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Detailed human anatomy, live

sketches and 1 minute live sketch-

Mediums Explored : Pencils, Inks,
Pastels, Charcoal and unique brush
Original Form Confusion

Choose a word and construct a form to represent it.

The word chosen was ‘Confusion’, and on the top left hand side is the form
The form was then to be enlarged and rearranged in specific layouts to make
compostions with dynamism and visual balance.
Derived Compositions
Photo Composition and Letter Integration

Photos clicked around the DjAD Campus com-

posed within two 4:3 layouts without changing the
orientation of the pictures.
The chosen compostion was integrated with the
letter ‘D’, for design.
Original Photograph

Photo Composition II

One picture, different orientations.

Form and Letter Integration

To integrate an animal and a product with the first letter of its common name.
The animal chosen was Rhino, and the product a bulb.
Indian Ink+Markers+Photoshop+InDesign
3D Letter Form

To choose a word and illustrate graphics de-

scribing the words meaning on a 3D model of
the first letter of the word.
The word chosen was ‘Imagine’ and the
graphics show the synaptic pulse that initiates
the process of creativity
Palatino Linotype 18.5cm in height
Poster Colours+Paper
100 Squares Compostion

A compostion featuring !00 2.5x2.5

cm magazine cutouts arranged with-
in a 25x25 cm grid.
Cancer the Crab

Zodiac Signs

To illustrate astrological signs or the twelve months of the year using only five colours including black and white.
The concept was integrating the symbol of the zodiac signs with their physical representations and the combinations of colours representing the quality (cardinal,
fixed and muted) of each sign. My own zodiac was to be bigger than the rest of the signs.
3:4 ratio frame. 16x12cm (Cancer), 12x9cm (Other signs)
Poster Colours+Black Stabilo
Taurus the Bull

Aries the Ram The Twins Gemini

Scorpio the Scorpion

Virgo the Virgin The Scales of Libra

Saggitarius the Centaur

Aquarius the Water Carrier Pisces the Fish

Capricorn the Sea-Goat

and Leo the missing lion...

Vote T-VMK

To merge a photograph of a batchmate with a hand drawn illustration to

portray either a Rockstar, a Movie Star or a Politician, and add a little hu-
mour to it.
Red and black being the political colours of Tamil Nadu, a spoof on the
DMK and Anna-DMK parties. T-VMK standing for ‘thambi’ meaning little
brother, and VMK standing for Varun Manoharan Khazagham.
The poster shows a politician who claims he doesn’t dodge bullets!*
On the left is a comic strip, which takes a look at alternate realities in dreams
and the intimate link between the mind and the body.
Brief: Conceptualize and create a comic strip in 1 hour.
Inks+Black Stabilo

Above is a ‘state of mind’ illustration.

Poster Colours+Markers
Haiku Illustrations

12x12 cm

Heron’s cry,
Stabs the darkness..

Glorious the moon,

Therefore our thanks,
Clouds come to rest our necks..

8x12 cm
Monkey Trouble

A 7-frame transformation from left to right.

The first frame shows a tessellation of a profile of two monkeys sitting back to back whcih transforms into a broken wine glass.
5x15 cm/frame
Poster Colours+Inks
‘Top Dog’
An illustration for a local tattoo shop.
22 x 30¼ inches
Inks+Photo Inks+Black Stabilo.
On the left is ‘Toxic Love’, an illustration made for castle maga-
Above is ‘Tripstream’, trying to define the feeling of absolute
Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer

Type-centric visiting card featuring the first letters of my name to double as a logo.
A typographical poster urging water conservation for the Center for Environmental Education.
Empire BT+Futura BdCn BT

Front page concept and layout for a rock music tabloid.

The tabloid follows a grid of fifteen columns, wherein three

columns make one text column.
Each news coulmn is approximately 50mm wide with a gutter of 5mm.
Header design with a ‘fact amplifier’.
American TextBT+Palatino Linotype+Impact
Adobe InDesign
Download this document as a
pdf here :
files/455922701/In_the_Flesh- books

In the Flesh

A publication about the more random side of DJ

Academy of Design. Collective ramblings of my
friends and I, the view from our windows, some sat-
ire, maybe a little bit of truth. All in all, everything
you need to know about our college and a little bit
more. Printed in solid black and white, it is exactly
what it is. We call it like we see it.
Palatino Linotype
Type Art
FuturaBlack+Times New Roman+Droid
Adobe InDesign
Background Graphics


A tri-annual electronic and experimental countdown chart featuring local

artists and free music cd.
A custom font designed for the magazine header, inspired by a vinyl
It also features custom graphics inspired by the vague distantly intense am-
bience of autechre’s ‘Oversteps’ album.
The magazine follows a piano-fold format with one horizontal spread with
content and the other side lined with the hottest stars of the season with the
last spread containing the CD.
21.0x27.9 cm
Deja Vu

A black and white short noir film about death in

the 21st century.

All the footage and audio was shot and re-

corded in a single hostel room using a binaries
camera and instruments lying around.

Watch the movie at

Dark, ambient and atmospheric soundtracks compsoed for an intense visual experience.
KillingTime is a project started with a fellow designer and musician which evolved into a semi-solo
experimental side project.

Check out some noise at:

Print Ad for Orbit White Chewing Gum.

Print Ad for Liesure Hotels’ “Live the Wildlife”

Community Voice
The logo/header for a community newsletter called
‘Community Voice’ in Plainfield, Indiana.
The concept is the C and V of community voice
making a speech bubble.
The colours were picked by the client.

Apex TMT Steel Castings

The logo for a private steel casting com-
pany from Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh fea-
tures a custom font created for ‘Apex’.
The font was constructed as per the com-
pany’s chosen feel of ‘solidity’ and ‘corpo-
rate presence’.

TMT Steel Castings Pvt. Ltd.


Webstie header for an internet site.

The underlying concept in the one above is the whole city
being the stadium to the cricketfield.
To the left is a variation, based on the sketch, ‘One Tree

SGI Solutions Application Icons

Custom application buttons designed for SGI Solutions’ fi-

nancial application.
The buttons were designed in coordination with the client.
Edited and replaced many times before the final set.
On the right is a screenshot
of the application interface
Reciepts Orders
un- Stock Utilization Account Logout
der development.

k Utilization Account Logout

Home Customize
Reciepts Adjustments
Orders Stock
Stock Stock
Utilization Customize
Account Customize

Home Reciepts Orders Stock Utilization Account Logout

krs Customize
Stock Customize
Utilization Account

Customize Adjustments Stock Stock Customize Customize

$ Customize Adjustments Stock Stock Customize Customize

ck Stock Customize Customize

Rapra Design Solutions

A branding and identity project for a very

young web and software company.
The name of the comapny is an amalgamation
of ‘Rahul’ and ‘Pratheek’.

The keywords needed to be communicated

r p
were ‘Creative’, ‘Fresh’ and ‘Unique’.

The logo created is a hot air baloon powered
by a lightbulb, to illustrate the heights of cre-
Client specified colour scheme.

You desire...We design

Letter Head and Visiting Card
IIIrd Year Communication Design | bongdout@gmail.com | +91-750-398-3927

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