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A monthly publication of Lafayette Park United Methodist Church ◊ May 2011

A church without walls, creating a visible sign of Christ’s presence in our urban community and beyond

Happenings at
LPUMC Stain Glass Window Repair Update
May 22 Recently, we as a congregation have read
and embraced the theological mandate ex-
Spring Sing
pressed in Mike Slaughter's book "Change the
May 22 World - Recovering the Message and Mission
Breakfast of Jesus" which challenges the concept of
Served by UM Men spending resources on religious edifices of
May 22 glass & stone vs. offering those resources to
Brockman/Jankowski the needy in our local and international com-
Bridal Shower munities. Having done so, how can we em-
bark on a campaign to rebuild our stained
June 1
glass windows, improve our parking lot and
Pre-School boiler systems when we have not quenched
Graduation the thirst of God's children? The Trustee's and Administrative Board believe
June 12 we can and must do both. We can be stewards of our physical assets and rigor-
Breakfast ously engage in outreach activities which positively affect the lives of others.
Served by UM Men Our church operates under the policy to allocate 10% of each Sunday's collec-
tions to apportionments and external missions.
June 19
Our capital campaign objective is to maintain that commitment. Our capital
Stokes campaign would include funds for improvement to our stained glass windows,
Baby Shower parking lot, boiler system etc and 10% would also be spent on funding the con-
June 25/26 struction of a new church and community center in Catembe, Mozambique.
Pride Fest The first component of the capital campaign is the repair of the large east
June 25 stained glass window. The trustees have received four bids from experienced
Breakfast stained glass window firms. The cost to replace the damaged wood framing, re-
glaze the glass panels and install exterior glazing protection is budgeted at
Served by UM Men
$60,000. The fiscal plan is to apply for grants from Methodist and Community
organizations, conduct fund-raising activities, like the Spring Flower program,
In This Issue request donations from community friends, embark on a capital campaign re-
questing commitments for designated donations for a period of years and finally
Wilder View 3 solicit loans for the unfunded shortfall.
Our objective is to receive commitments for the entire cost by mid-summer
Check It Out 8 and begin construction this August or September, with a completion by Decem-
ber. Your prayers and financial support will be needed for a successful comple-
Earth Care Column 8 tion. Further details of the entire capital campaign will be presented in the near
“Good Sense” 9

Calendar 11 Steve Coffey,

Trustee Chair
Lafayette Park United Methodist Church 2300 Lafayette Avenue St. Louis, MO 63104 314-771-9214
Page 2 LPUMC News & Views

Church Office Hours
Monday - Friday
9 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Rev. Kathleen Wilder

Church Secretary
Maria Lawrence
M-F 9:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Welcome to Daniel Shanks, our new Youth Director. Daniel and his
lpsecretary@sbcglobal.net wife Hannah come to us from Centenary UMC. Daniel graduated
from Greenville College in Illinois with a degree in Religious Studies
Newsletter Editor and served two years as a Youth Pastor before coming to us. Daniel is
Elena Greene enthusiastic about working with our youth and is looking forward to
lpnewsletter@sbcglobal.net the challenges and blessings that lie ahead.
Thanks to Ross Rotherham and Bethany Spaulding for answering the
Newsgroup call to service.
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lpumc Ross has accepted the responsibilities of Treasurer and is serving on
the churches’ Finance Committee.
WebMaster Bethany has agreed to serve as the Editor of the News & Views in
Chris Finley addition to her present responsibilities as Finance Chair.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Preschool Director • Thank you to Bev O’Neal for coordinating the Catembe Mosquito
Edna Coleman Net celebration, and all those that helped her with planning, food,
lppreschool@sbcglobal.net decorating and clean up.
• Thank you to Bethany Spaulding for coordinating the Easter Egg
Youth Director Hunt and everyone who helped by providing candy, food, drinks,
Daniel Shanks hiding eggs, cleaning up, taking pictures and so many other details.
• Thank you to Shawn O’Neal and the Homeschool group for filling
1001 Easter Eggs.
News & Views • Thank you to Kirby Greene for cleaning the sacristy and other
Elena Greene rooms in the church.
• Thank you to all the people that helped with the extra Holy Week
Newsletter Production
Bob & Jeris Beane
services and Easter Celebration.
• Thank you to Kourtney Strade and the choir for the lovely music
Sunday Bulletin Production they provide in worship.
Betty Disbennett
Mary Disbennett • Thank you to Bill Byrd, Jack Hawk, Steve Coffey & others that
help us with sound and video.
Lafayette Park United Methodist Church 2300 Lafayette Avenue St. Louis, MO 63104 314-771-9214
May 2011 Page 3

From The Wilder View . . .

