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Many business schools were directly blamed for the Certain UK job sectors are hiring and many
recession, and the fallout from the recent crisis has experts feel there is reason to be cautiously
created a great deal of debate and proposed change optimistic about Britain’s future
Despite the world emerging from the financial ECONOMY?
crisis, an upturn in MBA salaries is only gradually Some predictions say that India is poised to
feeding through in the market for MBAs overtake China’s growth rate, so perhaps it will
become the world’s third largest economy by 2030
Many MBA students find leadership development
programs an attractive career option as career
coaching appeals to people aiming high
Building excellence every day
The UK has recently replaced the US as Russian
MBA’s favoured destination as students from all over 45 INFOSYS
the region start looking for programs closer to home Building tomorrow’s enterprise
As sustainability becomes part of the new business
reality, business schools are experimenting with
new and innovative ways of teaching it 54 MBA APPLICATIONS
Choosing the right MBA, and getting in, are the
two key problems for any business school candidate,
Optimism is returning to the MBA career world
so how should they start making those choices?
and MBA job opportunities are increasing in most
countries around the world 58 MBAS ACROSS BORDERS
As businesses become increasingly global,
business schools offer programs that allow students
The number of MBAs moving into sports
to experience business around the world
management is booming as international sports,
and associated revenues, expand 62 TEN TIPS FOR B-SCHOOL ADMISSIONS
There are no guarantees, but if you follow these
steps your chances of completing a successful
One way to learn a lot about a potential employer
application dossier will be greatly increased
is to read their Corporate Social Responsibility
Candidates face a tricky question – should they
take the general MBA qualification, or should
they specialize with a targeted masters course?

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The jury is out: are specialized MBAs the way
forward or are they an oxymoron, leading to 46 CLU GRADUATE PROGRAM IN BUSINESS
students pigeon-holing themselves? (CALIFORNIA LUTHERAN UNIVERSITY)
Charles Maxey, Dean of CLU Graduate School of
72 SOFT SKILLS Business
The QS TopMBA Jobs and Salary Trends Report
shows that demand for ‘soft’ skills has drastically 47 CORNELL UNIVERSITY JOHNSON
increased for MBA recruiters worldwide SCHOOL OF BUSINESS
Dean Joseph Thomas
Indian business schools reinvent themselves to stay 48 IESE BUSINESS SCHOOL
ahead of the race to attract the best students and Pedro Videla , IESE Professor and MBA Academic
faculty Director
A recent ISB agreement with MIT could herald Dean Prof Michael Luger
groundbreaking changes in the Indian MBA
Dean G. Anandalingam
82 NORTH AMERICA REGIONAL FOCUS Winfried Ruigrok, Dean Executive School of
The USA is perennially the top destination for Management, Technology and Law (ES-HSG)
MBAs to study in, but how do you get to work there
and what are the pitfalls?
With London one of the world’s leading finance
and banking centres, the UK remains the world’s
second most popular MBA destination
Korean MBA schools are fast stepping up their
efforts to improve their status in the Asian MBA
market by acquiring international accreditation

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Business school profiles

North America Asia
84 American University – Kogod 143 Doshisha University
85 CLU Graduate Program in Business 144 Hitotsubashi University
86 Emory University 146 HKUST
87 Fordham University Graduate School of Business 148 Nanyang Technological University
90 George Mason Univeristy 152 NUCB Graduate School
91 Hult International Business School 153 The Chinese University of Hong Kong
92 Johns Hopkins University 155 Tsinghua University
93 Rice Univerity – Jones
94 St Mary's University
95 Tufts University – Fletcher School
96 Webster University – St. Louis Australia & New Zealand
156 AGSM
157 La Trobe University
Europe 158 Macquarie Grad School of Management
100 Aberdeen Business School 159 Melbourne Business School
101 Amsterdam Business School 160 Monash University
102 Ashridge Business School 161 QUT Graduate School of Business
103 Audencia Nantes School of Management 164 University of the Sunshine Coast
104 Bradford University 165 University of Western Australia
105 Business School Lausanne 166 University of Wollongong
108 Copenhagen Business School
109 Cranfield School of Management
111 ENPC
116 European University
118 HEC Paris
119 IE Business School
120 IESE Business School
121 Imperial College Business School
122 Lancaster University Management School
123 LUISS Business School
126 Manchester Business School
127 Mannheim Business School
128 MIP
129 Moscow School of Management Skolkovo
130 Reims Management School
131 Sabanci University
134 University of Edinburgh Business School
135 University of Westminster Business School
136 Vlerick Leuven Gent
137 Warwick Business School
138 WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management

TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com 3


TopMBA Career Guide
Editor in Chief . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Nunzio Quacquarelli
Managing Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ross Geraghty Cautious optimism is the catchphrase for the
editors@qs.com MBA market in 2011. While there is still
uncertainty, global equity markets are Nunzio Quacquarelli
predicting strong growth in corporate profits, MA Cambridge
Features writers which inevitably results in strong hiring plans.
Debeshi Gooptu Bakshi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Dan Beaudry MBA Wharton
Business school applications also remain robust.
Richard Burns . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Alena Eckelmann Editor in Chief
Ross Geraghty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Richard Gunawan In this edition, we have invited deans of
some of the world’s top business schools and
Caroline Parry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Mary Anne Thompson
corporate executives to comment on three
Giselle Weybrecht . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . David Williams important themes:
1) Career outcomes for MBAs
Magazine Manager 2) Ethics in business – redemption
Kamran Ahmed following the financial crisis
3) The next generation of MBA programs
– what will they look like?

Senior Corporate Manager Throughout the recent recession, the Ross Geraghty
Dan Beaudry number of MBAs employed three months after Managing Editor
dan.beaudry@qs.com graduation remained between 80-100% at
almost every business school featured in the Guide, making the MBA probably
the most recession proof qualification in today’s global economy. Our own
General Production Manager research, the QS TopMBA.com Jobs & Salary Trends Report, in the article on
Ed Winder page 10, predicts a healthy pick-up in MBA hiring and salaries in 2011, especially
ed@qs.com in banking and financial services, as well as consulting, energy and technology.

Editor (Executive MBA) Business ethics is a passionate topic for many deans and CEOs. Infosys, one of the
world’s largest software companies, headquartered in India, is an example of a new
Dawn Bournand
generation of MBA Employers, and the CEO, Narayana Murthy, is on record
explaining the company’s ethical approach to responsible leadership. Professor
Production Manager (Executive MBA) Pedro Videla, academic dean of IESE argues in the Guide for a new model for
Katy Webster corporate ethics. He observes, “people work together not only for monetary
benefits, but also to be recognized and to learn. This humanist focus, which places
a priority on values and the work environment, can be a powerful driver of change.”
Tim Gillen MBA curricula are currently undergoing the greatest changes in the history of
management education. Dean Anandalingam, of the Robert H. Smith School of
Covers Business, explains, “several paradigm changes [are] coming in the way MBA
Teresa Arevalo programs are structured.” He highlights, “an increased emphasis on experiential
learning, interdisciplinary courses, blended learning opportunities, and greater
emphasis on teaching entrepreneurship.” And lastly, he concludes “we will find
UK Sales Office . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Paris Sales Office
more and more schools teaching students that whole idea of People, Planet, Profit.”
1 Tranley Mews, . . . . . . . . . . . . 73 boulevard de Sébastopol
Fleet Road . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .75002, Paris New models of ethical leadership, new curricula, improving job prospects – it’s
London NW3 2DG . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . France an exciting year for MBAs.
Tel. +44 20 7284 7200 . . . . . . . . . . . . Tel. +33 145 66 59 21
Fax +44 20 7284 7201 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fax +33 145 66 99 80 Nunzio Quacquarelli
Ross Geraghty

89 . . . E-xecutive 125 . . Le Moci 147 . . Staufenbiel Media GmbH

Advertisers 8....
64 . . .
El Cronista
34 . . . Management Today 114 . . Stepstone.fr
20 . . . Mastermas.com 12 . . . The Japan Times
56 . . . Handelsblatt GmbH 16 . . . MBA Channel 13 . . . The Miami Herald
88 . . . 20 Minutes
145 . . Hitotsubashi University 17 . . . MBA Consult 38 . . . The Princeton Review
44 . . . Bonafarm
29 . . . Hurriyet IK 21 . . . Monster.fr 139 . . The University of Surrey
162 . . Cadremploi
39 . . . Jamboree India 150 . . National University of 5 . . . . Times of India
50 . . . CareerBuilder
24 . . . JobsinHubs.com Singapore 35 . . . timesjobs.com
151 . . Catho
42 . . . Karriere.de 124 . . QS Scholarships 97 . . . Tulane University – Freeman
142 . . China Europe International
25 . . . Kelformation 106 . . QS Top Grad School.com School
Business School (CEIBS)
115 . . Keljob 107 . . QS Top Universities.com 60 . . . Universidad EAFIT
28 . . . Décideurs Juridiques
132 . . Khaleej Times 70 . . . QS World MBA Tour 61 . . . VDI Nachricjten
163 . . Die Presse
133 . . Kursus.ch 154 . . School of Professional and 149 . . Wall Street Journal Asia
51 . . . Die Welt Gruppe
74 . . . La Republica Educational Development (SPEED) 57 . . . wiwi online
167 . . e-FinancialCareers.com
IFC . . La Tribune 75 . . . Shiksha.com

4 TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com



Business schools seek

to redress the
ethical balance
By Ross Geraghty, managing editor, TopMBA.com and TopMBA Career Guide

The road to redemption can be a long and rocky one. For the world’s business schools,
many of which were directly blamed for the recession by some commentators, the fallout
from the recent crisis has created a great deal of soul-searching and debate

usiness schools and their deans have CSR and sustainability have become a major to work for charities in developing countries, has
spent significant effort and money to part of MBA candidates’ school selection seen a 100% increase in applications over the last
deflect the blame that was aimed at criteria, and schools demonstrating strength in two years. Also, according to program manager
them, fairly or unfairly, and are at pains to show these areas have seen a major increase in Kareem Mansour, there has been “a
what work they have done to redress the balance; applications for that reason. continuation of extremely high interest from
that MBA programs can be ethical, sustainable, MBAs, based both in the US or overseas, with an
and forces for good business practice. Changing interests average of 100 applicants applying for each short-
There is no question that the recession Admissions officers, people on the front line of term assignment.”
involved business school alumni. After all, business school recruitment, have also seen a At an educational level, this is having a
MBAs traditionally apply for top positions in massive change in candidates’ interests. “It seems massive impact on the thinking of business
international finance and banking. But like every other student is asking about our school deans. You can’t ignore a small swell in
blaming MBAs for the recession, as Dean Jenny
George of Melbourne Business School in
Australia says, “is as futile as blaming humans
for it.” Tuck Business School Dean Paul Danos “If there is one positive to emerge from the recession it is this:
is a little more specific, suggesting that, there are increasing numbers of people entering the business world
“perhaps less than one percent of the people
who caused the problems,” were MBAs. who genuinely want to avoid the domino spiral of the credit crunch,
If there is one positive to emerge from the the downturn and then the recession”
recession it is this: there are increasing numbers
of people entering the business world who
genuinely want to avoid the domino spiral of
the credit crunch, the downturn and then the credentials in CSR or sustainability,” says public interest, let alone a tidal wave. And now
recession. The current crop of business school admissions officer Mary Granger of ESADE the other major stakeholder in the MBA
candidates is significantly more motivated Business School in Spain, talking at the QS triumvirate, big business, is taking a lead in
towards sustainability, corporate social World MBA Tour in Shanghai in November social responsibility, business schools have had
responsibility and ethical leadership than the 2010. “This was not the case even ten years ago.” to stand up and be counted too.
preceding generation. NGOs and charities have seen a marked Many have taken steps to alter the structure
The most recent research proves this. Our increase in MBA applications. The number of of their MBA courses, by adding ethics,
own TopMBA.com Applicant Survey 2010 candidates considering working in charities after leadership or CSR or sustainability modules in
shows that more MBA candidates than ever graduating has doubled in four years, according at some stage of the course, either as optional or
before insist on courses that contain a strong to the QS research. The MBA Enterprise Corps, mandatory. The Aspen Institute’s Beyond Grey
emphasis on ethical learning. Emphasis on a Washington-based NGO which sends MBAs Pinstripes ranks schools according to the amount

6 TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com



of time spent teaching these issues. Meanwhile Though the road is long and rocky, recognition of the globe and a wealth of experience to
some schools such as Stamford in the US, of problems with corporate social responsibility bring home with them.
ESADE in Spain and Canada’s Schulich and sustainability in the world’s largest And these ambitious Chinese, like
Business School can claim they were involving economy-in-waiting are hopefully positive their peers from other nations, want to get
CSR and ethical courses on their programs long developments. Meanwhile, access to ahead in business, but not at the expense
before the recession. Others have not added international methods, which are sometimes in of communities and the environment.
specific courses but, as Santiago Iñiguez of conflict with Chinese approaches to business, Danny Bo Qin, from Shenzhen, is in the
Spain’s IE Business School says, “ethics are will increasingly foster a culture of class of 2012 at Tuck Business School at
interwoven into the DNA of our course, so we understanding for all parties concerned. Dartmouth, New Hampshire, and says that
didn’t feel the need to add specific modules.” Understanding why an official in a small town his choice of school was based on Tuck’s
in China is offered financial thanks for his part ethical reputation.
Stakeholder approach in securing a contract is as important as “Tuck believes that business isn’t always
Since 2007, MBA programs have been understanding why such practices in the UK, about maximizing profitability. Faculty and
clambering over themselves to promote the for example, are frowned upon. students often partner with local businesses
emphasis they place on moving away from and non-profit organizations and advise
profitability as the single bottom line towards a Internationalization them on issues of business sustainability and
more holistic stakeholder approach. Even China’s future business leaders are responsibility. This mission provides
Harvard Business School, that grand old dame internationalizing themselves at speed by opportunities for MBA students to use their
of conservative business ideology, recently attending business schools in far-flung business knowledge to further the greater

elected to Dean Professor Nitin Nohria, an countries and then returning home to good of society. I wanted to be part of a
Indian national with a background in corporate manage the colossal investments flooding community like this,” he says.
transformation and accountability, and into the country. There are an increasing Long and rocky the road to redemption
sustainable economic and human performance. number of Chinese MBA students at almost may be. But with the new generation of
Rapidly developing nations such as every top business school in the world. business leaders navigating those paths, with
China’s own attempts to ‘green’ its economy are Perhaps only India has a greater thirst for the help of the business schools that train
regularly detailed, even though the pace of well-trained, talented business leaders with them, there is hope that the errors of the
reform is far too slow for some onlookers. a global perspective, contacts in every corner recent past can be avoided.

TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com 7



MBA salaries:
how industries and regions compare
By Nunzio Quacquarelli

Review from QS TopMBA.com Salary & Recruitment Trends Report 2010/11

What is happening to MBA salaries? The TopMBA.com Salary & Recruitment Trends
Report 2010 provides the most current and comprehensive review of MBA salary trends
based on our survey of 2,157 actively hiring MBA recruiters last year, from a sample of
5,007 global employers. Visitors to the QS World MBA Tour can download the full report
by registering on TopMBA.com. The report also compares our survey results with average
salaries self-reported by top schools in each major country and region around the world

Regional comparison of MBA salaries The table shows that all regions of the world reported slight declines
Around the world, MBA salaries have slipped by an average of 5% in in MBA salaries in 2010, except for Latin America. There are several
2010 compared to 2009. Despite the world emerging from the reasons for this downward pressure. Firstly, the growth in demand for
financial crisis, an upturn in MBA salaries has yet to feed through in MBAs is primarily in emerging markets around the world and amongst
the market for MBAs. medium-sized enterprises, which typically pay lower salaries than larger,
Yet this is perhaps just a lull before a significant lift in MBA established MBA recruiters in the West. Secondly, the recovery in Western
salaries in the near future. As more and more employers seek MBAs markets is not as strong as recruiters were anticipating last year and as a
in all corners of the world, MBA salaries are slowly but surely consequence multinational companies remain cautious. Thirdly, the
equalising. There are a growing number of companies operating as strength in the dollar has lowered the salaries reported in pounds and euros
multinationals and implementing international recruitment by companies in Europe.
schemes, offering similar terms to new hires independent of location.
As we emerge from recession these companies are being cautious, Comparing MBA salaries in North America and Western Europe
but once we enter a full-blown growth phase, the shortage of MBAs The table below compares average salaries reported by a sample of MBA
will be exacerbated by these new entrants and is sure to push up employers in the US and Western Europe, since 2007. These salaries
salaries once again (All figures US dollars). refer to MBAs hired from any business schools, by employers based in
the US or any Western European country.
Table: Comparison of MBA salaries by region 2009-2010
Table: Average salaries: US & Western Europe
Region 2009 2010 % Change
USA & Canada 91,800 87,700 -4.5% Region 2007 2008 2009 2010

Latin America 68,500 69,000 +1.0% North America 89,500 91,300 91,800 87,700

Western Europe 91,200 85,600 -9.3% Western Europe 97,400 99,200 91,200 85,600

Asia* 71,600 69,600 -2.8% Source: QS TopMBA.com Salary & Recruitment trends Report 2010/11
Central Europe 51,000 47,500 -6.9%
Africa M.East 49,500 n/a The financial crisis and subsequent recession in the West have
certainly had a downward impact on MBA salaries, but the impact has
*Excludes India and China not been severe. MBA salaries in North America in 2010 have dipped 5%
Source: QS TopMBA.com Salary & Recruitment trends Report 2010/11 compared to the previous year. MBA salaries in Western Europe have

10 TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com



dipped 6% year on year, but 14% since their peak in 2008, when reported The table below shows average salary and bonus for key
in US dollars. However, the European fall can largely be explained by industry sectors. Pharmaceuticals and healthcare reported the
the weakness in the pound and euro since mid-2008 and, when adjusted highest average base salary this year at $92,264, slightly ahead of
for exchange rates, the trend in Europe is very similar to North America, financial services, telecoms and consulting. The lowest average
with only slight downward pressure in MBA salaries salaries are paid in transportation, travel & hospitality, FMCG and
An average salary of $86,650 across Western Europe and North public sector.
America is still roughly three times the salary being achieved by fresh In terms of bonuses, energy tops the table this year, averaging
undergraduates entering the job market for the first time – not bad $73,300 compared to $39,323 in financial services and $29,700 in
for MBA candidates who on average have just three years of work recruitment services. The lowest bonuses are paid in public sector,
experience post first degree. utilities, retail and construction.
The variation in salaries by broad industry category is not as steep In terms of total compensation, the highest-paying sector in
as it once was with only a 10% variation in salaries being paid across 2010 is energy, averaging over $150,000, followed by financial
the broad industry categories below. Ten years ago, an MBA was services averaging around $130,000, then consulting/professional
effectively a passport into a career in strategy consulting and services at $118,000.
investment banking with salaries as much as 50% higher than other
sectors. These sectors still pay the best, but not by as much as in the Table: Breakdown of average salaries by sector
past. The table below compares employer responses categorised into across North America and Western Europe 2010
four broad industry groupings. On average, all financial services
Industry sector Salary Bonus
companies are paying salaries of $90,926 in 2010, ahead of consulting
firms which average $87,627, technology firms which average $85,815 Construction / Property 86,000 16,133
and general industry (includes manufacturing, FMCG etc) which is Consulting / Professional Services 86,430 21,700
averaging $82,443 in 2010.
Electronics / High Technology 76,691 21,378
Table: MBA salaries by Industry: North America and Western Europe Energy 82,630 73,300

Sector 2009 2010 Financial Services / Banking 90,091 39,323

General Industry 84,100 82,443 FMCG 72,292 20,550

Consulting 91,800 87,627 IT / Computer Services 84,732 17,078

Financial Services 92,500 90,926 Manufacturing / Engineering 84,277 15,514

Technology 88,000 85,815 Media / Entertainment & Arts 85,900 10,450

Other 78,815 13,275
Source: QS TopMBA.com Salary & Recruitment trends Report 2010/11
Pharmaceuticals / Biotech & Healthcare 92,264 13,956
Public Sector / Govt. / Non-profit 76,013 3,067
Comparing MBA salaries and bonuses by industry
Salary is not the only aspect of MBA compensation. Employers Recruitment / HR services 76,521 29,707
recognise the investment MBA candidates have to make in paying Retail 90,686 10,000
for their qualification and the vast majority of MBA employers – over Telecoms 88,689 17,750
70% in North America and Western Europe – who completed the
salary section of our 2010 survey, will pay a bonus in addition to base Transportation / Distribution 66,278 15,620
salary to their MBA hires. Travel / Leisure / Hospitality 67,675 24,767
The average bonus payable to new MBA recruiters across these two Utilities 82,500 5,000
regions in 2010 is $23,500, representing 21% of their total compensation.
The highest reported bonus in this year’s survey was over $200,000. Source: QS TopMBA.com Salary & Recruitment trends Report 2010/11

TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com 11



Where do MBA
leadership development
programs lead?
By Dan Beaudry

any MBA students find leadership “We have found that individuals with an Development Program for 12 years and counts 81
development programs an entrepreneurial spirit and an internal drive program alumni across different areas of the bank
attractive career option after toward results have been the most successful [in and the world. Graduates of the program generally
graduation. And why shouldn’t they? Being our program],” says Tracy Goodwin, director, go into senior manager roles, and 15% enter roles
groomed for a senior-level role through Talent Integration at Fortune 500 health outside Canada. Barb Rosen Schrieber,
personalised career coaching and tailored insurer, Humana, headquartered in Louisville, Scotiabank’s program director, set expectations
work assignments has immediate appeal to Kentucky. She adds that Humana’s two-year with new recruits that they will be ready for a
people aiming high. ‘Infusion’ program gives top performers a senior manager role at the end of the program.
To the uninitiated, leadership development chance to “showcase talents and compete for “We reverse-engineer rotations to build a path for
programs prepare high-potential candidates for higher-level roles.” people to get them where they want or need to go
senior roles through a structured framework of When working effectively, development based on their existing skills and interests, and the
activities and assignments. With amenities like programs benefit both e m p l o y e r a n d needs of the organization,” she notes.
executive mentorship, personal coaching, skill employee: companies get effective new Liberty Mutual, one of the top property/
assessment, project work in different parts of the leaders, and program hires get special casualty insurance companies in the US, has
company, networking opportunities with senior support for career advancement. enjoyed similar longevity with its Corporate
leaders and extra consideration for full-time roles The big question is “do they Development Program (CDP). In operation
post-program, it’s easy to see the appeal. It’s work?” To since 1999, program hiring was increased by 50%
almost like a corporate continuation of your what extent in 2009 because of its popularity with corporate
MBA program, only this time you get paid – and executives as a funnel of high-quality talent.
sometimes handsomely.
But these perks come with high Staff selection
expectations. Companies invest in leadership Most development program directors will tell
development programs to inject high you that the only way for a
performers into their workforce and program to work is by hiring the
deepen their pool of potential senior right people. Development
managers. They want hard workers programs represent a significant
and they want results. Successful investment in what are
graduates of leadership development essentially unproven candidates.
programs emerge with To mitigate the risks,
several key assets the recruiting and
that employees interviewing
outside the process is refined
program may not and rigorous.
have: a network of Ann Nowak,
senior leaders, director of recruiting
visibility into for professional
multiple programs at
parts of the Liberty Mutual
company and a clear view of where are people who complete programs prepared for and director of the CDP, says that the
opportunity is and how to get it. But leadership and managerial roles? What happens organization has identified personal
throughout their tenure, program participants to program graduates? competencies that are important for success in
are expected to drive their own career Scotiabank, an international financial the program and screens candidates using them.
development and continually prove services company headquartered in Toronto, has “We know what we’re looking for,” she says.
themselves. been running its International Associate Among other attributes, “candidates need to

14 TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com



have the ability to balance a strategic view with Tracy Goodwin. “Infusion may have given him a s Know what happens when the program
a day-to-day view, and they need to know when foundation to start, but he really took control of his is over. Do the program leaders help you
to stop the analysis and make the decision. career.” uncover and move into appropriate roles, or
Those that struggle with ambiguity or wait for For a select group of people, MBA are you on your own? What support can you
directions won’t do very well in this program.” leadership development programs offer more count on? Ask what roles program graduates
Scotiabank puts applicants for its support and sometimes more opportunity than have gone into and where they are now.
International Associate Development you’re likely to find in a regular job. But they s If the program involves rotating through
Program through a multi-phase selection don’t offer guarantees. The programs that work different work assignments, consider
process. “We set up phone screens for about best have participants who understand this. their length carefully. Will you have

145 of the 800 applicants we got last year,” Some tips for evaluating a leadership enough time to learn and make an impact?
says Barb Rosen Schrieber. “From that pool development program: While it’s fun to switch from one part of the
we set up 55 face-to-face interviews and company to the next, your performance in
selected 16 candidates to interview with our s Get a thorough understanding of who is these rotations will eventually influence your
leadership panel. We hired ten.” driving the program. A program that is opportunities for a later role at the company.
With the right people, leadership intended to build leaders ought to have the So make sure you have time to make a visible
development programs can be very successful. participation and support of company difference in each rotation. Barb Rosen
At Liberty Mutual, participants have graduated executives. Programs without executive Schriber of Scotiabank notes that “people
into a variety of ‘significant management’ roles involvement tend to lose credibility (and need to demonstrate their worth in each
upon program completion. Examples abound: resources) when executives don’t trust the rotation every day”.
the president of Liberty Mutual’s Thailand leaders they haven’t been involved in shaping. s If you’ll have a mentor, know what his/
business, the senior vice president, Direct s Don’t expect that a leadership her responsibilities will be. Is being a
Distribution, and the head of Strategic development program is a free ticket to mentor something that the mentor is likely
Planning in Brazil are all CDP graduates. the executive suite. Leadership program to take seriously? Is working with you written
With Humana’s Infusion program, success managers stress that programs offer into your mentor’s performance objectives?
comes from making a continuous impact. One opportunity, but it is always up to participants s Finally, understand what the development
recent associate made the climb from HR analyst to turn that opportunity into success. Ann program’s objectives are. While all
to director of business improvement leveraging the Nowak notes that individuals need to be programs are keen on getting quality talent,
mentorship, exposure and Six Sigma Black Belt advocates for their career path. At Humana, some have more specific objectives, such as
training that the program provided him. “Once he the philosophy is the same. “We will help, staffing growth areas of the company,
began getting traction and exposure with [his first] coach, advise, mentor and connect, but producing general managers, or improving the
project, he was being called upon to help with associates need to take a very active role in their internationalisation of the firm. The goals of
more projects that required his expertise,” says career development,” says Tracy Goodwin. the program will inform how you’re judged.

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Russian MBAs
look to the near west
By Ross Geraghty, managing editor,
TopMBA.com and TopMBA Career Guide

Russian MBA candidates are

looking west, but not as far
west as in the past, a recent
survey shows

he TopMBA.com Applicant Survey chose ESADE in Spain for the same reasons, from all over the world… unlocked many
2010, an annual survey of thousands of that European MBAs focus on more opportunities and has already immensely
international MBA candidates by QS, international rather than US-based studies: “I broadened my network. Returning to the
the world’s leading MBA career and education wanted to get a more international worldview business world this is proving to be the most
experts, shows that the US is now no longer the than the typical US school could offer,” says indispensable asset.”
preferred study destination for Russian MBA King. “Coupled with a strong passion for new Despite this, there is little debate here at the
candidates. The top spot has been taken by the experience, [this] is what led me to consider TopMBA Career Guide that American business
UK, with most other leading MBA countries in my MBA abroad. I identified schools I felt schools continue to dominate the MBA world.
Western Europe, Canada and Australia also would provide a similar academic challenge However, though 60% of MBA candidates
increasing their popularity (see table 1). and degree equity as the top US schools.” worldwide choose it as their preferred
Kazakh Meruert Rakhimova chose the destination, this figure stood at 79% as recently
UK’s Manchester Business School, which has Diversity and networking as 2009. And, in 2010, 63% of Russians said they
84% international students, for classroom Polina Strandstrem, an alumna of Oxford Saïd would consider studying in the UK while only
diversity: “At Manchester Business School we Business School, agrees: “I was after truly 58% put down the US as an option.
were a class of 130 students from 30 different global exposure and the MBA course in a So what does this mean? Has the US
countries. This dominance, like the
defines the size of your Roman Empire,
network upon exit “The US is still the world’s number one destination for MBA candidates come crashing to its
from MBA should you knees while the latest
with about 60% of respondents worldwide preferring it as a place to take
need to do business kids on the block
cross-nationally, and their MBA. However, in only 2009 this figure stood at 79%, a significant assert themselves?
doing business is all Not likely, says
change in only one year and a direct result of the factors mentioned above”
about networking.” Nunzio Quacquarelli,
Her perception is managing director of
increasingly the QS. “There’s no
commonplace. Statistics show that European European business school satisfied my needs doubt that business schools outside the US have
schools have, on average, a far higher better than studying in a purely American taken this time to improve standards, market
international diversity of students and faculty environment with its strong cultural emphasis. themselves heavily and to attract international
than US schools. There is a perception, even Being part of a highly diverse class with 46 students who are looking for an alternative to
among Americans such as Eric King who nationalities and learning from professionals the US. While the economic downturn

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remains, this is likely to stay the case, however

when the upswing happens, or when the US
introduces more visas for MBA alumni, this
may very well return to pre-recession norms.”

One-year MBA programs

Taking an MBA program is a major financial
investment and there are push and pull factors
that influence this decision strongly. The
American MBA model involves a two-year
program. Business fundamentals are taught in
year one, internships are encouraged in the
summer and specialized modules are taken in
year two. This allows the student more time for
self-reflection, for personal consideration of
where they would like to go with their careers
with the bonus of the intern getting a foot in the
door at leading companies.
And the downside? Two years out of the
workplace could be a bad move during
uncertain economic times, and that is ignoring
the costs involved in not earning a salary for two
years. Not only that but the decision of the
previous US administration under George W.
Bush to slash the number of H1-B visas by 66%
has made remaining in the US after graduating
even harder than it was before.
Victoria Pralitch, Managing director of
Russia’s top admissions consultants MBA Consult,
says: “For me, the attractiveness of Russia has
decreased recently and a lot of candidates think Russians, want a course of less than 18 such as Wharton, Harvard, Stamford and
about studying in overseas business schools as a months compared with 40% who would NYU Stern.
method of potential immigration.” prefer a course of longer than 18 months. Dmitry Kaliadin, one of the many thousands
The Obama government has not made a applying to Harvard Business School, considered
change at this stage to rectify this, so that’s Career trajectory the UK closely but set his sights on the US, “From
another cross in the US box. Clearly, in 2010 it was harder to take two years the perspective of quality of education and living
In Western Europe, MBA programs tend out of a safe career trajectory to do an MBA than conditions during the program the US looks
to be shorter – usually a year in duration. it was in 2006-7. Taking one year out seems the more accessible and easier. Part of the decision-
Though this allows less time for rumination, better option, and current employers are far making process depended on the location of the
even American students in Europe are more likely to look at this sympathetically, maybe school, and New York and California both look
increasing in number, drawn to the ‘short, even re-hiring MBAs after they graduate. more interesting to me. Also the program
sharp shock’ of the one-year program and the But is this the death knell for intensity compared with the one-year programs
increased level of diversity generally found in international applications to American looks more logical to me.
European business schools. For most business schools? It’s unlikely; after all, most It looks like Russians will be looking even
Russians, the added bonus of being closer to rankings are dominated by American schools further west in years to come.
home must surely have an impact too and
the relative ease with which they can obtain
visas, particularly in the UK, make this a Table 1: Russia’s top five MBA destinations
compelling option.
The QS Applicant Survey 2010 shows a
number of interesting changes over recent 2007 2010
years. To begin with, the US is still the
USA (77%) UK (63%)
world’s number one destination for MBA
candidates, a significant change in only one UK (67%) US (58%)
year and a direct result of the factors
mentioned above. France (33%) France (36%)
In addition, candidates are pulling Spain (30%) Canada (29%)
towards shorter MBA courses across the
board, likely the result of these capricious Canada (22%) Germany (29%)
economic times. 60% of international MBAs,
and we have to assume this includes Source: QS TopMBA.com Applicant Survey 2010

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The next generation of

responsible leaders
By Giselle Weybrecht, author of The Sustainable MBA: a manager’s guide to green business

As sustainability increasingly becomes part of the new business reality, business schools are
experimenting with new and innovative ways of teaching and providing experiences to their
students relating to responsible leadership and sustainability. These initiatives are taking a variety
of different forms, from one-off courses to full degree programmes. Many aim to give students
first-hand experience of what sustainability is all about and how to put it into practice

ere is a selection of five such course, which takes place in Patagonia in According to the program’s website: “The
initiatives from around the world. Chile, is a mixture of coursework and combination of very significant and asymmetric
Some of these initiatives have been lectures on how sustainable business practice population growth over the next thirty years, the
around for decades while others have yet to can lead to profitability and success while inevitable tendency for increased consumption
start. While only time will tell if programs like also giving students the opportunity of of natural resources, and expected
these will be successful in preparing the next working on a project within the park. developments in the political economy make
generation of responsible business leaders, According to Tetsuya O’Hara, Director of it essential that business people be educated in
they are part of an exciting trend which sees Advanced Research and Development at a manner, and with a curriculum, very different
increasing opportunities for students Patagonia and lead faculty of the course, “I from that of the past. The One Planet MBA will
interested in sustainability. thought that a hybrid curriculum of address this. “Through our teaching approach
academic work plus physical work, using we seek to develop the right mindsets for
Business schools working with business body and brain simultaneously, could change responsible leadership,” says Dr Malcolm
Business schools are exploring partnerships the way MBA students make business Kirkup director of MBA programs at Exeter, “so
with businesses leading in the field of models. Students see and feel issues in the that our graduates ‘walk the talk’ in terms of
sustainability as a way to provide meaningful great outdoors first, and this encourages them being worldly, collaborative, creative, ethical,
educational experiences to their students. to ask a lot of deep questions.” reflective and community-minded. We want
Patagonia, a leading outdoor clothing company,
along with Pepperdine University Graziadio
School of Business and Management in the
US, have created the “Environmental “The most important thing the program does is to expose
Entrepreneurship Development” Global
[students] to a wide variety of speakers, issues and ideas”
Business Intensive Course. This course is done
in collaboration with Conservaçion Patagonica,
a charity responsible for protecting roughly
450,000 acres of wild land in Patagonia, and
provides students the opportunity to learn about Business schools working with NGOs our graduates to be agents of change in business
sustainable business first hand. The University of Exeter Business School in with the skills, knowledge and leadership to
According to the website, this course “is the UK has paired up with the global drive towards more sustainable strategies.”
a unique opportunity to learn about conservation organization WWF to create a
sustainable, environmentally conscious new offering for prospective students called Providing practical experience
business practices, and how business models the One Planet MBA. This course, which Several business schools are exploring
that embrace such globally responsible starts in September 2011, aims to include not ways to give students opportunities to work
business practices can lead to long-term only all the lessons a traditional MBA provides on real projects, in particular with NGOs
profitability and success”. The one-week but also a deep understanding of sustainability. and businesses in developing countries.

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The International Business Development Customise your MBA Mexico has a new Responsible Management
Program at Haas School of Business at The Certificate in Socially Responsible Certificate program which is open to
Berkeley University in the US has been in Leadership (CSRL) program at Queen’s undergraduate and graduate business students
operation for over two decades now. The Business School in Canada was launched to from around the world. This special summer
program assigns teams of MBA students as the full-time MBA program in the fall of 2010. school is taking place in Mexico at the
consultants to international companies, It allows students to customise their MBA university’s San Luis Potosi campus in June
not-for-profits, development organizations experience and graduate with an additional and July 2011.
and governments, giving students qualification in addition to their MBA degree. The certificate programme covers a range
exposure to working in a new country and In order to gain the certificate, students of courses, which have the option of being
culture, on interesting, relevant and real- must complete certain credit courses, attend counted as credits at the student’s home
life projects. yearly CSR weekends, take part in 60 hours of university, including sustainable development,
Projects can be anything from volunteer work for a non-profit organization or CSR, micro finance, cause-related and social
developing a business plan for a rainforest social cause and complete special assignment marketing and environmental management.
discovery centre in Gabon to doing work or consulting projects in this area. The programme will also include an extensive
fieldwork for a public health clinic in India. According to Tina Dacin, Director of the Centre cultural and travel program and visits to leading
Over 1,000 students have participated in the for Responsible Leadership which coordinates enterprises, governmental institutions and
programme to date, working on projects in the programme, “The most important thing the NGOs working in the field of sustainability.
more than 69 countries. According to program does is to expose [students] to a wide According to Oliver Laasch, director of the
Kristiana Raube, director of the program, variety of speakers, issues and ideas. This development centre and organizer of the
“The International Business Development challenge them to think about new things, or see programme, “The summer school is a unique
program provides opportunities for students things from different angles, and get them opportunity for students from different regions,
to make a positive impact by working with thinking about the kind of people they want to cultures, and socio-economic situations to get
organizations to help solve management be, and the impact they want to have.” together to learn about sustainable business.”
challenges responsibly and ethically. After With the program we wanted to give students
participating in IBD, our students have a Summer school the chance to interact with renowned academics
better understanding of global opportunities If your school doesn’t provide a certificate and business experts to acquire valuable
and how they can make a difference.” programme, Tecnologico de Monterrey in responsibility management job skills.”

Lanin volcano, Patagonia

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͟ZĞĂĐƟŽŶŝƐǀĞƌLJƋƵŝĐŬ͕ǀĞƌLJůŽĐĂůĂŶĚǀĞƌLJŐŽŽĚ JobsinHubs.com is one of the largest resources for job
/Ŷ ŽƚŚĞƌ ǁŽƌĚƐ͕ :ŽďƐŝŶ,ƵďƐ͘ĐŽŵ ŽīĞƌƐ ƌĞĐƌƵŝƚĞƌƐ Ă ůĂƌŐĞƌ
͞/ ĐĂŶ ĂƐƐƵƌĞ LJŽƵ ƚŚĂƚ ŝŶ ƚŚĞ ĨƵƚƵƌĞ ǁĞ ǁŝůů
ǁĞ͛ƌĞ ƌĞĂůůLJ ƉůĞĂƐĞĚ ǁŝƚŚ ŝƚ͘ EŽƚ ũƵƐƚ ĂďŽƵƚ
/Ŷ ƐŚŽƌƚ͕ ŚŽǁ ĚŽ ǁĞ ŽīĞƌ ŐƌĞĂƚ ǀĂůƵĞ ĂŶĚ ŚŽǁ ĂƌĞ ǁĞ
Our typical audience could be described
as follows : JobsinHubs.com ŝƐ Ă ŐůŽďĂů ƉůĂƞŽƌŵ ǁŚŝĐŚ ŚĞůƉƐ
ĐŽŵƉĂŶŝĞƐ ŝŶĐƌĞĂƐĞ ƚŚĞŝƌ ǀŝƐŝďŝůŝƚLJ ŽŶ ƚŚĞ ƌĞĐƌƵŝƚŵĞŶƚ


ͻ ϭ
 ϰ͕ϬϬϬŽŶ:ŽďƐŝŶƌƵƐƐĞůƐ͘ĐŽŵ ĂŶĚ ĞŶĂďůĞ ŽƵƌ ĐůŝĞŶƚƐ ƚŽ ŵĂdžŝŵŝnjĞ ƚŚĞŝƌ ƌĞƚƵƌŶ
ͻ D
ͻ ϴ



QS Recruitment Report
optimism returning
By Nunzio Quacquarelli, managing director, QS World MBA Tour

ecent research by QS, the world’s MBA demand in Western Europe in 2010 37% forecast rise in demand in 2011. Careers
leading career and education did not match the dynamism of Asia, with in financial services will not be far behind with
specialists, shows that optimism is employers reporting just a 3% increase in a 22% actual increase in 2010 and a further
returning to the MBA career world. MBA job MBA jobs compared to 2009. forecast increase of 11% in 2011.
opportunities are increasing in most countries Demand for MBAs in the technology
around the world in 2011, according to the QS Career sections sectors is experiencing mixed fortunes, with
TopMBA Jobs & Salary Trends Report 2010, The QS Top MBA report forecasts that the big IT and computer services MBA jobs recording
the largest survey of MBA employers ever jump in MBA careers demand in 2010 will a 39% jump in demand this year, with a slower
conducted. MBA salaries softened slightly in continue into 2011 across the major MBA 17% increase forecast for 2011; this growth is
2010, but are likely to jump again in the near hiring sectors. concentrated in Asia. By contrast the high
future, if a double-dip recession is avoided and MBA consulting jobs are forecast to be technology/electronics sector is showing a
current growth in MBA demand continues. back at record levels by 2011 after a 19% jump decline in MBA jobs this year of 23% and a
The QS TopMBA Jobs Index shows an in demand in 2010, followed by a substantial further 25% fall in 2011.
overall 24% increase in MBA job opportunities
in 2010, a turnaround from the 5% decline
experienced in 2009. The report highlights
that across Asia employers are embracing
MBAs as never before, across all major
industries, supplemented by a gradual
recovery in demand in other regions.

International overview
MBA demand is expanding as the
qualification is embraced by employers in
emerging markets, particularly India and
China. The really hot MBA market in 2010
was India, which experienced an explosion
in employer demand for MBAs (up 43% in
2010) – especially in consulting and
professional services, manufacturing, IT and
computer services and micro-finance.
Continuing the trend from 2009, one of
the hottest countries was Russia, with a 22%
uplift in MBA demand in 2010. Also, MBA
jobs within Latin America became more
plentiful and the region bucked the trend
during the recent downturn. In the USA,
MBA graduates in 2010 fared better than
their 2009 counterparts, with MBA jobs
increasing by 9%.

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Industry and manufacturing are also Marketing, sales and business achieved by fresh undergraduates entering
experiencing a recovery in MBA demand. The development are the most popular functions the job market for the first time – not bad
QS Top MBA survey reported a 31% increase amongst MBA employers in 2010; general for MBA candidates who, on average, have
in MBA careers in manufacturing in 2010 and management, finance, strategic planning and just three years of work experience post
although MBA jobs in metal & mining fell in consulting are also very popular functions. first degree.
2010, they will recover in 2011. Utilities Pharmaceuticals and healthcare
companies around the world are also turning Salary trends reported the highest average base salary in
actively to MBA hiring, with big jumps in The report provides the first view of MBA 2010 at US$92,264. Financial services
MBA jobs in utilities predicted in 2011. salary trends in 2010 based on our survey of companies paid salaries of US$90,926 in
Some industries do not have a good 2,157 actively-hiring MBA recruiters. 2010, ahead of consulting firms which
outlook, with MBA jobs in pharmaceuticals and Around the world, MBA salaries slipped average US$87,627; technology firms,
healthcare having declined in 2010. MBA jobs by an average of 5% in 2010 compared to which average US$85,815; and general
in telecoms fell by 4% in 2010 but are predicted 2009. Despite the world emerging from the industry (including manufacturing and
to recover in 2011. This decline is concentrated financial crisis, an upturn in MBA salaries has FMCG), which averaged US$82,443. The
in the US; with several other markets show yet to feed through in the market for MBAs; lowest average salaries are paid in
growth in telecoms demand for MBAs. this is perhaps just a lull before a significant transportation, travel & hospitality, FMCG
lift in MBA salaries in the near future. and the public sector.
Changing demographic As more and more employers seek In terms of bonuses, energy tops the
The QS research reveals that employers MBAs in all corners of the world, MBA t able this year, averaging US$73,300
continue to seek more experienced MBA salaries are slowly but surely equalising. compared to US$39,323 in financial services
c a n di d a t e s , c o m b i n e d w i t h s t r o n g There are a growing number of companies and US$29,700 in recruitment services. The
interpersonal and ‘soft’ skills. There has been o p e r a t i n g a s mu l t i n a t i o n a l s a n d lowest bonuses are paid in the public sector,
a sharp drop in employer demand for MBAs implementing international recruitment utilities, retail and construction.
with less than three years of experience. schemes, offering similar terms to new hires The average bonus payable to new MBA
MBAs with three to five years’ experience independent of location. As we emerge from hires across North America and Western
remain most in demand alongside a steep recession these companies are being Europe in 2010 was US$23,500,
increase in demand for MBAs with over five cautious, but once we enter a full-blown r e p r e s e n t i n g 2 1 % o f t h ei r t o t a l
years of experience. growth phase, the shortage of MBAs will be compensation. The highest reported bonus
L e a d e r s h i p , c o m mu ni c a t i o n , exacerbated by these new entrants and is in the survey was over US$200,000.
interpersonal and strategic thinking skills sure to push up salaries once again.
are at a premium, with less and less An average salary of US$86,650 across All figures from the QS TopMBA Jobs &
emphasis being placed on the technical Western Europe and North America is still Salary Trends Report 2010, available on
skills taught by business schools. roughly three times the salary being www.topmba.com.

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the goalposts?
The number of MBAs moving into sports management is booming as international
sports, and associated revenues, expand, says Caroline Parry

hen it comes to choosing a “The importance of managerial expertise managing partner of the sports practice at
potential career path, MBAs have is now largely acknowledged,” Senaux explains, recruitment consultant Odgers Berndtson,
traditionally viewed sports as a although he adds that a “real passion” for sport says he is increasingly being asked to look
passion rather than as a viable option for their is still necessary to understand how such outside sports for experienced and talented
future. But now, as massive investment and organizations work. “This is what makes a managers. He has recently filled key sports
myriad revenue streams emerge all around the specialized MBA such a relevant foundation management roles, such as the chief
globe, there is more room for talented MBA for future sport managers.” operations officer at Manchester United, with
business leaders in sports management. people from the fast-moving consumer goods
However, there are also a very limited number Commercial expertise (FMCG) and media sectors. “Sport has
of MBAs or, even, post graduate courses The demand for candidates with managerial outgrown its homegrown talent. It is so much
specializing in sports management. expertise has grown along with the level of bigger and more dynamic,” he explains. “It
The root of this lies within the sports money involved in sports, through player needs people from outside and the demand
themselves. Historically few, particularly transfers, wages and commercial deals. This for MBAs is growing very quickly.”
outside the US mainstream sports, were run has created a need for financial and Liverpool’s Football Industries MBA,
as organized businesses so they did not commercial experts, not to mention people which began in 1997, is the only one of its kind
demand the layers of management seen in with expertise in in the world, according to Pearson. Set up in
traditional MBA sectors, such as finance. operations, IT and consultation with the football industry, which
There was also a perception that human resources. made it clear that it felt there was a need for a
to excel in the management of a Simon vocational business qualification, Pearson
sport, applicants would need Cummins, keeps the course program up to date using the
to have played that sport at alumni network.
the highest level. Geoff He estimates he has about 150
Pearson, director of studies graduates working in football and other
for the MBA in Football sports in varied roles, but leaning towards
Industries at Liverpool the commercial side at clubs such as
University, says this belief is Manchester City and Everton, the
changing although it Football Association, the Asian Football
continues to linger: “Anywhere you Association and related organizations in
go, someone that has played the South America.
game will be a popular off-pitch The program takes up to 30
signing for a club.” students a year, but Pearson
Dr Benoit Senaux, head of the admits, “there isn’t a huge
postgraduate programs in Sport demand that exceeds
Management at Coventry University, supply” and interest
agrees that this perception has from UK students is
changed over the past 20 years. He limited. “We had 23
adds it is mirrored by Real Madrid students this summer,
manager Jose Mourinho’s significant none of which were
success as a coach despite his lack of English. We can’t quite
glory as a player. put our finger on why.”

