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02-11-2011, 06:56 PM #46
» Latest Posts
» NEW! CampusVibe™ alwysgraceful03 My one friend is ridiculous. Here are only a few of his accomplishments:
Junior Member -qualified for USAMO every year since 9th grade
» Stats Profiles
-led the ARML (American Regions Math League) team to three consecutive
Join Date: Jun 2009
national championships
Location: Emmaus, PA
TOP FORUMS -performed in Carnegie Hall
Posts: 294
» College Search -got a 2370 on his SAT first try and didn't feel like taking it again
-scored ten fives on his AP tests
» College Admissions -made an important breakthrough on supersingular elliptic curves...(I read his
» Financial Aid report and I didn't understand the first paragraph)
» SAT/ACT -gone to Beijing to present his math thing and came back ranked 6th in the
» Parents world
» Colleges -won a national Roland piano competition (sequenced his own rock medley)
-placed at states for cross country
» Ivy League -has just been named a Siemens and Intel finalist.
-He's already gotten into MIT and applied to Harvard RD.
MAIN CC SITE -named homecoming king
» College Confidential
And on top of that, his personality is literally the best one I've ever known - he's
» College Search
SO social and you will become friends with him if he's in the same room. AND
» College Admissions he's pretty good-looking.
» Paying for College
I feel like I'm forgetting a lot more...

02-11-2011, 07:08 PM #47

MLDWoody My high schools validictorian... dudes a boss. Went to Brown. Pretty sure he
Senior Member never got a B in his life, probably never got an A- either. Was in almost all of
my classes, great guy, good friend of mine. He was the kid in class you were so
Join Date: Aug 2010
happy to beat on a test for once. Didn't even matter what you got because you
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Posts: 1,722 beat/tied John haha.

I fully expect him to save the world.


02-11-2011, 07:32 PM #48

Dnation Me. I'm the smartest person because I figured out a way to unlock over half of
Junior Member the unused potential that is stored within our brains.
Join Date: Feb 2010
Posts: 258

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