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“na towanesin oot ar gad og wears a genie Pats oy American Iron and Steel Institute @ steelmaking flowlines Is hard to imagine a person who does not use many items made of steel every day of his life. I is a taken-for-granted material upon which people depend for such gigantic structures as buildings and bridges and for such litle tems as safety pins and paper clips. Although steel Is familiar in our daily lives, and is also found on the utmost frontiers of science, few people understand the full extent of human effort required to produce it. This booklet of flowlines shows some of the steps that men must follow to produce steel in its firs solid forms. Many of the American steel! companies make raw steel and finish it themselves. Others buy semi-finished steel from which they make bars, wire and wire products, hot and cold rolled sheets, plates, pipe and tubing and a wide variety of other products that the public seldom sees because they are further manufactured by the steel industry's customers. Today's steel industry is concerned not only with producing hhuge tonnages of the world's most useful and least expensive metal, itis also a partner with individuals, communities land government working for ecological improvement. Each of the processes charted in this booklet has air and water quality control equipment designed into it, for advances in ‘environmental improvement parallel the technological progress of the industry. From iron ore, limestone and coal in the earth’s crust a flowline of steelmaking to space-age steels — this fundamental flowline shows ‘only major steps in an intricate progression of pro- ‘cesses with their many options, S i oe 2 = TS Senenantee some environmental systems parallel to steelmaking ‘ad Sgt Sama improving iron ore Iran isa common mineral ound i the earths surtace. ‘wth rock, earth or parallel processes in steel’s environment programs the mining and miting land pros the purifying stone xsrnssernrsemintans.. 1 and ime combine chemically with in the meta’ producing furnaces, carrying them nthe moltsn, Roan byprodte eae sag parallel processes in steel's environment programs he ming and from coal to coke i's most abundant source of energy, the primary ‘and ste! Most is mined, and Jered a Imaing These slang and bancng hear the mine and raqure major parallel processes in steel’s environment programs iy conto oad 3 ‘the many cleansing blast furnace ironmaking parallel processes in steel's environment programs ‘ite Behn pan parm in ans tack, This two-step method of cha ‘ove tha ast rom Sowing eso sphere parallel processes in steel’s environment programs electric furnace steelmaking 110 produce aio 5 umnace is precisely Specialy stots, electric ictic current ares Yom Secor hahtonnage parallel processes Rae a et nel rosetons in steel’s MeGun names ana toatl Gove environment programs ek canbe used on any on8 the first solid forms of steel parallel processes in steel's environment programs