30 TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com



International appeal where baseball, basketball and American from oversight and budget management to
Coventry’s Senaux says the MBA in football are national obsessions. Bonnie Tiell, revenue producing. Sports need individuals
International Sports Management has a very associate professor of management and Dean with good business skills and excellent
international appeal too, with its intake of of Graduate Studies for Tiffin University in communication skills,” she says.
about 15 students also mainly coming from Ohio, created and introduced the college’s Sports are not recession-proof but many
outside of the UK. “Our programs [the Sports Management MBA online in 2006 and areas have continued to grow despite the
school also offers a MSc in Sports it now attracts up to 30 students a year. recent economic downturn, according to
Management and a MA in Sport Marketing] “We require a ‘mentorship’ which is similar Cummins, because governments have begun
are amongst the very few in the world being to an internship and focuses on the relationship to understand the value to their economies of
offered by a business school and not a with an industry professional,” she explains. “A hosting sporting events. In line with that, he
faculty of sport science, which means they great location for many of our graduate students adds that salary levels, which were previously
are run by people passionate about sport but has been municipal sport agencies which deal significantly lower than other sectors, have
also expert in management.” with these business aspects in sports.” Course now “grown up”.
The MBA, which began in 1998, is aimed alumni currently hold roles at the Professional Meanwhile, Cummins believes that the
at individuals with at least two years’ work Golf Association, the National Football League, digital arena, where rights holders are still
experience, who are either in the sports industry with many in marketing, sponsorship and event learning how to monetise their assets, will
and want to strengthen their skills so they can management roles. be a key growth area for recruitment.
move into a “ T h r o u g h di g i t a l
management position, channels, some clubs
or who already have and teams could
management “This demand has created a need for financial and access up to 100
experience and want to million supporters
move into the industry. commercial experts, not to mention people with worldwide, so there is
“The program potential to increase
was initially
expertise in operations, IT and human resources” r e v e nu e . S p o r t s
developed in response organizations,
to a demand from the specialist agencies
sport industry. By and clubs will need
keeping in contact with representatives from Entry-level roles people with real knowledge of the digital
the industry, we make sure that it remains According to Tiell, the US has the reverse and mobile sectors.”
relevant to a fast-changing environment and issue to the UK, with an overabundance of Sports may not have been the top of the
anticipates the future challenges that the graduates and too few entry-level roles. list for MBAs in the past but as the
sport industry will face.” Having an MBA could help to differentiate organizations within sports become more
It is also surprising that MBAs specializing candidates from the pack. “Even the role of professional, competition for talented
in sports are in limited supply in the US, the collegiate athletic director has evolved graduates is expected to become fierce.

TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com 31



know your company
By Richard Gunawan

The job search today is more challenging than ever and graduates will need to do their
homework before they appear for an interview. Preparation is the key – the more you
know about the prospective employer, the more likely you will be able to secure a job for
yourself in today’s challenging economy

ne needs to think creatively in In my opinion, there are five good reasons why b. Employee care and engagement
preparing for job interviews and a savvy job seeker should be interested in a Prospective employees can learn about key
c a n di d a t e s c a n d o s o b y company’s sustainability/CSR report before issues like employee communication, health
researching the company in depth. Savvy the job interview: and safety, diversity, and training and
job-seekers should find great pieces of mentoring by reading the company’s
information about the employer and one of a. Understanding the corporate culture sustainability/CSR report. Prospective
the ways of doing this is by reading their It is worthwhile learning the culture of employees are often curious about the
sustainability report, also known as the your prospective employer before you join companies’ commitment towards their
corporate social responsibility (CSR) report. the organisation. employees. Is the company doing enough to
Having that extra bit of knowledge and For instance, in the service industry, promote the health and safety of employees?
information will give you an edge over the most organisations would publish their How often do they communicate and engage
other candidates. work-life balance policy and also often with the staff? How much money does the
Unfortunately CSR reports are being include dat a on flexible work hours. management spend on training and human
used by some organisations as marketing Typically, in a performance driven culture, resource development?
tools. Some graduates think that it is not graduates may obtain a better compensation A job-seeker once analysed a company’s
imperative to read them, that they are package and a handsome bonus, but life can CSR report to find data on lost time injury
nothing more than just another means of be stressful with long working hours. So it is before the job interview. She was of the
corporate propaganda. But despite the important to learn about an organisation’s opinion that if a company truly believes that
perception, companies nowadays are programs for employees to balance work people are a company’s main asset, they would
investing in the CSR activities, more so in demands with obligations to family and properly report the incidences and near
times of economic pressures. society at large. misses. They would also conduct regular
Typically, the sust ainability/CSR Prospective employees with young employee opinion surveys to measure the
report focuses on actions taken by the children may prefer to work in organisations morale within the organization.
organisation to reduce its carbon footprint that are more people focused. Some reports Most large companies nowadays
and what kind of legacy the is company may help you find out about an organisation’s publish data on hiring and promotion of
creating for future generations. It shows activities to provide nutrition and child-care female employees. For example, prospective
how the company contributes to the facilities within the workplace. female employees may be curious to know
wellbeing of its employees and the The fit between your personal beliefs and record on gender composition within the
community in which it operates. If the corporate culture will ensure your career company and the percentage of women in
companies fail to demonstrate their social success within the company. The the board of directors. Prospective
commitment, they will find it challenging sustainability report may provide solid employees should also look for company
to remain in business and to win support background information for graduates prior to st atements about their policy of non-
from their stakeholders. signing an employment contract. discrimination on gender grounds.

32 TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com



Even in the service industry, the usual

business travel via train, car and air leads
to carbon emissions. What would the
company do to minimise their
environment al impact and to reduce
carbon emissions? Prospective employees
these days are interested not just in the
financial health of the company but also
want to know the company’s sustainable
growth over years.

d. Senior management commitment

Most graduates will be surprised to know
about employees within the company who
are involved in the various community
activities. One of the candidates I met
told me that the interviewer (who was also
his prospective boss) was actually the
p r o j e c t l e a d e r f o r h i s c o m p a n y ’s
forest ation project, and the managing
director of the company was involved in
the beach clean-up project undertaken by
the organisation.
Knowing useful information prior to the
interview can earn you brownie points!

e. To generate a conversation topic

Interviewers often try to judge why an
individual wants to work with them. The
CSR report provides fascinating facts and
figures which may stimulate a good
conversation. Financial institutions, for
example, may encourage their staff to do
pro-bono work to help the local community
through micro-financing.
This could be a great conversation
topic if you want to work with the bank.
Imagine, the CEO himself being highly
committed to the micro-financing project,
because his family comes from an under-
privileged background, as discovered in
the CSR report and also in his own
personal blog.
Having this piece of information prior
to your interview will help you demonstrate
your commitment towards community

About the author

Richard Gunawan is the vice president for

c. How sustainable is the business model? materials? What actions is the company is business and sustainability development
Some reports may also help employees to taking to plant more trees? from Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance,
l e a r n a b o u t a n o r g a ni s a t i o n ’s k e y I n t h e a r e a o f m a nu f a c t u r i n g , LRQA Asia. He has more than 15 years of
sustainability issues that affect the health, companies need to know how are they commercial experience. Richard has a
wealth and happiness of future generations. impacting the environment by their Bachelors of Business and an MBA and is
For example, if you are going to work in a manufacturing activities. How can they committed to assisting businesses in Asia
packaging company, you’ll be interested to reduce the environmental impact such as to mitigate risks and to grow in line with
know: How do they source their raw noise, air and water pollution? How can they CSR principles.
materials? Are they using sust ainable reduce waste?

TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com 33

In association with

Look out for the


For details call:

+44 (0)208 267 5459


The United Kingdom

slowly rouses
from recession
By Mary Anne Thompson, President and Founder, Going Global, Inc. Mary Anne Thompson

The road back to economic prosperity may be a long one for the UK, but certain job
sectors are hiring and ‘help wanted’ ads are posted. Many experts feel there is finally
reason to be cautiously optimistic about Britain’s future

fter enjoying a 15-year period of
expansion, the United Kingdom was
hard hit in 2008 by the global
economic slowdown. Tight credit, falling
home prices and record unemployment
pushed Britain into a severe recession that is
only now beginning to ease. Hopes for
recovery have started to grow as certain job
sectors show improvements, but the fear of
inflation and interest rate hikes temper
overall enthusiasm for a painless and quick
UK recovery.
Some evidence points to the fact that
things may get worse before they get better.
It is predicted that unemployment will
continue to rise from 7.9% to 9% over this
year, which translates into 80,000 private
sector and 120,000 public sector jobs in
danger of being lost. Any jobs created will
likely be part time or temporary, and workers
can expect below-inflation pay raises of only
2%. The harsh realities of the jobs market in
the UK have caused many workers to focus
on retraining, up-skilling and gaining
on-the-job experience – all of which can
prove beneficial in securing future
permanent employment.
Britain’s services sector may reveal the
most accurate reflection of the country’s
troubled economy. Brit ain’s service
companies, which account for three quarters
of national output, are still cutting staff due
to declining sales.

36 TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com



However, not all of the UK employment

news is negative. A recent survey revealed United Kingdom protocol Tips for a successful job
nearly half of the companies surveyed plan to and business etiquette interview
freeze salaries this year, but another 45% said
they plan to increase pay, leaving only 5%
planning to cut salaries.
Economists believe the UK’s greatest
tThe British strive for loyalty
and integrity, and
t There are numerous types
of interviews. Thus, it is a
chance for recovery lies in its manufacturing appreciate directness. good idea to ask the
sector. The manufacturing industry has interviewer about the
recently begun to perform better than it has in tItthatis important to remember
there is a strong anti- format ahead of time. The
16 years, and experts say this is due to a growing
discrimination culture fewer surprises on the big
global demand resulting in rising exports.
Other industry sectors showing promise include backed by law. day, the better.
finance, business services and utilities. The
sectors with the weakest hiring intentions tBrits also take an tStart the interview on a
positive note and arrive 15
continue to be retail and construction. understated approach to
relationships until they are minutes before the
Another particularly bright spot in a
well established. scheduled interview time.
generally less optimistic employment outlook
is the sharp increase in graduate hiring by
Britain’s top employers. A recent survey finds tAssuming charge or giving tMany interviews will begin
with the interviewer
employers will hire nearly 18% more graduates strong opinions is
acceptable in the offering the applicant
this year than they did last year. This increase
appropriate circumstances, refreshments such as
restores more than half the openings that were
but it is often more coffee, tea or water. One is
cut over the previous two years. While most
industry sectors are hiring new graduates, the productive for employees to free to accept or decline,
most openings are in accounting, investment take a diplomatic approach but it can be helpful to have
banking and the public sector. Salaries for new until they prove themselves. a glass of something handy
graduates are also up this year. during the interview.
L o n g - t e r m r e c r u i t m e n t g r ow t h
continues, forming another positive trend
tThe British workplace is
often still management- tItperson
is not uncommon for a
in the UK. Experts say the pace of job centred, but there is an to talk themselves out
creation over the past two quarters has been increasing awareness of the of a job by talking too much.
faster than at any time since the 1980s. The issues of management vs.
sectors registering the most positive activity leadership approaches, and
include IT, legal and R&D. London employees are increasingly
registered the most help-wanted activity,
encouraged to contribute as
showing a rise of 26% from last year. The
city’s greatest needs are in the areas of IT
team players
and professional services. Other roles in
demand over the year include chief
financial officer, accountant, city risk
s p e ci a l i s t , e n e r g y e n g i n e e r / g r e e n
Going Global
technologist, HR manager, lawyer, teacher
and medical liaison officer.
Regionally, employers in Wales show the Goinglobal provides career and employment resources for 80 worldwide locations
most optimistic intentions to hire, while with constantly updated information on: employment outlooks, hiring trends,
employers in Scotland are the least likely to salary ranges, résumé and CV examples, interview and cultural advice,
add staff in the near future. professional and social networking groups, work permit and visa regulations and
Although some economic warning bells more. Also included are H1B visa employer listings, corporate profiles and more
still ring throughout the UK, there is than one million job and internship listings. The unlimited access database is
burgeoning hope that a recovery, albeit a very researched by in-country career experts. Individual, university and corporate
slow one, is finally underway. Inflation is access plans are available.
threatening once again, and UK economists
wrestle with rising costs and continued high Mary Anne Thompson is the Founder and President of Going Global, Inc. (www.
goinglobal.com) a subscription database service that contains career and employment
unemployment, but manufacturing and
information for more than 80 locations. More than one million users enjoy Going
several other sectors provide hope for the Global’s unique content, which is researched in-country by local career experts and
country that job creation is on the rise. Young updated annually. She is also an author, lecturer and frequent guest on various media
college graduates and those working hard to outlets, including NBC and CNN International. Previously, Mary Anne served as an
gain new skills and education may be in a attorney and advisor to President Ronald Reagan in the White House.
better position now than they have been in
several years.

TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com 37



India’s booming
economy sees new
opportunites for
its young population Mary Anne Thompson

By Mary Anne Thompson, President and Founder, Going Global, Inc. (www.goinglobal.com)

Virtually untouched by the economic crisis of the past few years,

India offers jobs to millions of its citizens at home and abroad

he world’s largest democracy, India accompanied by higher savings, will increase India’s promising prospects are also
currently ranks as the world’s fourth demand for financial services, which will in creating a reverse migration, bringing home-
largest economy behind the US, Japan turn fuel still more growth. grown talent back to the country. Many high-
and China. But, predictions say India won’t last Multinational firms, armed with the level managers are returning to India’s major
long there. The country is poised to overtake knowledge of India’s stability and resilience cities from markets like the US, Hong Kong
China’s growth rate as early as next year, making during the global economic crisis, may move and Singapore, primarily because of
experts believe India will become the third their enterprises to India from China, experts improved infrastructure facilities and a
largest economy in the world by 2030. The fact say. India’s cheap labour and huge, young market that promises competitive and
that India has one of the youngest populations in workforce will also be factors in such moves. challenging work opportunities.
the world, with a median age of 25, will ensure
it retains strong production and knowledge-
based competitiveness for many years to come,
say analysts.
India’s rapid economic growth can be
attributed, at least in part, to its highly
entrepreneurial and rapidly globalizing private
sector. Indian firms are investing in much-
needed infrastructure projects and growing their
advanced manufacturing capabilities, while also
investing in new volume-based business models
that tap into rising incomes and consumption in
towns and rural economies across the country.
At the same time, India is seeing record
high exports, with the most significant growth
rates in pharmaceuticals, engineering,
electronics, yarns and man-made fibers. India
has also long capitalized on its large, educated,
English-speaking population to become a major
exporter of information technology services.
Economic analysts predict the increase
in Indians’ incomes will drive the expansion
of such service industries as tourism,
education and health care. These trends,
A night scene of Bangalore

40 TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com



Those high-level professionals looking to during that time. According to analysts, industry
return to India are in luck as 76% of employers sectors creating the highest numbers of jobs Tips for a successful job
are currently hiring at managerial/professional included hospit ality, real est ate and interview in India
levels. Key sectors that are hiring include construction, healthcare and IT.
engineering, FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer The banking, financial services and
Goods), manufacturing and IT. insurance sector created the largest number of t Although workplace formality does
vary depending upon region and
The country’s rapid economic growth has jobs for new college graduates last year,
also increased demand for labour. Experts followed by manufacturing and health care.
industry sector, it is recommended
predict 10-15 million positions will be New Delhi and NCR led in job creation for that interviewees dress
generated this year, with 75% requiring new college graduates, followed by conservatively for an interview.
vocational training. Skilled workers are
required in the IT, engineering, hospitality and
Ahmedabad and Bangalore.
It is estimated that 58 million jobs will have t Men usually dress in Western
attire, although a full suit and
insurance industries, among others. In India’s been created in India by the time the current five- tie is not usually expected
IT sector, talent gaps could lead to salaries year-plan period ends in 2012. Despite its except when the weather is
growing by 30-40% this year. The positions astounding pace of job creation and economic
cool. Women may wear either
hardest to fill currently include skilled trades, growth, the country still faces long-term
Western business clothes
accounting and finance staff, doctors and other challenges including widespread poverty,
(trousers are preferable to
non-nursing health professionals. inadequate physical and social infrastructure, and
skirts) or Indian attire,
In 2010, the sharpest increase in insufficient access to basic and higher education.
whichever is more comfortable.
employment was seen in the New Delhi and The hope is, as the country’s economy continues
National Capital Region (NCR), with almost
1.14 million new jobs generated. In Mumbai,
to grow those challenges can and will be
minimized, allowing a prosperous, educated
t The interview process in India
usually includes one or more
an estimated 1.08 million jobs were created young Indian population to reach its full potential. interviews and, increasingly,
psychometric testing. Be aware
that this consists of verbal,
Recommended Job Sites numerical and language testing, as
well as personality profiling.
Going Global
Going Global provides career and employment resources for 80 worldwide
t Be prepared for interviewers to
focus on one’s education and
locations with constantly updated information on: employment outlooks, hiring vocational skills.
trends, salary ranges, resume and CV examples, interview and cultural advice,
professional and social networking groups, work permit and visa regulations and
more. Also included are H1B visa employer listings, corporate profiles and more
than one million job and internship listings. The unlimited access database is Indian Protocol and
researched by in-country career experts. Individual, university and corporate Business Etiquette
access plans are available.
tShaking hands, especially between
a man and woman, is not a
This site provides a job board, a resume bank and an e-alerting service for job universal greeting in India. Allow
seekers adapted to their interests. The job search engine allows searching by the host or Indian associate to take
job category, location and keywords. the lead in either offering a hand
and saying ‘hello’ or using the more
National Employment Service or Employment Exchange common ‘namaste’ accompanied
http://india.gov.in/citizen/employment_exchanges.php with the palms joined together
The National Employment Service or Employment Exchange, operated by the
Directorate General of Employment and Training, Ministry of Labour, runs tLunch meetings and ‘power
breakfasts’ are common in India;
more than 900 Employment Exchanges in order to bring about a better
business can be discussed over the
matching of the demand for, and the supply of, work opportunities. Job seekers
meal, so one need not wait until
register with these Employment Exchanges and get notified as soon as any
coffee or dessert to discuss the
vacancy in the government sector matches their desired profile.
business at hand.
Association for India’s Development
http://aidindia.org/main/content/blogsection/4/368/ tItminutes
is customary to arrive a few
late to a business meal,
The Association for India’s Development is a voluntary non-profit organization unless it is an official function, and
committed to promoting sustainable, equitable and just development in India even 15 to 30 minutes if invited to
by working with grassroots organizations and movements in India. a dinner at a home.

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Timed perfectly to
your decisions.
Handelsblatt First: the first personalisable push app for decision-makers.

n’t m is s out! Free
Do April –
e u n til 3 0
e re d b y Siemens.
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Company Profile


excellence every day
orporate Social Responsibility with the research department of the Ministry s Measuring temperature/ humidity, noise
(CSR) constitutes a basic concern of Education of France and Air France. levels, dust, light efficiency, etc. in all
for ALUMIL; our main priority is All ALUMIL Group industrial sites use working areas
our employees, their prosperity and ecological powder-coating colours, which are s Monthly measurements of water quality
personal growth. ALUMIL is focused on environmentally friendly and don’t create s St atistical tracking st andards for all
fighting labour discrimination and perils to employees’ health. Employees’ safety working incidents according to European
inequality, as well as on promoting and health insurance remains a constant Aluminium Association
uniqueness and differentiation. strategic priority and the company is s Electronic registration of natural gas network
A L U M I L e v o l v e s i n di f f e r e n t committed to responsible and safe operation. and recording of leaking detection system
environments and markets, and works to The company’s commitment to the s Constant law enforcement procedures
achieve a combination of economic growth above is depicted through a series of actions implementation
and social sensitivity. Guided by this already in process: s Replacement of old and malfunctioning
philosophy, ALUMIL recently participated equipment
in Europe’s “Equal” program – an effort to s Installation, application and certification s S p e ci a l i z e d e qu i p m e n t f o r n oi s e
create a guide-chart for Human Resource of Health & Safety Management System reduction, working operations in high
p r o f e s s i o n a l s , c o n t a i ni n g p r a c t i c a l in workplaces altitudes and gas storage
instructions for the minimisation of labour s Constant improvement of the Crisis s Const ant improvements to personal
discrimination and inequalities due to racial Management Manual safety equipment
or other criteria (religion, sex, age, etc.). s Operating regular inspections to locate s Constant personnel training in health,
ALUMIL worked in this project in tandem possible inappropriate working conditions safety and fire prevention procedures

About ALUMIL The company was founded in 1988 and since Our vision
1998 is listed in the Athens Stock Exchange. To be the top, pioneer, innovative and
ALUMIL S.A. is the biggest aluminium It was included in GrowthPlus Europe’s Top multicultural group in our sector, with a focus
extrusion group in Greece and among the 500 four times for its contribution to the on people and respect towards the environment.
leading suppliers of aluminium systems for European economy. The Group’s strategy is
architectural use in Europe. With twenty-five focused in establishing sound presence into
Our values
subsidiaries, the company firmly remains a new areas in Europe, Asia, Africa and
leader outside the Hellenic area, in the America, directing all sources towards t Integrity
countries of Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, building excellence every day. t Team Spirit
and Bulgaria, covering, with its products 45 t Social Responsibility
countries in 4 continents. ALUMIL offers: t Innovation
Sites and warehouses are spread in Kilkis, tintegrated aluminium profile systems, t Focus on customer
Serres, Xanthi, Komotini and Evros, certified from world known institutes (Ift t Entrepreneurship
(Greece); internationally in Romania, Rosenheim, AAMA New York, etc.) t Continuous Learning
Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Albania. These t industrial profiles for automotive industry,
facilities cover 600,000 m2 of land, 230,000 sailing industry, transportations, etc. Contact information
m2 of industrial establishments, while t state-of-the-art automation systems ALUMIL S.A.
offering more than 80,000 tons of aluminium t interiors Headquarters KILKIS
profiles per year. t elevators Kilkis Industrial Area, Stavrohori, P.O. 611 00
With 25 subsidiaries, 19 of which in Europe, the t solar protection systems Tel.: +30 23410 79300-306
Balkans, Africa and the Middle East, the Group t plastic products & accessories Fax: +30 23410 71988
employs 2,300 Alumilers. ALUMIL remains the t photovoltaic systems E-mail: info@alumil.com
leader in Romania, Serbia, FYROM, Montenegro,
Albania and Bulgaria, selling in 45 markets in 4
continents. Headquarters and the basic industrial
complex is situated in Kilkis, a 45 km. distance
from Thessaloniki, Greece.

TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com 43

Looking for a different type of challenge?
o Who we are
As the largest vertically integrated agricultural and food processing group in Hungary, constantly expanding in the
region, Bonafarm Group consists of 7 companies, covering the entire process of food production – from the land to
the table. Our meat processing companies own strong brands like the well-known Pick and Herz winter salami that
can be found in shops all around the world. We are also key players in Hungary in the dairy and the wine producing
industries. The internal production of a large part of our raw materials ensures that the best quality ingredients are
introduced to the manufacturing process.
o Who we are looking for
We are looking for hands-on managers willing to work in strategic and leading roles in an agricultural or production
setting, with an MBA specialized in economics, food processing or agriculture, fluent in Hungarian and in English.
o What we offer
As a manager at Bonafarm Group, you will face inspiring professional challenges and you will be establishing values
through your work. You will be surrounded by a supporting and constructive environment, where your independent
and responsible way of working is rewarded with various benefits and competitive in come.To ensure that this is an
opportunity of professional and leadership development for you, we provide various trainings and talent programs
through out your career.

Company Profile


he future has a way of arriving you gain unparalleled international work
unannounced, but winners are never experience and build a global network of About Infosys
taken by surprise. Recent events in the colleagues. InStep runs through the year to suit
global economy have made us realize that academic calendars across the globe.
Infosys Technologies Ltd
organizations need to be future proofed. It is by Interns with an educational background in
(NASDAQ: INFY) defines, designs
identifying new areas of engagement and bringing business have previously worked in areas such as
and delivers IT-enabled business
new thinking and technological breakthroughs Business Case Development, Business
solutions that help Global 2000
into existing ecosystems that enterprises can go Innovation, Competitive Intelligence,
companies succeed. These solutions
fortified into the next generation of business. Consulting, Industry Analysis, Market Entry
focus on providing strategic
Infosys is working on strategic themes that Strategy, Strategy & Business Planning, and in
differentiation and operational
are rapidly increasing in importance and units such as Banking and Capital Markets,
superiority to clients. Infosys
present great scope for IT-led innovations. Business Process Outsourcing, Communication
creates these solutions for its
Digital consumers, emerging economies, Media & Entertainment, Corporate Marketing,
clients by leveraging its domain
sustainable tomorrow, healthcare economy, Corporate Planning, Enterprise Solutions, Green
and business expertise along with a
new commerce, smarter organizations and IT, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Manufacturing,
complete range of services. With
pervasive computing. Strategic Global Sourcing. To view our projects
Infosys, clients are assured of a
Are you ready to be part of building in detail, please log on to http://www.infosys.com/
transparent business partner,
tomorrow’s enterprise? InStepWeb/projects/default.asp
world-class processes, speed of
execution and the power to stretch
InStep Did You Know? their IT budget by leveraging the
Global Delivery Model that Infosys
Infosys global internship program is your s In 2009-2010, the InStep Program received pioneered. Infosys has 127,779
chance to be involved. over 4,000 applications for 125 positions in
the company.
employees in 30 countries, and
revenues of USD 5,735 Million.*
About Infosys’ Global Internship Program s Last year, our interns represented around 30
InStep is Infosys’ Global Internship Program for different nationalities. *as of December 2010
undergraduate, graduate and PhD students from s Over 14 teams of interns and employees
top academic institutions around the world. As participated in the 3rd Annual InStep Did You Know?
part of the Infosys family, you are given a chance Business Plan Competition.
to work on high impact assignments ranging s Interns have previously published the t*OGPTZTXBTTUBSUFEJOCZ
from live technology projects to cutting-edge results of their work at Infosys in individuals, 250 USD and a dream
research in our offices in India. While you prestigious journals like Dr. Dobb’s, t8JSFE.BHB[JOFMJTUFE*OGPTZT
explore new markets and emerging technologies, IEEE, and ESEM Conference. 9 among 40 companies reshaping
the global economy
Internship Locations India (Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune) and China (Shanghai) IT services company
Average internship duration is 8-12 weeks. The exact duration depends
Internship Duration the 90 most respected companies
on the requirements of the project and the intern’s availability.
in the world
Comprehensive compensation package along with opportunities
for industry workshops and interactions with senior management.
Application Deadline March 15th, 2011 of 2010
Apply Log on to our website at www.infosys.com/instepweb Infosys amongst the 10 best
companies in the world for
Watch our YouTube link on http://www.youtube.com/ grooming leaders
More Information
watch?v=SN9rfrbuPLw or write to intern@infosys.com

TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com 45

Dean’s diary

ot everything is bad about the economic downturn. One of its Our increasingly
positive side effects is that we have started to question some of the specialized world
principles by which corporate and individual behaviour have been demands increasingly Charles T. Maxey, Dean
guided in the past. Government, business and higher education are finding specialized CLU School of Business
themselves amidst discussions about values such as honesty, responsibility, managers. An Southern California, USA
sustainability or even modesty. In these discussions, one of the recurring emerging trend in
themes has been the role business schools and, in particular, MBA programs graduate business
have played. Many times, MBA programs have been accused of promoting education worldwide is the movement towards specialization. At CLU
some questionable behaviour that may have contributed to the current one can earn a general MBA, but there also exists the possibility of earning
global economic crisis. There is no doubt that business schools worldwide an MBA in one of several specialized fields including: Finance,
must accept their fair share of responsibility. And yet, we must accept the Marketing, International Business, Management/Organization
fact that business schools are primarily there to educate current and future Behaviour, Information Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Financial
managers according to the needs of the corporations. After all, and most Planning. Employers assure us that these specializations position our
importantly, companies need to be profitable and competitive. It is therefore graduates to be among the most highly desired in the career marketplace.
also important not to loose sight of the knowledge, skills and abilities that
are required to run organizations successfully. Only when MBA graduates s Velocity is a function of speed and direction. Just as business must
have reached mastery of the many fundamentals, they will be empowered increase their speed and constantly reassess their trajectory to
to make responsible decisions. remain competitive, graduate business schools must do the same.
At the Graduate Business School of California Lutheran University CLU’s accelerated MBA program can be completed in as few as
(CLU) we have not just recently started to react to these changes in the 12 intense months, and flexibility exists to extend this period,
global economic environment. We have always seen our role as going a should the student choose. The sooner you graduate, the sooner
step beyond teaching the immediate skills that are demanded from MBA you will be back in the labor market, where you and your employer
graduates in many ways: will be benefiting from the knowledge and skills of your MBA
experience. Over 90 % of CLU students in full-time programs
s Our faculty members believe in the value of respect for the importance complete their MBA in 12 months. However, should you wish to
of individual, organizational and societal values. Around the world, we make changes in the length and intensity of your MBA program,
are increasingly aware that the decisions that business leaders make have you have that option at CLU.
important implications for the larger society. Values implications are
central to sustainable business practices, and at CLU we take business s That all business is global has long ceased to be a secret. Not only do
ethics and values very seriously, exploring them throughout our our faculty members have multi-year professional experience from a
curriculum and practicing them in our day to day work with students. multitude of countries, thereby providing an international outlook in
their classes, moreover, CLU’s MBA program also offers a diverse
s At CLU, we believe the differential advantage of our MBA programs student body that lets student experience both the beauty and the
includes the acquisition of useful, applied knowledge. Neither purely challenges that cultural differences may present. In such an
theoretical models nor detailed case studies alone can provide for the environment, questions of values and responsibility form an integral
development of the insight, perspective, and skills that business leaders part of the learning experience.
need in order to act responsibly. CLU faculty and MBA students
thoroughly examine the competitive environment of the future. It is In response to myriad global competitive challenges, MBA
clear that business history repeats itself in ways painful to those who programs have evolved in many different ways. The current global
have not learned its lessons. The future belongs to those who meld their economic crisis provides a good occasion to think of yet the next step in
understanding of the past with the ideas of those who can visualize the evolution of business schools worldwide. The educational programs
beyond the current competitive horizon. Balance is imperative. Our that will be most effective at developing tomorrow’s successful
curriculum and courses are designed with this in mind. executives are those which provide a good grounding in the
fundamentals of business and at the same time teach students to deal
With all of this in mind, CLU is committed to deliver cutting business meaningfully with the new complexities. If you are looking for an MBA
education that is both rigorous and meaningful: that combines thorough business education with sound values, one
which is efficient, innovative, encourages focus, is respected by
s We offer an education with a focus. A basic business understanding is employers, and can be completed in 12 months, then the MBA program
certainly necessary, but it is far from sufficient in today’s environment. at CLU in California may just be the right program for you.

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Dean’s diary

The relevance of
an MBA in the
global marketplace
By Joseph Thomas, the Anne & Elmer Lindseth Dean of the Samuel Curtis
Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University
Joseph Thomas

BA programs are evolving to But, MBA graduates have also been environment. We also wanted to ensure that
address the demands of a challenged with staying relevant in the our MBA program was delivering the kinds of
globalized business environment global marketplace. graduates demanded by the ever-challenging
w h i c h i s r a p i d l y b e c o mi n g m o r e A struggling domestic economy, a shift global economy.
interconnected and interdependent. In this in the perceived value of an MBA and the What we learned is that Johnson graduates
evolution, many good ideas -- new applications commoditization of graduate business know how to harness the collective strengths of
of technology, creative management programs by an increasing number of others to create extraordinary results. This idea
innovations, and new products -- are easily institutions, both foreign and domestic, have proved genuine as it came alive during our
reproduced and rapidly improved. challenged us to rethink how we differentiate discussions with students, alumni, corporate
For organizations navigating this turbulent and communicate the value of an MBA. recruiters and countless others when asked what
global environment, MBAs can provide a Nearly two years ago, the Samuel Curtis makes a Johnson MBA special. To students, we
competitive edge. From solving existing Johnson Graduate School of Management at promise that our performance learning approach,
problems to anticipating emerging problems, Cornell University embarked on an ambitious collaborative environment, Cornell connections,
the MBA skill set is designed to help research effort to grow the size and impact of real world training and focus on leadership and
organizations navigate an optimum course. its intellectual footprint on the global business ethics will draw out their highest potential. To
corporate partners and recruiters, we promise that
Johnson graduates will unleash the highest
potential of their organization and that by hiring
a Johnson grad, they will get more than one
person - they will get the strength of many.
What we found is that those connected
with Johnson are well-rounded, global thinkers
who have a high degree of accountability in
their decisions, the wealth they create and their
impact upon the world. What we found and
what we know is that our MBA program and
graduates have never been more relevant.
That said, it is important for us, and leaders
of other fine institutions, to continue adapting.
We must work to position our MBA graduates as
leaders who have the depth and breadth of insight
needed to use functional skills while having the
global perspective and professional flexibility that
businesses demand. Today, more than ever
before, business leaders must be trained to dig
deep and mine all their skills from organizational
behavior, marketing and accounting to finance
and information systems -- all the skills that are
garnered from an MBA curriculum -- in order to
design a blueprint for a global organization’s
prosperity. Then, and most importantly, they
must inspire others to follow that blueprint.

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Dean’s diary

business schools
for a better future
by IESE Professor and MBA Academic Director, Pedro Videla

Pedro Videla
IESE Professor and MBA Academic Director

e are living in an era of dramatic Each person has distinct qualities, intrinsic companies. When there is a distance between
change. Over the last 20 years, we dignity and basic human rights that must be these two spheres, education becomes less
have seen a growing focus on respected, and their aspirations and motivations effective. The classroom should be a place where
markets, as well as on the investments and go beyond economic ones. It’s vital to remember students generate new ideas and hypotheses,
operations of big banks. As a result, companies that companies include people who work where diverse situations are analyzed. To
are frequently seen as machines primarily for together not only for monetary benefits, but also encourage this, IESE employs the case method,
financial gain. But this myopic view – which has to be recognized and to learn. a practical and dynamic approach developed by
prompted recent economic crises, particularly This humanist focus, which places a priority Harvard Business School. Students and professors
the last one – has led us to reevaluate our on values and the work environment, can be a debate cases based on real business scenarios,
economic system. There is a clear need for new powerful driver of change. It can help form allowing them to discuss problems faced by
ideas to replace the obsolete models. Business business leaders who are responsible and companies all over the world. In addition, IESE
schools have become a focal point of this committed, and who can make the world a better professors are prolific producers of cases and
discussion. Are business schools the ones place. Business schools can only acquire this focus research papers, in English as well as Spanish.
responsible for the situation? Did they develop by establishing a mission that identifies their goals When it comes to developing leaders who
the managers and executives whose actions led can change society, there is one area business
to the financial crisis? If so, what needs to change? schools must stress more clearly: globalization.
It’s not true that business schools are the Schools should teach business leaders how to
only ones responsible for today’s problems. globalize their services in an effective and
Several other factors have contributed to a respectful way. They should also seek to promote
sharp focus on financial results. They diversity in their programs, by making them
include outdated management theories, a accessible to everyone through scholarships
disregard for people during company and grants, providing opportunities for
restructuring and many companies’ lack entrepreneurs in emerging markets and
of a clear mission. At the same time, helping cultivate talent all over the world.
business schools have educated many This is the aim of IESE’s “Africa
entrepreneurial leaders who have made Project,” which was launched in 2009.
a positive impact on the business The initiative forms part of the school’s
environment, improving work conditions, commitment to advancing business
generating jobs and fueling innovation. So education on the African continent. One
rather than asking who is responsible for our specific goal is to create independent business
predicament, we should think about how to schools with local professors who can lead
keep it from happening again. progress through new projects, social initiatives
Over the next few years, the great challenge and can convince companies to take Africa
for business schools will be to introduce changes seriously. To date, IESE has helped establish
in the way companies are conceived, their role for society and goes beyond teaching and research. business schools in Nigeria, Kenya and Ivory
in society and the role of business leaders. IESE Since its foundation in 1958, IESE has remained Coast, as well as a technical school and a hospital.
Business School has long addressed these issues. firmly rooted in its mission: to develop leaders who Very few schools have adapted their vision,
The school is a pioneer in the field of corporate aspire to have a deep, positive and long-lasting incorporating ethics and values into their curricula,
social responsibility and was among the first to impact on people, companies and society through with the aim of developing leaders who will make
launch a course in social entrepreneurship. The professionalism, integrity and a spirit of service. a positive difference. But as time goes by, our
era of incentives, and other simplistic ideas about Another important challenge for business number increases. Fortunately, this shift will help
human behavior, has ended. The people who schools is to close the gap between academic lead us out of today’s crisis and build a new system
work in a company are its most important asset. research and the real practices of executives and that is more sustainable, ethical and efficient.

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Dean’s diary

Is an MBA
still a viable option?
by Professor Michael Luger, Dean, Manchester Business School

It’s still a shaky landscape, in terms of careers, for

Professor Michael Luger, Dean
MBA alumni. Where are the current crop of MBA Manchester Business School

students and graduates going to find themselves, and

is an MBA still therefore a viable option for talented
business leaders of the future?

usiness schools have a big stake in the manufacturing, engineering and energy, and especially in 2010, the economies of BRIC
job placement experience of their 6% went into retail/FMCG. This past year’s countries were more robust than in Europe,
MBAs. Such outcomes as salary class saw a ten percentage point decline in the giving us a safety valve for employment. Our
increase, career progression, and percent of share going into banking and finance (26%) ability to help our students find placements
students securing jobs within three months of relative to 2006, with the fall-off picked up in abroad has been enhanced by the presence of
graduation figure prominently in MBA consulting (24%), retail/FMCG (11%), and MBS campuses in Singapore, Hong Kong,
programme rankings. In addition, the more manufacturing, engineering and energy (12%). Shanghai, Dubai, Miami, and Rio.
an MBA degree appears to boost salaries, the MBS’ historic connections with non-
more students are willing to pay business financial sector employers and our global reach
schools to attend the MBA programme. That have served our students well in the post-2007
is clearly important for Universities that economy job market. Even with the slight shift
charge upwards of $100,000 in fees alone. at MBS away from traditionally high paying
It is not surprising, then, that business banking and finance jobs our graduates’ starting
school leadership teams have worried over the post-MBA salary was 11% higher in 2010 than in
past three years about the effect of the financial 2006, making up for compounded inflation over
meltdown and subsequent slow-growing that period. As we would expect in this economy,
economy on the career options for their students have taken somewhat longer to find the
graduates. Business schools most closely tied right placement: in 2006, 90% were employed
to banking and finance have had particular after three months, whilst in the past year, 80% of
reason to worry since the availability of jobs in graduates had jobs in that interval. And after six
that sector, and salaries being offered, have months, the majority of students had jobs.
been under pressure since 2007. Our experience at MBS suggests that
Manchester Business School (MBS), the despite the challenging economic landscape,
largest campus-based B-School in the UK, has an MBA is still a worthwhile investment. Our
seen some effect of the changing economy, but students have continued to find good jobs, not
has managed to fare better than many of its Another feature of the MBS programme just in the UK and continental Europe, but in
peers. For historical and geographic reasons, that has insulated it from the downturn is its Asia and the Americas, and not just in banking
MBS has always had a diversified portfolio of international orientation. In both 2006 and and finance, but in other sectors as well. That,
placement options. In 2006, 36% of graduating 2010, 40% of graduating students took jobs combined with our efforts to keep fees within a
MBAs from MBS went into banking and outside of Europe (including the UK). In reasonable range, account for our consistently
finance, a smaller percentage than from many instances, those students were returning high ranking in terms of return on investment.
Schools like LBS and Cass, for example. 20% to their country of origin, since the MBA
went into consulting, 10% went into high tech classes of 2006 and 2010 came from some 30 www.mbs.ac.uk
and telecommunications, 7% went into different countries. In both years, and Original Thinking Applied

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Reach out to them all: job beginners and young executives, universities and
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Dean’s diary

What will
the next generation
of MBA programs
look like? Dean G. Anandalingam
Robert H. Smith School of Business

by Dean G. Anandalingam, Robert H. Smith School of Business

see several paradigm changes coming in coach students as they think through how best I think the next generation of MBA
the way MBA programs are structured. to use these two years to put together the right programs will put greater emphasis on
First, I see an increased emphasis on skill set for the career path they want to pursue. teaching entrepreneurship and fostering the
experiential learning outside the classroom. I think this is what you are going to see spirit of entrepreneurship. Everyone must
Many of the skills managers need are best many MBA programs doing—taking the behave as if they are an entrepreneur, even
learned by doing. The Smith School’s recent rigorous toolkit that will always be if they’re managing in a large multinational
curriculum redesign focused on building in fundamental to the MBA curricula and corporation. This will be especially
experiences—global experiences, adding experiences that will build deep import ant in a post-carbon, globally
entrepreneurial experiences, consulting competencies. That sort of education puts competitive society. MBA students need to
experiences—that create opportunities for you in a much better position to solve the be able to recognize the technologies that
skills development within groups, just the way world’s big problems. are game-changers, and create the new
you gain skills on the job. The next big paradigm shift is coming in business models that will monetize those
Increased flexibility and the ability to the new skills and new methodologies we inventions. Engineers may invent the next
customize the MBA to a student’s career goals teach to citizens of a globally interconnected big thing in clean energy, but even the most
is also going to be important. Business model and socially engaged world. amazing technology cannot change the
innovation requires a depth of expertise that I think the future will include blended world unless businesses figure out how to
the traditional MBA curriculum doesn’t learning opportunities, incorporating both make it economical.
provide. You’re not going to become a real online and in-class teaching. That will let us And lastly, I think we will find more and
path-breaking leader in alternative energy, for bring the best teachers and executives to more schools teaching students to be socially
example, unless you have a great depth of students no matter where they’re located. I aware and adopting a more systemic
knowledge of the challenges of that field. You a l s o s e e u s d oi n g m o r e r e a l - t i m e approach to stakeholder management—that
need deep expertise to become a value creator. collaboration on projects between students whole idea of People, Planet, Profit. In the
So at the Smith School, we made our around the world, to build intercultural traditional MBA curricula, we spent a lot of
curriculum more flexible. We are giving competence and give students experience time teaching students how to create elegant
students more options to choose the kinds of working with virtual teams. solutions to made-up problems. That’s very
classes and experiences they need to create It takes a lot of upfront work to make a new academic. But the real world is messy,
real depth, to position them to be value- virtual team successful, and those skills are going complex and chaotic. MBAs must be taught
creators as soon as they graduate, not 10 years to be important for students to acquire. Think of that you can’t optimize everything. We need
down the road. the things that make a team effective: discovering to help MBAs understand what the choice
We’re not abandoning general complementary skills, building trust and set is when making decisions and how to
management skills, but we’ve gotten smarter relationships. Those things can happen naturally think about tradeoffs. That is what the next
about what core skills really are. That has when you are co-located, but how do you generation of MBA programs must teach the
allowed us to leave more time for students to engineer all of that in a virtual team? Telework next generation of leaders.
pursue their passions—to discover where they is becoming more common, so everyone needs
want to create a “spike” in their skills. to learn how to effectively manage a team where
We are developing both well-defined some or all members work remotely. Our faculty
tracks and bundles of interdisciplinary courses have done significant research in this area, and
to help students envision what’s possible for we’re planning to bring that expertise directly to
their futures. Faculty and administration will the classroom.

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Dean’s diary

The St Gallen MBA:

cool head,
for a
active hands and a
warm heart Winfried Ruigrok, Dean
Executive School of Management,
Technology and Law (ES-HSG)
University of St.Gallen

he history of capitalism teaches us that So then what has changed? The key words
economies, markets and industries are here are a global shift towards emerging markets,
going through constant cycles of entrepreneurship, new financial realities and range of diverse and long-term careers.
growth, contraction and realignment sustainable development. A growing number of Designed and delivered in cooperation with
re-orientation. A top MBA programme students and alumni have started looking in leading international companies, we have
prepares its students to appreciate what has different directions, e.g. by starting their own integrated a number of key elements:
changed, and how best to manage such company, or by pursuing careers in renewable
changes. Yet it should also point out what energy or sustainable finance. Many students are s Individual Coaching to identify your personal
models and management behaviours explain bringing these new ideas to emerging markets. strengths and weaknesses and initiate a targeted
success and survival during periods of crisis How can an MBA programme prepare reflection process with the aim to become a
and adjustment. Switzerland provides a students for such new realities? In St.Gallen better leader. The coaching programme will
perfect base for this. we are offering a small class with a student- lead you toward a clear vision of your career;
What hasn’t changed? The industries faculty ratio that is much more favourable
that used to be attractive to MBA students in than at most top tier schools. This offers scope s Mentoring with Alumni to bring you together
the past continue to be so today. Last year, still for individual attention, one on one coaching, with personalities in a relevant role or
some 30 percent of the St.Gallen alumni and close interaction with our corporate industry. This will develop your industry or
secured employment in the banking industry, partners and almost 20,000 alumni. Over the role specific knowledge, enhance your
plus another 17 percent in consulting. last few years we have placed even more professional network and consequently
Companies continue to be very interested in emphasis on career and leadership facilitate a purposeful and successful entry in
recruiting MBAs and continue to offer development. More than just job placement, the post-graduate labour market;
excellent conditions to fresh MBAs. our the programme is about preparing for a
s Peer-to-peer Feedback to improve your self-
awareness in terms of preferred
communication and leadership style.

