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1. Complete the series of words with a word from the list.

Bicycle, could, lock, pavement, ride, say, shutter, sick, sore, throat

- arm, lung, ear, stomach _________________

- ache, hangover, sunstroke, pain _________________
- bus, train, aeroplane, car _________________
- skylight, door, window _________________
- road, street, traffic lights, pedestrian crossing _________________
- cycle, drive, walk, run _________________
- can, must, should, will _________________
- door, open, shut, knock _________________
- speak, whisper, tell, shout _________________
- ill, cold, tired, well _________________

2. Complete the sentences with one of this words:

Walk, queue, shout, wear, park, delay, open, drink, snow, cost

- Would you like something to _________________?

- Don´t _________________! I can hear your quite clearly.
- We went for a _________________ along the river.
- How much does this pullover _________________?
- When they woke up, the countryside was white with ________________
- It´s very hot. You should _________________ a hat.
- Here´s the key. Could you _________________ the door, please?
- There was a long _________________ at passport control.
- I don´t know that caused the _________________, but our flight was
two hours late.
- Where did you _________________ the car?

3. Match a word from box A with a word from box B to form a new word or

traffic 1 pressure
time 2 attack
take 3 way
heart 4 lights
sun 5 over
hang 6 lag
jet 7 off
blood 8 free
sore 9 zone
duty 10 stroke
level 11 throat
motor 12 crossing
Vocabulary Rebeca Muñoz Muñoz
4. Match the definitions below with new words or expressions in exercise 3.

- A big road with many lanes _________________

- A complaint you get when you travel by plane _________________
- The place where a railway line crosses a road _________________
- When they are red they stop cars _________________
- A complaint you get if you drink to much alcohol _________________
- A very serius medical complaint _________________

5. Put the words and phrases below into two groups.

Business, class, car park, customs, jet lag, landing, lane, lorry, motorway,
oxygen, pedestrian, petrol, pressurised, road, speed limit, take-off, terminal,
time zone, traffic

Flying Driving

6. Match the verbs with the phrases

Ride 1 On the door

Obey 2 An appointment
Cross 3 A ladder
Walk 4 A motorbike
Make 5 The street
Feed 6 Your seatbelt
Knock 7 The rules
Fasten 8 On the grass
Lock 9 The animals
Climb 10 The door

7. Write five sentences with the phrases in exercise 6.

Vocabulary Rebeca Muñoz Muñoz

8. Correct these phases.

- You must eat more to lose weight

- A skylight is a sort of door.
- A neighbour is someone you work with.
- A zoo is a place where you can borrow books.
- You should travel economy class if you want more leg room on a plane.
- A ladder is a tool for cutting wood.

Vocabulary Rebeca Muñoz Muñoz