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Choose the correct answer by filling a, b, c or d

1. Look at the notice.

What does it mean?
A. Taking pictures is prohibited.
B. There is no camera.
C. The camera is not for sale.
D. The camera is broken.

2. Where would you find the following notice?

A. At the mosque C. On the school wall
B. In a drugstore D. On the gate of a house
The text is for questions 3 and 4.
Dear Melati,
You are invited to Ivan's at Gemma Restaurant (opposite the
cinema on Saturday, 15th June at 7 PM
14th Birthday Party at Jalan Sudirman)
See you there!
3. Where will the party be held?
A. At Ivan's house C. At Gemma Restaurant
B. At Ivan's place D. At the cinema
4. Why did Shanti leave the message for Melati?
A. To show that she liked Melati.
B. To give Melati information about her party.
C. To invite Melati to come to Ivan's birthday party.
D. To give information about the location of Gemma Restaurant.
The text is for questions 5-7.
Express yourself, your style and your pictures with the cyber-shot DSC-w55 7.2
megapixel digital camera. The large LCD display makes taking amazing pictures
easier than ever.
Buy now and get a luxurious cashing for free! Only until Dec 31st 2009.
5. What does the text above advertise?
A. Pictures C. A digital camera
B. A luxurious chasing D. An LCD
6. What will you get if you buy the camera in November 2009?
A. A free camera leather bag C. A free vacation to America
B. A free photography book D. A free battery charger
7. What is the purpose of the text?
A. To persuade the readers to buy the camera.
B. To inform the readers about the prize provided.
C. To let the readers know that the camera is amazing.
D. To inform the readers that the camera has larger screen.
Read the text and answer questions 8 and 9.
To: Anisah
Congratulations on your success in Poetry Reading Competition.
We are so proud of you.
Mum & Dad
8. Who sent the card?
A. Anisah C. Anisah's parents
B. Anisah's teacher D. The competition committee
9. What has Anisah achieved?
A. Participating in a poetry reading competition winning.
B. Winning a poetry reading competition.
C. Successfully making her parents proud of her.
D. Successfully holding a poetry reading competition.
Read the following text and answer questions 10-13.
From : saliystren@londonet.com
To : anna.b.smith@usa.net
Dear Anna,
Thanks for your last email. I'm sorry I haven't replied to you sooner, but I've got
lots of homework this term, so I'm very busy.
Anyway, I've got a bit of a problem with the first 3-day holiday this year. I was
lucky to get two invitations from two close friends. I received one invitation to go
on a trip to Kebun Raya Bogor with Cathy, my school friend. The other is a trip to
Kota Tua with my cousin.
Both places appeal to me; both of them are really interesting and I don't know
which one to choose!
I must make a decision as quickly as possible because they want an answer from
me before Wednesday. The problem is, I've got to hurt either my cousin or my
friend, Cathy. I can't go to both places at the same time. Oh Anna, what should I
do? Help!
Either ring me or reply quickly with your advice. (And tell me about you. You and
your family are coming to my house in the end of this holiday, aren't you?)
10. Why was Sally late to reply Anna's email?
A. She should follow an additional lesson this term.
B. There were so many problems she faced.
C. She was busy with her homework.
D. The term was so long.
11. Why is Sally so confused? Because ....
A. she doesn't want to go to either Kebun Raya Bogor or Kota Tua
B. she doesn't want to hurt her cousin or her friend. Cathy
C. she wants to stay in Jakarta in the end of holiday
D. she wants to know the latest news in Jakarta
12. "Both places appeal to me: both of them ...."
The synonym of the underlined word is ... .
A. fit C. like
B. attract D. love
13. Why did Sally send the email?
A. To tell Anna that she is busy.
B. To ask for Anna's suggestion related to her problem.
C. To inform Anna that she is going to do two exciting trips.
D. To tell Anna about the beauty of Kebun Raya Bogor and Kota Tua.
Read the text and answer questions 14-16.
Our recipe is originated from Yogyakarta and deserves to be ranked number one in
all fried chicken restaurants. Our fried chicken is well marinated and deep fried,
and other menu items are also available. When you enter the restaurant you can
just feel the change of atmosphere, the restaurant dim light and the Javanese music
background which will send you back to Yogyakarta in an instant.
Features • Parking lot
• Halal Accepts
• Vegetarian dishes Cash
• Takeout Visa MasterCard
• Private parties

