportation operator. Items viewed legitimate for urgent bonded Send Entrance
transportation requested by cargo holder B/L (Customs Declaration)
Bonded Transportation Period
based upon submitted documents
Comply with notice regarding bonded Shipping by sea Shipping company Agent
Items viewed legitimate by the customs office
transportation contract
head for urgent customs clearance based
Bonded Transportation Means upon contracts Informed of
Arrival of cargo / for shipping
Comply with notice regarding bonded arriving cargo
Domestic shipping agent Mover
Preferential Treatment Application loading and unloading (get B/L)
transportation and allow direct bonded
Items subject to preferential application
transportation (personal portable goods
(restricted to corporate items)
transportation) by property owner for preferential
Urgent items requiring delivery to bonded Send cargo to Store in a bonded warehouse Make an appointment
treatment goods.
goods plant to manufacture export items can bonded warehouse for customs clearance
Collaterals be registered by faxing bonded transportation
Comply with notice regarding bonded application before the landing of the flight
transportation. Collateral may not be required Portable goods report for bonded Mover Import declaration for cargo Required documents
when recognized by the head of the customs transportation report 1. Transfer documention
office by considering the clear identification of Collateral may not be required when 2. List of cargo items
the goods owner or credit card user or credibility Manager Get import declaration form 3. B/L and packing list
recognized by the customs office head for
of freight holder. 4. Passport or
clear identification of the credit card holder or
alien registration card
In principle, distance clearance is available for goods owner or credibility of cargo holder. 5. Customs declaration and
Direct bonded transportation (portable Discuss with mover when to send
all goods, except for the following. Principal confirmation of customs
transportation) possible by carrier (cargo cargo through for import declaration
Books, videotapes, films, laser disc, CDs, and clearance
CD-Rom that might harm to national culture holder)
Goods that might leak government Immediate take-out possible from the entry
confidential information or intelligence site on the date of entry
Customs office Inspect cargo with the mover present
Fake notes, modified notes, bank notes,
bonds, and securities
Items that are not in compliance with 3.2.1.
(regarding permission) of Notice regarding Customs office / Inspect import declaration and
Bonded Transportation Principal / Manager calculate duty rate Tel. 82-2-796-5717 Fax. 82-2-795-7780
Other items that the customs office head www.crownrelo.com
views as inappropriate for bonded Immigration Service
Homesearch Service
transportation permission in his or her own Pay duty and claim cargo Orientation Service


■■■Required Documents for Customs request of a friend or moving agency) ■■■Dutiable items when quantity exceeds one Customs Tarrif D/B. Select HS System code for
Clearance Goods not suitable for personal or household (based on domestic wholesale price) a product from the list provided or perform your
Declaration Form of Moving and Shipment use: family automobile, truck, commercial Musical instruments (pianos, electric organs, own search of the database to determine the HS
Article Specification Form printer, color copier, broadcasting equipment, etc.) worth more than 2 million won system code
Packing List dental chair and equipment, large dish Stereo equipment worth more than 2 million won
washer, commercial karaoke, pipe organ, and ■■■Simple tariff rate items
Bill of Lading or Airway Bill (a copy) Luxurious furniture and lighting fixtures worth
Declaration Form of Passenger- televisions wider than 50 inches (including more than 2 million won An item purchased for personal use and not for
Accompanied Goods or detailed statement projection TV), etc. Hand-woven silk rugs larger than 5 sq. meters business abroad, or that is sent from a family or a
on customs cleared Goods unrelated to your occupation: valuable Hunting guns or rifles relative abroad, should undergo simple customs
Document certifying the period of musical instruments such as grand pianos (for Refrigerators and freezers larger than 600 liters clearance and receive a simple tariff rate.
residency such as passport, alien music non-professionals), color picture Color televisions wider than 29 inches Carried or checked-in baggage
registration card, etc. developer, video editing machine and Movie cameras and movie projectors - In case a traveler carries a personal
Documents deemed necessary and expensive camera for professional work Package-type air conditioners item or a gift
requested by the Customs collectorr Goods unbefitting family situation: feminine Washers and dryers - In case a traveler checks in his or her baggage
or family goods (for men relocating without Dishwashers and gas ovens Mail
family), fur items, electrical appliances, Other items for which one per household is - A gift by mail from abroad
■■■Categories of movers kitchenware and so on which exceed family considered adequate - A package for personal use that a person
size receives from abroad after remitting money for
More than one car per family. Short-term that package. An item that is valued at more
- Koreans moving to Korea after staying abroad
residents cannot bring in cars. ■■■Tariff schedules than US$600, or a prohibited or restricted item
for 2 years or more (1 year or more with
Other goods that may not constitute under the Customs Law, should follow formal
accompanying family)
household belongings according to the procedures for customs declaration.
- Koreans with foreign permanent residence
customs office Consignment or special consignment
status and foreigners intending to reside in
Korea for 2 years or more (1 year or more with - A gift or a sample contributed by a relative,
accompanying family) friend, or foreign company. Or any parts used
■■■Dutiable items
Quasi-Mover for repair on any items.
- Koreans moving to Korea after staying abroad Boats, airplanes, and cars (Cars made in Korea - Cargo purchased on the Internet for personal
for 1 year or more (6 months or more with and registered overseas are duty-free.) purposes.
accompanying family) Jewelry, pearls, ivory and equivalent items
- Foreigners intending to reside in Korea for valued at 1 million won or more by the
customs office ■■■Relevant institutions
1 year or more (6 months or more with
accompanying family) New items You are advised to contact the Passenger &
Short-term Resident Simplified Clearance Division of the KCS prior to
- Koreans who relocate to Korea after staying Visit the following Korea Customs Service importing goods free of duty.
abroad for 3 months to 1 year website to check rates by item: Phone number: 82-42-472-2183
- Foreigners residing in Korea for 3 months to [english. customs.go.kr] Under the section Fax number: 82-42-481-7839
1 year heading “Information Plaza” click on Korea

■■■Certification of household goods

Customs Offices Treating Goods For The Moving To Korea
The customs office head will determine the
goods to be allowed into the country based on Warehouse
Customs Tel Fax
occupation, reason for relocation, family size, Tel Fax
quantity and usage of goods, and whether or not
Seoul Customs 82-31-285-7375 82-31-285-2502 82-31-285-4701 82-31-285-8841
they have been used. The goods must arrive
within 6 months of your entry date. Yongdang Customs 82-51-624-5725 82-51-622-0315 82-51-611-0541 82-51-626-1359
Incheon Customs 82-32-887-2028 82-32-452-3289 82-32-888-2815 82-32-888-2817
■■■Goods not considered household
Incheon Airport
82-32-740-3553 82-32-740-3579 82-2-666-8557 82-2-662-1086
goods Customs
Goods transported on behalf of others (at the Gimhae Customs 82-51-972-0122 82-51-972-9809 82-51-973-2547 82-51-971-4544


> Customs Clearance for Mail SETTLING IN KOREA
[www.customs.go.kr] [seoul.hikorea.go.kr]
■■■Customs clearance process ■■■Types of mail
All mail entering from abroad is carried in a Regular Mail
mail pouch and transferred to an international Sojourn Status Procedure in Korea
post office. Items 2 kg or less (5 kg for books or booklets)
All mail undergoes an X-ray to be checked for that do not require delivery receipt, postcards,
taxable items or contraband. books, catalogues, and newspapers, etc.
All mail is transferred to a customs clearance Application for Temporary Stay & Others
Express Mail (EMS)
post office at the destination. Items 30 kg or less (regular express mail, - Permission to Engage in Activities Outside
Each customs clearance post office opens parcel express mail) that require same day or of Sojourn Status
the mail to check if it is taxable. A tariff tax next day delivery, catalogues, papers, and raw
- Permission to Gain and Change
will be charged on items worth more than materials for export
150,000 won. Parcel Mail Employment
- A customs clearance post office writes down Items 30 kg or less (usually 20 kg or less) brought - Grant of Sojourn Status
the tariff rate on the list for international mail by sea or air for delivery, such as cosmetics, - Permission to Renew Length of Stay
and receipt, and sends the mail with electronic items, gifts, and samples, etc.
documents to the post office at the - Permission to Reenter the Country
destination. Each post office collects a tariff Scope of Activities & Employment
■■■Customs clearance post office
- Registered as a Foreigner
when delivering the mail.
In case the customs clearance post office The post office carries out the process of - Report Change of Status
needs more information to charge a tariff or customs clearance for all international mail
finds that the item is on the list of prohibited or except letters on behalf of the customs office. Application and Receipt of Residency
restricted items: There are 2 main customs clearance post Permit (Proxy Submission Possible)
- A consignor is sent a guide for customs offices, Incheon Airport International Postal
clearance of a mail item. Customs and Busan International Post Office. Registration Period
- A consignor submits documents requested
such as mail purpose declaration form, a price Application and Receipt Submittal - Must Apply Prior to Expiry Date
list and ID card by fax or in person to a (Immigration Office in your jurisdiction - Reporting Change of Status: Within 30 days
Contact the customs clearance office in the Korea Customs
customs clearance post office. or Branch Office) - Foreign Registration: Within 90 days of
Service by Tel: 82-1577-8577 or by fax: 82-42-481-
- An item listed as a prohibited or restricted
7839 if you have any questions regarding customs entering Korea
item or worth more than US$600 should go clearance for mail items.
through formal import declaration by the - Reporting Unforeseen Circumstances:
customs office. Major Customs Clearance Post Offices in Seoul Within 14 days
Screening and Granting of Status of Stay
- When a consignor fails to respond within 15 - Seoul International Post Office
days of notification by a customs clearance [http://seoulipo.epost.go.kr] Tel. 82-2-2649-6675
post office, the mail will be sent back to the - Seoul Yeongdong Post Office Tel. 82-2-541-1056
- COEX Post Office Tel. 82-2-551-1607~8
sender under postal regulations.
Express Service Firms (Courier Service)
DHL Tel. 82-1588-0001
Federal Express Tel. 82-80-023-8000
United Parcel Service Tel. 82-2-2022-1000
Customs Clearance Post Offices
Post Office Location Tel Fax Website
Incheon Airport Section A, Freight
International Postal Terminal, Unseo-dong, http://post.customs.
82-32-720-7400~6 82-32-720-7491~2
Customs Jung-gu, Incheon City go.kr
1422-1 Seoksan-ri,
Busan International Dong-myeon, Yangsan 82-55-367-7013~5 http://busanipo.epost.
Post Office City, Gyeongnam 82-55-371-0192 go.kr


> Alien Registration Documents Required by Visa Type
Status Additional Documents
Culture and arts (D-1) In-office or work experience certificate of work place
Former Koreans who lost/gave up their Korean Copy of business license registration card of the organization
nationality Study (D-2) In-school certificate
Newborn child born in Korea who has foreign
Industrial training (D-3) Training certificate
Physical check-up certificate
Other foreigners who are currently in Korea
Subscription certificate of industrial or accident insurance
without status of stay
Copy of business license registration certificate
Exceptions Trainee recommendation letter for industrial trainees in line with the subparagraph 4 of
Those carrying out diplomacy, official Section 24-2(1) of the enforcement ordinance
missions, agreements and their family Training (D-4) Training certificate or in-school certificate
members (A-1, A-2, A-3)
News coverage (D-5) In-office certificate
Those undertaking diplomatic, industrial, or other
Copy of business license registration certificate
important duties for the national security and
their family members, and other Foreigners Religion (D-6) In-office certificate or letter of dispatch order
found to be unnecessary to register as Copy of business license registration certificate
Foreigners by the Minister of Justice. Stationing ( D-7) In-office certificate or letter of dispatch order
Foreigners from Canada intending to stay for Copy of business license registration certificate
less than 6 months and carry out the following Corporate investment In-office certificate
activities _ Culture/Arts (D-1), Religious Works (D-8) Copy of foreign investing company registration certificate (only for individual investors)
(D-6), Visit&Stay with family (F-1), Family
Trade and management In-office certificate or letter of dispatch order
dependency (F-3), other (G-1)
(D-9) Copy of business license registration certificate
Teaching (E-1) In-office certificate
■■■Registration period Art teaching (E-2) Copy of business license registration certificate
The registration must be done within 30 days Research (E-3)
Technology Roadmap (E-4)
of whatever incident that required individual to
Professionals (E-5)
apply for the change. Failure to apply within 30
days will result in fines as outlined by the ■■■Document submission and issuance Arts promotion (E-6) In-office certificate
Immigration Act. A departing foreigner as an Copy of business license registration certificate
applicant of granting of status of stay is able to ※ Celebrities: letter of performance recommendation, in-office certificate (supplier), a copy
- Alien registration application form (available in
depart without granting of status of stay with of business license registration certificate (supplier, performing place), a copy of tourism
registration places)
30 days from the time of reason. business license (registration), dispatch work document, AIDS test certificate
- Passport or alien entry permission form
- Natural color photo (3cm×4cm) 3 copies Other activities (F-1) In-office certificate
- Alien registration card issuance fee: 10,000 won Copy of business license registration certificate
■■■Registration place
Visit & cohabitation (F-2) For house assistants of Korea-based consulate member, employment agreement copy
Alien registration shall be made to the local and ID card copy of the consulate member
immigration and emigration office of one’s
Residence (F-2) Family register document and ID certificate of the spouse
address and business trip office.
Companion (F-3) Alien registration card copy of companion
In-office certificate of companion
Tourism and employment Itinerary
(H-1) In-office certificate (only for those who are working)
(source: www.hikorea.go.kr)
Items subject to change depending on individual circumstances.
For more information please check the website www.hikorea.go.kr
Expiration of documents shall be 3 months after their issuance.


For applicants who are younger than 17, their parents or applicant agents can write their name as companions in the alien ■■■Documents for submission An employment recommendation by
registration form (if not as a companion, separate issuance of alien registration card is possible). In this case, alien Passport and foreign registration card corresponding Ministry (in case of change of
registration card of the parents or applicant agents shall be required. Application forms for changing/adding the working place)
place of employment Fees (tax stamp 60,000 won)
An Employment contract ※ May need additional documents specific to
> Permission for Activities other than Residence A letter of consent from former workplace each category of visa.

■■■Scope > Residence Status Endowment

When an alien wants to maintain his or her Attachments for different staying statuses and
■■■Scope ■■■Documents for submission
current status of staying and carry out activities written approval by the head of the dispatch
other than those related to the stay. Permission workplace in line with section 76 of Entry and One who lost ROK nationality. Aliens who were Passport (it is possible to apply for one within 30
for other activities applies to the range of Departure Governing Office Executive Rules born in Korea or stay in Korea without residence days after birth and then receive a passport issued)
activities that do not undermine the current Fee: 60,000 won status achieved for some reasons. Application form for staying status
activities. Thus, if he or she wants to stop initial ※ Part-time work for D-4, and all F-2: 30,000 won endowment
activities and start new activities, one must Documents for staying qualifications endowment
■■■Application Places for different statuses (check documents for
receive permission for residence status revision.
Entry Departure Governing Office in one’s submission)
residing area, business trip office. Fee: 40,000 won (F-2, F-5: 20,000 won)
■■■Application places
The person or his or her agent shall go to the
Entry and Departure Governing Office and
> Permission for Revising Residence Status
business trip office.
■■■Notes Aliens who want to stop activities with the
When activities other than staying shall be current staying status but to start other activities
main, receive a new card or permission for as a different staying status in Korea.
revision of residence status.
If the head of dispatch workplace in relation to
■■■Application places
the current staying status does not approve
extra activities other than staying activities The person or his or her agent shall go to the
shall not be permitted. Entry and Departure Governing Office in one’s
residing area and business trip office for applying
for staying status revision.
■■■Documents for submission
Passport and alien registration card ■■■Documents for submission
Application form for permission for other
activities than staying Passport
Alien registration card (only for those who have to
carry the card due to the staying period for 91 days
or more)
Application form for revision of residence status
> Permission for Workplace Revision and Addition “Documents for application for staying status” for
different staying statuses (Check documents for
■■■Scope Training Employment (E-8), Nonprofessional employment submission)
(E-9), Labor Aboard (E-10), Working Holiday (H-1) Fee: 50,000 won
A foreigner who has the status of stay for working:
Short term employment (C-4), Professorship (E-1),
Foreign Language Teaching (E-2), Research (E-3), A foreigner who has other status which
Technological Guidance (E-4), Profession (E-5), correspond to work: Intra-company Transfer (D-7),
Culture/Arts (E-6), Specially designated Activities (E-7), Treaty Investment (D-8), Treaty Trade (H-1)


> Staying Period Extension Permission > Reentry Permission

■■■Scope ■■■Scope

Aliens who intend to outstay the permitted If one intends to enter Korea to stay again after
staying period as the current status in Korea. temporarily departing, the person has to receive
reentry permission before the short departure. If
one makes departure without getting reentry
■■■Application Places permission, he or she has to apply for a visa
The person or his or her agent shall go to the again and make alien registration all over again
Entry and Departure Governing Office in one’s for stays of 91 or more days
residing area and business trip office.
■■■Countries Exempt of Reentry
■■■Documents for submission Permission
Passport and alien registration card Suriname, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark,
Application form for staying period extension Germany, Luxemburg, Belgium, Sweden,
permission Switzerland (including Liechtenstein), France,
”Documents for Finland and Chile.
submission for staying ※Exemptions for Chilians are limited to those
period extension” for with Short-term Business (C-2), Supervisory
different statuses Intra-company transfer (D-7), Corporate
(Check documents for Investment (D-8) and Trade Management (D-9)
submission) status.
(Personal identity
guarantee documents
can be omitted for ■■Types of Re-entry Permit
submission when the Singular reentry permission’ is for a single Governing Office in one’s residing area. If one
applicant is younger than 17 and the application entry, valid for up to one year. departs the country, the person can submit
is made by an agent.) Multiple reentry permission’ is for multiple application at airport offices including Incheon
Fee: 30,000 won (F-2: 20,000 won) entries, valid for up to two years. Airport Office on the departure date.
(Applications to airport allow only singular reentry
permission. D-8 (corporate investment) allows
■■■Types and period of permissions multiple reentry permission.)
There are “singular reentry permission” and
■■■Documents for submission
“multiple reentry permission”.
Within the period allowed for alien stay in Passport
Korea, reentry period is one year for singular Alien registration card
reentry permission (F-2 status, if it’s for Reentry permission application
studying or employment, 2 years) and 2 years Fee (singular: 30,000won, multiple: 50,000won)
for multiple reentry permission Documents of in-office evidence for holders of
diplomatic (A-1) or those who are qualified by
treaties (A-3)
■■■Application Places Written permission or recommendation letter
of the head of a training company for a
The person or his or her agent shall make
foreign industrial trainee (D-3), trainee
applications at the Entry and Departure
employment (E-8)


> Place of Residence Change ■■■Procedure of Selecting and Receiving Foreign Workers

When registered foreigners move their staying 9. Entry and registration

place, they must notify the local head of the
immigration department or the branch office
within 14 days of its occurrence. 2. Sends the list of
Staying place revision report must be made job applicants
Employment Security Center Governments of Sending
even though the new staying place is within of the Ministry Of Labor Countries (Public authorities)
the same city, Gun, Gu.

3. Applies and issues

■■■Documents for Submission for the employment 1. Registers as
permit job-seeker
Application form
Passport or entry permit 4. Signs the
Alien registration card employment contract
Employer Foreign job seeker
7. Sends the certificate for
confirmation of visa issuance
5. Applies and issues
for certificate for 8. Applies for visa
confirmation of and issues visa
visa issuance

Korea Embassy
Ministry of Justice
6. Notifies that the certificate for in sending country
confirmation of visa issuance
has been issued visa issuance
> Expatriate Employment Permit System
※ Run by Korea Employment Information Service

Ministry of Labor [www.molab.go.kr],

EPS [www.eps.go.kr]

The Employment Permit System allows With an introduction of the Employment Permit
employers who have failed to attract native System, small and medium businesses are able
workers to legally hire an adequate number of to minimize labor shortages and foreign workers
foreign workers and is a system that the are provided with basic rights under labor
government uses to introduce and manage relations laws fully applied to them.
foreign workers in Korea in an organized manner. For detailed information, call 82-1350


used during travels must be declared first at ■■■Immigration
customs. Passengers must hold a valid passport
Passengers must check for arrival documents
Retaking valuable and expensive items out at the country of destination or transit.
(after carrying in at arrival):Passengers
staying temporarily who are carrying valuable ■■■Boarding
or expensive items and are planning to carry it Passengers may not return to public areas for
back out of the country must present a mobile phone roaming services or to use
‘certificate for temporarily brought-in items ATMs after security clearances, so please
subject to be carried back out’ issued by receive roaming services and take out cash.
customs and must present the item as well. After passing departure immigrations, check
When departing without item declared at boarding pass or the flight information monitor
arrival, boarding procedures may become and go to the appropriate boarding gate for
delayed so carry the item on cabin, and if the boarding.
item is lost or left behind, the applicable taxes Boarding begins 30 minutes prior to departure
must be paid or an amount of 120/100 of the time and ends 10 minutes before actual
item must be deposited for departure. departure, so take caution not to be late.
Incheon International Airport does not make
Tax Refund Procedures: announcements for individual departing
- Items purchased at duty free zones passengers.
(designated by customs director)
- Confirm item being taken abroad at the
customs declaration desk at the departure ※ Suspension of Foreigner’
s Departure
area (Must present purchased product). The Minister of Justice may suspend the departure of
a foreigner falling under any of the following
> Airport Procedures - Receive refund at the tax-return counter after
departure immigrations from the Ministry of - A foreigner whose departure is deemed inappropriate
(source: www.hikorea.go.kr) Justice. due to a criminal investigation.
■■■Baggage check-in - A foreigner currently serving time in jail.
departs Korea from Incheon International Airport. ※ Attention: Taxes refunded only when the item is
- A foreigner who has more than the following amount of
Airport check-in Departure and arrival immigrations have been taken out of the country within three months of time unpaid fine or forfeit that was assigned by the
simplified since Nov. 1, 2005. Therefore Korean of purchase. Ordinance of the Ministry of Justice.
- All baggage (except carry-on luggage) must be
checked in prior to boarding. Carry-on luggage passport holders need to fill out departure card Fine: 10 million won
only, and foreigners need to fill out arrival card Forfeit: 20 million won
must weigh no more than 10 to 12 kg and be ■■■Security inspection - A foreigner who have more than the defined by the
no larger than 55cm (W) × 40cm (L) × 20cm (H). only. Ordinance of the Ministry of Justice (50 million won) in
IIA’s City Air Terminal check-in Individuals must go to the nearest departure unpaid national tax, tariff, or local tax.
- Passengers who have already checked in at area and receive security inspection after - Other persons similar to those specified under
■■■Quarantine declaration completing ticketing and customs declaration. subparagraphs 1 through 5, whose departure is deemed
one of IIA’s City Air Terminals (Gangnam,
Central City, and Gimpo Airport) are not The Quarantine Office issues quarantine There are four departure areas in Incheon inappropriate by the Ordinance of the Ministry of
International Airport, and if the nearest Justice due to a concern that their departure might
required to check in again upon entering certificates for travelers, animals, and plants. undermine national interests, public security, or
Incheon International Airport. Instead, they Many countries require a quarantine certificate departure area is crowded, you may use a less
economic order of the Republic of Korea.
may proceed directly to the immigration area for entry, so please check with your airline busy departure area to expedite departure
on the departure level (3rd floor). regarding the quarantine regulations for the processes.
country you will be visiting. To guarantee safety of passengers and the
※ For more information, please call: airplane, security inspections are executed so
Tel. 82-2-551-0077~8 [www.kcat.co.kr] please cooperate with security operations.
■■■Customs declaration Due to security reasons, farewell parties may
■■■Departure process not enter past the security clearance, please
Carrying out valuables and expensive items say farewells in the departure area.
Passenger must present a passport for (Returning with items after departure):
inspection and endorsement when she/he Valuables or expensive items which are to be


> Moving Freight
■■■Time Required for Transfer 4 transit lounges, 2 hotel lounges
■■■Procedure for moving freight abroad shipment, especially those for small items, are
Transfer Time within Incheon International - Guest room fee: 45,000~80,000 won
Packing Inland Transport Clearance quoted per CBM (cubic meter): 1 meter x 1
Airport (Time requirement, the minimum depending on the type of guest rooms (6
Shipping Arrival meter x 1 meter.
transfer time registered with IATA, is hours)
You are informed of the arrival of your cargo at a Container charges: Container shipping
necessary for ticket issuance) - Contact: 032-743-3000 [www.airgardenhotel.com]
destination port in your country by letter or by charges are normally quoted per 20 feet x 40
1. International airline International airline: 60 min Spa on Air
phone. This arrangement is contracted. feet of space. A 20-foot container can
2. International airline Domestic airline: 100 min - Location: B1, East side of the passenger
accommodate items from a 99 sq. meter
■■■Condition of moving 3. Domestic airline International airline: 70 min terminal
apartment. Customers are advised to obtain
- Fee: 15,000 won (6 am – 10 pm), 20,000
Door-to-Port: From house to customs in the shipping insurance to protect against property Transfer time requirement with Gimpo Airport won (10 pm – 6 am)
destination damage or loss. 1. International airline International airline: 60 min - Contact: 82-32-743-7042
Door-to-Door: From house to house in the ※ Major freight companies 2. International airline Domestic airline: 160 min
destination Crown Worldwide Korea Ltd. 3. Domestic airline International airline: 170 min
Required documents: Bill of lading, packing [www.crownrelo.com] Tel. 82-2-796-5717
list, commercial invoice and insurance policy Ace Shipping
[www.aceshipping.co.kr] Tel. 82-2-3142-3100 ■■■Transfer convenience facilities
Freight charges: Moving freight charges are
based on bulk volume, rather than weight. Hyundai Shipping Incheon Airport Transit Hotel
Charge per CBM: Charges for international [www.hyundaishipping.co.kr] Tel. 82-2-722-8000 - Location: 4F, Transit Area, West and East
- Facilities: 90 guest rooms, 2 massage rooms,

> Transfer
■■■Procedures Passengers who moved to (3F) have to arrive
Transferring passengers shall proceed to 3F at the entrance to the transfer flight by 30
after disembarking from the airplane and minutes before the departure time. Some who
going through security check at the closest have arrived earlier may shop at duty-free
transfer point. shops (3F) or use transfer convenience
- In case you have a transfer boarding pass, facilities on 4F including transfer hotels,
head right to the entrance of the transfer massage room, shower room, and arcade
flight. room.
- In case you do not have a transfer boarding Domestic line International line transfer
pass, get one from the transfer check-in procedures
counter and head to the entrance. 1.arrival (2F) 2.security check (2F) 3.
transfer check-in counter (3F) (passengers
with a boarding pass towards boarding lounge)
4. boarding lounge (3F) 5. boarding


Source: Incheon International Airport [www.airport.or.kr]
■■■Ground floor - Arrival Level ■■■Facilities information
At the arrival level, the Baggage Claim Area, Facility Tel
> Overview Customs Check Area, and Meeters & Greeters
Airport Information 82-1577-2600
Halls are provided on the landside, while the
Built on extensive reclaimed land located North to South, IIA represents a premier Baggage Handling Area, Ramp Operation and Animal Quarantine (CIQ) 82-32-740-2660
between two islands (Yeongjong-do and Yongyu- regional gateway for major air routes to about other apron area support facilities are located on Medical Center 82-32-743-3119
do), Incheon International Airport is situated 52 40 cities, each with more than one million the airside. Plant Quarantine (CIQ) 82-32-740-2077
km west of downtown Seoul and just 15 km people. All of these cities are within 3.5 hours Tourist Information (KNTO) 82-32-760-7548
from Incheon Port. flying time from IIA.
Lotte duty-free Souvenir Shop 82-32-743-7749
The Winged City (or IIA) is a new state-of-the- The passenger terminal, 1,055 meters long and ■■■Second floor - Arrival Mezzanine Level
art airport built on 5,610 hectacres. IIA opened 149 meters wide, and a 4-story building with 2- Delivery Service 82-32-743-5800, 5303
This level is linked to arrival gates - the airside
on March 29, 2001 after nearly ten years of story basement, is the biggest in the world, and Hotel Information 82-32-743-2570
consists of Arrival Concourse and Arrival Passport
construction. Geographically located between it provides various concessions including Control, while the landside consists of airline Baggage Storage/Packing 82-32-743-5804
Japan and China from East to West, and business facilities, special stores, restaurants, offices, concessions and building support spaces. Railway Travel Information 82-32-741-7788
between Siberia and Southeast Asia from and hotels. Arrival Concourse, as the first airport space Transit Hotel Information 82-32-743-3000
experienced by fatigued passengers upon their Business Center 82-32-741-3437~8
arrival, is designed for comfort and relaxation. Lost & Found 82-32-741-3114
> Floor Information A careful selection of finishes, colors, lighting,
Customs Inspection 82-32-722-4114
etc. is complemented by the views through the
■■■Basement continuous glass curtain wall as passengers are Car Ferry Info (Wolmido) 82-32-762-8880
In addition to providing five direct accesses to the Transportation Center, all types of support and transported on moving sidewalks. Airport Police 82-32-740-5561
convenience facilities are provided at this level. Kookmin Bank 82-32-743-2680
Post Office 82-32-740-2900
■■■Third floor - Departure Level
Woori Bank 82-32-743-5000
Marked by state-of-the-art roof structures and
Airport Exhibition Hall 82-32-741-3852
curtain walls, the departure level consists of the
Shin Han Bank 82-32-743-6000
departure hall, where ticketing, check-in and
security check take place, and where there are Korean Foreign Exchange Bank 82-32-743-2220
passport inspection areas, concourses and
boarding lounges.

■■■Fourth floor - Departure Mezzanine Level

This level provides a concentration of comfort
and convenience facilities dedicated to providing
passengers with first-class services, while
maintaining the segregation of landside and
airside areas. On the airside, various recreational
facilities, transit hotels, CIP lounge and transit
lounge are located for long stay transit/transfer
passengers. On the landside, restaurants and
shops provide services for pre-departure
passengers and visitors.


■■■Bus for other provinces from Incheon International Airport
> Transportation from Incheon Int’l Airport to Major Areas in Korea

■■■Bus information Province Destination Type Major Stops Province

You may get information on limousine and buses and purchase tickets at the Transportation Information Daejeon Cross-country Daedeok lotte hotel, Daejeon Government 9D
Counter (near exit No. 2, 4, 9, and 13) on the arrival floor (1st floor) of the passenger terminal. Complex, Dongbu Intercity Bus Terminal
Route Name (Bus No.) Bus Type Bus Stop No. Onyang(Asan) Cross-country Gimpo Int’l Airport, Cheonan Express bus 9D
Myeonmokdong(6013) Limousine (Standard) 1st Floor 5B, 12A Terminal, Onyang Express Bus Terminal

Korea City Air Terminal Limousine (Deluxe) 1st Floor 4A, 10B Cheongju Cross-country Gimpo Int’l Airport, Cheongju Intercity Bus 9D
Chungcheong Terminal
Gwangmyeong(6014) Limousine (Standard) 1st Floor 6A, 12B
Chungju Limousine(Deluxe) Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, Chungju 9D
Geumcheon-gu(6004) Limousine (Standard) 1st Floor 6A, 12B
Intercity Bus Terminal
Gimpo Airport Limousine (Deluxe) 1st Floor 3B, 10A
Taean Cross-country Gimpo Int’l Airport, Gijisi, Dangjin Intercity 9D
Gimpo Airport Limousine (Standard) 1st Floor 4B, 11A
Bus Terminal, Guryong, Unsan, Unam,
Seoul Nat`I Univ.(6003) Limousine (Standard) 1st Floor 6B, 13A
Eumam, Seosan Intercity Bus Terminal,
Songjeong Stn(6007) Limousine (Standard) CargoTerminal Eosong, Taean Intercity Bus Terminal
Yungdeungpo(301) Cross-country 1st Floor 6B, 13A Gwangju Limousine(Deluxe) Gwangju Express Bus Terminal 9C
Yungdeungpo Stn.(6008) Limousine (Standard) 1st Floor 6B, 13A Gunsan Cross-country Daeya, Gunsan 9C
Garak Market(6009) Limousine (Standard) 1st Floor 5A, 11B DongGwangYang Cross-country Suncheon Bus Terminal, Gwangyang Bus 9C
Jeonra Terminal, Donggwangyang
Gangnam COEX Limousine (Deluxe) 1st Floor 4B, 11A
Gangnam Yeoksam Limousine (Deluxe) 1st Floor) 4B, 11A Mokpo Cross-country Mokpo 9C

Gangnam Exp. Bus Term. Limousine (Deluxe) 1st Floor 4A, 10B Jeonju Limousine(Deluxe) Gimpo Int’l Airport, 63 Bldg, Iksan Ic, Core 9C
Jamsil Limousine (Deluxe) 1st Floor 4B, 11A
Gyeongsan Cross-country GimCheon, Cumi, Dongdaegu, Beommul, 10C
Jamsil(6000) Limousine (Standard) 1st Floor 6A, 12B
Shiji, Gyeongsan Intercity Bus Terminal
Cheonhodong(6006) Limousine (Standard) 1st Floor 5A, 11B
Masan, Changwon Cross-country Masan, Changwon 10C
Namsan Limousine (Deluxe) 1st Floor 4B, 11A Gyeongsang
Busan Limousine(Deluxe) Busan Central Bus Terminal 10C
Nowon(Surak) Limousine (Deluxe) 1st Floor 3B, 10A
Ulsan Limousine(Deluxe) Ulsan Intercity Bus Terminal 10C
Dobong(Seongdong) Limousine (Deluxe) 1st Floor 3B, 10A Gyeongju, Pohang Limousine(Deluxe) Gyeongju Intercity Bus Terminal, Pohang 10C
Myeong-dong(6015) Limousine (Standard) 1st Floor 5B, 12A Intercity Bus Terminal
Seoul City Hall Limousine (Deluxe) 1st Floor 4B, 11A Gangneung Cross-country Gimpo Airport, Gangneung Intercity Bus 9C
Seoul City Hall(6005) Limousine (Standard) 1st Floor 5B, 12A Terminal
Seoul Stn(6001) Limousine (Standard) 1st Floor 6A, 12B Wonju Cross-country Gimpo Airport, Munmak, Wonju Intercity 9C
Seongbuk(6011) Limousine (Standard) 1st Floor 5B, 12A Bus Terminal
Gangwon Chuncheon Cross-country Gimpo Int’l Airport, Cheongpyeong Bus 9C
Yongsan Stn/Seoul Stn Limousine (Deluxe) 1st Floor 4A, 10B
Terminal, Gapyeong Express Bus Terminal,
Eunpyeong(6012) Limousine (Standard) 1st Floor 6A, 12B
Chuncheon Express Bus Terminal
Jungrang(Seongbuk) Limousine (Standard) 1st Floor 3B, 10A
Cheongnyangni(6002) Limousine (Standard) 1st Floor 5B, 12A
Hannam-dong Limousine (Deluxe) 1st Floor 5A, 11B


■■■Estimated time and rate for taxis
> Major Air Routes to and from Korea and International Airlines
Destination Estimated Time (Min.) Standard Taxi Deluxe Taxi
Seoul Seoul City Hall 60 44,000 won 80,000 won
Jamsil Lotte World 75 55,000 won 90,000 won
Gimpo Airport 40 34,000 won 52,000 won
Yeongdeungpo Station 55 43,000 won 70,000 won
Incheon World Bus Terminal 40 41,000 won 60,000 won
East Incheon Station 30 33,000 won 46,000 won
Gyeonggi-do Gyeonggi-do Bundang 80 62,000 won 110,000 won
Ilsan (Daehwa Subway Station) 60 35,000 won 67,000 won
Anyang Station 65 52,000 won 70,000 won

※ The estimated time and rate is based on non-traffic jam hours.