In April we celebrated the completion of our goal to cover Catembe with Mosquito Nets. Carol
Kreamer met with our covenant partners on Good Friday. Please see her report below. I give thanks to
God for the generous heart of the people of Lafayette Park. I also give thanks for the blessings that we
have in here. It touches my heart to know that once a month our brothers and sisters spend a night pray-
ing for us and the work of our church. Thank you for being a people that understands that we are all one
in the body of Christ and as we care for out brothers and sisters in Catembe, we are caring for the body
of Christ.
~Pastor Kathleen

Report of visit to Catembe UMC by Carol Kreamer

The morning started early as we had to be ready to cross Maputo bay on the first ferry. It might be busy because of the
holiday. Dirt roads with many forks lead the way to Catembe UMC. We kept looking for the big cashew nut tree and the
unfinished block building, and saw them in the distance from the last fork. We were on the right road.
Their MI representative, Ezequiel Nhantumbo, my granddaughter Celia and I were greeted by members of the church
and pastor Francisco Rungo. In the little misty rain, he quickly took us to a table inside the unfinished chapel. There sat
Ms. Sandra Francisco da Silva. She is the nurse in charge of preventive medicine at the health post on Catembe. We
would meet to discuss net distributions on the Catembe peninsula. After that meeting she went on by shapa the 16 km to
work at the health post. She was so helpful in understanding the demographics of Catembe.
We then discussed with Francisco the relationship with Lafayette Park UMC, their partner in St. Louis, Missouri. Fran-
cisco shared that it is difficult to communicate as it is expensive to buy time at the local internet. He usually goes into the
conference office in Maputo to use MI representative, Ezequiel Nhantumbo’s computer. It costs 50 MZN for 30 minutes of
internet. He does not have $1.60 to spend on internet - it’s complicated. Ezequiel and I encouraged him to use his cell
phone to dictate messages to Ezequiel to send to LPUMC. Francisco was happy to receive the recent letter from Pastor
Kathleen and had affirmed that it had been translated and given to him by Ezequiel.
Catembe School Kits We talked briefly about the orphans of Catembe and the school kits. He said that the church
secretary has a list of their names, ages and gender. He would get that to Ezequiel and have it sent. We spoke also of the
need for food for the children. It is not only food that can be grown in the garden that is needed, but other items such as
juice and water also. Again, it is complicated. There are items they would need to purchase such as bread and drink to
send with the children.
Community Garden The people of Catembe have gardens in the delta area which is very fertile. They also grow cas-
sava on the church grounds. But even in the delta it is sometimes too dry and the gardens wither. They have been dream-
ing of a community garden similar to the LPUMC garden. Carol committed to sending a photo of the Gondola Training
Center water system as a possible model until an electric water pump can be installed.
Water Projects for Community Garden and Sustainability The barrier to the community garden is access to suffi-
cient water. They are talking about changing to an electric pump for the well and a tower and water cistern system that
would allow them to irrigate the garden on the church grounds. The congregation can afford to pay for electric should this
system be possible.
Planting and harvest times depend on the vegetable; in this climate it goes year round – beginning April-July they plant
lettuce and cabbage monthly, different for beans and corn (Jan-March)· MI representative, Ezequiel Nhantumbo, will pro-
vide an application for a safe water project to pastor Francisco Rungo. The hope is to pipe water to nearby homes of people
who can pay for water charges.
We discussed the situation of the facilities on the Catembe property. Upon arrival pastor Francisco realized that the

Continued on page 4
Lafayette Park United Methodist Church 2300 Lafayette Avenue St. Louis, MO 63104 314-771-9214
Page 4 LPUMC News & Views