14. What makes the customers feel that they were in Yogyakarta?
A. The atmosphere and the music
B. The food and the employee's outfit
C. The name of the restaurant's owner
D. The Javanese music and the employee's outfit
15. The folio wings are accepted by the cashier, EXCEPT____
A. MasterCard C. Visa
B. Cheque D. Cash
16. Which is TRUE according to the advertisements?
A. The restaurant is suitable for vegetarians.
B. The restaurant only serves fried chicken to the customers.
C. The restaurant does not have a parking lot.
D. The advertisement underestimates Mbah Joko's Fried Chicken.
The following text is for questions 17-20.
You need:
• Eggs, Sugar, Margarine, Flour
• Put two eggs in one side of the scales.
• Balance the eggs with the sugar. Put the sugar in a bowl.
• Balance the eggs with the margarine.
• Mix margarine and sugar together until creamy.
• Balance the eggs with the flour.
• Put the flour into the mixture.
• Crack the eggs and whisk until frothy.
• Add the eggs to the mixture.
• Mix together until creamy again.
• Grease a small round cake tin with margarine.
• Spoon in the mixture.
• Place in a hot oven (190°C/375°F).
• Bake for 12 minutes until golden brown.
17. What do you call the text above?
A. A short story C. A manual
B. A recipe D. An instruction
18. What should be done to the cake tin before putting in the mixture into it?
A. Heating it for several minutes.
B. Greasing it with some margarine.
C. Baking it for 12 minutes.
D. Placing it in a hot oven.
19. "Crack the eggs and whisk until frothy." What does the underlined word
A. Becoming cream C. White and soft
B. Becoming stiff D. Full of foam
20. Which statement is TRUE according to the text?
A. The temperature needed to bake is below 190°C.
B. The cake tin used to bake is small and square.
C. All ingredients have the same weight.
D. Only yolks are used in making this cake.
The following text is for questions 21-24.
Among the uncles I have, my favorite one is uncle Krisna. He is my father's
youngest brother. He is an outdoor type of person. He likes most sports, but
prefers water sports to any others. Last year, he was in Central Java under-16
swimming team. He is not very academic and didn't do well at school. However,
he got pass grades in maths, English and Indonesian. He always really likes
children and he gets on quite well with them. In fact, he said that in the future he
wanted a job that involved working with children. Uncle Krisna is a confident
person and tries to keep calm and be patient with people he works with. He loves
traveling but has never had the chance to go overseas.
21. Which job is likely to be chosen by Krisna in the future?
A. A pre-school teacher C. A policeman
B. A lecturer D. A tour guide
22. "... he gets on quite well with them." (lines 5-6) The underlined word refers to
. . ..
A. maths, English, and C. children
Indonesian D. sports
B. the uncles
23. Which job is likely to be chosen by Krisna in the future?
A. A pre-school teacher C. A policeman
B. A lecturer D. A tour guide
The following text is for questions 24-26.
Dolphin is a common name for two large, spiny-finned fishes, especially the
brilliantly colored common dolphin, which is noted as a food and game fish.
Male dolphins may grow to a length of more than 1.5 m (5 ft) and may reach a
weight of over 27 kg (60 lb). Because of their long, continuous dorsal fins, dolphin
fish are readily distinguishable from the aquatic mammals also referred to as
dolphins. Gregarious and lively, these fish are widely distributed in temperate and
tropical waters and often accompany ships for considerable distances.
24. What makes dolphins different from other aquatic mammals?
A. Their dorsal fins C. The way they swim
B. Their skin's colour D. The water they choose
25. Where can dolphins likely be found?
A. In the cold sea C. In the warm sea
B. In the deep sea D. In the Antarctica
26. "... the brilliantly colored common dolphin....." (paragraph 1). The synonym
of the underlined word is ... .
A. smoothly C. lively
B. brightly D. nicely
Read the text and answer questions 27-30.
Suroloyo Heights is the highest peak of Menoreh hills. The name of Suroloyo is
adopted from Javanese, meaning daring to die.