※ Expressway fees (7,100 won each way) will be the passengers’ responsibility.
※ 20% fare increase for standard taxis (24:00~04:00)

■■■Domestic flights

Days of the Week Departure

Flight Flight Operation
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Time
Asiana Air
8:00 2008.10.26~2009.03.28
(OZ 8541)
Asiana Air
8:30 2008.10.26~2009.03.28
(OZ 8541)
Korean Air
(KE 1401) 9:00 2008.10.26~2009.03.28
Asiana Air
(OZ 8533) 19:30 2008.10.26~2009.03.28
Airline Downtown Office Airport Office Check-in Counter
Asiana Air
(OZ 8533) 19:40 2008.10.26~2009.03.28
Aeroflot-Russian Int’l 82-2-551-0321/2 82-32-744-8672 H
Korean Air Air Astana 82-2-3788-0170 82-32-743-2620 H
(KE 1405) 20:05 2008.10.26~2009.03.28
Air Canada 82-2-3788-0100 82-32-744-0898/9 K
Incheon-Daegu Air China 82-2-774-6886 82-32-744-3255~8 H
Days of the Week Departure Air France 82-2-3483-1033 82-32-744-4900/1 B
Flight Flight Operation
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Time
Air Hong Kong 82-2-311-2710 82-32-744-6766
Asiana Air
9:00 2008.10.26~2009.03.28 Air India 82-2-752-6310/1 82-32-743-5439 J
(OZ 8541)
Korean Air Air Macau 82-2-3455-9900 82-32-743-9982 L
19:20 2008.10.26~2009.03.28
(KE 1411) All Nippon Airways 82-2-752-5500 82-32-744-3200 L
Incheon-Jeju Altyn 82-2-2263-1006 K

Days of the Week Departure Asiana Airlines 82-1588-8000 82-32-744-2133~5 B, C, D

Flight Flight Operation
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Time 82-2-2669-8000
Asiana Air Asian Sprit 82-2-735-8100 H
8:00 2008.10.26~2008.11.14
(OZ 8551)
Atlas Air 82-2-752-6310 82-32-743-5220/3
Korean Air 2008.10.26~2009.03.28
17:40 Avial NVI 82-2-318-5731
(KE 1423)
(source: www.airport.kr)


Airline Downtown Office Airport Office Check-in Counter Airline Downtown Office Airport Office Check-in Counter
Cathay Pacific Airways 82-2-311-2800 82-32-744-6775/7 J Phuket Airlines 82-2-761-0947 C
Cebu Pacific Air 82-2-3708-8585~90 82-32-743-5393/4 J PMT Air 82-32-743-7473 J
China Airlines 82-2-317-8888 82-32-743-1513/4 K Polar Air Cargo 82-2-3211-3181
China Eastern Airlines 82-2-518-0330 82-32-744-3780 L Qatar Airways 82-2-3708-8571 82-32-744-3370 J
China Hainan Airlines 82-2-779-0600 K Royal Khmer Airlines 82-2-739-9933 82-32-743-5432/3 J
China Postal Airlines 82-2-319-8244 82-32-744-4785 SAT Airlines 82-2-753-7131 82-32-741-6035 J
China Southern Airlines 82-1588-9503 82-32-744-3455~9 G S7 Airlines 82-2-3455-1234/5 H
82-2-775-9070 Shandong Airlines 82-2-775-2691/2 82-32-744-3255 K, L
Dalavia Far East Airways 82-2-3788-0222 82-32-743-2620 K Shanghai Airlines 82-2-774-8800 82-32-742-5121/2 L
Delta Air Lines 82-32-744-3772/3 B Shenzhen Airlines 82-2-766-9933 82-32-746-0118 K
East Line Airlines 82-2-2263-0016 Sichuan Airlines Co., Ltd L
Emirates 82-2-2022-8400 82-32-743-8100 H Singapore Airlines 82-2-755-1226 82-32-744-6500 L
El Al Israel 82-2-739-0456~8 Skymark Airlines 82-2-2652-3362
Eva Air 82-2-756-0015 82-32-744-3512 H SkyStar Airways Co., Ltd 82-2-703-9970 82-2-743-5460 L
Far Eastern Air Transport 82-2-318-2293 K Southern Air 82-2-322-7038 82-32-742-9257
FedEx Express 82-2-333-8000 82-32-744-6100 Thai Airways 82-2-3707-0011 82-32-744-3571/2 K, L
Galaxy Airways 82-2-2663-8200 82-32-744-3711 Tradewinds Airlines 82-2-3663-0174 82-32-744-3245
Garuda Indonesia 82-2-773-2092~5 82-32-744-1990/1 K Turkish Airlines 82-2-777-7054/5 82-32-744-3737 B
Gemini Air Cargo 82-32-744-3245 UNI Airways Corp. 82-2-756-0015 82-32-744-3512 J
GreatWall Airlines 82-1-317-8822 82-32-743-0775 United Airlines 82-2-757-0300 82-32-744-6666~9 K
Iran Air 82-2-319-4555/6 82-32-744-3728 J UPS 82-1588-6886 82-32-744-3100
Jade Cargo International 82-2-702-4008 82-32-743-2361 Uzbekistan Airways 82-2-754-1041 82-32-744-3700 L
Japan Airlines 82-2-757-1711 82-32-744-3601~3 J Vietnam Airlines 82-2-757-8920 82-32-744-6565/6 H
82-2-3788-5710 Vladivostok Airlines 82-2-733-2920 K
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 82-2-2011-5532 82-32-744-6700/1 B Xiamen Airlines 82-2-3445-1662~6 J
Kalitta Air 82-2-775-2333/4 82-32-744-0888
Korean Air 82-1588-2001 82-32-742-7654 D, E, F, G
Kranoyarsk Airlines 82-2-777-6399
Krylo Airlines 82-2-2263-0016
Lion Air 82-2-732-2662/3398 82-32-744-3390 H
Lufthansa Airlines 82-2-3420-0400 82-32-744-3400 K
Malaysia 82-2-777-7761/2 82-32-744-3501 K
Mongolian Airlines 82-2-756-9761 82-32-744-6800 J, K, L
Nippon Cargo Airlines 82-2-752-3922 82-32-744-3750
Northwest Airlines 82-2-317-5555 82-32-744-6300~3 H
Orient Thai Airlines 82-2-574-0666 82-32-743-1018 H
Philippine Airlines 82-1544-1717 82-32-744-3720 H


Guide to Living in Korea


Guide to Living in Korea
■■■Discounted e-reservation websites for Korean hotels

WELCOME TO KOREA www.hotel.co.kr


> List of Hotels in Korea

[http://hotelskorea.or.kr]/ [www.hotelpass.com]
Hotels in the Seoul Metropolitan area and first class hotels in each province. More information on hotels
is available at the Korea Hotel Association:

Class Area Name URL Tel
Super Deluxe Gangnam-gu Imperial Palace Hotel www.imperialpalace.co.kr 82-2-3440-8000
Renaissance Seoul Hotel www.renaissance-seoul.com 82-2-555-0501
HOTELS & INNS Grand InterContinental Seoul www.seoul.intercontinental.com 82-2-555-5656
Park Hyatt Seoul Hotel www.seoul.park.hyatt.com 82-2-2016-1234
> Hotels Coex InterContinental Seoul www.seoul.intercontinental.com 82-2-3452-2500
Ritz-Carlton Seoul www.ritzcarltonseoul.com 82-2-3451-8000
Korean hotels are rated as super deluxe, deluxe, Gangseo-gu Mayfield Hotel www.mayfield.co.kr 82-2-2-2600-9000
first class, second class and third class, but these Gwangjin-gu Sheraton Grande Walkerhill www.sheratonwalkerhill.co.kr 82-2-455-5000
ratings do not correspond with hotel ratings in W Seoul Walkerhill Hotel www.wseoul.com 82-2-465-2222
Western countries. The hotel type can be Seodaemun-gu Grand Hilton www.grandhiltonseoul.com 82-2-3216-5656
identified by the number of mugunghwa (Rose of Seocho-gu JW Marriott Seoul http://jw-marriott.co.kr 82-2-6282-6262
Sharon), the national flower. Rooms are available Songpa-gu Hotel Lotteworld www.lottehotel.co.kr 82-2-419-7000
in two styles: Western with single or double beds Yongsan-gu Grand Hyatt www.grandhyattseoul.co.kr 82-2-797-1234
and Korean, known as ondol (heated floor), with Jung-gu Westin Chosun Seoul www.westinchosun.co.kr 82-2-771-0500
sleeping done on mats placed on the floor. Seoul Plaza Hotel www.seoulplaza.co.kr 82-2-771-2200
Conference rooms, dining halls, restaurants, bars, Millennium Seoul Hilton www.hilton.co.kr 82-2-753-7788
duty free shops, health clubs and other facilities Shilla Seoul www.shilla.net 82-2-2233-3131
are available. Some hotels have good views. Most
Lotte Hotel www.lottehotel.co.kr 82-2-771-1000
hotels have easy access to transportation to the
Deluxe Gangnam-gu Riviera Hotel www.hotelriviera.co.kr 82-2-541-3111
airport, as well as to popular tourist destinations. ※ Hotels add a 10% VAT and 10% service charge.
Novotel Ambassador Gangnam www.ambatel.com/gangnam 82-2-567-1101
Rooms should be booked about a week in ※ Doors lock automatically upon closing. Please have a
advance. In particular, Ramada Seoul www.ramadaseoul.co.kr 82-2-6202-2000
key with you at all times, or leave it with the hotel
booking should be counter when going out. Ellui Hotel www.ellui.com 82-2-514-3535
made about 1 or 2 ※ Hotel Ratings : Hotel rating is shown by the number of Geumcheon-gu Novotel Ambassador Doksan www.ambatel.com/doksan 82-2-838-1101
months in advance the national flower, hibiscus. Mapo-gu Seoul Garden Hotel http://seoulgarden.co.kr 82-2-717-9441
during peak seasons ·Super Deluxe (5 golden hibiscuses) Seocho-gu Seoul Temf Hotel www.temf.co.kr 82-2-571-8100
or international events. ·Deluxe (5 green hibiscuses) Seoul Palace Hotel www.seoulpalace.co.kr 82-2-532-5000
Check out is usually ·First Class (4 hibiscuses) Seongbuk-gu Holiday Inn Sungbuk Seoul www.holiday.co.kr 82-2-929-2000
before noon. Room ·Second Class (3 hibiscuses) Yeongdeungpo-gu Lexington Hotel www.thelexington.co.kr 82-2-6670-7000
·Third Class (2 hibiscuses)
rates in general do not Yongsan-gu Hotel Capital www.hotelcapital.co.kr 82-2-792-1122
include meals. Confirm Jung-gu Hotel President www.hotelpresident.co.kr 82-2-753-3131
the room type before Seoul Royal Hotel www.seoulroyal.co.kr 82-2-756-1112
reserving as many Sejong Hotel Seoul www.sejong.co.kr 82-2-773-6000
hotels have no single Sofitel Ambassador Seoul www.ambatel.com/sofitel 82-2-2275-1101
rooms. Koreana Hotel www.koreanahotel.com 82-2-2171-7000
Pacific Hotel www.thepacifichotel.co.kr 82-2-777-7811
1st Gangnam-gu Ibis Ambassador Seoul www.ambatel.com/ibis/ 82-2-3454-1101


Class Area Name URL Tel Gangwon-do
1st Gangnam-gu Green Grass Hotel www.greengrasshotel.com 82-2-555-7575 Class Area Name URL Tel
Blue pearl Hotel www.hotelbluepearl.com 82-2-3015-7777 1st Sokcho Royal Tourist Hotel Sokcho www.sokchohotel.com 82-33-631-8700
Samjung Hotel www.samjunghotel.co.kr 82-2-557-1221 Wonju Wonju Tourist Hotel www.wjhotel.co.kr 82-33-744-3998
Youngdong Hotel www.youngdonghotel.co.kr 82-2-542-0112 Chuncheon Chuncheon Hotel Bears www.hotelbears.com 82-33-256-2525
Pop Green Hotel www.popgreenhotel.com 82-2-544-6623
Hotel Sunshine www.hotelsunshine.co.kr 82-2-541-1818
Tria Hotel www.hoteltria.co.kr 82-2-553-2471
Gangbuk-gu Hotel Victoria www.hotelvictoria.co.kr 82-2-986-2000 Gyeonggi-do
Gwangseo-gu Hotel River Park www.riverpark.co.kr 82-2-3665-3000
Class Area Name URL Tel
Hotel Green World www.hotelgreenworld.co.kr 82-2-2653-1999
Gwangjin-gu East Seoul Hotel www.idshotel.co.kr 82-2-455-1100 Deluxe Suwon Hotel Castle www.hcastle.co.kr 82-31-211-6666
Hankang Hotel www.hankanghotel.co.kr 82-2-453-5131 Icheon Hotel Miranda www.mirandahotel.com 82-31-639-5118
Nowon-gu Hotel Noblesse www.hotelnoblesse.co.kr 82-2-935-7161 Bucheon Koryo Hotel www.koryohotel.co.kr 82-32-329-0001
Dongdaemun-gu Kyungnam Hotel www.hotelkyungnam.co.kr 82-2-2247-2500 Pyeontaek Star Pyeong Taek Lake Tourist Hotel www.starr.co.kr 82-31-683-8123
Mapo-gu Hotel Seokyo www.hotelseokyo.co.kr 82-2-330-7771 1st Suwon Hotel Regency www.htregency.co.kr 82-31-246-4141~55
Seocho-gu Hotel Centro www.centrohotel.co.kr 82-2-3486-6000 Hotel Ritz http://hotelritz.co.kr 82-31-224-1100
Songpa-gu Lake Hotel www.hotellake.co.kr 82-2-422-1001 Ansan Mirama Tourist Hotel www.mirama.co.kr 82-31-401-0114
California Hotel www.california-hotel.co.kr 82-2-401-4763 Uijeongbu New Grand Tourist Hotel 82-31-846-3737
Yeongdeungpo-gu Yoido Hotel www.yoidohotel.co.kr 82-2-782-0121 Pyeongtaek Hotel Gabo www.hotelkabo.com 82-31-658-7700
Yongsan-gu Itaewon Hotel www.itaewonhotel.com 82-2-792-3111 Kyonggi Tourist Hotel www.kghotel.com 82-31-668-1900
Hotel Crown Itaewon www.hotelcrown.com 82-2-797-4111 Songtan Songtan Tourist Hotel 82-31-666-5101
Hamilton Hotel www.hamilton.co.kr 82-2-794-0171
Jongno-gu Hotel Crown Insadong www.hotelcrown.com 82-2-3676-8000
Hotel PJ www.poongjun.net 82-2-2280-7000
Jung-gu New Kukje Hotel 82-2-732-0161 Incheon
Best Western New Seoul Hotel www.bestwesternnewseoul.com 82-2-3701-0553 Class Area Name URL Tel
Savoy Hotel www.savoyhotel.co.kr 82-2-776-2641
Super Deluxe Jung-gu Hotel Paradise Incheon www.paradiseIncheon.co.kr 82-32-762-5181
Seoul Rex Hotel www.hotelrex.co.kr 82-2-752-3191
Hyatt Regency Incheon www.hyattregencyincheon.com 82-32-745-1234
Hotel Prince Seoul www.hotelprinceseoul.com 82-2-752-7111~8
Deluxe Namdong-gu Royal Hotel www.royalhotel.co.kr 82-32-421-3300
Yeonsu-gu Ramada Songdo Hotel www.ramada-songdo.co.kr 82-32-832-2000
Jung-gu Hotel Airport Incheon www.airporthotel.co.kr 82-32-743-1000
Gangwon-do 1st Ganghwa-gun Ganghwa Royal Tourist Hotel www.royalspa.co.kr 82-32-427-2000
Class Area Name URL Tel
Super Deluxe Jeongseon High One Resort www.high1.co.kr 82-33-590-7700
Deluxe Gangneung Hotel Hyundai Gyeongpodae www.hotel.e-hyundai.com/gyeongpodae 82-33-651-2233 Busan
Samcheok Hotel Palace www.palace-hotel.co.kr 82-33-575-7000
Class Area Name URL Tel
Sokcho Hotel Sorak Park www.hotelsorakpark.co.kr 82-33-636-7711
Kensington Stars Hotel www.kensington.co.kr 82-33-635-4001 Super Deluxe Jin-gu Busan Lotte Hotel http://pusan.lottehotel.co.kr 82-51-810-1000
Pyeongchang Yongpyong Resort www.yongpyong.co.kr 82-1588-0009 Haeundae-gu Westin Chosun Beach Hotel www.chosunbeach.co.kr 82-51-749-7000
Kensington Flora www.hotelodaesan.co.kr 82-33-330-5000 Paradise Hotel & Casino Busan http://busan.paradisehotel.co.kr 82-51-742-2121
Phoenix Park www.phoenixpark.co.kr 82-1577-0069 (#1) Haeundae Grand Hotel www.grandhotel.co.kr 82-51-740-0114
Gangneung Hotel Kyungpo Beach www.kyungpobeach.co.kr 82-33-643-6699 Deluxe Dongnae-gu Hotel Nongshim www.hotelnongshim.com 82-51-550-2100
Donghae Hotel New Donghae www.hotelnd.com 82-33-533-9215 Sasang-gu Hotel Paragon www.hotelparagon.com 82-51-328-2001~2
Donghae Hilton Hotel www.dhhilton.com 82-33-533-7722 Jung-gu Hotel Commodore www.commodore. co.kr 82-51-466-9101
Mangsang Grand hotel www.mangsanggrand.co.kr 82-33-534-6682 1st Dong-gu Hotel Crown 82-51-635-1241
Sapphire Hotel 82-51-207-1300
Mirabo Tourist Hotel 82-51-866-7400
Arirang Hotel www.ariranghotel.co.kr 82-51-463-5001-8
Kukje Hotel 82-51-642-1330


Busan Ulsan
Class Area Name URL Tel Class Area
Area Name URL Tel
1st Haeundae-gu Songjung Hotel 82-51-702-7766 Super Deluxe Nam-gu Lotte Hotel Ulsan www.lottehotel.co.kr 82-52-960-1000
Royal Kingdom Hotel 82-51-744-1331 Dong-gu Hotel Hyundai www.hyundaihotel.com 82-52-251-2233
Jung-gu Phoenix Hotel www.hotelphoenix.net/ 82-51-245-8061
Busan Tourist Hotel 82-51-241-4301
Daegu Class Area Name URL Tel

Class Area Name URL Tel 1st Asan Paradise Hotel Dogo dogo.paradisehotel.co.kr 82-41-542-6031
Deoksan Deoksan Spa tourist Hotel www.ducksanhotel.co.kr 82-41-338-5000
Super Deluxe Suseong-gu Hotel Inter-Burgo www.hotelcrown.co.k 82-53-682-27-114
Deluxe Nam-gu Prince Hotel Daegu www.princehotel.co.kr 82-53-628-1001
Dong-gu GS Plaza Hotel www.gsplazahotel.co.kr 82-53-980-1555
Hotel JS www.hotel-js.com 82-53-756-6601~10 Chungcheongbuk-do
Hotel Air Port www.htlair.com 82-53-260-0001
Class Area Name URL Tel
Suseong-gu Grand Hotel Daegu www.taegugrand.co.kr 82-53-742-0001
1st Jeungpyeong Jeungpyeong Park Tourist Hotel 82-43-836-9889
Daegu Park Hotel khotel.inter-burgo.com 82-53-6021-114
Danyang Danyang Tourist Hotel www.danyanghotel.com 82-43-423-7070
Jung-gu Eldis Regent Hotel www.eldishotel.com 82-53-253-7711
Cheongju Bakje Tourist Hotel 82-43-236-0976
Hotel Amigo www.hotelamigo.co.kr 82-53-252-6001
Cheongju Royal Tourist Hotel 82-43-221-1300~18
Saint Western Hotel www.saintwestern.co.kr 82-53-589-6700
Chungju Chungju Grand Tourist Hotel www.cjgrand.com 82-43-848-5554
1st Daegu Garden Hotel www.gardenhotel.co.kr 82-53-471-9911
Suanbo Chosun Tourist Hotel 82-43-848-8833
Crystal Tourist Hotel www.crystalhotel.co.kr 82-53-655-7799
Suanbo Sangnok Hotel www.sangnokhotel.co.kr 82-43-845-3500
Hotel Daegu www.taeguhotel.co.kr 82-53-559-2100
Hotel Ariana Taegu www.ariana.co.kr 82-53-765-7776

Daejeon Class Area Name URL Tel
Class Area Name URL Tel Jinju Dongbang Hotel www.hoteldongbang.com 82-55-743-0131
Deluxe Yuseong-gu Yuseong Hotel www.yousunghotel.com 82-42-820-0100 Changwon Changwon Hotel www.changwonhotel.co.kr 82-55-283-5551
Hotel Riviera Yuseong www.hotelriviera.co.kr 82-42-823-2111 Hotel International www.hotelinternational.co.kr 82-55-281-1001
Hotel Spapia www.hotelspapia.co.kr 82-42-600-6000 Geoje Admiral Hotel www.admiralhotel.co.kr 82-55-687-3761
1st Chateau Grace Hotel www.chateaugracehotel.com 82-42-639-0111~8 Gimhae Kimhae Tourist Hotel www.gimhaehotel.co.kr 82-55-335-0101
Shamoxi Tourist Hotel 82-42-621-8400~8 Masan Masan Royal Tourist Hotel 82-55-244-1150
Hongin Hotel www.honginhotel.co.kr 82-42-822-2000 Bugok Bugok Royal Hotel www.bugokroyal.co.kr 82-55-536-7300
Hotel Adria www.hoteladria.co.kr 82-42-828-3636 Hotel Bugok Hawaii www.bugokhawaii.co.kr 82-55-536-6331
Hote Expo Hotel Expo Yuseong 82-42-824-0035 Chungmu Tourist Hotel Chungmu www.hotelchungmu.com 82-55-645-2091

Class Area Name URL Tel
Class Area Name URL Tel
Deluxe Nam-gu Hotel Prado www.pradohotel.co.kr 82-62-654-9999
Super Deluxe Gyeongju Hilton Hotel Gyeongju www.kyongjuhilton.co.kr 82-54-745-7788
Buk-gu Prince Hotel Gwangju www.prince-hotel.co.kr 82-62-524-0025
Concorde Hotel www.concorde.co.kr 82-54-745-7000
Dong-gu Shinyang Park Hotel www.shinyangparkhotel.com 82-62-228-8000
Commodore Hotel Gyeongju Chosun www.chosunhotel.net 82-54-745-7701
1st Hiddink Continental Hotel www.hotel-continental.co.kr 82-62-227-8500
Kolon Hotel www.kolonhotel.co.kr 82-54-746-9001
Mudeung Park Hotel www.hotelmudeungpark.co.kr 82-62-226-0011
Hotel Hyundai www.hyundaihotel.com 82-54-748-2233
Seo-gu Firenze Hotel www.firenzehotel.co.kr 82-62-384-9600
Commdore Hotel GyeongJu Chosun www.chosunhotel.net 82-54-740-8277
Hotel Central www.hotelcentral.co.kr 82-62-383-7575


Gyeongsangbuk-do Jeju
Class Area Name URL Tel Class Area Name URL Tel
Deluxe Hotel Gyeongju Kyongju TEMF Hotel www.temf.co.kr 82-54-745-8100 lst Seoguipo Hotel Hana www.hotelhana.co.kr 82-64-738-7001
Gumi Gumi Century Hotel www.gumicentury.co.kr 82-54-478-0100 Jeju Crystal Hotel www.jejucrystal.com 82-64-732-8311
Hotel Cygnus www.hotelcygnus.co.kr 82-54-275-2000 Jeju Cheju Honey Tourist Hotel 82-64-758-4201
1st Gumi Best Western Gumi Hotel www.bestwesterngumi.com 82-54-462-6000 Jeju Marina Tourist Hotel www.jejumarinahotel.co.kr 82-64-746-6161
Andong Sobaek Park Tourist Hotel www.newshappy.com/~sobaek 82-54-634-7800 Cheju palace Tourist Hotel www.cjpalace.co.kr 82-64-753-8811
Deoku Hot Spring Hotel www.ducku.co.kr 82-54-782-0677 Cheju Pearl Tourist Hotel www.pearlhotel.co.kr 82-64-742-8871
Hotel Robero www.roberohotel.com 82-64-757-7111

> Korean-style Inns (Yeogwan)
Class Area Name URL Tel
Deluxe Yeosu Hotel Eastern Jewelry www.easternjewelry.kr 82-61-664-7070 Rates for motels and inns differ by place and rooms are available, but some motels only offer
1st Mt. Jirisan Area Jirisan Spa Tourist Hotel www.spaland.co.kr 82-61-783-2900 season but usually fall between 40,000 won and Korean style. Facilities are limited, and motel staff
Sinan Shinan Beach Hotel www.shinanbeachhotel.com 82-61-243-3399 50,000 won. Late checkout (after 12 o’clock noon) may not speak English. However, there is no
Suncheon Suncheon Royal Tourist Hotel www.royaltourist.co.kr 82-61-741-7000 may incur an extra charge. Room rates generally service charge or tax on room rates and
do not include meals. Western- and Korean-style Yeogwans are everywhere for easy access.

Jeollabuk-do Quality accommodation at a reasonable price

Class Area Name URL Tel
No. of No. of
Super Deluxe Muju Hotel Tirol www.mujuresort.com 82-63-322-9000 Name Tel Name Tel
Rooms Rooms
Deluxe Jeonju Hotel Core Riviera www.core-riviera.co.kr 82-63-232-7000
Jongno-gu Jongno-gu
Hotel Core www.corehotel.co.kr 82-63-285-1100
Gunsan Gunsan Walkerhill Tourist Hotel 82-63-453-0807 Noble Hotel 82-2-742-4025 34 Beewon
1st 82-2-765-0670 24
Kunsan Tourist Hotel 82-63-443-0811 Guest House
City Park Motel 82-2-744-4197 43
Iksan Iksan Grand Tourist Hotel 82-63-843-7777 Yim's House 82-2-747-3332 23
Jahamoon Hotel 82-2-395-7770 30
Jeongeup Naejangsan Tourist Hotel 82-63-538-4131 Mapo-gu
Lees Hotel 82-2-762-4311 42
Line Motel 82-2-335-3434 20
Amiga Motel 82-2-3672-7970 33
Sam-o Motel 82-2-739-0604 32 82-2-703-1155 24
Jeju Motel
Kara Motel 82-2-741-4455 34
Class Area Name URL Tel Theme Motel 82-2-712-5081 55
Serim hotel 82-2-739-3377 31 Santafe
Super Deluxe Seogwipo The Suites Hotel www.suites.co.kr 82-64-738-3800 82-2-3272-4451 28
Lotte Hotel Jeju www.lottehoteljeju.com 82-64-731-1000 Sanho Motel 82-2-2279-1766 41 Motel
Paradise Hotel Jeju www.jeju.paradisehotel.co.kr 82-64-763-2100 Palace Motel 82-2-745-3578 21 IMT Hotel 82-2-719-1006 35
Hyatt Regency Jeju www.hyattjeju.com 82-64-733-1234 Gwanghwa Motel 82-2-738-0751 28 Grand prix Motel 82-2-719-9522 27
Shilla Jeju www.shilla.net/jeju 82-64-738-4466
Sangjang Motel 82-2-737-9311 23 Prague
Jeju Ramada Plaza Jeju www.ramadajeju.co.kr 82-64-729-8100 82-2-703-4587 25
KAL Hotel Jeju www.kalhotel.co.kr 82-64-724-2001 Mido Motel 82-2-735-6464 25
Cheonggiwa Inn 82-2-334-8042 23
Grand Hotel Jeju www.grand.co.kr 82-64-747-5000 Chung Jin Motel 82-2-732-4359 34
Oriental Hotel Jeju www.oriental.co.kr 82-64-752-8222 Namgyeongjang
Daewon 82-2-735-7891 14 82-2-333-0071 42
Pacific Hotel Jeju www.jejupacific.co.kr 82-64-758-2500
Holiday In Korea 82-2-3672-3113 30
Deluxe Seoguipo Travelers Hotel www.travellersjeju.com 82-64-738-9000 Junhuibin
82-2-332-7771 31
Jeju New Crown Hotel www.hotelnewcrown.co.kr 82-64-742-1001 Jongnowon Motel 82-2-745-6876 16 Hotel
Jeju Royal Hotel www.jejuroyal.co.kr 82-64-743-2222


> Youth Hostels Guesthouses in Seoul
More information on youth hotels is available
Name URL Tel
There are 79 youth hostels in Korea. Most of at the Youth Hostel Federation
them are members of the Korean Youth Hostel Tel. 82-2-725-3031 or travel information center B&B Morning Calm www.staykorea.net 82-2-379-1337
Association. Rates range between 15,000 and run by the Federation Seoul Backpackers www.seoulbackpackers.com 82-2-3672-1972
40,000 won, but differ according to location. Tel. 82-2-2202-3031
Guest House Korea www.guesthouseinkorea.com 82-2-3675-2205
Whereas some hostels are available only to
members, others welcome non-members as WOW Guest House 82-2-322-8644
well, with non-members usually paying a 30 > Condominiums Kim's Guest House www.kimsguesthouse.com 82-2-337-9894
percent surcharge. Members of youth hostel
associations in other countries can present their [www.onlinecondo.co.kr] Tel. 82-2-2653-8812 Seoul Guest House www.seoul110.com 82-2-745-0057
membership card for a membership rate. Food is Apartment-like accommodations referred to as Bukchon Hanok Guesthouse www.bukchon72.com 82-2-743-8530
cheaper than at other places, and cooking condo (short for condominium) are available at Seoul Hanok Guesthouse www.seoul110.com 82-2-745-0057
facilities are also available. Check-in is between ski resorts, golf courses and other types of
noon and 2 p.m., and checkout is noon. Urijip Hanok Guesthouse 82-2-744-0536
resorts. Condos have a kitchen equipped with a
stove, refrigerator, cooking pans and dishes, etc. Anguk Guesthouse www.seoul110.com 82-2-745-0057
Korea Youth Hostel Association Other facilities include a supermarket and sports RakKoJae www.rkj.co.kr 82-2-742-3411
[www.kyha.or.kr] Tel. 82-2-725-3031 club. Typically the rate is 150,000 won for 4
- Subway, Line No.3 Gyeongbokgung Station, people (56.1 sq. meter apartment) during the
Biwon Tourist Hotel www.biwonhotel.com 82-2-763-5555
Exit No.6 (Jeokseon Hyundai Bldg. Room 408) peak season, and 60,000 won during off season. Hongdae Guesthouse www.hongdaeguesthouse.com 82-2-336-0003
Where to apply for membership Check-in is between noon and 2 p.m., and
- Seoul, Gyeonggi Area [www.kyha.or.kr] World Cup Guesthouse www.worldcupkoreaguesthouse.com 82-2-6081-9367
checkout is noon. Most condominiums should
Tel. 82-2-725-3031 be booked 2 to 4 weeks in advance during the Beewon Guesthouse www.beewonguesthouse.com 82-2-765-0670
- Busan, Gyeongnam Association ski season and major holidays. Golden Pond Guesthouse www.goldenpond.co.kr 82-2-741-5621
Tel. 82-51-462-9930
- Daejeon, Chungnam Association Hostel Korea www.hostelkorea.com 82-2-762-7406
Tel. 82-42-252-9771 > Guesthouses Let's go to Jeju www.letsgojeju.com 82-64-713-5505
- Gwangju, Jeonnam Association
Guesthouses are for those who want to Myeong Dong Guest House www.mdguesthouse.com 82-2-755-5437
Tel. 82-502-178-7000
- Jeonbuk Association experience Korean culture and food. This is a Namsan Guesthouse www.namsanguesthouse.com 82-2-953-8367
Tel. 82-63-222-7442 good opportunity to learn about Koreans as well
Stay Korea www.staykorea.co.kr 82-2-336-9026
as Korea’s unique culture.
How to apply for membership
A membership is issued when submitting a
passport and an application, and paying 25,000
won as a membership fee.
How to reserve a youth hostel room
Make a reservation by phone or fax. Most
youth hostels accept reservations 8 days to 6
months before the arrival day. Some youth
hostels accept reservations two days before.