Why come to Switzerland? Switzerland as

a small and flexible country has weathered the
financial crisis much better than many
economies. The country is known for its strong
financial services industry, but has also kept a
strong pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and
industrial base. Switzerland has by far the highest
per capita share of Global Fortune 500 companies
of any industrialised economy. The largest Swiss
companies generate well over 90 percent of their
revenues abroad, and are looking for global talent.
Current demand for managerial labour in
Switzerland and Germany is robust. We have
built on traditional Swiss values of efficiency, high
quality, and a strong service mentality to create a
unique environment for the new MBA
experience. Join our vision to develop leaders
with a cool head, active hands and a warm heart!

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Choosing the right business school

and getting in
By Ross Geraghty, managing editor, TopMBA.com and TopMBA Career Guide

The times, as Bob Dylan sang in the sixties, are a-changing. And no more so than in business
education, where the recent recession and the arrival of Generation Y onto the education
scene have given MBA programs cause for major self-reflection in recent years.

usiness management is booming, The reason for this is that MBA therefore students on our course need to have
especially in the world’s fastest growing classrooms are places of peer-driven learning. some kind of management experience to bring to
economies. More Indians than ever A Chinese student in a business school in the table. In the case of ESADE the average is four
before, for example, are considering MBAs as Europe, with generally higher rates of diversity years.” Meanwhile IMD, in Switzerland, asks for
a way of progressing their careers, earning better than in the US, will expect to form cohorts a minimum of eight years.
salaries and giving themselves great career with people from as far away as, say, Ecuador, Schools are keen to stress that there is no
flexibility. As McKinsey, a consultancy, has Sweden or Nigeria. one-type-fits-all equation for their classrooms.
long said, there could There are people with
soon be a problematic less work experience
lack of educated “Candidates should get on a school’s online forum, speak to alumni from who may have
managers to handle the exceptional grades or
vast investment that is schools that appeal to them, speak to the admissions people and faculty GMAT score, or who
coming into and from on the phone or, ideally, visit them at MBA fairs like the QS World MBA have other skills such as
that country. leadership of a charity
Choosing the right Tour. And if you are gently turned away, it is probably for the best” project that may impress
business school is a big the admissions board.
decision. It’s not just a
matter of rankings but of MBA candidates working As Anna Parkin of Melbourne Business GMAT
out which schools are right for them. According to School says: “Learning is very interactive and The GMAT causes the most headaches of all for
GMAC (the Graduate Management Admissions experiential in the MBA classroom and MBA candidates. The test is required by perhaps
Council), which runs the Graduate Management students learn as much from their peers as 90% of the world’s business schools and there is
Admissions Test (GMAT) exam, there are now they do from the textbooks. For this to be a whole industry devoted to preparing candidates
around 8,000 business schools worldwide, and the successful you need people from all sorts of to get the best score they can.
figure is increasing year on year. So how does countries and backgrounds.” With a score range between 200 and
someone decide if they are right for business Engineers may rub shoulders with lawyers, 800, the GMAT is formed of three key
school? And, just as importantly, how do they doctors, marketers and those who may have sections, quantitative (maths), analytical
decide which school is the right one for them? managed a family business. But what binds these writing and verbal. As Zoya Zaitseva, head
people together is work experience - most top of international relations at QS, the MBA
Diversity business schools are looking for people with at least career and education experts, says: “The
As we enter the second decade of the 21st three or four years in some kind of management GMAT is a good way for schools to gauge
Century, with globalization at the core of position. Gloria Batllori, MBA director at ESADE whether a student will have the academic
business, diversity is the buzzword at the world’s business school in Spain says, “The peer-to-peer rigour to succeed on an MBA, particularly
top business schools. component of an MBA course is essential, so with its high proportion of modules that

54 TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com



require mathematical competency, such are not the same, to paraphrase Shakespeare. national governments do exist. In the MBA
as finance.” Although they seem to offer the same MBA world there are also three major accrediting
The good news is that you can study for as qualification on paper, each has a different bodies, EQUIS, AMBA and the AACSB. Ask
long as you like for the GMAT and take it as approach, school culture and specializations. about accreditation and make sure the school
often as you want until you get the score you Kellogg, in Chicago, is famed for its strong you’re applying for has some kind of
require. TopMBA.com advises to take a retired marketing stream; MIT Sloan could be the best accreditation to its name.

exam straight away, get a poor score and learn for technology, while IE Business School in Rankings
what your key weaknesses are. Then look at the Spain is very strong in its entrepreneurship And this is where rankings play a controversial
numerous resources available: books, websites, specialization. If you’re not interested in part. It’s easy for a student to set their sights on
companies and forums that can you help you finance, London Business School is unlikely to a top five ranking, then waste significant time,
get the score you need. be right for you. money and effort trying to get in, only to be
And what score do you need? That will Thirdly, learn what is the ‘right fit’ for turned away for perfectly legitimate reasons.
depend on the schools you have shortlisted, schools and see if that suits you. As Santiago While there is a place for rankings as a rough
and it’s easy to find out what each requires. Iniguez, dean of Spain’s IE Business School guide, MBA candidates should look far deeper
This is probably the clincher, because in order says: “What we, and all schools, look for is a at what a business school does before
to decide which school is the best for you, you person who will suit our school in terms of committing to applying there. After all, you
need to know your aims extremely well and, if diversity of background and in terms of seeing wouldn’t buy a house without making certain
you don’t, you will find it hard to get onto a if they can get the most from our strengths and it was going to keep the rain off your back.
decent MBA program. we from them.” An example of the culture of Candidates should get on a school’s
Firstly, MBA aspirants must know what the school might be comparing Harvard, which online forum, speak to alumni from schools
they hope to achieve from an MBA. According famously encourages a very competitive culture that appeal to them, speak to the admissions
to the TopMBA.com Applicant Research, between students, and ESADE, which nurtures people and faculty on the phone or, ideally,
which surveys thousands of MBA candidates a far more team-building approach. visit them at MBA fairs like the QS World
each year, the main reasons are to change Also, look very closely at accreditation. MBA Tour. And if you are gently turned
careers, to improve promotion prospects within This is a concept that does not have as strong away, it is probably for the best. However, ask
a company or industry, to increase international a foothold in India as it does in many other those people where they recommend that
flexibility, to start a company and, the perennial MBA-providing nations. In some countries you apply instead.
favourite, to improve earning potential. it’s possible to set up a business school in a Because the answer my friend, contrary to
Secondly, know your target schools and shop window and charge thousands for an what wise Mr. Dylan said, is not blowing in the
why they are your targets. All business schools MBA. However accrediting bodies run by wind, it is inside you, and it is up to you to find it.

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MBAs across borders:

getting international
By Giselle Weybrecht
The decision of where to do your MBA used to look something like this: you choose the
city you want to study in, and that you want to work in after graduation, and you do your
MBA there. However as businesses become increasingly global, business schools are
following suit by offering innovative programs that allow students to understand and
experience business around the world

or students this means the ability to create
a more flexible, tailor-made MBA with
opportunities to study in and experience
different campuses, cities or countries. “I went
on exchange because I wanted to get a taste of
the US, especially of the MBA experience at a
top business school there. I also wanted to focus
on the not-for-profit sector and Stern offered
some great courses in this field,” says Jason
Chuei, a full time MBA student at Melbourne
Business School in Australia, originally from the
UK, who did his exchange at Stern School of
For the business schools this means
spreading their brand across borders. “It is all
about building international presence” says
Andrew Crisp, director, CarringtonCrisp,
education marketing specialists, “For every
business school, international recruitment and
liaisons with alumni are priorities. Increasingly
schools are going global, often building networks
through partnerships with other universities.”
Today these international opportunities are
no longer limited to simple exchange programs.
Here are a few examples of the different ways
that MBA programs are going international.

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Exchanges and course work Dual degree programs Management & Research in India and
International exchanges are still a A growing number of schools are exploring Schulich School of Business in Canada at
standard fixture of most MBA programs, opportunities to provide students with not just a York University have paired up to create a
offering students the opportunity to spend few months studying at another university, but the joint MBA program where students spend the
a term studying at another university, ability to study towards a dual degree. These first six months of the 16-month program in
often in another country. Melbourne provide students with two MBA degrees issued by Mumbai before travelling to Toronto. The
Business School in Australia, to name but two different universities. Hong Kong University Indian government is helping Indian students
one program, offers students the offers students of the full time MBA the option of by subsidizing the cost of the program and
opportunity to choose from 45 different two tracks: a London track where students spend offering low-interest loans. Students then
universities across Asia, Europe and North a term at London Business School in the UK or a have the opportunity to work in Canada both
America. At the Executive MBA level, New York track at Columbia University in the US. during year two and after graduation.
there is an increase in programs that take In each case the university provides a unique
place in three, four or even five different graduation certificate, an official transcript and Eliminating borders altogether
business centres around the world. The alumni services. Simon Korf, a graduate in 2006 Distance learning MBA program are also
Omnium Global Executive MBA is an of the dual degree program at HKU: “The dual taking advantage of partnerships between
international collaboration involving degree partnership provided the best of both campuses. The Thunderbird School of
Rotman School of Management, worlds, the globally recognized brand of London Management in the US and Tecnológico de
University of Toronto, Monterrey in
and the University of Mexico have joined
St. Gallen, “At the MBA level, programs provide students with the opportunity to to create a Distance
Switzerland as degree Learning MBA for
granting bodies. It
spend a couple of weeks learning about business in another country Latin American
includes courses at through a one-off course, giving them exposure and practical experience Managers. The
l e a di n g b u s i n e s s program begins and
schools in Toronto,
through applied management projects, often outside the classroom” ends at Thunderbird
S a o Pa u l o , H o n g campus in the US
Kong and Shanghai, and then continues
St. Gallen, Budapest and Hyderabad. At Business School and the Asian business exposure with classes via satellite and on-site at 33
the MBA level, programs such as Harvard of Hong Kong University. Business schools campuses throughout Mexico.
Business School’s Immersion Experience traditionally emphasize competition among and China Europe International Business
Program, provide students with the differentiation from other schools. A partnership School (CEIBS), a not-for-profit joint venture
opportunity to spend a couple of weeks focuses on complementing factors of each established between the Chinese government
learning about business in another program. A partnership like this is therefore much and the European Commission, besides
country through a one-off course, giving stronger than an exchange.” operating programs in Beijing and across
them exposure and practical experience The National University of Singapore has developing regions of China, has also set up
through applied management projects, double degree programs with HEC Paris and an Executive MBA program in Accra, Ghana.
often outside the classroom. Peking University in China. They also have an Business schools are not showing any
Asia focused degree program, S3 Asia MBA, an signs of slowing down their international
Multiple campuses MBA jointly operated by three leading expansions. According to Andrew Crisp,
Several schools are taking things a step further universities in Asia: the School of Management, “Many universities are looking to partner with
and creating new campuses in other countries, Fudan University, Korea University Business business schools in the BRIC countries,
providing students with opportunities to study School and the NUS Business School, which Brazil, Russia, India and China, but they
across both campuses. INSEAD has had a dual has been running since 2008. would do well to look at a bigger BRIICK,
campus structure since 2000, with a European Another benefit of these joint degrees including Indonesia and Korea”. One thing is
campus in Fontainebleau, France and an Asia can include the ability to gain work for sure, the next generation of MBA students
campus in Singapore. The MBA program runs experience or post graduation employment will have more opportunities to learn, and be
in parallel on each campus giving students the in another country. SP Jain Institute of exposed to global business, than ever before.
ability to study at either. Nottingham University
allows students the opportunity to take all or
part of their MBA on campuses in China,
Malaysia or Singapore in addition to the
traditional exchange semester. Vlerick
Management School in Belgium has campuses
in Leuven, Gent, but also St. Petersburg and in
Beijing through Peking University. Some
schools, such as Grenoble Ecole de
Management and ESCA Ecole de
Management Casablanca, have jointly
established new campuses, in this case a new
Euro-African Campus for Management aimed
at training future high-potentials in Africa.

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10 tips for MBA

application success
By Nunzio Quacquarelli, managing director, QS World MBA Tour

have been running panels with MBA
Admissions Directors and offering MBA
admissions advice to MBA applicants, who
attend our QS World MBA Tour, for the past
16 years. Over this period I have also read many
admissions tomes and gathered feedback from
applicants on what really helped them improve
their applications and gain entry to their school
of choice. Here I condense these findings into
10 key steps for any candidate applying to
business school. There are no guarantees, but
if you follow these steps your chances of
completing a successful application dossier will
be greatly increased.

Consider your career goals from the

1 start. Think about why you want to
take an MBA and how it can benefit
your career. Are you seeking a career change, or
career progression? Which industry and function
interests you most? Do you want to stay and work
in your home country or move overseas? How
do your aspirations match up with market trends IESE offer a two-year program, but the research exercise to narrow down your choice of
and opportunities? Even if you are unsure and majority of MBA courses are one year, and schools – create your personalised ranking. Then
feel you want to consider your options during tuition ranges from as little as £5,000 to as pick no more than six schools you would
your MBA, having clear career goals will help much as £42,000. An Executive MBA can cost seriously consider applying to: perhaps two elite
you put together a better application. up to £80,000. However, financial aid schools which may be difficult to gain entry to
opportunities and scholarships exist that can but would be your dream, two highly rated
Conduct an honest self-assessment. make the most costly programs affordable and schools which are perhaps just a bit more in
2 Consider your weaknesses and the these should be researched thoroughly. reach, two high-quality schools with lower entry
strengths you want to develop on criteria (to make sure you are accepted
your MBA. An honest self-assessment will save Research and selection. With so many somewhere decent).
you a great deal of time and energy and help 4 rankings, all producing different
you make a more focused selection of schools. results, today’s applicants are seeking Meet the admissions officers and
alternative selection criteria. According to QS 5 alumni at a QS World MBA Tour
Budget and feasibility. Do you have TopMBA Applicant Research the most popular event in a nearby city. The
3 enough savings to be able to give up selection criteria, in order of importance are: application process starts here, because strong
work and study full time, or do you career placement record, scholarship availability, candidates will develop a personal link to the
need an Executive part-time MBA or distance return on investment, reputation of the school, admissions officer who may ultimately be the
MBA, so you can carry on working? A full-time quality of academic staff, specialisations, student person making the decision to admit, or not.
MBA in the USA can cost $100,000 in tuition profile, rankings, location. Choose your criteria Talking to alumni will make sure the cultural
fees. In Europe, London Business School and and then undertake a systematic, rational fit is right and confirm your school selection.

62 TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com



Following these five steps you will be will not consider your application until it is fulfil your career goals. Because schools seek
well placed to complete a successful complete. Carefully proof-read everything you diversity in their class, to make the classroom
application. There is no magic formula for submit and ask a friend to help you. In experience more interesting and fulfilling for
admittance to any school, but the following choosing between two quality candidates, the everyone, you also have to think about what
can also be very helpful: one with typos will always be rejected. makes you unique and different and
emphasise this in your essays. Highlight and
Create a project timetable for your Make the grade and have no more try to quantify your career successes, but never
6 applications and stick to it – plan your 8 than one weakness. Gaining entry forget to highlight your extra-curricular
application like a project, managed to a good business school is highly interests and achievements.
professionally from start to finish. Establish the competitive and candidates spend a great deal
application deadlines. Are you aiming for round of money getting advice and support to Schmooze your referees. Too often
one, end of September; or round two, end of
January, for a US school? Or does the school
improve their chances, with test preparation
companies or admissions advisers. If your
10 MBA applicants fail because of a
poor letter of reference. Don’t
offer rolling admissions where candidates can undergraduate grades are weak, or you have allow this to happen. Applicants must make
still be accepted in the spring for September only limited work experience then you will personal contact with each referee and make
starts? Typically an application dossier should need a stellar GMAT score to have a chance sure they understand the importance of the
take two months to complete well. of success. But schools recruit with diversity MBA application process. It is helpful to
goals in mind and even a candidate with a remind a referee of personal achievements
Completeness and thoroughness. In GMAT score at the lower end of a school’s and to explain goals. Ideally, involve your
7 order to be successfully admitted to
an MBA program, you need to
range has a chance of success if they have
strengths in all other areas.
referees in the emotional journey of your
application so they will take pride in your
submit the complete documents required. success when you are ultimately admitted to
These documents typically include: the Focus on diversity. In your essays, your school of choice.
application form, résumé, GMAT or GRE
Score (and Toefl or IELTS for non-native
9 always answer the question asked,
but usually schools will ask “Why Follow these steps and these tips and, in my
English speakers), first degree grade this school?” This is the most important experience, you will gain entry to a great
transcripts, application essays and letters of question of your application. It demonstrates school and have a great experience. Take too
recommendation. Make sure you have that you have completed a self-assessment and many short cuts and even if you are admitted,
completed everything that is requested before thorough research and you know why the you may arrive at a school and realise it’s not
your submit your application. Most schools school will be a great match and will help you what you were looking for.

TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com 63






One of the most regular questions received at TopMBA.com, via our online forums on
Facebook, Twitter and so on, is

“Should I do an

MBA or a Masters degree?”

Ross Geraghty talks to some leading business schools and attempts to unscramble the spaghetti for you

n a sense this is a question in two parts: their program conversant, at least, with several is a graduate of MA in Finance won’t have do
Firstly, and please don’t forget this, what is core subjects including marketing, strategy, those kind of roles.”
it that you, the individual graduate, want? leadership, entrepreneurship, operations, human Simon Stockley, director of full time MBA
Secondly, what skills do recruiters say they resources and so on. This gives them a holistic programs at Imperial College Business School,
want for the jobs your education is overview of how businesses work. London, echoes this: “The Masters in Finance is
preparing you for? Particularly since the David Bach, associate dean of the MBA and a more quantitative degree featuring a lot of pure
economic downturn, corporates and business Professor of Strategy at IE Business School in maths to equip graduates for corporate finance
schools proactively confer on business education. Spain, says that the MBA “trains young and investment banking jobs. It’s a direct response
Recruiters tell the top business schools what they professionals in general areas of management to requests we have from the city. Virtually all of
expect from their business managers and the and to emphasize personal communication, these graduates get careers in financial
schools respond. institutions.”
Schools meanwhile
work hard to retain Trends
i n di v i d u a l i t y a n d
“An MBA graduate will emerge from their Despite this, trends
educational rigour; the picked up by the QS
debate raging around the
program conversant, at least, with several core TopMBA Applicant
MBA academic world Survey 2010, which
right now is to what
subjects including marketing, strategy, surveyed thousands of
extent corporate MBA applicants
governance and ethics
leadership, entrepreneurship, operations, internationally, show
should become a core that increasingly
feature of MBA and other
human resources and so on. This gives them a younger people are
business programs. interested in a business
holistic overview of how businesses work” education, especially
MBA or Masters? in the developing
Essentially, MBAs are a economies of Asia.
‘post-experience’ qualification in general leadership and management skills that cover all The QS World MBA Tour, which visits 65 cities
management, usually requiring three or more the areas. In the MBA you roughly do 25% class in 35 countries, shows that Asian candidates in
years of work experience, though four to eight time in finance and accounting, for example, particular are younger than those in Western
years is most common. Schools such as IMD in where the Finance MA is 90% pure finance.” Europe and North America.
Switzerland have students with an average of He goes on to say that the general nature of Business schools have to respond to such
seven years while Executive MBA, or EMBA, MBA courses, by definition, offer a very firm trends by creating courses more appropriate for a
courses are targeted at those with executive grounding in the other core skills such as less experienced age group. This is where the
experience – ten or more years generally. operations, HR and organizational behaviour Masters course comes in.
The vast majority of MBA courses stress the whereas an MSc in Finance won’t. This is Masters courses are ‘pre-experience’,
general nature of the education – there are recruiter-driven: “The big banks want students at targeted at immediate graduates and those who
specialist MBA courses, such as MBA in Wine the cutting edge of financial skills, derivatives and do not necessarily have work experience.
Management at Bordeaux, but let’s not discuss financial engineering, which are electives in an Simon Stockley says that his school has
that here. An MBA graduate will emerge from MBA but a core part of the MA. The assumption responded to the trend for younger people to want

66 TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com



to get into business schools straight out of university communication skills. In this sense the In salary terms, the MBA is perceived to have
by offering an MSc in Management program. professor is often a hands-off guide for a slight edge, however the difference between an
These are designed to provide recent graduates students’ debates, guiding them towards MBA and a Masters graduate with four years’
with some differentiation in the labour market problems rather than providing conclusions, postgraduate experience in a specialization is
when they are not experienced enough or allowing students to make mistakes and small. For those wanting to specialize, the MBA
prepared for the MBA. “You’d tend to take the research thoroughly themselves. may be too general, and you may feel ready to start
MBA later on and for one of three reasons: for studying very soon. Likewise, if you want to
career advancement, which is the dominant Specialize or generalize? differentiate yourself in management and aren’t
driver; to make a change in your career, or for Many graduates want to start focusing early. They ready for an MBA, Masters in Management
learning more about entrepreneurialism,” he says. may say that maths is their strong suit, and that courses are designed for you.
Bach says that taking students with less they are not interested in marketing or HR, for Having said that, the MBA is still rightfully
than three years’ work experience on an MBA example. The business world needs very strong considered a major business qualification,
is rare: “We require five years [experience] at
IE Business School, however we do sometimes
take candidates with less experience if they
“MSc in Management programs are designed to provide recent
have a brilliant trajectory because we value
diversity in our classrooms.” graduates with some differentiation in the labour market when they are
Course focus and teaching styles are
not experienced enough or prepared for the MBA”
essential differences between an MBA and a
Masters. Masters courses, says Stockley,
“introduce graduates to general management
but in a different way. Some cover the same accountants, HR or operations personnel or particularly, as Stockley says, “from one of the
material as parts of the MBA but are more people with other specializations, so a Masters in big schools. Reputation is important and
didactic in manner with fewer case studies, less Finance, Accountancy, HR and so on are the best people should do as much research as they can
debate and a different style of teaching that is option for many. Of course this also allows the to find the school that has the best fit for them.”
more lecture-based.” graduate to get straight into education again The key thinking, then, is: think about
MBA courses tend to focus on without necessarily having to go into a your strengths, about where you want to go,
teamwork, lots of contribution in class, management position for a few years in about what style of course suits you best and
learning from peers and networking and preparation for an MBA. start to plan your career trajectory early.

TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com 67



MBA core specialisations in the

modern world
of management
By Richard Burns, TopMBA.com

he MBA is widely considered to be also the founder of The Yankee Group and program is too long, too hard, and too
a general management the co-founder of Battery Ventures: expensive for just that.
qualification, educating MBAs in “Can innovation be taught or is it “If employers could isolate the illusive
overall management skills so as to inherited? Answer: both. If you have a spark, ‘innovative’ gene and bypass the whole
understand the function of a business as a a great school can develop it. If you don’t… interview process by just having you submit a
whole, sometimes referred to as a never mind. lock of your hair, they would. But no one has
‘helicopter view’. “Here’s a hint: we don’t ‘teach’ anything; yet figured that out, so companies do the next
But within virtually all MBA programs you learn by discovering. Instead of a silly best thing. They look for people that can
there are what are known as ‘core lecture about ‘globalisation’, [MIT] will send combine innovation with experience to find
specialisations’ and most business schools will you to a different continent with a team to better ways to do things. Innovation cannot
feature these heavily in their syllabus. solve a logistics problem. Instead of lecturing just come from delivering products or services;
These are not to be confused with about what an entrepreneur is, you will come it may be in logistics, in financing, in
specialised MBAs, which students usually up with your own idea, form your own team marketing. It may be in organisational design
select through electives according to their and build a company. If you are at a school or a better way to package.”
desired career in management. Knowledge of that does not do that, demand a refund!
the core specialisations is deemed essential. “Most people are going to get an MBA Finance
Here, four experts in the core because they want to change their careers Finance has long been a popular specialisation
specializations from some of the world’s in some way – either a different company or at MBA level, but after the recent global
leading business schools explain what goes a different skill set, right? If you are going economic downturn, fresh ideas and
on in their particular management domain back to that same job, just getting your innovation in the field are required more than
and why it is important for MBA success: ticket stamped, stay at home. An MBA ever. Professor Anant K Sundaram at the Tuck
School of Business
Innovation explains how the top
H o w a r d MBA programs
Anderson is a tackle the
renowned subject.
expert on “In its
innovation theories and in
and holds the practice, the
William Porter core ideas
Distinguished in finance
Chair at the are all
Sloan School of founded on a
Management, set of logically
Massachusetts Institute cogent ideas.
of Technology (MIT). There are few
With a long business disciplines
background, he is t aught in business

68 TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com



schools where academic research and the real

world come together as remarkably well as in
finance. The ideas that underpin the field not
only win Nobel prizes regularly, but they also
form the basis upon which billions of dollars
change hands every day.
“That said, there are many questions that
finance still continues to grapple with. For
example: What causes recurrent financial crises?
What is the role of ‘long tail’ risks, and how can
they be better understood and analysed? Why do
we witness apparently predictable irrational
investment decision-making by investors and
managers? Why do markets and companies
seem prone to herd behaviours? How can
corporate governance practices and incentives
be structured so as to produce value-creating
outcomes for the long run as opposed to the short
run? What is the right balance between free
markets and regulation in enabling the best
outcomes for society at large?
“Finance education, which includes
some of the top MBA programs, continues to
make exciting progress on all of these
important questions.”

Operations management
ESADE Business School consistently appears
in QS’ top 20 for MBAs specialising in
operations management. Professor Miguel
Angel Heras, director of the department of
operations management and innovation at
ESADE explains why operations management
is often thought of as the primary function to
many organisations.
“Operations management is the corporate
area in charge of designing, managing and
tracking different processes. These processes
are made up of interrelated, sequential activities
through which the components and actors
required (raw materials, labour, capital,
information, the client, and such) are
transformed into products. The key is the value
added through the process as perceived by the explains why managerial knowledge at an cases misleading. This is not surprising. One
customer, i.e. the end product has a greater international level is a plus point on any size-fits-all strategic advice is seldom adequate
value than the elements pre-process. MBA’s résumé. or appropriate.
“At ESADE, the department of operations “Due to an increased level of “International business is more complex
management and innovation applies a global globalisation, most firms are forced to operate than operating in just one national context
focus to operations. Its aim is to stay a step on an international level by seeking supplies because of the increased cultural and
ahead of companies’ current needs, giving and/or selling their products and services regulatory diversity. Most multinational firms
MBA students the knowledge, skills and abroad. This, in turn, has boosted the need for are bigger than purely national ones.
perspectives they need to create value for their managers who are capable of operating in a Organisational mechanisms such as
firms in the future.” multinational context. coordination and decision processes are more
“Successfully building an international firm difficult to understand and to handle.”
International management is highly dependent on specific market contexts
Historically the realm of larger organizations, as well as the resource and capability Each year, QS produces the Global 200 Top
an increase in the ease of communication endowments of the internationalising company. Business Schools Report which asks MBA
and international travel has enabled more “Suggestions such as ‘expand recruiters to rate the world’s top MBA
SMEs to compete at an international level internationally or die’, ‘penetrate local markets programs regionally, and by specialisation.
over the past two decades. Markus Venzin, as quickly as you can’ or ‘avoid strategic For more information, and to see the ratings,
Professor of Global Strategy at SDA Bocconi, alliances’ may seem alluring but are in most visit TopMBA.com.

TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com 69



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How to get ahead

in business: soften up
By Ross Geraghty, managing editor of TopMBA.com and the TopMBA Career Guide

There is a perception among many MBA candidates that business school is a place where you
learn the hard skills needed for a career as a business leader. Finance, marketing, accounting,
logistics, all of these are, without question, core specializations at business school, and you’ll
want to find business schools which do them well

major trend has emerged in the last few globally have taken this demand on board Australia says, “MBAs represent an interesting
years. The latest QS recruitment and many top business schools are pool of potential business leaders with broad
survey, the TopMBA Jobs and Salary attempting what can be a tricky balancing business skills, however they often come with
Trends Report from late 2010, shows that act, shoring up MBAs soft skills while, an arrogant expectation of career progression.
demand for ‘soft’ skills has drastically increased simult aneously, trying to firm up the I would like to see more emotional
in importance for MBA recruiters worldwide. traditional knowledge that MBAs will need. intelligence taught and realistic career
The survey of just over 5,000 MBA recruiters After all, a great communicator with little counselling provided.”
in 36 countries, shows
that they already have Winning attitude
very high expectations “MBA recruiters already have very high expectations of rigorous finance, Sean Hewitt, a careers
of rigorous finance, advisor, highlights the
marketing and marketing and e-business or IT skills from business school graduates. following nine areas as
e-business or IT skills They are now looking for another set of abilities to complement their a general guide: “Keep
from business school a winning attitude, be a
graduates. MBA businesses in today’s competitive economic climate” team player,
recruiters are now communicate
looking for another set effectively, exude
of abilities to complement their businesses in idea of financial models will have severely confidence, hone your creative skills, accept
today’s competitive economic climate. limited their job opportunities when and learn from criticism, motivate yourself &
The report, which predicts an improvement leaving business school. lead others, multitask and prioritize your to-do
in MBA recruitment for 2011 in several industries, Additionally, many MBA candidates I list, see the big picture.”
shows that the big four soft skills demanded by have spoken to on the QS World MBA Tour, Easier said than done perhaps? Wendy
MBAs recruiters are: Interpersonal skills, in Asia particularly, fail to appreciate the value Lyons, Managing Consultant at London’s
Communication skills, Strategic Thinking and of such learning, even seeing it as a waste of Human Assets, and an expert in the field,
Leadership. Around 50% of the recruiters that time. Especially when taking into account says: “For employers, getting the right people
responded are based in Asia; this is notable as MBA more classroom hours with a noted finance means identifying people with the right skills
students from this region have traditionally been professor, for example. and qualities to fulfill the role and contribute
strong in the hard skills associated with business For those MBA candidates, the need to to the organization’s success and it’s really
school and weaker in soft skills. look at the Jobs and Salary Trends Report is important to be aware that different roles
greater than ever before. According to have different requirements. You might need
Rising trend recruiters, too many business school graduates to be an amazing communicator for one role
This news is unsurprising, however, as hit the job market lacking the demanded skills but not necessarily for another so it’s
TopMBA.com has noted the rise in soft that go beyond the qualification. Mitch important to recognize what is needed by the
skills for several years. MBA programs O’Brien of Emissary Pharmaceuticals in role in question.”

72 TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com



Whatever role the MBA graduate is

aiming for, improving all areas of their Soft Skill Development more successful. Prepare for bad
leadership personality, including their soft news, and accept it
1) Get specific feedback from
skills, will greatly benefit their career colleagues and peers (and clients if 4) Develop the habit of critically
progress, if the opinions of recruiters are you can) on the qualities that are reviewing the impact you have had
important. And, as the TopMBA Jobs and important for the roles you want after any meeting. Consider ways
Salary Trends Report clearly says, the MBA or may be applying for. Consider to increase your impact and put
recruiters’ opinions are the most important ways of capitalizing on your this into practice. A top tip here?
of all. strengths as well as focusing on Record your thoughts and refer to
areas that need development. them before the next meeting
Basic soft skill development techniques Prepare to take negative criticism
Despite this, I am often asked about what 5) Take opportunities to regularly
on board as well as positive
exactly soft skills are and how to develop
network, within your organization
them. The simplest answer is to work to 2) Identify somebody who you think is and externally. Don’t just
particularly successful at approach people when you need
your strengths, but work on your
demonstrating the skills you want their help
weaknesses even harder. It’s clear that the
MBA is a complex program, and takes up a to develop. Talk to them and sit in
6) Spend more time with people
lot of time, so doing this while poring over meetings with them and gain an
who you find difficult to deal
insight into their approach
complex case studies may not be everyone’s with. Don’t just think about
ideas of a good time, but it’s evidently 3) Think back to a recent time when your feelings about them, but
worth it. you weren’t very successful at think about how they might view
The following is a list of suggestions on influencing or convincing an you. Try out different
how to adapt successfully to a role and to individual. Ask the individual how approaches with them to see if
learn a better approach to communication, you came across and what you you can develop a more effective
man-management and leadership. might have done differently to be relationship with them

“A great communicator with little idea of financial models will have severely limited their job
opportunities when leaving business school.”

TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com 73



the art of reinvention
By Debeshi Gooptu Bakshi

Jolted by the prospect of foreign competition on their home turf, Indian business schools have
decided to reinvent themselves to stay ahead of the race. Many leading schools such as the
Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) and the Indian School of Business are identifying best
practices to help them benchmark with foreign schools and attract the best students and faculty

ccreditation, evaluation and grading of IIM Kozhikode has applied for accreditation records. This includes schools such as the
programs, as is the norm with business from AMBA (Association of MBAs), a UK-based Indian Institutes of Management, the Indian
schools in the West, are a few of the organization. Even newer business schools such School of Business, Xavier Labour Relations
things being considered. Ajit Rangnekar, as the Chandigarh-based Aryans Business School Institute and Management Development
dean, Indian School of Business notes: “We have become members of US-based Institute among others.
have always believed that the best public accreditation body the AACSB (Association to While Indian magazines such as
policy for improving educational institutions Advance Collegiate Schools of Business). BusinessWorld, Business Today, and
is to enable and encourage competition.” International accreditation will help students get Outlook regularly publish surveys and
Rangnekar’s observations are right on target. their degrees recognized globally, while business rankings on Indian business schools in
Over the next year or so, Indian business schools schools will be successful in securing more collaboration with research agencies such as
are likely to see a lot of competition. According foreign partnerships and linkages. Synovate, Nielson, and Cfore, there is much
to the provisions of Union Minister Kapil Sibal’s controversy surrounding these rankings and
Foreign Educational Institutions (Regulation of Grading and evaluation the research methodologies.
Entry and Operation) Bill, 2010, foreign business It is a well known fact that Indian business For the first time ever, Crisil (Credit
schools will soon be allowed to set up shop in schools vary widely in terms of faculty, Rating and Information Services of India Ltd),
India. Schools such as Duke University’s Fuqua curriculum, infrastructure and placement a credit rating agency, has launched a grading
School of Business (US), Georgia Institute of
Technology (US), and York University’s Schulich
School of Business (Canada) have already
planned campuses in the country.

Indian business schools hope to make their mark
in an increasingly crowded marketplace by
closely following global standards. Many of the
IIMs, for instance, such as IIM Calcutta, IIM
Kozhikode, IIM Lucknow and ISB Hyderabad,
have applied for global accreditation. Both IIM
Ahmedabad and IIM Bangalore have received
approval from European agency EQUIS
(European Quality and Improvement System).

76 TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com



exercise for business schools in the country. a l s o h i g h l i g h t t h o s e qu e s t i o n a b l e decisions. The beneficiaries of this grading
The agency has graded 24 management institutes,” adds Shrikant. S P Jain Institute process traverse the entire stakeholder
programs so far. Hetal Dalal, Head of Crisil of Management & Research is a Mumbai- spectrum, including business schools,
Ratings explains: “Crisil believes that there is based business school that has participated students, parents, recruiters and investors.”
an urgent need for a credible, independent in the grading exercise. While the initiative is certainly note-
and reliable opinion on the quality of S Sriram, Executive Director, Great worthy, it remains to be seen how many
programs offered by business schools. The Lakes Institute of Management agrees: business schools sign up for the exercise.
grading scale will reflect the ability of business “This is a good initiative given the fact that However, these attempts to identify and
schools to impart quality education, and
achieve desired student outcomes, through
the graded programs. With this initiative, “While Indian magazines such as BusinessWorld, Business Today,
Crisil hopes to enhance transparency in the
sector, help students and other stakeholders
and Outlook regularly publish surveys and rankings on Indian business
make informed decisions, enable business schools in collaboration with research agencies, there is much
schools to adopt best practices, and support
the government in its mission of nurturing
controversy surrounding these rankings and the research methodologies”
quality education in India.”
The grading program classifies
management education programs on an most of the popular business school work on best practices can only work in
eight-point scale. There are also insights rankings are so different from each other favour of Indian schools and help to position
into student profile, faculty profile, that it leads to confusion in the minds of them in a dynamic market place.
curriculum and best practices adopted by the public. Some of the popular rankings Vinoo Urs, Regional Director - India,
the institute. Additionally, each program is are not objective and even appear biased. Duke University, Fuqua School of
graded on a national scale, relative to others A standard approach like this will help. Business - India Office
across India, and a state scale, relative to For the rating companies this will be a new notes: “The presence of
other such programs in the same state. This revenue stream.” international schools in
is designed to provide practical decision Sriram who is keen on participating in India will present new
making inputs to both students and the grading exercise feels that the evaluation concepts on business
recruiters, who may wish to study in, or exercise will not help education institutes education, management,
recruit from specific geographical areas. raise money as they are in the not-for- course work
Dr M L Shrikant, honorary dean, S P profit sector unlike business content and
Jain Institute of Management & Research organizations. “Rather, it will help research. This
says: “With unusual proliferation of position one self appropriately influx of new ideas
management institutes in the country, and improve branding.” will benefit India’s
prospective applicants and perhaps some existing and future
recruiters will find Crisil’s universities, further
grading, strengthening the
nation’s economy.”

not of
the top
1 0 - 1 5
institutes but
the next rung
o f 1 0 0
institutes, very
u s e f u l .” Dr
Shrikant adds that Dalal observes:
at present there is tremendous confusion “Crisil’s Business School
about the second rung of management Grading initiative will create greater
schools. There are also many third-rung transparency in the education sector to
institutes. “Hopefully Crisil’s rating will enable all stakeholders make informed

TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com 77



Major collaborations bring

Indian business schools
right up to the mark
By Debeshi Gooptu Bakshi

Early this year, the Indian School of Business (ISB), one of India’s leading business schools,
signed an agreement with the MIT Sloan School of Management, to develop two new
institutes at the ISB’s upcoming campus at Mohali

s part of the agreement between MIT and Business school collaboration as Yale, IIT Chicago, University of Houston,
ISB, MIT will provide faculty support At present, there are a significant number of and Nanyang Technological University,
and curriculum design in the areas of business schools in India that have collaborative among others. These cover joint research and
manufacturing, operations and management of agreements with international institutes, academic programs, and student/faculty
large infrastructure, assist in faculty recruitment including the Indian Institutes of Management exchange. We get international faculty with
for the ISB, provide teaching opportunity for (IIMs), Management Development Institute global exposure while our course curriculum
MIT faculty, offer joint executive education (MDI), Xavier Labour Relations Institute incorporates current global trends.”
programs and facilitate joint action learning (XLRI), Institute of Management Technology Typically, one business school
projects for students. (IMT), the list goes on. collaborates with several international
David Schmittlein, Dean of MIT Sloan According to Foreign Education partners at the same time. For instance, ISB
School of Management says: “This is part of Providers in India, a report on collaborative has academic agreements with Kellogg
our distinct international strategy of arrangements commissioned by the UK India School of Management, the Wharton School,
developing regionally dispersed, mutually Education Research Initiative (UKERI), and the London Business School.
beneficial institutional partnerships, and there are 143 Indian institutions and 161 ISB has also set up a Centre for Case
allows MIT Sloan to contribute to world-class foreign education providers engaged in Development in collaboration with the
management education in India. It creates collaboration. The tot al number of Richard Ivey School of Business at The
opportunities for MIT Sloan faculty and collaborations is 230. Each collaboration may University of Western Ontario, to enhance
students to work with local faculty and have one or more program delivery, bringing case-writing capabilities among Indian
students here in India.” the total number of programs that are academia, and to distribute these cases
International colleges and universities collaboratively delivered to 641. worldwide. The school also collaborates with
have been collaborating with Indian The report goes on to say that the Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.
educational institutions since the early 1990s maximum number of collaborations is taking Similarly, the Fuqua School of Business
when government regulations did not allow place in the field of management and has agreements with multiple business
foreign institutes to set up campuses or business administration. Out of the total of schools such as the Indian Institute of
recognize foreign degrees awarded in India. 641 programs, 170 (26.5%) collaborative Management-Bangalore and Indian Institute
Collaborations were inked to help programs are offered in this field. of Management-Ahmedabad.
foreign institutes market their programs in Great Lakes Institute of Management, a
India through a local partner, participate in management school based in Chennai, International MBA partnerships
student and faculty exchanges as well as lend collaborates with several universities of “India will continue to see increasing interest
their expertise. Collaborations ranged from international repute. from foreign universities wishing to establish
twinning agreements, joint faculty and staff Professor S Sriram, executive director of partnerships with Indian schools as the nation
exchange programs to support curriculum Great Lakes says, “We have agreements with continues its economic rise and the number
design and pedagogy. about half a dozen foreign universities such of students wishing to pursue MBA studies

78 TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com



grows. The recent legislation allowing foreign legislation, foreign schools will be allowed to explains, “India’s economy is vibrant and
universities to enter the Indian market will no set up campuses in India. Though many growing, and Harvard Business School offers
doubt accelerate these trends,” says Vinoo Urs, schools have taken the collaboration route to a blend of executive programs in India which
regional director for India at Duke University, enter the country, in the near future it may not help participants develop broad strategy and
Fuqua School of Business. be necessary to do so. leadership skills, as well as providing expertise
India’s top business schools, the Indian and insights in key areas of growth such as real
Institutes of Management, collaborate with many India’s economy estate and professional services.
international institutes such as Copenhagen There are also many institutes that are making “The increase in executive education
Business School (Denmark), ESSEC (France), inroads into the management education options in India is a positive trend that will
lead to stronger businesses, more educational
opportunities and inclusive growth. At
Harvard Business School, we remain fully
“With the government’s Foreign Universities Bill on its way to becoming committed to India as a place we can teach
legislation, foreign schools will be allowed to set up campuses in India. and learn from Indian business executives.
That is why we offer executive education
Though many schools have taken the collaboration route to enter the programs here in India and we look forward
country, in the near future it may not be necessary to do so” to developing further timely and relevant
executive programs in the future, based on
the needs of the market in India.”
While Harvard may choose to go solo,
Cardiff University (UK), City University of New market without taking the help of a partner. many foreign institutions are looking at
York (US), UCLA Anderson (US) among others. Harvard Business School (HBS) delivered a partnering with Indian institutions. Students
In fact, the IIMs are working toward increasing range of executive education programs in stand to gain from such partnerships as both
foreign collaborations in the fields of faculty and India this year and is hunting for space for partners are able to combine their expertise to
student exchange, research and training. classrooms to deliver these programs in future. offer greater value to students through a greater
With the government’s Foreign Professor David Yoffie, senior associate international focus and better international
Universities Bill on its way to becoming dean and chair of executive education at HBS recognition of their qualifications.

TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com 79

Regional Focus


Durable Britain
turns the
employment corner
By Ross Geraghty, managing editor, TopMBA.com and TopMBA Career Guide

In recent years, the UK has consistently been second in the QS World MBA Tour Applicant
Survey for the most popular countries to study in, with the US first and Canada third. This
reflects UK business schools’ international reputation not only for a rigorous academic
approach but for high salaries and excellent job opportunities after graduating.

ondon is one of the world’s leading coalition’s cuts program, with 75% saying that despite the Pound weakening against the Euro,
finance and banking centres and the deficit needs to be cut quickly, which and there are still a number of job openings for
other regions of the UK have increases to 85% of FTSE 350 respondents.” graduates from UK schools.
excellent opportunities in the services Regardless of the recession, applications With a long-established reputation for
industry. However, the recession has had an to most top business schools have been affected hosting top MBA programs, the UK has many
impact on the UK’s employment statistics. positively, with a spike in applications over the of the top 100 business schools in the world
No major financial powerhouse such as last two years. Despite the recent information including London, Manchester, Cranfield,
London, with the knock-on effect for the that recruitment in the banking industry Cambridge Judge, Oxford Saïd and Warwick,
rest of the country, could come out of such dropped in 2010, it will rebound for MBAs in all of which perform highly in most international
a banking-induced crisis without feeling 2011, while consultancy and general industry rankings. Trinity in Dublin, in nearby Ireland,
some pain. have remained surprisingly buoyant in the UK. and Scottish schools such as Edinburgh and
Despite this, the UK has shown a great Salaries are still very high for MBA graduates, Strathclyde also perform well in rankings.
deal of durability. The recession has hurt, and
bitten deep, but the UK government, to its
credit, moved swiftly to attempt to ease the
problem. Various packages introduced by the
previous centrist Labour government such as
‘quantitative easing’, designed to stimulate the
economy and get the banking industry back on
its feet again.
The election of a centre-right
Conservative-led coalition government has
also proved popular with business leaders,
despite enormous complaints from those at
the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum.
A recent Ipsos-Mori poll in the UK survey
suggested that: “A massive 89% of UK business
leaders agree that the coalition government’s
policies will improve the state of the British
economy. There is also strong support for the
London Eye and Houses of Parliament

80 TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com

Regional Focus


Why the UK?

One big clincher for international students to
studying an MBA in the UK is the immersion
into the English language. In fact, in 2007, the
UK’s business schools taught more MBAs per
year than the whole of the rest of Europe put
together, according to a British Council research
document. Learning, using and improving skills
in the world’s business language is a major draw
card for international candidates who are not
considering the USA. Vicinity and ease of travel
are also a big attraction for European students
who do not face the same visa issues as they
would in other major anglophone nations,
namely the USA, Canada and Australia. It’s close
to home for European candidates for family visits
or some much needed time-out, and bucket seats
for two-hour flights are cheap and plentiful.
It is true that most business courses are
taught in English, including those at the top
schools in Spain, France, Switzerland and
Germany. However, the opportunity for
immersion in the world’s business language on
a daily basis, as well as the cultural aspects of the
language, proves very valuable indeed.
English is spoken across Ireland, Scotland
and Wales too, although there are an
increasing number of bilingual Gaelic
speakers and, in many places in those
countries, signs and posters use the traditional
Celtic language as well as English.

Business links
The UK has numerous MBA-employing
businesses, an international top-five economy
and has vigorously cemented its place there.
With easy access to mainland Europe, countless View from St Paul’s towards the West End
numbers of finance houses, consultancies and increasing numbers of international MBA
banks have offices there, with employment surrounding it have become a Celtic ‘silicon students and have business schools that cater
opportunities for MBA graduates. valley’ with Dell, Google and Microsoft all hosting for the widest possible range of general and
Nobody can dispute that London is one of European operations from there. Scotland has a specialized MBA courses.
the major finance and cultural centres in the good reputation on the energy field with two Another issue concerning MBAs is the
world, with a colossal amount of banks and specialized MBAs in Oil and Gas Management immigration system. The UK government
finance houses rivalled only by New York. ‘The in the north of the country, providing the best recently announced a new system to replace
City’, London’s financial district also known as access to the oil platforms of the North Sea. the successful though slightly contentious
the ‘square mile’, is home to the Bank of England
and high-rise buildings, such as the Norman
Foster-designed ‘Gherkin’, which host countless “It is true that most business courses are taught in English, including those
financial institutions and consultancies.
at the top schools in Spain, France, Switzerland and Germany. However, the
Both parts of London are steeped in history,
making it one of the truly most attractive opportunity for immersion in the world’s business language on a daily basis,
financial areas to work in anywhere in the world.
as well as the cultural aspects of the language, proves very valuable indeed”
Dominating the south-central area of
London, in redeveloped and regenerated
historical docklands, Canary Wharf towers over
another imposing financial district, an area The midlands of England had a strong Highly Skilled Migrant Program (HSMP). The
including the Millennium Dome and a great automotive history, though recent years have Tier 1 (general) immigration system benefits
array of renovated flats, shops and restaurants. seen uncertainty in the UK’s car industry, those with a strong business education and
Though dominated by London, there are while the industrial northwest is home to provides a fast-tracked immigration process for
other business hotspots throughout UK and several long-established manufacturing MBA graduates. For more information see the
Ireland for MBAs. Dublin, Ireland, and the areas giants. All of these regions are attracting Going Global article earlier in this magazine.

TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com 81

Regional focus


US businesses
are hiring again
By Mary Anne Thompson, Founder
and President, Going Global, Inc.

As its economy recovers from

the global recession, the US
begins a slow but steady hiring
trend across most job sectors

fter at least two years of suffering through home health workers and physical therapist aides Network administrators, information systems
rounds of layoffs, staff deficiencies and are in demand throughout the US Many other security managers and systems engineers are
financial uncertainty due to the global job sectors have also experienced consistent among the most advertised positions.
recession, American businesses are finally hiring hiring increases of at least 10% in the first half of While there are abundant needs in certain
again. Though most regions of the country are 2010. Chief among these are the customer established industries, many new hires will also
still not seeing significant hiring yet, the US is service, sales, information technology, be for emerging industries. Hiring managers,
cautiously optimistic about its future. According administration, business development and 41% of whom plan to hire within the next six
to economic experts, it may take the country accounting/finance sectors. months, are recruiting for jobs focused on new
three to four years to return to pre-recession In the area of accounting and finance, tax areas such as social media, green energy, global
employment levels, but certain sectors are accountants, compliance directors and credit relations and healthcare reform.
wasting no time beefing up staff now that they managers are most in demand as businesses seek 22% of employers report some hiring will
have the green light to hire. financial professionals who can help manage also be for unfilled positions for which they have
S t a tistics sh ow been unable to find
healthcare support qualified candidates.
occupations have already The areas of IT,
experienced major
“In the area of accounting and finance, tax accountants, compliance customer service and
increases in hiring activity directors and credit managers are most in demand as businesses seek c o m mu ni c a t i o n s
over the last several report the greatest
months. Of the 20 fastest-
financial professionals who can help manage costs and enhance skills deficits. Many
growing occupations in profitability as the country exits the recession” companies have
the US economy, half are begun to look for
related to health care, due creative ways to fill
in large part to the aging of these and other
the baby boomer generation. In addition, as costs and enhance profitability as the country positions. Some are looking to skilled freelance
health care costs continue to rise, work is exits the recession. In the area of IT, professionals or contract workers to move their businesses
increasingly being delegated to lower-paid who are able to tie IT initiatives to larger business forward. By going this route, companies alleviate
workers in order to save money. Physician objectives, helping their firms become more the cost of hiring full time workers before the
assistants, medical assistants, dental hygienists, efficient and reduce costs, are most in demand. economy is more stable. Some businesses are

82 TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com

Regional focus


choosing to rehire retirees, while still others are

looking beyond the US to find needed talent. Interviewing advice Cultural advice/protocol
Looking outside US borders will also help and business etiquette
to diversify a company’s work force, something
many American businesses would like to do. In t During an interview, act confident,
order to attract talent, many US companies also
team-oriented and positive. It is
appropriate to give oneself credit
tThere are many styles of
management within the country,
plan to provide new employees with greater
for accomplishments and usually reflecting the type of work
flexibility in the hope this will help retain those
achievements. Do not be shy about that is done within a company.
who may consider switching jobs when the
economy fully recovers. truthfully communicating Regulated or government-serving
ambitions and successes. In the companies tend to be the most
Graduate hiring United States, this is perceived as conservative, while businesses
While hiring is increasing across the country and showing self-confidence. serving the public tend to be more
in many sectors, those fresh out of school still may creative and informal.
have trouble securing a job quickly. A recent report t American interviewers will also
by the National Association of Colleges and
Employers (NACE) finds companies surveyed
be impressed if the discussion
focuses on customer value, shows
tBecause the business environment
in the United States is highly
expect to hire fewer graduates from the class of how the applicant has been an competitive in all industries,
2010. Starting salary offers for new graduates are effective team player, and American companies are constantly
also down. CareerBuilder.com sees salaries and demonstrates how he or she has seeking more effective methods of
benefits, for new and current employees, worked creatively and management and more efficient
continuing to stay tight over the next year. It may independently. A positive attitude practices among their employees to
take a while before companies feel secure enough is very important. Most boost productivity, lower costs and
to give employees a bump up in pay. employers seek people who are reduce attrition.
As the US begins to recover from the positive, upbeat and energetic.
economic recession, its businesses are focused
tAmerican managers are required to
on rehiring laid-off workers, replacing lower-
performing employees and steadily expanding t Direct eye contact while speaking
and listening is also vital. The
remain aware of trends and new
developments in management
their work forces. Every region of the country failure to make eye contact may be techniques and adjust their
has increased its hiring activity by approximately interpreted as a sign of boredom, management practices to take
20% over the last six months. Employment disinterest, lack of confidence or advantage of these advances in
services industry leader Manpower Inc. reports knowledge. Jobs are continuously
even dishonesty.
95 of the nation’s 100 largest Metropolitan created and eliminated, and an
Statistical Areas have a positive hiring outlook
employee’s responsibilities may
for the upcoming quarter. Expectations are that
change over time.
American businesses will continue their hiring
trend well into the foreseeable future.

Recommended job sites InternJobs.com

CareerBuilder InternJobs.com is a global database of internships and
http://www.careerbuilder.com/ entry-level positions for students, recent graduates and
CareerBuilder, a partnership of several major newspapers, other individuals who are changing careers. The jobs
is one of the largest career websites in the United States. database can be searched for positions in the United States
and internationally.
http://www.usajobs.opm.gov/ Spherion
This is the official career website of the US federal http://www.spherion.com/
government, providing access to thousands of federal jobs Offering the flexibility of temporary, temp-to-hire and direct-
through its comprehensive database. Jobseekers can create hire positions, Spherion has placed millions of talented
and store a résumé and apply to various federal positions people in jobs spanning industries such as accounting and
on the USAJobs website. USAJobs also features an finance, technology, engineering and manufacturing, law,
‘Information Center’ that explains the federal hiring sales and marketing, and human resources.
process, federal job terminology, and special opportunities Mary Anne Thompson is the Founder and President of Going
for students and other populations. Global, Inc. (www.goinglobal.com) a subscription database service
that contains career and employment information for more than
80 locations.

TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com 83

American University
Kogod School of Business

Programme Type: Global Emerging Markets Full Time Course Information Application Fee : Contact:
Full Time MBA Leadership & Human Capital Start Dates: USD ($) 100 Shannon Demko
Part Time MBA Management August Director of Graduate Admissions
Marketing Programme Duration: Part Time Course Information American University
Latin America

Joint Degree Programmes Real Estate 22 months Start Dates : Kogod School of Business
Offered: Self-designed January, August 4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
MBA + JD Tuition Fee: Washington, DC
MBA + MA Specialisation by Industry: USD ($) 14972 / Per Semester Programme Duration : 20016-8044
MBA + MSc (Accounting/Taxation) Banking / Financial Services 33 months United States of America
MBA + LLM; MS in Finance; MS in Consulting Entry Requirements:
Real Estate Government Min. GMAT Score : N/A Tuition Fee : Tel: +1 202-885-1913
IT / Telecommunications Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score USD ($) 1144 / Per Credit Fax: +1 202-885-1078
Specialisation by Function: Public Sector : 100 Email: KogodGrad@american.edu
Accounting Real Estate Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : N/A Web: www.kogod.american.edu/
Management Consulting Min. IELTS : 7 admissions
IT Consulting Min. Years of Work Experience : 2
North America
Asia Pacific

American University’s Kogod School of Business is The Kogod MBA is built around an integrated core Kogod offers outstanding faculty members and
committed to offering interdisciplinary programs curriculum with strong emphasis on global decision- an integrated curriculum that provides a unique
that give students the breadth and depth of making, quantitative analysis, and professional interdisciplinary approach that blends theory and
knowledge necessary to succeed in a dynamic development. Kogod’s market-driven approach practice. Kogod employs eighty full-time faculty
global business environment. Kogod’s MBA program is reflected in our MBA concentrations, hands-on members who hold the highest degree in their field
combines a high quality business education with the consulting projects, scholarly research, and career and have extensive real-world experience.
top-rated programs of other American University development.
(AU) professional schools – such as the School of The Kogod Center for Career Development is
Australia & New Zealand

International Service and the Washington College MBA concentrations are focused on making students committed to helping both students and employer
of Law – to ensure a fully integrated learning successful in today’s competitive marketplace, partners meet their unique business goals. MBA
experience. Kogod offers dual degree graduate and the completion of concentration coursework students benefit from career management courses,
programs including a JD/MBA, MA/MBA, and an represents an area of specific expertise. Students may personalized coaching and career advisement,
LLM/MBA. pursue concentrations in accounting, consulting, internship/job search strategies, industry-specific
entrepreneurship, finance, global emerging markets, career days, company site visits, career fairs and
Established in 1955, Kogod’s highly diverse population leadership & strategic human capital management, alumni networking.
is driven to make a different in the world, recognizing marketing, and real estate. Students may also create
that purpose and profit are not at odds. The school a personalized concentration with the Design Your American University’s 84-acre campus is located in a
works closely with the business community to prepare Own option. beautiful residential area in the heart of northwest
outstanding candidates for productive careers in the Washington, D.C. Many students pursue internships
global business environment. and job opportunities with area businesses.

84 The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011

Graduate School of Business,
California Lutheran University

Programme Type: Specialisation by Industry: Programme Duration: Application Fee : Contact:

Full Time MBA Banking / Financial Services 12 months USD ($) 50 Dr. Harry Domicone,
Part Time MBA Consulting International MBA Program
Government Tuition Fee: Part Time Course Information Director

Latin America
Specialisation by Function: IT / Telecommunications USD ($) 44,900 / Total Program Start Dates : Graduate School of Business,
Economics Media & Entertainment Cost February, May, August, November California Lutheran University
Entrepreneurship Non - Profit Organisation 60 West Olsen Road #3500
Finance Pharmaceutical / Bio-Medical Entry Requirements: Programme Duration : Thousand Oaks, California
General Management Public Sector Min. GMAT Score : 550 or waiver 21 months 91360
Information Management Retail / Consumer Goods Min. TOEFL Score: United States of America
International Management / Internet 112 Tuition Fee :
Business Full Time Course Information Computer 230 USD ($) 2100 / Per Course Tel: +1 805 493 3511
IT Management Start Dates: Paper 570 Fax: +1 805 493 3312
Marketing February, May, August, November Min. IELTS : 6.5 Email: domicone@clunet.edu
Organisational Behavior Min. Years of Work Experience : 0 Web: www.clunet.edu/IMBA
Social Enterprise and Not-for-Profit

Profit. In addition to classroom activities, there are Who Should Apply to CLU?
many scheduled seminars, workshops, and other Total cost and speed to completion are often factors

North America
professional development opportunities. in the student’s MBA decision process. Students who
wish to complete an MBA in as few as 12 months, or
Admissions Criteria for whom a significant overall educational value is
Admissions are selective but flexible. Minimum desired may wish to consider CLU for their MBA in
expectations include a bachelor’s degree with a the USA.
respectable academic record; work experience is
not required. Most applicants submit GMAT scores,
Student Profile
but with a sufficient demonstration of quantitative The possibility to complete an
ability, this test may be waived. Similarly, most MBA in as few as 12 months
applicants report TOEFL scores, but under certain attracts highly-qualified
circumstances this requirement can also be students from around the
modified. A Pre-MBA is available for students with globe to Southern California,
backgrounds other than business. where they discover that

living and learning in CLU’s
A Southern California Campus environment of intellectual
CLU is located in Thousand Oaks, California, mid- inquiry and real world training
way between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara (about come together for a well-rounded education
an hour’s drive from each). The 200+ acre (100+ experience. At CLU class sizes are small, and
hectare) park-like campus enjoys a superb climate, international and US students alike take courses and
One Year MBA where it never freezes or is ever too warm. complete meaningful projects together.
CLU Graduate School of Business
Southern California, USA Costs and Scholarship Opportunities Though work experience is preferred, CLU will
The all-inclusive price of the MBA program at consider international applicants who are just
The Exceptional Value of a 12 Month MBA CLU for the 2010 academic year is about $44,000, beginning their careers. A Pre-MBA is available for
Asia Pacific
The MBA at CLU is recognized as “An Exceptional which includes tuition, seminars, events, health students with other than business backgrounds.
Value in US Graduate Business Education.” CLU is insurance and shared graduate housing with private The international perspectives that these pre-career
ranked by US News & World Report as a Top Tier bedrooms, full kitchens, and wireless internet. The students bring to the graduate classes, coupled
Master’s-granting university in the US West. The only additional costs are for textbooks, groceries, with the real world professional experiences of the
CLU MBA is demanding, and the expectations are entertainment, and other personal expenses (e.g., American professionals, executives, and managers
high – but the rewards are great. And the total cost laundry, etc.). To obtain an F-1 student visa, about who are in the same classes, combine to create a
is far less than that of many other MBA programs. $50,000 must be certified in funds or available remarkable environment of international learning,
Significantly, the degree can be completed in as few support. career mentoring, and the formation of enduring
as 12 months. The combination of substantial value, professional relationships among all participants.
Australia & New Zealand

spectacular location, small class size, close contact Career Planning

with renowned faculty, and internship opportunities The CLU Career Center is instrumental with career After the academic component of the program,
appeals to even the most discriminating and highly- development, and the placement rate is well above many MBA graduates elect to engage in an optional
qualified applicant. 90%. In addition, the optional internship can provide internship, which is arranged with the assistance of
a useful introduction to national and international the CLU Career Center and the School of Business
General or Specialized Degree Program employment opportunities. and its faculty.
Students may select either a general MBA or a
specialized MBA with an emphasis in one of several Application Procedures Recognized as an “Exceptional Value in US Graduate
areas, including Finance, Marketing, Management/ Students may apply for any of four entry points: Business Education,” CLU offers a superb blend of
Organizational Behavior, Information Technology, August, November, February, or May. Applications academics, practical experience, dynamic business
International Business, Financial Planning, are encouraged at least 120 days before the start of location, and splendid climate.
Entrepreneurship, and Social Enterprise/ Not-for- the term.

The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011 85

Goizueta Business School
Emory University

Programme Type: General Management Full Time Course Information Part Time Course Information Contact:
Full Time MBA Health Care Management Start Dates: Start Dates : Julie Barefoot
Part Time MBA International Management / August August Associate Dean & Director
Executive MBA Business MBA Admissions
Latin America

Leadership Programme Duration: Programme Duration : Goizueta Business School

Joint Degree Programmes Marketing 22 months 36 months Emory University
Offered: Real Estate 1300 Clifton Road
MBA + JD Tuition Fee: Tuition Fee : Atlanta, GA
MBA + MD Specialisation by Industry: USD ($) 42000 / Per Year USD ($) 74100 / Total Program Cost 30322
MBA + MPH Banking / Financial Services United States of America
MBA+DPT Consulting Entry Requirements: Executive Course Information Tel: +01 (404) 727 6311
MBA + MDiv Non - Profit Organisation Min. TOEFL Internet Based Score: 100 Start Dates: Fax: +01 (404) 727 4612
Pharmaceutical / Bio-Medical Min. IELTS : 7 December, August Email: admissions@bus.emory.edu
Specialisation by Function: Real Estate Min. Years of Work Experience : 2 Web: www.goizueta.emory.edu
Accountancy Retail / Consumer Goods Programme Duration :
Brand Management Venture Capital & Private Equity Application Fee : 16 or 21 months *depending on format selected
Decision Science USD ($) 150
Entrepreneurship Tuition Fee :
Finance $92,050 - $100,500*
North America

experiences, and international travel opportunities. The Coca-Cola Company, Walt Disney Company,
Each offers a dynamic MBA experience that goes PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, and more.
beyond preparing you for your next job, and instead
prepares you for a lifetime of accomplishments.
Student Profile

Curriculum & Faculty Brandi Ray, Two-Year 10MBA:

At its core, our curriculum is designed to educate Undergraduate Institution: University of North
the whole person across all areas of business. It Carolina Chapel-Hill
will challenge you to dive deeply into your area Undergraduate Major: Business Administration
of interest, but push you to integrate knowledge Pre-MBA Job: Marketing Associate, Equifax
from every area. Our curriculum integrates MBA Internship: PepsiCo., Frito-Lay
classroom theory and business reality, leveraging Full-Time Job: Associate Brand Manager, Frito-Lay,
our faculty’s deep connections to Atlanta’s Fortune Dallas, TX

500 companies and world-renowned nonprofit

organizations to give you the chance to work with Brandi attended a national career conference where
real clients from day one. she met an Emory alum who introduced her to
the Frito-Lay marketing manager. “Because of that
Goizueta faculty members are recognized worldwide introduction I was added to the next day’s interview
as thought leaders in their fields. They have taught list. That’s the type of connections and networking
at the finest business programs and served as that happen everyday at Emory. And now, with the
consultants to the world’s largest corporations. And success I had during my internship, I was offered a
thanks to our small class sizes, they build strong full-time job to work on Frito-Lay’s portfolio of ‘better
relationships with our students, acting as mentors for you’ products developed specifically with women
Goizueta is a top-ranked business school in and helping connect students to outstanding in mind. Prior to coming to Emory I had marketing
Asia Pacific

one of the world’s great global cities. summer internships and career opportunities. experience, but I knew I needed more strategy and
Goizueta is a world-class business school with a needed to understand the nuts and bolts behind
90-year legacy of excellence, a place known for Our Location marketing. The Goizueta Marketing Strategy
educating the best and the brightest students from Goizueta is part of Emory University, one of the Consultancy (GMSC) prepared me for my internship
all over the United States and the world. Because finest institutes of higher learning in the world and and this career. You work with real clients from day
we are a small, private business school, we can offer a top-20 national research university. Located in one. I used a lot of my materials from GMSC at Frito-
interactions with top scholars, students, alumni, Atlanta, Georgia, Goizueta is at the heart of one of Lay. It’s real-time, real world marketing theory you
and industry leaders in powerful and personal ways the world’s great global cities. Because the city is can apply tomorrow in the business world.”
that you won’t find at other leading MBA programs. home to the nation’s third largest concentration of
Australia & New Zealand

Goizueta is a place where faculty and students come Fortune 500 companies, you’ll have opportunities
together to challenge one another, hold each other to forge powerful connections with industry leaders
accountable, and propel one another to greater that translate into internships and job opportunities.
The Goizueta Network
Our Full-Time MBA Programs Our students graduate with the skills—and
Goizueta is one of the few business schools in the experiences—they need to make a difference in
United States that offers both Two-Year and One- the business world immediately. It’s the reason
Year Full-Time MBA programs. Both programs Goizueta graduates are building powerful careers
feature 21 different concentrations across five all over the world at organizations as diverse as
different academic areas and give our students Aflac, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, NBC, Samsung
access to leadership development, real-world Electronics, the New York Stock Exchange Euronext,

86 The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011

Fordham Graduate School of
Business Administration

Programme Type: International Management / Full Time Course Information Part Time Course Information Contact:
Full Time MBA Business Start Dates: Start Dates : Patricia Caffrey
Part Time MBA IT Management January, April, September January, April, September Director of Admissions &
Executive MBA Leadership Enrollment Management

Latin America
Marketing Programme Duration: Programme Duration : Fordham Graduate School of
Joint Degree Programmes Operations Management 24 months 39 months Business Administration
Offered: Strategic Management 33 West 60th Street
MBA + JD Technology Management Tuition Fee: Tuition Fee : 4th Floor
MBA + MSc (Accounting/Taxation) USD ($) 1109 / Per Credit USD ($) 1109 / Per Credit New York, NY 10023
Specialisation by Industry: United States of America
Specialisation by Function: Banking / Financial Services Entry Requirements: Executive Course Information
Accountancy Consulting Min. GMAT Score : N/A Start Dates: Tel: 001-212-636-6200
Accountancy & Financial Environment Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score January, August Fax: 001-212-636-7076
Brand Management IT / Telecommunications : 250 Email: admissionsgb@fordham.edu
E-Commerce / Business Media & Entertainment Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 600 Programme Duration : Web: www.bnet.fordham.edu
Entrepreneurship Non - Profit Organisation Min. Years of Work Experience : 2 22 months
Finance Real Estate
General Management Retail / Consumer Goods Application Fee : Tuition Fee :
Information Management Venture Capital & Private Equity USD ($) 130 USD ($) 87550 / Total Program Cost

North America
credits and combines an MBA in Public Accounting
with an MS in Taxation plus preparation for the CPA
t Global Professional MBA
t JD/MBA Joint Degree
t Pre-MBA Program
t Master of Science (MS) in Accounting
t Master of Science (MS) in Communications &
Media Management
t Master of Science (MS) in Taxation
t Master of Science (MS) in Quantitative Finance

Visit our website at www.bnet.fordham.edu

Student Profile
I chose Fordham
Graduate School of
Business because I
was looking to change
careers within the
Fordham Graduate School of Business Administration of students, faculty and alumni who are truly financial services
offers a dynamic educational experience with access supportive of your academic work. Fordham offers industry. Once I
to renowned faculty, diverse business community, small, collaborative classes and provides a richness saw the selection of
international student body and extensive alumni of social and ethical experiences that is inherent in industry-focused clubs
Asia Pacific
network. Based on a 15-week trimester system its culture and principles. and the enthusiastic
and flexible part- and full-time curriculum, you career management team that was eager to guide
can choose from six MBA concentrations, four The Fordham Traditional MBA curriculum offers a and advise me on the numerous resources and
cutting-edge master programs and diverse electives choice of a single concentration that consists of opportunities I had at my disposal, I knew I had made
which enable you to customize a unique graduate a total of 69 credits, including 24 credits of core the right decision. From administration to faculty to
education to meet your individual needs. courses and nine credits of prerequisites or a dual fellow students, everyone is willing to lend a hand
concentration program that requires 72 credits. in your development whether it is professionally,
Fordham’s main campus is located just steps from academically, or personally. Having unparalleled
Lincoln Center, in the heart of New York City, the Fordham GBA has a range of programs to choose access to both full- and part-time students, Fordham
Australia & New Zealand

nation’s premier hub of commerce and culture, and from, several of which are unique: offers one of the largest networks one could have
headquarters to leading names in finance, media, t MBA with concentrations in: (1) Public access to at a business school. I feel privileged to
fashion and marketing. Students have the option Accounting, (2) Finance, (3) Communications be part of such a diverse community that shares
to move freely between the two campuses and & Media Management, (4) Information in its commitment to attain success at the highest
study where you work or live. Fordham Westchester, Systems, (5) Management Systems, and (6) standards. With the entire Fordham community
a brand new suburban campus, is a state of the Marketing. In addition to the concentration, striving for continuous growth in this changing
art building situated on 32 wooded acres with you can further specialize your degree with global environment, Fordham Graduate School of
a full selection of graduate courses in Finance, the following “designations”: Entrepreneurship, Business was an opportune place for me to achieve
Management Systems and Marketing. Global Sustainability, Electronic Business and my career goals.
International Business. Derrick Mayo
In joining Fordham Graduate School of Business t Executive MBA Class of 2010
Administration, you’ll become part of a community t MTA Program - is a dual degree, requiring 99

The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011 87

George Mason University
School of Management

Programme Type: Consulting Entry Requirements: Programme Duration : Contact:

Full Time MBA Government Min. GMAT Score : 600 35 months Nicole White, Assistant Director
Part Time MBA IT / Telecommunications Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score George Mason University
Executive MBA Real Estate : 230 Tuition Fee : School of Management
Latin America

Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 570 USD ($) 729.00 / Per Credit Enterprise Hall
Specialisation by Function: Full Time Course Information Min. IELTS : 6.5 4400 University Drive, MS 5A2
Accountancy & Financial Start Dates: Min. Years of Work Experience : 0 Executive Course Information Fairfax, Virginia
Entrepreneurship August Start Dates: 22030
Information Management Application Fee : August United States of America
Marketing Programme Duration: USD ($) 65
Project Management 21 months Programme Duration : Tel: 703-993-2136
Technology Management Part Time Course Information 21 months Fax: 703-993-1778
Tuition Fee: Start Dates : Email: mba@gmu.edu
Specialisation by Industry: USD ($) 729 / Per Credit January, August Tuition Fee : Web: som.gmu.edu
Banking / Financial Services USD ($) 72,900 / Total Program Cost

connections. Our students come from all over the Specializations

world and have experience in a broad range of With nine specializations, you can select courses to
North America

industries. This global immersion extends outside fit your interests and meet your specific career goals.
the classroom to a weeklong global residency that t Accounting
exposes you to international business management, t Entrepreneurship
regulation, and entrepreneurship and prepares you t Financial Management
to lead in a global marketplace. t Information Systems Management
t International Business
Choose the right MBA program for you. t Marketing
You’re ready to take the next step in your career t Project Management
development. And you want to make the right t Real Estate Finance
choice in an MBA program. Students from a variety t Tourism and Events Management
of backgrounds have found the MBA program at
George Mason University School of Management Learn more about our programs at mba.gmu.edu
offers the comprehensive and innovative business

education they’re looking for.

Student Profile
Through rigorous coursework and real-world
experiences, you develop the management
knowledge, analytical and problem solving skills,
and leadership abilities to blaze new trails in your
career. You acquire a multidimensional perspective
on the continually changing global business Tyler Summers
environment in which you must compete. And MBA, Class of 2012
you gain the confidence of knowing you’re better
A top-ranked school near the heart of the prepared for the unknown challenges that lie ahead. I had the privilege of being the only woman and the
Asia Pacific

nation’s capital. youngest member of a facility security team working

The business world is more complex and the Our Full-Time MBA Program in the United Arab Emirates. After this experience,
competitive challenges greater than ever before. Our challenging full-time program is designed for I wanted to share my knowledge and success to
To succeed in today’s global marketplace, you students who want to maximize their time in school encourage women of developing nations to enter
need more diverse skills, broader insights, and to earn a degree in 21 months. Our full-time classes leadership roles within their own governments.
the confidence that comes from knowing you are are small by design to ensure personal exposure to I decided to attain an MBA from George Mason
truly prepared to assume a critical leadership role. faculty and career services. As a full-time student, you University because of the focus on entrepreneurship,
The MBA program at George Mason University can qualify for research or teaching assistantships with international business, and strong relationships with
help you create the career possibilities you want. the School of Management. Assistantships provide government agencies. The opportunity to gain
Australia & New Zealand

It’s a program designed to help prepare you to partial or full tuition waivers and are awarded to a hands-on experience during the required week-
capitalize on the opportunities—and maximize your select group of qualified students each year. long global residency to areas like South America,
potential—in the next few years and for the rest of Europe, and Asia will provide me and my classmates
your professional life. Our Part-Time MBA Program the opportunity to meet with prominent business
Our part-time program is an ideal option if you’re leaders and to serve as consultants—developing
Located just outside Washington, D.C., in the working full-time and looking for a high-caliber solutions to real time global business challenges.
booming technology-corridor of Northern Virginia, program that is flexible, personal, and relevant. With the knowledge gained at Mason, my goal to run
Mason is one of the most innovative, diverse, Students in our part-time program are experienced a woman-owned defense and security company will
and entrepreneurial universities in the U.S. As a professionals with proven leadership skills—and be well within my grasp.
Mason MBA student, you’ll complete an advanced you can draw on each other’s backgrounds for team
curriculum, learn from world-class faculty, and build projects and other coursework.
a network of high-caliber peers and deep business

90 The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011

Hult International Business School
Boston—San Francisco—London—Dubai—Shanghai

Program Type: Education 3% San Francisco 55,500 USD Entry Requirements: Asia Pacific Admissions Office
Full-time MBA Trade 2% Dubai 203,700 AED Min. years of work experience: 3 HONG KONG
Executive MBA Agriculture 1% London 38,000 GBP Min. age: 24 Tel : +852 2111 2399
Master of International Business Other 12% Shanghai 377,400 CNY GMAT Score

Latin America
Master of Digital Marketing English Proficiency Test Europe Admissions Office
Master of Finance Pre-MBA Function: Executive MBA Course Information: LONDON
Master of Social Entrepreneurship General Mgmt/HR 29% Start Dates: September The Americas Admission Offices Tel: +44 207 341 8555
Bachelor of International Business Finance/Accounting 18% BOSTON
Administration Techno/Manufacturing 12% Program Duration: Tel : +1 617 746 1990 Middle East, Africa, India
Marketing/Sales 11% 18 months – 5 years Admissions Office
Application Fee: 150 USD Operations/Logistics 10% SAN FRANCISCO DUBAI
Consulting 4% Tuition Fee (per academic year): Tel : +1 415869 2900 Tel: +971 4 375 3088
Pre-MBA Industry: Other 16% Dubai 101,800 AED
Financial Services 26% London 19,000 GBP LOS ANGELES Global Email :
Professional Services 11% One-year MBA Course Tel : +1 310 540 0844 admissions@hult.edu
Technology 10% Information: Admission Deadlines:
Manufacturing 9% Start Dates: September Sun, Oct 31st 2010 MEXICO YouTube :
Consumer Goods 8% Sun, Dec 12th 2010 Tel : +52 55 5283 3307 www.youtube.com/hult
Medical/Pharma 6% Program Duration: 12 months Sun, Jan 30th 2011
Energy 5% Sun, Mar 6th 2011 Facebook :
Legal/Gov/Non-profit 4% Tuition Fee: Sun, Apr 17th 2011 www.facebook.com/HultMBA

North America
Telecom/Media 3% Boston 55,500 USD Sun, Jun 26th 2011

LEAP Method—Board-level Training at assist students in defining and realizing their next
Fortune 500 companies career move no matter where in the world.
Hult is the pioneer in action learning; integrating
classroom teaching with real-life situations. Our Global Alumni Network
LEAP Method is at the heart of our curriculum where As a Hult student, you automatically become a
students work with senior management of a leading member of the Hult Alumni Association, a powerful
Fortune 500 company to solve a real business alumni network of 5,500 business professionals
problem they face. Partners include Duracell, across 120 countries who hold high level positions
Xerox, IBM, Pfizer, FT and Philips. No other business at companies such as Goldman Sachs, McKinsey,
school offers such high-level exposure, or such an Deloitte, Bank of America, Johnson and Johnson,
Top-ranked Global Business School invaluable opportunity to put classroom theory into Novartis, Motorola, and IBM.
Hult International Business School is the world’s practice.
Student Profile

only truly global business school with campuses in
Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai and Shanghai. Going Beyond the Classroom “The most valuable thing Hult has provided me is the
Hult’s MBA program has been ranked in the top 20 We turn conventional classroom learning on its opportunity to connect with people from different
business schools in the U.S. and top 30 in the world head—from cutting-edge technology, innovative parts of the world. By interacting with people from
by The Economist (2010), and currently ranks in the fast-track programs to executive speakers. All every continent, you learn about different customs
Financial Times’ (2011) top 100 business schools in incoming MBA students are given an iPad with and business practices and how the former may
the world, 5th in International Business and 1st in access to our virtual tutorial sessions to supplement affect the latter. This helps you to prepare for a career
International Experience. These rankings recognize classes, and help navigate any trouble areas. We have in any part of the world.”
our uniquely international focus, the quality of our also established HultTV a web-streaming platform Lola Adenkan, Project Consultant at Averda
program and faculty, and our exceptional student allowing students to access our classrooms at any International, Dubai. (Nigerian, MBA Class of
body and alumni network. Hult is a fully accredited time, from anywhere. In addition we ensure our 2010).
Asia Pacific
member of the New England Association of Schools students have continual exposure to the world’s
and Colleges (NEASC) and is also accredited by the leading business experts and industry professionals “Our professors are all former or current professionals
Association of MBAs (AMBA). with an array of guest speakers invited to join our and are all experts in their respective fields. They
Executive Speaker Series across all campuses. Current challenge us daily to think critically and work
Why do students choose Hult? speakers include 42nd U.S. President Bill Clinton, and effectively within a team. A Hult MBA not only has
Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Magazine. provided me with insights into today’s business
Global Rotation Program world, but it has also challenged me to make a
An international perspective is crucial to World-class Faculty with Real-world Business significant impact on how business is conducted
understanding today’s business issues. Hult’s Global Experience today and into the future.”
Australia & New Zealand

Campus Rotation Program allows students to gain Hult’s global faculty has outstanding academic Alexandre Lemille, Account Manager,
critical insights into the world’s key economies. credentials combined with extensive real-life CiscoSystem, Inc., U.A.E. (French, EMBA Class
Students begin at their home campus in Boston, experience running and managing successful of 2010).
San Francisco, London, Dubai or Shanghai, where international businesses and consultancies. Many
they receive the same fully accredited MBA using are actively engaged as directors of corporations, “One of the things I most appreciate from my MBA
an identical curriculum, regardless of location. Then consultants, or managers of growth companies. experience at Hult is to have been exposed to such a
during their elective modules, students are given the diverse group of professionals, resembling exactly what it
option to rotate to up to two other Hult campuses International Career Opportunities is to do business in this global economy. It was like being
– expanding their international exposure and global Hult’s global Career Services teams, based in in 30 different business trips in a year and 5 job rotations.”
networks. Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai and Shanghai Melissa Espinoza, Financial Analyst, Intercompany
specialize in helping international students find Pricing, Johnson & Johnson, U.S.A. (Venezuelan,
global employment opportunities, and are ready to MBA Class of 2009).

The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011 91

Johns Hopkins University
Graduate Division of Business

Programme Type: Marketing Part Time Course Information Contact:

Part Time MBA Risk Management Start Dates : Recruiting Coordinator
Technology Management Rolling Johns Hopkins Univ., Graduate Div. of
Joint Degree Programmes Offered: Non Profit Management, Competitive Business, School of Prof. Studies in Business
Latin America

MBA + Master of Science in Biotechnology, Intelligence, Information Security Programme Duration : and Education
MBA/Masters in Public Health, MBA/Master Management, Senior Living and Health care 30 months Office of Admission and Recruitment
of Science in Nur 10 North Charles Street
Specialisation by Industry: Tuition Fee : Baltimore, MD
Specialisation by Function: Banking / Financial Services Please refer to website 21201
Accountancy Consulting United States of America
Finance IT / Telecommunications
General Management Non - Profit Organisation Tel: +1 (410) 516 4234, +1 (800) 468 6548
Human Resource Management Real Estate Fax: +1 (410) 516 0826
International Management / Business Web: www.business.jhu.edu
IT Management

JOHNS HOPKINS BUSINESS: program is the capstone—an innovative exercise Student Profile
LEADERSHIP THOUGH TEAMWORK that gives students an opportunity to synthesize Hyung Rak Kim, MBA 2005
North America

and apply the knowledge and skills acquired in prior Korea

“With its innovative approach to graduate education, courses to a real world situation. Financial Consultant
Johns Hopkins University is preparing a new generation Global Private Client Group (New York)
of leaders with the knowledge, ethical principals, Johns Hopkins offers specialized MBA programs, Merrill Lynch
and teamwork techniques to advance professionally including an MBA in Medical Services Management,
and bring measurable value to the organizations for and dual degrees such as MBA/Master of Public For the past ten years, I worked as a private banker
which they work. Combining rigorous theory and Health, MBA/MS in Biotechnology, MBA/MS Nursing, in the wealth management industry in Korea. After
best practices, the Johns Hopkins hallmark model and MBA/MS Information and Telecommunication gaining industry experience, I was seeking career
brings highly motivated student colleagues together Systems. advancement through graduate business studies.
with academic and practitioner faculty members— The Johns Hopkins MBA program allowed me to
oftentimes nationally recognized researchers and Other specialized masters programs include the concentrate in finance and strengthen my global
prominent business leaders. Programs of study include MS in Finance, MS in Real Estate, MS in Information business perspective. The Hopkins MBA program
a team-based approach to business and management and Telecommunication Systems for Business, MS in also provided me with new career possibilities

cases, practical experiences in the business arena, Organizational Development and Strategic Human through personal relationships with students and
and access to the rich resources of the Johns Hopkins Resources, and a MS in Marketing. faculty, and exposure to resources such as networks
community, including interdisciplinary programs and learning tools, which I did not have. As I reflect on
with other renowned schools and programs at Johns Johns Hopkins students benefit from the University’s my recent graduation, and look forward to my new
Hopkins University. “ unique ability to attract practitioner faculty members position at Merrill Lynch in New York this fall, I realize
Dr. Peter B. Petersen, Interim Associate Dean from the top ranks of business, government, and that my investment of time, energy, and money were
and Director, Graduate Division of Business and nonprofit organizations located in the Philadelphia- well rewarded at Johns Hopkins University.
Management Baltimore-Washington-Northern Virginia corridor.
Along with Johns Hopkins’ regular full-time faculty
Programs and Curricular Focus members, these experts offer students a depth
Johns Hopkins Business offers several MBA degrees and breadth of knowledge and experience that is
Asia Pacific

and a variety of specialized master’s degrees. Most unavailable in most parts of the country or at most
degrees are offered in flexible part-time or weekend universities.
Johns Hopkins University’s history is a tradition of
The Johns Hopkins MBA features a broad-based, innovation. It revolutionized medical education and
up-to-date curriculum that emphasizes the latest is a recognized leader in many areas. Johns Hopkins’
research and practical applications. It combines business and management programs are similarly
quantitative and qualitative approaches to give innovative—in content and delivery.
students a broad perspective and strong set of
Australia & New Zealand

skills attuned to the complex environment they

face. Students also participate in an innovative
ethics curriculum that spans the entire program
and takes them beyond traditional business school

After students complete core courses that provide a

thorough grounding in business theory and practice,
they can customize their path of study, choosing
from ten concentration areas. The program offers
a wide array of electives, including courses unique
to Johns Hopkins Business. The final course of the

92 The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011

Rice University,
Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business

Programme Type: International Mgmt / Business Tuition Fee: Programme Duration : Contact:
Full Time MBA Marketing USD ($) 44,000 / Per Year 22 months Melissa Blakeslee
Part Time MBA Strategic Management Director of Admissions
Executive MBA Entry Requirements: Tuition Fee : Rice University, Jesse H. Jones

Latin America
Specialisation by Industry: Min. GMAT Score : N/A USD ($) 92,500 / Total Program Cost Graduate School of Business
Joint Degree Programmes Consulting Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score 6100 Main Street, MS-531
Offered: Oil & Gas : 250 Executive Course Information 109 McNair Hall
MBA + MD Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 600 Start Dates: Houston, Texas
MBA + M.S. Full Time Course Information Min. Years of Work Experience : 2 August 77005
MBA + MSc (Engineering) Start Dates: United States of America
August Application Fee : Programme Duration :
Specialisation by Function: USD ($) 125 22 months Tel: 001 (713) 348-4918
Accountancy Programme Duration: Fax: 001 (713) 348-6147
Entrepreneurship 22 months Part Time Course Information Tuition Fee : Email: ricemba@rice.edu
Finance Start Dates : USD ($) 99,000 / Total Program Cost Web: business.rice.edu
Health Care Management August

AT A GLANCE Rice University is located on a beautiful wooded variety of student organizations are available and
Rice University aspires to path-breaking research, 300-acre campus in central Houston, minutes from many sponsor guest speakers, visit area businesses,

North America
excellence in teaching and contributions to the the downtown business district and the city’s world- and take on special projects. In addition, weekly
enhancement of our world. As the university’s class theater district. The campus is located across corporate-sponsored “partios”—parties on the Jones
business school, The Jesse H. Jones Graduate School the street from the renowned Texas Medical Center School patio—provide relaxation and opportunities
of Business adheres to those same values to cultivate and within walking distance to the museum district, to network and bond with fellow students.
a diverse community of learning and discovery. Houston Zoological Gardens, and Hermann Park.
More specifically, the Jones School develops FACULTY AND ACADEMIC PROGRAMS The Career Management Center (CMC) serves to
principled, innovative thought leaders in global Every course offers unparalleled opportunity to support each student’s development of a career plan
communities. Through a combination of rigorous work one-on-one with an accessible, involved, and throughout their two years at the Jones School. From
curriculum, elite faculty and impressive facilities, energetic faculty. The Jones School faculty maintains day one of immersion to graduation, the CMC works
students receive an outstanding business school an important balance between teaching and individually with students to ensure they develop
experience. The result is innovative leadership that research, believing that current industry knowledge the strategy, job search skills, and networking
engages the entrepreneurial spirit and impacts is as critical as textbooks to your education. opportunities that will help them succeed in the

business on a global level. MBA job market.
A comprehensive core curriculum focuses on
The Jones School is one of the world’s best teaching managerial and leadership skills, ethics, information
and research universities, offering Full-Time MBA, technology, and communication skills in addition to
Student Profile
MBA for Executives, and MBA for Professionals the functional areas. The Jones School’s challenging
programs. A Ph.D. program debuted in the fall of curriculum provides its students with not only basic Evan Yost
2009. The Jones School’s business concentrations business disciplines but also specialized electives Rice MBA Class of 2011
highlight the school’s strengths while allowing full- that allow futher intergration of knowledge and
time MBA students to focus on areas of interest. career objectives. On Immersion, a rigorous preview of Rice MBA life:

Additional information is available through our STUDENTS “I really enjoyed the blend of academic preparation
Asia Pacific
website at Business.rice.edu The Jones School attracts students both nationally and social immersion – without question, it
and internationally. In fact, 29 percent of first year prepared us to hit the ground running. By the first
CAMPUS AND LOCATION students hail from outside the United States. A day of classes, we’d already prepared our first cases,
updated our resumes and career planning materials,
met some of the second-year students and grown
comfortable with our sections and study teams.”

On choosing the Jones Graduate School of Business:

Australia & New Zealand

“I seriously considered at least a dozen schools,

spanning all geographic regions, sizes and strengths.
I was admitted to a handful and had the privilege of
choosing a school rather than having one chosen for
me. What made Rice attractive was a combination of
strengths: academic excellence, terrific location and
a unique personal focus on each student. At some
schools, you may get to know half your classmates
– maybe fewer – and a handful of professors. That’s
definitely not the case at Rice.”

The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011 93

Saint Mary’s University

Programme Type: IT Management Entry Requirements: Programme Duration : Contact:

Full Time MBA Marketing Min. GMAT Score : 550 40 months Leah Ray, MBA
Part Time MBA Management Consulting Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score Managing Director, MBA Program
Executive MBA : 240 Tuition Fee : Saint Mary’s University
Latin America

Full Time Course Information Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 580 USD ($) 12000 / Total Program Cost The Sobey School of Business
Joint Degree Programmes Start Dates: Min. IELTS : 6.5 923 Robie Street
Offered: September Min. Years of Work Experience : 2 Executive Course Information Halifax, Nova Scotia
MBA-CMA (Certified Management Start Dates: B3H 3C3
Accountants) Programme Duration: Application Fee : September Canada
20 months USD ($) 66
Specialisation by Function: Programme Duration : Tel: 01-902-420-5002
Finance Tuition Fee: Part Time Course Information 24 months Fax: 01-902-420-5038
General Management USD ($) 25400 / Total Program Cost Start Dates : Email: mba@smu.ca
Human Resource Management January Tuition Fee : Web: www.smu.ca/academic/
Information Management September USD($)20,100 per year. sobey/programs/mba

courses in the first year BComm or BBA are eligible for advanced standings
which provides a solid if previous courses cover 80% of the material and
foundation. The emphasis achieved B+ or higher in two courses in the area.
North America

is on building leadership Those with a solid four year BComm or BBA may be
skills as well as analytical, eligible for our accelerated program with a CGPA of
problem solving and 3.5 or higher.
decision making skills. A
combination of company You will automatically be considered for entrance
projects and a week- scholarships at time of admission. To be eligible
long case competition you require a minimum GMAT score of 600. You
are part of the first year are encouraged to apply early for scholarship
experience. consideration. Scholarships and bursaries are also
available for students entering their second year of
The advanced year study.
allows students to tailor
The Sobey School of Business is AACSB the program to meet their professional and career
Student Profile

Accredited goals. Students can concentrate in a specific area

or gain further breadth by taking courses from a The Sobey MBA Program draws students from
As an executive or an entrepreneur you have to be variety of disciplines. The Management Consulting dozens of countries each year. With a population of
able to acquire, evaluate and act on information concentration is in collaboration with the Canadian more than 1,300 international students Saint Mary’s
faster then ever before. You must be able to think Association of Management Consultants (CAMC). University has a distinctly international flavour.
strategically, attract resources to your ideas and The advanced year also features experiential The university boasts an internationalized campus
mobilize people to get desired results. You must learning involving a consulting project, which with students from over 94 countries. Saint Mary’s
make order from chaos. The Sobey MBA Program will involves student teams working with a company. University was ranked #1 most internationalized by
equip you with the concepts, tools and leadership MacLean’s Magazine.
skills needed to succeed in today’s global economy. Career Development Services
The Sobey MBA Program is committed to the career Our admission requirements are an undergraduate
Asia Pacific

A state of the art teaching facility, world class faculty, development of our students. The Sobey Career degree in any discipline with at least a B average
a network of high caliber classmates and a strong Development service prepares students for their or GPA of 3.0; A minimum GMAT score of 550;
connection to the local business community will career after the MBA as well as creates networking candidates whose mother tongue is not English
enrich your learning experience. We will assist you in opportunities where students can meet potential must submit with a TOEFL (580 paper-based, 240
your career development and be a partner in helping employers. We offer a series of professional computer-based, OR 88 ibt), or IELTS (6.5). We
you achieve your career goals. development workshops, one-on-one career recommend candidates have at least 2 years of
counseling coaching sessions by expert consultants, full-time work experience. Co-op and part-time
MBA Program Overview CareerLeader assessment tools, resume editing, work are evaluated, as are other experiences where
The Sobey MBA program begins with an intensive interview practice, skill and interest assessment candidates demonstrated leadership skills.
Australia & New Zealand

week of orientation and is capped off by a retreat and numerous networking events. We also have
at the beautiful White Point Beach Resort. This a successful mentorship program which allows The Sobey MBA Program values diversity. We
weekend away helps students get to know each students to be paired with a mentor from the local encourage candidates to apply with a variety of
other in a relaxed, yet academically rigorous business community. backgrounds. Our MBA students have a variety of
atmosphere. If students are not able to apply the academic backgrounds; 40% are Bsc/Eng, 25% BA,
knowledge they gain in the classroom, the learning Fees and Scholarships 20% BBA/BComm, 10% previous Masters work and
is only half completed. Therefore, there are several The Sobey MBA Program offers reasonable fees 5% from other programs. Our current MBA student
opportunities in both years to have hands-on while not compromising on the quality of your population is 40% female. 30% of our student body
experience doing projects for businesses both large education. Domestic student fees are approximately is from outside of Canada. The average age of full-
and small. USD($)13,500 for the full 20 courses. International time students is 27 years old with 6 years of work
student fees are approximately USD($) 25,400 for experience. The Part-time average is 34 years old
The Sobey MBA Program has an exciting array of the full 20 courses. Students with a solid four year with 11 years of work experience.