Suroloyo Heights is a peak with beautiful sceneries, fresh air, the breeze,
traditional atmosphere, and also myth. It is located in Samigaluh, Kulon Progo,
Yogyakarta. It is about 45 kilometers from the heart of Yogyakarta. It sounds very
remote and far away from the crowd, but the incomparable beauty of nature and its
atmosphere make the journey pays off. The exotic picture of the scenery enables
the visitors to stay longer and longer on the top. From that point, visitors can see
the fiat areas of land around Yogyakarta and Central Java.
This place can be reached by private cars, motorcycles, or public transportations.
You should get off at Samigaluh. and then you have another journey walking
roughly 5 kilometers to the peak of Samigaluh.
It is such a good place to visit on a certain day like Suro's New Year, the first date
of the Javanese calendar in the month of Suro.
27. How far is Suroloyo from Yogyakarta?
A. 5 kilometers C. 30 kilometers
B. 10 kilometers D. 45 kilimeters
28. "... traditional atmosphere, and also myth." (paragraph 2). The underlined
word means ....
A. a traditional story about heroes or supernatural beings
B. stories about terrifying characters of certain places
C. talks about the power of the country leaders
D. sacred places where spirits can be seen
29. Where can the visitors enjoy the landscape of Yogyakarta and Central Java
from above?
A. On the top of Suroloyo C. At Kulon Progo
Heights D. On the top of Menoreh hills
B. At the Samigaluh
30. What should be done by the visitors when they have reached Samigaluh?
A. Finding a public transportation.
B. Taking the motorcycle uphill.
C. Going to the peak on foot.
D. Walking for several kilometers.
The text is for questions 31-34,
Elphy, the Unhappy Elephant
A five year old elephant, called Elphy, was always unhappy. He found all
things that his group did were boring. His group only did the same things over and
over again. They ate the same food, played in the mud in the same river, and took
the same route to the river. Nobody heard him when he proposed something new
to do!
Elphy got unhappier every day. So, he decided to go from his own group.
He did not tell anybody about this decision. Anyway, nobody cared.
Elphy was so delighted to see a group of chickens. The chickens welcomed
him. They brought him into their barn. He was curious of the food and games they
played. He learned quickly, and after four days, he got bored. He found that the
chickens were the same as his own group!
Elphy decided to go. After one day walking, he met a group of noisy pigs.
He was very delighted. He joined them, learned to eat their food, and played their
games. But, after three days, he quickly came to a conclusion that pigs were not
better than his own group and the chickens.
Again, Elphy decided to go. After a few hours walking, he met a group of
cows. He was delighted by the wide, green pasture where cows ate grass. He
learned quickly all the new things that cows did. In just two days, however, he
found himself bored. His conclusion was the same: cows were not better than his
own group, the chickens, and the pigs!
Off he went and came to a huge river bank. Not far from him was a deep
waterfall! The sound of (he water was so loud. He was more surprised with a
number of monkeys playing on the tree branches. They joked and laughed at each
other. Seeing the big Elphy, they invited him, -Come on big guy. why don't you
climb the nearby tree and play with us!"
The monkeys knew well that it was not possible for the elephant to climb.
They did it to mock the elephant. Unfortunately, Elphy took the challenge
seriously. His curiosity blinded him. He decided to climb the biggest tree at the
river bank. What happened next was just predictable. Even the biggest tree could
not hold his big body. Poor Elphy fell off to the river, and the water took him to
the waterfall. Elphy died because of his curiosity.
31. Why did Elphy leave his group? Because ....
A. he warned to meet other animals
B. he thought that his group was boring
C. he wanted to wander around the jungle
D. he liked to see green pastures and rivers
32. "Seeing the big Elphy. They invited him." (paragraph 6). The underlined
word refers to ... .
