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Welcome to Exotic Naturals

Nurturing Lives With World Class Natural Products

Welcome to Exotic Naturals
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Agri Care Division

Health Care Division Botanical Pesticides
Microbial Pesticides
Organic Fertilizers
APIs and Phytochemicals Plant Growth Regulators

♣ Natural products R & D Company

♣ Founded in 1994
♣ Serving the needs of Dietary / Herbal Supplements,
Phytopharmaceutical & Agri Input industry
♣ Global presence in North America, Europe and Asia –
♣ Accreditations - SIDIÔ, GACP, GMP and ISO 9001:2008
♣ Certified Range of Organic Products
♣ Key strengths are our ability to validate known herbs / natural
ingredients through Clinical /Field Trials conducted to comply
with international standards
Exotic Naturals – Brand Promise

Quality Human and Crop Health

Products delivered on time at
right price.
Agri Naturals
♣ We’re committed for:
♣ 1. Innovation &
♣ 2. Quality (not only of products but services too)
♣ Manufacturing units easily accessible to control Quality and establish Pricing and very
strong understanding of Supply Chain of Natural Agri Inputs

♣ Supports business partners in getting entry of our products in their markets

♣ Associated with renowned consultants and reputed organizations

♣ Help to work on Problem based Recommendations

♣ Business capability to explore new markets for feasible products.

♣ Strong Network module to assess and meet all types of agricultural requirements

♣ Competitive Pricing
Product Line

♣ Neem Based Products

♣ Soil Health & Nutrition
♣ Plant Health & Growth
♣ Effective Pest Management
Neem Based Products

Azaguard ENnoil
(Neem Oil)

(Neem Cake)
Azaguard Technical
Other Botanicals

ENkoil (Karanj Oil)

KarENjuck (Karanj Cake)
ENomita (Karanj Oil EC)

+ = Karanza

(Karanj Oil + Neem Oil in EC formulation)

Other Products

♣ Garlic Extract

♣ Compost ENcelerator

♣ Pheromone Traps

♣ Light Trap
Soil Health and Nutrition
Microbial Biofertilizers – Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria

ENrhizo (Rhizobium sp.)

ENazo- az (Azospirillum sp.)

ENazo- ab (Azotobacter sp.)

Soil Health and Nutrition

Microbial Biofertilizers – Phosphorus solubilizing bacteria

ENfosfo (Bacilus polymixia)

ENfosfo (Bacilus megaterium)

ENfosfo (Bacilus striata)

Soil Health and Nutrition

Microbial Biofertilizers

ENk (Pseudomonas aurantia)

ENsulf (T thiooxidans)
ENzinc (T thiooxidans)
ENfer (T ferrooxidans)
ENmang (Penicillium spp)

ENvam (Vasicula Arbuscular Microrrhiza)

Microbial Bio fertilizers

Dextrose Base Talc Base

(Colony Forming Unit)

Liquid Base Lignite Base
Plant Health & Growth

40 – ENutrox (40% Amino Acid)

ENbraso (Brassinolides) ENtricon (Triacontanol)

ENbraso 40 – ENutrox ENtricon
(Brassinolides) (40% Amino Acid) (Triacontanol)

Increased rate of Helps Protein synthesis & uptake of Micro Nutrients. Improves
photosynthesis photosynthetic
Increases photosynthesis activity in crop
and partitioning of
assimilates Prevents appearance of chlorosis plants.
Enhances immunity
Enhanced yield Increases flowering
along with quality Helps to withstand stress conditions. Reduces flower and
of produce. Enhancing water holding capacity of the soil. fruit drop

Improves efficacy of the pesticides and fungicides. Helps in better root

Drought tolerance
under moisture Reduce flower drop & fruit drop. development leading
stress. to effective utilization
Improves fruit size, quality & color
of nutrients
Non-toxic to Helps in increasing production
mammal, birds and Improve ability absorption of nutrients. Improves quality and
fish. yield of produce
Greater uniformity in ripening
Effective Pest Management
Bio-Pesticides - Microbial Origin

Larvorid (Bacillus Thuringiensis- Kurstakii)

blightENd (Pseudomonas fluorescens)
fungENd-v (Tricoderma viridae)
fungENd-h (Trichoderma harzianum)
larvoENd (Beauveria bassiana)
termoENd (Metarhizium anisopliae)
ENverto (Verticillium lecani)
nemoENd- pl (Paecilomyces spp.)
nemoENd- bf (Bacillus firmus)
helicoENd (Halicoverpa armigera)
spodoENd (Spodoptera leutera)
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