94 The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011

The Fletcher School
Tufts University

Programme Type: Microfinance Programme Duration: Contact:

Full Time MIB Social Entrepreneurship 18 months Kristen Zecchi, Associate Director,
Admissions and Financial Aid
Joint Degree Programmes Offered: Specialisation by Industry: Tuition Fee: The Fletcher School

Latin America
MIB + JD Banking / Financial Services USD ($) 42,000 / Per Year Tufts University
MIB + MA Consulting 160 Packard Avenue
Environment Entry Requirements: Medford, MA 02155
Specialisation by Function: Government Min. GMAT Score : N/A United States of America
Corporate Governance Non - Profit Organisation Min. TOEFL Internet Based Score: 100
Economics Oil & Gas Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 600 Tel: +1 (617) 627 3240
Finance Public Sector Min. IELTS : 7 Fax: +1 (617) 627 3712
International Management / Business Min. Years of Work Experience : 0 Email: internationalbusiness@tufts.edu
Public Administration Full Time Course Information Web: fletcher.tufts.edu/business
Risk Management Start Dates: Application Fee :
Strategic Management September USD ($) 70
Emerging Markets

24 different focus areas, including traditional Student Profile

business fields such as Strategy and Finance, as well Our students are truly international, and our

North America
as more unique areas like International Trade and experienced and diverse student body is a
Commercial Policies, International Business and fundamental part of student life at Fletcher. About
Economic Law, International Security Studies, or 40% of Fletcher students hail from outside of the
Development Economics. United States, and they represent over 70 countries.
As all students are required to speak more than
All students are required to complete a final project one language, they tend to have had experiences
or thesis, allowing them to tackle specialized outside their home countries or in international
topics that might not be covered in depth in a professional settings. With approximately 500
course. Recent thesis topics include: “The Market students, the student body is large enough to have
for Microfinance in Brazil: An Industry Analysis,” diversity and depth of interests but small enough
“High-Tech Innovation in Emerging Markets: The to foster an intimate network. This extends to our
Case of Mexico,” “Failure at the Speed of Light: very active alumni community of over 7,500 people
The Fletcher School’s approach to business Project Escalation and De-Escalation in the Software in 120 different countries who are open to helping

education is distinct from traditional MBA programs. Industry,” and “Hedge Fund Portfolio Construction.” Fletcher students all over the world.
As a graduate school of international affairs, we
ensure that students understand not only how Adding to this flexibility, students may also take From engineering to law to consulting to military
businesses operate internationally, but the entire classes at all other Tufts graduate schools (Nutrition, service, Fletcher students have diverse professional
context in which they operate. Our ability to deliver Engineering, Arts and Sciences, etc) as well as the experiences that bring real-life learning into
critical business skills, a deep knowledge of the Harvard graduate schools (Business, Law, Education, the classroom. Most students come to Fletcher
international environment, and specialized regional etc). Joint de with several years of professional, full-time work
expertise sets us apart. experience, but the sectors and industries vary.
MIB students may participate in exchange programs Most have been exposed to international issues on
Fletcher’s two-year Master of International Business with leading global business schools such as China a regular basis or have lived and/or worked abroad.
(MIB) is a unique hybrid international business - Europe International Business School (Shanghai), This is not only limited to corporate professionals but
Asia Pacific
international affairs degree. The MIB provides a solid HEC (Paris), Instituto de Empresa (Madrid), and the also those who have held management and strategy
foundation of traditional business skills including Indian School of Business (Hyderabad). Additionally, responsibilities in government, NGOS, and US and
finance, marketing, accounting, and strategy, plus students spend the summer between their first and foreign militaries.
exposure to a wide range of international issues second years at internships all over the world. These
that impact business today. Topics such as security internships frequently lead to full time jobs in all MIB Class of 2012
risks, geopolitics, emerging markets, corporate sectors and across all industries. Number of students: 34
governance, and energy and environmental policy Average Age: 28
give students an understanding of the entire Non-US Citizens: 55%
context in which international companies must Male/Female: 55/44%
Australia & New Zealand

operate. While the core classes cover standard MBA

subjects, our exclusive focus on the international
business environment and Fletcher’s deep expertise
in international affairs distinguish the MIB from
generalist business programs.

As a part of their degree, students have the

opportunity to develop two areas of focus, one in
international business, and the other in international
affairs. By combining two unique fields, students
may develop a unique area of expertise that gives
them an edge in the marketplace. Fletcher offers

The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011 95




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  %")$!')&# )##$%'))&$!
)%$!)())) $($%&(#)"!'#')$!($)$(
'") )$))%&$' &($%&(#)"%&'"")(%$(#"
' %'&')#(#)#% %&)(&)#'( &%&)!%#')"'&%&))''
")($)'(!)'"$' )
(")%&) %$ ' #(&)"$ %()!%&()!(%#(&)(&)$!')'$!' #(&"

George Herbert Walker

School of Business & Technology

Regional Focus


Your MBA:
made in Germany
Germany is already an economic and political powerhouse, now the country’s business
schools are raising their international profiles

udi, BMW, Adidas, DHL, Lufthansa, the Kellogg School of Management in professionals. Our students come from a
Nivea, Birkenstock, Siemens – Chicago, and a Master of Law and Business, variety of educational and professional
German brands are household in association with the Bucerius Law backgrounds; they are typically around
names. Not surprising when from 2003- School in Hamburg. 29-years-old and have an average of three to
2008 Germany was the world’s leading “When it comes to the MBA, Germany four years work experience in the fields of
exporter of goods. As the fifth largest is not usually among the first destinations e n g i n e e r i n g , h u m a ni t i e s , b u s i n e s s
economy in the world, and with an where people search programs,” admits administration, science or economics.
estimated GDP per capita of $35,900, this Doreen Dai, Full-time MBA class of 2010. What’s more, 50 per cent of our MBA
European powerhouse has certainly made “I did a lot of homework before making my students are international students –
its presence known on the world stage. decision and I joined the program with the reflecting the global nature of the program,”
But ask members of a household to spirit of exploration. What I have says Heidrun Hoffman, Senior Program
recite Germany’s top business schools and experienced at WHU confirmed my Manager for the Full-time MBA.
the names of these institutions may not be decision and I am totally convinced that Entrepreneurship is one of the core
as easy to recall as those four-wheeled the program is a unique and valuable values of the MBA program, with one in
vehicles on the autobahn. However, if offering.” ten WHU graduates successfully
performances in European rankings like
that of WHU-Otto Beisheim School of
Management continue, we may see more
German business schools competing for the
very best minds.
“The employer achieves an immediate return
Internationally ranked
on investment as the employee directly brings
WHU-Otto Beisheim School of to the workplace training and best practices in
Management (WHU),which ranked 29th in
the Financial Times European Business all integral fields of general management
Schools ranking of 2010, boasts both EQUIS
and AACSB accreditations, as well as the throughout his program participation”
government-approved accreditation, FIBAA
(Foundation for International Business
Administration Accreditation).
Founded in 1984 in Koblenz on the Full-time MBA launching their own business. “Some of
banks of the River Rhine, WHU is a private WHU’s Full-time MBA Program takes 16 the more well-known start-ups include
university. Supported by the non-profit WHU months to complete and includes Sushi-Factory, Jamba, JustBooks.de,
Foundation, the university receives no international modules in the USA, China Alando.de (Ebay Germany today),
government funding and instead is supported and India. Designed for participants who are OnVist a Group, Minewolf.com and
financially by numerous companies, private seeking a career change, the program focuses Ya m a n d o . c o m . W H U s u p p o r t s a n d
individuals and organizations. on general management, equipping students encourages this distinct entrepreneurial
WHU offers one of the greatest variety with skills in international strategy, change spirit amongst its students,” Hoffmann
of study programs in Germany, which and competition. explains. In effect, one of the seven WHU
includes full and Part-time MBA degrees, “The WHU MBA Class is an MBA scholarships awarded is dedicated
an Executive MBA in collaboration with extraordinarily diverse group of young to entrepreneurship.

98 TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com

Regional Focus


Q&A with Heidrun Hoffmann,

Senior Program Manager, WHU
Full-time MBA

Q) Many European Full-time MBA

programs are 12-13 months, why is
WHU’s 16 months?
Due to the German university system, each
degree can only be awarded by writing and
handing in a final master’s thesis. The
thesis serves to demonstrate the
participant’s ability to work independently
on a problem by applying research
methods. WHU’s Full-time MBA is a 13
month program plus three months
master’s thesis.
such, provides an alternative to its Full-time the globe, a Full-time or Part-time MBA
Q) What services does WHU’s careers and Executive MBA – the Part-time MBA. from WHU-Otto Beisheim School of
center provide? This two-year program, with its weekend Management will set you up for an exciting
WHU has its own Placement Center for format, is offered to high-potential professional career, and teach you a lot
on-campus recruiting, hosting recruiting professionals who are eager to develop a sound along the way.
events for more than 60 companies knowledge of general management, but who
on-campus every year. Company cannot leave their place of residence and/or
presentations, career days, career markets professional responsibilities for extended
and informal dinner conversations all periods of time. Q&A with Ursula Opper,
contribute to successful networking. In “Management education is increasingly Senior Program Manager, WHU
addition, the resumes of our graduating understood as an integral part of corporate Part-time MBA
MBA students are published every year in management development,” explains Ursula
the “MBA Resume” placement brochure, Opper, Senior Program Manager for the Q) Why offer the Part-time MBA in
which is sent to more than 100 selected WHU Part-time MBA. Dusseldorf?
companies worldwide. “The employer achieves an immediate A) The Rhine-Ruhr region is a crucial
return on investment as the employee economic hub with Düsseldorf as its
Q) What are the employment
directly brings to the workplace training metropolis and centre of many globally
perspectives of foreign MBA graduates
and best practices in all integral fields of operating companies of diverse industrial
in Germany? Has the legislation
general management throughout his branches. It’s one of WHU’s strategic
changed to facilitate visa application
program participation. The student himself targets to cover regional requirements for
will develop a strategic, global mindset, high-quality education, thus expanding its
After graduating, international students
understand the newest management tools international program offerings.
have the option to extend their visa for one
year and can apply for jobs in Germany. and shape his leadership profile thus Q) How is the program structured?
We also recommend that our international becoming capable of reaching the next A) During the mandatory classroom-
students take German classes right from level of management.” based courses, professors allow cross-
the beginning of the program as a basic With a class size of 31, WHU’s Part- class discussions, integrating practical
knowledge of German is necessary even in time MBA is located in Dusseldorf, an peer experience and monitoring team
international companies in Germany. As international business and financial work. This group collaboration is
soon as an international student has centre in the Rhine/Ruhr region. The continued by conference calls or state-of-
signed a contract with a German company, class setup is truly international with the art online tools during the week. All
he or she can apply for a work visa with students coming from the USA., Middle course materials are accessible to
the German authorities. America, Asia and European countries. students via the WHU intranet.
WHU graduates work in a broad range of International modules in the USA, Asia Q) What is special about the student
industries. The branches and industries and India underline that internationality profile?
vary depending on the specialization of the is key in the WHU MBA programs. WHU is eager to constantly assure
students within their MBA studies. intensive learning experiences by strictly
Typically, our graduates find positions in Your choice selecting motivated people from a diverse
banking & finance, consulting and Whichever MBA program meets your range of academic, professional and
consumer goods. professional needs, it won’t be without its cultural backgrounds. Students accepted
challenges. In addition to globally- to our Part-time MBA program have
recognized business qualifications, WHU strong academic achievements,
Part-time MBA provides an atmosphere of support, both on significant professional potential, an
WHU recognizes the import ance for and off campus. With a unique network of international outlook and outstanding
candidates to find the right fit when it comes over 150 top quality partner universities motivation and drive.
to their business school education, and as worldwide, and an alumni network around

TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com 99

Aberdeen Business School

Programme Type: Project Management Entry Requirements: Tuition Fee : Contact:

Full Time MBA Purchasing Management Min. GMAT Score : N/A GBP £11,438 Total Programme Cost Allan Scott, MBA Director
Part Time MBA Strategic Management Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score Aberdeen Business School
Distance Learning MBA Supply Chain Management : 230 Distance Course Information Robert Gordon University
Latin America

Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 570 Start Dates : Garthdee Road
Specialisation by Function: Specialisation by Industry: Min. IELTS : 6.5 January, September Aberdeen, Scotland
Change Management Oil & Gas Min. Years of Work Experience : 3 AB10 7QE
Entrepreneurship Programme Duration : United Kingdom
Finance Full Time Course Information Application Fee : 32 months
General Management Start Dates: GBP (£) 0 Tel: +44(0)1224 263428
Human Resource Management September Tuition Fee : Fax: +44 (0)1224 263838
Information Management Part Time Course Information GBP £11,438 Total Programme Cost Email: a.scott@rgu.ac.uk
International Management / Programme Duration: Start Dates : Web: www.rgu.ac.uk/abs
Business 13 months January, September
Marketing Tuition Fee: Programme Duration :
Operations Management GBP £14,800 Total Programme Cost 33 months

tLearn through integrative teaching methods on Average Experience

our state-of-the art campus based in Aberdeen Average
North America

tLearn how to apply the course to your business Experience Full-time Part-time Online
tDevelopment of employability skills through 3-9 years 29% 52% 20%
skills workshops, company visits and personal
10-14 years 46% 36% 31%
development activity
15-19 years 17% 4% 26%
Our MBA programmes have an international focus 20+ years 8% 8% 33%
with strategic management as a key component and
specialist routes. The programmes are available in a Age Profile
range of study modes. We currently offer MBA and Age Profile Full-time Part-time Online
MBA Oil and Gas Management courses and they can
Age Range 27-43 27-47 27-65
Aberdeen Business School is one of the leading be studied full-time, part-time and distance-learning.
providers of management and professional Country of Origin
education in Scotland, and is nationally and Our MBA programmes follow a progression from Core Country of

internationally recognised for its corporate and Management modules through specialist Elective Origin Full-time Part-time Online
management education. The MBA and eMBA Modules and thereafter to a Strategic Management Africa 49 8 28
courses are accredited by AMBA the official MBA module. The Core Management modules provide
Asia 8 20 9
industry body, and are of direct relevance to the real an underpinning to all essential functional decision-
Europe 6 12 8
world of business as well as meeting the highest making skills required by a general manager and
international standards. The School offers a range of introduces aspects of strategic analysis and thinking. Middle East 6 4 7
scholarships to assist outstanding candidates in MBA North America 9 4 9
courses. The electives allow students to specialise in areas Oceana 0 4 5
that match their individual interests and career
South America 5 8 3
We know that every MBA student is making a strong aspirations. The Strategic Management module,
UK 17 49 30
commitment to his or her course. That is why we a major element of the programme, develops a
Asia Pacific

strive to offer one of the best MBA courses in the UK. comprehensive understanding of the Strategic
Our philosophy on the MBA is that the courses are Management process, equipping participants with Position Held
designed to equip students with a comprehensive the skills and confidence to operate at Board and Senior Management Positions 27%
set of skills and capabilities, combined with a higher CEO level. The programmes are completed with the
Middle Management Positions 39%
level of reflective thinking, which will remain with submission of a project-based dissertation in which
Technical Positions 27%
them throughout their career. More and more theory and experience are brought together to
students are choosing to study for an MBA at the analyse and resolve real and complex organisational Other Positions 7%
Aberdeen Business School and they consistently list problems. Students have the opportunity to
reasons for doing so: undertake a placement as part of the dissertation Student Experience
Australia & New Zealand

t Study at a global AMBA accredited business school element; further ensuring the business relevance of “The MBA program has been a quite challenging
t We are the top modern University and ranked 2nd their work. track where we have developed strategic thinking
for graduate employment in the UK (the Times and problem-solving skills to take decisions in a
Student Profile
Good University Guide 2010) highly integrated and highly complex environment.”
t Gain an additional 2 years visa stay in the UK after All students must have at least three-year relevant Femando Chirions, Full-time, Venezuela.
your graduation work experience to be considered for our MBAs. This
t English language support for international makes students for informed discussion and strong “With a previous technical degree in Chemical
students networking opportunities during their studies. The Engineering, the course has adequately prepared me
t One-to-one mentoring and career guidance typical role profiles of students prior to beginning for a greater responsibility in energy sector, which is
t Study in small classes with students from diverse our MBAs are as follows: where I currently work.”
backgrounds Adewale Adeniyi, Online Learning, Netherlands.

100 The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011

Amsterdam Business School

Programme Type: Full Time Course Information Min. Years of Work Experience : 3 Entry Requirements: Contact:
Full Time MBA Start Dates: Min. GMAT Score : 600 Annemarie de Koning
Part Time MBA September Application Fee : Min. TOEFL Internet Based Test Recruitment & Admissions
EURO (€) 100 score: 100 Manager

Latin America
Specialisation by Function: Programme Duration: Min. IELTS : 7.0 Amsterdam Business School
Entrepreneurship 12 months Part Time Course Information Min. Years of Work Experience : 3 12 Plantage Muidergracht
Finance Start Dates : Amsterdam
General Management Tuition Fee: September Application Fee : 1018 TV
International Management / EURO (€) 29000 / Total Program Cost EURO (€) 100 Netherlands
Business Programme Duration :
Leadership Entry Requirements: 24 months Tel: +31 20 525 5655
Marketing Min. GMAT Score : 600 Fax: +31 20 525 5092
Personal Development Min. TOEFL Internet Based Test Tuition Fee : Email: admissions-abs@uva.nl
Corporate Social Responsibility score: 100 EURO (€) 29000 / Total Program Cost Web: www.
Min. IELTS : 7.0 amsterdambusinessschool.nl/mba

Diverse student profile Student Profile

With more than 19 nationalities represented, Zachary Newmark (1978,

North America
the Amsterdam MBA has a very diverse student USA) MBA alumnus, full-
population. The full-time programme attracts time class of 2006-2007.
100% non-Dutch students and even for the part- After many years as a journalist
time programme this is close to 60%. The average in Chicago, I came to the
age is 33 years old, and women make up 33% of conclusion that the next step
our classes. This diversity, combined with the high in my career should be an
level of interactivity of the courses provide an entrepreneurial one. Not having
additional dimension to your learning experience. any business education or background, returning to
Be prepared for challenging viewpoints from your university seemed to be the wisest option.
fellow students! I chose the Amsterdam MBA because the curriculum
focuses heavily on both practical and academic
Extensive network perspectives of the business world. Additionally,
The Amsterdam MBA is offered by the Amsterdam During your time at the Amsterdam Business School the importance placed on innovation and global

Business School, the business school of the we provide you with opportunities to work on your viewpoints convinced me that I was in the right
University of Amsterdam. It has an internationally career skills and meet companies in our network. place. Ultimately, as part of a class of 35 students
renowned faculty and is set in the cosmopolitan, Amsterdam MBA alumni are a valuable source for from nearly 20 countries, the programme provided
cultural and business centre that is Amsterdam. We leads, interviews and contacts. They are easy to a learning experience unlike any other. The top-
have been offering business education for 85 years. contact through our online alumni network or you class professors provided an incredibly challenging
can meet them over drinks during one of our social education, and the friendly staff made life
The Amsterdam MBA is offered as a one year full- events. significantly easier. Meanwhile I have started my
time programme and as a two-year part-time own business, officially registered in both the United
evening programmme. One of the things that set us Work permit up to 5 years States and the Netherlands, which has already
apart is our personal approach. We are not an MBA The Netherlands welcomes talented individuals become profitable while showing the potential for
factory: our personal approach ensures that our MBA and study visa are easily obtained. For those of you growth.
Asia Pacific
students receive the attention they deserve from planning to stay in the Netherlands after graduation,
faculty and support staff. the Dutch government has relaxed work permit Demet Turkay (1975,
regulations for graduates from Dutch universities Turkey) Part-time class of
Tailormade, linking theory to practice (regardless of nationality). This means that each 2007-2009.
All the main business topics are taught in the core graduate of The Amsterdam MBA can stay and work After obtaining my engineering
courses. By choosing 2-4 electives the Amsterdam in the Netherlands for up to 5 years after graduation, degree and ten years of work
MBA can be tailored to your own business interests. without needing a work permit. There are a few experience in different sectors, I
Courses are designed to combine academic rigour conditions (minimum salary, kind of company), but felt that an MBA would provide
with practical relevance that brings the business these are normally easily met by our students. the necessary tools to help me
Australia & New Zealand

world into the classroom. develop a well rounded career in business and to rise
to a level that matches my ambitions. I remember
Our recognition of the importance of leadership clearly the very first day when I met the group. I
competencies in students’ personal and professional never imagined to study in such an international
development was the motivation for creating the environment full of intelligent and enthusiastic
Amsterdam Leadership Programme®, one of the fellow students and highly qualified professors from
MBA’s core courses. Our international study trip to all over the globe. Studying the Amsterdam MBA at
one of the top management schools in China and the Amsterdam Business School has given me the
the “real estate” elective in cooperation with the New insight to discover my skills and learn how to use
York University offer our MBA students additional them effectively in my professional life by providing
exposure to the international business world. a pragmatic general perspective.

The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011 101

Ashridge Business School

Programme Type: Programme Duration: Tuition Fee : Contact:

Full Time MBA 12 months GBP (£) 32350 / Total Program Cost Rebecca Brown
Executive MBA MBA Admissions
Tuition Fee: Entry Requirements: Ashridge Business School
Latin America

Specialisation by Function: GBP (£) 32350 / Total Program Cost Min. GMAT Score : 550 Berkhamsted
Change Management Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score : 250 Hertfordshire
Corporate Governance Executive Course Information Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 600 HP4 1NS
Leadership Start Dates: Min. IELTS : 7 United Kingdom
Strategic Management September Min. Years of Work Experience : 5
Tel: +44 (0) 1442 841483
Full Time Course Information Programme Duration : Application Fee : Fax: +44 (0) 1442 841144
Start Dates: 27 months GBP (£) 0 Email: mba@ashridge.org.uk
January Web: www.ashridge.org.uk/mba

Lifestyle Centre, which boasts a fully equipped gym,

swimming pool, jacuzzi, steam room and squash
courts. In the Ashridge grounds, there are tennis
courts, cricket and football pitches, and a golf course.
North America

For meals and refreshments, Ashridge has a sociable

bar and award-winning dining facilities.

Student Profile
Andrey Matveev, Ashridge
Full Time MBA
I invested significant time
assessing several top UK
business schools and decided
that the best choice for me was
the full time MBA programme
at Ashridge. The main reasons
for my selection were:

Firstly, I believe that an MBA should be a general

course aimed at developing future business leaders
and should not focus on a particular subject or
Ashridge combines the best of a business school consulting assignment. The international study industry. All aspects of business need to be covered
with an innovative organisational consultancy. We week is designed to consolidate learning by giving equally as they combine to play an important part
work with thousands of executives from our many participants direct experience of the complex issues in the process of developing an overview of the
clients across the globe each year. The school is set faced by businesses in an emerging market. business. I believe that a successful strategy arises
in a country estate surrounded by National Trust from overlaps between people, processes and
woodland, only 30 minutes from London. Class sizes are small and personal, which optimises performance - the three fundamental elements of
individual attention and an interactive learning the Ashridge MBA.
Asia Pacific

Our MBA is consistently ranked within the world’s style. Ashridge MBA students have rich, global
top programmes, and achieved the number one professional backgrounds, which makes it one of Secondly, it is about the people you study with. The
spot for post-MBA salary for five years running the most experienced and diverse cohorts in the ‘MBA in a Day’ brings the Ashridge experience alive,
(The Economist, 2005-2009). We are one of a small world. Our faculty comprise business professionals, and at this event I met people who I felt I would learn
percentage of schools worldwide to achieve triple consultants and researchers who bring in-depth a great deal from, based on their extensive global
accreditation from AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB - the industry experience and latest management backgrounds.
UK, European and American accreditation bodies for thinking to the learning process.
MBA programmes. Last but not least the reason why I feel very
Before the start of the MBA, we work with participants comfortable at Ashridge is that it is in itself a very
Australia & New Zealand

Ashridge offers two MBA programmes: a one-year to clarify career aspirations. Ashridge Career Support successful consulting business. It almost feels as
Full Time MBA, which starts in January and a two- provides a tailored service to participants wanting though you are a part of a successful company
year Executive MBA, which begins in September. to develop within their existing organisation, or to rather than a student in a traditional university. The
Both take an integrated view of business, rather transform their careers. Ashridge environment suits me perfectly while I am
than teaching functional subjects in isolation, and studying away from my job for a year.
provide thorough grounding in all the disciplines MBA participants have 24-hour access to the onsite
required to lead a business. library and Virtual Learning Resource Centre, which
provides physical and remote access to a vast range
We go beyond theory by giving participants the of learning materials and several leading online
opportunity to put their learning into practice via databases.
a ‘live’ consulting project. Participants work with
a client organisation to deliver a major strategic Outside the classroom, MBA participants can use the

102 The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011

AUDENCIA Nantes School of Management - FRANCE

Programme Type: Programme Duration: Part Time Course Information Distance Course Information Contact:
Full Time MBA 12 months Language of instruction: Language of instruction: Sylvie Chancelier
Part Time MBA 66% French, 33% English English Admissions manager
Distance Learning MBA Tuition Fee: AUDENCIA Nantes School of

Latin America
EURO (€) 26000 / Total Program Start Dates : Start Dates : Management
Specialisation by Function: Cost March January and September 8 route de la Jonelière
Business Development BP 31222
Risk Management Entry Requirements: Programme Duration : Programme Duration : Nantes cedex 3, Loire Atlantique
Supply Chain Management GMAT or GRE: mandatory 18 months 24 months 44312
Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score France
Full Time Course Information : 220 Tuition Fee : Tuition Fee :
Language of instruction: Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 550 EURO (€) 26000 / Total Program EURO (€) 26500 / Total Program Tel: +33 2 40 37 45 66
English Min. IELTS : 6.5 Cost Cost Fax: +33 2 40 37 34 07
Min. Years of Work Experience : 3 Email: schancelier@audencia.com
Start Dates: Web: www.audencia.com/mba
September Application Fee :
EURO (€) 125

Student Profile

North America
Around 70% of students come from outside
France to study in English in Nantes. The average
age is around 32 with more than seven years of
professional experience. All participants have had
significant management experience.

Prior to joining the MBA, the majority of students

have an engineering or scientific background, but
profiles from fields as diverse as pharmaceutical,
agro-food, legal and retail sectors are also well


Juan M, Spanish, MBA 2009
Business Optimisation Manager
My MBA has helped me to strengthen my business
acumen, develop and further build my character,
business judgment and decision making skills,
giving me a significant advantage in my current and
AUDENCIA MBA: DEVELOP YOURSELF TO rounded MBA to professionals coming from diverse new role as Commercial Excellence Manager.
DEVELOP INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS horizons and looking forward to learning in a truly
Audencia International MBA has been ranked in international environment. Surrounded by many nationalities in a different
the top 100 best MBAs worldwide in the last 3 country from my own, I have further developed my
editions of The Economist which MBA guide. The t Focus on Business Development (n°1 category of interpersonal skills allowing me to quickly adapt to
Asia Pacific
faculty was highly regarded (20th in the world) and job offers for MBA in Europe and n°3 worldwide) new circumstances and handle new contexts.
the programme was 25th in the world for student t Individualised coaching throughout the
diversity. curriculum Through the MBA I’ve been able to change my career
t International diversity of students path and enter a new and challenging industry
The International MBA programme is aimed at high t Academic excellence and interactive learning for me, being at the same time confident of my
potential managers who expect to gain state of the experience performance.
art knowledge in management as well as acquire t Global responsibility
better business practices. t European Career Track Indeed this is not only because of the MBA diploma
but due to the opportunities it has given me,
Australia & New Zealand

In order to reach this ambitious objective, Audencia The city of Nantes is a privileged setting for studying enabling me to understand a greater business
MBA provides top quality academic input and a and enjoying the French way of life. Time magazine picture while realising the importance of creating
strong individual coaching so as to develop our MBA Ranked it N°1 in Europe for its quality of life. effective relations & teams.
participants’ managerial soft skills. Our academic
network of top institutions throughout the world Now, I can say that The
also gives our participants a unique opportunity to Audencia Nantes MBA
study an exchange period at one of our partners’ programme has been a
institutions in the United States, China, etc... challenging and rewarding
experience which has
With an original orientation towards business helped me become a better
development and a yearlong programme to enhance professional.
personal development, Audencia guarantees a well

The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011 103

Bradford University School of Management
The Bradford MBA

Programme Type:
Full-time 12-month programme starting in September
Latin America

Accelerated 10-month programme starting in January

Executive part-time 2 - 6-year programme starting in September or January
Distance learning 2 - 6-year programme starting in October, January, April or July Marketing & Recruitment Office
Dubai Executive MBA 2 year programme starting in September Bradford University School of Management
Emm Lane
Specialization by Function: Tuition Fee: Entry Requirements: Bradford
Accounting & Finance Please refer to website Min. GMAT Score : 600 BD9 4JL
Human Resource Management Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score : 240
Law Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 580 Tel: +44 (1274) 234321
Marketing Min. IELTS : 6.5 Fax: +44 (1274) 234433
Operations & Information Management Min. Years of Work Experience : 3 Email: mba@bradford.ac.uk
Strategy, Economics & International Business Web: www.bradford.ac.uk/mba

Research excellence Student Profile

High-quality research underpins any world-class Marcus Orton
North America

business school. The Higher Education Funding Accelerated MBA 2010

Council rates our research as internationally Marcus was keen to
excellent in some areas and nationally excellent in achieve a well-respected,
others. highly rated MBA, and
our FT listings and
International profile overall reputation was
Around one-third of our academic staff are from important. In practical
outside Britain and more than 30 nations are terms it was the fast-track
represented amongst our students - ensuring a structure of the
The Bradford MBA – A Transformational truly international focus. Accelerated MBA that made all the difference. “The
Experience January start date and limited course duration was
Full-time, Accelerated, Executive Part-time, Distance- Sustainability a timely short break from my professional work. The
learning and Dubai MBA One of our main aims is to address major challenges programme helped to strengthen my appreciation

for business and society such as corporate social and capabilities in business management and
Whatever the mode of study, Bradford’s enviable responsibility and sustainable development. administration as I progressed from R&D, through
reputation (AMBA and Equis accredited) and Accordingly, the School seeks to prepare students Project Management into company management
international profile means you are assured a world who can apply the principles of sustainable and business leadership.
class qualification from a global business school and development in their professional capacity in today’s “The programme topics complemented my skills,
an experience that will transform your future. challenging business environments. experience and development needs. Access to the
themes and issues within Sustainable Operations
World-class ranking and global Accreditation Individual support in particular will have a long-term impact on my
Consistently ranked No.1 in the North, top 10 UK, We integrate a student’s personal development approach to personal and business management.
top 25 European and amongst the world’s top 70 into the MBA programme through our acclaimed
programmes, the Bradford MBA speaks for itself Personal Development Portfolio (PDP). “The significant work-load certainly tested and
Asia Pacific

(Financial Times Executive MBA rankings, 2010). Our Effective Learning Service also smoothes a improved my ability to manage my time and
student’s return to education, helping them make priorities, achieve on time and “in full” delivery
Real world partnerships the most efficient use of their study time. against immovable submission and exam dates.
The Bradford MBA is grounded in practice as well as The Effective Learning support from day one has
theory. After over 40 years delivering management State-of-the-art facilities been invaluable, it is a real asset to the School and a
education, we have built close links with industry, The School is located 4km from the city centre in powerful aspect of the educational experience.
commerce, central and local government that benefit its own delightful parkland campus. In this learning
students, faculty and the business community alike. village MBA students can benefit from the recently “I enjoyed fantastic conversations with and support
Much of the School’s research is carried out in redeveloped atrium, learning resource centre and from colleagues and academic staff as we grappled
Australia & New Zealand

collaboration with major organizations. Visiting dedicated MBA suite with Harvard style lecture with relating theory to business practice. Sharing
lecturers include directors and senior managers from theatre. these few months with so many colleagues from
top companies, providing management advice and further afield, helped me gain a deeper appreciation
tactics attained at a strategic level in real working Exceptional students and respect for their cultural heritage, insight and
environments. Our graduates also enjoy an excellent Our students are our greatest asset. They are values.”
record in gaining good-quality employment and ambitious, committed and ready for hard work.
financial reimbursement. Marcus now intends to return to medical devices
The Bradford MBA is an opportunity for students to business management, and is also exploring
Exceptional value for money change their life, refresh their career and to gain opportunities in the management of healthcare
Bradford is a relatively inexpensive city in which to a qualification that will bring them personal provision.
be a student and the School ranks 11th in the world satisfaction and provide the foundation for future
in the Financial Times tables for value for money. professional development.

104 The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011

BSL - Business School Lausanne

Programme Type: Organisational Behavior Full Time Course Information Min. IELTS : 6.5 Contact:
Full Time MBA Project Management Start Dates: Min. Years of Work Experience : 3 Admissions Coordinator
Executive MBA Strategic Management February, September BSL - Business School Lausanne
Global Business Management Application Fee : 21 Route de la Maladière

Latin America
Specialisation by Function: Programme Duration: &630 Ƚ
 Po Box 73
Accountancy & Financial Specialisation by Industry: 12 months Chavannes, Vaud
Change Management Banking / Financial Services Executive Course Information 1022
Entrepreneurship Consulting Tuition Fee: Start Dates: Switzerland
Finance Environment &630 Ƚ
5PUBM1SPHSBN February, September
General Management FMCG - Fast Moving Consumer Cost 5FM  

Human Resource Management Goods Programme Duration : 'BY  

International Management / IT / Telecommunications Entry Requirements: 18 months Email: info@bsl-lausanne.ch
Business Pharmaceutical / Bio-Medical Min. GMAT Score : N/A Web: www.bsl-lausanne.ch
Leadership Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score Tuition Fee :
Marketing : 210 &630 Ƚ
Operations Management Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 550 Cost

Financial Analyst level 1 Preparation, and the Master

Student Profile

North America
4USBUFHJD Dipak Nirmalkumar
Management and Leadership Qualification. Upon MBA 2010 graduate
successful completion of the MIB, students will Studying at BSL gave me an edge over other
receive the Strategic Management & Leadership colleagues in my organization. It helped me face
Diploma from the CMI along with their BSL degree. interviews with greater confidence, and has given
me a strong business know-how. A real-time
As well, BSL offers a Diploma of Advanced Studies in approach towards education engrained in the values
Sustainable Business developed with the University of the school creates an excellent support structure
of St.Gallen that makes it stand out among other MBA programs.
I am very glad to have learned not to just be a
Recognition and manager, but also an efficient time keeper always
Accreditation looking for change. If again given a chance, I would

BSL is globally recognized for its quality, ranking love to go through their pragmatic program which
among the Top European Business Schools in QS undergoes continuous updating. I am very grateful
Building Tomorrow’s Leaders Ltd.’s 2010 Employers’ Choice ranking and among to the school and it’s faculty for what I have learned
Founded in 1987, Business School Lausanne is a the top three business schools in Switzerland. and for who I am today.
leading innovator in business education. Reinforcing BSL was the first business school in Europe to be
its renowned practical approach to business studies, BDDSFEJUFE CZ UIF "$#41 "DDSFEJUBUJPO $PVODJM GPS Cristina Giampaolo
BSL revised its MBA and EMBA programs in 2009 by #VTJOFTT4DIPPMTBOE1SPHSBNT
BOEJOCFDBNF MBA 2010 graduate
collaborating with leading CEOs and HR directors. B NFNCFS PG UIF &'.% &VSPQFBO 'PVOEBUJPO GPS BSL has provided me a unique and relevant setting
In reflecting their perspectives, BSL’s MBA provides .BOBHFNFOU%FWFMPQNFOU
#4-JTUIFmSTU#VTJOFTT to obtain my MBA. To study business in Lausanne,
relevant business knowledge that is demanded in School in Switzerland to offer students membership Switzerland means to have the opportunity to
today’s business world. to the international honor society, Delta Mu Delta. network and build lasting relationships with global
Asia Pacific
Additionally, the Swiss Association for Quality and players—and not only in a classroom setting, but also
The BSL Learning Environment .BOBHFNFOU 4ZTUFNT 424
 BXBSEFE #4- XJUI *40 in relation to the many international corporations in
Taking real business learning one step further, BSL’s 9001 certification. the area. The international experience and global
professors are active business practitioners, many perspective that my classmates have brought with
entrepreneurs, who bring both current and past Studying in Switzerland them has afforded me the privilege to leave my
business experiences into the classroom. Respected throughout the world for its banking comfort zone and assess situations with an outlook
In the BSL MBA you will learn what makes the true and commercial infrastructure, Switzerland is that I would have not considered in a different
difference in business success: the ability to grasp headquarters for many international companies setting. I am more than confident that my degree
the bigger picture, to remain calm under pressure, and the seat of several world organizations. Located from BSL will act as a strong assent for any future
Australia & New Zealand

to communicate effectively, to bring out the best in a in the Greater Lausanne area, near the lake and endeavors I should take on in the realm of business.
team, to lead change, and to achieve results. university community, BSL is in the heart of a vibrant
study environment for local and international
Other Master’s at BSL students alike. The school is easily accessible by
In addition to MBA and EMBA, BSL offers innovative public transportation and just 30 minutes by road or
Master’s programs including: train from Geneva and its international airport.
Learning in Lausanne, the BSL MBA provides an
unforgettable educational experience that focuses
on personal leadership. If you are looking to make
t.4DJO(MPCBM.BSLFUJOH a real impact on business, or, if you would like to
develop your own company, then BSL in Switzerland
The BSL finance program integrates CFA, Chartered is the right business school for you.

The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011 105

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Masters and PhD

Our current list of

advertisers include:

Bradford University
City University of Hong Kong
ESCP Europe
George Washington University
Hult International Business School
King’s College
Kyung Hee University
Leeds Metropolitan University
London Business School LBS
Nanyang Technological University
NYU Tisch School of the Arts Asia

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8.5 million

ase contact
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Jason Newman at jason@qs.com
Copenhagen Business School

Programme Type: Full Time Course Information Application Fee : Contact:

Full Time MBA Start Dates: EURO (€) 0 Lee Paul Milligan
September Admissions Manager
Specialisation by Function: Copenhagen Business School
Latin America

Corporate Governance Programme Duration: Full-time MBA Program

Entrepreneurship 12 months Raavarebygningen
General Management Porcelaenshaven 22
International Management / Business Tuition Fee: Frederiksberg C, Copenhagen
Leadership EURO (€) 37,000 / Per Year 2000
Specialisation by Industry: Entry Requirements:
Consulting Min. GMAT Score: 550 Tel: +45 3815 6022
Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score: N/A Fax: +45 3815 3010
Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score: N/A Email: lm.mba@cbs.dk
Min. Years of Work Experience: 3 Web: www.cbs.dk/ftmba

8. Wonderful Copenhagen - Some of the highest

living standards In the world, safe, clean, beautiful,
North America

diverse, open-minded, historic….

9. Brand New Facilities - In September 2010 the program

moved into brand new state-of-the-art facilities.

Student Profile

The aim of CBS is, each year, to create a team of

participants who can learn from each other. We believe
that the only way that participants can really develop
The CBS Full-Time MBA Program Why the CBS MBA? is to be part of a diverse international environemt. The
… A Unique Experience 1. Small class size – limited to 50 students, meaning class size is limited to a maximum of 50 to ensure the
Restricted in size and selective in admission, this is an a personal discussion based education with a MBA is personal and that discussion and small group

exclusive MBA program with a population of smart, genuine network at the end of the program. work are fundamentals of the program.
engaged, experienced, pleasant, and extremely
international students. 2. Experienced class – With an average age of just This years full-time team sums up that diversity:
over 32 and work experience of 8 years you will be
CBS is not a student factory but a thought machine in one of the world’s most experienced Full-time 1. Nationality - 90% of the particiapnts are international.
where student brains are charged and challenged MBA classes. They come from 22 different countries as diverse as
in various ways from day one. The program has Brazil, Bhutan, Vietnam, Chile, USA, South Africa,
state-of-the-art coverage of all core management 3. Leadership Discovery Process - During the MBA, Mexico, Bulgaria, Finland, China, India etc
disciplines combined with relevant elective courses you will take a journey of personal and professional
all taught by world-class faculty. development with numerous opportunities to 2. Age - Participants from 25 to 51 years old, with an
explore what leadership is and to develop your average age of 32.
Asia Pacific

The courses reflect a Scandinavian management capacity to exercise it effectively and responsibly.
style where social responsibility permeates the entire 3. Work experience - The minimum we accept is 3
curriculum. Creative thinking and entrepreneurship 4. Entrepreneurial Mindset - We do more than let you years work experience. This year the average work
are central aspects of the program. Leadership skills dream, we stimulate you to broaden your mind in experience is just over 8 years, with a range from
are honed through a personal discovery process that search for the right opportunities. 3 to 25 years.
offers unique mentoring sessions to share ideas with
seasoned executives. 5. Integrated Strategy Project - This is the final 4. Educational background - Again, we aim for diveristy.
challenge of the program. Teams of MBA There are 25% from Business Administration, 23%
Classes are conducted in an informal learning participants, under the guidance of faculty and from Humanities and Social Sciences, 12% from
Australia & New Zealand

atmosphere where knowledge and understanding experienced executives, conduct an integrated Engineering, 12% from economics and Finance etc.
is formed by selective expertise and joint reflection. strategy study for an internationally oriented
Everything can be questioned and challenged in the company in Denmark. 5. Career Background - The goal is to attract as many
quest for new insight … and it is paramount to have different backgrounds as possible. This year for
fun in the process. 6. Danish Economy - Denmark has one of the world’s example we have a Dentist from Germany, a
strongest economies and one of Europe’s lowest Soldier from the USA, a UN election expert from
“If you have the ambition to become a driving force in rates of unemployment. Argentina etc.
shaping the global business community of tomorrow,
I urge you to consider joining the CBS Full-Time MBA 7. Visa System - Denmark has Europe’s best visa Such diversity greatly increases the opportunity to
program and excel your aspirations.” system for non-EU citizens, reflecting the learn from other participants and their experiences.
Torben Juul Andersen governments’ desire to attract and keep the best All particiapnts agree that this is a huge part of the
Professor and Associate Dean international labour. learning experience here in Copenhagen.

108 The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011

Cranfield School of Management

Programme Type: Marketing Entry Requirements: Programme Duration : Contact:

Full Time MBA Operations Management Min. GMAT Score : 600 24 months Lesley Smith, MBA Marketing
Part Time MBA Organisational Behavior Min. TOEFL Internet Based Score : 100 Cranfield School of Management
Modular MBA Personal Development Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 600 Tuition Fee : Cranfield University

Latin America
Strategic Management Min. IELTS : 7 GBP (£) 33000 / Total Program Cost Cranfield
Specialisation by Function: Min. PTE : 68 Bedfordshire
Change Management Full Time Course Information CAE : grade A Modular Course Information MK43 0AL
Corporate Governance Start Dates: CPE : grade A or B Start Dates: United Kingdom
Economics September Min. Years of Work Experience : 3 January
Entrepreneurship Tel: +44 (0)1234 754386
Finance Programme Duration: Application Fee : Programme Duration : Fax: +44 (0)1234 752439
General Management 12 months GBP (£) 0 24 months Email: l.a.smith@cranfield.ac.uk
Human Resource Management Web: www.cranfieldMBA.info/qsf
Information Management Tuition Fee: Part Time Course Information Tuition Fee :
Innovation / Knowledge Management GBP (£) 33000 / Total Program Cost Start Dates : GBP (£) 33000 / Total Program Cost
Leadership January

Personal development is Student Profile

central to the Cranfield Helen Hume, MBA 2008

North America
experience and is a Senior Auditor,
compulsory module that British American Tobacco
runs throughout the MBA.
Our faculty and career Recommended by a
development team work friend, Cranfield made an
closely with students immediately positive impact
to improve their team on me through the fantastic
working, enhance their efficiency of the admissions department. The first
ability to relate to others week set the tone for the year where the previous
and develop the skills year’s students laid on potentially the most brilliant
they need to apply the and exhausting week of my life introducing me and
knowledge they acquire. my fellow students to the Cranfield Experience: it’s
not just about the work, it’s about your life as a whole

Cranfield School of Management has been delivering A compulsory International Business Experience (IBE) and everyone in it.
world-class MBA programmes for over 40 years and study tour allows students to apply their learning in
is triple accredited by AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. an international context. Each IBE includes academic I have always believed in the power of teamwork, my
input through a partner business school, hosted time at Cranfield reinforced that tenfold. Cranfield
The Cranfield MBA is not just about acquiring skills company visits and meetings with MBA alumni and taught me that brilliant business doesn’t have to be
and techniques of general management; we build other community members. cut throat, in fact sustainable long term business can
confidence, emotional intelligence, decision making be based on collaboration and visionary leadership.
skills and team working abilities – qualities that The programme closes with a capstone event, where The syllabus supported this delivering both the
make for inspirational leaders. students showcase their learning to alumni and business basics and the less tangible and arguably
industry leaders. more difficult softer skills around presentation skills,
Interactive learning self-awareness, and personal impact, leading and
Asia Pacific
Our experienced students bring a wealth of Personalised career development influencing others.
knowledge and expertise to the classroom and Our dedicated career development team of 11
share their experiences with teaching faculty who professionals includes practised career coaches I didn’t have a clear vision of my future career. The
are both leading academics and practitioners. Our who work in partnership with students to help them careers department helped solve that through
faculty have worked with senior executives from achieve both the personal and professional changes coaching sessions with occupational psychologists
global corporations to business start-ups, and they wish to make, and business development and offering an array of insights into different
continue to explore ideas and best practice with the consultants who help develop strategies to industries and sectors. Ultimately I identified the
7,000 managers who come to Cranfield on executive penetrate markets and make contacts with key company culture that I wanted to be part of, and
development programmes each year. employers. 96% of our recent MBA graduates were in facilitated by the careers department, I found my
Australia & New Zealand

employment within 3 months of graduation. current role with which I am delighted as it allows
The MBA programme me to blend my prior experience with my MBA in a
Students can choose to study our one-year Full-time Students also network across our influential continually challenging and incredibly interesting
MBA or our two-year Executive MBA on a part-time alumni base – with over 14,000 contacts in 120 role.
or modular basis. countries around the world – through the Cranfield
Management Association’s interactive website.
Core modules in part one build competence in the
main functional areas of business and the key skills Find out more
associated with performing these functions. In part We encourage you to come and visit us to find out
two students then select themed modules that take more. We host events at Cranfield throughout the year
an integrated approach to contemporary business and attend fairs and information sessions all over the
issues and current research. world. See www.cranfieldMBA.info/events for details.