A. the stones in the river C. the monkeys
B. the trees branches D. the cows
33. "Elphy died because of his curiousily." (last paragraph). The underlined word
means ....
A. feeling bored of something
B. feeling tired of doing something
C. eager to do something interesting
D. eager to know about something
34. What can we learn from the story?
A. Self control is needed in our life.
B. Jealousy will destroy our life.
C. Experience is the best teacher.
D. Silence is golden.
The text is for questions 36-40,
There was something special for all students and teachers of YPPSB Junior
High School (also well known as Prima School) Sangata, East Kutai, East
Kalimantan on April 21M 2008. Normally there are no classes on Saturday, but
they all went to school on April 21st that day. It was a special day because they
were wearing traditional costumes and brought frying pans and stoves instead of
wearing uniform and carrying lesson books.
People were so enthusiastic that day. They looked so proud of their
traditional costumes. The girls happily joined the competition of making fried rice.
Meanwhile, the boys "decorated" the fried rice by putting some slices of
cucumbers, tomatoes, eggs and cabbages, as another part of competition. It was
full of fun. Unfortunately, the singing and dance competition, could not be held
because of the rain.
Two days later, the rest of the competitions and performances were
continued. Starting from the singing competition in which each contestant had to
sing two songs. The first song was the complimentary song, "Ibu Kita Kartini",
and the second one was a traditional song they chose by themselves.
After the performances of Prima School's modern dancers, the celebration
was ended with the announcement of the winners of each competition. Everyone
was happy because the celebration was held successfully.
35. What does the text mainly talk about?
A. The day when students wear traditional costumes to school.
B. The celebration of Kartini Day in Prima School.
C. The events held on Saturday in Prima School.
D. The writer's experience of winning the competition.
36. What competitions were held on April 21" 2008?
A. Cooking, dancing, and singing competitions
B. Cooking, dancing, singing, and eating competitions
C. Cooking, dancing, singing, eating, and band competitions
D. Cooking and food decorating competitions.
37. "... but they all went to school on that April 21st ...." (paragraph 1) The word
"they" refers to ... .
A. classes D. students, teachers and
B. students people
C. students and teachers
38. When was the singing contest held?
A. On 20th April C. On 22nd April
B. On 21 April D. On 23rd April
39. The following statements are true according to the text, EXCEPT
A. The celebration was held for weeks.
B. The students wore traditional costume on 21" April.
C. The outdoor performance was postponed due to the rain.
D. The celebration was ended by the announcement of the winners.
Read the following text and answer questions 40-43.
The Silver Fish
Mr. and Mrs. Temon were poor husband and wife. They lived in a small hut
with some simple furniture. They ate fish that Mr. Temon caught every day.
Sometimes, it was big, but sometimes it was so tiny that even a cat did not want to
eat it. One day, Mr. Temon's fishing rod hooked on something. It was a silver fish
and it was quite fat. "My wife will be happy tonight. We are going to eat a
delicious meal," said Mr. Temon happily.
But when he held the fish, something happened. The fish could speak! "Let
me go!" the fish shouted. Mr. Temon was startled. 'Please, let me go. I will grant
you three wishes if you let me go," begged the fish again.
"How do I know that you are not lying?" asked Mr. Temon finally. "What
do you want?" asked the silver fish. "I want delicious meals for me and my wife
tonight," said Mr. Temon. "Alright, just put me in your bucket and you can have
delicious meals on your dinning table right now," said the fish.
When Mr. Temon came home, he saw a lot of food on the dining table. He
was so happy and his wife was too. Then he told his wife what had happened in
the pond and showed her the silver fish. "Why don't you ask for some thing more
