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This structure can be seen from outer space and is the largest structure ever
built by living organisms. It generates $1 billion for the country in which it is
located. Identify the structure.
Ans. The Great Barrier Reef

Q2. She is the first female artist to have her first four albums debut at number 1 on
Billboard 200. Recently, her latest album was also ranked 1. Identify the artist.
Ans. Britney Spears

Q3. It is the first and oldest corporation in America and has the second-largest
endowment of any non-profit organisation (behind the Bill and Melinda Gates
foundation). Identify.
Ans. Harvard University

Q4. The Nishaan-e-Pakistan is Pakistan's highest civilian award. Morarji Desai is

the only Indian to have won both the Nishan-e-Pakistan and the Bharat Ratna.
Which other Indian, who has also won the Dadasaheb Phalke award, is the only
other Indian to win this award?
Ans. Dilip Kumar

Q5. Born as Nafisa to an Indian American, she changed her name after she
watched one of Angelina Jolie's highly appreciated roles as america's first
supermodel. Identify (if you know the movie, you will most probably know the
woman's name).
Ans. Jiah Khan

Q1. Born to a large, impoverished family, "X" emerged as a teen star after X's manager
Angelil mortgaged his home to finance X's first record.In 2004, after surpassing 175
million in album sales worldwide, X was presented with the Chopard Diamond Award at
the World Music Awards becoming the best selling female artist of all time. In April
2007 Sony BMG said that "X" had sold over 200 million albums worldwide. Identify

Ans. Celine Dion

Q2. Which is the world's largest real estate company in terms of revenues, earnings,
market capitalisation and developable area?

Ans. DLF

Q3. How do we better know Mehrunissa, a part-time Urdu poet, who is most famed for
her marriage to her second husband, whose she was the twentieth wife?

Ans. Nur Jahan

Q4. Which is the world's largest carnivorous animal found on land?

Ans. Polar Bear

Q5. Rafael Nadal currently holds the record for most conseqetive wins on clay. Which
sporting icon held the record before Nadal broke it?

Ans. Guillermo Vilas

The Business Quiz

Q1. With a net worth of $1.2 billion, 'X' is the 162nd richest man on the Earth and is also
a member of Parliament. He is a graduate of St. Xavier's College, Calcutta and in 2000,
he became the President of the Janata Party and contested all 224 seats in his home state.
Identify 'X'.
Ans. Vijay Mallaya

Q2. Currently the world's largest car-making company, the company produced its first car
in 1936. The company has a minority share in the Yamaha motor company. Moreover,
this company's production expanded due to the ever-increasing demand for fuel-efficient
and compact cars. Identify the company.
Ans. Toyota

Q3. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, this company is the 8th largest corporation in the
world by market capitalisation and 10th in Forbes list of most admired companies (2007).
In 2007, it spent the most on advertising, close to double that of General Motors. The
company was started by a soapmaker and a candlemaker, who happened to be co-
brothers. Perhaps the most lasting legacy of this company is the fact that when it began
sponsoring radio shows in the 1920s, these radio shows came to be known as 'soap
operas.' Identify the company.
Ans. Procter and Gamble

Q4. With a revenue of $526.5 million, this company is involved in entertainment and has
produced a few movies, two of which turned out to be good earners at the Box Office.
The company's main office is in Stamford, Connecticut, but it has offices in New York,
Toronto, London and Los Angeles. Identify the company.
Ans. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

Q5. Though this man holds only 8% of his company's stock, he is consistently ranked as
among the richest men in the world. He is well known for his philanthropic efforts, but
interestingly he is a Harvard dropout. Identify.
Ans. Bill Gates

Q6. 65.8% of this company's ownership lies in charitable trusts. The logo of the company
was designed by Wolf Ollins and is said to be either a fountain of knowledge or a tree of
trust or even the starting alphabet of the company's name. With 18.5% stake, Pallonji
Mistry is the single-largest stakeholder in the company. Identify.
Ans. Tata

