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Lead Po
Pocock SJ, Smith M, Baghurst P. Environmental
lead and children's intelligence: a systematic review
How to Protect of the epidemiological evi-
Your Children dence. BMJ. 1994;309 :1189 –1197

Test Your Child for Lead Needleman HL, Riess JA, Tobin MJ, Biesecker GE,
Assess Your Home for Lead Hazards Greenhouse JB. Bone lead levels and delinquent
behavior. JAMA.1996;275 :363 –369
Locate a Renovator Trained in Lead-safe
Work Practices
Keep Current About Recalls
Blood lead
Find State and Regional Lead Poisoning Preven-
tion Assistance
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Resources Available being/eliminate-lead-poisoning-presence-in- associated with
The Portland Regional
Lead Hazard Control Pro-
lower IQ scores
gram 503-823-3400 http://keetsa.com/blog/wp-content/
Oregon Lead Poisoning Prevention Pro- uploads/2008/01/lead_silentmanace.jpg Elevated bone lead concentrations are
gram associated with increased attentional
800 NE Oregon St., Suite 640 http://www.usinspect.com/resources-for-you/ dysfunction, aggression, and delinquency.
Portland, Oregon 97232
Phone: 971-673-0440 lead-paint
Toll free: 877-290-6767
Fax: 971-673-0457 http://www.nursinginpractice.com/
LBPProg@DHS.state.or.us article/24931 Break-


EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Hotline

1-800-426-4791 http://www.achooallergy.com/images/lead-
National Lead Information Center
1-800-424-LEAD http://www.in.gov/isdh/images/1_lEAD.jpg
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call us at 503 -823-3400

Lead poisoning Lead poisoning is a serious problem for
young children—the younger the child, the
greater the risk.
Lead is a toxic metal that was used in
water pipes, sewage lines, and
paints. Lead is also released into the
air from industrial sites, airplanes and
jets. Lead builds up in the body over
months or even years. Lead may
cause a range of health effects, from
behavioral problems and learning dis-
abilities, to seizures and death. It is
most dangerous for children under the
age of six.

Childhood lead poisoning remains a

major environmental health problem
in the United States. Caption describ-
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Lead can be found in the soil around graphic.
homes painted before 1980 as lead was
used in house paint and as the paint http://he althma p.files .wordpress .com/ 2008/ 11/
deteriorates the lead is released into
the soil. It can also be found inside Breakfast Decreases
homes for the Risk of Lead Poisening
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Lead binds with calcium and is
excreted harmlessly from the body. A
Eating un- diet high in calcium is a good way to
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