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Living the Lectionary

Third Sunday of Easter

Season: Easter
Week of May 8th


About the Season: We are in the season of Easter.

Easter is a 7 week long season, one week longer than
Lent. In this season, we celebrate the Resurrection
of our Lord and consider ourselves as a part of the
church which is promised a Resurrection like His.

About this Sunday: Jesus’ Resurrection is no

secret, it is something that has been revealed to us
in His Word and in His Sacraments. When we
experience His revelation, our hearts burn within us
like the hearts of the Emmaus disciples did when He
revealed Himself to them.
Reflecting on the Readings:
• Acts 2:14, 36-41 – Revelation and
Repentance – Peter reveals the truth about the
Resurrected Jesus Christ which leads the
people to ask how they might repent and
receive Baptism. What might you need to
repent of?
• Psalm 116 – Revelation and Life – The
Psalmist experiences the revelation of God in
His life and it gives him new insight into his life.
This brings him to praise God even in adverse
situations. What does God’s revelation in your
life lead you to consider and do?
• I Peter 1:17-23 – Revelation and Hope – Peter
tells us that the priorities of things we hope for
are changed when we experience the
revelation of God. What things are priorities in
your life?
• Luke 24:13-35 – Revelation and Burning – The
Emmaus disciples are shocked at Jesus’
Resurrection, but still their hearts “burn within
them” when they listen to Him. What about
Jesus’ revelation makes your “heart burn
Law and Gospel:
• Law: We don’t recognize Jesus for who He is,
partially because we cannot consider His
existing outside of our tiny and insignificant
ideas of “reality”. We think we are gods when
we refuse Jesus’ own reality and choose our
own reality.
• Gospel: Jesus’ reality is beyond human
comprehension. Because of that, He came to
this world to show us Himself and to allow our
hearts to burn with the joy of forgiveness and
inclusion in the Kingdom of God.
Living the Lectionary Ideas:
• Learn: Jesus reveals Himself in the supper
with the Emmaus disciples. What do we believe
is revealed in the Lord’s Supper that we
celebrate? (Hint, look at your Small Catechism)
• Do: Reveal something about yourself.
Revelation can seem uncomfortable because it
shows your “real self”. Consider your feelings
about revealing an aspect of yourself and what
they might tell you about how you feel God
sees you.
• Live: Considering what makes your “heart
burn within you”. What makes you joyful,
impassioned, or enthralled? Then consider
God’s place in the burning of your heart.