The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011 109

EMLYON Business School

Programme Type: Programme Duration: Application Fee : Contact:

Full Time MBA 12 months EURO (€) 120 Tess Lau, Head of International Student
Specialisation by Function: Tuition Fee: EMLYON Business School
Latin America

Entrepreneurship EURO (€) 35900 / Total Program Cost 23, Av. Guy de Collongue
Finance Ecully, France
International Management / Business Entry Requirements: 69134
Marketing Min. GMAT Score : N/A France
Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score : 230
Full Time Course Information Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 580 Tel: +33 (0)4 78 33 77 83
Start Dates: Min. IELTS : 6.5 Fax: +33 (0)4 78 33 78 66
September Min. Years of Work Experience : 3 Email: imba@em-lyon.com
Web: www.em-lyon.com/

Throughout this programme, human resources consultants, executive recruiters

participants not only learn and the EMLYON alumni network give all participants
how to identify interesting the tools they need to reach their career goals.
North America

business opportunities but

acquire the competencies Student Profile
they need to exploit them According to our participants, it is the combination
profitably. of the strong focus on entrepreneurship, the year-
long consulting project and the large diversity in
A year-long CONSULTING student body and faculty that makes our 12-month
PROJECT International MBA programme so uniquely suited to
Students participating in meet their needs.
the International MBA need
a tangible way within a real Participant Profile - Class of 2010/2011
business setting to acquire > Average Age: 31
Join the #10 Business School in Europe the skills they need to > Average work experience: 7 years
(FT Top 75 European Business Schools, complement their existing skill set. This is the reason > 71% non-French participants

December 2010) why the International MBA programme includes a > Countries represented: China, Colombia, France,
year-long consulting project; the Entrepreneurial Iceland, India, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Norway, UK,
EMLYON Business School, created in 1872, stands out Leadership Project (ELP). Based on their competency USA, Vietnam
among the few business schools worldwide awarded profile, participants select a project and team that
three international accreditations and was ranked complement their learning needs. Working on the Jorge Donoso Lyng, Chile
#10 in the Financial Times Top 75 European Business project throughout the year allows students to iMBA 2007
Schools in December 2010. EMLYON has campuses immediately put academic knowledge into practise, “Many MBAs exist. I chose EMLYON because it is the
in Lyon and Shanghai, has developed partnerships while concentrating on their unique learning needs. only one that, within one year, focused on giving
with 100 foreign universities and gathers near to me the specific tools and skills I need to become a
20,000 alumni in 100 countries… An international & experiential LEARNING successful entrepreneur. I am delighted with my
Asia Pacific

EMLYON International MBA International MBA students benefit from studying,

This intensive full-time one-year programme is living and working with professionals from around Margarita Bolganova, Russia
focused on helping each participant reach the the globe, thus enhancing their ability to work with iMBA 2009-2010
professional goal they have set for themselves. and lead international and intercultural teams. The Undoubtfully, the most exciting experience during
Through the emphasis on entrepreneurship within selection process for International MBA participants my MBA was ELP (Entrepreneurial LeadershipProject).
the academic programme, the year-long consulting ensures that the group is as diverse as possible, both Dealing with a real company, solving an urgent
project and the international diversity in the student in terms of nationalities as well as in professional business issue, applying theoretical skills to business
body and faculty, participants develop the skills backgrounds. practice, sharing my own work experience and
they need to achieve success. While enjoying a truly learning from the team members – my ELP was
Australia & New Zealand

dynamic learning experience, they will remain in A CLEAR FOCUS ON YOUR CAREER extremely rich in all respects. Moreover, the findings
touch with the business world through the school’s With the help of coaching sessions, recruitment of this project are fully applicable to my present job.
worldwide professional and alumni network. and placement advice and access to a vast range of
electronic resources, you will learn to manage your Jean Pascal Tricoire, Chairman of the
A strong focus on ENTREPRENEURSHIP career successfully and will benefit from numerous Management Board & CEo, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC
EMLYON Business School is recognised as career enhancement workshops starting as early as iMBA 1986
the European frontrunner in the field of October. Throughout the year, different companies “My MBA was a powerful opener to all dimensions
Entrepreneurship, which shows particularly within visit the school to discuss the opportunities of business and company life, and was a very useful
the International MBA programme. The capacity to and challenges they are facing in a dialogue- complement to my engineering academics. It
identify opportunities, take initiatives and to get oriented setting providing an ideal opportunity increased my appetite for a multinational career and
things done is what makes successful entrepreneurial for to continue to build on and increase your own my belief in the potential and excitement of a world
leaders in today’s global business environment. professional network. The backing of professors, getting smaller and flatter every day.”

110 The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011

ENPC School of International Management

Programme Type: Strategic Management Entry Requirements: Tuition Fee : Contact:

Full Time MBA Technology Management Min. GMAT Score : 550 EURO (€) 38000 / Total Program Mayalène Crossley,
Part Time MBA Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score Cost Communication Director
Executive MBA Specialisation by Industry: : 240 ENPC School of International

Latin America
Banking / Financial Services Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 590 Executive Course Information Management
Specialisation by Function: Consulting Min. IELTS : 7 Start Dates: 15 rue de la Fontaine au Roi
Accountancy & Financial Environment Min. Years of Work Experience : 3 January Paris,
Corporate Governance IT / Telecommunications 75127 Cedex 11
E-Commerce / Business Venture Capital & Private Equity Application Fee : Programme Duration : France
Entrepreneurship EURO (€) 100 22 months
Finance Full Time Course Information Tel: +33 (0)1 44 58 28 53
General Management Start Dates: Part Time Course Information Tuition Fee : Fax: +33 (0)1 44 58 24 61
Human Resource Management September Start Dates : EURO (€) 39500 / Total Program Email:info@enpcmbaparis.com
Innovation / Knowledge September Cost Web: www.enpcmbaparis.com
Management Programme Duration:
International Management / 10 months Programme Duration :
Business 24 months
Leadership Tuition Fee:
Marketing EURO (€) 32500 / Total Program Cost

North America
The ENPC School of International Management was graduate, in any of our sister or exchange programs allow water to be transported from Belleville, once a
founded in 1987 as the business school of the École around the globe. neighbouring village, to Paris.
nationale des ponts et chaussées (to-day called
Ecole des Ponts ParisTech), France’s first Grande International Connections Located on the Right Bank, this is one of the most
Ecole, created in 1747 under the reign of King Louis In addition to the curriculum in Paris, participants densely populated arrondissements in Paris, as well
XV and one of its most prestigious Grandes Écoles. have the option of taking modules abroad at any as being a fun and diverse area. The residential areas
Ever since, the ENPC has been renowned throughout one of its 3 sister schools: Morocco (Casablanca), are to the East and to the West, this latter offering
Europe for the quality of its education and alumni, the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi) and China large markets and parks around the ”Place de la
and for the high level of its expertise. (Shanghai). Optional study trips are also available Bastille” and “Place de la République”, while the more
to China and the USA. In addition, the school lively area is found around “Rue du Faubourg Saint-
A Truly International and Multicultural MBA has exchange links with other business schools Antoine”, where one finds trendy bars, restaurants
Since its inception, the ENPC School of in Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Greece, and cafés as well as boutiques and galleries.
International Management has promoted the Finland, Hungary, Israel, Mexico, the UK, and the USA.

study of international business and value-based
Student Profile
global leadership. It prides itself on developing Instead of working with professors from only one
entrepreneurial leaders with a strong sense of values school, we offer MBA participants the opportunity The ENPC School of International Management
that go beyond academic excellence and give a to work with and learn from world-class faculty is looking for candidates from all academic,
true understanding of global business in the 21st from renowned business schools and universities professional and cultural backgrounds.
century. We are proud of the diversity of our faculty from around the globe - the US, the UK, Europe,
- from leading business schools and universities Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, India and For the Full-Time and Part-Time MBA programs, our
from around the world, the diversity of our student more. The quality of our professoral corps is also candidates possess:
body (48 nationalities represented in the last 4 years one of the reasons why the ENPC MBA is renowned t A minimum of 3 years of professional experience.
alone) and the percentage of woman in our program around the world for the quality of its Academic t High motivation and potential for enhancing or
(on average 35%). Programming. launching an international management career, or
Asia Pacific
making a career change.
The flexibility of our programs: What makes the ENPC MBA PARIS special ?: t Creative business and product ideas waiting to be
From the beginning, Celia Russo, the founder of the t Part of one of France’s oldest and prestigious successfully launched and managed.
ENPC MBA, believed in giving MBA participants the “Grandes Ecoles”, the ENPC (Ecole des Ponts t Strong communications skills.
maximum choice in designing their own curriculum. ParisTech), building on over 250 years of History. t A creative, open-mind, respect for ethics and
The curriculum is thus divided among core courses, t Located in the center of Paris. cultural differences.
which are required for all MBAs (Finance, Accounting, t A flexiblility to design your own curriculum
Marketing, Operations Management, etc.) and according to your personal and professional For the “One weekend per month” Executive MBA
electives which MBA participants are free to choose objectives. program:
Australia & New Zealand

according to their interests and/or specialization. t Visiting world-class faculty from top international t A minimum of 5 years full-time work experience.
t MBA in International Business (Full-time and Part- schools (Warwick, Cornell, Cambridge, NYU, RSM, t Highly motivated professionals eager to
time) Trinity). participate in an interactive, discussion-based
t MBA in Technology & Entrepreneurship (Full-time t A global network of over 13 000 ENPC alumni pedagogy that leverages the diverse backgrounds
and Part-time) worldwide and partner schools in 11 countries. and experiences of both faculty and participants.
t Tri-Continent MBA (Paris/Philadelphia/Tokyo & t Value for money t Designed for students looking for a comprehensive
Shanghai, in co-operation with Temple University, set of skills who will go on to enjoy senior,
USA) Location international management careers.
t ENPC/Fox Executive MBA (week-end format, a The ENPC School of International Management is
dual-degree program) located at “La Maison des Ponts”, “Rue de la Fontaine
Furthermore, MBA participants may take up to 3 au Roi”, in Paris XI’s district. The street takes its name
courses, of the approximately 18 courses needed to form the water canals built in the XVII century to

The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011 111

ESADE Business School

Programme Type: Pharmaceutical / Bio-Medical Entry Requirements: Tuition Fee : Contact:

Full Time MBA Retail / Consumer Goods Avg. GMAT Score : 670 EURO (€) 51.000 / Total Program Admissions Office
Part Time MBA Venture Capital & Private Equity Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score Cost ESADE Business School
Executive MBA : 250 Av. d’Esplugues, 92-96
Latin America

Full Time Course Information Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 600 Executive Course Information Barcelona,
Specialisation by Function: Start Dates: Min. IELTS : 7 Start Dates: E-08034
Entrepreneurship August Min. Years of Work Experience : 2 June Spain
General Management Programme Duration: Application Fee : Programme Duration : Tel: +34 93 495 2088
Human Resource Management 18 months EURO (€) 130 14 months Fax: +34 93 495 3828
Marketing Email: mba@esade.edu
Operations Management Tuition Fee: Part Time Course Information Tuition Fee : Web: mba.esade.edu
Strategic Management EURO (€) 52,000 / Total Program Start Dates : EURO (€) 58,900 (2012) / Total
Cost September Program Cost
Specialisation by Industry:
Banking / Financial Services Programme Duration :
Consulting 20 months

student population. We also place strong emphasis

Student Profile
North America

on entrepreneurship as a means of creating value for

organisations and the development of leadership Guiomar Rodríguez
competencies through the LEAD programme. Mexico
(Full Time MBA Class of 2010)
As a select programme, we deliver unmatched
personalised attention. Career Services works closely “I decided to pursue an MBA
with participants helping develop and manage because I wanted to boost
the entire job search process through one to one my career to its fullest potential and have the
advice and guidance meetings, coaching sessions, opportunity to network with MBA students
seminars and workshops. As a comparatively small from diverse backgrounds and cultures to gain a
business school, you will also be able to stand out multicultural experience.
in front of the leading multinational companies that
recruit on-campus. ESADE is ranked among the best MBA programs

world-wide. Many international companies value

ESADE Business School also offers The Global ESADE as their main recruitment source, invaluable
Executive MBA (GEMBA) in collaboration with when looking for an internship or a full-time job.
Georgetown University. This exclusive part time
programme combines distance learning with six My MBA experience was undeniably worth it.
international modules located in Washington, The ESADE program has given me the business
Moscow, Barcelona, New York, Brazil/Argentina and knowledge and transferable skills needed to face
India/China. The GEMBA is targeted at professionals new professional challenges. Teamwork is a main
with more than eight years postgraduate work focus, providing you with the tools to solve business
experience and an international profile. problems through strategic business cases and
ESADE Business School is one of the world’s top projects. Extracurricular activities tested my skills
Asia Pacific

ranked business schools with over 50 years in Given today’s competitive international talent and knowledge both as board member of the
management development. We offer a wide range market, professionals are increasingly worried about Marketing club and at international MBA events.
of MBA and Executive Education programmes across the uncertainty surrounding their future. The ESADE
our campuses in Barcelona, Madrid and Buenos MBA is a unique experience open to a select number In a short period of time I was able to fulfill my MBA
Aires. We also have global centres in Sao Paolo and of highly diverse participants designed to harness objectives. I am now involved in the pharmaceutical
Munich. your passion for business as a means to opening industry where I will go on to work in more senior
professional opportunities. positions. The MBA has given me flexibility to work
Our Full Time MBA is the market’s most innovative with multicultural teams and now I feel more able to
programme, allowing you to customise your MBA By aligning The ESADE MBA to real business needs, make decisions taking into account the vision of a
Australia & New Zealand

experience in 12, 15 or 18 months according to your we are able to equip you with relevant analytical company as a whole and its complex processes.
objectives. This style of MBA programme has been tools, global strategic vision and multicultural
created to better adapt to the changing needs of our leadership competencies. In so doing, we believe Overall, I feel that my MBA experience has provided
individual participants. you will gain decision making power and thus more me with the tools, exposure, and the confidence
control over your career evolution. ESADE Business that will allow me to be successful in most business
ESADE Business School’s distinctive methodology School is internationally recognised for the excellent situations. It has been a time of personal growth,
balances theory and practice rather than solely standard of its MBA programmes and is accredited important learning and life-enhancing relationships.
focusing on the case method. Simulating by the world’s three most respected management
real working conditions, cross-functional and education organisations: AACSB International, the
multicultural teamwork is an integral pillar of our EQUIS accreditation from the EFMD and the British
cooperative methodology structured around the Association of MBAs (AMBA).
geographic, functional and academic diversity of our

112 The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011

ESSEC Business School

Programme Type: Specialisation by Industry: Programme Duration: Executive Course Information Contact:
Full Time MBA Agribusiness 12 months Start Dates: Sarah Meskell
Executive MBA Banking/Financial Services April Recruitment Manager
Consulting Tuition Fee: October ESSEC Business School

Latin America
Specialisation by Function: Healthcare & Pharmaceutical EURO (€) 45000 / Total Program 1 Avenue Bernard Hirsch
Entrepreneurship Hospitality Cost Programme Duration : BP 50105
Finance Luxury 18 months Cergy-Pontoise 95021
General and International Real Estate Entry Requirements: France
Management Retail/Consumer Goods Competitive GMAT Score Tuition Fee :
International Hospitality Services Work Experience : 4-6 years EURO (€) 47 000 / Total Program Tel: +33 1 34 43 37 17
Management Venture Capital & Private Equity Cost meskell@essec.fr
Luxury Brand Management www.essec.edu
Marketing Full Time Course Information
Negotiation Start Dates:
26th September 2011

t 122 permanent professors, 13 professors emeritus near Paris, the world’s capital of luxury
t 42% foreign professors t International partnerships with luxury and prestige

North America
t 29 different nationalities firms
t 8 departments t Regular seminars with industry leaders.
t 18 research & teaching chairs.
t Student/Corporate Relations & Careers Services ESSEC-MANNHEIM Executive MBA - 18 or 19
t Regular recruitment events with over 300 partner months, part-time
companies http://www.essec-mannheim.com
t Interview and CV workshops t For high potential executives wishing to advance
t Over 13,000 internship opportunities and 1,000 in their careers develop managerial potential
job offers posted online for young graduates t Interactive curriculum that develops corporate and
t 60% of 2009 graduates obtained their first position inter-personal skills
before graduation t Offered in a weekend or a modular format.
t 94% of 2009 graduates found employment in less
than four months Student Profile

t Over half of all graduates hold positions with an
international orientation. ESSEC’s community is made up of over 4500
students and 6000 executive education participants,
International MBA Programs representing over 90 nationalities. Working for
© M. Seifert
Global MBA - 1 year, full-time a society that has a place for each individual and
Since 1907, ESSEC has been developing a unique http://www.essec.edu/globalmba making a commitment to foster diversity and equal
learning model based upon its strong identity t Thorough grounding in essential management opportunity are core values at ESSEC.
and core values: innovation, open-mindedness, and leadership skills, in addition to a wide range
responsibility and excellence. With a comprehensive of electives, chair seminars and multidisciplinary Global MBA
range of forty programs – covering undergraduate, workshops Average age: 29 yrs. Competitive GMAT Score
graduate and executive education – that reflect t 2 field trips to Eastern Europe and Singapore ESSEC’s elite Global MBA is designed for participants
Asia Pacific
ESSEC’s tailor-made approach, ESSEC trains t 4-6 week International Immersion Project during with an average of 6 years post-bachelor professional
entrepreneurs and managers who are ambitious, which students work on private or public sector experience, including at least 2 years managerial
economically aware and socially responsible. consulting projects in emerging countries experience, who want to fast track their career or
Today, the ESSEC community represents over 90 t Capstone seminar. become a successful entrepreneur. The program
nationalities, 4,200 students, 6000 managers in offers companies an opportunity to educate the
executive education and 135 permanent faculty, MBA in Hospitality Management (IMHI) - 1 or 2 managers that they have targeted as high-potentials
on 3 campuses in Cergy-Pontoise, Paris-La Défense years, full-time and provides a unique mix of independent
and Singapore. Its immense network of 35,000 http://www.essec-hospitality.com participants and sponsored managers who will have
active graduates stretches across the globe. ESSEC t Strong foundation in core business disciplines the opportunity to develop a personal network with
Australia & New Zealand

continues to nurture academic and strategic t Multi-cultural student body representing over 25 elite professionals from global companies.
partnerships with 120 universities in 5 continents, nationalities
and has established 16 double-diploma agreements t Partnerships with leading industry companies “The intellectual curiosity and independence of
with leading international institutions. t 1-year track for experienced applicants; 2 -year ESSEC students is a magnet for a group like L’Oréal.
track for younger applicants Their solid foundations in responsible management
Cutting-Edge Research t Dedicated hospitality career service and strong will serve them in managerial positions later on, a
ESSEC is an academic institution of excellence where alumni network worldwide. factor which really sets them apart.”
research supports instructional design and business Véronique DUSSER, Director of University Relations
consulting on a daily basis. The school’s 122 full-time MBA in Luxury Brand Management - 1 year, full- and Recruitment, L’Oréal France
faculty and 13 professors emeritus, graduates of the time
world’s finest universities, carry on ESSEC’s world- http://www.essec.edu/luxurymba
renowned tradition for superior academic quality. t The sole program of its kind in the world, offered

The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011 113

European University - EU Business School

Accreditation: Programs Offered Program Duration: Contacts: Tel: +41 22 779 26 71

ACBSP MBA with Majors in: 1 year full-time Spain Fax: +41 22 779 26 73
IACBE International Business 2 years part-time Sandra Moro, Admissions Email: info.gva@euruni.edu
CEEMAN Communication & Public Relations European University Barcelona
Latin America

International Marketing Tuition Fee: c/Ganduxer 70 Germany

Program Type: Global Banking & Finance 5,800 € per term full-time 08021 Barcelona Kathrin Ströbl, Admissions
Full-time MBA Leisure & Tourism Management 2,900 € per term part-time Spain European Business College Munich
Part-time MBA Entrepreneurship Gmunder Strasse 53
Executive MBA Leadership Entry Requirements: Tel: +34 (93) 201 81 71 81379 Munich
Cross MBA E-Business Min. GMAT Score: Satisfactory Fax: +34 (93) 201 79 35 Germany
Sports Management Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score: 213 Email: info.bcn@euruni.edu
Joint Degree Programs Offered: Human Resources Management Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score: 550 Tel: +49 89 5502 9595
Dual degree MBA Min. TOEFL Internet Based Score: 80 Switzerland Fax: +49 89 5502 9504
Cross MBA Course Information Min. IELTS: 6.0 Ioanna Exarchou, Admissions Email: info.muc@euruni.edu
Starting Dates: Min. ESOL/CAE Grade C European University Geneva
3 October 2011 Quai du Seujet 18
9 January 2012 Application Fee: 1201 Geneva
12 March 2012 200 € Switzerland

An international perspective is guaranteed by the Student Profile

North America

composition of the faculty and student body. Nicolas Brabeck-Letmathe

Having worked for 3 years while completing my
The third aim of EU is to offer its students flexibility. undergraduate studies in a company specializing
EU ensures that all students have the possibility in recruitment for major multinational companies, I
to pursue higher education while balancing the quickly realized the value and importance associated
demands of full-time employment, family and other with an MBA. Choosing European University to
obligations. Graduate programs can be completed continue my studies was an easy decision. The
in 1 year (full-time) or 2 years (part-time). The benefits for me were numerous, including the small
University also offers Executive programs that are class size, diverse group of international students
carefully structured to equip executives with the and personal attention given to each student at EU.
knowledge required to assume the responsibilities
of leadership. MBA Characteristics
The classes are based on lectures and open

Finally, EU offers a unique program in Europe, the discussion with group and individual projects. Each
Cross MBA, which is a joint project involving EU student learns how to effectively sell their ideas
European University (EU) is one of the world’s top and its international partners. The program lasts 15 while remaining open to opinions of classmates. EU
business schools, internationally accredited and months. The participants attend the on-site courses attracts a diverse group of students; my class was
recognized for the excellence of its students and once a month during weekends. The balance of the made up of 20 students representing 18 different
faculty. coursework is completed online. nationalities. The learning process was more
complete as we learned not only from our professors
Established in 1973, EU has developed a business European University educates its students for but also our student colleagues.
education that delivers high-quality teaching, a success in the global marketplace. Graduates pursue
competitive learning environment and a network occupations in management, marketing, consulting, Studying in Switzerland
of campuses in different countries. This broad finance and public relations in major corporations Despite its relatively small size, Switzerland is an
Asia Pacific

network encourages students to participate in inter- and organizations. extremely international country. The location of
campus exchanges in the following countries: Spain, European University in Montreux put me into
Switzerland, Germany, UK, Austria, Kazakhstan, Syria, MBA with majors in: contact with an extensive business network and a
Taiwan, China, Malaysia and Singapore. International Business, Communication & Public thriving economic region. Furthermore, the idyllic
Relations, International Marketing, Global Banking countryside and beautiful Lake Geneva provided a
EU offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) & Finance, Leisure & Tourism Management, perfect setting to study.
with the possibility to specialize in 10 different fields Entrepreneurship, Leadership, E-Business, Sports
of management education. Management and Human Resources Management. Final Project
The capstone is the final work that is required
Australia & New Zealand

The first goal of European University is to bring the Modules of study: before obtaining your diploma. This was one of the
American education model to Europe by relating t MBA: 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time most memorable aspects of my MBA experience
classroom theory to professional skills. The courses t Executive MBA: 15 months considering the satisfaction of completing such an
are taught in English using the case study method t Cross MBA: 15 months in-depth project.
to prevent business theory from remaining abstract
and incomprehensible. International student exchange: The Future
Students may transfer between any of the EU With increasing globalization, my exposure to
The second goal of EU is to internationalize campuses. Student exchange with other universities various cultures and perspectives will undoubtedly
its programs by providing a unique learning is also possible. be a strong asset for my career. The future has finally
environment. EU employs an international faculty arrived and I feel confident that European University
and curricula. has given me a good base to face the challenges
awaiting me.

116 The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011

GISMA Business School

Programme Type: Personal Development Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score Tuition Fee : Contact:
Full Time MBA Strategic Management : 220 EURO (€) 28000 / Total Program Monika Bär
Part Time MBA Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 550 Cost Recruitment Manager
Executive MBA Full Time Course Information Min. IELTS : 6.5 GISMA Business School

Latin America
Start Dates: Min. Years of Work Experience : 1 Executive Course Information 27 Feodor-Lynen-Strasse
Specialisation by Function: August Start Dates: Hannover, Niedersachsen
Change Management Application Fee : March 30625
Entrepreneurship Programme Duration: USD ($) 60 Germany
General Management 11 months Programme Duration :
Innovation / Knowledge Part Time Course Information 22 months Tel: +49(511)54609 29
Management Tuition Fee: Start Dates : Fax: +49(511)54609 54
International Management / EURO (€) 30000 / Total Program January Tuition Fee : Email: info@gisma.com
Business Cost EURO (€) 52500 / Total Program Web: www.gisma.com
Leadership Programme Duration : Cost
Operations Management Entry Requirements: 24 months
Organisational Behavior Min. GMAT Score : 550

addition to helping the students acquire the skills

necessary to become tomorrow’s business leaders,

North America
they are dedicated to providing students with a
positive educational experience. That means moving
beyond typical lectures and exams to experiential
learning exercises, computer simulations, student
consulting projects with real companies and off-site

Student Profile

Birgit Hafner (30), MBA

After finishing my first degree (Industrial Engineering
Offering leading accredited MBA-programs, GISMA GISMA MBA degree (Leibniz University Hannover) and Management at the University of Applied
Business School belongs to the top business schools t studying with fellow students of many different Sciences in Munich) I worked for General Motors

in Europe. The highly international 11-month MBA cultural backgrounds in Asia. As I was very interested in staying in the
full-time program in cooperation with Purdue t profiting from consulting projects and an extensive automotive industry and, especially in working for
University’s Krannert School of Management, company network DaimlerChrysler I wanted to enhance my chances
Indiana, USA provides multiple benefits to our t intense interaction with teachers due to limited and decided to do an international MBA. I was
students. Furthermore – in cooperation with three student enrolment convinced by the American MBA program at GISMA
other top business schools in the USA and Europe – t an extensive career service. Business School in Hannover with its affiliation to
GISMA offers an 22-month part-time Executive MBA Purdue University (USA) which was ranked among
program: The International Master’s in Management 2. The International Masters in Management the top ten programs in “The Wall Street Journal”. As
Program (IMM) for experienced professionals who Program (IMM) - Executive MBA I enjoy learning, the concise program format with a
seek to obtain both, an American and a European In cooperation with Purdue University, TiasNimbas duration of 11 months was just right for me.
MBA degree. Business School in the Netherlands and the Central
Asia Pacific
European University in Hungary GISMA offers a Looking back at my time at GISMA Business School I
The latest addition to GISMA’s portfolio is a part- 22-month part-time Executive-MBA program: The like to remember the enthusiasm and motivation of
time MBA program taught on weekends: The Young International Master’s in Management Program the professors. It was also great to experience that
Professional MBA. (IMM). This Executive-MBA program is designed for the teamwork always was successful – although the
experienced professionals who seek to obtain both, tasks were very demanding sometimes, we always
GISMA Business School was founded in 1999 as a an American MBA degree from Purdue University found a first class solution. Regarding my class mates
partnership between the German public and private and a European MBA degree. This MBA program I have met many interesting people from all over the
sector. The school is operated under the umbrella of is an “on-the-job” program with residencies at all world I am still in touch with.
the GISMA Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation four collaborating business schools as well as in
Australia & New Zealand

of the State of Lower Saxony and leaders of major China and Mexico and addresses managers with an While studying at GISMA I experienced for the first
German companies. average of ten years of work experience. time what it is like to merge in the work you are
doing. You forget time when doing exactly what
1. Master of Business Administration - full-time 3. The Young Professional MBA is a part-time MBA you want to. It’s great to think that you can solve any
MBA degree for young academics with work experience. problem.
This 11-month MBA full-time program is offered The program is aimed at participants with the
uniquely in cooperation with Purdue University’s potential to take on management responsibility The course material is still useful – when looking for
Krannert School of Management, Indiana, USA. within their companies and who would like to qualify answers in my job today I still look it up in the GISMA-
themselves further without interrupting their career. folders. To future GISMA students I recommend
Benefits for students: taking part in one of the consulting projects. It
t Two MBA degrees: the internationally accredited World-class instructors are the cornerstones of the provides you with practical experience and your own
degree (AACSB) from Purdue University and the academic program at GISMA Business School. In valuable network.

The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011 117

HEC MBA Program

Programme Type: Innovation / Knowledge Specialisation by Industry: Full Time Tuition Fee: 45000 € Application Fee :
Full Time MBA Management Banking / Financial Services 130 EUR
Part Time MBA International Management / Consulting Part Time Course Information
Business Environment Start Dates: January Contact:
Latin America

Joint Degree Programmes Leadership FMCG - Fast Moving Consumer Program Duration: 24 months Philippe Oster, Development &
Offered: Manufacturing Management Goods Part Time Tuition Fee: 48000 € Admissions Director
MBA + MA Marketing Government HEC MBA Program
MBA + MBA, MBA + MSc Operations Management IT / Telecommunications Entry Requirements: 1 rue de la Libération
Organisational Behavior Non - Profit Organisation Average Full Time GMAT: 690 Jouy-en-Josas
Specialisation by Function: Personal Development Pharmaceutical / Bio-Medical Min TOEFL: 100 (IBT); 250 (CBT); F-78351 CEDEX
Accountancy & Financial Project Management Retail / Consumer Goods 600 (PBT) France
Change Management Purchasing Management Venture Capital & Private Equity Min. IELTS : 6.5
Economics Risk Management Min PTE: 72 Tel: +33 (1) 39 67 95 46
Entrepreneurship Strategic Management Full Time Course Information Min TOEIC: 850 +33 (1) 39 67 73 83
Finance Supply Chain Management Start Dates: January & Min. Years of Work Experience : 2 Fax: +33 (1) 39 67 74 65
General Management Wealth Management September Email: admissionmba@hec.fr
Human Resource Management Program Duration: 16 months Web: www.mba.hec.edu

Student Profile
North America

In-depth training in decision

making and interaction with
business leaders prepares
participants to become leaders
on a global scale. The HEC
MBA Program is divided into
two phases: fundamental and Massimo Pedetti, HEC MBA,
customized phase. During the Class of 2012
fundamental phase, participants
develop the comprehensive core When I decided to enroll at HEC I had high
management knowledge and expectations. After 5 months within the program,
techniques that will enable them I’m pleased to say that my MBA experience is
to advance in their careers. doubtlessly fantastic and that my expectations have

not only been met, but surpassed.

In the customized phase, full-time
The HEC MBA program offers participants participants follow a track in Finance, Marketing, Among the highlights, worth of special mention
the unique and valuable experience of being Entrepreneurship & Innovation or Strategy, and is the faculty. Professors have been able not only
immersed in a student body and faculty of highly select from amongst 80 electives. In addition to this to share with us their tremendous knowledge, but
diverse nationalities, academic and professional we offer over 50 international exchanges and 12 also to go far beyond textbooks and syllabus, giving
backgrounds. Teamed with exceptionally talented renowned double degree programs. Participants can valuable advices and putting us through hands-on
peers from over 50 countries, participants push each also gain corporate exposure through completing a experiences on which I’ll capitalize in the future.
other to achieve, to realize their full potential and field work project.
ultimately to develop and sharpen their leadership Part-time participants meanwhile choose from Furthermore, I believe that the length of the program
skills. a range of electives and carry out a Company is suitable, neither too long nor too short, to get the
Asia Pacific

Consulting Project, putting their technical training preparation that I need to achieve my post-MBA
In addition to the full-time 16 month MBA, the part- into practice and making a meaningful impact on goals. Likewise, the intake size is appropriate, since
time MBA (one week per month on campus, over 24 the performance of real organizations. I am able to interact will all my peers on a daily basis.
months) offers participants a unique opportunity For instance, today we prepared together a strategy
to enhance their knowledge base, maximize their PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT case study and tonight we will party to celebrate
leadership potential, and expand their corporate The HEC MBA Career Management Center (CMC) the Chinese week. Sharing experiences and creating
network, whilst maintaining a balance between their offers training in adapting job search skills to bonds with people coming from six continents: this
personal and professional lives. differing geographies in order to gain the attention is a truly unique experience that I will remember
of top recruiters worldwide. HEC MBA participants forever.
Australia & New Zealand

MBA AMBITION receive customized job-search advice from alumni,

We believe that leadership can be taught. However, consultants, coaches, and peers. The CMC can Last, but not least, the program offered me many
leaders can only be formed through direct put participants in contact with top international possibilities to interact with executives and with
experience and action. Among the skills that define executive search firms and HEC’s active alumni alumni, whose career path and leadership are an
successful leadership is a capacity to manage in network of over 40,000 worldwide and 200 example of how this experience can be formative
a positive, intuitive, and creative manner. To lead recruiting companies. By ensuring that the academic and enriching.
the businesses of tomorrow, our participants must curriculum and career management services work in
master their communication skills, sharpen their tandem we will provide you with individual coaching Thus, I am looking forward to the rest of the program
intuitive intelligence, and develop an ethical vision of and counseling which can help you navigate and to my future career, my expectations have
leadership that encompasses a strong commitment smoothly through the program and ultimately, pave grown bigger than before but I am, one word for all,
to developing sustainable business strategies. your way to a fulfilling professional life. confident. Extremely.

118 The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011

IE Business School

Programme Type: Management DISTANCE COURSE Tuition Fee : Application Fee :

Full Time MBA Leadership INFORMATION EURO (€) 55200 / Total Program Cost EURO (€) 120
Distance Learning MBA Marketing Start Dates :
Executive MBA Operations Management February, September IE BROWN EXECUTIVE MBA Contact:

Latin America
IE Brown Executive MBA Supply Chain Management Start Dates: Admissions Department
Programme Duration : Spring 2011 IE Business School
Joint Degree Programmes FULL TIME COURSE 15 months 11 Maria de Molina
Offered: INFORMATION Programme Duration: Madrid, 28006
MBA + MA Start Dates: Tuition Fee : 15 months Spain
MLOG, MALD April, November EURO (€) 37200 / Total Program Cost
Tution Fee: Tel: +34 915 689 610
Specialisation by Function: Programme Duration: EXECUTIVE COURSE US Dollar ($) 95000/Total Program Fax: +34 915 689 710
Brand Management 13 months INFORMATION Email: admissions@ie.edu
Corporate Governance Start Dates: Entry Requirements: Web: www.ie.edu/business
E-Commerce / Business Tuition Fee: June, November Min. GMAT Score : 640
Entrepreneurship EURO (€) 58200 / Total Program Cost Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score : 250
General Management Programme Duration : Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : N/A
Innovation / Knowledge 13 months Min. Years of Work Experience : 3

schools, is based in Madrid, Spain. IE trains corporate leaders at any stage of their career. The

North America
tomorrow’s business leaders, shaping them with an Executive Education division offers training courses
innovative approach and acting as a catalyst for the for the executive through its Advanced Management
creation of new businesses. Program (AMP), Senior Management Program (SMP),
seminars, conferences, forums, in-company training
The IE campus is situated in the heart of Madrid; programs, and consulting services.
students can experience in full everything the city
has to offer. Madrid is the capital of Spain and has IE is also a hub of international research boasting
a rich heritage in the arts and a cultural experience an array of specialized centers dedicated to
like no other in the world. The city boasts a host of furthering the business community in such areas as
museums, parks and gardens; palaces, modern and entrepreneurship, information management, and
IE is an international institution dedicated to historic architecture, as well as being surrounded by corporate responsibility amongst others.
educating business leaders through programs based Spain’s other treasures; the Alhambra in Granada,
on our core values of global focus, entrepreneurial the University of Salamanca, and the ancient city of Being part of the IE Community is more than just

spirit and a humanistic approach. Córdoba to name but a few. being an alumnus; it’s a way of life. Members of our
community hold firm ethical values and recognize
We champion applied research coupled with IE Business School’s MBA programs have met with their responsibility to the environment in which they
multidisciplinary, integrative education programs. international acclaim, featuring highly in both the FT operate, as well as to the wider business community.
Designed to address market demands, our and Economist business school rankings. IE Business IE alumni are part of a global network of business
innovative learning processes comprise a blend of School also offers specialist Master programs leaders spread across the globe in more that 100
online and onsite formats, making IE a pioneer in covering a broad range of sectors. countries.
international education.
Complementing IE’s postgraduate and executive If you would like to attend one of our global
IE Business School, a pioneer in business education, Master’s programs is an additional stream of services information sessions to learn more about IE, please
and one of the world’s top international business to meet the specific training needs of managers and visit www.ie.edu/events for more details.
Asia Pacific

Student Profile
IE Business School’s MBA programs are intended for with 57 nationalities in all the MBA programs, and “It´s been really fantastic. You´re being put in a class
people with your aspirations, ambitions and drive. over 80 nationalities on campus. with a collection of some of the brightest people in the
International programs in all senses of the word, our world, so it makes you work at another level. You really
MBAs will give you the head start that you need and/or “An MBA is a big step in a person´s professional career. have to lift your game, but that´s a great challenge and
help you re-route your professional future by expanding I was specialized in one sector and the MBA gave me a something I really enjoyed this year. Meeting people
your skill set horizons and network of contacts. wider vision of business as a whole. It serves as a step to from all over the world has been a great privilege”
change either your career or your level of responsibility” Jonathan Langton, UK/Australia, International
Australia & New Zealand

The profile of the IE Business School student varies Michael Malleret, France, International Executive MBA 2009
somewhat as per the program. In general terms IE’s MBA 2010
MBA programs are characterized by their diversity:

Here is a brief breakdown of the most recent graduates from each of the three MBA programs.
Students From

North Latin Asia/ Africa/

Programme No. Students Avg. Age Avg. Work Exp. % Women International Europe
America America Oceania Middle East

International MBA (full-time) 215 29 4.5 36 91 37% 7% 37% 15% 4%

Global MBA (online) 73 30 4 38 51 26% 12% 24% 20% 18%

International Executive MBA

63 37 11 22 81 64% 16% 10% 10% 0%

The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011 119

IESE Business School
University of Navarra

Programme Type: Retail / Consumer Goods Entry Requirements: Programme Duration : Contact:
Full Time MBA Venture Capital & Private Equity Min. GMAT Score : 620 17 months MBA Admissions
Global Executive MBA Program Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score Associate Director
Full Time Course Information : 250 Tuition Fee : IESE Business School
Latin America

Specialisation by Function: Start Dates: Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 600 EURO (€) 92.000 / Total Program University of Navarra,
General Management September Min. Years of Work Experience : 2 Cost 21 Avenida Pearson
Ethics. entrepreneurship, Barcelona
communications Programme Duration: Application Fee : 08034
19 months USD ($) 130 Spain
Specialisation by Industry:
Banking / Financial Services Tuition Fee: Global Executive MBA Program Tel: +34 93 253 42 00
Consulting EURO (€) 70.700 / Total Program Course Information Fax: +34 93 253 43 43
IT / Telecommunications Cost Start Dates: Email: mbainfo@iese.edu
Pharmaceutical / Bio-Medical May Web: www.iese.edu/en/Programs/
Real Estate August MBA/MBA.asp

development, creating a better world by creating Faculty:

better leaders. IESE’s full time faculty have earned Ph.D.’s from some
of the world’s most prestigious business schools and
North America

Why a Bilingual MBA? contribute their research and writings to publications

The MBA program is taught in English and includes and books published around the world. They also
Spanish-language instruction throughout the first work as consultants to many of the world’s leading
year (Spanish is not required for admission.) During companies. This ongoing research and relationship
the second year, students have the option of taking with corporate clients makes IESE one of the biggest
electives taught in Spanish. The program is bilingual business case publisher´s in the world; its cases are
in order to help students master the ability to taught in leading universities throughout the world.
acquire foreign language competency even while
maintaining heavy work loads. This is a capability Barcelona:
MBAs will need throughout their professional lives IESE occupies a verdant campus with sweeping views
as international managers. of the Mediterranean and the Barcelona skyline. The
city and surrounding countryside offer unparalleled
Admissions: opportunities for business and recreation.

IESE seeks students with strong academic records,

substantial and substantive previous work
This year IESE decided to expand its MBA intake experience, leadership qualities, and the ability to
Student Profile
from 215 to 290 students per year, as a respond to speak at least one foreign language fluently. On
the increasing number of applications and overall average, current IESE MBA’s are 27years old, have 4 “Choosing IESE was the best choice I could have made
interest in the school’s flagship program. With years of post-graduate work experience and a GMAT in an MBA program. Small class sizes allows you to really
students from more than 80 countries, an extensive score of 680. know your classmates and professors. You have the
network of international corporate connections freedom to participate in competitions or get involved
and academic partnerships with many of the IESE in Recent Rankings: in organizing events with companies. IESE fosters a
world’s leading business schools, IESE is a school IESE ranks among the world’s top 10 Programs culture of cooperation and promotes excellence.”
of extraordinary global reach. With campuses in according to the most recent survey of global Michael Dallala MBA’11, Canada
Asia Pacific

Barcelona, Madrid, a centre in New York City and schools conducted by the Financial Times, Business
offices in Munich, São Paulo and Warsaw, the Week, Economist Intelligence Unit and Forbes. I came to IESE hoping that two years of hard work would
school’s alumni work for major corporations and help me find a new direction in my life and career. My
new business ventures in over 100 countries. MBA Career Services: expectations have been well and truly exceeded: I have
MBA Career Services maintains excellent working become not only an MBA graduate but a husband, a
Goals of the MBA Program: relations with major corporations and new business father, a consultant and member of the IESE community.
The IESE MBA is an academically rigorous, 19 month ventures throughout Europe, and North and South I value this community not only for the step they have
program with a general management orientation. It America. Some 50 leading firms attend IESE’s annual helped me take but for the support and guidance we
seeks to develop sound business judgement, the ability MBA Career Forum and around 350 companies recruit share together in each future step we take.
Australia & New Zealand

to work effectively in a variety of cultural contexts, for IESE MBAs each year. Some 86% of students find Iain Morgan MBA’11, South Africa
and the knowledge, skills and attitudes for on-going their first job three months after graduation through
professional success in the field of international Career Services. My experience at IESE Business School has been
business. This year the school has introduced a number more than fulfilling. For me, IESE is the proverbial
of innovative electives which will take place at IESE’s Recruiting Companies (partial list): melting pot where 80 different nationalities combine
recently opened New York Centre. Through these Accenture, A.T. Kearney, Barclays Capital, BASF, Bayer together to create a diverse, multi-cultural & multi-
courses, students will get the opportunity to hone their AG, Boston Consulting Group, British Petroleum, lingual cocktail of learning, experience sharing
management skills at the heart of one of most exciting Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Eli Lilly, Ford, Goldman and networking. The ability to have a network and
and thriving cities in the world. Sachs, Johnson & Johnson, JP Morgan Chase, friends across the world and to explore & understand
Lehman Brothers, McKinsey & Co., Merrill Lynch, different cultural and business perspectives is both
Mission: Our mission is to transform business Morgan Stanley, Roche, Roland Berger, Sara Lee, UBS personally and professionally enriching.
through management education and leadership Warburg. Salone Sehgal MBA’11, India

120 The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011

Imperial College Business School
Imperial College London

Programme Type: Full Time Course Information Min. IELTS : 7 Executive Course Information Contact:
Full Time MBA Start Dates: Min. Years of Work Experience : 3 Start Dates: MBA Recruitment Team
Distance Learning MBA October January Imperial College Business School
Executive MBA Application Fee : April Imperial College London

Latin America
Programme Duration: USD ($) 150 Tanaka Building
Specialisation by Function: 12 months Programme Duration : South Kensington Campus
Economics Distance Course Information 24 months London, England
Entrepreneurship Tuition Fee: Start Dates : SW7 2AZ
Finance GBP (£) 35850 / Total Program Cost September Tuition Fee : United Kingdom
General Management GBP (£) 39500 / Total Program Cost
Health Care Management Entry Requirements: Programme Duration : Tel: +44(0)20 7594 9206
Innovation / Knowledge Management Min. GMAT Score : 600 34 months Fax: +44(0)20 7594 9184
Leadership Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score Email: mba@imperial.ac.uk
Marketing : 250 Tuition Fee : Web: www.imperial.ac.uk/
Risk Management Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 610 GBP (£) 24035 / Per Course business-school

Contact us
Visit www.imperial.ac.uk/business-school/imperial-

North America
mba to find out more.
Imperial College Business School, Tanaka Building,
South Kensington Campus, London SW7 2AZ, UK.