Q7. When Time recognized "You" as its Person of the Year in 2006, it acknowledged the
accelerating success of online collaboration and interaction by millions of users around
the world, and cited this company as one of its three examples. However, the problem
with this company's logo is that it contains the Devanagiri/Hindi sound "vee", but the
symbol is slightly distorted from what it should be. Identify the company.
Ans. Wikipedia

Q8. This company was founded by Hong Kong - based entrepreneur Richard Li. In 1993,
Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch acquired the company for $1 billion, but faced problems
since laws in China did not allow him to broadcast in China. Identify the company.
Ans. Star TV

Q9. This company, owned by Sir Li Ka-shing (who is the richest man of Chinese descent
and father of Richard Li), launched a product in India along with the Ruias. However, the
company's stake in the JV was bought out by a British company. Identify this company
owned by Sir Li Ka-Shing.
Ans. Hutchison Whampoa

Q10. Once upon a time there lived two brother - Adi and Rudolf Dassler. They both
started sports goods companies - Adi Dassler started Adidas, from Adi-Das(sler), and
Rudolf started Ruda, from Ru(dolf)-Da(ssler). However, the company Ruda later changed
its name. What do we know Ruda as, today?
Ans. Puma

Indian Cities Quiz

Q1. It is believed to be the place where Lord Brahma offered the first prayer after
he completed the creation of the world. However, the modern city was founded by
the Mughal Emperor Akbar who built a fort here. In modern India, this city is
known for being associated with 7 out of the 14 Prime Ministers of India. Identify
the city.
Ans. Allahabad

Q2. The city was founded by the Sisunaga ruler Udayin (some suggest Ajatashatru
might have built it). It is a sacred spot for Buddhists and Sikhs. Lord Buddha,
while passing through the place predicted that the city would turn to be a great
city, but would be ravaged by floods and famines. Identify the city.
Ans. Patna

Q3. It is famed as the first planned city in India. It was planned out by Vidyadhar
Bhattarcharya, a Brahmin from Bengal. Even today when you go on top of the hill
near the city, you can see horizontal and vertical lines criss-crossing the city.
When the Prince of Wales visited the city, it was decorated in such a way that the
city got its sobriquet. Identify the city.
Ans. Jaipur (the city was painted Pink for the Prince of Wales, hence "Pink City")

Q4. The city's name is often believed to be derived from the name of the Mauryan
emperor who is said to have founded the city in 50 BC. Another theory believes
that the name is from the Hindi word for 'threshold'. The city is known to have at
least 9 cities over the course of history, starting from the Mahabharata times.
Identify the city.
Ans. Delhi

Q5. This fort-city is unique in the fact that close to 25% of the city's present-day
inhabitants reside inside the fort. The fort shot to fame after being featured in a
Satyajit Ray film. Identify this fort-city.
Ans. Jaisalmer (the movie was "Shonar Kella")

Q6. This city, which has a city by the same name in Pakistan, is widely believed to
be the capital of Telangana if and when it may be formed. The fact that such an
important city would definitely be included in Telangana has caused Andhra
politicians to oppose the partition. Identify the city.
Ans. Hyderabad

Q7. A crucial part of the Sherlock Holmes' mystery "The Sign of Four" takes place
in this penal colony from the viewpoint of the convict. Singer Jack Johnson's song
Holes to Heaven is about a surf trip to the city. Identify the city.
Ans. Port Blair

Q8. It was one of the five towns that were demanded by the Pandavas from the
Kauravas and its ancient name was Panduprastha. It is also famous for handloom
industry and is intricately related to 3 very decisive events of Indian history.
Identify the city.
Ans. Panipat

Q9. Historically, the city is most famous for the landing of a European traveller in
India. However, most of you would today know it as the place of a very
prestigious institute of education. Identify the city (modern name only).
Ans. Kozhikode

