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Question Exam

Define the term 'strategy' what is its significance for any

Business Organization?
Apr 2010
Explain five P's for strategy that is strategy as plan, as pattern,
as position, as perspective and as purpose.
Organization of strategic management function. Apr 2010
Focus strategy. Give suitable illustrations Apr 2010
Differentiation strategy. Give suitable illustrations Apr 2010
Marketing strategy. Give suitable illustrations Apr 2010
Global Strategy Apr 2010

Distinguish between Growth Markets and High Velocity markets

Apr 2009, 2005
with suitable examples
Distinguish between Entry barriers and Exit barriers with
Apr 2009, 2005
suitable examples
Distinguish between Strategic Alliance and Joint Ventures with
Apr 2009
suitable examples
Generic strategy is a combination of competitive strategy and
competitive scope in Broad and Narrow segments. Explain the
Apr 2009
salient features of the same. When should a company employ.

Value chain concept Apr 2010

Strategic cost management Apr 2010
In today’s competitive world the survival as well as will to excel
depends upon effective combination of Supply Chain
Apr 2009
Management, value Chain Concepts, strategic Cost Management
and Customer Relationship Management
Compare and contrast between Supplier value chain and
Apr 2005
forward value chain with suitable illustrations
Value Chain Analysis Apr 2005

Explain how Michael Porter's five forces model is helpful in forth

coming SWOT – Analysis carried out in formulation of Business
strategy. (OR)
Apr 2010, 2009
Michael Porter’s five forces model of industry attractiveness
enables any company to outperform their competitors. Illustrate
your answer by analyzing any industry of your choice.
Strategic Audit Apr 2009, 2005
Global and Multi Country Operations Apr 2009, 2005
Vertical Integration Apr 2010
Vertical and Horizontal integration Apr 2009
Stars V/s Cash Cows Apr 2009
The BCG growth matrix has long remained an excellent tool for
evaluating businesses by any companies. Explain how
Apr 2006,
companies can use this tool to evaluate the strategic options for
their various businesses.

What are the various steps of Strategic Management process in Apr 2010, 2009,
any organization? Describe the significance of each step. 2008, 2006,

Define the terms-(i) Mission (ii) Vision and (iii) Objective of a Apr 2010
business organization. Write the mission, vision and objective
statements for a 'B’ school. How do these statements help in
strategy formulation highlighting Corporate Philosophy &
Corporate Governance?
Distinguish between Vision and Mission Statements with suitable
Apr 2009, 2005
Write the mission and Vision statement for typically large size
Apr 2007,
organizations. How do these help in the strategy formulation?
How does the mission and vision get developed? What does the
Apr 2007,
hierarchy of strategy intent mean?
"A Vision articulates a position that the firm would like to attain
In the distant future." Said Ms. Maya. “It is the starting point for
Apr 2006,
any strategic management process". Please explain the strategy
management process and the key elements of this process.

Explain the concept of Business Objectives and what are the

Apr 2008,
main ingredients of the same.

Dr. G, the management consultant said that all strategies are

evaluated only on the basis of the following two parameters viz.
(a) Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Apr 2008,
(b) Risk v/s. Return Analysis.
As a strategic planner, please explain the above evaluation to
the core group of managers of your company.
What could be the probable contents of a competitor profile?
Take any company (please specify the name of the company) of
your choice and identify its main competitor and compare the Apr 2008,
strengths and weakness of this company with that of its
Prepare a competitor profile for any organization of your choice. Apr 2006,
Compare and contrast between Competence and core
Apr 2005
competence with suitable illustrations

Mergers and Acquisitions process requires a detailed SWOT

Analysis. Explain in detail Mergers and Acquisition process. (OR) Apr 2009, 2005
Elaborate the steps followed in acquisition/ take over strategies.
Explain the rationale for a company to take over another
Apr 2008,
What could be the probable reason for companies to use the
Mergers and Acquisition Route? Please lace your answers with Apr 2007, 2006,
examples from the corporate world.
Consider any organization in an industry of your choice. Prepare
a SWOT analysis for that organization and then suggest on the Apr 2007, 2006,
basis of this analysis what should be its future course of action.
What are the strategic objectives apart from shareholder value
that can guide companies to go in for Mergers and Acquisitions? Apr 2005
Illustrate your answers with suitable examples.

Turnaround strategy Apr 2010

`The world is suffering from recession today" said Dr. JG, the
turnaround strategist. Take any company of your choice and
assume that this company is suffering from the effects of Apr 2008,
recession. Please explain as to what steps this company should
take to ride over this recessionary trend in the market.
A Turnaround Strategy is used for converting a Failed company Apr 2007, 2006,
or a Sick Company Into a successful company. You have been
appointed as a consultant to turnaround a Failed Company or a
Sick Company. Please prepare an action plan to turn around a
failed or sick company. (Take any company of your choice)

Explain the concept of Diversification. Does it dilute the business

Apr 2010
risks resulting in a pathway for success? Give illustrations.
Diversification is a Risk Reduction devise and a pathway for
success. Explain the concept of Diversification; the important
Apr 2009
aspects that companies must consider before diversifying and
measures to judge the success of diversification.
Diversification is inevitable to remain in business. Companies
have adopted different forms of diversification to achieve their
Apr 2008,
objectives. What parameters can be used to judge the quality of
'What are the important aspects that companies must consider
before they embark on using diversification as a major growth Apr 2007,
Corporate Strategy should take into account the diverse
Apr 2007, 2006,
Interests of all the stakeholders of an organization. Explain.
What are strategic options available to companies for
Apr 2005
diversification strategies?
In recent years Tata, Birlas, Reliance have diversified in to
various business sectors.” How do you rationalize their
Apr 2005
diversification options? What parameters you will use to judge
their quality of diversification measures?

Cost Leadership strategy. Give suitable illustrations Apr 2010

Explain the terms cost based strategies and niche based
Apr 2006,
Managing Change is the hallmark of any successful leader. How
Apr 2006,
do you tackle the process of change management?

Compare and contrast between Divestment and Spin off with

Apr 2005
suitable illustrations
In a rapidly changing economy like India, long range planning is
often considered a s an exercise in futility” taking a company of
your choice. Discuss the pros and cons of planning exercise. Apr 2005
Elaborate the contents of LRP exercise on a particular planning
issue of your choice for the above mentioned company.
“Telecom Industry” has undergone dramatic changes in the last
five years. Several leading private and public sector players are
investing heavily in this sector”. Do you agree with this
statement? Apr 2005
How can they achieve sustainable competitive advantages given
the fact that they have different levels of experience, levels of
entry? Can they apply Porte’s model of generic strategies?
Adoption of outsourcing in manufacturing is one of the key
strategic initiatives for your company. This would also mean
reducing manufacturing allies and transfer of production to
sourcing partners. Success of this strategy is largely dependent
on changes in mindsets of employees in work practices and Apr 2005
environment,” As divisional head, management would like
you to initiate this change process. What are the key elements
of this process? What steps you would go through to complete
the change process?
“Many FMCG companies are under severe profit corrosion in last
two years.
WTO agreement coming into force effective from 2005 brings in
new global brands in Indian market. They need to optimize their
resources and investment amongst several businesses and
product categories.” Apr 2005
a) Discuss this statement in the context of Hindustan Lever Ltd.
Or Amul
b) Using BCG Matrix, position the business and product
categories of any one of the above companies and indicate what
strategies you would recommend for various SBU’s
Competitive Capability analysis Apr 2005
Balanced Score card Apr 2005