T: +44 (0)20 7594 9206

E: mba@imperial.ac.uk
W: www.imperial.ac.uk/business-school

“The Imperial MBA will transform your future. while continuing to excel in a demanding job. Student Profile
You’ll learn core management disciplines from Choose from Weekend or Weekday study. For Clementine James
internationally respected faculty members with hands- timetable information visit www.imperial.ac.uk/ Weekday Executive MBA 2008-2010
on knowledge of business and consultancy work. You’ll business-school/executive-mba “I had helped my business Lillingston grow significantly,
learn the latest business practices from industry experts t Distance Learning MBA - offered through the but in 2008 I recognised that my learning curve was

teaching on MBA electives. And you’ll get a competitive University of London. slowing down and that I would need to seek external
edge from having access to the latest thinking before it education to help me continue to learn on the job.
is even published, thanks to our world-leading research A reputation for innovation
activities.” “Innovation in the new economic age is going to be After researching a variety of programmes, I decided
- Ebrahim Mohamed, Executive MBA very different from any of the models we have had in to pursue an MBA part-time while continuing to
Programme Director the past.” work. As our office is in central London, a handful of
- Professor David Gann, Head of Innovation MBA programmes within the M25 appealed to me,
Creating and protecting intellectual property, and Entrepreneurship Group but Imperial stood out for a variety of reasons. I love
seizing new opportunities, building partnerships the emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship,
for change, and delivering innovation time and time Our MBA is consistently ranked in the top 10 as well as the smaller class size.
again are achieved by strategic training in how to worldwide for entrepreneurship. MBA students learn
Asia Pacific
analyse problems and opportunities, and by getting from world-class experts who combine the latest As I work for a creative company, I wanted an
plenty of practice in how to put this training into research with a practical understanding of today’s environment that explored business beyond finance.
effect. Imperial College Business School offers a global business. Everything you learn will benefit All MBA students take part in a course unique to
unique environment in which to do both. both you and the organisations you work for. You Imperial called IE&D – Innovation, Entrepreneurship
will put your learning into practice, in teams and & Design. At the end of our first year, we put forward
Be among the best individually, making you a stronger team player and ideas for businesses, and were assigned to a team to
Undertake your MBA at Imperial and you become a networker. try and make one of these ideas into a reality. It is an
graduate of one of the world’s leading universities. intensive six months of teamwork and exploration,
Imperial College Business School attracts students See the world, study in London culminating in putting together a full business plan
Australia & New Zealand

and faculty from amongst the world’s best. Imperial College Business School is located centrally and pitching the idea to a VC.
Through our richly diverse student cohort, you in South Kensington’s vibrant, multicultural
will be exposed to a great variety of perspectives atmosphere. London is the headquarters for many My friends who are attending MBA programmes
and market insights, stimulating your thinking and global organisations enabling you to pursue back in America are often surprised to hear just how
ability to apply innovative ideas to the wide range of projects with blue chip companies, consultancies diverse the student body is at Imperial. Students
economic and political challenges facing the world and financial firms. come from a variety of different careers; while we
today. have our consultants and investment bankers, we
also have doctors, architects and designers!”
One MBA, three ways to study
t Imperial MBA - our 12 month intensive full-time Clementine James is Director of Operations and a
MBA shareholder in Lillingston, a five-woman couture event
t Imperial Executive MBA - accelerate your career management company.

The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011 121

Lancaster University Management School

Programme Type: Full Time Course Information Application Fee : Contact:

Full Time MBA Start Dates: USD ($) 0 Angela Sindall
Executive MBA September Faculty Admissions Officer
Executive Course Information Lancaster University Management School
Latin America

Specialisation by Function: Programme Duration: Start Dates: Lancaster University

Accountancy & Financial 12 months October Lancaster, Lancs
Brand Management LA1 4YX
Change Management Tuition Fee: Programme Duration : United Kingdom
Decision Science Pleaser refer to website 24 months
Entrepreneurship Tel: +44 (1524) 510757
General Management Entry Requirements: Tuition Fee : Fax: +44 (1524) 510739
Leadership Min. GMAT Score : 600 Pleaser refer to website Email: mba@lancaster.ac.uk
Marketing Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score : 250 Web: www.lums.lancs.ac.uk/mba
Operations Management Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 600
Project Management Min. IELTS : 7
Strategic Management Min. Years of Work Experience : 3

Mindful Manager keep in touch after you leave, support networking

Right from the first day of the programme we balance opportunities and are your link with current
North America

academic learning and personal and professional Programme participants.

development through our Mindful Manager thread.
Student Profile
This explores what management is really about and
packs in lots of personal development opportunities Before joining the MBA Michael
based on experiential learning. We use the academic Hass was a management
learning on the programme as the basis for helping consultant at Ernst & Young in
you to learn how to manage yourself and how to Germany.
work in teams.
“I chose the Lancaster MBA as I
Why Lancaster University Management School? felt that its rigorous academic
Accreditation and reputation programme, combined with practical projects, was
The School is accredited by AACSB, the leading exactly the combination I was looking for. I also liked
business school accreditation organisation, EQUIS, the fact that it offered me the opportunity to work in

A Reputation for Action the top European quality mark for European Schools a truly international environment.
Since its inception in 1989 the Lancaster MBA and AMBA, the top British quality mark.
has kept action and engagement with real world In particular Lancaster’s action leaning approach
business and management issues at the heart of The MBA features regularly in the Financial Times Top has helped me to understand that there is often
its programme. There are three practical elements 100 MBA Programmes Survey. In 2010 it was ranked more than one appropriate way to look at issues,
based on work with organisations varying greatly in 24th in the world by the FT and 16th in the world by understand and resolve them. Working and studying
length and focus. All three will look great on your cv Forbes magazine. with a variety of excellent people, from different
as evidence of real hands on ability. backgrounds, also made me become more open-
The Lancaster experience minded and people-oriented.
New Venture Challenge The Lancaster MBA emphasises the process of
Student teams spend the first term working learning as much as the content. You will spend The New Venture Challenge and Consultancy
Asia Pacific

with clients sourced by LUMS’s Institute for much of your time learning in teams that will Challenge projects made me realise that I really
Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development develop collaborative and leadership skills essential enjoyed consulting for smaller companies as the
who are preparing start ups or new business in management. impact of the recommendations made can be seen
developments. Students help them draw up much more quickly than in larger organisations.
marketing and business plans. There will be over twenty nationalities in the classroom.
You will learn about cultural difference and how to My summer project was with PricewaterhouseCoopers
Consultancy Challenge capitalise on its diversity in work, social and sporting in Leeds where we undertook a survey on the
Each team is dropped into a consultancy situation contexts. We have an international reputation that also development of small and medium-sized businesses
and learns the capacity to be immediately effective attracts faculty from across the world. in the north of the UK. This was a superb finish to my
Australia & New Zealand

in supporting and leading change. Don’t worry, MBA as it combined my fascination for small firms
we prepare you with customised modules which Our campus is safe, beautifully located with views of with my background in management consultancy.”
develop your skills. mountains and sea, yet only an hour from the bright
lights, nightlife and world class soccer of Manchester After completing his MBA, Michael joined Ernst &
Summer project and Liverpool. Most students can live on campus and Young’s business modelling – decision support team
You will expand your consultancy skills by walk to the classroom in five minutes. in London as a senior consultant.
undertaking a group client project. In addition you
will produce an extended individual assignment The MBA Programme has a dedicated Career “I firmly believe that pursuing the Lancaster MBA
reflecting on management theories in practice, Development and Alumni Services Manager who has put me into a better position to manage such
drawing on your consultancy experiences during provides personal counselling and arranges special complex projects and to handle them with greater
the programme. events and workshops to help you make the right confidence.”
career decisions for your future employment. We

122 The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011

Leeds Business School
MBA Programmes

The Leeds Business School MBA: Your Management Career Starts Here
The MBA at Leeds Business School is an internationally recognised management qualification. It
will provide you with the management essentials to develop your executive career. You can boost
your professional contacts by studying in the financial and business capital of the north of England.
During the MBA you will meet experts from industry; our recent guest speakers have included the
CEO of the London Stock Exchange.

We offer flexible MBA routes: Key Features of our MBA programmes include:
MBA (Graduate) – for graduates with less than • Professional body endorsement –
two years’ experience. accreditation from the Chartered Management
MBA (Executive) – for experienced professionals. Institute
MBA (Executive) E-learning – for those wishing • Flexibility – we offer full-time, part-time and
to study from home. distance learning options
• Career focus – we offer a range of networking
These programmes have been designed to turn
events and guest lectures from top speakers
applicants into genuine leaders and agents of
change using cornerstone subjects of business: • International - we attract students from
across the world, including China, India,
• Marketing
Europe, Africa and the Middle East
• Finance
• People & Organisational Behaviour
• Strategic Management

For further information on these courses, please contact our admissions team on
mba@leedsmet.ac.uk, or +44 (0) 113 8126127. Alternatively you can speak to the MBA course
director Dr Maria Jemicz, by emailing m.jemicz@leedsmet.ac.uk
The Leeds Business School MBA: MBA Student Profiles
Adnan and Jaspreet are both enjoying studying on the MBA (Graduate) at Leeds Business School.
Not only is the course enjoyable and challenging, they were also supported in developing broader
experiences. Jaspreet worked for Dell in India for 13 months as a Technical Support Associative
before starting the Graduate MBA and also worked for ICICI Bank as Senior Executive Officer

Adnan Ashraf, 22 from Kashmir, India Jaspreet Singh, 24 from New Delhi, India
“I would definitely recommend this course to “The best thing about my course is that it is very
all my friends. This is not just MBA but it’s a practical and up to date with what is happening
complete personality enhancing course. The in the business world at present.
professors are among the best in the UK and the Moreover, interaction with my international
way this course has been designed is fantastic. classmates helps me in understanding what is
It has helped me in my overall development as happening in other parts of the world’s economy
an individual and in my career development. too. This course has helped me to understand
Before coming here I was not sure what I wanted global business and also learn different skills to
to be but now I am very clear of what I have to be a successful manager.”
do. It has given my career a direction. I now
know my strengths and weaknesses and it has
made me more confident about whatever I am
doing. Overall my life has taken a new direction
after coming here.”

of Exclusive Scholarships for the QS World MBA Tour and
QS World Grad School Tour visitors only

It is easy to win a QS Scholarship:

Visit a QS Fair anywhere in the world to become eligible
Apply at:


Scholarship providers:
QS, Ashridge, EMLYON, ESMT, IE, Melbourne,
MIP, Sydney, USC Marshall, Vlerick
Manchester Business School
The University of Manchester

Programme Type: Entry Requirements: Tuition Fee : Contact:

Full-time MBA Min. GMAT Score : 600 GBP (£) £22,000/Total Programme Cost Jenny Gunn - Full-time MBA
Part-time MBA Min. TOEFL Internet Based Score : 90 Martin Ross - Part-time Global MBA
Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 600 Entry Requirements: Manchester Business School
Latin America

Specialisation by Function: Min. IELTS : 6.5 Min. years of work experience: 3 The University of Manchester
International Management / Business Min. years of work experience : 3 Booth Street West
Accelerated Course Information Manchester
Full-time Course Information Application Fee : Start Dates : September M15 6PB
Start Dates: September GBP (£) 0 United Kingdom
Programme Duration :
Programme Duration: Part-time Course Information 24 months Tel: +44 (0) 161 275 6338 (Full-time MBA)
18 months Start Dates : January, July Tel: +44 (0) 161 275 7212 (Part-time Global
Tuition Fee : MBA)
Tuition Fee: Programme Duration : GBP (£) 23,000/Total Programme Cost Email: mba@mbs.ac.uk
GBP (£) 35600 / Total Programme Cost 36 months Web: www.mbs.ac.uk/mba/
Entry Requirements:
Min. years of work experience: 6

Our unique, hands-on approach to learning gives Student Profile

you more client-facing hours than almost any other
North America

MBA course – nearly six months’ worth – so you can Arnaud Giblat (Full-time
test theories immediately in real world situations MBA 2006)
and won’t feel completely removed from the “Before starting my MBA I
commercial environment. worked as a project manager
in the automotive industry. I
The MBA is the first step of your journey; where was also a keen investor in the
you are at the end is up to you. If you have the markets and wanted to make the
determination to build your own networks and transition into the City.
develop your own career opportunities, our
dedicated MBA Careers Service have the contacts, I chose MBS as the School offered so many hands
resources and expert guidance to help you achieve on opportunities to develop the skills I needed to
your career goals. change career. For example, I learned to prepare
and deliver a pitch through the AT Kearney Case

Part-time MBA Programmes Competition, while the IB project helped develop

Manchester Global MBA my entrepreneurial and marketing skills in an
This demanding and stimulating Global MBA is one international context.
of the toughest around and provides an invaluable
opportunity to collaborate across continents and Immediately after graduating I started working
network with over 6,000 high-achieving executives. at Merrill Lynch as an Equity Analyst and, today, I
am a Director in Equity Research at UBS. The MBA
It is flexible enough to accommodate the demands definitely helped me achieve my goal of working in
of a busy career, it combines face-to-face workshops the markets and I still use what I learned everyday.”
and online learning with leading academics at
If you have the stamina to take it on, the Manchester 7 international centres in Manchester, Dubai, Brian McCarthy (Manchester
Asia Pacific

MBA can help you transform your career and change Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Miami and Rio de Global MBA 2007)
your life. Janeiro. “Manchester Business School
has an outstanding reputation
At Manchester Business School we offer a range of You may select the general stream or opt for one for its analytical and practical
accredited and unique MBA programmes to suit of our specialist learning pathways in finance, approach, which is fully reflected
your career goals and professional situation. The engineering, construction or sport and major events. in its MBA syllabus. It allowed me
Manchester MBA is transformational. It marks you to take intellectually challenging issues and apply
out as academically accomplished and, crucially, able Manchester Global MBA (Accelerated) them in the context of my business role.
to apply what you have learned to the workplace to The Accelerated MBA programme is aimed at
Australia & New Zealand

deliver tangible results immediately. high achievers who are adept at juggling their After graduating, significant opportunities opened
professional and personal commitments, and relish up for me including my promotion to Managing
Full-time MBA the challenge of fitting concentrated, part-time Director of the Le Masurier Group, where on a daily
On the Manchester Full-time MBA we ensure you study into their busy work schedules. basis I apply the skills from my MBA. I genuinely see
get a thorough grounding in business theory, then an MBA as an essential part of any management
give you the opportunities to put it into practice If you can rise to the challenge you will find yourself professional’s tool kit.
with international projects, live consultancy work among like-minded executives, many of whom are
and internships with high profile, multinational CEOs, consultants, directors and senior managers of I found the learning process both rewarding and
corporations. Take your international experience major global companies, who will greatly enhance stimulating and this fuelled my desire for further
up a level with one of the strongest and largest your learning experience. research. As such, I am now undertaking Doctorate
international exchange programmes in the world. of Business Administration (DBA) with Manchester
Business School.”

126 The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011

Mannheim Business School

Programme Type: Tuition Fee: Executive Course Information Contact:

Mannheim MBA (Full Time) EURO (€) 29000 / Total Program Cost Start Dates: Ms. Nilgün Vatansever. Ms. Stefanie Goedker,
ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA April or Admissions Manager EMBA / Full-time MBA
MANNHEIM & TONGJI Executive MBA Entry Requirements: October (ESSEC & MANNHEIM EMBA) Mannheim Business School

Latin America
Min. GMAT Score : 600 Flexible (MANNHEIM & TONGJI EMBA) L5, 6
Specialisation by Function: Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score : 250 Mannheim, Germany
General Management Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 600 Programme Duration : 68161
Leadership Min. IELTS : 7 18 months (ESSEC & MANNHEIM EMBA) Germany
Min. Years of Work Experience : 3 18-60 months (MANNHEIM & TONGJI EMBA)
Full Time Course Information Tel: + 49 621 181 3721 or 3724
Start Dates: Application Fee : Tuition Fee : Fax: + 49 621 181 1278
September EURO (€) 0 EURO (€) 44000 - 47000 (ESSEC & MANNHEIM Email: info@mba-mannheim.com
EMBA) / Total Program Cost Web: www.mannheim-business-school.com
Programme Duration: EURO (€) 42000 (MANNHEIM & TONGJI
12 months EMBA) / Total Program Cost

Mannheim Business School. Our connections into

different industries enhance the practical relevance
of our teachings and enable a vibrant knowledge

North America
exchange, which benefits all parties that are involved.

t Best German Business School - Wirtschaftswoche
(2002-2010), Capital (2004, 2006), CHE (2002, 2005,
2008), Focus (2004, 2005, 2007)
t Best German Professors of Business Administration
in the ranking of Handelsblatt (2009)
t No. 26 in the global MBA ranking of The Economist
t No. 32 in the Global Financial Times Executive MBA
Ranking (2010)
t No. 19 worldwide and No. 9 in Europe in the global

MBA ranking of the Mexican business magazine
Expansión (2011)
t No. 31 in the global MBA ranking of América
Economía (2010)

Student Profile
Mannheim MBA (Class of 2011)
Mannheim Business School What we stand for: Class size: 58
Mannheim Business School is one of Europe’s t Excellence in Research and Teaching: Mannheim Average age: 29
leading institutions for business education. Together is one of Europe’s most renowned institutions of Average work experience: 5 years
with the University of Mannheim and its faculty academic education, repeatedly ranked as number
Asia Pacific
of business administration, we offer a holistic one for business education in Germany. Mannheim Origin:
program portfolio, ranging from undergraduate is also the only German institution to be accredited Europe: 52%
degrees to postgraduate studies, making us a by AACSB International, AMBA and EQUIS, the three Asia: 33%
perfect partner for life-long business education. leading international accreditation organizations Latin America: 3%
At Mannheim Business School, you receive world- (‘Triple Crown’). North America: 12%
class and comprehensive business education from t Practical Relevance: The diverse practical
an excellent, internationally recognized faculty. All experience of our core and adjunct faculty, Mannheim MBA students have at least three
professors are leaders in their respective fields of as well as the integration of business experts years of professional work experience and
research, with strong ties into different industries and from different industries and functions into extensive team leader and strategic thinking
Australia & New Zealand

business networks. In addition, Mannheim Business our curriculum, is fundamental to enabling our qualities. Moreover, our class is very international,
School regularly invites experienced executives from participants, as well as the companies they work with participants from different cultural and
leading companies as well as faculty from partner for, to optimally benefit from our programs. professional backgrounds joining our program
institutions to share their knowledge and insights. t Internationality and Diversity: “Internationality in every year, creating a uniquely diverse and open-
No matter what kind of degree or mode of study you everything we do” characterizes the core of our minded atmosphere, where students share their
plan to pursue, you can rest assured that all of the philosophy. First-class partner business schools experiences both at the business and private level.
programs offered by Mannheim Business School are and an international faculty, as well as participants
taught at the highest international standards. and alumni from around the world, characterize True to our principle of lifelong learning, our
our globally-oriented programs. participants will have access to alumni contact
t Strong Partner Network: Strong networks and active information, regional chapters, interest groups,
cooperations with international companies and conferences and networking events as well as career
business schools have been a key success factor at services and further coaching offers after graduation.

The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011 127

MIP Politecnico di Milano

Programme Type: Marketing Full Time Course Information Application Fee : Tuition Fee :
Full Time MBA Operations Management Start Dates: EURO (€) 0 EURO (€) 25000 / Total Program
Part Time MBA Organisational Behavior May Cost
Executive MBA Personal Development Part Time Course Information
Latin America

Supply Chain Management Programme Duration: Start Dates : Contact:

Joint Degree Programmes Technology Management 14 months November Anna Bacigalupi
Offered: Design Management and Luxury Marketing & Admission Officer
Dual Degree: MBA and MIB (Master Management Tuition Fee: Programme Duration : MIP Politecnico di Milano
in International Business) and EURO (€) 26000+1700 / Total 24 months 4C Via Lambruschini
Dual MBA Specialisation by Industry: Program Cost Building 26A
Automotive Tuition Fee : Milan, Italy
Specialisation by Function: Consulting Entry Requirements: EURO (€) 24000 + 1700 / Total 20156
Economics IT / Telecommunications Min. GMAT Score : N/A Program Cost Italy
Entrepreneurship Media & Entertainment Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score
Finance Oil & Gas : 250 Executive Course Information Tel: +39 (02) 23999194
Innovation / Knowledge Retail / Consumer Goods Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 600 Start Dates: Fax: +39 (02) 23992844
Management Design and Luxury Sector Min. IELTS : 6.5 June Email: imba@mip.polimi.it
International Management / Min. Years of Work Experience : 2 Web: www.mip.polimi.it/imba
Business Programme Duration :
IT Management 24 months
North America

Student Profile
of Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
Participants earn 2 degrees from 2 institutions Anthony Lambkin, Australia - MBA Class of 2009.
in 2 countries – either an MBA from MIP and MIB Task Manager, the World Bank, Washington DC
(Master of International Business) from Chapman With a background in marketing, I chose a Master in
or an MBA from both MIP and Antai. This program Business Administration to gain a holistic approach
gives a deeper exposure to international business to business management. MIP’s core strengths
compared to a traditional exchange program or in technology, innovation and design originally
study tour. attracted me to the school, acting as a gateway to
the top professors and industry contacts in these
MIP’s Career Service is one of a kind fields. Moreover, MIP is dedicated to enhancing and
Students are given the unique opportunity to fostering students’ ‘soft skills’ including personal
work alongside key stakeholders within important development, interpersonal communication and
organizations, challenging themselves in real-life presentation skills – key to being competitive in

business situations. Activities, such as Organizational today’s job market. Another benefit is the truly
MIP: Where Technology meets management Check Up, Business Plan, Business Game and diverse environment with peers from all over the
MIP was born in 1979 as a collaboration between Project work, take place throughout the program world. Working with and managing cross-disciplinary
Politecnico di Milano - Italy’s premier institute of and are real consulting projects within companies, and multinational teams is an increasingly important
science, technology and management - and some consulting firms or banks. Personal development skill and is inherently learnt through the program.
leading organizations operating in Italy. One of MIP’s is key and Career Service provides assistance Throughout MIP’s MBA curriculum, I gained both
great strengths is being part of the Politecnico di throughout the program and during the recruitment a theory-based and real-world practical skill set
Milano, whose engineering tradition and technology process in the form of professional orientation that has enabled me to successfully reposition my
leadership allow MIP to have access to up-and- interviews, evaluation of individual student’s skills career and also proved to be an invaluable life and
coming technology, to play a key role in innovation and personalized counselling etc. learning experience. After 3 months Project Work in
and to be at the forefront of company growth and Case Western University, Cleveland, OHIO, I am now
Asia Pacific

technological investment. The school has been 2010/2011 news involved in a project as Task Manager in the World
EQUIS accredited by the European Foundation for For the 5th year in a row, MIP was the official Bank, Washington DC.
Management Development (EFMD) since 2007. Academic Partner of the prestigious World Business
Forum 2010. Javier Carrillo, Peru - MBA Class of 2010
Global degrees for a global village Financial Times Rankings: Project Manager for Tech Projects, Yoox Italia,
MIP’s International MBA program is a full-time t The School of Management of Politecnico di Bologna
program that primarily attracts students from Milano has been ranked no. 45 among the best My experience as an MBA student at MIP was great in
Europe, Asia and North and Latin America. The European Business Schools 3 aspects: education, people, and work opportunities.
program, held in English, is taught by Politecnico di t Executive MBA is ranked 94 in the FT Global I met people with different backgrounds, from
Australia & New Zealand

Milano professors and a vast international faculty. Rankings different cultures and attended lectures given
Past professors have come from Harvard Business t International full-time MBA is ranked number 31 by industry professionals from all over the world.
School, MIT Boston, University of Leuven and Arizona in the FT European Business School rankings and Lectures were much more than just listening and they
State University etc. The MBA program provides number 96 in the FT Global Rankings taught us to be ready to “think and add”. Then, even
the special mix of technical and management before finishing the program, MIP sponsored work
skills required to develop and lead world-class MIP MBA: our extra touch experiences in different international companies for
companies in a range of sectors, from operations and t All didactic materials included in fee every one of us! After the MBA I got job offers from
manufacturing to design and luxury management. t Free Italian course for international students/ 3 different countries and finally decided to take the
Business English for Italian students position in the e-commerce/fashion business in Yoox,
MIP has a Dual Degree Program in conjunction t Personal Development and recruitment where I undertook the Project Work. To sum up, MIP
with Chapman Graduate School of Business, Florida counselling offered me a life changing experience with a whole
International University and with Antai School new world of opportunities.

128 The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011

Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

Programme type: Start date: Tuition fee and living expenses: Contact us:
MBA, project-based approach September EUR (€) 60 000 Ekaterina Inozemtseva
Total cost covers tuition fee, accommodation, Executive consultant
Specialisation by Function: Programme duration: travelling expenses during project work, full Ekaterina_Inozemtseva@skolkovo.ru

Latin America
Emerging markets 16 months pack of educational materials and a laptop +7 903 777 93 21
General Management Application fee: Admission criteria: SKOLKOVO Campus
Global Strategy and Leadership EUR (€) 150 3 video presentations instead of GMAT and Skolkovo village,
Innovation personal interviews with SKOLKOVO founders. 100 Novaya Street, Moscow Region, Russia
International Business We are far more interested in your personality,
Operations Management entrepreneurial and leadership qualities, than Tel.: +7 495 580 30 03
Project Management in standard test results Email: mba@skolkovo.ru
Venture Capital Web: www.skolkovo.ru

Student Profile

Candidate profile:

North America
t 2 to 3 years of experience in a managerial position
or in launching/owning a business
t Fluent English
t University degree or equivalent professional
t Strong entrepreneurial qualities

Every class is designed to maximize on diversity.

Candidates are sought from different backgrounds,
with varied experience and nationalities. The
SKOLKOVO MBA is truly international.

SKOLKOVO students with Dmitry Medvedev, President of the Russian Federation and Chairman of SKOLKOVO International Advisory Board Why SKOLKOVO?

SKOLKOVO is an innovative world-class business The SKOLKOVO MBA is one-of-a-kind worldwide. Skolkovo students learn about emerging markets
school with an established international faculty and It aims to promote and strengthen the unique from the inside (www.telegraph.co.uk)
a clear focus on the developing markets. SKOLKOVO leadership and entrepreneurial qualities that will
was founded by 18 Russian and international leading empower students to start their own businesses. Kane Cuenant (Canada):
companies and individuals, all united by the idea “Despite the reputation
that these markets need professionals raised and MBA PROGRAMME STRUCTURE: of many North American
educated in one of the developing countries, in a The SKOLKOVO MBA Programme starts in September schools, I did not believe
business school that provides a solid theoretical with 4 months of lectures hosted by world-class they showed as much
base and all the necessary practical skills for a professors. Lectures are followed by real projects promise in terms of
successful career in emerging economies. (approximately 2 months each): opportunity to go beyond
t Public sector project in Russia that aims to the mainstream consulting
Asia Pacific
The SKOLKOVO founders are deeply involved in the establish a vast network in the Russian public and finance positions in
learning process and act as personal mentors, which sector, to broaden understanding of the specific developed countries. I looked at different schools in
allows students to create a network with top-level nature of state authorities, the mind-set of those developed markets, but it didn’t seem real enough.
business elite. working in government and to acquire the ability I knew that I wanted to work in emerging markets
to deal with state authorities to best advantage. and I wanted to truly understand how to do it.
SKOLKOVO MBA UNIQUE FEATURES AT A t Corporate project in India/China that offers an SKOLKOVO encompassed all the good qualities
GLANCE: exploration of corporate culture and the business of the other schools, combining unique ability to
t SKOLKOVO MBA students complete 4 projects for reality in a Chinese or Indian company or charity. spend most of the time working with real projects in
real corporations, state authorities and charities t Corporate project in Russia that allows a emerging markets, personal mentoring by successful
Australia & New Zealand

in Russia, China/India and the USA to achieve a comparison to be drawn with the experience people, and a very personalized MBA development
3600 experience. gained in China/India and to explore the Russian path. The experiences of working in Russia, China and
t SKOLKOVO MBA students develop a start-up corporate world and the issues it faces. the US have been invaluable. The value of working
project. Outstanding start-ups will be financed by t Corporate project in the USA that provides a 360⁰ with government officials in developing markets is
the School’s Venture Fund. business experience. something you just can’t teach in a classroom. At
t The SKOLKOVO MBA guarantees unrivalled t Start-up project – the final milestone of the MBA SKOLKOVO, companies, staff, professors and even
opportunities for personal and professional Programme. Students present a start-up business the founders participate in mentoring MBA students’
growth along with extensive networking. Each plan and have the chance to receive funding from individual development goals. Through these cases,
student has a mentor – one of the founding the SKOLKOVO $100 million Venture Fund. students gain major networks of their own choosing,
partners, a distinguished leader with great without any networking hurdles”.
expertise in launching projects.

The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011 129

Reims Management School (RMS)

Programme Type: Project Management Venture Capital & Private Equity Part Time Course Information Application Fee :
Full Time MBA Risk Management Start Dates : EURO (€) 110
Part Time MBA Strategic Management Full Time Course Information May
Wine and Luxury Hotel Start Dates: Contact:
Latin America

Specialisation by Function: Management September Programme Duration : Pascale BAUDEMONT / Hsin-Mei

Accountancy 18 months TURMEL / Virginie CHENEBENOIT,
Accountancy & Financial Specialisation by Industry: Programme Duration: MBA Promotion and Admissions
Entrepreneurship Automotive 10 to 12 months Tuition Fee : Reims Management School (RMS)
Finance Banking / Financial Services EURO (€) 32000 (30000 early bird) 59 Rue Pierre Taittinger
General Management Consulting Tuition Fee: / Total Program Cost REIMS, 51100
International Management / Environment EURO (€) 25000 (23000 early bird) France
Business FMCG - Fast Moving Consumer / Total Program Cost Entry Requirements:
IT Management Goods Min. GMAT Score : 550 Tel: +33 (0)3 26 77 47 58;
Leadership Hospitality Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score +33 (0)3 26 77 47 63
Logistics IT / Telecommunications : 220 Fax: +33 (0)3 26 77 47 26
Marketing Non - Profit Organisation Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 550 Email: hsin-mei.turmel@reims-ms.fr
Operations Management Real Estate Min. IELTS : 6.5 Virginie.chenebenoit@reims-ms.fr
Personal Development Retail / Consumer Goods Min. Years of Work Experience : 3 Web: www.mba-rms.com

Student Profile
North America

Valentin HANNS, French

International MBA 2009/2010
After a 10-year work experience as
Export Sales Manager, I couldn’t
go further without a boost to my
career thinking that an extensive
programme in management
would provide me with a very global view of business.
The RMS Full-Time International MBA indeed provides
you with fundamentals such as Finance, Strategy, HR
Management, Marketing … at a high academic level.
The diversity of RMS IMBA participants coming
from all over the world creates an outstanding

cross-cultural learning environment. I particularly

Founded in 1928, Reims Management School is one Career guidance services have been specially appreciate the strong dynamic that comes from
of the top 10 French “Grandes Ecoles”. Located in designed to assist MBA participants in job hunting group work- designed to bring out the leadership
the famous Champagne region, the School’s twin through personal coaching, meetings with potential of all the members.
campuses are home to 4200 students, 900 of whom companies and head hunters, conferences, corporate No sooner had I finished this rewarding
are from overseas. RMS, known for the quality of its presentations, CV development and access to the programme than I was offered the opportunity
graduates, its 150 international partnerships, and its RMS alumni network. to create an affiliated company in Singapore for a
record for innovation in educational programmes, French group in the field of Robotics.
is confirmed as a major player in management The Part-Time Executive MBA
education in Europe. Reims Management School is The Executive MBA is scheduled over 18 months Oliver HOMEWOOD, English
EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB accredited and its Master’s and geared towards executives and managers. Executive MBA 2008/2009
Asia Pacific

in Management ranked # 21 in Europe (Financial Monthly intensive 3-day seminars taught in English, An English “expat” living in
Times 2010). Thanks to the “TGV Est”, Reims is only a train participants to become top managers in an France, employed in international
45-minute train ride from Paris. international and global environment in order telecom, I have always worked in
to formulate and implement successful business positions that require extensive
The Full-Time International MBA strategies. These seminars are complemented by travel and customer interaction,
The International MBA, created in 1972 and currently 3 week-long study tours in South Africa, North in both pre and post sales.
ranked # 1 in France (Eduniversal 2010) is designed America and Asia in association with partner I applied to this part-time Executive MBA because:
to be a fast track to global business management. universities abroad. An individual Business Plan 1) their emphasis on a person’s profile and experience
The first semester core courses (October-March) project completes the programme. (not only on existing academic achievements); 2) the
Australia & New Zealand

stress fundamental management concepts (finance, Executive MBA participants are provided reputation of the programme; and 3) the 3-day week-
marketing, HR management, strategy, supply chain, with career development services and personal end seminars and the 3 international study tours.
international business law & ethics, and sustainable development courses. They are assisted in In this EMBA, we are expected to share our
development). establishing a clear vision of their professional experience- there is a strong focus on what we can
The second semester (April-June) offers a large future and in using their newly acquired skills and bring to the distinctive atmosphere of each team
range of electives in France or abroad allowing the knowledge as a powerful springboard in their career. working session.
students to customize their programme and choose Our Executive MBA is delivered in Paris at the Paris The 18-month programme culminates in the
concentrations. Executive Campus, founded by Reims Management challenging Business Plan experience and enables
A group Business Plan project and an optional School and Rouen Business School and dedicated the participants to gain a solid understanding of
internship complete the programme. Selected to executive education. It provides participants with what business in complex environments means. This
courses are available with our partner universities in a dual-degree delivered by both institutions and visibility and instruction would take years to obtain
China, Taiwan, India, South Africa, USA and Mexico. access to a strong network of over 30,000 graduates. in a purely work-related context!

130 The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011

Sabanci University

Programme Type: Full Time Course Information Application Fee : Contact:

Full Time MBA Start Dates: USD ($) 0 Ulku Koknel
Executive MBA September FMAN Programs Manager
Executive Course Information Sabanci University

Latin America
Joint Degree Programmes Offered: Programme Duration: Start Dates: Faculty of Management
MSc in Management + MSc in Engineering 21 months August Orhanli
Specialisation by Function: Tuition Fee: Programme Duration : Istanbul,
Finance USD ($) 18650 / Per Year 16 months 34956
General Management Turkey
Marketing Entry Requirements: Tuition Fee :
Min. GMAT Score : N/A USD ($) 30000 / Total Program Cost Tel: +90 (216) 483 9657
Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score : 220 Fax: +90 (216) 483 9699
Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 560 Email: ulku@sabanciuniv.edu
Min. IELTS : 7 Web: www.sabanciuniv.edu/mba

The Sabancı MBA program, a two-year full-time Student Profile

program, is an excellent example of how Sabancı Çagla Karaaslan, Class of 2008, MBA

North America
University combines world-class education with B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2006, METU
practical relevance. The design of the program has CAP: Coca Cola Beverage, Turkey
taken the best aspects of management education JOB: MT Marketing, Pfizer İstanbul
from around the world and built in aspects that fit
the unique Turkish and regional business context. According to Çagla, she joined
the Sabanci MBA program
A key feature of the curriculum is the Company to graduate as “a potential
Action Projects (CAP). In CAP students form teams leader of her generation”. She
and work on valuable projects for leading companies, is a person who has always
spending two days per week of their second year at “enjoyed technological and
those companies. This provides a great opportunity business challenges”. Having
not only to apply what they have learned, but also graduated from one of the top
for students to gain managerial experience and skills engineering programs in Turkey, she chose Sabanci’s

that are impossible to acquire in a classroom setting. MBA program because she “wanted to improve
Besides CAP, guest speakers, industry panels, field her international career prospects through the
projects and career services, all help students learn program’s close links with leading corporations in
about the Turkish and global business environment, Istanbul, particularly through the Company Action
which is invaluable as they make choices about their Projects.”
Sabancı University, a private non-profit university future careers.
founded in 1996, has already gained a reputation as Her comments on the learning environment
one of the premier universities in Turkey providing The Sabancı MBA, with its English language at Sabanci describe what the MBA program
a world class education. The most important instruction, close ties with leading companies in the management team strives for: “As a Sabancı MBA
factor leading to that reputation is the quality of region and an innovative curriculum that provides student, I can ensure you that you will be working in
its faculty. Another distinguishing characteristic both academic rigor and immersion into the a collaborative environment, where classmates and
Asia Pacific
of Sabancı University is its close ties with industry business world, is the right investment for young, professors will challenge your ideas, willing to give
and the business world. The university’s state-of- motivated individuals who want to be well-prepared of themselves, even beyond what’s called for. The
the-art campus, endowed with the most recent for the challenges of climbing up the managerial Sabancı MBA is striving to make a greater, positive
technological infrastructure, is on the Asian side of ladders of world-class companies. impact on the business world by increasing its
Istanbul, right in the center of Turkey’s industrial and excellence and also doing this with rapidly growing
economic heartland. momentum.”

Cagla’s team worked on a Company Action Project

at Coca Cola Beverages, Turkey entitled “Designing
Australia & New Zealand

a Model to Evaluate In-Store Activities and

Merchandizing Effectiveness”. Before graduation, she
accepted an offer from Pfizer, Turkey for a Marketing
Management Trainee position.

The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011 131

Trouvez la formation
qui vous va bien !
University of Edinburgh Business School

Programme Type: Specialisation by Industry: Tuition Fee: Part Time Course Information Contact:
Full Time MBA Banking / Financial Services Please refer to website Start Dates : Admissions Office
Part Time MBA Public Sector October University of Edinburgh
MBA in International Business Entry Requirements: Business School
Latin America

Full Time Course Information Min. GMAT Score : 600 Programme Duration : 29 Buccleuch Place
Specialisation by Function: Start Dates: Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score 30 months Edinburgh
Accounting and Finance September : 250 EH8 9JS
Management Science & Business Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 600 Tuition Fee :
Economics Programme Duration: Min. IELTS : 7 Please refer to website Tel: +44 (0)131 650 9663
Marketing 12 Months Min. Years of Work Experience : 3 Fax: +44 (0)131 650 8077
Strategy and International Business 15 Months (MBA in International Email:
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Business) mba@business-school.ed.ac.uk
Organisation Studies www.business-school.ed.ac.uk
Business & Climate Change

features eight lecture theatres,

Student Profile
multiple syndicate rooms, an
executive education suite, a student Mariela Monge from Costa Rica studied the MBA in
North America

study centre and online resource, a International business at the age of 27.
cafe and significant flexible space for
staff and students. The building has Mariela gained her bachelors and masters degree
been designed to meet the current from the Latin University of Costa Rica and a
and anticipated future needs of the certification in International Stock Markets from
School’s portfolio of activities and Fundepos Alma Mater University. After working for a
represents an investment of £17 few years in the business software industry, she was
million by the University. keen to formalise her business education to enable a
new challenge in a different industry.
Why Edinburgh
As one of Europe’s leading financial She chose the MBA in International Business
centres, Edinburgh uniquely programme at Edinburgh as it provided an in-depth
combines a dynamic business curriculum, the chance to specialise in financial

About the School community with its status as a World Heritage Site. management electives, an exchange with a partner
The University of Edinburgh Business School enjoys Located in the heart of Edinburgh, the Business university in Europe and an opportunity to gain
a long tradition of teaching and research. The School is perfectly placed to engage with the local, practical experience in a different industry through
School offers undergraduate, postgraduate and national and international business community. an internship.
executive education programmes in business and As a city of culture and a city for business,
management, and provides a platform for research, Edinburgh has a real sense of dynamism. Several ‘‘My personal and professional development as
discussion and debate on a wide range of business major global financial institutions have their a result of the Edinburgh MBA has surpassed all
issues. headquarters in Edinburgh. A compelling blend of expectations. Not only did the Edinburgh MBA
Part of the University of Edinburgh, one of the history and cutting edge modernity, it is the second programme provide an academic structured
world’s top 40 universities, with a rich heritage of largest financial centre in the UK with a thriving, environment, I particularly enjoyed the cultural
delivering education for more than 400 years, the diverse economy and a highly educated and experience and the diversity of my fellow students.”
Asia Pacific

Business School has an international student body motivated workforce.

typically representing more than 25 countries. “After seven months in Edinburgh, I transferred to
The School’s teaching and research covers six Ranking and Accreditation ENPC in Paris for my exchange programme before
main subject areas – accounting and finance, The School is accredited by EQUIS and AMBA and undertaking an internship at Shell Exploration and
entrepreneurship and innovation, management consistently ranked in the Financial Times and Production in Aberdeen. This involved working with
science and business economics, marketing, Economist MBA Rankings – reflecting not just a long the economics and capital budgeting team as well
organisational studies and strategy and international history of business teaching but also the substantial as asset managers to develop an economic model to
business. An emerging area of expertise for the experience of a faculty that comprises more than 70 evaluate end-of-field life.”
Business School is carbon management, through teaching staff.
Australia & New Zealand

an innovative partnership with the School of Since graduating, Mariela has been working for the
GeoSciences. The Edinburgh MBA central treasury team of Shell in London. “My current
Many members of faculty at the Business The Edinburgh MBA has been taught for more than role is a perfect match of exposure to the energy
School are active in industry-based research and 25 years and stresses teamwork in a collaborative industry and financial management. It gives a truly
consultancy. Core to the School’s philosophy is a learning environment. The programme is reviewed global perspective of the different businesses as well
close interaction with the corporate world through and refreshed on a regular basis. Recently the team as the opportunity to work in a world class treasury
industry-based research and consultancy. introduced a unique week-long leadership module operation with very talented individuals.”
situated in the Scottish Highlands. Also new is a
A new home for business specialisation route for students looking for more
In August 2010, the School relocated to a new focused pathways through the programme. The
building in Buccleuch Place, located at the heart of MBA is available as a Full-time, Part-time or modular
the University campus. This state-of-the-art space programme.

134 The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011

Westminster Business School,
University of Westminster

Programme Type: Specialisation by Industry: Entry Requirements: Contact:

Full Time MBA Banking / Financial Services Min. GMAT Score : 600 (optional) Dr Susan Balint
Executive MBA (Part-Time) Education Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score : N/A MBA Programme Director
Government Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : N/A Westminster Business School, University of

Latin America
Specialisation by Function: IT / Telecommunications Min. IELTS : 6.5 Westminster
Accountancy & Financial Media & Entertainment Min. Years of Work Experience : 3 35 Marylebone Road
Change Management Non - Profit Organisation London
Corporate Governance Pharmaceutical / Bio-Medical Application Fee : NW1 5LS
E-Commerce / Business Public Sector GBP (£) 0 United Kingdom
Economics Publishing
Entrepreneurship Executive Course Information Tel: +44 (0)20 7911 5000 Ext 3665
Finance Full Time Course Information Start Dates: Fax: +44 (0)20 7911 5703
General Management Start Dates: January Email: mba@westminster.ac.uk
Health Care Management January September Web: www.westminster.ac.uk/wbs
Human Resource Management September
Information Management Programme Duration :
Innovation / Knowledge Management Programme Duration: 24 months
International Management / Business 12 months
IT Management Tuition Fee :
Leadership Tuition Fee: GBP (£) 8,250 / Per Year
Marketing GBP (£) 16,500 / Total Program Cost

North America
dimensions of management. They develop cross-
Student Profile
subject integrative themes and the development of
personal management skills. Two elective modules Westminster Business School’s MBA attracts students
allow an opportunity for a degree of specialisation from all over the world, and from very different types
to be achieved. The programme also incorporates an of organisation.
international study trip and a written project which
provides an opportunity for you to consolidate and Weixing Ye, 38 works for an electrical company
apply in a practical setting the knowledge and skills in China. “China is growing and needs to develop
acquired during the programme. international practice. In China we respect reputation
and history, so we respect the long history of the
You will receive a week long Induction giving you all University of Westminster. For the MBA, location is
the information you need to make the most of your very important, so London is an ideal place to study.”

Westminster MBA. You will also have an opportunity
to network with your fellow students, some of our Blanca Narino, 27, was working with BASF in her
MBA alumni and faculty through the series of social native Colombia. She came to London to study
outings that are organised for you throughout the because it offered a great cultural opportunity,
year. chosing the University of Westminster because it
is central and has a very good reputation. After
Assessment Methods completing her degree in 1998 she returned to
A variety of assessment methods are used on Colombia to work.
the programme, including formal examinations,
The Westminster MBA Programme individual and group assignments, and case study Sanjiv Raj, after graduating from Delhi University,
Westminster Business School provides a flexible and and problem solving sessions. and working in finance for 20 years, is studying for an
Asia Pacific
personalised learning environment which combines MBA part time, to augment his professional degree
the best of traditional and innovative approaches Who should apply: and experience. He expects to further his career
to management education. The MBA is a general The programme is designed for people with by gaining a deeper understanding and analysis
management programme designed to provide you managerial experience who have the enthusiasm of various aspects of management, international
with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed and commitment needed to complete an intensive finance and to develop skills in strategic and
to progress to a career in senior management. The period of study. Applicants must have a good first analytical thinking.
knowledge and skills acquired on the programme degree, a high level of competence in both written
are readily transferable and applications are and spoken English, and at least three years of Rachel Beresford, a Direct Marketing Manager,
encouraged from public sector organisations as managerial work experience beyond graduation. studied for an MBA at a time when she felt she
Australia & New Zealand

well as the private sector. The Westminster MBA is needed a boost in order to achieve her career
accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA). Duration: ambitions. She says “I feel the course has opened
The programme starts in September and January for up my understanding of the internal and external
Curriculum both modes of delivery: landscape of the corporate world. More than that
You will build on your existing experience and 1. Full-time over 12 months. I am more focused, and gained the confidence
acquire new skills to effectively solve any business 2. Part-time over 2 years, with classes on 2 evenings to criticise and comment on senior management
challenges that might arise in your future career. per week during term time and occasional weekend decision-making in my company.”
The MBA programme curriculum is split into two sessions.
different yet complementary learning experiences:

The core modules cover the factors that shape

the business environment and the functional

The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011 135

Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School

Programme Type: Full Time Course Information Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 600 Tuition Fee : Contact:
Full Time Start Dates: Min. IELTS : 6 EURO (€) 27,500 / Total Program Peter Rafferty, Director
Part Time September Min. Years of Work Experience : 3 Cost International Business
Modular Vlerick Leuven Gent Management
Latin America

Programme Duration: Application Fee : Modular Course Information School

Joint Degree Programmes 12 months EURO (€) 50 Start Dates: 83 Vlamingenstraat
Offered: January LEUVEN, Louvain
MBA Financial Services and Insurance Tuition Fee: Part Time Course Information 3000
EURO (€) 28,500 / Total Program Start Dates : Programme Duration : Belgium
Specialisation by Function: Cost September 18 months
Entrepreneurship Tel: +32 16 24 88 85
General Management Entry Requirements: Programme Duration : Tuition Fee : Fax: +32 16 24 88 00
International Management / Min. GMAT Score : 550 22 months EURO (€) 30,500 / Total Program Email: MBA@Vlerick.com
Business Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score Cost Web: www.vlerick.com/ftmba
Doing business in Europe : 250

Accreditation t The School also awards in conjunction with

Vlerick is one of the few international schools its Corporate Partners a range of general and
North America

that are triple accredited – holding all the globally specific Scholarships and also a Student Loan Fund
recognized accreditations – AACSB, AMBA and Programme.
Student Profile
The Full Time Programme Andrew Mason
The Vlerick MBA is an intensive 12 month Full Time MBA 2009
international management MBA. Nationality Canadian

The programme focuses on: Prior to attending Vlerick I

t International & multi cultural business worked in Investment Banking
t Corporate and Social Responsibility in Toronto, Canada. Receiving
t Entrepreneurship an MBA was an important personal career goal for
me. I felt it was an opportunity to build on my skills

Vlerick believes that an MBA should provide and better position myself for the future. I have
All students must undertake an in-company always aspired for a senior leadership role at a large
consultancy project which the School provides company; nowadays, I think an MBA is a prerequisite
through its global network of contacts and corporate for admission. Stakeholders want business
partners. There is also a study trip to China which is professionals running companies. An MBA was an
run in conjunction with Peking University where important step for developing the necessary skills to
Vlerick also delivers on their MBA programme. one day manage a large global company.
Vlerick Management School is the post graduate
management school of the world famous Catholic Key Features of the Vlerick MBA Gaining a European business perspective was the
University of Leuven (founded 1425) and Ghent t Small class sizes – the school runs 2 cohorts of 50 main reason I came to Vlerick. It was an opportunity
University (founded 1817).The School is currently students ensuring a personal and intimate learning to transition my career to Europe, by building an
Asia Pacific

ranked number 10 in the world for the full time MBA experience. international network and leveraging a strong
and number 4 in Europe in the Economist’s latest t For selected candidates Vlerick offers admission academic brand. I was also keen on an accelerated
ranking. via its own Admissions Test. These tests are held MBA program, but not at the expense of high quality
regularly in Belgium and at selected international academics and a great personal growth experience.
Each year around 100 top MBA students from all locations. Vlerick is a very strong program, combining
around the world join the Vlerick full time MBA t The classes will be made up of diverse, highly intensive study and a great personal experience with
programme. The intake is split into two smaller intelligent, motivated, creative and ambitious a diverse international student base. The program
classes of approximately 50 students to ensure people. attracts accomplished and intelligent students from
an intimate and personal learning environment. t Each student will be guaranteed an in-company around the globe, making a great impact on the
Australia & New Zealand

The class is truly diverse with over 40 nationalities project that will be challenging, demanding and overall MBA experience. On a value for money basis,
represented each year and this diversity is increased strategically relevant. Vlerick is tough to beat. An MBA is a huge personal
by also welcoming a diverse range of both academic t Personal and direct guidance from highly qualified investment, in both money and time, and it was
and work backgrounds. and experienced faculty along with access to important to me that I was maximizing my return on
excellent networking and forum activities. investment.
The profile of the class: t The full time programme is based in Leuven which
offers both beauty and quality of life along with Vlerick has an incredibly strong reputation in Europe.
Average Age ................................ 29 affordable living costs. For the past 56 years, the school has been developing
Average Work Experience....... 6 t The programme costs an affordable 28,500 Euro business leaders. A high calibre international alumni
Average GMAT ............................ 650 which include tuition, book and material and also base has spread the school’s reputation far and wide.
Male / female .............................. 65/35 includes the cost of the China Study Trip. It’s a strong academic brand in Benelux, Western
Europe and around the world.