Report of visit to Catembe UMC by Carol Kreamer Continued from Page 3

church had some difficulties. There was no “parsonage” per se, so he told them he would live in the building that had
previously been storage. Here is what we learned.
The Parsonage Francisco and his wife, Beatrice, live in the humble mud hut building as a parsonage. This has
become the priority for the congregation to replace. When it rains, the water comes in through the roof and they must
cover all of their belongings to protect them. Sometimes he feels embarrassed but it was his choice to live in that place,
when prior pastors lived across the bay in the city of Maputo. Even in the middle of worship, at times pastor Francisco
has to stop preaching in order to run to the house to cover everything with plastic. They are not sure now much longer
the walls will last. The blocks were made when there was no water available and so they are beginning to deteriorate.
The congregation has contributed 1,450 blocks for the new parsonage (all needed). They designate an offering to the
parsonage building weekly. The cost to build will be about $5,000 USD so they do not know when it will start. People
give little by little, about 1,300 ($40) per month. The next goal is 21 crates of stones. After that 30,000 MZN - $1,000
USD for the builder. 80% of the members are unemployed agriculturalists and cannot afford to rent a house for the
pastor, so they are working on improving the parsonage. Estimated total cost is $5,000 USD [150,000 MZN).
The Chapel Still has about ¼ of roof needed; the roof that is there is of good quality, having replaced the poor
original roof. In 2010 bought tables, 3 benches and 30 chairs; constructed block toilet facilities. In 2011the goal is new
parsonage. In the future is the chapel completion.
Sometimes people are “here” [in worship] but they are not spiritually “here” because of the chapel conditions. When it
is windy the sand [from the floor] blows on people (cpk-I remember the sand and grit in my teeth from my 2005 wor-
ship at Catembe). When it rains and is windy, the water comes in through the portion of roof that is not complete.
The sequence of need is: #1 Roof, #2 Floor, #3 Windows & Doors, #4 Office at back


I’m glad I was able to communicate with my partner. I sent an introduction and told them I was married with three
children. I was glad to get feedback. I gave an account of priorities (parsonage & chapel).
We hold monthly worship dedicated to prayers for our covenant partner. We divide in pairs to pray all night for our
church and LPUMC.
All we have been addressing to our covenant partner is not about material things, but spiritual –the relationship. We
are all one in the body of Christ. When we share our ministry experience, it does not mean they will help us financially,
but we will pray for each other.
We encourage members to solve problems, do projects locally. I have been defending the concept that we be able to
do our own work, with our own hands.
Compared to prior years we have realized spiritual growth and growth in service. There are many times when we
are gathered in worship and we see an old woman who brings her tithe. I think as a pastor, “we should let her go back
with her money. She needs it and the church should be assisting her, not her giving to the church!” This is the kind of
members that we have. They give the little that they have. We are satisfied with what we receive because of the local
conditions. If we had to ask them for more, maybe we would see Jesus coming to Jerusalem saying, “this is not the way
to be” and he would overturn the tables and kick out the money-changers. We are happy to see our members contribute
through faith, not because the pastor says to tithe or to give to this or that. When I realized that people brought the tithe
in their hands, I made a change and we now provide envelops so that their gift would be private. When we did that the
tithes rose from 300 MTN (about $10) to 1,000 MTN ($30).
We have the following membership: 100 full members, 191 baptized, 59 beginners, 140 children, 195 women / 15
men. One problem – we used to loose a lot of youth; they came and there was no place to sit, only on mats on the floor;
now with the chairs they are coming back.
We average 60-150 in worship; expecting 100 for Easter Sunday. For Good Friday they are worshiping at Imguido
local church. 2 local churches, Cantral and John Wesley (Imguido); 5 class meetings.
I came from an ecumenical seminary. So I brought together different denominations; invited youth from other de-