ACCOMMODATIONS & HOUSING > Buying and Renting a House

■■■Types of residence
> Accommodations Type Features
Apartment (Flat) In residential complex with 5 stories or higher
■■■Serviced Residence Hotel Gangbuk Area Janitor and manager on duty
Serviced Residences are available for those looking Fraser Suites Serviced Residences Stores and amenities
for both short and long-term stay in Korea. The fully [http://seoul.fraserhospitality.com] Public parking lot
furnished units are equivalent to nice apartment 272 Nakwon-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul Single-family House (Individual House) Stand-alone structure on own lot
units, equipped with all the necessary amenities and Garden or yard
Hyundai Residence
public facilities including swimming pool, fitness Gas supplied
center, restaurant and game room. The most Villa Western-style condominium
22-5 Chungmuro 5ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
appealing feature is the hotel-like service and More spacious and less crowded than apartment complexes
affordable rates that start at 100,000 won per night, Han Suites
[www.hansuites.com] 4 stories or lower
with discounts available depending on length of stay. Janitor and manager on-duty
These serviced residences are similar to 2-19 Yeajang-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul
Studio Apartment One-room lay-out
condominiums in North America. Furthermore, since Somerset Palace
[www.somerset.com] Gas supplied
these residences are geared towards foreigners,
85 Susong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul Low building
they are usually located near tourist attractions or key
No janitor or manager on-duty
business areas in the city.
Public parking lot
■■■KOTRA alliance serviced residence Gangnam Area ※Officetel (Office + Hotel) Office and apartment compound lay-out
hotel list Dormy Inn Office or residential purpose

An increasing number of foreigners are coming to [www.dormy.co.kr] Janitor and manager available
Korea. However, the increased number of people 205-8, Nonhyun-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul Public parking lot
coming for both short-term and long-term stays, are Stay7 Multi-family House Small-sized apartments
leasing housing through unfamiliar Jeonse, Wolse [www.stay7.com] Low building
and Galse systems. To further complicate things, 1679-1 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul No janitor or manager on duty
having to look for housing in a favorable neighborhood Coatel Public parking lot
through a realtor proficient in English can be harder [www.coatel.co.kr] ※ Officetels are facilities you can use as an office as well as a for residential use. These are popular among individual
than one might think. Another growing concern is the 1330 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul travelers or small-size business owners. There are five kinds of these facilities: one room, two rooms, three rooms,
continual rise in rent in Korea along with the growing M Chereville hotel-style one room, and apartment-style one room. These rooms are mainly available around commercial areas.
housing demands. [www.mchereville.com] Contact a real estate agent for details.
We all know that serviced residences are much more 1316-31 Seocho 4-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul - One Room Gallery [www.oneroomgallery.com] Tel. 82-2-552-4777
convenient and comfortable for both long and short- Provista
term stays. However, what concerns most is the [www.provista.co.kr] ■■■Purchasing a house ■■■Registration of exact dates of occupancy
high rate in comparison to what renters might pay on 1677-8 Seocho 1-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul
a monthly or yearly basis. To simplify things, KOTRA Seoul Residence When seeking assistance from a real estate When the Government endorses the rent
has taken steps to provide quality residence at an [www.seoulresidence.co.kr] agent, check the agent’s credentials and contract, the renter is guaranteed his or her
affordable rate. When you reserve a room through 708-16 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul experience. deposit when the contract expires.
KOTRA’s Investor Support Center, you can receive A real estate agent will provide comprehensive Address changes should be reported to the gu
40~50% discount. services, including the transfer and registration office (Passport and alien registration card are
1. Select a serviced residence from the list and visit of ownership. It is possible in many cases to required.).
945-29 Daechi-dong, Ganganm-gu, Seoul
the homepage to check for details. obtain a contract in English. The occupancy date of a dwelling is available
2. Contact the Investor Support Center at 1600-7119 Oakwood Premier The purchaser or renter should verify the real from the real estate registration office, notary
to reserve a room at a serviced residence of your [www.oakwoodseoul.com] estate agent’ s registration card before signing office, or gu office. Must present alien
choice. 159 Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul any contract. (Foreign purchasers must registration card and rental contract.
3. Investor Support Center will reserve and confirm Human Starville present their alien registration card or passport Not available when the renter is a company.
reservation with the serviced residence. [www.humanstarville.com] at the relevant registration office.)
4. Check-in and enjoy your stay in Korea! 606-18 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul


■■■In the case of breach of contract The house owner must return double the District Agency Tel./Fax Website/E-mail
The renter shall forfeit any contract money amount of the contract money to the renter if
the owner fails to fulfill the contract. Seoul
when he or she is in breach of the contract.
T: 82-2-442-2221
Hana Realty Consulting kh-seoul@daum.net
■■■Real estate agencies for foreigners F: 82-2-427-6688
The following agents can speak English well They help the leaseholder find the right person Gangdong-gu
and can provide services needed for leasing a to draft an English contract as well as deal T: 82-2-470-0044
J.S. Lee Office jiksunl@korea.com
property. with legal issues. F: 82-2-472-4455
They also provide services for buying or
leasing an office property. T: 82-2-598-9705 www.armkor.com
Seocho-gu ARM Korea
F: 82-2-598-9611 info@armkor.com
Recommended by the National Association of Real Estate Brokers
T: 82-2-482-2-0365
District Agency Tel./Fax Website/E-mail Songpa-gu Dream Real Estate Office poongsukim@hanmail.net
F: 82-2-402-0365
Yeongdeung T: 82-2-784-5655
T: 82-2-540-3700 www.114elite.co.kr Richensia Realty www.richensiarealty.co.kr
Elite Real Estate po-gu F: 82-2-2642-4543
F: 82-2-511-9094 kssongkr@empal.com

T: 82-2-2207-5400
T: 82-2-3448-5651 www.newstarrealty.com Jungang-gu Prima Realty Office jonalee@korea.com
New Star Realty F: 82-2-2207-2211
F: 82-2-3448-5654 ceo@newstarusa.co.kr
T: 82-2-538-7550 www.realtytmk.com
Gangnam-gu Realty TMK Co., Ltd. T: 82-51-507-0049
F: 82-2-538-4754 tmk@realtytmk.com Yeunje-gu A-Ram Real Estate Office river225@hanmail.net
F: 82-51-507-0049

T: 82-2-586-4400
Dave's Realty lulupio@dreamwiz.com ■■■Housing rental
F: 82-2-586-4534
Jeonse Renter is required to pay a large deposit after contracting for one or two years.
T: 82-2-534-4066 www.korea-realty.com (Key Money Deposit) Deposit should be refunded at termination of the contract.
Korea Realty
F: 82-2-592-3211 korearealty@korea-realty.com Renter should pay 10 percent of the deposit upon signing the contract.
Renter should pay the remainder of the deposit
T: 82-2-794-0811 The deposit will be refunded upon termination of the contract.
Dreamland Consulting webmaster@seoulife.com
F: 82-2-794-9876 Wolse 1 Renter is required to make monthly payments after providing a deposit
(Monthly Payment (one- or two-year contract).
T: 82-2-792-7890 www.korealty.com + Key Money Deposit) Deposit is ordinarily 10 to 20 times the monthly payment.
Global Midas Realty
F: 82-2-749-2115 ks@korealty.com Renter should pay 10 percent of the deposit upon signing the contract.
Renter should pay the remainder of the deposit and provide the first monthly
payment upon occupancy.
T: 82-2-792-7979
International Real Estate Consulting realty8949net@yahoo.co.kr The deposit will be refunded upon termination of the contract.
Yongsan-gu F: 82-2-790-8002
Wolse 2 Renter should pay all monthly payments in advance upon signing a one-
(Advance Payment or two-year contract.
T: 82-2-749-9959
Reamko Realty europea@daum.net of Total Monthly Rent) Renter should pay 10 percent of the total monthly payment upon contract
F: 82-2-749-7959
Renter should pay the remaining amount upon occupancy.
Green Real Estate T: 82-2-749-8070 www.greenrealestate.co.kr
Consulting F: 82-2-749-8060 green70@hanafos.com


■■■Moving calling up your neighborhood movers. Mapo-gu 82-2-707-1515 application form. Mail will be forwarded to your
Moving companies and prices vary. Some of the If you have relatively few belongings, you can go Yeondeungpo-gu 82-2-678-4051 new address for three months and will be
more established companies take care of the with the standard relocation service. A mover Forwarding postal mail returned to the sender after that time.
entire moving process by packaging everything typically shows up with his truck, and you can Go to your district post office and submit an
in empty boxes to unloading and unpacking all help the mover with loading and unloading. This
your belongings in your new place. This method might require physical labor, but if you’re
complete relocation service will obviously cost single and don’t have a lot of furniture, it’s not a > Major Residential Areas for Foreigners
you a little more. A five ton truck will set you bad choice. A five ton truck costs approximately
back 450,000~700,000 won. These companies 350,000 won.
In the past, residential areas for foreigners were Apartments are always in great demand in
also offer storage spaces. The other option is centered around foreign embassies. But as a Ichon-dong.
result of Korea’s rapid globalization, today 3bed: Rent 2,500,000~ 3,000,000 won
Moving Companies
foreigners can be found residing in various areas. 4bed: Rent 4,500,000~ 8,000,000 won
District Company Tel Expatriate housing usually features spacious living
rooms, ample parking, space for entertaining, and
Isa World Itaewon 82-2-790-3774 attractive views. In addition, expatriate housing is Hannam-dong
Yongsan-gu Allied Pickfords 82-2-796-5961 usually furnished with basic amenities, such as A significant number of foreign diplomatic
separate dining room and kitchen, built-in missions are located in Hannam-dong, which
Crown Relocation 82-2-796-5717 cupboards, refrigerator, dishwasher, and gas is nearby Itaewon.
Sunwoo Express 82-80-365-0424 range and oven. Many expatriate residences are This neighborhood is divided into UN Village
Seodaemun-gu now wired for high-speed Internet services. and an ordinary residential district.
Seodaemun Express 82-2-3141-2400
UN Village has many large single-family houses
Gana Complete Relocation Service 82-80-402-1212 ■■■Major residential areas and expensive villas. Wolse: 8 million~12
Hanjin Express 82-2-514-2424 Residential areas for foreigners are becoming million won for detached houses; 4 million~9
ever more diverse. Popular neighborhoods are million for large villas; 2 million~4 million won
Hyoseong Isa 82-80-240-2455
those which offer a high-quality educational for medium-and small-sized apartment units
Isa Theme Park 82-2-573-3651 environment, comfortable living and easy access
Asian Tigers Transpack International 82-2-3489-2500 to business districts and workplaces. Many Yeonhui-dong
foreigners prefer neighborhoods where other There are many one-room and two-room units
Asian Relocation Management Korea 82-2-598-9705
expatriates reside. and officetels available for rent here. These
Good Morning Isa Service 82-2-3217-2485 small units are preferred by foreign
Pyeongchang-dong businessmen and students.
Seongdo Freight 82-2-379-9000 Itaewon
Itaewon Special Tourism Association: 3bed: Rent 2,800,000~ 3,000,000 won
Mujigae Isa 82-2-303-2425 Tel. 82-2-797-7319 4bed: Rent 5,500,000~ 9,000,000 won
Myeongseong Express 82-2-394-3000 Designated as a special tourist zone, Itaewon
is famous for shopping, with a diverse range Gangnam-gu / Seocho-gu
Yujin Isa 82-2-926-2424
Seongbuk-dong of shops offering leather apparel, clothing, and These areas include Samseong-dong,
Goryeo Isa Center 82-2-6246-4595 other unique goods. Itaewon offers name- Banpo-dong, Bangbae-dong and Seocho-
brand clothing at a discount, including five dong.Of particular note, the area nearby
Water per month stores selling large sizes. It has become a Bangbae Middle School is home to many
Waterworks Office Seoul Metropolitan If you wish to keep your current phone number, popular international hangout for young people French nationals with a French school and
Government a move within the same KT telephone office and avid shoppers. grocery market situated there. There are a
[http://water.seoul.go.kr/index.html, or dial 121] district makes this possible. If the move is 3bed: Rent 3,000,000~ 5,000,000 won number of detached houses, villas and
outside the district, it is not possible to keep your 4bed: Rent 6,000,000~ 8,000,000 won apartments for rent exclusively for expatriates.
Gas old number. The high-rise Samsung World Center and
Seoul City Gas Ichon-dong Human Touch, both in the Gangnam area, are
[www.seoulgas.co.kr] Cable TV A large number of Japanese nationals live in exclusively for foreigners. The Seocho area
82-2-810-8000, 82-2-3665-1849 Installation fees 40,000~60,000 won. this neighborhood of small parks and shops also has a range of high-end apartments and
Gangnam-gu 82-2-518-3000 that offer the conveniences of city life. detached houses that are favored by
Phone Seocho-gu 82-2-525-5000 Residents here can feel comfortable and expatriates.
dial 100 (ext. 4) 82-2-365-0101 cozy, while avoiding the hustle and bustle of 3bed: Rent 3,500,000~ 7,000,000 won
Installation fee: 60,000 won + 5,200 won and up Yongsan-gu 1600-8896 the big city. 4bed: Rent 5,000,000~ 8,000,000 won


Pyeongchang-dong buildings, while its villas are preferred by services, including GS25, Family Mart, 7-
This area is known for its expensive detached executives of multinational companies. The Eleven, and Lawsons. These stores provide
houses and villas. Large houses are leased as official residence of some European this service 24 hours a day.
embassy offices, while villas are rented to ambassadors and the Japanese ambassador
※ Note: Before moving in or out of a residence, you must
executives of foreign corporations. are in this area, which is near the Bukak
check to make sure all bills have been paid, and that all
The embassies of many South American and Skyway and other tourist attractions.
facilities such as gas, power, and water are in good
African countries are in the Pyeongchang-dong 4bed: Rent 8,000,000~ 12,000,000 won condition.
area, which has convenient access to 5~6bed: Rent 9,000,000~ 13,000,000 won ※ If you have a question about your bill, call the
downtown Seoul. provider’ s customer service.
3bed: Rent 3,500,000~ 4,000,000 won Banpo/Bangbae-dong
4bed: Rent 7,500,000~ 9,000,000 won 3bed: Rent 3,500,000~ 5,000,000 won
4bed: Rent 4,500,000~ 9,000,000 won ■■■Damages
Seongbuk-dong Attach an appendix to the lease regarding
This is a residential area with many large City Hall Area agreements on repairs for furnishings such as
houses and expensive villas. Many of the 3bed: Rent 3,000,000~ 6,000,000 won the refrigerator, washing machine, drier, air
area’s large houses are leased as embassy 4bed: Rent 4,500,000~ 8,000,000 won conditioner, cable, satellite equipment, Internet
connection, curtains, closets, and gas oven, as
well as repainting and redecoration of the
> Lease Agreement Tips property leased.

■■■Rent payment the property and whether the property serves as

It is a general practice in Korea to make a single any kind of collateral. Do not rent a property with
lump-sum payment for the lease contract period a lien holder because you might not get your
on the day of moving in or right before moving. money back in case of a breach of contract by
Monthly payments are also possible in some the owner.
cases. You can pay rent in U.S. dollars as well as
Korean won. ■■■Utilities
A leaseholder is responsible for all utilities:
■■■Contract period power, gas, water, and heat. Clarify in the
A contract period is usually for a minimum period contract whether the owner or the leaseholder
of one-year and a maximum period of three will pay for expenses related to public areas such
years. It is common, however, to make a lease as the parking lot and elevator.
agreement under the condition that a - Electricity fee:
leaseholder might terminate the contract after Korea Electric Power Corporation(KEPCO)
staying half or more of the contract period. In [www.kepco.co.kr]
this case, the leaseholder should prove - Water fee: Waterworks Office Seoul
reasonable cause for early termination so as to Metropolitan Government
avoid paying a penalty. [www.kowaco.or.kr]
- Gas fee: Seoul City Gas
■■■Early termination
Acceptable reasons for early termination, notice, Where to pay utility bills
and refund procedures should be clearly - Banks, post offices, or other financial
specified in the agreement: It is the general institution that accept bill payment. Bill
practice for a leaseholder to give an owner two payments may also be automatically
or three months notice of intent to terminate the deducted from your bank account every
lease. month.
Check a record of a property before signing a - 24-hour convenience stores: Selected
contract, check whether an owner really owns convenience stores also provide bill payment


DINING IN KOREA Gochujang, barley Gochujang, adzuki bean Hanjeongsik
Gochujang, and so on. As for regional recipes, (rice, soup, kimchi, vegetables, meat, fish

K orean cuisine has been developed throughout history and has a special taste according to
each province. Korean sauces are very unique in taste. The following is intended to introduce
you to special dishes served during holidays such as New Year’s Day (Seollal) and Thanksgiving
Soonchang, Jinju, and Haenam are among the
places most famous for their distinct versions
of Gochujang.
and various seasonings)
It originated in a large family, and
there are several types of Hanjeongsik. A full
Day (Chuseok), as well as dining etiquette. course is served in the higher grade
Ganjang (soy sauce) restaurants while shorter menus are available
This sauce is widely used at more general restaurants.
as a condiment in Korea,
China and Japan. In Korea, Seolleongtang
> Introduction to Korean Cuisine
the origin is traced back to (soup of cow’s head, tongue,
the Goguryeo Period. Once meat, internal organs and
Korean food features characteristics of both three kingdoms of Silla, Baekje, and Goguryeo. fermented soybeans, the bones)
Korean and Oriental cultures as a result of The country that has the most developed main ingredient to make This originates from the king
frequent exchanges between Korea and its culture of cooked rice is Korea—Korean rice is Ganjang, became a popular memorial service to Heaven
neighboring countries since ancient times. It is soft, fragrant and satisfying. Koreans place food item, the production every spring. At that time, people
richly endowed with fermented foods, important emphasis on the dining process, of Ganjang quickly followed. In the making used the cow, and after the service they
vegetables and grains, soups, teas, liquors, and rice consumption holds pride of place in process, soybeans are fermented for 2 to 3 boiled the meat and some of the bones. The
confectioneries and beverages. Kimchi and this process. Its importance is represented in days in water with an 18% salt solution and at broth contains amino acid, calcium,
doenjang (a paste made of soybeans) are the Korean sayings such as, "If you play with your temperatures between 26 and 29 degrees magnesium, phosphorus, mineral, gristle and
best-known examples of Korean fermented rice spoon, you will summon forth an ominous Celsius. Through this procedure, numerous sulfuric acid.
foods, which have recently become highly evil," or, "You should always fully empty your enzymes, organic bacteria, proteins, amino
recognized for their disease-prevention benefits. rice bowl." acids, and high-protein acids are formed, along Kkorigomtang
Korea boasts a number of vegetables and wild with Ganjang’s unique smell and flavor. (tailbone, welsh onion, seasoning)
green dishes. The Korean meal is almost always Kimchi Ganjang is known for preventing geriatric Full of nutritious value, you can
accompanied by a big bowl of hot soup or stew, Kimchi was known as diseases. enjoy the meat bone as well as
and the classic meal contains a variety of "Chimchae" in old Korean. the soup.
vegetables. Korean foods are seldom deep-fried At first, Kimchi consisted of Doenjang (soybean paste)
like Chinese food; they are usually boiled or vegetables fermented with Doenjang is made from the solids left over Galbijjim
blanched, broiled, stir-fried, steamed, or pan-fried salt. Later, a variety of after Gangjang is drained from its fermentation (rib bone, radish, mushroom, etc.)
with vegetable oil. seasonings such as pepper vessel. It adds a distinct flavor to many Korean The mushroom in the galbijjim
During the Joseon Dynasty, Confucian culture and fish paste were added staple foods. As in Ganjang, Koreans have prevents kidney disease and
profoundly influenced Korean cuisine. The style to make it more robust and flavorful. Kimchi is consumed it since the Goguryeo Period. After works as an anticancer tonic.
and system of royal cuisine were elaborately an especially good food to aid in the digestion the solid fermented soybeans are gathered, It is also good for preventing
refined with the representative royal foods, such of carbohydrates. Kimchi is also helpful in they are dried for 30 or 40 days. During the dementia.
as sinseollo (fancy hot pot) and gujeolpan (nine- preventing geriatric diseases. drying process, the sun, combined with the
sectioned dish). Breakfast was considered an According to Chinese and American media, fermented soy, kills harmful bacteria and Bulgogi
important meal during the dynasty, which lasted Kimchi is thought to help the body resist leaves carbohydrates, ferric acid, and vitamins (steak and roasted meat)
some 500 years. In line with the Joseon SARS. The types of Kimchi number nearly B1 and B2 the elements that make Deonjang a Roasted over a charcoal fire, this
traditions, most Korean families still share 1,000. Usually, ‘Kimchi’ is made from Chinese unique and healthy food. meat smells delicious and is very
specially prepared food with their relatives or cabbage, vegetables and other seasonings. tender. Very popular among
neighbors when celebrating special occasions. foreigners.
There are more than 100 different Korean Gochujang (hot pepper paste)
traditional foods, and each city has a unique Gochujang is a hot paste made from soybean Agujjim
dish. Let’s introduce some powder fermented with boiled rice, flour, and (anchovy soup, bean paste, hot pepper paste, fish)
representative cuisine here. sticky rice powder and seasoned with salt and This hot and fresh dish is very good for
spicy peppers. Korean food would not be the preventing the effects of aging. Masan, a
Bab (cooked rice) same without this condiment and it is one of small city in the southern part of Korea, is
Rice is Korea's staple food, the traditional staples for every family in Korea. famous for this dish.
rising to dietary prominence All the provinces in Korea have their own
around the period of the recipes to make this paste. There is sticky rice


Samgyetang Chuncheon Makguksu > Dinner Theaters in Seoul
(chicken, rice, garlic, date, (buckwheat noodles)
Insam (ginseng)) Makguksu, made
A specialty in summer, from buckwheat Korea House
this soup is composed of powder, is a [www.koreahouse.or.kr] Tel. 82-2-2266-9101~3
Korean insam (ginseng), sticky rice, dates, unique Korean Dishes for the royal family in old Korea, various
garlic and other ingredients. noodle. Above craftworks, traditional folk performances such
It provides well proportioned nutrition. all, Chuncheon as Bongsantalchum (masked dance), Salpullee
Makguksu is the (dance for exorcising an evil spirit), and
Jeonju Bibimbap best Korean Buchechum (fan dance)
(beef, bean sprout, various noodle dish, originating from Gangwon-do Course: 57,200~99,000 won
vegetables) Province. It is also known to be good for Korean Buffet: 28,600~50,000 won
Most vegetables are hypertension. - 1-minute walk from Chungmuro Station, Line 3
cultivated in a pollution-
free environment to retain Dubujeongol (bean-curd soup) Suraon (Nolboo)
their good protein and Dubu is rich in vitamin B and E, calcium, [www.nolboomg.com] Tel. 82-2-595-0202
nutrition. kalium, minerals, and other nutrients. It is easy This restaurant serves tradtional Korean
to digest. court meals.
Chueotang (mudfish) - A 5-minute walk from Exit 3 of Express Bus
This is popular as a health tonic food. The soup Terminal Station, Line 7
is prepared fresh, using a base of mudfish course: 24,000~79,000 won
known for its stamina increasing qualities. (10 percent VAT will be charged)


> Korean Restaurants a BBQ, grilled on a hot plate. A taste of these ·Ganga
soft and tasty briskets will leave you wanting to This restaurant serves mildly spiced and tasty
order seconds in no time. Chadolip proudly veggie curry called Vegetable Bhaji and
offers scotch fillet as well as specially marinated Tandoori food. If you are a vegetarian, it serves
scotch fillet among other BBQ dishes. After a vegetarian dishes.
BBQ meal, enjoy a bowl of naengmyeon (cold Address: 610-5, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu
Korean Food Restaurants noodles) in chilled broth or spicy sauce. Tel. 82-2-3444-3610
Traditional Korean meals such as soybean paste www.ganga.co.kr
·Jihwaja Gungjung restaurant stew and bulgogi hot pots are also available. Hours: 11:30 p.m.-3:00 p.m.6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.
The restaurant serves the dishes that were Located near Naksapyeong Station, exit 2, Some English
prepared for the royal family in old Korea. Chadoljip is a popular spot among foreigners.
Located inside the National Theater of Korea. Address: 544 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu ·Moghul
Full-course 51,000~130,000 won Tel. 82-2-790-0789 Usmania, a Pakistani/Indian restaurant; Moghul
(10 percent VAT will be charged) Hours: 11:30 a.m.-11:00 p.m. You can enjoy North Indian cuisine in a very un-
Address: Dongguk Univ. Station, Line 3 Some English Itaewon-like atmosphere.
Tel. 82-2-2269-5834~5 Address: 116-2 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu
www.jihwajafood.co.kr Tel. 82-2-796-5501
Hours: 12:00-10:30 p.m.
Asian Food Restaurants
If you want to dine like a ‘yangban’ (aristocrat) of ·Dal
times past, Durae (gathering place) will be your ·Buddha’
s Belly This restaurant serves Papads, Tandoori
·Son Mandu
best bet. A popular Thai bistro and a great wine bar, too. If Chicken, Dal Makkani (creamed black lentils),
This restaurant serves hand-made dumplings
Address: 8-7 Insadong, Jongno-gu you had a hankering for exotic cuisine Aloo Gobi (cauliflower and spud) Paneer Tikka
and a unique mandu stew.
Tel. 82-2-732-2919 accompanied by a glass of wine or two, it was (cottage cheese and veggies in mustard or
Address: 245-2 Buam-dong Jongno-gu
Hours: 12:00-3:00 p.m./6:00-10:00 p.m. the off-Itaewon place to go — as long as you yogurt sauce), and various curries.
Tel. 82-2-379-2648
Bilingual menu, but no English spoken. called ahead to make sure there was a seat. Address: Art Sonje Center, 144-2, Sogyeok-
From its humble Veggie Hill beginnings, dong, Jongno-gu
Hours: 11:30 a.m. -10:00 p.m
·Sanchon Buddha’s Belly has expanded into nearby Tel. 82-2-736-4627~8
The vegetables and herbs served are grown in a Itaewon, securing for itself an outstanding Hours: 12:00-2:30 p.m.; 6:00 p.m.-9:30 p.m.
·Keungiwa Jip
natural environment such as the deep location in the quickly developing alley behind Some English
This restaurant serves various Korean traditional
mountains. People seeking such organic foods Hamilton Hotel.
dishes and teas. Besides, if you want to look
come here to enjoy it. Address: 610-5, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu ·Thai Orchid
around the Korean gallery, KeunGiWa Jip is the
Lunch: 22,000 won Tel. 82-2-793-2173 (Main) 82-2-796-9330 (Branch) Seoul’s longest established Thai entry. There is
best choice for you.
Dinner: 39,600 won Hours: 11:30 a.m.-11:30 p.m. (Every Tuesdays off) a decent list of dishes from all over Thailand.
Address: 127 Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu
Address: Exit 3 of Jonggak Station, Line 1 English Address: 663-2 Sinsa-dong, gangnam-gu
Tel. 82-2-722-9024
Tel. 82-2-735-0312 Hours: 12:00-9:30 p.m. Tel. 82-2-517-1135
www.sanchon.com www.thaiorchid.co.kr
·Gourmet Home Hours: 12:00-10:30 p.m.
Traditional roots, Creative concepts English spoken
This restaurant serves several course menus
featuring traditional ingredients, stressing herbs ·Bali
and roots, but with creative flairs in the recipes. This restaurant serves salad in a variety of
Address: Daechi-dong 901-72, Gangnam-gu sauces including a peanut sauce and chili sauce.
Tel. 82-2-568-4595 www.gomehome.co.kr Barbequed meat of chicken and lamb and other
Hours: 11:00-10:00 p.m. menus are nicely presented and very enjoyable.
Address: 116-14 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu.
·Chadoljip In the alley behind the Hamilton Hotel, across
Korean roasted meat restaurant from the Le Saint-Ex.
In the mood for some Korean BBQ? Try some Tel. 82-2-749-5271
chadolbagi at Chadoljip. Chadolbagi is thinly Hours: 12:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.
sliced point end beef brisket and it is enjoyed as English Menu


·Swagat Hotel This restaurant specializes in sushi menus and a Address: 656-15 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu
This restaurant serves Masala Utapam (a fish Tel. 82-2-793-0802 set menu called Jeonksik, which is composed of Tel. 82-2-546-9621
dish with rice and potato), Plain Dosa (a rolled www.holeechow.co.kr fresh meaty fish, sea urchin, and oyster. Hours: Dinner only
crepe), Fish Masala , Egg Curry and so on. Hours: 11:30 a.m.-10:30 p.m. Address: 302-65 Dongbuichon-dong, Yongsan-gu Some French spoken
Address: 83-11 Nonhyeon 2-dong, Gangnam- gu. English spoken Tel. 82-2-793-7733
Tel. 82-2-511-0207 Hours: 11:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.; 5:30 p.m.-11:00 p.m. ·Gecko’
s Garden
Hours: 11:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m.; 5:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. ·Wanchai Some English Spanish-style tapas in relaxing surroundings. Enjoy
English spoken This restaurant serves hot Chinese foods. Fried traditional menu and discover a new culinary
Clams with Black Bean and Chili is the most ·Domo favorite from daily specials. Mouthwatering
·Salam and Aik famous dish in this restaurant. This restaurant serves sashimi, Californian rolls, aromas and fresh flavors are sure to please.
Salam which is owned by a Korean Muslim is Address: 5-35 Changcheon-dong Seodaemun-gu. Fried shrimp, Gyutatakki and so on. Tel. 82-2-790-0540
famous for its Turkish food. Varied Kebabs are Tel. 82-2-392-7744/392-0302 Address: 2 flr., Jungsan Bldg., 362-4 Seogyo- www.geckosterrace.com
very enjoyable. If you walk 30 or so meters up Hours: 11:30 a.m.-10:00 p.m. dong, Mapo-gu Hours: 12:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
the road, there is another Turkish restaurant English spoken Tel. 82-2-333-3213
named AIK. This restaurant serves Daal, Hours: 11:30 a.m.-10:00 p.m. ·Le Saint-Ex
Tandoori, Mutton and Koi Fish together with English menu There is a limited menu and daily specials. If you
Japanese Food Restaurants are looking for a charming mix of ambience,
Western Food Restaurants food, drink and price, St-Ex marks the spot.
Address: 732-21 hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu. ·New Hama (Seoul Plaza Hotel) Address: In the alley behind the Hamilton Hotel
Salam: Tel. 82-2-793-4323 This restaurant serves almost all varieties of ·Barlin Tel. 82-2-795-2465
www.turkeysalam.com Japanese food. Also, unlike other Japanese The first authentic German food restaurant in Hours: 12:00-3:00 p.m.; 7:00-9:30 p.m.
Hours: 11:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m. restaurants, it serves quite a bit hot dishes Korea opened in August 2005. If you are looking English spoken; French spoken
No English using teppan (Japanese hot plate used for for a place to get a real taste of Germany in a
grilling slices of meat, various sauces and classy modern atmosphere, then Baerlin is the
AIK: Tel. 82-2-795-2487 veggies). place for you.
Hours: 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Address: Seoul Plaza Hotel Address: Somerset Palace 1Fl, #85, Susong-
Some English Tel. 82-2-310-7349 Dong, Jongno-gu
Hours 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.; 6:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. Tel. 82-2-722-5622
·Akasaka (Grand Hyatt Hotel) Hours: 11:30a.m.-11:30p.m.
Chinese Food Restaurants Akasaka ‘Red Hill’ is famed for its a la carte English spoken; German spoken
menu. In addition, the menu offers a page of
·Pazin selections including Geikkan, Eggplant in ·L’
This restaurant serves one of the finest Chinese Doenjang Sauce, and Tofu Steak. When it comes to French dining, L’Amitie is the
menus, including Spring Rolls with various Address: Grand Hyatt Hotel height of exclusivity. This restaurant serves
ingredients, Fried Flounder with Mandarin Tel. 82-2-799-8164 several French gourmet dishes including Rack of
Sauce, and Pan Salted King Prawns. Hours: 12:00-2:30 p.m.; 6:00 p.m.-10:30 p.m. Lamb and Roast Sea Bream.
Address: 100-23 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu
Tel. 82-2-3442-0087 ·Hana
Hours: 12:00-3:30 p.m.; 6:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m.
English spoken

·Ho Lee Chow

Noodles here are a must. Ho Fun (Flat Noodles)
in Black Bean Sauce and the Special Chow
Mein are noodle specialties served in the
Address: 2F Hamilton Hotel, 119-25 Itaewon-
dong, yongsan-gu
At the left end of the alley behind the Hamilton


> International Cuisine Italian Cuisine
Name (Area) Tel
American Cuisine (Family Restaurant) La Cucina (Itaewon) 82-2-794-6005~6 (www.la-cucina.co.kr)
Name (Area) Tel Sale e Pepe (Dongsung-dong) 82-2-745-2077~9
Bennigan’s (Gangnam) 82-2-3481-6500 (www.bennigans.co.kr) Il Mare (Apgujeong-dong) 82-2-3444-8697 (www.iilmare.com)
Outback Steakhouse (Gangnam) 82-2-3445-4701 (www.outback.co.kr) Fuccini (Yeoksam-dong) 82-2-552-2877 (www.puccini.co.kr)
Sizzler (Cheongdam-dong) 82-2-3442-6471 (www.sizzler.co.kr) La Volpaia (Hannam-dong) 82-2-794-8235
T.G.I. Fridays (Gangnam Station) 82-2-3477-0321 (www.tgif.co.kr) La Tavola (Itaewon) 82-2-793-6144
Vips (Gangnam Station) 82-2-558-7415 (www.ivips.co.kr) MezzaLuna (Mugyo-dong) 82-2-3783-0003 (www.mezzaluna.co.kr)
Tony Roma’s (Yeouido) 82-2-783-4130 (www.tonyromas.co.kr) Bis 82-2-722-0520
Marche (Trade center) 82-2-6002-6890~3 (www.marche.co.kr) Il Ponte 82-2-317-3270
Carnestation (Gangnam) 82-2-557-1239 (www.carnestation.co.kr) Bruschetta (Samseong-dong) 82-2-6002-6776 (www.bruschetta.co.kr)
Hangreen (Seocho) 82-2-3461-4141

Japanese Cuisine
Thai Cuisine
Name (Area) Tel
Name (Area) Tel
Ariake (Hotel Shilla) 82-2-2230-3356
Kisoya (Samseong dong) 82-2-556-7739 (www.kisoya.co.kr) Thai Orchid (Hannam-dong) 82-2-517-1135 (www.thaiorchid.co.kr)
Irodori (Renaissance Seoul Hotel) 82-2-2222-8659 Gong (Cheongdam-dong) 82-2-512-7958
Hakone (Grand Inter-Continental Hotel) 82-2-559-7623 Silkspice (Yeoksam-dong) 82-2-2005-1007~8 (www.silkspice.co.kr)
Wako (56 floor of 63 building) 82-2-789-5751~3 Little Thai (Mugyo-dong) 82-2-3783-0770~1 (www.littlethai.co.kr)
Domo (Hong Ik Univ.) 82-2-333-3213 Thai Suki (Hannam-dong) 82-2-794-2588 (www.thai-suki.co.kr)
Chinchin(Hong Ik Univ.) 82-2-334-1476
Seoulin (Sinsa-dong) 82-2-544-7055
Ikiiki (Mugyo-dong) 82-2-3783-0002 (www.ikiiki.co.kr)
Genbei (Hyehwa-dong) 82-2-765-6808
Kansai (Near Yonsei University) 82-2-332-1333
Chinese Cuisine
Name (Area) Tel
Hyangwon (Yeonnam-dong) 82-2-3141-2727
Sansu (Grand Hyatt Hotel) 82-2-799-8163
French Cuisine Paengnihyang (63 Building) 82-2789-5741
Name (Area) Tel Taepyongno Club (Taepyeongno) 82-2-778-9222
La Petite France (Itaewon) 82-2-790-3040 (www.petitefrance.co.kr) Arisan (Yeoksam-dong) 82-2-508-0340
The Seasons (Millennium Seoul Hilton) 82-2- 317-3060 Taipan (Grand Hilton Hotel) 82-2-317-3237
Le Saint-Ex (Itaewon) 82-2-795-2465 Ho Lee Chow (Itaewon) 82-2-793-0802 (www.holeechow.co.kr)
La Continentale (Shilla Hotel) 82-2-2230-3369 Mandarin (Namdaemunno) 82-2-753-5693
Harimgak (Jonno-gu) 82-2-558-7000 (www.harimgak.com)
Great Shanghai (Koreana Hotel) 82-2-2171-7869~70
Myengwon (Seocho) 82-2-525-0987
German Cuisine XingKai (Gwanghwamun) 82-2-3783-0000~1
Name (Area) Tel
Baerlin (Jongno) 82-2-722-5622 (www.baerlin.co.kr)
Deutsches Haus (Itaewon) 82-2-794-1313 (www.deutscheshaus.co.kr)


Swiss Cuisine ■■■Busan■■■
Name (Area) Tel
Chalet Swiss (Itaewon) 82-2-797-9664, 796-6379 (www.altswisschalet.com) ·Chunhachoodong Address: 18-8 Daeyeon3-dong, Nam-gu
Swiss (Pyeongchang-dong) 82-2-394-5003 Milmyeon (wheat noodles) are one of the local www.joins21.com/chowon
specialties of Busan. This restaurant serves a
traditional Milmyeon made from wheat flour, ·Opera
Mexican Cuisine vegetables, and nutritious Korean herbs. Opera is surrounded by the beautiful scenery of
Tel. 82-51-809-8659 Haeundae Beach, and its interior is plushly
Name (Area) Tel decorated. One can enjoy the breathtaking view
Address: 404-3 Bujeon1-dong, Busanjin-gu
Pancho’s (Itaewon) 82-2-792-4767 Hours: 12:00-10:00 p.m. as well as the live performances held here.
Casamaya (Seogyo-dong) 82-2-326-3250 (www.casamaya.co.kr) Tel. 82-51-746-6670 www.opera-house.co.kr
·Anyang Haemooltang Address:1510-12 Jung2-dong, Haeundae-gu
Haemooltang, a satisfying and spicy seafood
Indian Cuisine stew, is the specialty of ·Haeddeuneun-Jip
Name (Area) Tel this restaurant. This restaurant serves western food. Located in
Tel. 82-51-505-0480 Haeundae Beach, the beautiful views here are
Tajmahal (Itaewon) 82-2-749-0316 (www.tajmahal.co.kr)
Address: 89-17 Sajik2- in harmony with the tasty cuisine.
Tagore (Mapo-gu) 82-2-326-0998
dong, Dongnae-gu Tel. 82-51-742-4156
Hours: 10:30 a.m.-10:30 Address:1533-9 Jung2-dong, Haeundae-gu
p.m. Hours: 11:00 a.m -11:00 p.m.
Pakistani Cuisine
Name (Area) Tel ·Dongnae Pajeon ·NaNaimo
Mogul (Itaewon) 82-2-796-5501 Dongnae Pajeon is a This restaurant is famous for its great steaks
Usmania (Itaewon) 82-2-798-7155 local cuisine that was and beautiful four-story building.
offered to the kings of Tel. 82-51-704-0660
the Joseon Dynasty. Address: 444-2 Songjeong-dong, Haeundae-gu
This restaurant serves a Hours: 10:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.
Irish Cuisine
unique roasted Pajeon, a
Name Tel large pancake stuffed ■■■Jeju■■■
O’Kim’s (Chosun Hotel) 82-2-317-0388 with seafood and vege-
Tel. 82-51-552-0792 ·Daewoo-Jeong
Vietnamese Address: 367-2 Bokcheon-dong, Dongnae-gu This restaurant serves
www.dongraehalmaepajun.co.kr local rice-derived
Name (Area) Tel specialties. Try the
Hours: 12:00-10:00 p.m.
Phohoa (Sinsa-dong) 82-2-542-5025 (www.phohoa.co.kr) rice steamed with sea
PhoTai (Yeouido) 82-2-780-0908 (www.photai.com) ·San Seong Jip urchin and top shell.
Pho Saigon (Samseong-dong) 82-2-554-0220 This restaurant's specialty is Jaechup, another For a person who
local Busan specialty, a soup made from wants to taste unique
corbiculae, which is famed for combating aging Korean food, this
Turkish Cuisine and difficulties with circulation. restaurant is highly
Tel. 82-51-517-5288 recommended.
Name (Area) Tel
Address: 876 Geunseong-dong, Geumjeong-gu Tel. 82-64-757-9662
Salam 82-2-793-4323 (www.turkeysalam.com) Hours: 9:00a.m-11:00p.m Address: 569-27
Pasha (Gangnam) 82-2-593-8484 (www. pashakebab.com) Samdo1-dong
·Chowon Bokguk
This restaurant is a representative Bokguk ·Dongdo-Won
Danish and Norwegian Style Buffet restaurant. Bokguk is a soup made from This restaurant specializes in boiled scabbard
Name Tel swellfish, or pufferfish, one of the most fish served with vegetables and mackerel fried
delicious flavors of the sea. with green onion. These dishes are not as spicy
Scandinavian club 82-2-2265-9964 (www.scandinaviaclub.com)
Tel. 82-51-628-3935 as the usual Korean fare.