Q10. Connect : Salsette, Oyster Rock, East Ground, Butcher and Old Woman's.
Ans. Bombay (all these are islands of Bombay/Greater Bombay)
CBSE HIQ Regional Finals and National Semis 2008
Date 3rd – 4th December 08
QuizMasters – Adittya Nath Mubayi and Kunal Savarkar

1. Which wife of Raja Mallasarga led a revolt against the British in 1824 protesting against Doctrine of
Lapse ??

Rani Chennamma of Kittur

2. Which place is said to be the birthplace of Veda Vyas ???

Kalpi in Uttar pradesh

2. Which gifted poet joined the Calcutta College at the age of 17 years ??

Henry Louis Vivian Derozio

4 . In Mahabharata , which step brother of Iravan also died in the battle of Kurukshetra ??


5. . The rulers of the Southern dynasty Hoysalas were protected by special bodyguards whose loyalty was
so complete that they committed suicide after the King's death . What name was given to these
bodyguards ???


6 .Which 17th century Sufi mystic is said to have introced coffee to India by bringing coffee beans to India ??

Baba Budan

7. The name of which city means " fortified palace " in malayalam ??

calicut . New name - Kozhikode

8 . After which freedom fighter's name is Ranchi Airport named ??

Birsa munda

9. Which famous architectural building was bulit by Yaqut of Dabul ??

Gol Gumbaz .

10. Izzat Baig is one of the main characters of which famous romance story ??

Sohni Mahiwal . Izzat baig is the real name of Mahiwal

11. Which law graduate and a famous musician wrote Shri Mallakshaya Sangeetam ???

Vishnu narayan bhatkhande

12. On 1st April 2007 , which Indian district became the first in the country to obtain a
comprehensive ISO 9001 certification ???

13. Built in 1156 AD and situated on Trikuta film , this fort was the setting of one of the Satyajit ray's
film . name this fort .

Jaisalmer fort . the film Sonar Kella

14. Equivalent of jajiya paid by hindus , what was the tax paid by Musilms in medieval period ???

15 In which city do rivers Mula and Mutha meet ??


16 ) Which Indian state capital is named after a plant that grows there ??

17 ) In which town is College of Combat situated ???


18.. In 8th century AD , which patron saint of sikkim foretold the rule of Chogyals , an event that occured 700
years later ??


19. What did Colonel Neville Chamberlain devise in 1875 in jabalpur ??


20. Which unit of indian Army was originally called Meghdoot Force and is nicknmaed as Red Devils ??


21. For which agricultural product is Palanpur of gujarat best known ?


22. Apart from West Bengal , in which Indian state is Bengali spoken mostly by the people ??

23. To which gharana of classical music does zakir hussain belong ???


24. How do we better know the 4th son of a Bundela leader Champat rai ?


25. What is common to Banbesa in Uttarakhand , Sanauli in Uttar Pradesh , Raxaul in bihar and
Kakarbhitta in west Bengal ??


26. In Hindu tradition , whose wife as Queen Sunanadadevi ?? ( Nobody could answer this and Kunal
Savarkar gave the hint – Indian Postage Stamp – still none got it )


27. Which work by Jatmal revolves around life and death of Queen Padmini ?

28. According to legend , what befitting reply did Baji Rao Peshwa give to the Nizam when told
that " Ek Baji , Aur Sab Paji " ? ( The Best Question taken from Amar Chitra Katha )