Lafayette Park United Methodist Church 2300 Lafayette Avenue St. Louis, MO 63104 314-771-9214
May 2011 Page 5

nominations; we take the opportunity to talk about Christianity and social issues like HIV/AIDS, domestic violence,
etc. Nurses, Sandra and the others, do workshops for women’s, men’s, youth groups of other denominations also. Nor-
mally we assign a committee to work on the ecumenical activities.
We are praying for LPUMC and seeking their prayers for us. Most of the time they ask, we tell what is happening,
what we need in our church. We are not necessarily asking for help, but informing them of the issues and the reaL-
ity. Genesis 4: We know the blood had to be spread among the congregation – a lesson to show we are all children of God
and have to share ministry activities; through that unity we identify ourselves with God.
Finally, we want to make sure that you know everything that goes on, otherwise we appear to be hiding something
from God. You probably do not want to hear that the parsonage is our priority, because you have been working on the
chapel. But that is the reality and we do not want to betray our partners – if we betray our partners we betray God. We do
not want you to have extra questions of what Catembe is all about. So we share everything and hope that LPUMC will do
the same – share the challenges that they face.
We are a growing church, seeking ways to grow. Projects are one way – like the plan for malaria prevention. We hope
that with a net distribution, people will understand our church in another way – lives saved from disease and death due to
malaria…BEFORE building a building.

At this point I shared some of the challenges of LPUMC. Earlier I had told of the many adopting families at LPUMC
and hence the recognition of the ministry to the orphans of Catembe. We encourage LPUMC to share their challenges for
prayer support from their partner.
Pastor Francisco told about himself. He will be ordained in December 2012 and hopes to have a pastor robe for his
ordination. He wears the blue clerical shirt donated from Missouri partners [looks really, really nice under his black suit –
CPK]. He has a district level task of serving on CCM, the Christian Council of Mozambique, heading the project commit-
tee. Hence he encourages churches on Catembe to interact as one Church, one heart. Many small denominations have
little problems. But they too are Christians.
At the close of our visit, we went into the parsonage and looked around the property. We then joined those gathered in
a circle who would be attending the Good Friday service at 1:30. My granddaughter, Celia, presented a soccer ball to the
youth in the circle and they were so happy – that would be another way to reach youth. I had not brought gifts, but I
reached into my backpack and presented my favorite capulana to Francisco’s wife, Beatrice. Finally we reached into the
MI vehicle and brought out a treated bed-net for Francisco. We had two others in our hotel room and would give those
also before we departed Maputo. We were using one to cover Celia’s bed. We were so glad to help at least protect Fran-
cisco, Beatrice and the three children from mosquitoes causing malaria. Before departing one old couple said, when the
chapel is finished we will get married. Obviously they had a common-law marriage, but said they would make it official
upon completion. We made our goodbyes and the usual kisses and hugs and took our leave about 1:15.
Our day had begun at 7 am and now we were heading back to the dock hoping, but not expecting, to catch the 1:30
ferry. It is always faster returning as there are no forks in the road – all roads lead to the ferry. We made it just in time
and after boarding, actually fell asleep in the truck. From there we rushed to find “Nets for Life” but there was a Good
Friday service going on in that building, so we left that thought for Monday. We returned to our guest house and then off
to a Good Friday drama service ourselves.
We knew that we were in the midst of the Easter transformation, dying to self and living for Christ – both during Holy
Week and with Catembe UMC. I feel honored to be a part of that transformation as I see a congregation that had sadly
deteriorated come to new life again. Kristu I vukile. Jesus Christ lives indeed! Halleluiah! Amen.
Photos to follow on CD upon return. C

Carol P. Kreamer - Coordinator

The Mozambique Initiative
P O Box 754, Eureka, MO 63069 USA

Lafayette Park United Methodist Church 2300 Lafayette Avenue St. Louis, MO 63104 314-771-9214
Page 6 LPUMC News & Views

“Hoppy” Easter!
Our Annual Easter Egg Hunt was a big hit with our church families and friends from the community.
Despite the inclement weather (the first in recent memory) everyone had a great time. The Hunt went off
without a hitch and the Easter Bunny made a stellar appearance again this year. The children also enjoyed
a guest appearance by Riley (the”Dog”) and his friend Carol Spaulding. Riley shared stories of his own
adventures and spoke of Jesus’ Love for all of Gods’ children –which is the real meaning of Easter.

Riley the dog entertains
the children with a little
help from his friend, Mrs.

(above left) The

Whiteaker family poses
with the Easter Bunny.
(above right) Friends of
LPUMC meet EB and
join in the festivities.

