Recycling  your  D-­‐trash  

The  D-­‐Cycle  is  a  small  recycle  machine   that  process  and  sterilize  syringes,   discarded  pens,  sensor  switches  and   pump  sets,  turning  the  d-­‐trash  into  small   plas:c  compounds  that  will  be  send  to   industries  that  can  turn  it  into  building   materials  like  cement,  bricks,  roof   covering,  park  benches,  etc.    

Every  year  people  with  medial  condi:ons  use  3   billion  syringes  to  self  inject.  Government  regula:ons   require  those  syringes  to  be  disposed  safely  with   companies  responsible  for  dealing  with  those   materials,  although  unfortunately  the  end  game  for   syringes  is  usually  the  landfill.  People  with  diabetes   take  a  big  part  of  this  number  as  medical  trash   producers.   Test  strips,  pump  set  change,  CGM  sensor  switch,   insulin  boJles,  discarded  pen  needles  and  syringes   are  a  daily  issue  that  all  the  diabe:cs  have  to  deal   with.  Encapsula:on  and  safe  burying  not  only  are   expensive,  but  also  they  do  not  reduce  the  ever-­‐ increasing  volume  of  waste.  And  unlike  recycling,   neither  one  generates  funds.  

plas:c  compounds  

Occupying  minimum  space  

A  engine  crushes  the  d-­‐trash  into   very  small  pieces  than  generates   high  temperature  that  fuses  all  into   compound  that  will  be  sold  to   construc:on  industries.    

It  is  a  machine  that  can  be  placed  at  home  or  in  the  drugstores  making  the  disposal   easier  and  making  a  real  logis:cal  impact  on  the  recyclability  of  those  materials.   The  volume  of  waste  would  be  significantly  reduced,  and  the  cost  of  disposal  less,   because  the  decontaminated  needles  and  syringes  could  be  treated  as   noninfec:ous  waste.  Thus,  they  would  be  sold  for  recycling  .  

Needle  destroyer  

removing  the  needles  in  a  electrical   needle  destroyer  that   decontaminates  and  rolls  the   needles  into  small  metal  pieces   placed  in  the  metal  container,  that   can  be  sold  to  metal  industries.  

Syringe  recycler  entry  

Insulin  boJle  container    

Plas:c  compound   container      

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