valuable?" Mrs. Temon said. She told her husband to ask for a castle, with dozen
maids and plenty of food for every day. Her husband did accordingly. The fish
granted Mr. Temon's wish, and Mr. Temon put the fish back to the pond. From
then on, Mr. and Mrs. Temon lived in the beautiful castle. They do not need to
work hard arymore. Everything was there. However, after a week, Mrs. Temon got
bored of the life.
"This is not the life I want. I feel so bored. I need something more," she
grumbled. She then asked her husband to go to the pond and ask the fish for a real
life. Mr. Temon went to the pond and told the fish about it, "Please, silver fish, my
wife wants a real life." "This is not the life I want. I feel so bored. I need
something more, she grumbled. She then asked her husband to go to the pond and
ask the fish for a real life. Mr. Temon went to the pond and told the fish about it,
"Please, silver fish, my wife wants a real life." "Be careful with what you ask for,"
said the fish.
When Mr. Temon went home, he found the castle had turned into his small
hut again. His wife cried inside the hut. Yes, they had asked for a real life and that
was the real life that God gave to them.
40. How did Mr. Temon feel when he caught the silver fish that day?
A. Sad C. Surprised
B. Afraid D. Worried
41. What was his first wish?
A. A lot of money C. A lot of jewellery
B. A beautiful castle D. Some meal for dinner
42. What can we learn from the story?
A. Greed will lead us into destruction.
B. People can easily get bankrupt.
C. A wealthy living needs sacrifice.
D. Do not trust any body easily.
43. "Please, let me go. I will grant you three wishes..." (line 8). The underlined
word means ....
A. to encourage somebody to have a better life
B. to allow somebody to have something
C. to make somebody feel better
D. to let somebody go away
44. Arrange the following words to form a good sentence.
on- come - time - please
1 2 3 4
A. 3-1-2-4 C. 4-2-1-3
B. 2-1-4-3 D. 2-3-1-4
45. Arrange the following words to form a good sentence.
put - their - room – entering – out – people – cigarette – must – before – the
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
A. 6-9-4-2-3-8-1-10-7-5 B. 6-8-1-5-2-7-9-4-10-3
C. 2-3-8-1-5-10-7-4-9-6 D. 2-3-1-7-5-9-4-10-6-5
46. Which one is the best arrangement of the sentences below?
1. The contest was ready to start, but I hadn't finished dressing yet.
2. I hadn't fastened my batik sarong yet, but they were already calling us.
3. And who would have guessed, we won the first prize!
4. When 1 was in an elementary school, my school organized an Indonesian
Cultural Contest.
5. At this contest, my friends and I represented our region. DKI Jakarta, and
presented Tari Yapong.
6. I was so embarrassed and everyone laughed at me, but I kept on dancing
and all my friends supported me.
7. Finally, I just tied my sarong with a piece of string.
8. On the stage, I kept thinking that my sarong would come loose, and it
finally did.
The best arrangement of the above sentences is ... .
A. 2-4-3-5-1-6-7-8 C. 4-5-1-2-7-8-6-3
B. 5-2-1-4-3-8-7-6 D. 4-5-1-2-6-3-8-7
47. Rearrange these sentences to make a good story!
1. So he climbed down the chimney, and tumbled into a pot of boiling
2. That was the end of the wolf.
3. Once upon a time there were three little pigs.
4. They built three houses from straw, sticks and bricks.
5. But, he couldn't blow down the house of bricks.
6. The big bad wolf blew down the house of straw and blew down the house
of sticks.
A. 3-4-5-6-2-1 C. 3-5-4-6-1-2
B. 3-4-6-5-1-2 D. 6-4-5-3-1-2
Read the following text and answer questions 48-50.
Paper is one of the most widely used man-made materials. _ 48___was used
by nearly all human beings in the world. It was 49 by the Chinese in the
10th century. Unlike modem paper, which is made from wood, the earliest paper,
was made from bamboo. Essentially, however, the same 50 of
fabrication is followed today. Paper is used in many different ways. It is used to
make money, tickets, stamps, textbooks, and hundreds of other things.
48. A. He C. It
B. She D. They

49. A. taken C. invented

B. derived D. followed

50. A. cause C. procedure

B. processing D. philosophy

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