Tel. 82-64-747-9996 Gwangju City Hall ·La Vista
Address: 260-14 Yeon-dong Tel. 82-62-525-2111 This restaurant serves beef loin steak, pork
www.geumsoojang.co.kr cutlet, chicken cutlet and others
·Tamra-Jeong Tel. 82-53-620-0300
This restaurant serves a variety of dishes made ·Hongdo Gimgawon Address: 302-11 Duryu-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu
from a type of delicious red tilefish. It also This restaurant is located at the rear of the
serves nearly every kind of sushi. Gyobo building across from City Hall and ·Yeongyeong-banjeom
Tel. 82-64-758-3455 specializes in Heuksan skate. Skate is a high- This restaurant serves a large number of
Address:1075-1 Yido2-dong quality fish, and the preparation here stimulates seafood selections. The restaurant is famous for
people's appetite with both a strong and using fresh Mushroom and shrimp.
·Tae-Im distinctive smell and a hot and spicy taste. At Tel. 82-53-476-5599
Jeju is famed for its pheasant dishes. Tae-Im is the door, an essay tells the owner's interesting Address: 539-32 Icheon-dong, Nam-gu, Daegu
the place to go in order to enjoy a variety of career story.
these delectable specialties. Location: Rear of the Gyobo building, across ·Tokyo
Tel. 82-64-744-2008 from City Hall You can enjoy the colorful interior decorations of This restaurant serves fresh sashimi (raw fish)
Address: 76 Noheyong-dong Tel. 82-62-382-8700 the restaurant, as well as its menu, using such and other seafood directly dispatched from East
ingredients as swallow's nests, shark fin, Sea on daily basis.
·Suwon Wang Galbi abalone, and sea cucumber. Tel. 82-53-527-0608
Here in Gwangju, you can try the famous galbi www.jeongabok.co.kr Address: 747 Bon-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu
of Suwon city. This restaurant is situated next to Location: In the Entercinema Building on
the Gyowongongje Hoiegwan building in Chungjang-ro O-ga (5th street) ·Subok-chobap
Hwajeong-dong and reproduces the taste of Tel. 82-62-233-2337 This restaurant serves sushi and raw fish
Suwon galbi. The chef, a 20-year veteran of fine Tel. 82-53-766-5346
cooking, creates a pleasant and tender galbi by ·Jungfrau Address: 153-5 Dusan-dong, Suseong-gu,
seasoning the beef with a simple mix of salt, This restaurant opened in 1994 and employs an Daegu
sugar, and sesame oil. excellent chef who previously worked in a first-
Main Menu: seasoned galbi, grilled galbi class hotel in Seoul. You should try his tender
Location: Next to Gyowongongje Hoegwan beef steak and plentiful full-course fish dinner.
building in Hwajeong-dong He uses pastas imported from Italy and spring
Tel. 82-62-368-2300 water drawn from 205 meters underground.
Location: On the Circular Road in Bangrim-dong
·Via Rome Tel. 82-62-653-4800
This modern yet simple restaurant is located
·Moolhang behind the Samik Apartment Complex in
This restaurant serves a unique kind of sushi Bongseon-dong. The parasols displayed in the
named Moolhoe. courtyard create a romantic atmosphere, while
Tel. 82-64-753-2731 the interior offers a good space in which to have ·Wonjo Hyeonpung Park
Address: 917-7 Nohyeong-dong a family dinner or a social gathering. It serves This restaurant serves bone stew and other
western food, spaghetti, and pizza baked in a Korean food.
brick oven. Tel. 82-53-615-1122
Location: Behind the Samik Apartment Address: 128-1 Ha-ri, Dalseong-gun, Daegu
Complex in Bongseon-dong
·Arirang House Tel. 82-62-676-9292 ·Bau Sanjang
This restaurant proudly presents 15 kinds of This restaurant serves pork barbecue and pork
special courses. Among them, the four full- ·Jeongabok ribs with firewood.
course Korean dinners are the most popular. Jeongabok faithfully follows the traditional Tel. 82-53-614-3399
Each dish looks like a true work of art, in line cuisine of the Gwangdong region in China, even Address: 59-3 Eum-ri, Dalseong-gun, Daegu
with the tradition of the city. boasting a Chinese chef. The cuisine is focused www.bawoosanjang.co.kr
Location: In the Geumsujang Hotel across from on bringing out only the natural flavors of food.


Guide to Living in Korea

WELCOME TO KOREA ■■■Phone transfer

Written application submission to telephone office or call [local number+0000]
Transfer cost
Service type Description Phone number revision Cost
Calling Domestic Transfer to the same region of No In case of sending a
address transfer KT branch technician: 14,000 won
transfer Transfer to other Transfer to other region of KT No In case of not sending a
region branch technician: 10,000 won

Transfer within the district Transfer within the same No 2,600 won

■■■Additional services

CID (Caller Identification Display)

COMMUNICATIONS AND MEDIA Description Rate Eligibility
Business 2,800 won/ month Subscriber registered in the name of the incorporation
Business license number is registered
Family 1,500 won/ month Subscribers for the use
for other than family gathering
> Telecommunications Facilities
Call waiting service
Base fee
■■■Installation and use of telephones ■■■Return of telephones
1,000 won/ month 500 won added per each new item including arrival call
[www.kt.co.kr] (contract termination) (Free for the first month) or designated time information
Request and application: press “100” and “4” Application submission to telephone office
Contract documents: personal visit or fax (82- Personal application: alien registration card
2-2050-9561) with alien registration card and (official ID card), seal impression, receipt for ■■■Payment
alien bank account copy payment Bill payment - take the bill to a close financial institution (post office, agricultural cooperatives, bank,
Initial subscription fee: 60,000 won (installation Proxy application: seal impression and seal Saemaeul community bank) or to convenience stores like Seven-Eleven, Family Mart, etc.
fee, VAT included, not refundable after contract impression certificate of contract owner, proxy Automatic financial institution transfer: automatic payment of monthly communications fee every
termination) seal impression and ID card, receipt for month from customer’s designated bank account
※Subscription fee exempt for subscription renewal payments Internet payment: log into KT (www.kt.co.kr) and other Internet banking web sites
within 5 years after contract termination Refund the subscription fee excluding phone
Monthly phone bill bill for those who got the membership before
- monthly base fee: 5,200 won (VAT not 2001. ■■■Incheon International Airport Mobile Center in the 1st floor of Incheon International
included) Airport. (I.D. required)
Phone Rental Service
-Low cost for domestic telephone calls
Intra-city call fee Service: Mobile phone rental service and
-No fee for incoming calls
-Credit cards accepted
Ordinary hours 39 won / 180 seconds Weekdays 08:00~21:00 International roaming service
-Rental phones at discount price
Discount hours 39 won / 258 seconds Weekdays 21:00~24:00 Hours: 24 hours
Location: 1st flr. Exit 10/ 3rd flr. near Check-in
Counter G
SK Telecom
Service: CDMA, Mobile rental, International
Tel. 82-1588-0608
Phonecall from an intra-city to mobile This company offers services for customers
Roaming service
Ordinary hours 14.50 won / 10 seconds 08:00~21:00 Hours: 24hrs
who travel overseas for tour or business so
Location: 1st flr. Exit 6/ Between Check-in
Discount hours 13.67 won / 10 seconds 06:00~08:00 / 21:00~24:00 that they can use a mobile phone in anywhere.
Counter E and F in the 3rd flr.
Special discount 12.87 won / 10 seconds 00:00~06:00 After you pay by credit card at KTF Roaming


Tel. 82-1599-2011 Rental Fee: 2,000 won per one day Price Information
You can rent cellular phones while visiting Hours: 7:00 a.m-10:00 p.m.
Korea from SK Telecom, the first company in Tel. 82-1566-9070 Item Rates Reference
the world to commercialize the CDMA You should make a reservation for mobile
Long-term rental discount offered. in
technology and the largest provider of mobile rental by making a phone call or by using the Daily Rental Fee 1,500 won/day case that rental period is over,
communication services in Korea with over 18 website, a representative residing in the 1 month : 1,000 won/day
million subscribers. You can rent a mobile Incheon International Airport will deliver a
phone in the Roaming Center (1st flr.). mobile phone to you. Domestic call 100 won/10 seconds

Call charges International call charges + Please refer to the table of Country
Wide Mobile International call
www.widemobile.com 100 won/10 seconds code and international call charges
Service: mobile rental
Receiving a call Free of charge

When you have difficulty in

BBB interpretation service
Free of charge communicating with Korean, BBB
■■■Korea BBB Association volunteers offer interpretation

They offer a BBB phone service cooperated with SK Telecom. You can download 50% discout coupon at http://www.bbbkorea.org/eng/bbbcard/coupon.html
This service is for foreign students, business people, overseas Koreans and short-term or long-term
residents in Korea. You can use this service for the reasonable price without the receiving fee.
■■■Mobile phone
SK Telecom [www.sktelecom.co.kr] 82-1599-0011
01 BBB PHONE Download
Description Rate
Subscription fee 55,000 won(VAT included)
Visit SK Roaming center at International Airport.
02 (Residents in Korea can visit SK MyeongDong Branch Office)
Guarantee insurance premium 10,000 won
Please bring your passport, credit card and BBB coupon
※SK Telecom shoulders insurance fee for extending quality assurance after the insurance expiration for new subscribers
who joined the service from August 1, 2002.
03 Rent a phone
Document preparations
Use your BBB PHONE When you have any difficulty in communicating with Description Personal application Agent application
04 Koreans, call BBB interpretation service! (free of charge)
Ordinary Alien registration card, passport Passport, alien registration card, agent ID card
Diplomat Passport, diplomat id certificate Passport, diplomat id certificate, agent ID card
Retern the BBB PHONE and pay your phone bill USFK troops Passport, letter of stationary order Passport, letter of stationary order, agent ID card
05 (either cash or credit card when you depart Korea. Overseas Koreans Domestic residence report card Domestic residence report card
(or alien registration card) (or alien registration card), agent ID card
Denizenship acquirer Alien registration card Alien registration card, agent ID card

General Rate
Base rate Discount calling rate (as of 10 second call) Free-of-charge
13,000 won 20 won 13 won 10 won 60 x10 seconds
(Non-discount) (Discount) (Night) (per 10 minutes)

Jongro Rental Roaming Center

Business Hours Location Telephone
09:00~18:00, SK Telecom T WORLD 290, 82-2-1599-2011
weekend and national holiday closed Gwanchunldong Jongrogu


KTF [www.ktfmembers.com] 82-1588-0010
Subscription fee
> Pay Telephones > Long Distance & International Calls
Item Price Notes Exemptions ■■■Coin phones ■■■Long distance calls
Subscription fee 30,000 won/ Installment payment The disabled/war - Domestic calls only - Insert coins or card
handset available veterans/children’s - Can make local, long distance and mobile - Dial area code + telephone number
(return upon termination) welfare incorporation/ phone calls (all area codes in Korea start with“0”)
low income brackets - 70 won for a 3-minute local call - International calls can also be made with a
※No subscription fee for rejoining within the period of 16 days to 36 months after contract termination. But subscription - Charges vary with length of call and call credit card. Credit card phones are located in
exemption for resubscription after termination applies only once a year and succession or name transfer is impossible destination hotels and major buildings. Instructions are
for the following 3 months. - Insert coins and then dial in English.
- Dial area codes when making calls to wired
Document preparations phones using a mobile phone.
■■■Card phones
Description Visitor Document preparations ※ Area Codes
Alien Personal Subscriber alien registration card
- There are pay phones for Seoul (02) Gyeonggi-do (031) Incheon (032)
phone cards, credit cards Gangwon-do (033) Chungcheongnam-do (041)
Agent Subscriber alien registration card,
and IC cards. Daejeon (042) Chungcheongbuk-do (043)
passport, subscriber signature agreement card
- Can make local, long Pusan (051) Ulsan (052) Daegu (053)
(the same signature as in passport),
distance, mobile Gyeongsangbuk-do (054) Gyeongsangnam-do (055)
agent ID card
phone and Jeollanam-do (061) Jeollabuk-do (063)
international calls. Gwangju (062) Jeju (064)
General rate
- Phone cards are sold
Base rate Free calling Discount calling rate (as of 10 second call) in values of
(won/month) (won/month) General KTF-KTF member discount 2,000 won, 3,000 won, ■■■International calls

13,000 10 18 14 10 17 14 10 5,000 won, and Insert coins or card

(Ordinary) (Discount) (Night) (Ordinary) (Discount) (Night) 10,000 won. Dial 001, 002 or 008 + country code + area
- Phone cards are sold at code + telephone number
news stands and banks. For example: 001 ▶ 1 ▶ 212 ▶ 123-4567
LG Telecom [www.lgtelecom.com] 82-1544-0010 International phone service
·Joint Card and Coin Phones International phone charges are based on the
Description Rate - Used the same as other public phones. time of the call whether dialed on a home or
Subscription fee 30,000 won - Credit cards can be used. business direct line, wireless phone, or fax.
Simply dial the country code, area code, and
·Subscription fee can be paid with cash or by credit card or installment payments.
the telephone number you wish to call.
·Subscription fee exempt for the disabled or war veterans for one phone installation with certificate submission.
KT [http://kt001.ktann.com]
·Subscription fee exempt for resubscription within 3 years under the same name after termination.
International dialing code: 001, 00727
Documentation preparations LG Dacom [http://hi.lgdacom.net] Tel. 82-1544-0001
Description Personal application Agent application International dialing code: 002, 00300
(Night calling)
General aliens Alien registration card, passport Passport, alien registration card, agent ID card
OnseTelecom [www.onsetel.co.kr]
Diplomats Passport, diplomat ID card Passport, diplomat status certificate, agent ID card Tel. 82-1688-1000 International dialing
US troops Passport, order of stationing Passport, letter of stationery order, agent ID card code: 008, 0365
Overseas Domestic residence report card Domestic residence report certificate
※Check phone service web sites for international calling
Koreans (or alien registration card) (or alien registration card), agent ID card
rates. Rates vary between companies.
Denizenship Alien registration card Alien registration card, agent ID card

General Rate
General rate Base rate (won/month) Free-of-charge SMS
Ordinary 9,000 9,000 30 messages
Ordinary12,000 12,000


■■■Media contacts in Seoul
> Media & Communication
Overseas Media
■■■Satellite TV ■■■Cable TV
Name Website Tel
After installing a satellite dish and receiver, you Cable TV, an integrated medium of broadcasting
can watch nearly 140 channels including local and telecommunication, is defined as multi- ABC News www.abcnews.go.com 82-2-734-1083
networks, movies, news, music, sports, and channel broadcasting specialized in news,
audio channels, as well as foreign channels such movies, music, entertainment, documentaries, AFP www.afp.com 82-2-720-5668
as German DW, French TV5, Italian RAI, Spanish sports, religion, education, Baduk (Korean
AP www.ap.org 82-2-732-7957
TVE, Japanese NHK, and English channels, e.g., checkers), home shopping, regional channels and
MCM (music channel), WTN, BBC, NBC, CNN, aeronautical broadcasting channels. (Cable TV APTN www.aptn.com 82-2-736-4418
CNBC, etc. currently provides a variety of additional services
Installation fee is about 600,000 won, such as high speed Internet service, pay-per-view CBS News www.cbs.com 82-2-318-2711
depending on the type of service. (PPV) service for movies and IPG.)
CNN www.cnn.com 82-2-723-8405
Satellite broadcasting reception installation Service providers
companies. - Korean Cable TV Association FEER www.feer.com 82-2-756-1695
- Nasa Satellite Co. [www.nasa-ant.com] [www.kcta.or.kr] Tel. 82-2-735-6511
Tel. 82-2-717 -2256 - C&M communications [www.cnminternet.kr] Fuji TV www.fujikorea.tv 82-2-784-7429
- Seki Communication [www.sekisat.com] Tel. 82-1600-8896
Los Angeles Times www.latimes.com 82-2-771-0500
Tel. 82-2-2231-7989 Required documents: Applicant’s name,
- Skylife [www.skylife.co.kr] phone number (home and cellular phone), Mainichi Newspaper www.mainichi.co.jp 82-2-735-6798
Tel. 82-1566-1518 address, and alien registration card
Plan: There are various plans including a basic NHK www.nhk.or.jp 82-2-725-5653
plan, upgraded plan, family plan, HBO package,
Nihon Keizai Shimbun www.nni.nikkei.co.jp 82-2-733-9856
and the“Spice Package.”
Nishinippon Shimbun www.nishinippon.co.jp 82-2-733-8605
Cable Fees (Unit: won) NTV www.ntv.co.jp 82-2-2061-6601
No Contract 1 yr 2 yrs 3 yrs
South China Morning Post www.scmp.com 82-2-727-0253
Basic Fee 15,000 15,000 15,000 15,000
Converter Rental Fee 0 0 0 0 TBS www.tbs.co.jp 82-2-771-0384

Total 15,000 15,000 15,000 15,000 TV Ashahi www.asahi.com 82-2-733-1741

* VAT not excluded
Tv Tokyo www.tv-tokyo.co.jp 82-2-2268-3093
Equipment Fees (Unit: won)
UPI www.upi.com 82-2-398-3654
Loss of Converter Converter Deposit Remote Control Purchase
Wall Street Journal Asia www.wsj-asia.com 82-2-756-1695
120,000 30,000 10,000
* VAT not excluded Yomiuri Shimbun www.yomiuri.co.jp 82-2-733-4363

Installation Fees (Unit: won) Deutsche Welle www.dw-world.de

Type of Housing New Additional Removal/Transfer

House / Villa etc. 44,000 22,000 22,000
Apartment 44,000 22,000
Building / Business Assessment Assessment
Registration Fee None
* VAT not excluded
※ The price varies depending upon which company you chose.


Korean Media ■■■High-speed Internet service fees

Name Website Tel Basic Service [www.kt.co.kr] (without additional tax)

Category 3-year contract 2-year contract 1-year contract No contract
Arirang TV www.arirang.co.kr 82-2-3475-5000
XDSL/BWLL 25,500 won 27,000 won 28,500 won 30,000 won
Chosun Ilbo english.chosun.com 82-2-724-5114 LAN (B&A) 23,800 won 25,200 won 26,600 won 28,000 won
Dong-A Ilbo english.donga.com 82-2-2020-0114 Satellite 30,000 won

EBS www.ebs.co.kr 82-1588-1580 ※ You must return discounted fees when you terminate the service before the contract expiration date (including termination
at the company’s sole discretion) or when you shorten the contract period.
Hankyoreh www.hani.co.kr 82-2-1566-9595

JoongAng Ilbo www.Joins.com 82-2-751-5114

KBS www.kbs.co.kr 82-2-781-1000

Korea Herald www.koreaherald.co.kr 82-2-727-0205

Korea Times www.koreatimes.co.kr 82-2-724-2359

Kukminilbo www.kukminilbo.co.kr 82-2-781-9114

Kyunghyang Shinmun www.khan.co.kr 82-2-3701-1114

Maeil Business www.mk.co.kr 82-2-2000-2000

MBC www.imbc.com 82-2-780-0011

Munhwa Ilbo www.munhwa.com 82-2-3701-5114

SBS www.sbs.co.kr 82-2-2061-0006

There are many AM and FM radio stations which sometimes offer programs in foreign languages.
The American Forces Network (AFN) is the only station with 24-hour English programs. Its
frequencies are 1,530 AM and 102.7 FM.
Internet Service: [www.ybmfm.com] (24-hour English Broadcost)

■■■High-speed internet services

URL Tel Wireless Internet Service

www.megapass.net 100 O

www.hanaro.com 106 O

www.xpeed.com 1644-7000 O

www.borahome.net 1544-0001 O

www.dreamline.co.kr 1566-1212 X

※ Contract period
One-year, two-year, or three-year basic service rate: 25,500~30,000 won per month. It does not include VAT and the
modem rental fee (3,000 - 5,000 won). Rates vary for each company. Initial installation fee: 30,000 won


> Translation/Interpretation Companies

■■■Cost ·Lexfeel Foreign Language Service ·Pantrans

Tel. 82-2-525-2725 Tel. 82-2-778-2028
Specialty: Manuals Specialty: Translation and interpretation
·Interpretation service: 500,000-700,000 www.lexfeel.com www.pantrans.net
won for every 6 hours
·Translation ·Pen Touch
- Korean-English: 40,000 won per 240 words Tel. 82-2-557-7496
(25 lines) Specialty: IT, business, Chinese translation
- English-Korean: 20,000 won per 240 (Mandarin, Cantonese)
words (25 lines) pentouch.co.kr
Other languages: 45,000-50,000 won per 240
words (25 lines) ·Kyounghee Translation
Tel. 82-2-588-3455
Specialty: Law, medical, business translation
■■■Companies www.khtrans.co.kr
·Trans Nara
Tel. 82-2-555-0572
·Seoul Translation Service
·WinWin Trans. Specialty: English, Japanese, Chinese
Tel. 82-2-2113-2777
Tel. 82-2-545-3088 translation
Specialty: Medical, accounting, patent
Specialty: Simultaneous interpretation, www.transnara.co.kr
translation www.sts.co.kr
www.winwintrans.com/ ·Tranny
Tel. 82-2-561-1222
·Transdotcom Specialty: Business, website translation
Tel. 82-2-416-5409 www.tranny.co.kr
Specialty: Interpretation, Translation, 24-hour
service. English-Japanese, Japanese-Chinese, ·Hi Touch
French-English, etc. Tel. 82-2-337-4740
www.transdotcom.com Specialty: Business translation
www.hi-touch.co.kr/main /index2.php
Tel. 82-1544-3623 ·Onnuri Translation Co.
Specialty: Available in 40 languages, translation Tel. 82-2-2265-2203
for visual material Specialty: Interpretation and translation for
www.gatetrans.com businesses
·Korea Herald
Tel. 82-2-723-0030 ·Seoul Selection
Specialty: Multilingual homepages; high-profile Tel. 82-2-734-9567
translators Specialty: Culture, art, literature translation
Website: http://www.heraldtrans.com www.seoulselection.com

·ITIC ·Apple Trans

Tel. 82-2-558-3543 Tel. 82-2-553-4579
Specialty: Simultaneous interpretation in Specialty: 24-hour service, resume, law, finance
Chinese; interpretation, translation www.appletrans.co.kr/index.htm


■■■Where to lease or purchase a water ■■■Water purifiers and air cleaners for

> Useful Phone Numbers purifier (mineral water companies) lease or sale
Jejusamdasu [www.samdasoo.or.kr] Woongjin Coway [www.coway.co.kr]
■■■Directory assistance Seoul Help Center for Foreigners Tel. 82-64-780-3300 Tel. 82-1588-5100
Local (dial 114), Long-distance (dial area code - Tel. 82-2-731-6800~2 Pulmuonesaemmul ChungHo Nais [www.chnais.com]
plus 114): ask for English service. [www.pulmuonesaemmul.co.kr] Tel. 82-32-671-6890
Directory Assistance Tel. 82-2-2140-8700
Weekdays: 09:00~18:00, Sat.: 09:00~13:00, ■■■Permanent residence service Jinroseoksu [www.jinroseoksu.co.kr]
120 won Investor Support Center: Tel. 82-1588-7888
Weekdays: 00:00~09:00, Sat.:00:00~09:00, Tel. 82-2-3460-7119 Eviankorea [www.eviankorea.com]
13:00~24:00, Holidays: 00:00~24:00, 140 won Information on foreign exchange rate: Tel. 82-80-342-0045
Tel. 82-2-775-5550(4)
Relocation service provider
■■■Emergency service for foreigners (Yellow Page Korea Co., Ltd.)
International SOS Korea Ltd. - Tel. 82-2-725-0411
Job Help System for Expats in Seoul > Garbage Disposal
- Membership required
- English and Japanese available [http://jobs.seoul.go.kr]
■■■Daily garbage disposal collection boxes (according to items).
- Tel. 82-2-3140-1924 (24 hours)
To report a criminal act: Tel. 112 (English, General waste coming from houses and offices Individual residents gather recyclable items at
Japanese, Chinese, French) should be put into municipality-issued plastic designated places twice every week.
International Crime . Drug Dealer: ■■■Housemaids and gardener service bags and placed at collection sites on scheduled Paper: Tie newspapers, calendars, magazines,
Tel. 82-80-999-1112, 82-80-776-2112 Dowayo: [www.dowayo.co.kr] dates to be picked up by garbage collectors. or notebooks in 30 cm bundles. (Ensure
Fire and emergency: Tel. 119 Tel. 82-2-542-9292 cartons are cleaned before disposing.)
■■■Food waste Glass: Wine, soft drinks and medicine bottles
(English, Japanese, Chinese, French) YWCA: [www.ywca.or.kr] Tel. 82-2-774-9702~7
Emergency Medical Information Center Help Service Korea: [www.hnskorea.com] ·Warning must be cleaned before disposing.
Tel. 82-1339 Tel. 82-2-3147-1302 Food waste should be drained of all fluids. Scrap metal: Metal chairs, stainless steel
Health and welfare center Plastic bags, shells, toothpicks, wooden should be collected separately.
Tel. 82-129 chopsticks, animal bones, plastics, metal Cans: Beer, soft drink and powdered milk cans
Red Cross emergency: Tel. 82-2-3705-3705 ■■■Repair shops for electronics goods, bottles, papers, eggshells, etc. should should be compressed before throwing away.
U.S. Military Evacuation Hospital 121: not be mixed in with food waste. Plastics: Detergent and shampoo containers
Panasonic Service Center should be disposed only after rinsing with water.
Tel. 82-2-7917-5450/5545 ·Detached Houses
[http://www.panasonic.co.kr] Broken bottles, glass, etc.: Special bags or
Seoul Metropolitan Police Foreign Affairs: Food waste should be placed in containers
Tel.82-1588-8452 municipality-issued plastic bags
Tel. 82-2-738-9997/4587 (usually a plastic bag or container) designated
SONY A/S Center [http://scs.sony.co.kr]
Gas accidents: Tel. 82-2-3411-0019 by each area and then left outside for ■■■Where to purchase trash bags
Tel. 82-1588-0911
Information for the blind: Tel. 82-2-700-2060 collection.
Philips A/S Center [www.philips.co.kr] Supermarkets and grocery stores carry all trash
Passport ARS service: Tel. 82-2-733-2114
Tel. 82-80-600-6600 ·Apartments, Other Multi-unit Residences bags such as trash bags for food or other waste.
Whirl Pool Korea [www.whirlpoolkorea.com] Food waste must be taken and dumped into The price of trash bags vary depending on size
Tel. 82-2-424-2133 large food waste receptacles generally found in and function. Each district uses different bags.
Exit 3 of Itaewon Station, Subway line 6 the parking lot. You must buy bags in your district, as bags from
other districts cannot be used.
■■■How to deal with recycle bins
White bags for domestic use in private
■■■Furniture rental Collecting recyclables is an effective means of households in 5, 10, 20 and 50 liter sizes.
K.F.Rent [www.kfrent.com] reducing environmental pollution. Light blue bags for public use in 50, 70 and
Tel. 82-2-798-3737/6667 Recyclable goods are divided into five different 100 liter sizes.
Service: Furniture, home appliances groups: paper, glass, scrap iron, cans and plastic. Orange bags for business use in 20, 50 and
(air-conditioners, refrigerators, washing Apartment residents put these into the assigned 100 liter sizes.
machines, dishwashers etc.)


- Plastic bag prices dedicated to food garbage ·Yongsan Electronics Market kinds of musical instruments, including
Norm 2L 3L 5L 10L Tel. 82-2-713-8882 traditional musical instruments, electronic
[www.yongsan.com] musical instruments, and amplifiers. This
Price 50 won 70 won 100 won 180 won arcade is located in the direction of SC Jeil
Yongsan Station, Subway line No.1/
Sinyongsan Station line No. 4 Bank and accessible from Jongno 3-ga Station,
This is one of the large electronics shopping line 5, exit 5.
■■■Disposing of large-sized items centers.
·What is a large-sized item? If recycling, call the Center for Recycling or ·Namdaemun Market
Refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, other collection source. ·Techno Mart [www.tm21.com] [www.indm.net]
air conditioners, wardrobes, sofas, tables, Tel. 82-2-3424-0114 Tel. 82-2-991-7718
·Fees (won) Gangbyeon Station, Subway line No. 2 Compared to Dongdaemun Market, many
pianos, furniture, and other items that are not
- Refrigerator: 4,000 ~ 8,000 Techno Mart is a large shopping center that has features of old market remain in Namdaemun
suitable for regulation-sized bags.
- Television: 3,000 ~ 5,000 a shopping mall and discount stores where a Market. Aging buildings with shabby
- Washing machine: 3,000 total of more than 2,000 electronic products appearances contain shops that sell
·Procedures for Disposal
- Closet: 10,000 ~ 15,000 shops are located from the 1st to 8th flr. cutting-edge electronic appliances, including
Notify dong office, sanitation company or gu
- Desk: 4,000 ~ 7,000 camera equipment. Customers can buy
office and pay fee in advance.
- Piano: 15,000 ·Hi Mart [www.himart.co.kr] bestselling items (mainly food) from all over
Tel. 82-1588-0070 the world at the imported goods market in
Hi Mart Bldg. 509 Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Namdaemun Market.
> Shopping for Daily Necessities Seoul
Hi Mart is one of the biggest electronics and ·Dongdaemun Market
home appliance chains around. A large [www.dongdaemunsc.co.kr]
■■■Discount chain stores Tel. 82-2-2262-0114
number of shops spread around the city
The following is a major supermarket chain but ·Returns provide convenience for shoppers. This market is renowned as an inexpensive
besides this particular chain, there are plenty of Generally, if you cannot exchange your fashion town popular among young people.
shopping plazas and supermarkets around the purchase with the same product, you can One can witness a mind-boggling number of
city. choose a similar product and pay the difference ■■■Market shops and booths in the hectic shopping
Kim's Club (New Core Outlet) or request a refund. Products purchased during ·Gwangjang Market centers such as Cheongdaemun, Doota, and
[www.kimsclub.co.kr] a sale event can be exchanged for the same [www.kwangjangmarket.co.kr] Migliore. Dongdaemun Station, line 1.
Tel. 82-2-530-5000 (24-hours a day) product at no extra charge. Tel. 82-2-2267-0291~2
E-Mart [www.shinsegae.com] This is a wholesale market selling texture for ·Gyungdong Yangnyeong Market
Tel. 82-2-380-1234 ·Refunds the hanbok (traditional Korean costume), suit, [www.kyungdongmart.com]
Home Plus [www.homever.co.kr] Generally must be accompanied by the receipt and western-style dress. This market is Tel. 82-2-969-4793
Tel. 82-2-3016-1500 or proof of purchase. The seller is responsible designated as a world tour course. A variety of Located in Jegi-dong, Dongdaemun-gu,
Samsung Home Plus [www.homeplus.co.kr] for providing free repairs during the period of items, including children’s hanbok and showy customers can find all kinds of pharmaceutical
Tel. 82-2-3459-8000 (All day) the product’s warranty. However, a seller is and charming items captivate customers. products in this market. There are thousands of
Lotte Mart [www.ilottemart.com] not responsible for repairs stemming from Jongno 5-ga Station, line 1. businesses related to oriental medicine. In this
Tel. 82-2-411-8000 carelessness or natural disasters, or goods market, transactions of oriental medicine
Costco Korea [www.costco.co.kr] purchased from unauthorized shops. ·Noryangjin Fish Market materials are made directly and customers can
Tel. 82-2-2679-1234 The following organizations offer consumer [www.susansijang.co.kr] buy them at discounted prices. Recently,
Gyungdong Yangnyeong Market advice or resolve consumer issues: Consumer Tel. 82-2-814-2211~2 Museum of Oriental Medicine was founded.
Tel. 82-2-965-2239 Protection Board, Consumers Union of Korea, This is the largest inland fish market. Customers Jegi Station, line 1.
Yangjae-dong Flower Market YMCA, and Citizens’ Alliance for Consumer can buy fish at retail prices and eat raw fish at
[www.yfmc.co.kr] Protection of Korea. the market. Excellent restaurants in the area ·Yangjae-dong Flower Market
Tel. 82-2-579-8100 abound with provision of fresh seafood from [www.yfmc.co.kr]
the market. Noryangjin Station, line 1. Tel. 82-2-579-8100
■■■Electronic goods This is the largest flower market in the nation.
■■■Returns or refunds Wholesale transactions are mainly made
Most houses in Korea use 220 volts, matching ·Nagwon Musical Instrument Arcade
You cannot return or refund a product purchased most home appliances sold in supermarkets or [www.enakwon.com] through auctions. However, customers can
without a receipt. shopping centers. (Electric home appliances using Tel. 82-2-742-4020 purchase cheap and fresh flowers at flower
110 volts require a transformer or converter.) Nagwon Musical Instrument Arcade sells all shops in the market. Yangjae Station, line 3.