(above) Benjamin Krawat and

Mom (Kara) take a break from
the activities.

(above) The Easter bunny leads everyone around

Fellowship Hall doin’ the Bunny Hop.
(above) Matt & Kelsea (right) Elliot Ganning shakes hands with his
“Freestylin the Bunny Hop” friend EB while Dad & Mom (Brendan & Joanna)
strike a pose.
Lafayette Park United Methodist Church 2300 Lafayette Avenue St. Louis, MO 63104 314-771-9214
May 2011 Page 7

Our Celebration of Life and Health for Catembe

Sunday, April 10 was the occasion for a truly unique worship service, the culmination of our fund raising efforts
to provide effective malaria preventive mosquito nets for all of Catembe Mozambique. The liturgist and many of
our members donned Mozambique-style costumes and processed to African style music while bringing offerings to
the communion rail. The choir sang a special African Anthem and Carol Kraemer taught an offertory song in the
language of Catembe. It was a joyous worship service and a festive fellowship!
(left) Bev O’Neal, coordinator of the days events,
guides the costumed children in placing their special
offering baskets. (center) awaiting the Children s’ mo-
ment. (below) Over 2100 ribbons hang from the ceil-
ing of Fellowship Hall. Each ribbon represents a net
sent to Catembe!

(above) Carol Kraemer, coordinator of The Mo-

zambique Initiative, joined the celebration and
shared her experience in mission to our covenant
partners in Catembe.
(right) Fellowship was a real feast with a num-
ber of different soups and a variety of Mozam-
bique-style foods.
Lafayette Park United Methodist Church 2300 Lafayette Avenue St. Louis, MO 63104 314-771-9214
Page 8 LPUMC News & Views

Earth Care: Warm Weather Is Upon Us!

The warm weather is finally upon Plant Selection - Start with In- require less moisture. Raise your
us and our thoughts have turned to digenous Species mower height to ensure survival dur-
gardening. Here are some great One of the best ways to enjoy a ing drought or extreme heat and do
ideas that will help you keep your green garden is by planting what are not bag clippings to help retain mois-
garden green while keeping the known as indigenous species – those ture. Know when to water your lawn.
local environment green, as well. that are natural to the area. These The best time is 6:00 to 8:00 a.m.
types of plants have learned to natu- when evaporation is at a minimum.
The decrease of America’s water rally deal with our climate, soil, and
resources due to disappearing lakes pests, so they thrive without too Remember it is up to you to take ac-
and reservoirs, population growth, much help from us. Don’t forget to tions to protect God's Creation.
and drought has increased the need mulch!
for more efficient ways of using For more hints to reduce you summer
water. Outside water use accounts Lawns can be high consumers of footprint, check out the Missouri Bo-
for approximately 80% of water water use and maintenance tanical Garden’s Kemper Center.
used during the summer months. Consider reducing the lawn area of
your yard and selecting grasses that

Breakfast served by the U.M.Men Aluminum cans for Recycling Look for Simple Fundraisers
2nd and 4th Sundays can collection bin in the parking lot. Schnucks eScrip Card
Before Worship Service 1. Pick up a Schnucks eScrip
Website Update Community Card at a Schnucks Service
Continue to look for updates on the Desk or LPUMC office.
website. Checkout the Yahoo photo 2. Register the Card.
pages. Comments? Contact Chris 3. Show the Card at Checkout.
Finley at chrisdfinley@sbcglobal.net. Macy’s Fundraising Card
Inkjet and Toner Cartridges and Cell Register your Macy’s card at
Phones for Recycling - Don’t forget to https://secure.escrip.com/jsp/supporter/
bring these items to the church of- authentication/password.jsp
fice! This helps our environmental When you make a purchase, a percent-
fundraiser. age will be donated to LPUMC.