29. Which Sikh Guru founded the city of Dehra Dun ?

Guru Ram rai went to this place and made a Dera – so DehraDun

30. Which historic event occured at 9:47 AM on May 11 , 1951 , Vaishaka , Shukla Panchami ?

Rajendra Prasad inaugurated New Somnath Temple

31. Which Central Indian Rajput Dynasty was found by King Nannuk ?


32. Which warrior hero was assasinated by Beshal Beg and Jamshed Khan ?

Guru Gobind Singh

Final Round
First Round- Log in
Which place in Delhi is named supposedly after the fact that heads of 8000 Mongol
soldiers are buried there?
Siri Fort
In 1827 George Shillibeer of Quaker school at Abney Park in Stoke Newington, London
took 25 students on the world.s first ?
School Bus
Which fictional newspaper brings out a tough crossword?
Daily Prophet- Harry Potter
In 1995 which country passed a law making it necessary to have at least 60% of land
under forests?
What is the difference between Copy and Replica?
A replica is a copy that is relatively indistinguishable from the original. It.s a duplicate
copy of the original.
Which language appears on the top and the bottom of a Rs. 10 note?
Assamese on the top and Urdu on the bottom.
Second Round- Commonwealth Games (CWG)
Which games will be held in the Delhi University grounds in Commonwealth Games
Which country leads the parade in the CWG Opening ceremony?
The host nation
The previous host of the games
The previous host of the games
Which of the following is the inspiration for CWG 2010?
In which CWG did India win 30 Gold medals?
Manchester 2002
Melbourne 2006
Kuala Lumpur 1998
Manchester 2002
Which Indian shooter won the David Dixon award for outstanding play at 2006
Melbourne CWG?
Samaresh Jung
In which sport did Rashid Anwar win the first bronze medal for India in the 1934 CWG?
Wrestling (welterweight)

1.What is the largest acquisition in Microsoft's history?