> Fee Index

1. Maintenance Charge 4. Cable Television

This depends on where you live and what kind of house you live in. Maintenance charges consist of
security fees, garbage collection, building lights, and building clean-up fees. Installation fee Antenna, Receiver Payment

Sky Life 40,000 won 22,000 won Sky Family: 20,000 won/month Sky Movie: 14,000 won/month
House Size Charge

66-99 sq.m (20-30 pyeong) 50,000-100,000 won Cnm 40,000 won 2,000 won Basic: 8,000 won/month Economic: 12,000 won/month

99-132 sq.m (30-40 pyeong) 100,000-150,000 won *There are a number of regional cable television companies. Charges differ per type of service.
*The price varies depending upon which district you live.
132-165 sq.m (40-50 pyeong) 150,000-200,000 won

165-198 sq.mt (50-60 pyeong) 200,000-250,000 won

·Example of cable television charges for a household in Yongsan-gu (won/month)
198 sq.m~ (60 pyeong +) 250,000 won
Service Installation Fee Subscription Fee

Compulsory version 44,000 4,000

2. Utilities Supply version 44,000 8,000

You can pay your utilities in two ways, depending on the terms of your lease. You can either pay
each utility separately or include all the utility fees in a general management fee or maintenance fee, Saving version 44,000 12,000
payable directly to your leasing agent. This fee consists of gas, water, and electricity fee.
Basic version 44,000 15,000

House Size Charge *VAT excluded

66-99 sq.m (20-30 pyeong) 200,000-210,000 won

99-132 sq.m (30-40 pyeong) 210,000-280,000 won

5. Internet Service (won/month)
132-165 sq.m (40-50 pyeong) 280,000-350,000 won
Installation Fee Antenna, Receiver Payment
165-198 sq.mt (50-60 pyeong) 350,000-420,000 won
KT Megapass Special: 38,000
198 sq.m~ (60 pyeong +) 420,000 won 30,000 8,000
Megapass Megapass Light : 30,000

Optic LAN: 33,000

30,000 8,000
3. Water broadband
Speed LAN: 28,000
Tap water in Korea is adequate for drinking, but using bottled water or filtration equipment such as a
water purifier will improve the quality. *VAT excluded

Water Source Charge

Bottled water 5,000-7,000/5 gallon

6. Phone Line Installation
Water purifier (rental) 15,000-30,000 won/month You can apply to have a phone line installed by going to a local telephone office with your passport,
or by mailing/faxing a copy of your passport. The installation fee is 60,000 won, and the basic monthly
Water purifier (purchase) 500,000-1,000,000 won charge is 5,200 won.


7. Electricity Fees 12. Taxi Fare (Won)
·General Taxi ·Deluxe Taxi
Base Charge (per house) Usage charge (Won/Kwh) Basic fare: 1,900 won Basic fare: 4,500 won for the first 3 km
Less than 100kWh 370 won Initial 100KWh 55.10 Additional fare: After the first 2km, 100 won Additional fare: 200 won for 205m or 50
for each additional 168 m seconds if the speed drops below 15 km/h
101~200kWh 820 won Up to following 100KWh 113.80
201~300kWh 1,430 won Up to following 100KWh 168.30
301~400kWh 3,420 won Up to following 100KWh 248.60 13. Highway Toll Fees (Won) (won)
401~400kWh 6,410 won Up to following 100KWh 366.40
Seoul ~ Busan (395Km)
Over 500kWh 11,750 won Over 500kWh 643.90 Small Medium Large Cargo truck Vocational truck Micro
18,100 18,400 19,100 25,300 29,800 9,050
8. Gas Usage Rate (won) 9. Water Rate Basic charge 1,080 (won) Seoul ~ Daejoen (138Km)
Basic charge per month 840 water supply Sewage Small Medium Large Cargo truck Vocational truck Micro
Gas used for heating 640.68 Under 0~30 320 160
7,500 7,700 7,900 10,400 12,100 3,750
30~40 510 380
Gas used for heating 646.13 Seoul ~ Gwangju (295Km)
40~50 570 380
Over 50 790 580 Small Medium Large Cargo truck Vocational truck Micro
*If you are renting a studio or one-room flat, you will be 13,900 14,100 14,600 19,300 22,700 6,950
asked to pay around 5,000 won per month to your landlord
for water usage. Seoul ~ Gangreung (210Km)
10. Bus Fare (Won) Small Medium Large Cargo truck Vocational truck Micro
T-money card - This transportation card is for use on subways, taxis and buses in seoul. They can 9,700 9,900 10,200 13,400 15,700 4,850
be purchased and charged at any subway station and most convenience stores. Just look for the T-
money sign. (www.t-money.co.kr)
Discounts - Transportation rates for passengers using the T-money card are discounted. In addition,
passengers may transfer between buses and subways and only transfer rates.
14. ATM Fees (Won) ·At other banks
Bus type (Color) Adult Youth Child During bank business hours: free~1,000 won During Business Hours: Withdrawal of less
After bank business hours: 1,200~1,500 won than 100,000 won – 1,000 won fee
Cash Pass Cash Pass Cash / Pass
During Business Hours: Withdrawal of over
City bus (Blue&Green) 1,000 900 1,000 720 450 Example: If you are a Woori Bank cardholder
100,000 won - 1,500 won fee
Regional shuttle bus (Yellow&Green) 700 600 550 480 350 ·At Woori Bank After business hours: Withdrawal of less than
During business hours: Free 100,000 won - 1,500 won fee
Deluxe seat bus 1,800 1,700 1,800 1,360 1,200 After business hours: 500 won After business hours: Withdrawal of over
100,000 won - 2,000 won fee

11. Subway Fare (Won)

Subway fares start at 900 won for all trips less than 10 km. From 10 km to 40 km, an additional 100
won is charged for every 5 km. After 40 km, an additional 100 won is charged for every 10 km.
Subway commuter pass - Good for 30 days after purchase for a total of 60 rides. Fares vary
according to the type of tripe. Passes for use in seoul are available for 39,600 won.

Transportation Card Ticket

Adult 900 1,000
Youth 720 1,000
Child 450 500
Free Senior Citizen (over 65) and Disabled


tax. Registration Tax
arious taxes in Korea include real estate acquisition tax, - A person who manufactures or imports Persons who register particulars concerning
V registration tax, resident’s tax, vehicle tax, education tax, and
property tax. Please contact the tax office for more details.
taxable goods (for example, air conditioners,
slot machines, luxury furniture/carpet, or oil
acquisition, creation, transfer, alteration, or
lapse of property rights, or other titles in the
products). official book are liable to pay registration tax.
Seoul Local Tax Information (SLOTI)
- A person who sells Class 4 taxable goods (for
Tel. 82-2-3707-8617/ 8633
example, jewelry - excluding diamonds for
National Tax Service [www.nts.go.kr] Tel. 82-2-397-1200 ■■■City & County Taxes
industrial use, unprocessed original stones -
pearl, tortoise-shell, coral, amber and their
products) Inhabitant Tax
- Operators of such taxable places as horse There are two types of inhabitant tax; for
> National Taxes race courses, bicycle race courses, slot individuals with their own domicile and for
machine parlors, golf courses, casinos, corporations with their offices in a city or
■■■Internal Taxes Corporate income nightclubs, etc. county (including individuals having an office
Companies that are subject to corporation tax As for tax rates, 20 percent shall be levied on or a place of business larger than a specific
Direct Taxes in Korea can be classified into two types: such items as jewelry, precious metal size, i.e., whose gross receipts are 48
Income Tax domestic or foreign and for profit or non-profit. products, expensive fur products, luxury million won or more in the immediately
A person who has a domicile or has resided in For taxation purposes, a company with its cameras and golf products and yachts; 15 preceding calendar year). Individuals are
Korea for one year or longer is subject to head or main office in Korea is deemed to be a percent on electric refrigerators, electric required to pay 1,000 won to 4,500 won a
income tax on all income derived from sources domestic company and is liable to tax on its washing machines, color TVs and coffee; and year, depending on where they reside.
both within and outside Korea. Korean public worldwide income. Otherwise, it is considered 10 percent on drinks and“health products.” For example, persons living in a city with more
officials, directors and personnel engaged in to be a foreign company, and the tax liability of than 5 million people shall pay the highest
overseas service on behalf of an employer who foreign companies is limited to Korean-source amount of 4,500 won. Corporations shall pay
is a Korean resident, or a domestic company income. 5,000~500,000 won. Corporations with capital
> Local Taxes of more than 10 billion won and employing
are deemed to be residents of Korea.
A person who is not a resident of Korea is Indirect Taxes over 100 people shall pay 500,000 won.
deemed a non-resident and is subject to income Value-added tax Local taxes are levied on local residents or The following are exempt from per capita
tax only on income derived from sources within A person who engages in the supply of goods business establishments to meet financial inhabitant tax: State and local autonomous
Korea. or services independently in the course of requirements of local self-governing bodies. bodies, foreign government agencies and
Global and scheduler income taxation business, whether or not for profit, is liable to international organizations, and foreign
■■■Province Taxes
Income derived by residents and non- pay value-added tax. personnel working in foreign government
residents is subject to global and scheduler Taxpayers including individuals, corporations, agencies or international organizations based
national and local governments, associations Acquistion Tax
taxation. Under global taxation, real estate on reciprocity. The collectible minimum for
rental income, business income, wages and of local authorities, any bodies of persons, and This tax is levied on persons acquiring real inhabitant tax is 2,000 won.
salaries, temporary property income, pension unincorporated foundations of any other estate, motor vehicles, heavy equipment,
income, and“other income”are aggregated organizations are generally subject to value- trees, boats, aircraft, golf memberships, time- - Property Tax
and taxed progressively. Interest and added tax. sharing memberships, and health club This tax is levied on buildings, vessels, aircraft
dividends were taxed globally until 1997, after The current rate of value-added tax is 10 memberships through purchase or inheritance. and heavy equipment. Tax rates differ
which they were temporarily excluded from percent. Where the tax rate is applicable on As for tax rates, 2 percent of the value of the according to the type of property.
global taxation. A combined income of the VAT exclusive price, a 10 percent rate is acquired property is imposed, but 10 percent
dividend and interest exceeding 40 million applied. is imposed in the case of acquiring a villa, golf - Automobile Tax
won earned by a married couple is subject to However, in the case of application course, high-end house, luxury entertainment The automobile tax differs based on the
global taxation. Currently, interest and on the VAT inclusive price of the retailers, the place or luxury boat. vehicle’s type, size and usage.
dividends are subject to a withholding tax of tax rate becomes 10/110. Any person acquiring these items is required
Where VAT is not separately collected at the ※ For more information, access the homepage of the
15 percent. A resident who has global income, to notify the local government within 30 days
National Tax Service [www.nts.go.kr]
retirement income, capital gains, or timber time of transaction, the tax rate of 10/110 is after acquisition and pay taxes on a voluntary
income during the applicable taxable period is applicable on the VAT inclusive price. basis. Otherwise, a surcharge of 20 percent
required to file a return on the respective tax Special Excise Tax will be imposed. Anyone who resells such
base between May 1 and May 31 of the Any person who falls under one of the items without paying tax, will be subject to a
following year. categories below is liable to pay special excise heavier taxation of 80 percent.


BANKING & POSTAL SERVICES Types of Income Details Documents to submit
Labor income * One who receives * Labor income withhold receipt
salary periodically * A taxation seal of grade A income tax
(only if monthly * A copy of automatic transfer bankbook of salary
> Bank Accounts & Credit Cards income is over * A computerized salary statement
850,000 won) * A certificate of national pension payment
■■■Opening a bank account * Please bring one of items listed above

- Both resident and non-resident foreigners can open a bank account.

Business income * One who earns * A certificate of income amount payment
- A resident foreigner is eligible to stay in Korea for 6 months or more.
income from Com- * A receipt of income amount payment
A non-resident foreigner is one who is eligible to stay for less than 6 months.
mercial business, * A receipt of health insurance payment or a copy of automatic transfer
- Those wanting to open a bank account are required to visit the bank in person.
Service, Agriculture, bankbook of health insurance
·Types of Bank Accounts Industry, and others * A copy of business license (authentification and permission) and a
- Current, ordinary deposit, on-call deposit, time deposit, and installment deposit (only if monthly document that certifies income
income is over * Please bring one of items listed above
·Tax and Interest 850,000 won)
- For residents, both tax and interest rates are calculated under Korean law.
- For non-residents, the tax rate is based on the laws of their home country, and the interest rate is Asset income * For the customer * Certified copy of corporate registration and income amount payment
calculated under Korean law. who pays rent asset certificate
and property tax (only * Certified copy of corporate registration and income amount payment receipt
·Required Documents if monthly income is * Certified copy of corporate registration and property tax payment
- Passport or alien registration card over 500,000 won) certificate or property tax payment receipt
* Ceritified copy of corporate register or land and building management ledger
* Sales plan
* Please bring one of items listed above
■■■Credit card issuances
Korean banks and credit card companies issue credit cards affiliated with international brands to foreigners. Each * An annuitant, banking * For annuitant, a document that certifies the amount of annuity
company has its own regulations for qualification. Usually, there is no problem for those who employed by a company income earner, KEB * For banking income earner, a document that ceritifies incomes from
listed on the Korean Stock Exchange. Others customer, housewife, interest or a copy of bankbook
Foreigners who have an account with a Korean bank can apply for credit cards of the brands that the bank is affiliated clergy, foreigner (only if * For KEB customer, a copy of bankbook or a print from data system
with such as VISA, Master Card or JCB. American Express and Diners Club cards are issued only through the monthly income is over * For housewife, a document that certifies the income of spouse
following-mentioned card companies or local branches of foreign banks. 500,000 won) * For clergy, a document that certifies identity
* For foreigner, a document that certifies social position or income.
VISA: 82-2-524-9827 l Master Card: 82-2-398-2200 l Diners Club: 82-2-222-6100 l
American Express: 82-2-552-7600 l JCB: 82-2-755-4977

To apply for a credit card, the foreign applicant must satisfy standards of issuing card. ■■■Credit card companies
- Foreigner Registration Card with 3×4 photo, a certificate to verify you holding office, and a
certificate of tax payment are a must. Credit card company Tel
- Foreigner Forms to submit different documents according to occupation Master Card 82-2-398-2200
(Refer to the Reference below)
American Express Card 82-2-399-2929
JCB Card 82-2-755-4977
BC Card 82-2-520-4114
Samsung Card 82-2-2000-8000
Shinhan Card 82-2-3420-7000


Name URL Tel
·Investment Registration Citi Bank www.citibank.co.kr 82-2-3455-2114
Every foreigner shall, when intending to acquire or dispose of any of securities for the first time, SC First Bank www.scfirstbank.com 82-2-3702-3114
register his or her personal details with the Financial Supervisory Service, in advance. National Agricultural Cooperative Federation www.nonghyup.com 82-2-2224-8114
* Foreigners who have an address or place of abode for more than six months in Korea do not need an issued certificate of National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives www.suhyup.co.kr 82-2-2240-2114
investment registration.
Shinhan Bank www.shinhanbank.co.kr 82-2-756-0505
Pusan Bank www.pusanbank.co.kr 82-51-642-3300
·Opening of Accounts
Daegu Bank www.daegubank.co.kr 82-53-756-2001
Every foreigner shall, when intending to open a trading account for securities investment with a
Kwangju Bank www.kjbank.com 82-62-239-5000
securities company, open an account separately for each class of invested securities in such manner
as to be determined by the Governor. Kyongnam Bank www.kyongnambank.co.kr 82-55-290-8000
Jeonbuk Bank www.jbbank.co.kr 82-63-250-7114
·Custody of Securities Jeju Bank www.e-jejubank.com 82-64-720-0200
Every foreigner shall keep the acquired securities in custody of the KOSDAQ, foreign exchange
banks, securities companies, management companies, futures trading companies, or internationally-
recognized foreign custody institutions. ■■■Foreign banks

·Appointment of Standing Agent Country URL Tel

Any foreigner may appoint a standing agent among custody institutions and shall not have any USA JP Morgan Chase Bank 82-2-758-5114
person other than such standing agent represent or act for him in exercising the right of the acquired CitiBank, N.A. 82-2-3455-2114
securities and in handling the matters related thereto. American Express Bank 82-2-399-2902
Bank of America 82-2-2022-4500
·Required Documents: Passport or alien registration card The Bank of New York 82-2-399-0001~6
State Street Bank and Trust Company 82-2-3706-4500
·Financial Supervisory Service: www.fss.or.kr Japan Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation 82-2-732-1801
The Yamaguchi Bank (Pusan Branch) 82-51-462-3281
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi 82-2-399-6400
Mizuho Corporate Bank 82-2-756-8181
China Bank of China 82-2-399-0368
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 82-2-755-5688
United Kingdom Standard Chartered Bank 82-2-399-6400 / 6494
HSBC (The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp.) 82-2-2004-0000
Barclays Bank PLC 82-2-2126-2700
France Credit Agricole Indosuez 82-2-3700-9500
BNP Paribas 82-2-317-1700
Union de Banques Arabes et Francaises 82-2-3455-5300
Societe Generale 82-2-2195-7777
Switzerland Credit Suisse First Boston Bank 82-2-3707-8952
UBS AG 82-2-3702-8888
Germany Deutsche Bank AG 82-2-724-4500
■■■Korean banks Singapore The Development Bank of Singapore 82-2-6322-2630
United Overseas Bank 82-2-739-3916~9
Name URL Tel
Holland ABN-AMRO Bank 82-2-2131-6000 / 6400 / 6580
The Bank of Korea www.bok.or.kr 82-2-759-4114
ING Bank, N.V. 82-2-317-1800
Kookmin Bank www.kbstar.com 82-2-783-9653
Australia Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. 82-2-730-3152~60
Industrial Bank of Korea www.ibk.co.kr 82-2-729-6114
Korea Exchange Bank www.keb.co.kr 82-2-783-8134 India Indian Overseas Bank 82-2-753-0741
Export-Import Bank of Korea www.koreaexim.go.kr 82-2-3779-6114 Pakistan National Bank of Pakistan 82-2-732-0277
Korea Development Bank www.kdb.co.kr 82-2-786-8503 Jordan Arab Bank Plc. 82-2-775-4290~3
Hana Bank www.hanabank.co.kr 82-2-2002-1111 Philippines Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company 82-2-779-2751~2
Woori Bank www.wooribank.com 82-2-2002-3000 Iran Bank Mellat 82-2-2007-6700


> Post Office
tourist sites. ■■■Traveler’s checks
[www.koreapost.go.kr] Exchange rate varies everyday by bank Traveler’s checks are issued in the form of a
Required documents: Passport cashier’ s check to minimize the danger of losing
When mailing a letter, a postcard or a small package, put it in a red mail box on the street (item must
have proper postage), or visit a post office. (Tel. 82-1300) cash. Traveler’ s checks are honored by hotels,
department stores, restaurants, general stores
and money exchangers as well as banks
There is no restriction on remittance of worldwide. If a traveler’s check is lost or stolen,
■■■Postal service
US$1,000 or less. it can be replaced with some requirements.
Local mail: Stop by a local post office to send letters, postcards, or packages. Sending money to family and relatives in Traveler’ s checks are safer than cash.
your home country At time of purchase, sign both sides of the
Domestic Postage You can send money to your family and traveler’s checks to prevent cashing if they
Category Weight Non-priority items relatives in your home country for a special become lost or are stolen. It is safer to carry
purpose, such as living expenses, etc. cash or traveler’s checks in pockets in lieu of
Letter up to 5g (postcard) 220 won Sending money to a foreign bank account bags. It is highly recommended that you record
Standard up to 25g 250 won Telegraph transfer (T/T Remittance) is an easy the numbers of the checks that you have
up to 50g 340 won and fast way to send money. The receiver’ s purchased and sign them immediately. You are
Post name, address, bank account number, bank also advised to keep the purchase agreement
up to 50g 340 won name and branch name, etc. in English are
Non-standard separately from your traveler’ s checks.
per additional 50g + 120 won required. (A copy of the receiver’
s bank check
is helpful when sending money to the United
■■■EMS (Express Mail Service) Required documents
> Other Banking & Postal Services Passport contract of employment, passport,
[www.koreapost.go.kr] alien registration card, pay stub or receipt
Tel. 82-2-2195-1114 A post office also conducts bank operations such
(when sending salary after tax)
as remittances, postal savings, insurance, bill
An international postal service which delivers collection, etc.
letters, documents and parcels to their Contact an international mail service provider at ■■■Warning
destinations abroad is the fastest and safest the Seoul Central Post Office. The phone
through a special agreement between the number is 82-1588-1300, 82-2-2022-5803. 82- You should notify the bank immediately if your
Ministry of Information and Communication 1588-1900. Or, visit the website for details. traveler’ s checks are lost or stolen.
and the postal services of other countries. If another person notifies the bank on your
Express Mail Service is available at 148 post behalf, you need to notify the bank in person
offices in Korea as of September 2005. 143 ■■■Automatic teller machines (ATMs) later.
countries including Tokyo, Japan, and Hong Inform the bank about the exact number of
ATMs in most major cities in Korea are in service
Kong, China can be reached in 2-4 days. lost checks.
for foreign cards 24 hours a day. You can use
Various letters, documents, gifts and Different banks have different fees and
credit cards and cash cards issued in foreign
merchandise with a maximum weight of 30 kg restrictions on transfers.
countries at ATMs with“Cirrus”or“Star”signs.
are possible for shipment. This may be limited to
If there are no English instructions, ask a Korean
15 or 20 kg according to country. Weight limits
for help.
by country can be verified at the post office.
Cash Service
You can also send international mail through all
You can withdraw cash up to your credit limit
post offices in Korea. If you want a mailman
from the ATMs of your bank or other multiple-
to pick up your mail, call 82-1588-1300, or visit
institution ATMs.
the postal office website.
Postal fees depend on the destination and
weight of mail. Visit the Seoul Central Post ■■■Foreign exchange
Office for details. [http://100.epost.go.kr]
Service available at all banks
EMS Search Inquiry [www.koreapost.go.kr]
Currency exchangers can also be found at
Incheon International Airport, Gimpo Airport
※ Check EMS receipt barcode number and nearby information centers in major


students. All students are required to take the request of the Director of the school.
EDUCATION IPT/IDEA oral English proficiency assessment Education Programs
test. Reading and writing tests are also required Kindergarten
for all grades beyond first. Math inventory tests ESL program
are given according to grade level. Elementary School
Additional testing may be required at the Middle School
> System of Foreign Schools in Korea discretion of the Admissions Office, or at the High School
School System : International schools in Korea have a U.S.-style educational system from kindergarten
to 12th grade courses. In Korean schools, however, children less than 7 years old usually go to Fee
kindergartens, those ages from 7 to 12 to elementary schools of 6 years; and those ages from 13 to 15
to middle school of 3 years; and those ages from 16 to 18 to high schools of 3 years. Therefore, 7th Bus Fee 1,900,000 won
grade of an international school is the same as first grade of a middle school in Korea. Likewise, a 12th Book Deposit 200,000 won (Refundable)
grader of an international school is the same as a 3-year student of a high school in Korea. After high Initial Registration Fee and Admission Testing Fee 700,000 won
school course, Korean students take a Korean-version of SAT (similar as one in the U.S.) for university (400,000 won refundable only if not admitted)
or college entrance. Some students who chose a high school of commercial studies either start to
work right after high school graduation or take university entrance exam.

Submit Document for Admission documents with you to Korea, as getting them
The Admissions Office will consider student sent here can be a time-consuming process. > Major Foreign Schools in Seoul & Other Areas
applications for admission only after the
submission of the following items: The Admissions Test includes : ■■■YongSan International School of artificial turf.
Completed application form with three recent Kindergarten: Interview only. Seoul (YIS)
photos. Grade 1-9 : Reading Tests, Writing Test, Math ■■■German School Seoul
Proof of eligibility to attend foreign school in Test and Interview. [www.yisseoul.org] Tel. 82-2-797-5104
[www.dsseoul.org] Tel. 82-2-749-7792
Korea. Qualifications: International children with
Copies of report cards from schools attended Parents will be notified of the school's decision foreign citizenship or denizenship (Korean Qualifications: Children with foreign passport,
over the past two years (if in any language within one week of the admissions interview. children who lived more than 5 years abroad) either one of the parents has a foreign
other then English, a translation is required.) Full payment of tuition is expected within one Class organization: From kindergarten to 12 passport.
Letter of recommendation from current week of notification to hold a student's place at year students, 20 students a class, 2 classes a Class organization: 45 students in kindergarten,
teacher (use form letter to teacher). Korea International School. grade. 15 students per year from 1 year to 10 year
Photocopy of information page of passport. Class: Regular US curriculums, computer, Class: Mostly about Germany, fluent German,
2nd~9th grade students: Most recent Entrance Qualification music, art, physical education and social 15 German teachers and 1 Korean teacher.
standardized test results. Foreign Residents. activities. Tuition: 8.9 million won (Kindergarten),14.2
Two full pages of original written work (in Korean Citizen who hold immigration Tuition million won (Elementary/Secondary)
English) from recent school assignments with document. Features: Library, cafeteria, gymnasium,
teacher or principal verification signature. Korean Citizen with a document overseas Type Amount extracurricular activities including tennis, folk
Two recent mathematics assignments or tests. stays of at least five years. dance, music, movies, cooking and sports.
Elementary School 13.4
Medical forms Korean Citizen with one foreign parent.
Secondary Education 15.2 ■■■Seoul Academy
Application and registration fees.
Average Tuition ※ Unit in million won. [www.seoulacademy.net] Tel. 82-2-554-1690
Depending on the school and class, you may also Kindergarten : 13,000,000 won plus USD 2,400 ※ On top of this, there is a 1,800 USD "dollar tuition" Qualifications: International children with
need samples of your child’s written work, recent Grades 1-6 : 14,000,000 won plus USD 3,200 cost and capital development fees of 5 million won for foreign citizenship or denizenship (Korean
mathematics tests, and other documents. Be Grades 7-9 : 14,500,000 won plus USD 3,400 new students and 1 million won for returning students. children who lived more than 5 years abroad)
sure to check which documents are required by Grades 10-12 :15,500,000 won plus USD 3,500 Class organization: Kindergarten to 8 year
the school you’d like your child to attend before (Tuition can vary from school to school) Features: The new campus, constructed in courses, 1-2 classes a year, 15 students a
applying — either call up the school or visit their 2006, includes over 50 classrooms, two class.
homepage (if available). If you’re in Korea, visit the Placement Test libraries, a 400-seat auditorium, two gyms, Class: Same as the US.
school’s admission office for more information. A variety of placement instruments are used to two outdoor playground areas, an indoor Tuition: 19.3 million won a year
You’d also be wise to bring many of these assess in-coming Korea International School swimming pool and a soccer pitch with Features: Cafeteria, library, 200 students in all.


■■■Seoul Foreign School Features: Small library for each class, no Tuition: middle/high school building, 2 libraries, 2
[www.sfs.or.kr] Tel. 82-2-330-3100 cafeteria. ※ Unit in million won. gymnasiums, playing field, tennis court,
※ There is also a founder's share of 5 million won. swimming pool, cafeteria, auditorium, and
Qualifications: International children with ■■■Korea International School Features: Libraries dedicated for each of various extracurricular activities including
foreign citizenship or denizenship (Korean elementary school, middle school, and high sports or music bands.
[www.kis.or.kr] Tel. 82-31-789-0505
children who lived more than 5 years abroad) school, and a school cafeteria and athletic
Class organization: 14 4-year olds and 24 5- Qualifications: International children with facilities, extracurricular activities of their own ■■■Taejeon Christian International School
year-olds in kindergarten, 20-25 students in a foreign citizenship or denizenship (Korean free will after school. [www.tcis.or.kr] Tel. 82-42-633-3663
class of elementary, middle and high school. children who lived more than 5 years abroad)
Class: French in kindergarten course, Korean, Class organization: 2 classes per year starting ■■■Korea Kent Foreign School Qualifications: International children with
Spanish, French in elementary, middle and from kindergarten course. 20-student class. foreign citizenship or denizenship (Korean
Class: same as in the US. [www.kkfs.org] Tel. 82-2-2201-7091~2 children who resided for more than 5 years)
high schools.
Tuition: Kindergarten: 7.2 million won and Tuition Qualifications: Class organization: 12 years course starting
2,000 USD, Elementary: 14.3 million won and International children from kindergarten class, one class for
Type Million Won US dollar
5,000 USD, Middle School: 14.5 million won with foreign citizenship kindergarten and elementary school and
and 5,400 USD, High School: 18.2 million won Pre-School/
12.3 5,550 or denizenship (Korean several classes for middle and high schools.
and 5,700 USD, British School: 15.6 million Pre-Kinder children who lived Curriculum: Same as in the US.
won and 5,000 USD Grades K-5 13.44 6,060 more than 5 years Tuition: Pre-School: 2,104 USD plus 4,565,200
Features: Cafeteria, library, facilities for sports abroad) KRW, Elementary School (Grades K-5):
Grades 6-8 14.29 6,450
activities including football, softball, Class organization: 1 5,260.00 USD plus 11,413,000 KRW Middle
swimming, squash, tennis court, indoors and Grades 9-12 17.2 7,710 year to 12 year students, 20 students a class. School (Grades 6-8): 6,440.00 USD plus
outdoors basketball court, a performing arts ※The tuition includes the sum of both Korean won and US Class: English, US history, world history, 13,979,000 KRW, High School (Grades 9-12):
center. dollar. mathematics, music, computer basics. 7,340.00 USD plus 15,930,000
Tuition: Kindergarten: 1.4 million won, Features: Library, cafeteria, various athletic
■■■Global Christian School Features:Library, cafeteria, various Elementary School: 1.47 million won, Middle activities and orchestra events, school festival
extracurricular activities including athletics. School: 1.55 million won, High School: 1.67 with introduction to world cuisine and culture
[www.gcskorea.org] Tel. 82-2-797-0234
■■■Lycee Francais de Seoul million won in every June.
Qualifications: International children with Features: Facilities include a computer lab,
foreign citizenship or denizenship (Korean [www.lfseoul.org] Tel. 82-2-535-1158 library, cafeteria, PE areas and a play area.
children who lived more than 5 years abroad)
Class organization: 1 year to 12 year. Qualifications: International children with French
■■■Seoul International School
Class: Same as in the US, Japanese, French, citizenship, or foreign citizenship or denizenship,
children of overseas Koreans holding [www.siskorea.or.kr] Tel. 82-31-750-1200
Tuition: Kindergarten / Elementary School: 11 citizenship or permanent residency, Korean Class organization: 2 years of preschool course,
million won and 3,500 USD, Middle / High children who lived more than 5 years abroad. and 12 years of elementary, middle, and high
School: 11 million won and 4,500 USD Class organization: 3 years of preschool school courses. 19 students in kindergarten,
Features: Library, sports activities including course, 5 years of elementary school course, 4 23~25 students a class from elementary school
football, one-on-one class, no class fixed, years of middle school course, and 3 years of to middle school. 10~20 students a class in
students study on their designated desks and high school course. high school: students take classes by subject.
move to their own classes for each subject in Class: Education methods and curriculums of Class: Same as in U.S. all English classes, 100
the afternoon. the French Ministry of Education, most French teachers who are all native English speakers.
classes, one Korean and 27 French teachers.
■■■Centennial Christian School
Nationality Type Amount Type Amount
[www.ccslions.com] Tel. 82-2-772-9275~6
Kindergarten Kindergarten 14.8
Qualifications: International children with 6,888,000
Primary School Elementary School 15.35
foreign citizenship or denizenship (Korean French nationals
children who lived more than 5 years abroad) Middle School 9,996,000 Middle School 17.07
Class organization: 1 year to 12 year courses High School 10,009,000 High School 18.22
starting from kindergarten, total of 1,200 students.
Class: Weekly service, Christianity and US Kindergarten
8,611,000 Tuition
history classes. Primary School ※ Unit in million won.
Tuition: Kindergarten - 5 grade : 11 milion won nationals ※ Parents may have to pay additional fees for transportation
and 2,395 USD, 6 grade - 12 grade : 12.8 million Middle School 12,088,000
and books.
won and 2,395 USD High School 12,680,000 Features: Elementary school building,


Name URL Tel Address Grade Level Name URL Tel Address Grade Level
Yongsan International School of Hannam-dong, Yongsan- Yangsan-dong, Buk-gu,
www.yisseoul.org 82-2-797-5104 K,E,M,H Gwangju International School 82-62-575-0900 K,E,M,H
Seoul gu, Seoul Gwangju
Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Taejon Christian International Ojeong-dong, Daedeok-gu,
German School Seoul www.dsseoul.org 82-2-792-0797 K,E,M www.tcis.or.kr 82-42-633-3663 K,E,M,H
Seoul School Daejeon
Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, International Christian School 82-31-855-1276 Nogyang-dong, Uijeongbu-si K,E,M,H
Seoul Academy International School www.seoulacademy.net 82-2-554-1690 K,E,M
Bokjeong-dong, Sujeong-gu,
Seoul International School www.siskorea.or.kr 82-31-750-1200 K,E,M,H
Yeonhui-dong, Seodaemun- Sungnam
Seoul Foreign School www.sfs.or.kr 82-2-330-3100 K,E,M,H
gu, Seoul
Uijeongbu Chinese E-School 82-31-829-3481 Gabeung1-dong Uijeongbu-si K,E
Gaepo-dong, Gangnam-gu,
Seoul Japanese School www.sjshp.or.kr 82-2-572-7011 K,E,M
Seoul Indianhead International School www.iis.or.kr 82-31-870-3700 Howon-dong Uijeongbu-si K,E,M,H
Banpo4-dong, Seocho-gu, Gyeonggi Suwon International Youngtong-dong,
Lycee Francais de Seoul www.lfseoul.org 82-2-535-1158 K,E,M,H http://gsis.sc.kr 82-31-695-2800 K,E,M,H
Seoul School Youngtong-gu, Suwon
Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Incheon Chinese Jungsan E, M and Seollin-dong, Jung-gu,
Global Christian School www.gcskorea.org 82-2-797-0234 K,E,M,H 82-32-761-3468 K,E,M,H
Seoul H- School Incheon
Lycee International Xavier www.xavier.sc.kr 82-2-741-7688 Gugi-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul E,M,H Wonju Chinese E-School 82-33-764-4846 Won-dong, Wonju-si K,E

