I just ran through my history of ex's wondering and evaluating how I was in each of the relationships and how I interacted

with women then it dawned on me... I actually have great relationships with girls who haven't had a father figure i n their lives, a strange revelation I know but its quite a serious point. I realised I had been out with more women who HAVEN'T had a father figure in the ir lives and noted LOADS of differences in how they related to me and the dynami c of the relationship. Women who had fathers fell head over heals a lot slower and affection was fracti onally less weighty in terms of necessity all the time. They needed less affirmation and more often than not didn't begin our early days with making sure I wasn't cheating or liked any other girls on the side, this i ncludes Christians and non Christians. I have also noticed girls emotional process doesnt change much when girls get sa ved too, except for the fact that girls sometimes develop 'Christianitis' a comm on and annoying affliction that brings bouts of nonsense inspired by random comp arison and utopian ideals of the kind of man they want and how non of the guys t hat like them fit the bill... but that's a whole other article all together! By the way, men get 'Christianitis' too, the symptoms just differ; men start ima gining some angelic beauty with the perfect physic (specifically created for the m) who is amazing in the kitchen (and we'll leave everywhere else to imagination ). OH yeah, and that they are the DICTATORS in the family and respect is mandato ry, not earned. AND she's just gonna glow in the midst of a crowd and God will s ay "This is the one my son..." - [yeah right!!!] It also has other weird strains which I will definitely go into another time, bu t lets get back to our topic...

Its not an unknown fact that girls look for elements of their fathers in the men they go out with and if he was never present then she often develops a distorte d view of men which more often 'falls' out of her mouth in sentences like "thats just waht men are like" and "you just cant trust men these days" and other mani festations of THEIR limited experiences mixed with stereotypes and 'haggard aunt ies' additions. But at the same time human beings learn from experience; either from their own o r other peoples, sometimes the study doesnt go far enough to give them a balance d view but that it self is an experience that will teach them a lesson, I keep digressing... Most of my ex's have had no father and that created a somewhat unique collection of baggage in which I noticed a trend and have found myself particularly gifted at managing now, thats all I really wanted to share but its something I'm going to look more into and touch again. There are single guys reading this and have always wondered why some girls have always been a little more 'special' than others and there are guys in relationsh ips who have hit their 'eureka' moment as to why their girl acts in a particular why interms ofhow they interact. There are even girls reading this thinking 'do I have father issues?' and I can honestly that 'the lack of a father HAS affected you to some degree and its abou

t you identifying the areas and not allowing them to make relationships challeng ing because your own emotional make up is actually working against YOU. This is just food for thought, some of it is hard to chew but its the hard times in life that bring out the jewels in us :)

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