a. aQuantive, Inc
2.Google received its first funding from a co-founder of Sun Microsystems
Name the person.
a.Andreas (Andy) von Bechtolsheim
3.A former CEO of Apple John Sculley used to work for a food corporation.
What was that company?
4.Yahoomail is essentially what old webmail system?
5.General motors was replaced by which major IT company in the DJIA
6.Blackbird 002 is a gaming and high-performance PC built by which major
PC manufacturer?
a.voodoo pc or hp
7.What did Intel manufacture before entering the microprocessor market?
a. random access memory chips
8.Also known as Downup, Downadup and Kido; This is a computer worm
targeting the Microsoft Windows operating system that was first detected in
November 2008. The worm uses a combination of advanced malware
techniques which has made it difficult to counter, and has since spread
rapidly into what is now believed to be the largest computer worm infection
since the 2003 SQL Slammer. Name the virus.
9.This footballer sued Facebook in February 2009 over a fake profile
bearing his name that links to Nazi propaganda sites. Name him.
a.Alessandro del piero
10.Connect the Asus EEEpc 701, Acer aspire 1 and Skytone alpha 680
(We know they are Netbooks)
a. they all run the android os
11.The source code of which browser was licensed to Microsoft and became
the basis for their Internet Explorer.
a. spyglass mosaic
12.A copyleft-based movement which aims to promote the universal
freedom to distribute and modify computer software without restriction. This
non profit organization with a staff of just 12 was incorporated in
Massachusetts, USA on 4 October 1985.Name the foundation.
a.FSF (richard stallman)
13.He is best known as a co-founder of id Software and was a designer for
many of their personal computer games including Wolfenstein 3D, Doom,
and Quake. He is also credited with coining the FPS multiplayer term
"deathmatch".Name this person
a.John romero
14.This company was started in new delhi in 1983, in technical collabartion
with Maruzen corporation of Japan and initally manufactured floppy discs.
Since then it has expanded into manufacturing other storage media and has
become one of the largest globally in its field today. Name the comapny
Mose Baer
15.Name Microsoft's alternative to Google Adwords.
Microsoft adCenter
16.Why did pixar use the Cray supercomputer?
a.used to render the pixar animation ( one with jumping lamp)
17.LM Ericsson,IBM,Intel, Nokia and Toshiba together formed a specail
interest group in the 1990s to develop a standard. What are we talking
18.In 1996, along with two partners, Jimmy Wales founded a web portal
targeted at males, which hosted and provided the initial funding for the
Nupedia peer-reviewed encyclopedia (2000 – 2003), and for its successor,
Wikipedia. Name the portal.
19.Almost all sites and unix ditros use a class of functions called one way
functions, to keep passwords safe. These one way functions include MD5
and SHA1.In brief what are one way functions?
a. non invertable. cant get the input thru the outpoot
20.David Bradley, one of the programmers at IBM is credited to have
invented a unique bail out mechanism of which he once said "I may have
invented it, but Bill made it famous". So what am I talking about?
21.This is the official succesor to b2/cafelog. All its versions have
codenames after jazz musicians. What am I talking about?
22.Which programming language was initially designed to drive toasters?
a. Java
23.Name the continuation of the former Mozilla Application Suite, based on
the same source code.
24.It claims to have a larger index than any other search engine, with about
120 billion web pages. Name the search engine.
25.Ashton Kutcher recently beat CNN at a race. What was that race for?
1 mil followers on twitter
26.Microsoft has over 300 registered corporations in the state of Nevada.
a. tax saving bastards
27.This was the mascot of the 2009 linux.conf.au conference. It has been
chosen by Linus Torvalds to replace tux as the logo for version 2.6.29 of the
Linux kernel to support the effort to save the Tasmanian devil species from
extinction due to the Devil facial tumour disease.Name the mascot.
28.Steve jobs said this would be the greatest invention of them all, Microsoft
wanted to buy the manufacturing rights to this invention , before they even
knew what the invention actually did or was. Yet at the end of the day it
turned out to be nothing more than a very expensive dud. What invention am
i referring to?
a. segaway( 2wheeled balancing veficle)
29.Name the software and hardware platform developed by Amazon.com
subsidiary Lab126 for reading e-books and other digital media.
30.Who was the official photographer for Larry Ellison's wedding in 2003?
a.Steve jobs
31.The Mac OS X and the Iphone OS use which OS relesed by Apple Inc in
2000 as their foundation?
32.The unofficial google slogan, coined by former employee Paul Buchheit,
is "Don't be evil".He was the first engineer for which google service?
33.bc is program included in almost all flavors of unix(linux included).
What is bc?
a. precison calculator
34.Windows XP has a default background screen that looks more like the set
of what kid's TV show than anything else?
a.The Teletubbies
And we do have to wonder what that says about the graphic designers busily
at work inside Microsoft!
35.The goldsource engine powers which famous fps?
a.Half life
36.The website is currently run by Gottfrid Svartholm (anakata) and Fredrik
Neij (TiAMO).On 30 June 2009, Swedish advertising company Global
Gaming Factory X AB announced its intention to buy this site for 7.8
million USD.What am I talking about?
a. PirateBay
37.What OS do all Ipods except the touch use?
38.What is the code name for a "controller-free gaming and entertainment
experience" by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 video game platform?
project Natal
1.Name the game enigne
a.Cry Engine 3
2.name this person.
shawn fanning (napster)
3.who designed the logo
a.Steve jobs and ronald wayne (accept any)
4.Name this phone
5.name the model
a.Allison Carrol(new TR model)
6.Name the os
a.Sugar Os (OLPC X1)

Av round
1.name this film featuring sandra bullock as a computer analyst
a.The net
2.Which company issued this ad?
a.Novell (tagline: ur linux is ready)
3.this is an advertisment for which laptop
a.Lenovo thinkpad x300
4.Name the game
5.name the ad campaign or the product
a.windows 95 or where do u want to go today)
6.who directed this ad for apple
a.Ridley scott