Korean Christianity 100 Anniversary Wolgye2-dong, Nowon-gu, Chuncheon Chinese E-School 82-33-254-5196 Okcheon-dong, Chuncheon-si E
http://ccslions.com 82-2-772-9275~6 K,E,M,H
Foreign School Seoul
Sajik1-dong, Heungdeok-gu,
Korea Yeongdeungpo Chinese E- Mullae-dong, Cheongju Chinese E-School 82-43-274-2204 E
82-2-2678-5939 E Cheongju
School Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
Chungju Chinese E-School 82-43-847-2656 Gyohyeon1-dong, Chungju-si E
Gaepo-dong, Gangnam-gu,
82-2-561-0509 K,E,M,H
Seoul Jecheon Chinese E-School 82-43-644-1579 Jungangno, Jecheon-si E
Korea International School www.kis.or.kr
Baekhyun-dong, Bundang-gu,
82-31-789-0505 K,E,M,H Bongmyeong-dong, Cheonan-
Sungnam-si, Gyeonggi-do Cheonan Chinese E-School 82-41-572-8061 E
Guui-dong, Kwangjin-gu,
Korea Kent Foreign School www.kkfs.org 82-2-2201-7091 K,E,M,H Onyang Chinese E-School 82-41-545-2872 Mojong-dong, Asan-si E
Deokjin-dong, Deokjin-gu,
Seoul Hua-chaio Chinese E-School 82-2-776-1688 Chungmuro, Jung-gu, Seoul K,E Jeonbuk Foreign School 82-63-253-5900 K,E,M
Seoul Hua-chaio Chinese M and H- Yeonhui-dong, Seodaemun- Gunsan Chinese E-School 82-63-462-2807 Myeongsan-dong, Gunsan-si E
82-2-332-9882 M,H
School gu, Seoul
Gwangjang-dong, Okpo International School www.oiskorea.com 82-55-687-3283 Okpo1-dong Geoje-si K,E,M
Korea Mongolian School www.mongolschool.org 82-2-3437-7078 E,M
Gwangjin-gu, Seoul Gyeongnam International Foreign Weolseong-ri, Sanam-myeon,
www.gifs.or.kr 82-55-853-5125 K,E,M,H
Wolgye2-dong, Nowon-gu, School Sacheon
Asia Pacifiv International School www.apis.seoul.kr 82-2-907-2747 K,E,M,H
Seoul Yangjae1-dong, Seocho-gu,
Rainbow International School www.rischool.org 82-2-571-2917 K,E
Jung2-dong, Haeundae-gu, Seoul
International School of Busan www.ispusan.co.kr 82-51-742-3332 K,E,M,H
Busan ※ Areas without foreign schools: Ulsan, Gyeongbuk, Jeonnam, and Jeju
www.busanforeignsch Jwa-dong, Haeundae-gu, ※ K: Kindergarten, E: Elementary, M: Middle School, H: High School
Busan Foreign School 82-51-747-7199 K,E,M,H
ool.org Busan
Millak-dong, Suyeong-gu,
Busan Japanese School 82-51-753-4166 E,M
Busan Chinese E-School Choryang-dong, Dong-gu,
82-51-467-0274 K,E
(Kindergarten) Busan
Choryang-dong, Dong-gu,
Busan Chinese M and H-School 82-51-467-0275 M,H
Daegu Global Christian Foreign Namsan-dong, Jung-gu,
82-53-255-5956 K,E,M,H
School Daegu

Korea Daegu Chinese E-School 82-53-255-4273 Jongno2-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu E

Korea Daegu Chinese M and H- Bongdeok-dong, Jung-gu,

82-53-471-1422 M,H
School Daegu


> Learning Korean Language
Name URL Tel
■■■Korean Schools & Institutes Hankuk University of Foreign Studies www.hufs.ac.kr/hufskorean 82-2-2173-2260
Hanyang Uiversity International Language Institute www.hyili.hanyang.ac.kr 82-2-2220-1663
·GANADA Korean Language Institute hours and number of students registered.
Kon-kuk Foreign Language Institute http://kfli.konkuk.ac.kr 82-2-450-3075
Programs: Regular classes, individual & visiting Location: Taepyeongno 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul -
lectures, special programs City Hall Station (Line No. 1 and 2) Sogang University Korean Language Education Center http://klec.sogang.ac.kr 82-2-705-8088
Tuition fees: Tel. 82-2-734-6036 Sookmyung Women’s University Lingua Express www.lingua-express.com 82-2-710-9165
Regular class - 370,000 won for 4 weeks Website: www.ltrc.co.kr Yonsei University Korean Language Institute www.yskli.com 82-2-2123-8550
(1 semester)
·Seoul Korean Language Academy International Language School of Dankook http://user.dankook.ac.kr/~ildku 82-31-8005-2601
Individual lesson - 34,000 won for 60 minutes
Visiting lecture - 46,000 won for 60 minutes Programs: Regular courses, Individual & guest- YBM SISA Language Institute www.ybmedu.com 82-2-2267-9106
Special program - 460,000 won for a week taught courses
Location: Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul - Location: Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul -
Hongik University Station (Line No. 2) Yoeksam Station (Line No. 2)
Tel. 82-2-332-6003 Tel. 82-2-563-3226
Website: www.gkli.co.kr Tuition fees: morning: 340,000won/month,
> Libraries
·Korean Language Institute, Sun Moon evening : 260,000won/month, The National Library of Korea
University Saturday : 130,000won/month 664 Banporo, Seocho-gu, Seoul
Programs: Beginner (Levels 1-4), Intermediate Saturday Intensive course: 130,000 (3hours) [www.nl.go.kr] Tel. 82-2-535-4142
(Levels 5-8), Advanced (Levels 9-12) Website: www.seoul-kla.com/eng/
Tuition fees: 80,000 won for registration, National Assembly Library
1.7 million won for tuition and 50,000~100,000 ·Seoul National University Language 1 Uisadangno, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
won for textbooks Education Institute [www.nanet.go.kr] Tel. 82-2-788-4211
Location: Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do Tuition fees: 1.4 million won (10 weeks) Namsan Public Library
Tel. 82-41-559-1333~6 Location: Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 111 Sowolkil, Youngsan-gu, Seoul
Website: http://kli.sunmoon.ac.kr/eng/default.asp National University Station (Line No. 2) [www.namsanlib.or.kr] Tel. 82-2-754-7338
Tel. 82-2-880-5488
·Ewha Womans University Korean Website: http://language.snu.ac.kr The National Digital Library
Language School [www.dlibrary.go.kr] Tel. 82-42-869-2010
Tuition fees: 134,000 won for intensive course ·Central Language Institute
Goethe Institut Zentraie
Location: Daehyeon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Programs: Elementary and Intermediate levels,
[www.goethe.de] Tel. 82-2-2021-2800
Seoul - Ewha Womans University Station Free conversation courses, Private lessons
(Line No. 2) Tuition fees: 180,000 won (1 month) British Council Tel. 82-2-3702-0600
Tel. 82-2-3277-3183 Location: Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul - 4F Hungkuk Life Building 226 Shinmunro1-ga, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Website: www.elc.ewha.ac.kr Gangnam Station (Line No. 2) [www.britishcouncil.org/korea.htm]
Tel. 82-2-2173-2260
·Yonsei University Korean Language Website: www.hufs.ac.kr/hufskorean Japan Cultural Center Tel. 82-2-765-3011~3
Institute 114-8 Unni-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Tuition fees: 1,480,000 won [www.kr.emb-japan.go.jp]
(Application fee 60,000 won) Children’s Public Library Tel. 82-2-736-8911~3
Location: Sinchon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, 1-28 Sajik-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Seoul - Sinchon Station (Line No. 2) [www.childrenlib.or.kr]
Tel. 82-2-392-6405
Website: www.yskli.com Yongsan Public Library Tel. 82-2-754-2569
30-90 Huam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
·Language Teaching Research Center [www.yslib.or.kr]
Programs: Regular courses, Tailored courses,
On-site courses
Tuition fees: Varies depending on the class


Adult Youth Child
Bus Type (Color)
Cash Pass Cash Pass Cash/Pass
City Bus (Blue&Green) 1,000 900 800 560 450
> Subway > Buses
Regional shuttle bus (Yellow&Green) 700 600 550 480 300
■■■Features ■■■Features Deluxe seat bus 1,800 1,700 1,800 1,360 1,200
Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Incheon, Daejeon and Bus numbers indicate specific routes.
Gwangju all have subways. Standing or sitting is allowed.
In Seoul there are 11 subway lines including Seoul buses stop at“Bus”signs in blue,
those connect with Bundang, Incheon and the green, yellow and red.
International Airport. All of them are displayed - Blue (trunk line) bus: long-distance bus line Bus Transportation: How to Make Sense of the Maze
in different colors. within Seoul
Each destination and transfer lines are - Green (branch line) bus: connecting blue The bus as a form of public transportation English bus route search system on the
announced in English as well as Korean. (trunk line) bus and subway was introduced in Seoul in April 1928. Internet. Detailed local roads with locations
- Yellow (circulatory) bus: traffic line for Since then, the government has built many of major public organizations, buildings,
■■■Tickets and fares downtown, suburban business and shopping roads and has added numerous bus routes schools, and hospitals can be found on the
Regular tickets - Red (metropolitan) bus: express bus line in order to deal with a rapidly growing online “Seoul Map.” Bus routes with
- Basic fare - up to 10km: 1000 won(cash)/ 900 connecting metropolitan and suburban areas population. In July 2004, the Seoul connecting subway stations can be
won(card) Deluxe buses have more seats and stop less Metropolitan Government launched a new searched on the online “Bus Map.” Log on
- Additional fare - 10km~40km: 100 won per frequently than regular buses. and more efficient bus system. to this user-friendly site at http://
5km Maeul (community shuttle) buses run through english.seoul.go.kr. But remember that
- Exceeding 40km: 100 won per 10km housing districts where regular or deluxe The new system adjusted all old bus there are nearly always signs posted at
Fixed-amount ticket for teenagers and buses do not operate, usually to and from routes as well as their numbers. The city bus stops explaining the routes, with the
students regular bus stops and subway stations. buses are now organized into colors: major stops marked in English, as well.
- Teenagers: 20% discount 1000 won(cash)/ Green, Blue, Red, and Yellow. Green
720 won(student ticket) buses offer connections between major
- Elementary school students: 50% discount Basic fee for trunk and branch line bus subway stations or bus terminals in
500 won(cash)/450 won(student ticket) (central bus-only lane system) is 1000 won; downtown Seoul. Blue buses connect
Preferential ticket, group purchase ticket metropolitan bus connecting Seoul and
suburban areas to downtown Seoul—
※One-day ticket should become invalid i n metropolitan area 1,800 won and community
these buses have access to the new bus-
3 hours after checking in feeder bus 700 won.
only lanes along the median, which makes
If passengers do not transfer, basic fare will do
■■■Contacts regardless of the distance. However, when traveling faster than before. Red buses, or
Seoul Subway Corporation (Line 1~4) transferring to other buses or subways, every express buses, are for connecting outer
[www.subwayworld.co.kr] Tel.82-1577-1234 5 km exceeding the basic fare distance shall metropolitan areas, like Bundang and Ilsan,
Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation charge 100 won. to downtown Seoul. Yellow buses run on
(Line 5~8) [www.smrt.co.kr] Tel.82-2-6311- circular routes in downtown Seoul, and are
2200 particularly useful for access to major
Korean National Railroad [www.korail.com] shopping areas and businesses. In
Tel.82-1544-7788 addition, each city sector (“gu” in Korean)
operates smaller buses, known as
“maeul” or village buses, which run from
most major subway stations into local

To make the new bus system easier to

access, in December 2004 the Seoul
Metropolitan Government launched an


■■■Transportation card ■■■Credit-based transportation card
T-money is the name of the new traffic card that By using a T-money card,
Credit-based transportation cards can be the most simple payment option of all. These cards include
can be used for both buses and subways. The T- passengers will enjoy
credit cards, debit cards or e-cards.
money card can be either prepaid or postpaid (via greater discounts than
When applying for a credit card or debit card at your bank, remember to ask for cards with
credit card). The prepaid card, which can be used they would by using
transportation card function. Credit cards are issued from various banks as well as corporations with the
only for public transportation, is the regular card cash, especially when
option of transportation card function and various mileage options. The total fare amount is
which costs 2,500 won. transferring multiple
accumulated and at the end of the month, it is billed along with your other transactions at a designated
Smart cards are also available starting at 2,500 times. For example, if you
date of each month. Some options actually charge transaction fees for regular use of the credit card so
won. Cost varies according to design smart cards take a combination of five
be sure to ask for the option without the transaction fees.
can be charged on the Internet. Cards are rides via bus or subway,
The procedure is simple; go to a bank or a booth at a shopping center with necessary documents and
available at subway ticket counters, convenience and the distance traveled
information. The applicant needs to fill out a form and provide employment information and annual
stores and through the T-money website. is less than 10 kilometers,
income along with copies of alien registration card and passport. Try to ask the bank employee
(www.t-money.co.kr) you will only pay a base
questions about the advantages of different cards. A successful applicant should receive their card
T-money cards can be recharged easily at any T- rate of 900 won.
within a couple of weeks.
money card vender or kiosks for amounts ranging
1,000 won to 90,000 won.
Users departing Seoul can get a refund for any
■■■Teenager/children’s card
remaining amount on the regular card (less 1,500
won) at a T-money card vendor. Items Description
Eligibility 6~12 years old: 50% discount of general fare (30% discount in case of red bus)
Type Card Price Charge Amount 13~18 years old: 20% discount of general fare
Preparations ID card in case of purchasing teenager cards
Regular 2,500 won 1,000~90,000 won
Registration [www.t-money.co.kr] or customer center

■■■T-money purchase (card)

T-money cards offering youth discounts have to be registered through Korea Smart Card's website
(www.t-money.co.kr) or by calling the customer service line (82-1644-0088).

Selling price
Type Uses
Card Recharging Selling
Distribution 2,500 won 0 2,500 won Bus (including community feeder buses),
subway use
Premium To be for sale later Distribution + mileage and
other additional services

■■■T-money purchase/recharging/refund

Items Description
Purchase and recharging Ticket box of Seoul subway station (exclude Korail and Incheon Subway section),
Convenience stores in Seoul (GS25, Familymart, Buy the way, 7-eleven, etc.)
Refund Convenience stores in Seoul (GS25, Familymart, Buy the way, 7-eleven, etc.)


> Express Bus
Honam/Namhae Line
Expresses are affordable and tickets are rather easy to purchase without much wait. Furthermore, in
case of congestions on weekends and holidays, bus-only lanes are available on weekends. On Departure Fare (Won)
Destination Interval (Min.) Travel Time
Saturdays, highways connecting Seoul and Busan have bus-only lanes available from 09:00~21:00. On First Last General Deluxe
Sunday and holidays, bus-only lanes are available from 09:00~23:00 (Seoul direction) and 09:00~21:00 Jeonju 06:00 20:30 5~10 12,900 18,900 2:45
(Busan direction). Check correct terminal location and bus schedule. Remember that bus fares for Gwangju 05:40 21:00 5~10 17,900 26,600 3:40
weekdays, weekends and night express buses are all different. Mokpo 05:30 20:00 30~40 18,700 27,700 4:20
Yeosu 06:00 21:40 15~20 8,800 12,900 2:10
■■■Seoul express bus terminal
Gunsan 06:00 19:40 15~20 12,000 19,200 3:00
Bus lines to Gyeongsang-do(Gyeongbu Line) and Gangwon-do(Yeongdong Line) start from Seoul Iksan 05:40 21:30 30~40 11,000 16,000 2:50
Express Bus Terminal. The newly constructed Central City Terminal next to Seoul Express Bus Namwon 06:00 19:20 50~60 14,700 21,700 3:40
Terminal offers the Honam Line, which connects Seoul to Jeolla-do. Jeongeup 06:30 20:00 40 13,300 19,600 3:00
On-line reservation: www.kobus.co.kr Address: 19-4 Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul
Tel: 82-2-535-4151 How to get there: Express Bus Terminal Station (Subway Line 3 or 7) ※ Children’s fee is 50% that of adults

Gyeongbu Line
Destination Departure Interval Fare (Won) ■■■Dong Seoul express bus terminal
Time First Last Midnight (Min.) General Deluxe Midnight Time Dong Seoul is served as Intercity Bus Terminals. Intercity buses have lower fares and do not use
Cheonan 06:00 22:45 23:00 10~15 4,800 7,000 7,700 1:00 expressways in most cases.
Gongju 06:05 21:30 22:20, 23:05 30~40 7,300 8,200 9,000 1:50 On-line reservation: www.ti21.co.kr Address: 546-1 Guui-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul
Daejeon 06:00 21:40 22:00-00:10 15~20 8,700 12,700 14,000 1:50 Tel: 82-2-446-8000 How to get there: Gangbyeon Station (Subway Line 2)
Geumsan 06:30 18:30 60~90 10,700 15,600 17,200 2:15
Daegu 06:00 21:30 22:00-01:30 15~20 15,500 22,900 25,200 3:40
Gyeongju 06:05 20:05 22:45-23:55 30~40 18,600 27,600 30,400 4:30
Pohang 06:00 21:00 22:00-00:30 20~60 19,800 29,400 32,300 4:40
■■■Nambu bus terminal
Ulsan 06:00 21:00 22:00-00:20 15~30 20,900 29,300 32,200 5:00
Busan 06:00 21:30 22:00-02:00 20~30 20,900 31,100 34,200 4:40 The Nambu Bus Terminal offers 664 daily rides Address: 1446-1 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu,
through 22 transport companies. Seven lines with Seoul
Yeongdong Line 70 routes connect Seoul to Gyeonggi-do, Tel: 82-2-521-8550
Departure Fare (Won) Chungcheongnam-do, Chungcheongbuk-do, ※ Estimated time given for each route is fairly
Destination Interval (Min.) Travel Time accurate but unexpected traffic jams or
First Last Midnight General Deluxe Gyeongsangnam-do, Jeollanam-do and Jeollabuk-
do. congestion during major holidays can delay your
Yongin 06:30 22:10 20~30 2,400 - 50
On-line reservation: www.nambuterminal.co.kr trip.
Icheon 06:30 22:00 30~40 4,100 6,100 1:00
Yeoju 06:30 22:00 30~40 4,900 7,200 1:10
Wonju 06:00 21:40 22:00~22:40 10~15 6,500 9,500 1:30
Jechon 06:30 21:00 40~50 8,900 13,100 2:10
Gangneung 06:00 21:20 22:30~23:30 15~30 13,300 19,600 2:50 ■■■Sangbong terminal
Donghae 06:30 20:00 22:30~23:30 30~40 15,300 22,600 3:50 Tel: 82-2-435-2129
Samcheok 06:30 20:00 22:30~23:30 30~40 15,900 23,400 4:00
Address: 83-1 Sangbong2-dong, Jungnang-gu,
Yangyang 06:30 21:30 23:30 30~40 15,200 22,400 3:40
Sokcho 06:30 21:30 23:30 30~40 15,800 23,400 4:00

■■■Central city bus terminal

Central City Bus Terminal offers the Honam Line (Jeolla-do), and the Namhae Line (southern coastal
area). It is located next to Seoul Express Bus Terminal.
On-line reservation: www.easyticket.co.kr Address: 19-4 Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul
Tel: 82-2-6282-0600 How to get there: Express Bus Terminal Station (Subway Line 3 or 7)


> Taxis > Domestic Airlines
■■■Domestic flights
■■■Kinds of taxis
Korean Air and Asiana Airlines provide a domestic
Regular, deluxe and call taxis are available 24 Regular Call Taxi flight network linking Seoul to Korea's 16 major
hours a day - Regular fare, privately-operated in Seoul cities.
- Extra charge for calling is 1,000 won. Flying time to any of these destinations is
approximately one hour's duration.
Reservations and ticketing can be done by calling a
■■■Regular taxis travel agent or the airline office (WHEN).
■■■Call taxi service
Color: Regular taxis are generally silver or
white in color with a white, blue, or yellow Van taxi (jumbo taxi) Tel. 82-888-2000 Jeju air and Hansung airlines also provide domestic
light on top. Regular call taxi flights from Gimpo to Jeju Island.
Fare: Starts at 1,900 won, with 100 won - Kind Call Taxi Tel. 82-1588-3382
added with each additional 144 meters or - KT Powertel Tel. 82-1588-0082
every 41 seconds. An extra charge of 20 - Seoul City Call Tel. 82-1588-2382
percent is added between midnight and 4

■■■Free interpretation service

You can use your mobile phone and hands-
■■■Deluxe taxis / Van taxis (Jumbo taxis)
free set for free interpretation service. First
■■■Fares and travel time by route (unit: Won)
Deluxe taxis are called Mobeom taxis in Korean. connect your mobile phone to your hands-free
Color: Vehicles are black with a yellow set and switch to a speakerphone mode.
Fares (unit: won)
stripe, and marked“Deluxe Taxi.”But Next, call the translation center at 080-840-
deluxe taxis are not all black in regional 0505 and follow the directions of the recorded Route Flying time Korean Air Asiana Airlines
cities. message for the correct option. When the
Fare: 4,500 won for the first 3 km and 200 translator answers, a three-way conversation Mon-Thu Fri-Sun Mon-Thu Fri-SUn
won for each additional 164m or 39 seconds over the speaker phone can take place. These
if the speed drops below 15 km per hour. directions are displayed on rear windows of Seoul - Gimhae(Busan) 60 min 62,400 71,900 55,200 67,400
There is no late-night surcharge. most taxis. The translation service are free of
Usually can be found waiting at major hotels charge and all calls made to translation help Seoul - Jeju 65 min 73,400 84,400 73,400 84,400
and terminals. Taxi-sharing is strictly centers are toll free.
prohibited for these taxis. Seoul - Daegu 50 min 54,400 62,400 54,000 61,900
Van Taxis (Jumbo taxis): Eight passenger
Seoul - Ulsan 55 min 61,900 70,900 61,900 70,900
van taxis are in service.
■■■Taxis for disabled
Seoul - Pohang 50 min 58,400 67,400 58,600 67,900
The Seoul city provides taxis for those with
disabilities at an affordable rate. The rate is Seoul - Sacheon(Jinju) 60 min 65,400 75,400 64,400 74,900
■■■Call taxis
merely 35% of general taxi rates and these
Call services are run by deluxe taxis and wheelchair accessible taxis have been Seoul - Gwangju 50 min 54,900 62,900 54,900 63,400
regular taxis. Taxi requests should be called in adapted for disabled passengers. The call
at least 10~15 minutes before you wish the center has professional and friendly staff Seoul - Yeosu(Suncheon) 60 min 62,900 72,900 62,900 72,900
taxi to arrive. trained with proper understanding of customer
Deluxe Call Taxi service available. Call 82-1588-4388 in advance
- Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to make reservation for a pickup service.
in Seoul and adjacent cities
- No extra charge for calling, and same fare
system as when hailing a deluxe taxi


> KTX(Korea Train Express)
■■■For reservations
Korean Air (Tel: 82-1588-2001, Domestic) / URL: www.koreanair.com
Tel. 82-1544-7788, 82-1588-7788
Asiana Air (Tel: 82-1588-8000, Domestic) / URL: http://flyasiana.com/english/index.htm
Jeju Air (Tel: 82-1599-1500, Domestic) / URL: www.jejuair.net Korea has recently joined the ranks of countries with express trains known as KTX. As it started
Hansung Airlines (Tel: 82-11599-9090, Domestic) / URL: www.gohansung.com operation in April 2004, Korea has entered the age of high speed railway of 300 km/h, joining an
exclusive club of countries boasting high-speed trains. The opening of the high-speed express
When you plan to use domestic flights in Seoul, there’s an airport in Gimpo. service will have impacts in various aspects of our lives including economic, social and cultural
Gimpo airport is located in western area of Seoul, which is within 30-60 minites distance depends on aspects by connecting every part of the country within 2 hours. It will position itself as a new
transportations. Not only by public transportations such as subways, local buses and taxis, but also you generation transportation mode being fast, safe, comfortable, environment-friendly and state-of-
can get there by Airport express buses, KAL limousine buses and Airport limousine buses. To be the-art. It is equipped with video and audio systems and intercom and traveler information
assured of a seat, tickets must be purchased before the reservation expiration date. facilities. Vending machines for drinks and snacks are also available. Above all, KTX demonstrates
consideration for the disabled with seats and wheelchair facilities in the restroom.
※You can check the flying schedule for domestic flights at http://gimpo.airport.co.kr/eng



> Trains
KTX Lines
■■■Information There are three categories of cars: First Class,
Gyeongbu Line Seoul(Yongsan) - Gwangmyeong - Cheonan/Asan - Daejeon - East Daegu - Miryang - Seoul Station Regular and Dining Car. The dining car has wide
Gupo - Busan - Tel. 82-1544-7788 (ARS), 82-2-392-1324 seats for comfort and wide windows for good
- Seoul Station, Subway Line 1 or 4 sightseeing. It also offers fine dining with
Honam Line Seoul(Yongsan) - Gwangmyeong - Cheonan/Asan - West Daejeon - Nonsan - Iksan - Gimje - various foods and other amenities.
Cheongnyangni Station
Jeongup - Jangseong - Gwangju - Tel. 82-1544-7788 (ARS) Mugunghwa Express
Seoul(Yongsan) - Gwangmyeong - Cheonan/Asan - West Daejeon - Nonsan - Iksan - Gimje - - Cheongnyangni Station, Subway Line 1 Second to Saemaul in terms of class, the
Jeongup - Jangseong - Songjeongli - Naju - Mokpo (KORAIL) popular and affordable Mugunghwa Express
Korea Railroad [www.korail.com] runs between cities nationwide, offering First
- Tel. 82-1544-7788 (ARS) Class, Regular and Dining Car, as well as
amenities for the disabled, sleeping rooms,
■■■Fares and travel time by route (unit: won) ■■■Types of trains and features dining facilities, children’s room, Internet
Fare (won) Saemaul Express access and more.
Description Routes Friday to Sunday/ Travel Time
Monday to Thursday
National holiday
Seoul - Yongsan – – –
Seoul - Gwangmyeong 8,100 8,100 0:15~20
Seoul - Cheonan, Asan 15,100 14,100 0:37~39
Seoul - Daejeon 24,400 22,800 0:50~1:02
Gyeonbu Line
Seoul - East Daegu 42,500 39,700 1:50~53
Seoul - Milyang 47,300 44,200 2:18:00
Seoul - Gupo 51,100 47,800 2:48:00
Seoul - Busan 52,500 49,100 2:40~3:00
Seoul - Yongsan – – –
Yongsan - Gwangmyeong 8,100 8,100 0:15~20
Yongsan - Cheonan, Asan 15,100 14,100 0:37~39
Yongsan - West Daejeon 24,500 22,900 1:00:00
Yongsan - Gyeryong 26,400 24,700 1:13:00
Yongsan - Nonsan 28,800 26,900 1:30:00
Yongsan - Iksan 31,200 29,200 1:55:00
Honam Line
Yongsan - Gimje 32,800 30,600 2:03:00
Yongsan - Jeongeup 35,000 32,700 2:16~18
Yongsan - Jangseong 37,100 34,600 2:33:00
Yongsan - Songjeong-li 39,000 36,400 2:46:00
Yongsan - Naju 40,400 37,700 2:52:00
Yongsan - Mokpo 44,800 41,900 3:19:00
Yongsan - Gwangju 40,000 37,400 2:57:00
*Speacial Compartment with the wider space and pleasant facilities is available at 140% of the basic fare.


■■■Information centers for foreigners ■■■KR Pass
Seoul Tel. 82-2-3149-2530 KR Pass is exclusively for foreigners and provides
Incheon International Airport Tel. 82-32-741-7788 unlimited access to all KORAIL trains including KTX.
Busan Tel. 82-51-440-2516 KR Passes can be easily bought online or at various
Daejeon Tel. 82-42-259-2455 travel agencies overseas.
East Daegu Tel. 82-53-954-7788 When making reservations online, KR pass voucher
Jeonju Tel. 82-63-243-7788 (e-ticket) can be printed upon booking or purchasing
with a credit card at KORAIL English homepage.
■■■Fares and travel time to major cities
Types of KR Pass (unit: won)
Fare (won) Classifi Save Youth
Routes Train Travel Time Adult Child
Friday to Sunday/ cation (2~5 people) (age 13~25)
Monday to Thursday
National holiday 3 days use 75,900 68,300 607,000 38,000
Seoul - Busan Saemaul-ho 39,300 41,100 4 hours 30 minutes 5 days use 113,000 102,500 91,100 57,000
Mugunghwa-ho 26,500 27,700 5 hours 30 minutes 7 days use 143,000 129,500 115,100 72,000
Seoul - Dae-jeon Saemaul-ho 14,900 15,500 1 hours 40 minutes 10 days use 166,000 149,400 132,800 83,000 ※ Detailed Information
Mugunghwa-ho 10,000 10,500 2 hours Visit www.korail.com for more information.
Reservation Date Purchase Date Note
Seoul - Gyeongju Saemaul-ho 36,000 37,700 4 hours 20 minutes
※ Detailed Information Up to a day
Mugunghwa-ho 24,200 25,300 5 hours Up to 8 days prior to Until 24:00
Seoul: 82-2-773-2535 New York: 1-212-643-0766 after reservation
departure date next day
Seoul - East Daegu Saemaul-ho 29,100 30,400 3 hours 10 minutes date
LA: 1-323-731-8944 Japan: 81-92-482-1489
Mugunghwa-ho 19,600 20,500 3 hours 50 minutes Korean citizens are not allowed to use the Korea Rail Pass. 7 days prior to
Until reservation Until 24:00
departure date - 2
Yongsan - Gwangju Saemaul-ho 31,700 33,100 3 hours 55 minutes However, overseas Korean residents. who hold permanent date of the day
days prior to departure
Mugunghwa-ho 21,400 22,300 4 hours 30 minutes residency status in another country or hold long-term visas
A day prior to
can use the Korea Rail Pass. Reservation & Reservation
Seoul - Cheonan Saemaul-ho 8,600 9,000 1 hour departure - An hour
Purchase & Purchase
prior to departure
Mugunghwa-ho 5,800 6,000 1 hour 10 minutes
■■■How to purchase a ticket in advance
※Detailed time schedules and fares: KORAIL Schedule Search [www.korail.com]
※ 50 percent discount for children (6~13 years old) ■■■Korea-Japan joint railroad ticket
Call the following number:
82-60-700-1188 or 82-1544-8545 Korea-Japan joint railroad tickets are available for
Discount Applicable Days those making a business trip to the neighboring
None Fri. (After 6 PM), Sat. and Sun. (All Day) country or for those interested in traveling.
5% Discount Mon. and Fri. (Before 6 PM) Promoted for both convenience of travelers and
Enter your membership number friendly relations between the two neighboring
15% Discount Tues., Wed. and Thur. (All Day)
and then press the # button. countries, a Korea-Japan joint railroad ticket will
allow the traveler to use KTX, adjutant ferry and
■■■How to purchase a ticket ■■■General membership cards Japan railroad. This convenient method of travel is
A customer service representative possible with a passport and visa. For more
You can buy a ticket at vending machines or the Those who want to make telephone or online information visit www.korail.com and check under
ticket window at each train station. Tickets can reservations must get their Korea National Railroad checks your identification and
Foreign Railroad Traveling under the Foreign
also be purchased with ticket agents such as Membership (KNR). In order to become a KNR informs you of an available ticket
Railroad Traveling section. For boarding pass
travel agents or post offices after making an member, you must be a foreign resident with a based on the information you provide purchase information, contact Hong-Ik Traveling
online reservation. valid alien registration card. A proof of ID and a such as departure station, destination, Agency at www.7788tour.co.kr or call 82-2-717-
※ Free for infants (age 5 or under) 10,000 won deposit will get you a membership and expected departure time. 1002.
Half price for children (age 6~13) which allows reservations through
www.korail.com by calling the Railroad Customer
Center at 82-1544-7788. Press 7 to speak to an
Pick up your ticket at a ticket window
English operator and provide your KNR
before the departure time.
membership number.


> Domestic Ferries DRIVING IN KOREA
Boats are one of the most interesting ways to travel
around Korea. Ferries travel on waterways between
Busan and Jeju, Mokpo and Hongdo, Pohang and > Driver’s License Information
Ulleungdo, etc.
Incheon International Ferry Terminal [www.dla.go.kr]
Tel. 82-32-764-1820, 82-32-880-3114
www.incheonferry.co.kr ■■■Holders of an international driver’s
Pusan International Ferry Terminal license
Tel. 82-51-660-0117 (ARS) www.pusanferry.co.kr An international driver’s license is as valid as a A person with an invalid Korean driver’s
Mokpo Ferry Terminal Korean driver’s license during its term of license will not be allowed to drive in Korea
Tel. 82-61-240-6060, 6053 validity. with an international driver’s license.
The term of validity is limited to one year. If
the term has expired, the driver should apply
to have the license converted to a Korean
> Rental Cars license.
Rental cars are available for those visitors who choose
to drive in Korea. Drivers must meet the following ■■■Converting another country’s driver’s
requirements to rent a car:
Have more than 1 year’ s driving experience license
Have an international driver’ s license Since July 1, 2003, foreigners from countries that Fees
Be over 21 years of age recognize Korean driver’s licenses have been able - Application fee: 6,000 won
Possess a valid passport to drive in Korea with his or her country’s driver’s - Physical exam fee: 5,000 won
license. However, a foreigner from a country that - A simplified written test: 6,000 won
does not recognize a Korean driver’s license ※ A Korean who has a foreign nationality should have
needs to take a simplified written test to drive in proof of a residency card. A Korean who has a legal
Korea. (20 questions multiple choice that is resident card of a foreign country should have proof of
■■■Major car rental companies available in English, Chinese and Korean) the residency card showing his or her Korean
Name URL Tel nationality, or an overseas Korean residency card.
He or she can obtain a Korean driver’s license
AVIS (Guro-gu, Seoul) www.avis.co.kr 82-1544-1600 ※ These documents must be presented in person, not
upon passing the driver’s license test in Korea.
KUMHO Rent A Car (Seoul) www.kumhorent.com 82-1588-1230 through an agent.
Required documents
RITS Rentcar (Seoul) http://ritsrentcar.com 82-1566-9600 - Foreign driver’s license (on exchange, you ※ Individual holding a driver’s license issued from a
Green Rent A Car (Seoul) www.green-rentcar.com 82-1588-2373 must surrender your license, which can be country that recognizes a Korean driver’s license are
returned when you leave Korea if you bring exempted from all the tests but a physical exam.
your passport and airline ticket)
(source: www.hikorea.go.kr)
> National Lost Property Office ※ If the license is not issued from one’s home country,
the applicant should prove that he/she has resided in
that country for more than 90 days.
Police Agency Korean National Railroad
Seoul: Tel. 82-2-2299-1282 Seoul Station: Tel. 82-2-755-7108 - Embassy certificate
Busan: Tel. 82-51-868-0899 Guro Station: Tel. 82-2-869-0089 ※ Embassy certificated is exempted for those who have a
Jeju: Tel. 82-64-739-0182 license issued from US, UK, Canada, France,
Germany, Japan, Spain, Belgium, Poland, or Italy.
Subway Incheon International Airport: - Translated and notarized copy of a foreign
City Hall: Tel. 82-2-753-2408~9 Tel. 82-32-742-3114 driver’s license (except for English)
Taereung: Tel. 82-2-6311-6766/7 Gimpo Airport: Tel. 82-2-660-4097 ※ The issued date & valid period must be written on the
Chungmuro: Tel. 82-2-2271-1170/1 translated copy.
※ Lost & Found Information Service
Wangsimni: Tel. 82-2-6311-6765/8 - Passport, Alien registration card and Three
Busan Seomyun Station: Tel. 82-51-640-7339 www.lost114.com
photos (3x4cm)


Afghanistan, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, ■■■Driver’s license test sites - Seobu
Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Mogolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, English translation service is available only at the Tel. 82-1577-1120 Fax. 82-2-374-6344
Asia (26)
Philippines, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Tonga, Vanuatu, Viet Nam Driver’ s License Agency in Seoul. - Incheon
Driver’ s License Examination Offices Tel. 82-1577-1120 Fax. 82-32-822-5118
Barbados, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Guyana, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, El - Yongin
America (14) - Driver’ s License Agency
Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Panama, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Uruguay Tel. 82-1577-1120 Fax. 82-31-282-7713
Tel. 82-1577-1120 Fax. 82-2-374-0080
Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, - Gangnam - Ansan
Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Tel. 82-1577-1120 Fax. 82-2-561-6029 Tel. 82-1577-1120 Fax. 82-31-486-4007
Europe (35) - Dobong - Uijeongbu
Kazakhstan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Moldova, Poland, Portugal,
Tel. 82-1577-1120 Fax. 82-2-934-7000 Tel. 82-1577-1120 Fax. 82-31-847-6336
Russia, Romania, San Marino, Serbia and Montenegro, Switzerland, Spain, Tajikistan,
- Gangseo
Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, the United Kingdom
Tel. 82-2-2661-0357 Fax. 82-2-2666-9036
Algeria, Angola, Bahrain, Botswana, Burundi, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African
Republic, Cape Verde, Comoros, Cote d°Ølvoire, Djibouti, Republic of the Congo, Eritrea,
Middle East & Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait,
Africa (51) Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco, > Buying & Registering a Car
Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Oman, Qatar, Rwanda, Republic of South Africa, San
Tome and Principle, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, the
■■■ Registering a new vehicle ■■■Registering an imported vehicle
United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Zimbabwe
It is convenient for you to let the car dealership Imported vehicle certificate or proof of the
register the car you purchased. According to the imported vehicle
■■■Acquiring a Korean license for those ■■■Loss reissue automobile maintenance law, a care dealership Certified copy of alien registration card and
should register a vehicle on behalf of a buyer passport
with no valid license Location: Nationwide Driver’s License without charge at the request of the buyer. (If Ownership certificate if you cannot prove
(Procedures are the same for Korean applicants) Examination Office or Police stations individuals drive a new car without registration ownership with the imported vehicle
Procedure will result in a sentence of up to 2 years or a find certificate
There are 26 driver license testing agencies - Reissue from Damage: Return damaged
nationwide where you can apply and get license of up to 5,000,000 won.) Permit for temporary driving and temporary
license when applying for reissue tag number
issued. Reside in Korea for more than 6 months - Reissue from Loss: Loss and reissue
is necessary to apply. Driver license expires after Proof of vehicle liability insurance and
applications must be made ■■■Required documents application for registration
7 years, 5 years for type 1 for elderly people with ※ Reissuing time is maximum 1 day, when applied
65 year-old of older. Application for registration Registration fee receipt and government
through police dept maximum 7 days. securities purchase certificate
Examination Languages: English, French, Certified Alien registration card and passport
(Same day issue at direct visit to License Examination Offices)
German, Japanese, Chinese Permission to drive the vehicle temporarily and Noise and pollution inspection certificate
Required documents: Passport, alien temporary tag number
- Damaged license: Submit the damaged
registration card and 4 copies of picture Vehicle certificate or import documentation
license when applying. ■■■Registering a used car
Application fee: 5,000 won Inspection sticker
- Lost license: Report it and apply for a new
Physical exam fee: 6,000 won Certified copy of alien registration card and Registration for a used vehicle
license at the same time.
Expiration date: 7 years (For holders of Class 1 passport - Required documents: vehicle registration
Required documents
driver’s license 65 years of age or older, Registration fee receipt certificate, proof of vehicle tax payment
- Alien registration card and passport
renewal is mandatory every 5 years.) Ownership certificate (if you cannot prove - Korean residents abroad or foreigners must
- One photo
Test preparation books can be purchased in ownership with the vehicle certificate) apply at the registration office (or gu office of
Fees: 6,000 won
English or Chinese at Driver’s License his/her residence) in person with their foreign
(Reissue from damage has no fees)
Examination Offices. Japanese, French, registration card and signed copies of sales
※ After applying for reissue, temporary license valid for Permission to temporarily drive the vehicle contract.
German and Vietnamese test preparation books
20 days (Police dept application). Must have a proof of permission to temporarily Tips for purchasing a used vehicle
can be downloaded on the homepage
※ Proxy application possible, only when self citizen’s drive the vehicle and tag. - Confirm that the car is not mortgaged by
[www.dla.go.kr] registration card and proxy’s identifications and letter If you drive past the temporary driving period, you checking the original automobile registration
※ By undergoing a physical at a hospital registered with of authorization are presented. may have to pay 100,000 won or less as a penalty. at the appropriate Traffic Administration
the Driver’s License Agency, an agent may apply for a Apply for registration within ten days of the Section of the gu office.
Korean driver’s license on your behalf by presenting beginning of the temporary driving period. - Confirm that the owner does not have
the form attached to the results of the physical test.