136 The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011

Warwick Business School
University of Warwick

Programme Type: Entry Requirements: Programme Duration : Global Energy MBA Contact:
Full Time MBA Min. GMAT Score : 600 36 months Start Date: Warwick MBA Office
Distance Learning MBA Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score: 260 May Warwick Business School,
Executive MBA Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 620 Tuition Fee : University of Warwick

Latin America
Global Energy MBA Min. IELTS : 7 GBP (£) 6200 / Per Year Programme duration: Coventry
Min. Years of Work Experience : 3 3 years CV4 7AL
Full Time Course Information Executive MBA Information United Kingdom
Start Dates: Application Fee : Start Dates: Tuition Fee:
September GBP (£) 80 March £9,950 per year Tel: +44 (0)24 7652 4100
October Email: warwickmba@wbs.ac.uk
Programme Duration: Distance Learning MBA Web: www.warwickmba.com
12 months Information Programme Duration :
Start Dates : 36 months
Tuition Fee: January, July
GBP (£) 26,000 / Total Program Cost Tuition Fee :
GBP (£) 9950 / Per Year

Student Profile

I turned down a scholarship offer from another

North America
school to go to WBS and I have not regretted
my decision for one minute. I chose WBS for its
renowned business faculty and the chance to learn
with some of the leading academics in Europe. The
teaching standards are among the best I’ve seen and
the lecturers have real industry experience, making it
much easier to connect academic theories with real
life applications.

WBS is an international and highly-rated school, the Practice of Management module which focuses One module I really enjoyed was Practice of
one of the largest of its kind with over 300 staff on personal and professional development. Management. It makes you aware of yourself
supporting almost 6,500 students and participants. as a person; it helped me take a greater look at
Executive MBA myself, at things I took for granted. I’m now better

WBS is especially noted for its quality, being one This is ideal for managers with busy professional and able to harness my strengths, at the same time
of only 3 UK schools to be rated both “excellent” family lives who need a study programme that can be understanding my areas of weakness and how
for teaching and to have achieved the highest 5* planned well in advance. Modules are delivered on a they can be improved. The Practice of Management
rating for its research performance. In addition, 5-day basis, usually Monday-Friday, and are repeated project gave me the chance to apply what I learned
Warwick was the first in the UK to achieve the triple regularly, so that participants can plan their study in the classrooms to real life issues.
accreditation from AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. around work and family commitments. The compact
delivery format allows for concentration on a particular WBS has a very efficient careers team. By providing
The Warwick MBA area of learning and a high quality peer group with a career coaching services and company recruitment
The Warwick MBA programme enjoys global variety of management roles allows for both effective presentations they’ve been great in preparing me for
recognition for bringing new knowledge to the collaborative learning and valuable networking. my ideal job. I felt very confident stepping into the
classroom and world-leading research. It offers one world of business knowing I’m well equipped to face
Asia Pacific
of the most flexible programmes in the UK today, Distance Learning the challenges. The experience has been wonderful
with participants able to select from one of three This is one of the highest quality programmes and definitely good value for my money. Every
different ways to learn – full-time, distance learning of its kind in the world. Rated #1 in the UK by penny spent on the Warwick MBA has been worth it.
or executive (modular). They all share the same Which MBA(2010), the learning is interactive and
curriculum and participants are awarded the same challenging, with regular opportunities for face- Emeka Maduka
qualification. All electives are open to students of to-face teaching and ongoing participation in Brand Manager,
any study mode, which extends the international local and virtual study groups. WBS has 25 years Reckitt Benckiser
networking opportunities. Finally, it gives participants of experience offering this programme to students Healthcare Ltd, UK.
flexibility to change their mode of study should their from over 100 countries. This history, combined Warwick MBA by full-
Australia & New Zealand

personal or professional circumstances change. with the high standard of study materials and the time study (2008-2009).
support available, makes it the best choice for
Full-time anybody looking for a combination of quality and
The full-time study mode consists of a diverse and convenience.
international community of around 30 nationalities
each year. We place great importance on Warwick Global Energy MBA
collaborative learning, teamwork, a friendly personal This new MBA, launched in 2009, is a part-time
approach and offer great opportunities to form social programme which combines the development
and professional networking groups. Participants of strategic leadership skills with a focus on the
also take language classes, have the opportunity global energy industry. It is delivered through a
to go on exchange with our global partners or combination of blended learning using the latest
complete an internship and everybody benefits from technology and regular study weeks at Warwick.

The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011 137

WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management

Programme Type: Entry Requirements: Contact Full-time MBA Contact Part-time MBA
Full-time MBA Min. GMAT Score : 600 Heidrun Hoffmann Ursula Opper
Part-time MBA Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score : 250 Senior Program Manager Senior Program Manger
Min. TOEFL Internet Based Score: 100 WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management
Latin America

Specialisation by function: Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 600 Burgplatz 2 Burgplatz 2
General Management Min. Years of Work Experience : 2 56179 Vallendar, Germany 56179 Vallendar, Germany

Programme Duration: Application Fee: Tel: +49 (0)261 6509-141 Tel: +49 (0)261 6509-670
FT: 13 months + 3 months Master Thesis FT: No Application fee Fax: +49 (0)261 6509-149 Fax: + 49 (0) 261 6509-679
PT: 2 years PT: 95 Euro Email: Heidrun.hoffmann@whu.edu Email: Ursula.opper@whu.edu
Web: http://fulltime-mba.whu.edu Web: http://parttime-mba.whu.edu

t Average age: 29
t Female participants: 50%
t International participants: 50%
t Average work experience: 4 years

Participants with a degree in engineering, natural

North America

sciences or law benefit most from the program.

However, participants with a degree in business
administration or economics find the program highly
valuable due to a strong emphasis on integrating
theory and practice.

Here is what our MBA alumni think of the program:

“In the global business world, having only one

perspective of business practice is not sufficient! The
WHU-MBA program brings together the American
and Asian perspectives in addition to the European
perspective through its international modules in the

USA, India and China, as well as its renowned global

academic and industrial partners network.
The WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, a t MLB – Bucerius/WHU Master of Law and Business
private university located in Vallendar near Koblenz, after 1 year of study in Hamburg I found that this program is well designed to integrate
was the first school in Germany to offer an academic t Full-time MBA – WHU Master of Business students from diverse backgrounds and cultures,
degree in business administration emphasizing the Administration after 13 months of full time study provide them with the necessary environment,
strategic leadership of corporations. The school sees + 3 months Master Thesis knowledge and tools to make them work together
its main mission in educating general managers t Part-time MBA – WHU Master of Business on day-to-day management issues, and enable them
and entrepreneurs. WHU is truly international. Over Administration after two years of part time study to learn different approaches to handle the daily
the past twenty-five years, WHU has established in Düsseldorf challenges in a management career.”
a worldwide, unique cooperative network with t Executive MBA – Kellogg-WHU Executive Master of Ahmed Shoeib
Asia Pacific

more than 160 universities from all continents. It Business Administration after 2 years of part-time Egyptian, MBA class of 2011
was the first German university to receive EQUIS study
accreditation (1998) and recently earned the AACSB t Dr. rer. Pol. – WHU Doctoral Program “When it comes to MBA, Germany is not usually
accreditation. Within the re-accreditation FIBAA t Dr. rer. pol. habil. – WHU Post Doctoral Program among the first destinations where people search
awarded the WHU Full-time MBA the Premium Seal. (Habilitation) programs. I did much homework before making the
t Customized Corporate Programs decision and I joined the program with the spirit
WHU is continually ranked among Germany’s top t International MBA modules delivered to MBA of exploration. What I have experienced at WHU
business schools (Financial Times European Business programs of overseas partner universities (e.g. confirmed my decision and I am totally convinced
Schools Ranking 2010: # 1 in Germany; Financial Carnegie Mellon University, Melbourne Business that the program is a unique and valuable offering.
Australia & New Zealand

Times Ranking 2009: # 18 worldwide for our Kellogg- School). The learning experience is great. It is in the intensive
WHU EMBA Program). WHU is the only member of classroom discussions, the inspiring guest lectures,
the German Research Foundation among private the challenging case studies and the day-to-day
German universities. communication with the familiar WHU community
that I find the true value of the program. I always
The school offers a wide range of degree-awarding think that learning does not happen only in lectures.
Student Profile Full-time MBA
programs according to the needs of (future) And this is very true for the WHU MBA program.
management professionals at different stages of Our participants come from a wide variety of I am benefiting as much from the school’s close
their career: backgrounds and nationalities. They are trained in interaction with the business community as from its
t BSc – WHU Bachelor of Science after 3 years of study sharing knowledge and individual experiences to academic excellence.”
t MSc – WHU Master of Science after 17 months of pursue set goals with creativity, commitment, and Doreen Dai
study action flexibility. Chinese, MBA class of 2010

138 The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011

The Surrey MBA
Knowledge is not enough...
As a professional you have already proven your
business abilities, but now you want to step up
to the next level. Most MBAs will increase your
knowledge of business, but if you’re going to
lead with confidence, seize global opportunities
and succeed in a hyperconnected world, then
knowledge is not enough.

The double accredited Surrey MBA

shows more than just knowledge and
theoretical understanding; the Surrey
MBA develops your ability and proves
you’re as much about doing as thinking.

The Surrey MBA provides you with

knowledge and expertise across a
range of management disciplines and
also helps you to develop the key
skills required to lead and manage
successfully. The programme comprises
a set of core subjects followed by
a choice of optional modules, a
consultancy project in a local company,
skills development and career workshops
and an individual dissertation.

The Surrey MBA helps you to bridge the

gap between knowledge and success.

T: +44 (0)1483 300800

0800 980 3200
E: surreymba@surrey.ac.uk
Regional Focus


Korean business schools

stake a claim for
MBA excellence
By Alena Eckelmann

Samsung, Hyundai-Kia and LG, South Korea’s multinational conglomerates, are household
names in international business and their innovative products are highly sought after by
consumers around the world. What’s more, Korean dramas and pop music have conquered
the hearts of millions of consumers around the globe. One wonders what might come next
to continue South Korea’s global triumph – could it be business education?

orean MBA schools are fast stepping up MBA, Executive MBA and IMBA, the latter University; Pusan National University, College
their efforts to improve their status in taught in English, as well as specialized MBA of Business and Ajou University, Graduate
the Asian MBA market by acquiring programs, including a Finance MBA and an School of Business Administration.
international accreditations. Over the past few Information & Media MBA.
years the number of English-taught, accredited Yonsei School of Business established the Continuous benchmarking for excellence
MBA programs offered by South Korean first part-time MBA in South Korea and now Jae-koo Lee holds an MBA from KAIST Business
universities has steadily increased. offers three part-time MBA programs, a School where he concentrated on MIS. Upon
A total of nine business schools are now Corporate MBA, a Finance MBA and an graduation Lee earned an MBA career
accredited by the US-based Association to Advance Executive MBA. In 1998 it launched its Global opportunity at BP London.
Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). These MBA program, South Korea’s first full-time, “KAIST Business School emphasises and
include two public schools: Seoul National English-taught MBA. With its long history in actively practises a cross-disciplinary MBA
approach. For example, financial engineering as
a combination of advanced maths, engineering
and finance, or marketing combined with IT
“Korean companies’ strategic focus is increasingly global and they need and network theory. These combined disciplines
young executives who have an international mindset and the strong pose totally new ways of thinking, new
dimensions of value, and create challenges and
ambition to grow with their Korean employer in the global market place” opportunities for businesses in the 21st century.”
American Benjamin Maddox graduated
from YSB in February 2009. He now works for
Nautilus Hyosung, a Korean manufacturer of
University (SNU) and KAIST Business School, teaching globally-minded business leaders, YSB banking equipment and self-service machines.
and seven private schools: Yonsei School of has cemented its reputation as one of South “At Yonsei they are steadfast in their
Business (YSB) at Yonsei University; Korea Korea’s leading business schools. determination to develop a world-class MBA
University; Sejong University; Sogang University; Most of the business schools are based in program. One of the most critical factors in
SungKyunKwan University; Hanyang University Seoul, which makes South Korea’s capital a achieving this goal is to fill the program with
and Ewha Womans University. Mecca for business education. outstanding faculty. The faculty and management
The KAIST Business School, set up in However, MBA programs taught in of YSB regularly examine the program, evaluate its
1996, launched South Korea’s first Korean- English are now also being established in other success and strategise ways to improve. The school’s
taught MBA. At its MBA campus in Seoul it Korean cities, including SolBridge dedication to cycles of reflection and perfection was
now delivers general MBA programs, a Techno International School of Business at Woosong an inspiring factor in my decision to attend.”

140 TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com

Regional Focus


Incheon International Airport, Seoul

“Half of the Finance MBA students on my Prospects
Korean lessons in globalisation course are sponsored by firms and most of them “Korean firms have the desire and
Korean companies’ strategic focus is increasingly are already at manager level. I have many capability for global expansion and Korea’s
global and they need young executives who have discussions with them about my long-term economy presents significant opportunities
an international mindset and the strong career path. This human network that I am for young professionals looking to gain
ambition to grow with their Korean employer in building now could be the key factor to getting experience in the international
the global market place, but who are also experts my desired job in Korea.” marketplace. There are very strong job
in regional business practices. MBA schools are opportunities for international graduates
catering to this demand. Visas from Korean MBA schools”, says YSB
“Northeast Asia, including South Korea, is a International students who want to embark on graduate Maddox.
dynamic region to which the centre of gravity of the MBA studies in Korea need to obtain a student Business schools are seeking
global economy is shifting,” states Professor Kil-Soo visa (D-2). They should apply for the visa at unique ways to attract high-calibre
Suh, Associate Dean of Yonsei School of Business. the embassy or the consulate of the Republic MBA candidates from around the globe
Maddox adds, “The driving factor in my of Korea in their home countries by submitting by helping them finance their studies
pursuit of an MBA outside the US was the desire the ‘standard admission letter’ from the and finding employment in Korea
to work overseas professionally and thereby gain receiving MBA school. upon graduation.
international business exposure. I was particularly The D-2 visa allows foreign students to KAIST Business School, for example,
interested in Korea because of the extent to which work part time, either on campus or off has developed a scholarship-job offer
Korean businesses are targeting overseas markets. campus, for up to 20 hours a week. Many p a c k a g e a r r a n g e m e n t wi t h K o r ea n
Increasingly competitive domestic markets, international students take up this opportunity companies that aims at prospective MBA
improving management sophistication, and ever to support their living expenses mostly by students from emerging markets.
more competitive products and strategies are teaching foreign languages. The Korean government is supporting
factors that have enabled Korean firms to embark While MBA programs taught in English the efforts of Korean corporations and
upon their global ambitions.” do not require Korean language capability, education providers by sponsoring the
students are strongly encouraged to study ‘Career Fair for Overseas Students’ which is
Finance sector some Korean. Some schools, such as YSB, being held annually in Seoul.
Finance seems currently the most popular even provide Korean language classes to “Both the US and Europe have been in
choice of MBA students in South Korea. international students at no additional cost. a severe recession for several years now
“The Korean financial sector is still in its “Most of our current international while the Asia Pacific region, including
early stage of development and students see students are participating in Korean Korea, is becoming more and more a
more growth opportunities there,” says Byung language classes. It is our observation that dynamic and fast-growing economic engine
tae Lee, Dean of Graduate School of communication capability in Korean of the world with a constantly rising demand
Management, KAIST Business School. makes it easier for the international for the best talents. MBA candidates should
Chi-keun Lee, who currently studies for the graduates to settle into Korean corporate seek out these opportunities and not find
Finance MBA at KAIST Business School, would culture once they are offered a job,” says themselves stuck in a recessed economy,”
like to work for a domestic securities company Sun-Joo Hong, MBA Director, Yonsei concludes KAIST Business School
or an investment bank. School of Business. Graduate Jae-koo Lee.

TopMBA CAREER GUIDE www.topmba.com 141

Global MBA in Kyoto

Programme Type: Full Time Course Information Tuition Fee: Contact:

Full Time MBA Start Dates: TBA Shizu Mizuno, DBS
September Administrative Director
Joint Degree Programmes Offered: Application Fee : Doshisha University

Latin America
MBA Only Programme Duration: USD ($) 365 Graduate School of Business
24 months Karasuma-Imadegawa, Kamigyo-Ku
Specialisation by Function: Kyoto, Pref. Kyoto, 602-8580 Japan
Green Business Entry Requirements:
Global Comparative Management Min. GMAT Score : N/A Tel: +81 (75) 251 4600
Technology & Innovation Management Min. TOEFL 83 (IBT), 220 (CBT), 560 (PBT) Fax: +81 (75) 251 4710
Min. IELTS : 6 Email: ji-gmba@mail.doshisha.ac.jp
Min. Years of Work Experience : 2 Web: gmba.doshisha.ac.jp/

modules, a choice of specialized study in green

business, global comparative management, and

North America
technology and innovation management, and the
opportunity to participate in overseas seminars in
either the US (UC Berkeley), China (Xi’an) or the UK
(Cambridge) through the Global Action Project.
Alternatively, students may also choose to remain
in Japan. The programme is further enhanced
through Global Intensive Modules where high
profile professors from leading overseas business
schools (including INSEAD and Oxford) offer courses
premised on cutting edge research and long-time
teaching experience.

An oasis of learning

DBS is located in a purpose built facility within the
broader Doshisha University campus, itself in the
heart of Kyoto, and features excellent resources
including a dedicated business school library,
student project rooms and lounges all of which are
secure and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

There are a limited number of opportunities for

generous financial support and prospective candidates
should make direct enquiries as early as possible. Asia Pacific

Student Profile
Class of 2009 & 2010 Admission
Female 24%
Male 76%
Age average: 28 years old
Australia & New Zealand

Work experience average: 4 years

Vision and mission economic development of Asia in the 21st century.

Established in 1875, Doshisha University is one of We see our mission as nurturing a new generation of
Japan’s most prestigious private universities and at conscientious business leaders capable of meeting
the forefront of cutting-edge education. the challenges of today’s global business.

Doshisha Business School (DBS) aspires to become a Course format

global centre of excellence for business education The DBS Global MBA is a two-year, full-time
and research. Engaging with major institutions in programme that features an academically robust
Japan and abroad, we seek to contribute to the socio- and innovative combination of core management

The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011 143

Hitotsubashi University
Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy (ICS)

Programme Type: Economics Full Time Course Information Entry Requirements: Contact:
1-year Full Time MBA Entrepreneurship Start Date: GMAT Hitotsubashi University,
2-year Full Time MBA Finance September Min. TOEFL: 250 (CBT), 100 (IBT), Graduate School of International
DBA General Management 600 (PBT) Corporate Strategy (ICS),
Latin America

Innovation Programme Duration: Min. Years of Work Experience: 3 National Center of Sciences
Degree Programs offered: Knowledge Management 12 months / 24 months Min. IELTS: N/A 2-1-2 Hitotsubashi
MBA International Management Letters of Recommendation: 2 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8439
DBA Business Leadership Tuition Fee: Resume/CV: Optional Japan.
Marketing JPY (¥) 535,800 / Per Year
Courses Offered: Operations Management (about USD ($) 6200 / Per Year) Application Fee: Fax: +81 (3) 4212 3006
Accountancy & Financial Organisational Behavior JPY (¥) 30,000 Email: ics-info@ics.hit-u.ac.jp
Brand Management Personal Development Matriculation Fee: (about USD ($) 348) Web: www.ics.hit-u.ac.jp
Change Management Strategic Management JPY (¥) 282,000 (upon enrolment)
Corporate Governance (about USD ($) 3280)

University established a new Graduate School of Lynch, Morgan Guaranty, McKinsey & Company, A.T.
International Corporate Strategy (ICS) in the heart Kearney, Fuji Electric, McCann Erickson-Hakuhodo,
of Tokyo to focus on imparting practical knowledge Mitsubishi Electric, and Sumitomo Bank.
North America

and globally relevant skills through an all-English,

global MBA program. Visit us at http://www.ics.hit-u.ac.jp to learn more
about ICS and our programs.
The ICS vision is derived from our university name,
Hitotsubashi, which in Japanese means “one bridge.”
Our challenge lies in achieving what appears to
be opposing goals. On one hand, we attempt to
capitalize on our past, taking advantage of the
A Message from the Dean
long-held traditions at Hitotsubashi University. And
yet on the other, we desire to break free from our An interviewer once asked me how the ICS MBA
history by relentlessly striving to be an innovative, program molds global leaders. Instead of giving
unconventional and frame-breaking business school. her a sales pitch, I quoted from a recent survey of
Our vision at ICS is thus to bridge seemingly divergent our alumni of how their education at ICS benefitted

forces to ultimately attain the “Best of Two Worlds.” them. One of our Japanese graduates told us that he
had been sent to India to manage a department of
In 2004, ICS was voted the No. 1 MBA program in 50 opinionated and vocal staff. He said, “Everyone
Japan in terms of international orientation by the has a different opinion and is not afraid to speak
Nikkei Weekly. Our student body is currently 25% up – just like at ICS!” He said he wouldn’t have had
A truly valuable MBA program is more than just a set Japanese, 53% Asian, 11% North American, 8% the skills or confidence to manage a department in
of courses. Companies today are looking for leaders European, and 3% from other parts of the world. India if not for his ICS education. Another student
who can motivate people from diverse backgrounds Each year’s entering class at ICS is intentionally kept is opening a branch of a leading Chinese bank in
and cultures. They are beginning to understand what fewer than 60 students. The small student body Europe – an assignment he would not have received
Hitotsubashi ICS has known all along: that there is no allows us to keep the student-faculty ratio at about without an ICS MBA. Yet another is already a CEO, in
single best system of management and to be truly 3:1, and to maintain the seminar system, a special ICS charge of an acquisition of a 100-year old Japanese
Asia Pacific

effective, global leaders must understand how to feature which fosters close, enduring relationships company by an equally venerable Hongkong-based
resolve the paradoxes presented by these different between a small group of students and a faculty multinational. Even though ICS has only 10 years of
ways of doing business. ICS provides an ideal advisor of their choice. history, our graduates are already in key positions
environment for developing global leadership skills, in both Japanese and non-Japanese companies,
with its diverse student body, and its curriculum that The ICS curriculum is extremely flexible. Students building bridges between their firms and the rest of
combines skills and knowledge offered by a “global can choose either a one- or a two-year program. the world.
standard” MBA program with an emphasis on Japan Students in both programs take the same required
and Asia. The ICS faculty includes teachers, scholars courses in the first year. Students staying on for These are only a few examples, and are a testament
and practitioners who are recognized globally and a second year design their own program, which to the way that the ICS MBA not only imparts
Australia & New Zealand

are among the premier thought leaders in Japanese can combine an exchange term at a top business intellectual tools needed for business management
business today. Our students study Michael Porter school in another country, an internship with a but also helps students develop the necessary skills
on strategy, but also read about Zen Buddhism. leading Japanese or multinational company, elective to be global leaders in the new economy.
They analyze cases featuring leading multinational courses, or independent study.
firms and new and innovative Japanese firms. By I invite you to learn more about the ICS MBA and to
virtue of its diverse student base and study of both One of the unique features at ICS is our faculty’s real- consider how it can fit into your career plans.
Eastern and Western management philosophies, ICS world work experience in business. In addition to
combines the “Best of Two Worlds.” being PhD and MBA holders with extensive teaching Christina Ahmadjian
experience at leading worldwide business schools, Dean
Who we are about 60% of our full-time faculty members have Hitotsubashi University
Hitotsubashi University has a 135-year history of held positions in multinational firms, including Graduate School of International
turning out “Captains of Industry.” In 2000, the Boston Consulting Group, First Boston, Merrill Corporate Strategy (ICS)

144 The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011

The HKUST Business School

Programme Type: Full Time Course Information Application Fee : Executive Course Information Contact:
Full Time MBA Start Dates: USD ($) 200 Start Dates: The HKUST Business School
Part Time MBA August January MBA Office, Rm 5601, 5/F, Annex
Executive MBA Part Time Course Information Hong Kong University of Science
Latin America

Programme Duration: Start Dates : Programme Duration : and Technology

Specialisation by Function: 12 or 16 months August 18 months Clear Water Bay, Kowloon
Entrepreneurship Hong Kong,
Finance Tuition Fee: Programme Duration : Tuition Fee :
Marketing USD ($) 53900 / Total Program Cost 24 months USD ($) 124500 / Total Program Tel: (852) 2358 7539
General Management in China Cost Fax: (852) 2705 9596
Consulting Entry Requirements: Tuition Fee : Email: mba@ust.hk
Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score USD ($) 33462 / Total Program Cost Web: www.bm.ust.hk
: 250
Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 600 Application Fee:
Min. IELTS : 6.5 USD ($) 129
Min. Years of Work Experience : 2

Student Profile
North America

Asia Adventure far beyond

Erik Emilsson

Erik has a truly international

background, born in
Sweden and completed
his undergraduate degree
at UCLA after his high
school education in Europe. He enrolled in HKUST’s
Established in 1991, HKUST carries a vision to be a financial knowledge and management strategies full-time MBA program to broaden his horizons to
leading university with strong local commitment and to communications, career-track electives on include Asia.
significant international impact. Located in Hong General Management in China, Finance, Consulting,

Kong, the international center that is right at the Entrepreneurship and Family Business as well as “It was all about the reputation and exposure to Asia.
doorstep of the world’s new economic powerhouse, Marketing help students to delve more deeply into I wanted to diversify my portfolio. Many companies
China, HKUST Business School is characterized by a the subjects that matter to their future most. are planning to expand in Asia, so this is the next
genuine blend of East meeting West. It was the first destination to which I would like to extend my
in Asia to be awarded dual accreditation by AACSB in International Exposure reach,” he said.
the U.S. and EQUIS in Europe. HKUST MBA program An international student body with 93% of students
has been consistently ranked no.1 in Asia by The from over 25 countries brings in diversity. Kicking “Hong Kong is one of the most dynamic and
Economist and world No. 9 by Financial Times in off with the residential and experiential learning westernized Asian cities and it provides an easy
2010. program, HKUST MBA bonds students of different transition for me into this part of the world. HKUST
nationalities into a close connection. Following has the best ranking among the Asian business
World Class Faculty with cross-cultural teamwork along the program, schools. I am very excited about what the future
Asia Pacific

HKUST’s faculty ranked the world’s No. 3 for its students will be exposed to a lot of new views, holds for the program” he continued.
“International Faculty” and world’s No. 10 for its perspectives and experiences with unique and
“Research” by Financial Times. Over 120 full-time rewarding learning opportunities. Partnering with “I was expecting to get more knowledge about
faculty members from over 15 countries are all PhD other 56 leading business schools in 17 countries, the China market and to be taught by faculty
qualified which assures the MBA students of learning HKUST further broadens students’ international with high quality research and credible insights
from the best. Top executives holding leading exposure through its exchange program. to share. My experiences have gone well beyond
positions in multinational firms are recruited as my expectations. The adjunct faculty is very
adjunct faculty to provide students with substantial Leadership and Career Enrichment close to the China market and they have a lot of
industrial insights. Carrying a vision to train up responsible leader, a interesting stories and knowledge to share and
Australia & New Zealand

flagship core program on responsible leadership and teach. The diversified student body with over 92% of
China Expertise ethics is offered to students. Student-driven clubs, international students has helped me to realize the
HKUST’s expertise in China business offers students ranging from Finance club to China club, are also different problem-solving and thinking approaches
with close connections with Chinese practitioners strongly encouraged and supported by the program. by people of different cultures. This is a very unique
and insights of the China market through series of These activities further enrich the academic and key quality of the school.”
popular China focus courses, Field Trips and wide experience, build leadership competencies and
range of China cases. It is one of the few business widen exposure beyond the classroom. Dedicated
schools being capable of studying issues specific to career services including workshops, coaching by
the emerging markets of China with international senior HR executives, consultancy service project
research standards. While students build up a and industry talks are also offered to assist students
strong foundation in business essentials in both in professional soft skills and career development.
international and China-based contexts ranging from

146 The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011

Wir bringen Sie
zum Master.

Die MBA- & Master-Datenbank

auf mba-master.de

>>> Mehr Infos unter mba-master.de/career-club

Nanyang Business School
Nanyang Technological University

Programme Type: Strategic Management : 250 Executive Course Information Contact:

Full Time MBA Technology Management Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 600 (please see website) Nick Soriano
Part Time MBA International Studies Min. IELTS : 6 Start Dates: Director, Marketing & Admissions
Executive MBA Min. Years of Work Experience : 2 July Nanyang Business School,
Latin America

Full Time Course Information Nanyang Technological University

Joint Degree Programmes Start Dates: Application Fee : Programme Duration : The NANYANG MBA
Offered: August USD ($) 65 18 months Blk S3, B3A-01,
Double Masters & Double MBA Nanyang Avenue Singapore
Programme Duration: Part Time Course Information Tuition Fee : 639798
Specialisation by Function: 16 months Start Dates : USD ($) 82,000
Accountancy August Tel: +65 6790 4835, +65 6790 6183
Finance Tuition Fee: Fax: +65 6791 3561
Innovation / Knowledge USD ($) 39000 Programme Duration : Email: nbsmba@ntu.edu.sg
Management 28-32 months Web:
International Management / Entry Requirements: Tuition Fee : www.nanyangmba.ntu.edu.sg
Business Min. GMAT Score : 600 USD ($) 39000
Marketing Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score

Established in 1991, The NANYANG MBA is align to your career goals for optimum results. relationships and tap on these networks to provide
recognized as a world class MBA, and Singapore’s Courses are continually updated with new and opportunities for you to emerge as a well-connected
North America

leading MBA programme. innovative content as we reach out to business global leader as your career progresses, anywhere in
With Asia’s fast ascent as a global economic power, needs, such as recent courses on sustainability the world.
The NANYANG MBA inspires global perspectives, and emerging markets strategy. This experiential
while having a special focus on Asia, with a multi- learning comes with a wholesome lifestyle -takes About Nanyang Business School
cultural learning experience of a lifetime, with a place in a garden campus with state of the art The Nanyang Business School (NBS) is a leading
select and highly diverse pool of talented students facilities and world class academic resources, and business school committed to developing leaders
and a top international faculty. The NANYANG MBA with the amenities for a full and balanced study life, for a sustainable world, with academically rigorous
graduates possess distinct competitive advantage while in campus. Outside campus, Singapore offers curricula relevant to real world business practice.
with a deep understanding of Asia , and their ability the dynamism and the full infrastructure for an ideal One of Asia’s largest business schools, NBS offers a
to lead and make significant impact on the success of place to live, study and work. comprehensive array of undergraduate and graduate
organizations they join, making them the preferred International Opportunities such as the Overseas programmes in accountancy and business. Drawing
choice of global recruiters. With The NANYANG MBA, Business Study Missions (BSM) and Exchange on a 50-year heritage of educating the region’s
you realize your full potential to lead and perform at Programmes further enhance the international business leaders, NBS provides an outstanding

high levels at the global arena. aspects of the program. Choose gaining valuable learning environment with top notch faculty, state-
It is also the first in Singapore and among the few experience and enhanced understanding of diverse of-the-art facilities and world-class research centres.
in Asia, with both EQUIS (Europe) and ACCSB (US) cultural, political and economic environments
Student Profile
accreditations, adhering to high global education in another country, and gain friends along the
quality standards. way. Build your network with top industry and “I chose The NANYANG MBA, specifically the
government leaders in the region and around the NANYANG-WASEDA DOUBLE MBA, because of its
Global Perspective, Asian Focus world or just gain friends for life. location (Singapore’s strategic position in Asia), its
Be in the midst of the bustling economic hub of Asia recognition/reputation, and to a certain degree, its
and immerse yourself in an environment of Asian Careers and Employability partnership with other reputable universities.”
expertise and networks while maintaining global A dedicated team attends to our MBA talents—using The programme is quite intense and varied: it
reach, in the most ideal location, Singapore. Gain a multi-pronged approach facilitated by the Career covers a broad spectrum of essential elements on
Asia Pacific

powerful insights how to lead business success in Services Office. We help establish your networks and a managerial point of view. Faculty is international
Asia and around the world- from an international market your profiles to leading companies around and bring an interesting mix of perspectives and
faculty who have outstanding track records in the the world. We also conduct workshops to enhance approaches. Some are inspiring persons that share
global arena, complemented by case studies of career-readiness skills; provide individualized their experience from real life application. A lot of
Asian firms written by our own Asian Business Case career-coaching sessions, and organize industry commitment and group work are part of the learning
Center- talks to give insights into different occupations, and process. This has been a very rewarding experience.
With dynamic and talented participants from 25 maximize your exposure to potential employers.The Some sports, some interviews, some parties… but not
countries, coming from different industry sectors, Nanyang Business School is consistently among the enough- I wish we could have more. The participants
who bring varied perspectives and multicultural top ten business schools in Asia most sought after are a wonderful mix of diversity, backgrounds and job
Australia & New Zealand

experiences. International participants come from by global recruiters for their MBA hires. More than experiences. The presence of numerous nationalities
across five continents and comprise around 80% of 90% of our MBA graduates get job offers in leading (notably Europe, East Asia and South East Asia, and
the full time cohort. companies in various industry sectors within three Americas) offers a very interesting exposure to other
months from graduation. ways of thinking and doing that cannot be ignored
Innovative Learning + Flexibility for the managers of our times. Besides that, it is very
Learn by doing at The NANYANG MBA - using a Global Alumni Network beneficial in terms of professional network and some
variety of methodologies such as interactive case Upon graduation, you will join The NANYANG even become good friends.
teaching, field projects, simulations, seminars and MBA alumni family, an extensive network of
competitions. With a highly rigorous and industry business leaders in various leading companies and Alexander Nicolau
relevant curriculum, the programme offers you organizations around the world. You will also belong French, Class of 2010
a variety of courses to choose from, giving you to the growing global network of more than 28,000 Works with leading Japanese food & beverage
unparalleled flexibility to follow your interest and alumni of the Nanyang Business School. Build conglomerate in Japan

148 The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011

Influencing Asia’s
Every day, Asia's most influential business leaders rely on
The Wall Street Journal Asia for an accurate read on the business
pulse from across the region and around the world. Shouldn't you?

Visit wsj-asia.com/sub/89 to start your subscription today.







Administração 124.963 Suprimentos 7.087 Todos os resultados apresentados se referem ao fechamento do mês
Comercial e Vendas 63.049 Educação 5.608 de janeiro de 2011.
* A Catho contabiliza as contratações de duas formas:
dĞůĞŵĂƌŬĞƟŶŐ 53.096 ŽŵƵŶŝĐĂĕĆŽͬDĂƌŬĞƟŶŐ 5.273 A partir de informações obtidas junto aos candidatos que utilizam o
Financeira 19.684 Telecomunicações 3.785 site da Catho, quando cancelam as suas assinaturas, ou por meio de
um link na Área de Assinantes;
Técnica 17.407 ƌƚĞƐ͕ƌƋƵŝƚĞƚƵƌĂĞĞƐŝŐŶ 3.450 A partir de informações obtidas, por meio de pesquisas, das empresas
anunciantes de vagas.
/ŶĨŽƌŵĄƟĐĂ 15.322 Hotelaria e Turismo 2.497 O número de contratações pode ser ainda maior: 1) Os candidatos
ŶŐĞŶŚĂƌŝĂ 12.650 Jurídica 1.371 podem ter sido contratados após cancelarem as suas assinaturas, o
que impossibilita que identifiquemos essa contratação. 2) As empre-
Industrial 8.943 Comércio Exterior 1.056 sas nem sempre informam ao candidato que receberam o currículo
pela Catho, sobretudo empresas de recrutamento e seleção. Por isso,
Saúde 8.476 ŐƌŝĐƵůƚƵƌĂ͕WĞĐƵĄƌŝĂĞsĞƚĞƌŝŶĄƌŝĂ 635 os candidatos podem não saber que foram contratados por meio da
Catho. 3) Há candidatos que conseguem emprego e permanecem as-
** Os números são atualizados diariamente, podendo sofrer variações, e são apurados internamente pelo Catho. Veja no site como é feito o cálculo de empregos por área. sinando a Catho, sem reportar que estão empregados. Nesses casos,
nem sempre conseguimos identificar as contratações.

A N U N C I E A G O R A S E U C U R R Í C U L O P O R 7 D I A S G R ÁT I S

The NUCB Graduate School

Programme Type: International Management / IT / Telecommunications Entry Requirements:

Full Time MBA Business Media & Entertainment Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : 550 Contact:
Part Time MBA IT Management Pharmaceutical / Bio-Medical Min. IELTS : 6 Kyoko Hayakawa
Leadership Public Sector Min. Years of Work Experience : 3 Managing Director
Latin America

Specialisation by Function: Marketing Publishing The NUCB Graduate School

Accountancy & Financial Operations Management Venture Capital & Private Equity Application Fee : 1-20-1
Brand Management Organisational Behavior USD ($) 350 Nishiki, Naka-ku
Change Management Risk Management Full Time Course Information Nagoya, Aichi
Corporate Governance Strategic Management Start Dates: Part Time Course Information 460-0003
Crop-Risk Management Supply Chain Management April, September Start Dates : Japan
Entrepreneurship April, September
Finance Specialisation by Industry: Programme Duration: Tel: +81(0)52 203 8111
General Management Automotive 24 months Programme Duration : Fax: +81(0)52 221 5221
Human Resource Management Banking / Financial Services 24 months Email: mba@nucba.ac.jp
Information Management Consulting Tuition Fee: Web: www.nucba.ac.jp/en/
Innovation / Knowledge Environment USD ($) 6300 / Per Semester Tuition Fee : www.facebook.com/MBA.JP
Management Hospitality USD ($) 630 / Per Credit

Student Profile
North America

Caroline Pulg
Global MBA 2011

Learn from the Best –

Top Accreditation and
Excellent Location
Among the existing
MBA programmes
in Japan, NUCB has
one of the longest traditions and is internationally
accredited which was an important aspect for
me. Furthermore, NUCB works with many visiting

professors from diverse business backgrounds.

Additionally, NUCB is conveniently located in the
centre of Japan with top connections to other cities
like Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto, which gave me a great
A World Leading Business School in the Heart Global MBA Program chance to explore other parts of Japan.
of Japan Excellence is a hallmark of the NUCB Graduate
Nagoya University of Commerce & Business (NUCB) School, and our MBA degree supports this tradition Global MBA with Intercultural Experience
was established in 1953. The mission of NUCB is based with a highly innovative and rigorous educational Thanks to the great cultural diversity of students in
on our school motto ‘Frontier Spirit’. In all graduate programme. The cornerstone of the NUCB the Global MBA programme and the class contents
school divisions, we endeavor to meet the highest tradition has always been about helping business that initiate cultural thinking, I learned from and
global standards in management education and professionals become valued leaders in their chosen through others. Project work and discussions with
Asia Pacific

the challenge of training highly skilled professionals field. Moreover, our programme was designed to my international fellows are continuously enriching
who possess a global perspective, a strong sense of provide ample opportunity for MBA candidates to my comprehension for other perspectives and ideas
ethics, as well as the ability to contribute positively develop the skills and thought processes necessary on a daily basis.
to both the domestic and international business to effectively manage changing technological
communities. environments. Exposing our students to the social, The global orientation of the programme is another
environmental, political, ethical, and international aspect, which has broadened my way of thinking.
Accreditation factors shaping the global marketplace is an integral Discussions about global business relations,
The NUCB Graduate School is the first MBA part of the teaching and training approach at NUCB. reasoning of political decisions in geopolitics are
programme in Japan to hold dual accreditation guided by professors with international business
Australia & New Zealand

from both AACSB International and the Association The goal of the NUCB MBA programme is to instill experience and helped me to better understand
of MBAs. These hallmarks of excellence bestowed in our students the motivation for embarking upon business in a global context.
upon NUCB by AACSB and AMBA cement NUCB’s or enhancing successful and rewarding careers in
strategic initiative to be the best of the best among global business environments. Our faculty and staff Developing my personal leadership skills was
business schools in Japan and Asia. In this age of members provide students with the knowledge and another reason for completing an MBA. In the
globalization, international recognition by such skills needed for future employment and leadership Global MBA programme classes such as change
prestigious accrediting bodies as AACSB and AMBA opportunities. management and leadership gave me new impulses
signifies our continued commitment to maintaining for my personal development.
quality assurance and preservation of the highest
global standards. With the Global MBA programme I feel prepared for
the next step in my career and I am really looking
forward to new challenges.

152 The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Programme Type: Finance Min. TOEFL Computer Based Score : N/A Executive Course Information Contact:
Full Time MBA Marketing Min. TOEFL Paper Based Score : N/A Please refer to: Mr. Lawrence Chan
Part Time MBA China Business Min. Years of Work Experience : 3 www.cuhk.edu.hk/emba Administrative Director in
Executive MBA Full Time Course Information Application Fee : www.onemba.org Marketing and Student Recruiting

Latin America
Start Dates: USD ($) 100 The Chinese University of Hong
Joint Degree Programmes August Kong
Offered: Part Time Course Information 14/F, Cheng Yu Tung Building,
MBA + JD Programme Duration: Start Dates : 12 Chak Cheung Street,
MBA in Health Care 16 months August Shatin, New Territories
CUMBA/HEC Dual MBA Hong Kong
CUMBA/UT-Austin Dual MBA Tuition Fee: Programme Duration :
CUMBA/RSM Dual MBA USD ($) 47900 / Total Program Cost 24 months Tel: +852 2609 7782
Fax: +852 2603 6289
Specialisation by Function: Entry Requirements: Tuition Fee : Email: cumba@cuhk.edu.hk
Entrepreneurship Min. GMAT Score : N/A USD ($) 680 / Per Credit Web: www.cuhk.edu.hk/mba

alumni. This extensive alumni network, academic

excellence and cultural diversity are major reasons

North America
why prospective students place us ahead of other
schools in the region.

Student Profile

The Faculty of Business Administration of The Chicago, Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Minnesota,
Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is one Northwestern, NYU, Oxford, Pennsylvania, Western
of the Asia-Pacific region’s premier providers of Ontario, and Wharton.
graduate business education.
Development of a global view is further enhanced by
We are accredited by AACSB International, and our focus on student diversity and opportunities for My life in CUMBA was impressively active, intensive
Asia Pacific
the first business school outside North America international student exchange. The percentage of and productive. Studying and working with our
to establish a chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma, an international students is 80% with students coming prestigious faculty and intelligent classmates, I
international honour society for business and from countries/locations including Canada, United not only learnt business knowledge there, but
management programmes. In addition, we are States, Colombia, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, experiences and took part in different sorts of
a member of PIM (Partnership in International France, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, China, South activities, including CEO talks, business competitions,
Management), an international consortium Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, The Philippines, business practicum, study trip etc. I believe all I have
of outstanding higher education institutions India, Singapore, Australia, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. gained here would become treasures of my lifetime
that delivers graduate-equivalent degrees in
management. Beginning in the 2008-09 academic year, our Jenking Shao
Australia & New Zealand

MBA curriculum is restructured to allow students Full-time MBA/Class of 2008

We are conscious of the force shaping the business greater flexibility in elective choice, including the
world today – the force of globalization. We carefully opportunity to pursue a concentration in one of
design courses to meet the changing demands of four areas: China Business, Finance, Marketing and
the marketplace, with the ultimate aim of preparing Entrepreneurship.
our graduates to lead organizations in a global
business environment. CUMBA also joins hand with HEC Paris, RSM at The
Netherlands and University of Texas at Austin in
Our internationalism is built on a team of offering Dual MBA Degree Programs.
culturally diverse faculty members who strive
to accelerate students’ global vision. They come Life beyond the CUMBA degree is filled with
from prominent universities including Cambridge, excitement and challenge for our over 5,000 MBA

The MBA Career Guide Spring 2011 153

School of Economics and Management,
Tsinghua University

Programme Type: Tuition Fee: Contact:

Full-time MBA USD ($) 29000 / Total Program Cost MBA Office
(Fee for Academic Year 2012-2013 is subject to change.) Room 119, Shunde Building
Specialisation by Function: School of Economics and Management

Latin America
General Management Entry Requirements: Tsinghua University
Degree: Bachelor and above Beijing, 100084
Full Time Course Information: GMAT Score: Required China
Start Dates: Work Experience: Not required, but 3 years and above