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Minutes of Meeting


Venue : TVH AURORA, Coimbatore
Date : 05-04-11
Start Time : 11.30 am End Time : 2.30 pm
Organization and Participants:

Responsibility Organization Attended By

Mr.Viswanathan, Mr.Sanjiv, Mr.Sahul,
Client TVH Mr. Sundaram, Mr.Senthilmanivannan,
Mr. Krishnakumar, Mr. Arunagiri
Mr.Arokiadass, Mr. Balaji, Mr.Ilangovan,
PMC Morpheus
Mr. satheesh
Architect Morphogenesis Ms. Archana
Structural Consultant Vintech Ms. Ajay Gupta
Mr. Syed Sabzada, Mr. Syraj Hamza, Mr.
MEP Consultant SpEC Nabeel variz,
Mr. Vinod Kumar
Landscape Consultant Design Milieu
Main Civil Contractor TAVAS Mr. Ramadas Giriyan,

# 22, Maharaja Surya Rao, Alwarpet, Chennai

S. Target
Description Status Action By
No Date
Architectural & Structural:
1 At the outset all the participants visited the site and
acquainted with the progress of work achieved.
It was explained to Architect that PMC in their MCP has
given various Milestones fro Phase-1 works and hence it
was emphasized that the schedule of drawings are
required for achieving the progress at site. 12-04-11
2 A Mpgs
Architect said that they are already coordinating with
the MEP consultant to provide MEP services involved
in Tower-1, as such efforts will be made to release MEP
services drawings on priority basis.
Mr. Ajay Gupta of Vintech consultants agreed to
provide the reinforcement details for Tower -4 along the A Vintech/Mpgs 08-04-11
Phase-2 side within a couple of days as these details
were not given along the Tower -4 GFC drawings.
Details of stitching slab, sump pits, floor finish etc also
4 will be provided after the release of MEP services Mpgs
drawings for Tower -1.
Expansion joint details with filler materials finalized by
5 the structural consultant are with the Architect & will be A Mpgs 07-04-11
released immediately.
Architect said that the Anti-termite treatment is not
necessary below raft & stitching slab, however they Mpgs/
6 A
recommended the treatment along the retaining wall Vintech
refilling area.
Architect said that they are yet to finalize the finishing
specifications for Towers and this will be prepared in
coordination with Mr. Vasanthan. Meeting for sample A 25-04-11
7 approval from Chairman TVH will be arranged
The drawing release schedule for structural & working
8 drawings for Towers above podium will be prepared & A Mpgs 12-04-11
send by the Architect.
Villas layout revised and forwarded to Mr. Vasanthan
9 for comments and as regards Mall, the cinema is not yet A TVH/Mpgs
finalized and hence it is kept in hold.
Consultant TVH desired to have the filling methodology
above the stitching slab. Mr. Ajay Gupta from Vintech Vintech
10 A
said that 95% compaction to be achieved with the earth
available at site.
The construction joint layout for the Phase-1 area was
11 asked by the Consultant TVH. Mr. Ajay Gupta agreed to A Vintech 13-04-11
provide the same.
Mr. Ajay Gupta advised to pour a small stretch of
retaining wall with the shuttering as fixed at site & see Vintech
12 A
in case if any segregation/honey combing he
recommended to go for free flow concrete.
The tower crane position layout will be prepared &
13 forwarded to the structural consultant for the approval F Morpheus/
# 22, Maharaja Surya Rao, Alwarpet, Chennai
along with the manufacturer details, load etc. Vintech
MEP consultant said that they have finalized all the
were given earlier. However the MEP Consultant A SpEC
required give a Presentation after detailed design of
MEP services of Towers.
Issue of GFC drawings for MEP services for Tower-1 to
4. Architect said that they are coordinating the MEP
services with all concerned and particularly now they I SpEC/Mpgs 12-04-11
are concentrating on Tower-1 for release.
Architect also said that the electrical elevation details
Note: with modular box details will be furnished by them.
1) Any points which
The list were discussed
of drawings but notby
to be released included
the MEPin this MOM and the points to which objections are
raised, if consultant
any, shouldwas
be handed
broughtover to Architect.
to notice The drawings
within 24hrs; Mpgs/SpE
otherwise this MOM is treated as final and binding
3 parties
on all required on priority will be listed out by Architect with
concerned. A C 09-04-11
the date of requirement & accordingly the same will be
2) The continual presence of the quorum (relevant to the issues under discussion) till the end of the
provided by MEP consultant.
meeting is requested for achieving the objective of the progress review agenda.
MEP consultant yet to commence their work on the
4 A SpEC
design of LP gas connection schematic drawings.
Prepared by
Electrical conduit & circuit drawing for stilt floor for
S. Ilangovan
Tower -1 will be provided by 15th April -11. Since the 15-04-11
5 A SpEC
Morpheusdetails of other Towers may not take much time & will
be released within reasonable time.
No trenches for electrical cables proposed in the panel
6 A SpEC
room of basement floor.
The date of release for Electrical SLD drawings, BOQ
& tender drawings for MEP services will be informed
by MEP consultant. However the BOQ & tender
documents & drawings for the MEP services will be
prepared by SpEC and top priority will be for electrical A SpEC 10-04-11
system for which electrical contract will have to be
finalized to take up the work before casting of shear
Phase-2 Pump house & UG sump provision will be SpEC/M
8 A pgs
finalized later.
Podium floor drainage details finalized & submitted by
MEP consultant to Architect which will be coordinated Mpgs
9 F
by Architect with car parking etc & will be released
Architect said that the size of the lift pit given are after
collecting the requirement from 3 different Venders by
10 Mr. Vasanthan and also recommended block work for A Mpgs
the front opening for the ease of providing electrical
boxes etc.
Waste line to STP will be taken only by gravity flow
and the pumping will be avoided. Architect said that the Mpgs/SpEC
11 A
depth of man hole near STP will be approximately
2.4mts below FFL.
The water supply line will be taken through internal
12 A Mpgs/SpEC
OTS as already approved by Client/PMC.
Out-door unit of A/C in individual flats will be placed
13 A Mpgs/SpEC
over the clamps & chequered platform.
MEP consultant said that they are working on Rain
14 water harvesting works & will be finalizing in F SpEC
consultation with the landscape consultant.
Architect said that the telescopic light system earlier
15 A Mpgs/SpEC
proposed by the MEP consultant is not feasible.
# 22, Maharaja Surya Rao, Alwarpet, Chennai