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RF & Wireless Design

Over the last decade, RF and Wireless technologies have become an integral part of everyday life. Plexus offers a full
suite of RF design, analysis, verification, and production test services to help you bring leading-edge products into this
competitive market. Experience including wireless LANs, RFID, medical telemetry, and radar, combined with a world-
class design process, means Plexus engineers can help you achieve the optimal balance among performance, time
to market, and total cost.

Product Development

Plexus has developed a diverse range of microwave

and RF products ranging from ultra low-power RFID
components to 5.8GHz U-NII band transceivers. No
matter what your industry or application, Plexus has the
tools, the experience, and the equipment to make your
RF or Wireless product successful in the marketplace.

5GHz U-NII Band Wireless Video Transceiver

•12.5Mbps, with USB, NTSC, S-video interfaces
•Custom planar spatial diversity antenna
•Custom transport protocol and radio

Design Capabilities

The classical superhet receiver isn’t always sufficient for

today’s demanding applications, so Plexus RF engineers
are also ready to apply the latest in modulation and syn-
thesis technologies. DDS and direct-conversion architec-
tures, digital modulation such as QPSK and QAM, and
multiplexing techniques like CCK and OFDM ensure
screaming performance at competitive costs.
CompactFlash WiFi NIC
•802.11b WLAN card in CompactFlash form factor 100Mbps/1Gbps Broadband Modem Tester
•2.4GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum radio •Transmitter output power, BER, and VSWR
•Blind and buried via technology •Transmit VCO functional test and tuning
•Reference design available •Receiver sensitivity, BER, and VSWR
•Receiver VCXO
Test Development

Plexus Test Engineers develop comprehensive, cost-

effective test strategies for RF and Wireless products.
Plexus’ In-circuit and Functional Test development
experience includes testing of transceivers and RF
interfaces, automated coaxial RF probing, automated
RF tuning & calibration, shielding, and alignment

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RF & Wireless Design

Experience Functional & In-circuit Test

Design Examples •1MHz – 6GHz

•802.11b & Bluetooth WLAN (2.4 GHz) •Automated coaxial RF probing
•Remote utility metering (451 MHz) •Automated RF tuning & calibration
•U-NII band transceiver (5.8 GHz) •Transmitters: power, linearity, EVM, phase noise
•WMTS (400/608-614/1395-1400 MHz) •Receivers: sensitivity, bandwidth, BER, linearity,
•Flex pager receiver (930 MHz) rejection, NF
•Passive RFID (130 kHz & 13 MHz) •VNA measurements: gain, reflection, impedance,
Design Capabilities VSWR
•Complete transceiver architecture & design •Mixers: single tone & multi-tone analysis
•Communication system & protocol design •Vector modulation / demodulation
•Baseband processing
•Antenna design & diversity
•Frequency synthesizers Remote Metering Transponder
•Low-noise & power amplifiers •451MHz/415MHz radio for wireless utility metering
•Microstrip structures & transmission line design •Custom planar antenna design
•GaAs MMIC specification & design •Low-power battery-operated design
•Propagation studies / channel modeling
•Substrate selection & heterogeneous board stackups
•3D structure modeling & field simulation


Design and Analysis Tools

•Ansoft HFSS (3D electromagnetic field solver)

•Agilent ADS (Advanced Design System)
•Agilent Momentum (2D field solver)
•Mathworks MATLAB & Simulink
•Mathsoft MathCAD
Matlab •Cadence PSpice for RFIC
•Elanix SystemView
Product Realization Process

Specification Design Prototype Verification Test Dev MFG Sustaining

Radio Link & Noise Circuit Impedance Transmission 3D Field S-param Transceiver
Architecture Budgets Design Matching Line Design Simulation Msmts Testing

55 Jewelers Park Dr Neenah, WI 54957 Toll-free: 877-733-7260 Fax: 920-751-5395 plexus_marketing@plexus.com www.plexus.com