- KIA Motors [www.kia.co.kr] ■■■Used car dealers
outstanding payment installments or taxes on that a vehicle is under collateral, visit a - Hyundai Motor Company Used Car Markets in Seoul
the vehicle. Tax status can be checked at the registration office with documents needed for [www.hyundai-motor.com] - Janghanpyeong Automobile Trading Market
Car Registration Section of the gu office. its cancellation. - GM Daewoo [www.gmdaewoo.co.kr] [www.jauto.co.kr] Tel. 82-2-2210-4000
- Conduct a test drive and check the condition Required documents for cancellation of - Renault Samsung Motors - Yeongdeungpo Automobile Trading Market
of the vehicle carefully. collateral [www.renaultsamsungm.com] Tel. 82-10-7215-8900
- Clarify a closing date and expected delivery - A mortgage holder’s Alien registration card, - Mercedes Benz - Gangnam Automobile Trading Market
date in the contract. contract for collateral, and collateral [www.mercedes-benz.co.kr] [www.comcha.com] Tel. 82-2-3414-3700
- Request that the seller explain the vehicle’s cancellation certificate - BMW [www.bmw.co.kr]
condition. - Under the automobile maintenance law, a - Audi [www.audi.co.kr]
Buyer’ s duty for registration licensed auto junkyard can take care of the - Infiniti [www.infiniti.co.kr]
Obtain the car registration certificate from the registration for cancellation within one month - Volkswagen [www.vwaisa.com]
previous owner (the certificate of car except in the case that a vehicle owner has
inspection), the certificate of transfer, and the applied for cancellation on his own.
certificate of the owner’s registered seal > Foreign Automobile Insurance
※ When a vehicle owner doesn’ t scrap his or her vehicle
impression to register the transfer of car through a licensed auto junkyard, he or she may face a
ownership. If you fail to register the transfer ■■■What is foreign auto insurance? ■■■Who can be insured?
100,000 won fine or less or imprisonment of up to year.
within 15 days of the purchase of the car, you To indemnify the insured for all sums which Foreigners (citizens/SOFA/military/diplomats
will be fined 500,000 won. the insured shall become legally obligated to /consulates, etc.), foreign corporations
Required documents ■■■How to dispose of a car pay as damage because of bodily injury, Foreign joint-venture companies
- Car registration certificate property damage, own bodily injury, own
- Used car transfer contract (the legal form for Cars can be disposed of at a yard handling damage, uninsured automobile sustained by
the certificate of transfer) and alien junked cars. (If a vehicle requires cancellation any person, caused by accident and arising out
registration card (or a certificate of alien of a previous registration, it should be of the ownership, maintenance or use of the
registration). For foreigners who have not yet scrapped before applying for cancellation.) automobile.
acquired an alien registration card, two Visit a licensed auto junkyard to request that a
Korean sponsors and a certificate of entry are vehicle be scrapped. (There is no fee for this.
The junkyard should pay you for iron scraps.) ■■■Coverage
- Certificate showing that liability insurance is in Required documents for scrapping a vehicle Classification Coverage
effect and that public bonds have been - a copy of a vehicle registration certificate
Own damage Comprehensive
purchased - a copy of the vehicle’s original registration
Liability Collision
issued within the last three days
Compulsory CALI
- a certificate of ownership with the owner’s Bodily Injury liabilty Bodily injury
■■■Reporting change of address seal impression (When applying to scrap a Property damage liabilty Property damage
vehicle, you must present an alien registration Own bodily injury Own bodily injury
If you change your place of residence, you card). Uninsured automobile Uninsured automobile
should take your car registration certificate as
well as driver’ s license to a gu office so the ※ Minimum Premium = US$ 30.00 (per policy)
change can be recorded. (If you fail to register ※ Full Coverage D/C = 10% (In case taking out own damage & liability coverage at the same time)
■■■Major car dealers
the transfer within 15 days of the purchase, 20 ※ Source: AIG Foreign Automobile Ins. [www.aiggeneral.co.kr]
days of the donation or 3 months of New Car Dealers
inheritance of the car, you will be fined Visit a car dealership to purchase a new car.
500,000 won.) > Major Non-life Insurance Companies
If you fail to register your new address within
14 days, you will be fined 30,000 won. Name URL Tel
AIG General Insurance www.aiggeneral.co.kr 82-2-2260-6800
■■■Collateral or seized vehicles Green Fire & Marine Insurance Co. www.green-direct.com 82-1644-0114
LG Insurance www.lginsure.com 82-1544-0114
You cannot scrap a vehicle under collateral or
Samsung Fire Insurance Co. www.samsungfire.com 82-1588-5114
seizure until all debt related to the vehicle has
Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance Co. www.hi.co.kr 82-1588-5656
been cleared.
When a vehicle’s original registration shows Jeil Fire & Marine Insurance Co. www.firstfire.co.kr 82-1566-8282
Hanwha Non-Life Insurance Co. www.hwgeneralins.com 82-1566-8000


> Traffic Regulations > Traffic Accidents
■■■Important information on traffic ■■■Bus lane When an accident involves a minor collision, Notifying a Vehicle Insurance Company
regulations The bus lane system gives priority to public drivers are advised to settle the issue at the time of an Accident
Speed limits (Clause 15) transportation on the road in response to traffic of the accident in order to avoid an increase in Notify your vehicle insurance company
- Ordinary roads: 60 km/hr congestion during rush hour and as a way to insurance premiums. Foreign drivers are also immediately of an accident, including the date
(over 4-lane roads: 80 km/hr) encourage people to use public transportation. advised to carry phone numbers of Korean and place of the accident, the degree of
- Motorways: 30~90 km/hr Normally the bus lane is blue color. colleagues, a lawyer, and their embassy. damage, circumstances of the accident,
- Do not exceed the speed indicated on traffic signs. Failure to comply will result in a fine of It is important to carry a disposable camera to evidence, and eye witnesses.
- Highways 40,000~50,000 won. record the scene of any accident you are Consult the insurance company to avoid
·Four-lane highway: 50~100 km/hr involved in. incurring undue responsibilities or penalties
·Two-lane highway: 40~80 km/hr If an accident occurs, the driver should such as those stemming from destruction of
■■■Drinking and driving (Clause 41) immediately pull the car over to the side of the evidence.
·Reduce speed by 20% during rain or snow.
Safety belt: Safety belts should be worn by all Driving while intoxicated (a blood alcohol level road at or near the accident site. If you do Exchange contact numbers with the
passengers when the vehicle is in motion. Failure of over 0.05 percent) is punishable by not stop, you will most probably be considered a wrongdoer or the victim.
to comply will result in a fine of 30,000 won. imprisonment of up to 2 years or a fine of up hit-and-run driver. Call the police office to resolve the situation.
Cellular phone ban: According to traffic laws, a to 3 million won. When a mutual agreement has been made
driver cannot use a cellular phone while Driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.05~0.35 Taking Care of the Injured between the wrongdoer and the victim, this
driving, unless using a“hands-free”set. percent is punishable by law, and those with If the injury sustained is not serious, take the agreement should be retained in writing in
Breaking this law will incur a fine. over 0.36 percent are arrested and detained. person to a nearby hospital. If the injury is case it is needed in the future.
Those who have been apprehended for serious with heavy bleeding, you should try to The wrongdoer and victim should be civil
drinking and driving three times before are stop the bleeding and get help from a passing throughout the process of resolving the
also detained. vehicle or an ambulance to take the person to accident.
Administrative penalties: a nearby hospital. To call an ambulance, dial If an accident is reported to an insurance
- Those with a blood alcohol level of 0.05~0.09 119 (not 911). No area code is needed. company or a police office, pick-up service is
percent will have their license suspended for available.
100 days. Recording and Maintaining Evidence of
※ If you cause a traffic accident, you will generally be
- Those found with a blood alcohol level of the Accident free from criminal charges if you have comprehensive
more than 0.10 percent or more than 0.05% It is recommended that you always keep a insurance coverage. However, as stipulated in the
when involved in an accident resulting in loss disposable camera in your car. The special law regulating traffic accidents, this is not the
of life will have their license revoked. Drivers configuration of vehicles involved in an case when the accident involves the following
who refuse an alcohol level test face accident should not be changed unless they situations:
cancellation of their license. are blocking traffic, or if moving the vehicles is 1. Violating a traffic signal
absolutely necessary for other reasons. If the 2. Crossing the median line
vehicles involved in the accident have to be 3. Speeding
moved, their positions should be marked by 4. Illegal passing
spray paint, white chalk or nails. 5. Improper passing through a crossing
6. Violation of a pedestrian crosswalk
Warn Passing Vehicles 7. Driving without a driver’s license
To prevent a second accident, you should use 8. Driving while intoxicated or under the influence
a flag, light, or sign to warn approaching of drugs
vehicles of the accident. 9. Starting a vehicle while the door is open
10. Driving onto the sidewalk
11. Hit-and-run accident
Reporting the Accident to Police by
12. Fatality
Calling 112
You are required to report the accident to the
police within 3 hours in a city and 12 hours in
other areas. You can go to the police station,
call the police, or have another person call the


■■■Emergency vehicle service
> Modified Highway Route Assignment System
(General information)
Free battery recharge service is available when ■■■Method for assigning route numbers ■■■Method for naming each route
a vehicle runs out of battery. Arterial routes Considers the need to link expressways in the
Free service for locking oneself out of one’s car - Highways running East-West end in the future reunified Korea.
Free emergency gas recharge service: Obtain number“0.”For example, Youngdong-seon Uses the same principle of applying the
three liters of gas when a vehicle runs out of (the route between Seoul and Gangwon starting and ending points used in the current
gas on the road. A vehicle using light-oil or Province) is 50. highways.
LPG is not included in this service. - Highways running South-North end in the The route of the south-north direction starts
Free tire exchange service: A vehicle may number“5,”For example, Seohaean-seon with the south direction, and the route of the
obtain an emergency spare if flat tire occurs. (west coast route) is 15. east-west direction starts with the west
Subsidiary arterial routes direction.
■■■When a vehicle is towed for illegal - South-North direction ends in“7,”i.e., 17,
Towing and storage centers 27, and so on.
parking These roads are marked by two digit numbers,
Inquire about the towed vehicle - Hongje Towing and Storage Center and the latter figure is an odd number. For
- Seoul Metropolitan Installation Tel. 82-2-395-3173, 395-5802 example, the second Jungbu-seon is 37.
Management Corporation [www.sisul.or.kr] Hongje Station, Line 3 - East-West direction ends in an even number,
·Rule for towing: A police office can tow a i.e., 12, 14, 16, 22, and so on.
vehicle when it is illegally parked under - Chang-dong It is also marked by two digits, and the latter
clause 28, 28, 30, or 31 under the traffic law Tel. 82-2-990-9412~3, 2290-6325 figure is an even number. For example, the 88-
·How to recover a towed vehicle: Visit a tow Chang-dong Station, Line 1 or 4 seon is 12.
site with a driver’s license and a foreigner Short-distance Branch Routes
registration card. Pay a tow fee and a tow lot - Yeouido - South-North direction: e.g., 251, 551, 451 and
fee. Tel. 82-2-783-2467, 761-1003 so on.
Yeouinaru Station, Line 5 These highways are three digit numbers,
※ A tow lot fee is at most 500,000 won regardless of the
type of vehicle. consisting of the arterial route number plus an
- Yeongdeungpo-gu odd number. For example, Guma-seon is 451.
Tel. 82-2-2650-1480~3 - East-West direction: e.g., 102, 104, and so on.
Appealing a fine
Singil Station, Line 5 These numbers are marked by three digit
Under Article 27, Section 115 of the Korea traffic
law, when the fine stems from burglary of the numbers consisting of the arterial route
vehicle or another reasonable cause, the driver number plus an even number. For example,
- “Automatic Response Service” for towed the route of Buyea and Namhae-seon is 104.
may appeal the fine with town hall within 10
“vehicles: Call 82-2-2290-6300~5 (ARS) to Metropolitan belt line
days of the citation. No formal appeal is
locate your towed vehicle, directions on how -The belt line uses the first figure of the pertinent
acceptable after the 10-day period, and all fines
to claim your vehicle, and the location of the area’s postal codes plus 00. For example, the
must be paid.
towing company. Seoul metropolitan belt line is 100.
Gyeongbu expressway
Type Fine -The route between Seoul and Busan, keeps
Passenger car, a freight car weighing 50,000 won the route number 1 to symbolize Korea’s
4 tons or more, special vehicle, most representative road.
and construction vehicle
Type: Passenger car and a 40,000 won The route name is assigned by the starting
freight car weighing less than 4 tons and ending points, for example, the Iksan-
Jangsu highway, Dangjin-Daejeon Highway,
※ When you receive a bill for negligence in paying a fine,
and so on.
this can be paid at a bank or the gu office at which your
car was cited.


Name URL/ Address Tel
Ajou University Medical Center www.ajoumc.or.kr 82-31-219-4311~2, 4010
> Hospitals for Foreigners San 5 woncheon-dong, Suwon, 443-721 Gyeonggi-do
Cheongsim Medical Center www.csmc.or.kr 82-31-589-4641
460 Songsan-ri, Seorak-myeon, 477-855 Gyeonggi-do
Seoul Gachon University Gil Medical Center www.gilhospital.com/english 82-32-460-8216
1198 Guwol-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon
Name URL/ Address Tel
National Cancer Center www.ncc.re.kr 82-31-920-1934
Seoul National University Hospital www.snuh.org 82-2-2072-2890/0505 09 Madu-1-dong, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang, Gyeonggi-do
28 Yeongeon-dong, 110-744 Seoul Bucheon Hospital www.schbc.ac.kr 82-32-621-5554
Soonchunhyang University Hospital http://schuh.ac.kr 82-2-709-9158 1174 Jung-dong, Wonmi-gu, Gyeonggi-do, Bucheon-si
657 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, 140-743 Seoul Inha University Hospital www.inha.com 82-32-890-3300
Hanyang University Medical Center hmc.hanyang.ac.kr 82-2-2290-9550 7-206 Shinheung-dong 3-ga, Jung-gu, Incheon
17 Haengdang-dong, Seongdong-gu, 133-792 Seoul
Kyunghee University Medical Center www.khmc.or.kr 82-2-958-9643
1 Hoegi-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, 130-702 Seoul
Severance Hospital; Yonsei University Hospital www.severance.or.kr 82-2-2228-5810 Name URL/ Address Tel
134 Sinchon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, 120-752 Seoul Boomin Hospital www.buminhos.co.kr 82-51-330-3000
Samsung Medical Center www.samsunghospital.com 82-2-3410-0200 380-4 Deokcheon-1-dong, Buk-gu, Busan
50 Ilwon-dong, Gangnam-gu, 135-710 Seoul Good Gang-An Hospital www.gang-an.or.kr 82-51-625-0900
Yongdong Severance Medical Center www.yuhs.or.kr 82-2-2019-3600 40-1, Namcheon-dong, Suyoung-gu, Busan
142-92 Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu, 135-720 Seoul Inje University Pusan Paik Hospital www.paik.ac.kr/en/ga 82-51-891-2624
Cha Medical Center http://kangnam.chamc.co.kr 82-2-3468-3127 Gaegeum Busanjin Busan
650-9 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, 135-913 Seoul Parkside Rehabilitation Hospital www.parkside.co.kr 82-51-629-8000
Asan Medical Center www.amc.seoul.kr 82-2-3010-5001~2 731-1 Daeyoen-dong, Nam-gu, Busan
388-1 Pungnap-dong, Songpa-gu, 138-736 Seoul Good Moonhwa Hospital http://moonhwa.or.kr 82-51-644-2002
899-8 Beomil-2-dong, Dong-gu, Busan
Kangnam St. Mary’s Hospital www.cmckangnam.or.kr 82-2-590-2932
Kosin Medical Center www.kosinmed.or.kr 82-51-990-6155
505 Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, 137-040 Seoul
34 Amnam-dong, Seo-gu, Busan
Jaseng hospital of Oriental medicine www.jaseng.net 82-2-3218-2105/2167
635 Shinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, 135-896 Seoul
Name URL/ Address Tel
Changwon Fatima Hospital www.fatimahosp.co.kr 82-55-270-1259
212 Myeongseo-dong, Changwon, 641-560 Gyeongnam

Name URL/ Address Tel
Kumi Cha Medical Center http://kumi.chamc.co.kr 82-54-450-9870
855 yeonggok-dong, Gumi, 730-728 Gyeongbuk

Name URL/ Address Tel
Kyemyeong University Dongsan Medical Center www.dsmc.or.kr 82-53-250-7303
194 Dongsan-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu
Yeongnam University Medical Center Med.yu.ac.kr 82-53-623-4114
317-1 Daemyeong 5-dong, Nam-gu, Daegu
Hanmi Hospital www.bkh.kr 82-53-593-4106
248-9 Igok-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu


■■■Dental clinics

Name Tel URL Tel

Seoul National University 82-2-2072-3114 www.snudh.org E, D, J, R
Dental Hospital College of Dentistry, Seoul National University Hospital 275-1 Yeongeon-dong, Jongno-gu
Kyunghee University 82-2-958-8114 www.khmc.or.kr E, D, J, C
Dental Hospital 1 Hoegi-dong, Dongdaemun-gu
Kim Minhee Dental Clinic
1337-17 Seocho-dong Seocho-gu
IP & I Dental Clinic
Somerset Palace Seoul Suite #306, 85 Susong-dong, Jongno-gu
United Dental Hospital
25-11 Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu
82-2-1566-7450 www.dentalxpert.co.kr
Catholic Dental Hospital
Ulsan 4 FL. Saman Bldg. Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu
82-2-549-2822 www.moredental.com
Name URL/ Address Tel More Dental Hospital
624-13 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu
Ulsan University Hospital www.uuh.ulsan.kr 82-52-250-7220
290-3 Jeonha 1-dong, Dong-gu, Ulsan 82-2-556-6836 www.chonga.co.kr E, D
Chonga Dental Hospita
648-22 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu
Gwangju 82-2-523-4422
White Plant Dental Clinic
Name URL/ Address Tel 1657-5 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu
Chosun University Hospital http://hosp.chosun.ac.kr 82-62-220-3770 82-2-543-7070 www.adentclinic.com
Adent Dental Clinic
588 Seoseok-dong, Dong-gu, Gwangju 74-24 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu
Chonnam National University Hospital www.cnuh.com 82-62-220-6018 82-2-720-5673
8, Hak-dong, Dong-gu, Gwangju Boston Dental Clinic
32-7 Gwancheol-dong, Jongno-gu
Kwangju Christian Hospital www.kch.or.kr 82-62-650-5691
82-2-569-8745 www.columbiaplus.com
264 Yangnim-dong, Nam-gu, Gwangju Columbia Plus Dental Clinic
826-3 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu
Jeollabuk-do Myungdong Ye Dental 82-2-771-2875 www.yedental.net
Clinic 31-1 Myeong-dong 2 ga, Jung-gu
Name URL/ Address Tel
Jesus Hospital www.jesushospital.com 82-63-230-8114 82-2-548-7212
Kimian Dental Center
300 Junghwasan-dong 1-ga, Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Jeonbuk 158-12 Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu
Wongkwang University Hospital http://wmc.wonkwang.ac.kr 82-63-859-0123 82-2-556-1393 www.yedental.com E, J
Ye Dental Hospital
344-2 Sinyong-dong, Iksan, Jeonbuk 13 FL. Ye Bldg. 131-6 Cheongdam 1-dong, Gangnam-gu
82-2-3217-4510 www.gorun-e.co.kr
Daejeon Gorun-e Dental Hospital
5 FL. Baekryun Bd. 217-5 Hongeun 3-dong, Seodaemun-gu
Name URL/ Address Tel 82-2-795-1500 www.chicagotooth.co.kr E
Chicago Dental Clinic
Eulji University Hospital www.emc.ac.kr 82-42- 611-3000 (Hannam-dong) 3F Venture Bldg., 76-6 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu
1306 Dunsan-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon
Chicago Dental Clinic 82-2-558-2820
Konyang University Hospital www.kyuh.co.kr 82-42-600-9057
(Samseong-dong) 2F Samseong Bldg., 170-8 Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu
Gasuwon-dong, Seo-gu, Daejon
Chicago Dental Clinic 82-2-2237-2879
※ Korean regulation require a prescription from a doctor for non over-the-counter drugs. Non-prescription medication such as (Sinseol-dong) 8F, Sammi Bldg., 117-21 Sinseol-dong, Dongdaemun-gu
cold and indigestion medicine as well as vitamins and health aids such as pregnancy-testing kits can be purchased at most
pharmacies. When you visit a pharmacy to purchase prescription medicine for the first time, you should present your medical 82-2-792-1818/9 M www.modern-dental.co.kr/
Modern Dental Clinic
insurance card. 28-11 Hannam 1-dong, Yongsan-gu
※ Emergency 82-2-539-7675 www.art-dentistry.com E
Dial 119 or 1339 without local code International SOS Korea Ltd. Tel. 82-2-3140-1924 (24 hours) Art Dentistry
832-21 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu


■■■Ob-gyn clinics for foreigners

Name Tel Address URL Website: www.u-hospital.co.kr Teng Teng Skin Clinic
Dr. Yoo’s Ob-gyn Clinic 82-2-2608-1011 1031-12 Hwagok 5-dong, Gangseo-gu http://yookwangsa.co.kr
Address: 957-14 Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu Tel. 82-2-337-4066
Website: www.tengteng.com
Ehwa Womans University
82-2-760-5114 70 Jongno 6-ga, Jongno-gu www.eumc.co.kr Knee & Spine Hospital Address: 6 FL. Daewha Bldg., 162-13 Donggyo-
Dongdaemun Hospital
Tel. 82-2-538-0075 dong, Mapo-gu
Cha Medical Center 82-2-3468-3000 650-9 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu http://kangnam.chamc.co.kr Website: www.kshospital.net
Ehwa Womans University
82-2-2650-5114 911-1 Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu www.eumc.co.kr/mokdong
Address: 682-23 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu Arumdaunnara Beauty Clinic Network
Mokdong Hospital Tel. 82-2-3420-2251
Samsung Medical Center 82-2-2020-5500 52-25 Chungmuro 5 ga, Jung-gu Wooshinhyang Hospital Website: www.anacli.co.kr
Lucina Lady’s Hospital 82-2-926-2292 351-4 Samseon-dong, Seongbuk-gu www.lucinamiz.co.kr Tel. 82-2-926-7505 Address: 3, 5 FL., Gangnam Center Bldg. 825-13
Website: www.wshmc.co.kr Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu
4, 5 FL. Nonghyp Bldg. 199-1 Guui-dong,
Mizmore Obgyn Clinic 82-2-452-3570 www.mizmore.co.kr Address: Anam-dong 85-9, Seongbuk-gu
Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese BK Dongyang Plastic Surgery Clinic
the Wise Hwang Hospital 82-2-2695-3500 114-12 Hwagokbon-dong, Gangseo-gu www.thewisehospital.com
Tel. 82-2-3446-0446
2 FL. Chung Wha Bldg., Hannam-dong, Website: www.bkdy.co.kr
Yeonsei Obgyn Clinic 82-2-790-0802
Yongsan-gu Address: Rex tower 7, 8 FL. Nonhyeon-dong, 1-3
Sinchon Yeonsei Hospital 82-2-337-7582 13-3 Changjeon-dong, Mapo-gu www.scys.co.kr
■■■Dermatology clinics & plastic Gangnam-gu
surgery clinics for foreigners
Leejiham Dermatology Clinic Yidemei Plastic Surgery Clinic
Tel. 82-2-567-5900 Tel. 82-2-548-3039
■■■Ophthalmological hospitals for Dr. Kim’s Children’s Clinic Website: www.ljh.co.kr Website: www.yidemei.kr
foreigners Tel. 82-2-765-7582 Address: Chanlim Bldg., 816-3 Yeoksam-dong, Address: 20-6 Jamwon-dong, Seocho-gu
Seer & Partner Eye Institute Address: 5th Floor Sangok Building, 109-4 Gangnam-gu
Tel. 82-2-511-0567 (Emergency: 82-10-7714-0567) Hyewha-dong, Jongno-gu
Address: 86-1, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu
Lucina Lady’s Hospital
Hangil Eye Hospital Tel. 82-2-922-7474
Tel. 82-32-503-3322 Address: 351-4 Samseon-dong Seongbuk-gu
Website: www.hangileye.co.kr ■■■Orthopedics hospitals
543-36 Bupyeong-dong, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon ■■■Oriental hospitals for foreigners in Seoul
Wooridul Spine Hospital
Tel. 82-1577-7100 Name Tel Address URL
Saevit Eye Hospital Website: en.wooridul.com Kyunghee University
Tel. 82-31-900-7700/7736 Address: 47-4 Chungdam-dong, Gangnam-gu 82-2- 958-8114 Hoegi station, Subway Line 1 www.kyunghee.or.kr
Oriental Hospital
Website: www.saeviteye.com
1334-3 Baekseok-dong, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Haedang Oriental Hospital 82-2-335-1010 Exit 6 of Hapjeong station, Subway Line 2, 6 www.haedang.com
Kim & Song United Orthopedics Hospital
Gyeonggi-do Tel. 82-1644-0075 Exit 8 of Seoul Nat’l Univ. of Education
Conmaul Oriental Hospital 82-2-3475-7114 www.conmaul.co.kr
station, Subway Line 2, 3

■■■Children’s hospitals for foreigners Gangseo Oriental Hospital 82-2-3662-7986 Exit 6 of Balsan station, Subway Line 5 www.e-kimedi.com

Seoul National University Children’s Hospital Indang Oriental Hospital 82-2-557-3906~7 Exit 2 of Gangnam station, Subway Line 2 www.indang.com
Tel. 82-2-2072-2890 — English line Hamsoa Children’s Clinic 82-2-563-4700 Exit 2 of Dogok station, Subway Line 3 www.hamsoa.com
Website: www.snuh.org/english
Address: 28 Yeongeon-dong, Jongno-gu Girin Oriental Hospital 82-2-515-7300 Exit 5 of Nonhyeon station, Subway Line 7 www.kirindiet.co.kr
Jaseng hospital of Oriental 82-2-3218-105
Hamsoa Children’s Clinic Exit 2 of Apgujeong station, Subway Line 3 www.jaseng.co.kr
medicine 82-2-3218-2167
Tel. 82-2-563-4700, 82-1544-1075 Gangnam In Oriental
Website: www.hamsoa.com 82-2-547-8575 Exit 1 of Chongdam station, Subway Line 7 www.inisgood.com
Medical Clinic
Address: 3 FL. A&A Bldg. 130-29 Nonhyeon-
dong, Gangnam-gu Dongseo Oriental Hospital 82-2-320-7800 Exit 3, 4 of Sinchon station, Subway Line 2 www.dsoh.co.kr


> Pet Clinics Ulsan
Name Tel Address
Sarang Animal Hospital 82-52-268-4469 657-1 Singjeong2-dong, Nam-gu
District Name of Hospital Address Tel Cool Pet Animal Hospital 82-52-288-7573 9 Jinjang-dong, Buk-gu
Gangnam-gu Choonghyeon Animal Hospital 191-12 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu 82-2-3445-7582
Samsung Animal Hospital 82-52-248-7570 376-34 Guyeong-ri, Beomseo-eup, Ulju-gun
Jyujyu Animal Hospital 898-8 Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu 82-2-556-0975
Wurijib Animal Hospital 180-31 Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu 82-2-572-8998
Chiryomeongmeong Animal Hospital 630-23 Sinsan-dong, Gangnam-gu 82-2-545-0075
Mapo-gu Pussy Cat Animal Hospital 174-20 Dogyo-dong, Mapo-gu 82-2-323-7582 Gwangju
Seocho-gu Lee Seonghwan Animal Hospital 851-6 Bangbae-dong, Seocho-gu 82-2-593-8238 Name Tel Address
Yongsan-gu Itaewon Animal Hospital 168-3 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu 82-2-797-6677
Isop Animal Hospital 82-62-973-0109 655-2 Ssangam-dong, Gwangsan-gu
Pet Toy Animal Hospital 653-26 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu 82-2-796-1021
Juju Animal Hospital 82-62-524-7582 581-16 Punghyang-dong, Buk-gu
Jungnang-gu Taeneung Animal Hospital 175-2 Muk1-dong, Jungrang-gu 82-2-973-1953
World Pet Animal Hospital 16 Sinyeong-dong, Jongno-gu 82-2-379-7575 Hanaro Animal Hospital 82-62-371-0750 1181-2 Chipyeong-dong, Seo-gu

Gyeonggi-do Daejeon
Name Tel Address Name Tel Address
Ire Animal Hospital 82-31-985-5075 348-6 Sawu-dong, Gimpo Nara Animal Hospital 82-42-545-8575 1346 Gwangjeo-dong, Seo-gu
Migeum Animal Hospital 82-31-717-8558 23-1 Gumi-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam Songgan Animal Hospital 82-42-934-7588 186-7 Songgang-dong, Yuseong-gu
Hi Pet Animal Hospital 82-31-205-0275 1000-4 Yeongtong-dong, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon Seoul Animal Hospital 82-42-585-6767 281-15 Sansung-dong, Jung-gu

Name Tel Address
Name Tel Address
Bupyeong Animal Hospital 82-32-511-6836 417-16 Bupyeong4-dong, Bupyeong-gu
Pet Friends Animal Hospital 82-32-330-7521 159-52 Sangok-dong, Bupyeong-gu Samsung General Animal
82-33-732-1275 1037-12 Taejang2-dong, Wonju
Nohsungnam Animal Hospital 82-32-833-1770 196 Ongnyeon-dong, Yeonsu-gu
Dogvill Animal Hospital 82-33-645-2287 146-1 Okcheon-dong, Gangneung
Hyundae Animal Hospital 82-33-256-7582 677-21 Hupyeong1-dong, Chuncheon

Name Tel Address
Igok Animal Hospital 82-53-581-7582 1238-6 Igok-dong, Dalseo-gu
Dana Animal Hospital 82-53-956-0858 1291-20 Sangyeok3-dong, Buk-gu Name Tel Address
Dongin Animal Hospital 82-53-424-4258 332 Dongin-dong, Jung-gu Sinjeju Animal Hospital 82-64-744-2772 720-3 Nohyeong-dong, Jeju
Gajok Aninal Hospital 82-64-702-7275 1260-4 Ido1-dong, Jeju
Seoul Animal Hospital 82-64-732-8762 280-11 Jungang-dong, Seoguipo
Name Tel Address
Saha Animal Hospital 82-51-206-1891 619-20 Hadan1-dong, Saha-gu
Phoenix Animal Hospital 82-51-246-7551 36-7 Nampodong2-ga, Jung-gu
Kimtaehun Animal Hospital 82-51-503-7501 91-7 Sajik-dong, Dongnae-gu


> Mortuary Service Conditions for enrollment because most foreigners residing in Korea
Those who have registered as foreigners at have health insurance from their countries and
the Immigration Bureau and meet one of the paying for different health insurance fees can
■■■Repatriation of remains All documents should be the original, not following conditions can apply for enrollment be a double burden for them. Also, because of
Report to your Embassy immediately. copies. into national health insurance at the NHIC. language barrier, foreigners have difficulty
To return the corpse to its home country, you A cremation certificate issued by the town hall Employee insured: Foreigners employed by a communicating at medical facilities in Korea.
need to get help from the deceased’s upon confirmation of the death certificate is company in Korea with more than five
embassy. needed. employees are eligible for workplace medical Considering these drawbacks, The Ministry of
Translate and keep all necessary documents insurance. Medical insurance also covers Health and Welfare announced additional
for insurance and other personal affairs. foreigners’ spouses and children. In order to revision of National Health Insurance on April
For information on foreign funeral customs and put the insurance in effect, employers should 12, 2007.
returning the deceased to their home country, enroll their employees in a medical insurance
Seran Hospital Funeral Service program. According to the revision, foreigners or
(www.seranfuneral.co.kr, Tel. 82-2-734-4025) Self-employed insured: Those who intend to overseas Korean working in Korea who fall
stay in Korea for more than one year under within one of the following categories can be
one of the following visas can get health exempt from enrolling for health insurance.
Required documents: a death certificate, insurance coverage. 1. In the case an individual receives medical
autopsy certificate, and a confirmation note for • D-1(Culture & arts), D-2 (Study), D-3 coverage according to his/her national laws
a death. (Industrial training), D-4 (Training), D-5 (Media while working in Korea.
coverage), D-6(Religion), D-7 (Stationing), D- 2. In the case the subject is insured in
8(Corporate investment), D-9(Trade and accordance with the rules of employment and
> Health Insurance management), E-7(Specific occupation), E- internal regulations of his/her company during
8(Industrial trainee employment), F-3(the the duration of his/her employment in Korea.
Spouses of those with one of the above visas ※The effective date of the revised National Health
[www.nhic.or.kr] ■■■Information on National Health
and their children under age 20). insurance Act: July 27, 2007
This information on national health insurance Insurance coverage for foreigners • The dependents and children of individuals
services will come in very handy during your stay What is National Health Insurance? under an F-1 visa (visiting and joining families) Imposition of contributions and payment
in Korea. The National Health Insurance Corporation • A long-term foreign resident in Korea under For the employee insured: The contribution
All foreigners residing in Korea will be covered (NHIC), is the only public insurer managing an F-2 visa (Residence) amount shall be calculated by the monthly
on the same voluntary basis as Korean nationals National Health Insurance under the • An overseas Korean resident who is in Korea salary contribution rate and be deducted from
by the National Health Insurance upon payment supervision of the Ministry of Health & under an F-4 visa (Korean residents abroad) the monthly salary (50% of which is paid by
of contribution. Welfare. Those insured by NHI can be the employer). The duty of the payment is
categorized as the employee insured and the Enrollment procedures and required retroactive to the date he/she was first
self-employed insured. The NHI is the system documents employed.
through which the contributions made by the For the employee insured: Foreign workers For the self-employed insured: The
insured persons are consolidated into a fund shall submit an application for enrollment to contribution amount for those who have
and insurance benefits are provided upon their the employer of the work place who is income shall be calculated by the monthly
need. The system aims to share the burden responsible for remitting the application to the income contribution rate and for those who
among the insured persons and provide NHIC office with the required documents. The have no income shall be the amount of the
medical services. enrollment is retroactive to the date he/she average monthly contributions of the self-
was first employed. empolyed in preceding year. The duty of the
For the self-employed insured: A foreigner payment is retroactive to the date he/she
shall submit an application for enrollment with registered his/her residence in Korea.
the certificate of alien registration and passport For foreign students: 30% of the contribution
to the nearest NHIC office in his/her residential can be reduced and the contributions shall be
area. The enrollment is retroactive to the date paid in advance in three month units. However,
he/she registered his/her residence in Korea. foreigners who have F-1 or F-2 residence
status shall pay the contribution amount
The required enrollment of health insurance calculated by the same imposition standard for
for foreign workers has become problematic Korean nationals on a monthly basis.