 Which is the Indian city whose Maharana was the only royalty who did not attend the
Delhi Durbar for King George V in 1911, and why? (by bhavika)
Maharana Fateh Singh of Udaipur. He kept his place at the Delhi Railway Station,
where the King Emperor came to meet him—as one ruler meets another with equal
honour, because Udaipur is the only city which has never been captured by the Mughals.
Their defence was impenetrable.
 1908 Summer Olympics were actually to be held in Rome, but something happened
that eventually made the venue shift to London. What was it? (by nasri)
Mount Vesuvius erupted in 1906, so Italians couldn’t afford to hold the games while
reconstruction was going on.
 Which dictator titled himself: “His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al
Hadji Doctor____________, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and
Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda
in Particular”? (by Galen)
Idi Amin
 What is a wrackground image? (by Kush)
Any kind of texture or background image on a web page that does not let the viewers
properly read the text displayed on the page, due to bright colors of the image/texture.
 Rolex has created only one digital watch till date. Where can you find it? (by
 There are only two batsmen in the history of English cricket who have scored
centuries on their away and home TEST debuts. One of them is the current opening
batsman Andrew Strauss; who’s the other? (by venky)
Ranjitsinhji. He scored 62 and 154 not out against Australia at Old Trafford in his first
Test, becoming the second batsman after W. G. Grace to score a century on his debut for
England and also the first batsman to score 100 before lunch (on the third day, moving
from 41 not out to 154 not out in just over 2 hours). He scored 175 in the first innings of
his first overseas Test, also against Australia in 1897 (at that time it was the highest
score that had ever been made for England in Test cricket).

 Which noted Indian personality’s father was one of the three main (Indian)
contractors who built Connaught Place? The other two were Sardar Dharam Singh and
Rai Bahadur Narain Singh. (by bhavika)
Khushwant Singh

 Which organization was started after its founder came to know about two students
who had been sent to jail for a period of seven years for raising a toast ‘to liberty’? (by
Amnesty International

 Codenamed ‘Milan’ this piece of ‘hardware’ was introduced at the D5 conference in

2007. As soon as it was launched on April 17, 2008, it found a place in the Disneyland’s
Tomorrowland, Innoventions Dream Home and was used by MSNBC for the 2008 US
Presidential elections. It was the brainchild of Mr. Steven B and Mr. Andy W. (by boris)
Microsoft Surface

 The first thing you notice about the Red Fort is the great wall or the ‘curtain’ which
stands in front of the Lahore Gate (the one on Chandni Chowk). But this wall wasn’t built
by Shah Jahan; in fact, it was a later addition by Aurangzeb. Why did he build it? (by
Court etiquette decreed that, as long as the nobles were in view of the emperor, they had
to move about on foot and not on horseback or palanquins. They also had to keep
bowing, à la Mughal-e-Azam. So Aurangzeb built the curtain wall, and the the courtiers
simply became invisible to him. He probably did it because he found all this protocol

 What is in the dark (refer to the picture)? (by achu_182)

(better known as ‘Batmobile‘) from Chris Nolan’s Batman franchise.

 Born in 1963, who holds the position of Chief Happiness Officer in the company he
works for? (by achu_182)
Ronald McDonald

 Which Bollywood film’s director offered a money back guarantee if the audience did
not like it, but kept his promise to only 5000 viewers across India? (by crystalunicorn)
Mani Shankar for Mukhbiir

 What connects the names of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? (by pearlsinghal)
They’re all named after Renaissannce age artists – Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo and

 Connect Youtube, a game called Zero Wing by Sega, and Simply Awful. (by
Zero Wing gave us “All your base belong to us” which was popularised in the forum
Simply Awful (similar to 4chan) and was used by Youtube as an April Fool’s prank)
 Fool On The Hill is a song originally written by Paul McCartney and recorded by the
Beatles in 1967 eventually appearing in the Magical Mystery Tour album. In April of ‘75
it also entered history. Why? (by Rhead)
In April 1975, at the Homebrew Computer Club fourth meeting, Steve Dompier
programmed his MITS Altair 8800 personal computer to play The Fool on the Hill. The
trick was that the output device was a nearby AM radio. Dompier had programmed his
computer so that the electromagnetic interference created by the primitive PC produced
recognizable tones on the radio.

 An estimated 100,000 copies of the Playstation version of Tiger Woods 99 were

recalled when something was found as a hidden file on the disk. What was found? (by
The Spirit of Christmas, a small video, that eventually became South Park.