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Dangers of Smoking

• Every minute, seven people die of

tobacco use.
• 49 known carcinogenic compounds
and 4000 other toxins constitute a
single cigarette.
• More than 90 % of lung cancer
deaths are due to cigarette smoking.
• The cost that smokers impose on US
economy is more than $150 billion a

Hazardous Effects of Smoking

Most Deaths Due to Smoking are Caused

by Cancer
It has been proven that smoking causes lung
cancer and cancers of oral cavity, larynx,
esophagus and bladder. More than 95% of
lung cancers are detected in smokers or
"Smokers never become old simply because those exposed to environmental tobacco
they die younger" is a harsh but true fact. smoke. 90% of smokers with lung cancer die
Beginning with those initial puffs of smoke within 3 years of diagnosis. The risk
is never a conscious decision. This initial increases steadily with the number of
choice of smoking is made as a teenager cigarettes smoked per day.
when the implications of tobacco use and its
addiction are not known. Read on to know Breathing Problems and Lung Disorders
the dangers of smoking. Caused By Smoke
The toxins in smoke can cause lung
Smoking Statistics – Alarming Enough to disorders like emphysema, chronic
De-motivate Smokers obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchitis,
and significant reduction in lung
• About 33% of male adult global
functioning. Smoker’s cough is common
population smokes.
• Time cut down from one’s lifespan is symptom that develops as the defense
approximately equal to the time system tries to expel the chemicals
indulged in smoking. accumulated in the air passage and lungs.
Gradually, the respiratory system becomes
more prone to infections due to lowered Oral Hygiene and Smoking
immunity. Smoking can cause loss of taste, bad breath,
dental caries, stained teeth, mouth sores and
Smoking and Heart Disease receding gums.
Cigarette smoking is one of the major risk
factors for high blood pressure and fatal Chain Smoking
heart attacks. Chemicals in the smoke As seen with most of the other addictions,
develop atherosclerosis and lowers supply of maintaining the thin line between mild
oxygen to the heart leading to cardio- smokers and chain smokers is very difficult.
vascular diseases. The damage already Practical sense of judging and refraining
caused due to smoking is reversible. The oneself from a particular thing is completely
risk of developing a heart disease or stroke lost with dependency. Also, research has
once you quit smoking successfully is the proved that fewer cigarettes cause the same
same as you never smoked. Of course this damage as higher tobacco use.
doesn’t mean that you wait till a later age to
quit until completely smoke-dried. Gateway Effects and Health risks for
Second Hand Smokers
Stroke and Gangrene Effects of smoking are increased by
The effects of smoking in causing all forms manifold due to the gateway effects. Two
of stroke and brain hemorrhages are important gateways are children choosing to
apparent. Smoking causes peripheral arterial smoke due to their parents; and the second
disease by plaque deposition leading to gateway leading to many other addictions
clogged arteries. and drug abuse. Environmental tobacco
smoke has large amount of toxins that cause
Infertility and Obstetric Issues Related to harmful effects on non-smokers too.
Smoking impacts women’s health Effects on National Growth and Economy
substantially by causing infertility, Medical costs incurred from the tobacco-
miscarriages, complicated pregnancies and related illnesses and complicated
early menopause. Smoking during pregnancies could be the direct costs
pregnancy and breast-feeding can have affecting the national economy. Lower
hazardous effects on the baby in early work-efficiency, droppings off earnings,
childhood and also as they grow up. higher medical expenses, early retirement (if
Smoking is known to cause sperm ever) put an additional burden on the growth
abnormalities and hence male infertility. and economy.
Effects on Musculo-skeletal System Gradual step-down in smoking should be the
Nicotine affects the bones, joints and initial goal and eventually lead towards
muscles of the body. It causes Osteopenia, complete smoking cessation. Ignorance isn’t
osteoporosis, and hence increased chances a bliss; informed decision to continue
of fractures and tissue injuries. smoking even after being educated about its
dangers would be more upright and real
challenge too!