Ministry Teams at Lafayette Park UMC

Administrative Program Other
Church Council: Daron Smith Youth Ministries: Daniel Shanks Conference Lay Member: TBD
Board of Trustees: Steve Coffey Education: Cindy Pillow United Methodist Women: Jeris Beane
Publicity: Debra Crowe Outreach: TBD Historian: Tom Keay
FinanceChair: Bethany Spaulding Missions: Nancy Thuer; Larry Heugatter Wills and Memorials: Larry Heugatter
Treasurer: Ross Rotherham Worship: Sue Meyers Wedding Coordinator: Lynne Keay
Finan. Secretary: Maria Lawrence Membership: Bill Byrd
Lay Leadership: Sharon Domke Stewardship: TBD
Parish Relations: Nancy Thuer Music: Kourtney Strade
Preschool Liaison: Cindy Pillow

Lafayette Park United Methodist Church 2300 Lafayette Avenue St. Louis, MO 63104 314-771-9214
May 2011 Page 9

“Good Sense” Financial Corner

By Bethany Spaulding, C.P.A., C.M.A., C.C.S.A., C.R.P.

Be Not Afraid
Our Lent study, Change the World, has been thought-provoking in many ways. The last chap-
ter in particular challenges us to not let fear determine our actions. This applies to every area

of our lives, from stepping out in faith to buy mosquito nets as a church to doing the same in areas of our
individual lives. God is placing in each of our hearts the areas in which we need to step out in faith – this
is a special time in our life as a church as we prayerfully listen for new directions of ministry and re-
commit to living out God's Word. Let us “be not afraid” as God says to us multiple times.

As a church, we will continue to step out in faith in the area of financial giving. We have been tithing
faithfully on everything that comes in since the beginning of 2010, and have seen God work miracles in
our finances. It seems ridiculous to the natural mind that we could give more and yet pay down debt and
do more good than we have in the past. But that is how God works – the principles in the Bible are not the
principles of the world system. In fact, they appear almost the opposite! Regardless of how it looks to the
world, when we are faithful to live by God's principles God will keep the promises made to us in the Bi-

In the future, we want to increase our tithing and mission/outreach giving well above our 2010 levels,
which were in total about 25% of our total expenses. What about going for a goal of 50% of all expenses
– a little wild and crazy but why not? Let's step out and put action behind our desire to change the world
so that all hear the good news of Jesus, all have a safe place to live and meaningful work.

To get to this goal as a church, we may need to step out in faith individually beyond where we are now
comfortable. It could be that God is speaking to you about making tithing (10% of gross income) a consis-
tent practice, or about giving special offerings above your tithe. I know you are already generous, so this
is not something new but something to be continued and increased. Just look at how quickly the $21,000
for mosquito nets was raised! This is a testimony to how we can say yes to God and see miracles happen
and lives saved. Let's go Change the World!

Join us for a
Church-wide Bridal Shower Sunday,
May 22, during Fellowship
Cassie Coleman and the WCDANs are throwing a bridal shower for
Sarah Brockman and Brian Jankowski. Express you congratulations and help us send
good wishes to Sarah and Brian as they begin their life together.
For gift ideas, please visit

Lafayette Park United Methodist Church 2300 Lafayette Avenue St. Louis, MO 63104 314-771-9214
mAY 2011 Page 10

Free Summer Day Camps Happy Anniversary

June 13 thru June 29 Brenda & Eric Deartz
The City of St. Louis is proud to offer a wide array of free summer
day camps. Long term day camps will operate from June 13 thru
June 29. These day camps are available for youths ages 7-12 and are Chris Finley & Daron Smith
provided on weekdays from 9:30a.m. to 4p.m.
Please see the church bulletin boards or call the church office for
additional information; 771-9214
Happy Birthday
National Mission Outreach MAY
On Sat., May 14, there will be a National Mission Outreach. We
would like to celebrate this day by working in the McKinley Gar- Jennifer Sorrow (3)
den from 9 a.m. until Noon. Lots of planting needs to be done and
there’s also a shed that needs to be constructed. Please bring your Kathleen Wilder (7)
work gloves, wheelbarrows and any other tools you think you
might use. You may contact Bev O’Neal for additional informa- George Grove (8)
tion at 314-773-6111.
Robert Schmidt

SPRING SING David Coffey (12)

Presented by Eric Gordon (13)

The New Day Choir
of the Bridge at Centenary Chris Finley (14)

May 22 at 3 pm Bill Byrd (15)

in the Anchor Room at Centenary UMC Olivia Natwick (16)