Insurance benefits ■■■Major Life Insurance Companies
The benefit package for foreigners is the same For treatment at hospitals and medical
Name URL Tel
as that for Korean Nationals. When the insured clinics: 20%~50% of the total charges
person and his/her dependents, whether they applicable by NHI Korea Life Insurance www.korealife.com 82-2-789-8114,1588-6363
are foreigners or Korean nationals, receive For prescription drugs filled at the Allianz Life Insurance www.allianzlife.co.kr 82-2-3787-7000, 1588-6000
health care service at the health care facilities, pharmacy: 30% of the total charges Samsung Life Insurance www.samsunglife.com 82-1588-3114
they have to pay only the following amounts: applicable by NHI Hungkuk Life Insurance www.hungkuk.co.kr 82-1588-2288
Kyobo Life Insurance www.kyobo.co.kr 82-1588-1001
Tongyang Life Insurance www.myangel.co.kr 82-1577-1004
Metlife Korea www.metlife.co.kr 82-1588-9600
> Life Insurance Prudential Financial www.prudential.co.kr 82-1588-3374
Shinhan Life Insurance www.shinhanlife.co.kr 82-1588-5580
■■■Guidelines for foreigners PCA Life www.pcakorea.co.kr 82-1588-4300
·Life insurance covers foreigners who live in 3. Documents to be submitted: New York Life Insurance www.nyli.co.kr 82-2-2107-4600
Korea and have a certificate of alien registration a. A copy of alien registration card ING Life www.inglife.co.kr 82-1588-5005
(Prudential Insurance, presently they have no b. A copy of grant of sojourn LINA Life www.lina.co.kr 82-1588-0058
information available in English, but they will c. Income for foreigners who have a certificate AIG Life Insurance www.aiglife.co.kr 82-1588-9898
issue a certificate with details of an insurance from their place of employment
contract written in English.)
Cost of insurance
(1) How to get the life insurance 1. If income can be verified, the insurance fee is
determined using the following equation: [(net
Requirement income) x (current rate of company insurance)].
1. The individual must be planning to stay in 2. Foreigners with no income or whose income
Korea at least 90 days. He or she must have an is hard to verify (e.g., D-1, D-2, D-3, or D-4 visa
alien registration number. holders), a rate of average insurance bill per
2. If a foreigner enters Korea under one of the household nationwide is used.
following visas, he or she must register for 3. Regardless of when a foreigner registers for
insurance: insurance, the fee is calculated retroactively to
*D-1 (Culture and arts) the date of alien registration.
*D-2 (Study) 4. If a foreigner departs temporarily for a duration
*D-3 (Industrial training) of less than three months, he/she is still
*D-4 (Training) responsible for payment of the retroactive
*D-5 (Media coverage) insurance fee from the date of alien registration.
*D-6 (Religion)
*D-7 (Stationing) Expiry of insurance (loss of qualification)
*D-8 (Corporate investment) Insurance coverage expires:
*D-9 (Trade and management) 1. If a foreigner leaves Korea (except in the case
*E-7 (Specific occupation) of temporary departures for durations of less
*E-8 (Industrial trainee employment) than three months)
*F-3 (the dependents of the persons holding one 2. In case of the death of insurance holder
of the above visas and his or her children under 3. If a foreigner acquires company insurance or
the age of 20) becomes a dependent
*The dependents and children of the person 4. If a foreigner does not pay the insurance fees
staying under F-1 status (visiting and joining (effective from the day following the due date of
families) fees).
*Persons who are long-term residents under F-2
status and overseas Korean residents who are in
Korea under F-4 status


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Guide to Living in Korea
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Guide to Living in Korea

> Traditional Food

A diverse array of foods and dishes can be found (matured

throughout Korea. seafood with salt)
Korea was once primarily an agricultural nation, and doenjang
and Koreans have cultivated rice as their staple (fermented soy bean paste)
food since ancient times. These days Korean are notable for their unique flavor
cuisine is characterized by a wide variety of wild and high nutritional value.
greens and vegetables. The prominent feature of a Korean table
Various fermented and preserved foods, such as setting is that all dishes are served at the
kimchi (fermented spicy cabbage), jeotgal same time.

> Traditional Korean House - Hanok

A traditional Korean summer and heating the interior in the winter.

ABOUT KOREAN TRADITIONAL CULTURE house is called‘hanok,’ Since Korea has hot summers and cold winters,
Cultural Heritage Administration [www.cha.go.kr] which is sought to the‘ondol gudeul,’a floor-based heating
Korea Tourism Organization [http://kto.visitkorea.or.kr] create a living space system and‘daecheng,’a cool wooden-floor
based on the coexistence style of hall, were devised long ago to help
orean traditional culture is based on the agriculture, economy and a foundation of
K Shamanism, Buddhism and Confucianism throughout its 5,000-year history. Cultural activities
are famous for how they harmonize and co-exist with many religions and cultures. There are 425
of nature and humans.
Accordingly, the natural aspects of a traditional
Koreans survive the frigid winters and to make
the sweltering and humid summers bearable.
Korean house range from the structure’ s inner These primitive types of heating and air-
national treasures, 1,776 treasures and 1,065 important folklore items as of November 1, 2005. layout to the building materials which were used. conditioning were so efficient that they are still in
As of October 2008 a total number of 878 itmes in 145 countries were registered on the Another unique feature of traditional houses is use in many homes today.
UNESCO World Heritage List. “Seokguram Grotto and Bulguksa Temple,” “Haeinsa Janggyeong their special design for cooling the interior in the
Panjeon,” and “Jongmyo Shrine” entered the list in 1995, followed by “Changdeokgung Palace
Complex” and “Suwon Hwaseong Fortess” in 1997, and “Gyeongju Historic Areas” and
“Gochang, Hwasun, and Ganghwa Dolmen Sites” in 2000. > Traditional Arts
■■■Traditional dance ■■■Traditional music
Korean traditional dance, Korean traditional music
> Traditional Clothing - Hanbok much like traditional can be broadly divided
music, can be divided into into jeongak (court
Hanbok is a comprehensive term used to consists of a short jacket and pants, called baji, court dance and folk music), which has an
describe Korean traditional clothing. Today, that are roomy and bound at the ankles. Both dance. intellectual emphasis, and
hanbok is worn mostly on special occasions, and ensembles may be topped by a long coat of a Court dance includes minsogak (folk music),
is divided into categories based on its function. similar cut called durumagi. jeongjaemu, dances performed at banquets, and which is full of emotional expression.
ilmu, the line dances performed in Confucian The former is closely related to the culture of the
■■■Hanbok ■■■Saenghwal hanbok
rituals. Folk dance can be divided into religious royal family and the upper class, the latter
Hanbok is characterized by The use of traditional hanbok follows complex dances led by monks and secular dances. belonging more to the common people. Most
its simple lines and the fact rules, and requires meticulous attention. Whereas the highly stylized court dances display court music moves at a slow pace, sometimes
that it has no pockets. Because of this, a simplified version of hanbok dimensions of discipline, grandeur and elegance, so slow that a single beat can take up to three
Women’s hanbok is comprised has been introduced for daily use which folk dances, especially mask dances, exhibit seconds. As a result, the mood of this music is
of a wrap-around skirt and a incorporates simplicity and convenience. An spontaneity, humor, freedom and satire. static, meditative, and reposeful. However, folk
jacket. It is often called increasing number of people want to express music, such as farmer’s music, pansori and
chima-jeogori, chima being their individuality by wearing something that musok (shaman’ s ritual music), is characterized
the Korean word for skirt combines traditional beauty and modern by dynamic rhythm patterns.
and jeogori the word for simplicity. The modern version comes in a wide
jacket. Men’ s hanbok variety of styles and fabrics.


■■■Paintings ■■■Handicrafts and ceramics worship rites at the Seonggyungwan in honor of to Korea. In 1784 the first Korean was baptized
Confucius, his disciples, and other celebrated in Beijing and returned to Korea to set up a
A major characteristic of Handicrafts and ceramics made great headway
Chinese and Korean Confucian scholars. house of worship. Despite considerable
Korean traditional painting following the introduction of Buddhism to Korea.
persecution by the government, numerous
is its unique Oriental In the Goryeo Dynasty, elegant jade green ■■■Protestantism & Catholicism people joined the Catholic Church. Presently,
lines and colors that are celadon became the mainstream ceramics. Plain
Protestantism came to Korea after the signing of over two million people belong to the church.
seldom found in orthodox celadon reached its zenith of refinement around
the Korean-American Treaty in 1882. Because
Western painting. the first half of the 12th century. Whereas ■■■Shamanism
Christianity challenged the basic values of
Ancient tomb murals Goryeo celadon has novelty, Joseon ceramics
Joseon society, its believers were subject to Various shamanistic practices are deeply
manifest traits of early are infused with subtlety and naturalness,
persecution in the early years, but as Christians engrained in Korean life. Shamanism is similar
Korean painting. The evoking the sentiments of humble, common
took an increasingly active role in the anti-colonial with folk beliefs from ancient times. It is closely
murals in Three Kingdoms tombs depict the people. Joseon white porcelain embodies the
struggle against the Japanese and churches related to the primitive cults that practiced
dynamism and lifestyle of Koreans during characteristics of the Korean people who prefer
promoted more educational opportunities, communal rites for the gods of heaven, and
ancient times. In the Goryeo period when simplicity and the color white.
Christianity gained acceptance. which were uninfluenced by Buddhist tradition.
Buddhism blossomed, the arts flourished as
Today Korean churches evangelize abroad, and One distinguishing characteristic of Korean
well, particularly Buddhist painting and sculpture,
approximately twenty-five percent of the Korean shamanism is that it seeks to solve human
and many impressive works from this time can
population is Christian. problems through a meeting between humans
be seen at Buddhist temples today. During the
Catholicism first came to Korea as a western and the spirits. This can be seen in the various
Joseon Dynasty, painting was influenced by
scholarly pursuit. Korean tributary missions to types of shamanistic rites that are still widely
Chinese art. Folk paintings, or minhwa, were
the imperial court of China took an interest in practiced even today.
popular among the masses and abound with
Jesuit missionary books and brought them back
satire and humor.

> Experiencing Korean Traditional Culture

> Religions
Son’s Home
Tel. 82-2-562-6829
Experience Kimchi (Korean traditional
fermented spicy cabbage), Hanbok, musical
instruments, and calligraphy.
- 10 minute walk from Exit 3 of Yeoksam
Station, Line 2
■■■Buddhism ■■■Confucianism [www.yejiwon.or.kr]
Buddhism was introduced into Korea in the Confucianism became a common philosophy Tel. 82-2-2234-3325
second century, A.D. 372, during King Sosurim’ s in ancient Korea. When it came into contact Learn about Korean
■■■Korean daily life
government of the Goguryeo Dynasty. with fundamental Korean sentiments, traditional customs
Buddhism soon found its way into the Baekje Confucianism brought about profound changes These programs encourage foreigners to and other common
Kingdom and Silla Kingdom. The Korean and exerted considerable influence on the experience Korean culture such as family rituals, Korean practices.
peninsula was governed by three kingdoms at Korean people. It has been an indispensable etiquette, tea culture, traditional food, and the - 15 minute walk from Exit 6 of Dongguk
that time: Goguryeo, Baekje, and Silla. Bulguksa component of the Korean moral system, way arts. Univ. Station.
(Buddhist temple) and Seokguram, which have of life and national laws. Yoo’s Family
been appointed as world cultural assets, were Confucianism, which was the major philosophy [www.yoosfamily.com] Tel. 82-2-3673-0323
[www.tuyosi.com] Tel. 82-2-774-0351
built during the unified Silla period. Buddhism of the Joseon Dynasty, eventually gave rise to Experience Dado (etiquette of drinking tea),
Mobile: 82-10-9998-2443
has had a strong effect on the development of Silhak, or practical learning. Confucianism has wearing Korean traditional clothes - Hanbok,
Enjoy Korean traditional dishes, folk arts, and a
Korean culture since it was introduced. Korea deeply permeated the consciousness of Korean learning greeting etiquette, practice Kimchi
traditional market.
has many Buddhism-related cultural assets, people and can be seen today in many forms, making, folk games and traditional Korean
- 7 minute walk from Exit 12 of Seoul Station,
including buildings, sculptures, drawings, and including two ceremonies that continue today: meals, etc.
Line 1 or 4
craftworks. Jongmyo Jerye, the royal ancestral service at - 10 minute walk from Exit 2 of Anguk Station,
Jongmyo Shrine and Seokjeon Daeje, the Line 3


festivals, entertainment, and Andong, then city Jirye Artists’ Colony
a traditional market. There bus no. 46 to Hahoe [www.jirye.com] Tel. 82-54-822-2590
are a lot of sightseeing spots Village This place is for those who want to learn about
including Korean traditional Korean history and culture.
Jeju Folk Village
houses, hanok. Location: Imdong-myeon, Andong-si,
Location: Giheung-eup,Yong-in, Gyeonggi-do Gyeongsangbuk-do
[www.jejufolk.com] Tel. 82-64-787-4501~2
- Take a Folk Village shuttle bus at Suwon - 4hrs. from Seoul Cheongnyangni Station to
This village also features all kinds of traditional
Station, KNR Line Andong (50 mins. from Andong)
village styles of Jeju Island, including a
Oeamri Folk Village mountain village, a fishing village, a small Suaedang
SamcheongGak [www.oeammaul.co.kr] island town, and a marketplace. [www.suaedang.com] Tel. 82-54-822-6661
[www.3pp.co.kr] Tel. 82-41-544-8290, 82-41-541-0848 Location: Pyoseon-ri, Pyoseon-myeon, A place for experiencing Korean traditional
Tel. 82-2-765-3700 This traditional village has preserved the village Namjeju-gun culture as well as traditional houses.
Traditional Culture Academy: Minyo (folk history and culture. - 50 min by bus from Jeju Intercity Bus Location: Imdong-myeon, Andong-si,
songs), Pansori, crafts of the women’s Location: Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do Terminal Gyeongsangbuk-do
quarters, tea ceremony, daegum, Korean - Take a train at Seoul Station to Onyang, then - Andong bus terminal → get off at Imdong
Jeonju Hanok Village
traditional music for children and korean a city bus to Oeam-ri (7 times a day, takes 40 bus station (2 km from the bus station)
traditional food (Asadal). minutes)
Tel. 82-63-287-6300
- Shuttle bus from Exit 7 of City Hall Station, Naganeupseong Folk Village Jeonju Hanok Living Experience Center
Line 2 or Exit 5 of Gwanghwamun Station, [www.nagan.or.kr] Tel. 82-61-749-3347 Location: Pungnam-dong, Wansan-gu, Jeonju,
Line 5 This walled city built on an open field used to Jeollabuk-do
■■■Traditional Korean village house an old government office and nearly - Take the express bus from Express Bus
100 tradional-thatched Terminal to Jeolla Province and get off at the
Namsangol Hanok Village houses built during the Jeollabuk-do Art Center
[www.hanokmaeul.org] Joseon Dynasty. The city is
Tel. 82-2-2266-6923 like being in ancient Korea.
A traditional Korean-style Location: Suncheon,
garden,complete with a Jeollanam-do
flowing stream and a ■■■Buddhist temple stay
- Take a train at Seoul
pavilion in the woods, Station to Suncheon, then [www.templestay.com]
was constructed in order transfer to a city bus for Naganeupseong Folk For over 1600 years temples have provided spiritual refuge for Korean Buddhists. The Jogye Order of
to revive the classical feel Village Korean Buddhism is opening Korean temples where foreigners can experience the Korean monks’ life
of the ancient times. Five traditional Korean style and Korean traditional culture.
houses were moved here on a 7,934 square- Hahoe Village
meter lot including some of the residences of [www.hahoe.or.kr] Tel. Tel: 82-54-840-6578
Program: Dharma Ceremony in the morning, Seon meditation, tea ceremony, four bowl meal,
high government officials who were known to The village was designated important folk
introduction of temple, printing Tripitaka, Buddhist martial arts, making traditional lanterns, making
have eight of the largest mansions in seoul. asset no. 122. The village contains tangible
green tea, traditional games, etc.
- 2 minute walk from Chungmuro Station, Line and intangible cultural assets such as national
3 or 4 treasures or folk arts.
Location: Pungcheon-myeon, Andong-si, Name URL Tel
Bukchon Hanok Village Gyeongsangbuk-do Beomeosa Temple www.beomeosa.co.kr 82-51-508-3122
[hanok.seoul.go.kr] Tel: 82-2-3707-8388 - Take a train at Cheongnyangni Station to Naewonjeongsa Temple www.naewon.org 82-51-241-0691
This traditional village Jeondeungsa Temple www.jeondeungsa.org 82-32-937-0125
features many Hanok- Mihwangsa Temple www.mihwangsa.com 82-61-533-3521
style homes. The village
Baekyangsa Temple www.baekyangsa.org 82-61-392-7502
is located in the area
Jogyesa Temple www.ijogyesa.net 82-2-732-2183
between Seoul City Hall
Mu Sang Sa Temple www.musangsa.org 82-42-841-6084
and Seoseomun’ s annex.
Hwaeomsa Temple www.hwaeomsa.org 82-61-782-7600
- Exit 1 of City Hall Station, Line 1
Songgwangsa Temple www.songgwangsa.org 82-61-755-0108
Korean Folk Village Bongjeongsa Temple www.bongjeongsa.org 82-54-853-4181
[www.koreanfolk.co.kr] Tel: 82-31-288-0000 Haeinsa Temple www.haeinsa.or.kr 82-55-934-3000
The village has a folk museum and holds folk Hwagyesa Temple www.hwagyesa.org 82-2-902-2663/903-3361


■■■Korean cooking courses - 5 minute walk from
Institute of Traditional Korean Food Nampodong Station
Han’s Institute of Culinary Arts
[www.kfr.or.kr] Tel. 82-2-741-5411~4 [www.hancooking.co.kr] Tel. 82-2-742-3567
The program consists of a field tour to the House Kimchi
Kimchi course, kimchi and bulgogi course,
Korean Traditional Kitchen Museum, where [www.housekimchi.com]
bibimbap (a mixed rice with various
you can learn how to make rice cakes. You Tel. 82-2-3216-9792
vegetables) course, kimchi stew course and
may also partake in other Korean cooking Targets Japanese travelers.
other courses
activities . - 5 minute walk from Exit 2 of Hongje Station,
- 3 minute walk from Exit 4 of Jongno 3(sam)-
- 3 minute walk from Exit 7 of Jongno 3(sam)- Line 3
ga Station, Line 5
ga Station, Line1, 3 or 5
Ilsan Wondang Jungang Cooking School
Institute of Korean Royal Cuisine [www.cookingac.co.kr] Tel. 82-31-968-6262 ■■■Ceramics
[www.food.co.kr] Tel. 82-2-3673-1122~3 Take a course to learn how to make Korean Korean pottery is famous for its excellent quality Yeoju Ceramics Village (Yeoju, Gyeonggi-do)
Enjoy dishes intended for the royal family and dishes: kimchi, bulgogi, samgyetang and use of artistic skill. Pottery features Korean - Take a Yeoju-bound bus at Seoul Express
traditional folk dishes. (traditional chicken dish), bibimbap, kimchi traditional art styles, simple colors and unique Bus Terminal or Dong Seoul Bus Terminal
- 20 minute walk from Exit 2 of Anguk Station, stew, and so on. molding. The fee for a pottery class is between
Line 3 - 10 minute walk from Wondang Station, Line 3 Gangjin Celadon Village
5,000 won and 30,000 won.
(Gangjin-gun, Jeollanam-do)
Seoul Agriculture Technology Center Minkyung Choi’ s Cooking School Icheon Ceramics Village (Icheon, Gyeonggi-do)
- Take a bus at Seoul Express Bus Terminal to
[http://agro.seoul.go.kr] Tel. 82-2-459-8992 [www.cook.or.kr] Tel. 82-51-464-6000 - Take an Icheon-bound bus at Seoul Express
Gangjin, then take a city bus for Maryang and
A way for everyone to learn the old skills of Participate in courses for learning to prepare Bus Terminal or Dong Seoul Bus Terminal
get off at Celadon Village
cooking food. Established by the Seoul traditional Korean meals. Learn how to make
Agriculture Technology Center. kimchi, bulgogi, galbi, bibimbap, and other
- 10 minute walk from Exit 4 of Yangjae traditional dishes. Name URL Tel
Station, Line 3 - 10 minute walk from Busan Station Icheon Ceramics Village ceramic.invil.org 82-31-633-2574~5
BokSeon Han’s Cooking School SinWon Pottery Education Center www.sinwondoye.com 82-1588-9572
Dong-a Kyungok Kim’ s Cooking School
[www.hanboksun.com] [www.cook3000.co.kr] Yewon Ceramic www.yewonceramic.co.kr 82-31-6342-114
Tel. 82-2-584-3783 Tel. 82-51-818-3000 The National Folk Museum www.nfm.go.kr 82-2-3704-3114
Learn about recipes and seasonings for Join courses for learning to cook (The museum has Korean folk classes for foreigners)
traditional dishes. Korean traditional dishes: kimchi, Haegang Ceramics Museum www.haegang.org 82-31-634-2266
- 5 minute walk from Exit 4 of Seoul Nat’l Univ. galbi, bibimbap, jeon (pan-fried Gyeongju Folk Craft Village www.kyongju-fcv.com 82-54-745-6049
of Education Station, Line 2 or 3 dishes), and namul (vegetables or wild greens)

Taekwando, a Korean traditional martial art, is an
international sport that enjoys world-wide
popularity. Taekwando teaches a person self-
reliance, not aggression. Therefore, it focuses
on physical training and mental endurance.
Character development is also an important
aspect of the sport. Taekwando was first shown
as an exhibition game during the 1988 Seoul
Olympics and has since been adopted as an
official Olympic sport, debuting at the 2000
Sydney Olympics.
Korea Taekwondo Tour Information Center
- One-day Taekwondo experience,
Taekwondo Camp
Tel. 82-2-336-3361 Fax. 82-2-336-3811



> Drinking Manners

Be courteous to each other while drinking. hand.

- Refill empty glasses quickly.
Guest seat
- Hold your glass with two hands when an
- Allow the guest to have the seat farthest
elder is pouring you a drink.
away from the door and the warmer part of
- Take the glass from the elder even if you
the floor in an ondol, or heated floor in a room.
don’t plan to drink it. Sip your drink to be
When to offer a drink polite.
- Let the elder person or senior (e.g., boss) - After receiving a
have the first drink. drink from an
- Offer to pour the drink using both hands elder, use both
unless the person is a friend, close colleague, hands to give the
or younger person. elder a glass.
- Even if you are of a similar age group, offer to Never use the
pour a drink using both hands if you are not same glass that
that close to the person. you used.
- Pour drinks using your right hand, not left

■■■Culture streets
Insa-dong [www.insadong.info] Fashion Street in Donamdong
This traditional street in Insa-dong has shops This street is located in the Gangbuk area and
that carry traditional goods such as antiques. is always crowded with people who enjoy
The street holds various traditional events as fashion. > Invitation Etiquette
well. - 1 minute walk from Sungshin Women’s Univ.
- 2 minute walk from Anguk Station, Line 3 Station, Line 4 Invitation to attend a party commemorating the occasion and one that isn’ t too expensive or
launching of a business, co-worker’ s birthday, too cheap. Wrapped gifts are also appreciated.
wedding, 60-year-old birthday, welcome - It is thoughtful to buy a gift for the mother
The street has ten modern art galleries,
celebration, farewell party, funeral, a party for a when invited to a baby’ s birthday.
a National Folk Museum, and traditional
person who has transferred to another - You may also inquire with the parent about an
museum. You can enjoy modern and traditional
department or other branch, and other events. appropriate gift for a baby’ s birthday party.
art here.
- Remember the date, time, and venue on the - When expressing your congratulations or
- 5 minute walk from Anguk Station, Line 3
invitation. condolences with money, present it in an
- Bring the invitation and business cards in case envelope with your name written on it.
you need them. - It is polite to open gifts later and not in front of
- Arrive at the party on time. guests.
- Bring a gift if called for.
- Express your appreciation for
the invitation to the host. Expressing condolences
- Don’ t stay at the party too late. - Express condolences to a person who is going
through a tragedy such as the death of a
Gift for a different kind of invitation family member.
Sometimes it is appropriate to bring a gift to an - People usually give 30,000 won to 50,000 won
event. Choose a gift that is proper for the to express condolences or congratulate a party.


Congratulatory event the spirit of the deceased before burning incense. > Cultural Differences
- Dress in business attire. Wear a Korean People usually give 30,000 won to 50,000 won in
topcoat when wearing a hanbok, the Korean condolence money.
There are many cultural differences where East
traditional outfit. meets West on the Korean Peninsula. In many
- Upon entering the party, sign the visitor’s Visiting a person at the hospital ways, the differences are so great that they are
book and hand your gift to the reception desk. - Do not bring too many fruits or flowers. actually opposite. This causes considerable
- Greet the host but don’t talk to him for too - Encourage a patient to get better soon. confusion and often frustration for foreigners,
long as he has many other guests to greet. - Check for visiting hours and the patient’s who often find the customs, methods and
- Don’ t leave your seat during a ceremony. condition before visiting. culture very difficult to understand. The problem
- Don’t chat loudly with friends or colleagues - Check for prohibited or restricted items before for foreigners may lie in the expectation that
during the ceremony. buying a gift. Korea will somehow be similar to their own
- Express your congratulations to the host again - Inquire about the patient’ s state with a doctor country. When faced with startling differences,
after the ceremony has ended. or nurse, and not the patient. this results in dramatic confusion and
- If you cannot attend the celebration, it is a kind - When you talk with a patient, pay attention to frustration. The knowledge that Korean culture
gesture to send your congratulations prior to the his condition so that he isn’t tired out. Addresses: Western addresses read from the
is opposite in many ways should create
event or through another person to the host. - Be careful not to bother other patients. individual to the smallest unit (street) to the
expectations that result in understanding
- Your visiting time should be short, 15 to 20 largest unit (state), written horizontally on the
without judgement, producing smoother
minutes. envelope. Korean addresses read from the
relations and cooperation between foreigners
Funeral - When a patient has another visitor, it is better largest unit (province) to the smallest (house),
and their Korean hosts.
- Express condolences by phone or in person. to leave as long as you have had enough time and the person is listed last.
- Pay a call to the hospital or place where the with the patient. The following are a few examples of the many
coffin is held. It is very thoughtful to stay differences one may encounter in Korea. Some
through the night with the family of the dead are very basic, some a little humorous, but they Names: Asian names list the family name
person. touch on very diverse aspects of life and are first, followed by first name. Usually Asians
- Burn a incense and bow twice in front of the intended to invite Westerners to think a little don’t have middle name. Western names are
coffin. And then bow to the person in differently, not only when they look at these listed in order of first, middle and last name.
mourning and console him or her. examples, but when they encounter the
- Write down your name in the visitor’ s book. countless others while visiting and working in
Korea. Carrying loads: In the West, people generally
- Speak in a low voice when talking to the
carry all sorts of items, be they groceries,
family of the deceased.
children, boxes, etc., in front of them as they
- Dress appropriately: black suit with black tie
Individual vs group: Westerners place more walk. Koreans generally carry items on their
for a man and a dark color outfit for a woman.
emphasis on individualism, teaching their back, making the load easier and allowing an
Don’ t wear too much jewelry.
children to become independent from an unobstructed view. Korean mothers can often
※ Offering condolence money early age. be seen carrying infants on their back,
Offering condolence money is a Korean custom Koreans are reared with group values, carefully papoose-style.
intended to assist the family of the deceased with reinforced and interwoven into their culture
funeral expenses. Wrap the money in a white sheet of
throughout their entire lives.
paper and put it into a white envelope. Hand it to the Bowing: In Korea, gamsahamnida (thank you)
person in charge of the funeral or place it in front of is often used in conversation.
Meals: Foreigners are probably accustomed to When Koreans use this expression, they tend
meals served in courses one after the other.
For example, soup, salad, main course, etc.
But Koreans serve the complete meal at once
in many dishes and all the group take food
from the dishes.
Koreans traditionally take turns paying for
meals or drinks. In general, elders or superiors
most often offer to pick up the tab. However,
young Koreans are increasingly adopting the
“Dutch treat”concept whereby each person
pays for their own meal.


to bend their heads slightly or deeply. Which Counting money: Koreans count money by
person makes deeper bows depends on the folding a group of bills tightly in the left hand SIGHTSEEING IN KOREA
age of the persons involved. Young persons and flipping through the bills with the fingers
would generally make deep bows toward their of the opposite hand. Westerners count them > Major Sightseeing Spots
seniors, especially the elderly. one at a time by separating each bill as they
■■■Seoul & surrounding areas
Titles: In the West, titles are normally placed
first in conversation; for example, Dr. Smith, Gojong started to live here after returning from
Mr. Jones or President Bush. Koreans place the Russian Legation in 1897, it was then
[www.royalpalace.go.kr] Tel. 82-2-3700-3900
titles after the name, for example Smith Baksa used as the main palace. However, the name
(doctor), Bush Daetongnyeong (president). Deoksugung was used in 1907 after King
Gojong was dethroned. The palace houses
Counting on your fingers: many beautiful Western-style buildings, such
Most Westerners are familiar with counting on as Seokjojeon.
their fingers. Western culture dictates starting - Subway Line 1 or 2, City Hall Station
with a closed fist and counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 as
the hand opens first with the thumb, then Korea House
index finger, middle finger, etc., finally end [www.koreahouse.or.kr] Tel. 82-2-2266-9101~3
with a completely open hand at the number 5. Having been modeled after Jagyeongjeon in
Koreans begin with an open hand count by Korean table manners: Gyeongbokgung Palace, Korea House is
closing all the digits, beginning with the - You should use a warm towel only for This palace was built by King Taejo, the elegant and beautiful, with a tastefully designed
thumb, and ending with a closed hand at washing hands. Put the warm towel on the founder of the Joseon Dynasty in 1395. It garden in the hanok (traditional house). Korea
number 5. table after using it. was burned down in 1592 by Japanese House will allow you to experience the
- When eating with a person who is older than invaders, and rebuilt by King Gojong in the atmosphere of everyday life and culture of
you, let him/her begin eating first. 1800s. Some buildings such as Korean ancestors through Korean traditional
Waving: In the West,
- Let the eldest person sit farthest away from Geunjeongjeon, Hyangwonjeong and the performing arts, food and crafts.
if a person holds up
the door, which is considered the best seat. Chimney of Amisan have been well preserved - Subway Line 3 or 4, Chungmuro Station
his hand, palm out,
- Let the elder pick up his spoon, fork, or and reflect the beauty of Korean traditional
and moves his
chopsticks first. cultural heritage.
fingers up and down,
- When you finish eating while others are still - Subway Line 3, Gyeongbokgung Station
he would be waving
eating, put your spoon in the soup bowl. (Exit 5)
goodbye. In Korea,
After everybody finishes eating, place the
he would be saying,
spoon on the table. Deoksugung
“Come here.”
Tel. 82-2-771-9955 Closed: Monday
Laughing: Westerners laugh with their Originally called Jeongneung dong Haenggung
mouths open, often making great noise and but later renamed Gyeongungung by King
even doubling over while holding their Gwanghaegun in 1611, the king moved to
stomach. Koreans, especially women, cover Changdeokgung in 1615, and this palace
their mouths while laughing, attempting not to remained empty for 280 years. When King Jogyesa Temple
show their teeth or act overly emotional. [international.jogyesa.or.kr]
Tel. 82-2-732-5292
Jogyesa, located in the middle of downtown,
Tipping in Korea: is the head temple of Korean Buddhism built
- Tipping is not as usual in Korea as in western in 1939. You will find Daeungjeon, Buddhist
countries. But service fee is usually included Hall, Buddhist Jeonghwa Memorial Hall,
in other costs, i.e. food price or facilities use Yongmunsan Sangwonsa Bronze Bell
fee. Except for some hotels, most places in (National Treasure No. 32), pagodas and stone
Korea do not charge tip. towers in this temple.
- Subway Line 1, Jonggak Station, 10 min.
walk (Exit 2)


Korean Folk Village Mt. Nam of mountain tops covered with rocks and old Yellow Sea, where traces of war against the
[www.koreanfolk.co.kr] Tel. 82-31-288-0000 [parks.seoul.go.kr/namsan] trees. It is also called Sogeumgang or Mongol tribe during the Goryeo Dynasty still
This famous tourist site has recreated the Tel. 82-2-753-2563 Seogeumgang, which means west of Mt. remain. Located about 50 kilometers from
Korean folk lifestyle, including shamanist Many people exercise in Namsan in the early Geumgangsan, the most beautiful mountain Seoul, this tourist site offers relaxation and
religions and the annual customs of the late morning. You can see th