The Lafayette Park UMC Choir will join the New Day Choir
Robin Merle (26)
for a couple of numbers.
All are welcome to hear the gospel music being presented. Jan Gordon (28)
A freewill offering will be presented to benefit the Bridge.
Judy Brockman (29)

Lafayette Cafe
Please feel free to join us on any Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in Sorry, if we missed it...
Fellowship Hall for some time to gather, relax, work on a If you know of someone whose Birth-
craft project, and visit. You can bring your dinner if you day or Anniversary missed the list—
Please let us know so we don’t miss
like while we spend some fun time together.
you next year.
Thanks, Cindy Pillow Happy & Congrats—anyway!

Lafayette Park United Methodist Church 2300 Lafayette Avenue St. Louis, MO 63104 314-771-9214
LPUMC News & Views Page 11


Scriptures for May 1
MAY Asbury UMC
Pastor: TBS
Bellefontaine UMC
May 1 1 Peter 2:19-25
Rev. Nathan P. Wolff
Acts 2:14a, 22-32 John 10:1-10
Psalm 16 (UMH 748) May 8
1 Peter 1:3-9 May 22 Beloved Community/Unity
John 20:19-31 Acts 7:55-60 Rev. Antonio M. Settles
Psalm 31:1-5, 15-16 Bethel UMC
May 8 (UMH 764) Rev. Leonard Krudop
Acts 2:14a, 36-41 1 Peter 2:2-10
Psalm 116:1-4, 12-19 John 14:1-14 May 15
(UMH 837) Clayton UMC
1 Peter 1:17-23 May 29 Rev. Linda Gastreich
Luke 24:13-35 Acts 17:22-31 Concord Trinity UMC
Psalm 66:8-20 (UMH Rev. Keith M. Morgan
May 15 790)
Acts 2:42-47 1 Peter 3:13-22 May 22
John 14:15-21 Eureka UMC
Psalm 23 (UMH 754 or
Rev. Duane D. Larson
Fenton UMC
Rev. Debra A. Peebles
May 22 May 29
Breakfast served by UM Men 8:15—9:15am Ferguson UMC
May 22 Rev. Lisa M. Scott-Joiner
Brockman/Jankowski BRIDAL SHOWER First (Webster Groves) UMC
10:30 in Fellowship Hall
May 22
3 pm @ Centenary UMC WOMEN’S LUNCH
PreSchool Graduation
May 18
June 12 McMurphy’s Grill
Breakfast served by UM Men 8:15-9:15am
June 19 11:30 a.m -614 North 11th St., St. Louis
BABY SHOWER for Bridget & Jason Stokes
10:30 in Fellowship Hall For information Contact:
June 25/26 Bethany Spaulding at bspauldings@yahoo.com
Pridefest at Tower Grove Park or Vicki Dimmich @ vdimmich@gmail.com

Lafayette Park United Methodist Church 2300 Lafayette Avenue St. Louis, MO 63104 314-771-9214
News & Views
Lafayette Park United Methodist Church
As a people of faith, we recognize the diversity of
people created in the image of God.
We welcome to this congregation, people of any age, gender, race,
ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, health status
and any element of humanity created by God.

Save these Dates

MAY 22 Breakfast by U.M. Men, 8:15 -9:00 am
May 22 Bridal Shower for Sarah Brockman & Brian Jankowski @ 10:30 am
May 22 Spring Sing, 3pm @ Centenary UMC
June 1 Pre-School Graduation
June 12 Breakfast by U.M. Men, 8:15 -9:00 am
June 19 Baby Shower for Bridget & Jason Stokes @ 10:30 am
June 25—26 Pridefest @ Tower Grove Park
June 26 Breakfast by U.M. Men, 8:15 -9:00 am

Join us each Sunday…

If you are HIV+ or have AIDS,
or are the friend or loved one 9:30am Worship Service
of a person who is HIV+ or has AIDS, 10:30am Fellowship Hour
you ARE welcome at LPUMC!


Reconciling Ministries Network is a national grassroots organization
that exists to enable full participation of people of
all sexual orientations and gender identities in the life of the
United Methodist Church, both in policy and practice.

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