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80 Cloud DR Unit # D
Fernley, NV 89408
Dear Recruiters,
Enclosed for your review and consideration, please find a copy of my current res
ume. I am forwarding it to you in hopes of exploring employment opportunities wi
thin your organization. I am seeking the position of Industrial/Municipal/RO/wat
er/wastewater Supervisor/Operator where I can utilize my 22 years of extensive e
xperience in the Industrial/Municipal/RO/water/wastewater/Maintenance/distributi
on and collections field, which twelve (12) of these years were in a supervisory
position. I am also a 2002 graduate of a 2-year AAS/certificate program in Adva
nced Water Treatment given by David H. Paul, Inc., The U.S. Bureau of Reclamatio
n and Arizona Western College.
I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you for a personal discussion of my
background. Please call me for any additional information you may require, or t
o arrange an interview at your earliest convenience.
Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you so
Michael J. Bou
Enc: resume
80 Cloud DR Unit # D
Fernley, NV 89408
OBJECTIVE: To obtain the position of RO/Water/Waste Water Treatment Plant Operat
* Twenty two years operation/maintenance experience in wastewater/water/reverse
osmosis membrane technology/collections/distribution systems.
* Twelve years supervising operations and maintenance personnel in public and p
rivate utilities.
* Lead water/chemist for cooling tower, chillers and boilers under Betz Dearbor
n chemical guidelines.
* Twenty two years maintenance experience with specific emphasis on pumps, moto
rs and PVC plumbing.
* Operated and maintained 1.1 million gallons per day reverse osmosis membrane
technology plant.
* Performed outside power plant operation rounds and lockout/tag out procedures
* Responsible for conducting a wide variety of tests on water and wastewater, a
ssembling data from these testing procedures, analyzing said data and applying i
nterpretations per system parameters.
* Performed routine preventative maintenance - lubrication, operating adjustmen
ts, cleaning and painting of equipment.
* Performed inspections and corrective maintenance on plant mechanical equipmen
t, chemical feed pumps, controllers, solenoids, timers, meters, filtration devic
es, softeners and mixed beds.
* Tested sanitary quality and physical/biochemical characteristics of water/was
* Handled and maintained Aqua Tech High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis (HERO), mixe
d bed polishers and Weak Acid Cation (WAC) units.
* Proficient in the use of testing equipment, such as burrets, spectrophotomete
rs, ph & cond. meters.
* Serviced distribution/collections, lift stations, sub pumps, forced mains and
gravity feed liners.
* Familiar with GE Frame 7 gas turbine and Toshiba steam turbine.
* Implemented cross connection control and lead & copper programs.
* Performed site surveys on industrial/commercial industries.
* Compliance sampling per 40 CFR-403 on categorical, significant industrial use
r and pollutions of concern.
* Competent in Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition and Programmable logic
Controller Systems.
Michael J. Bou Page Two
08/07 to Present Chugach Management Services, Inc. * Anchorage, AK
R.O. and O & M Specialist
Operation and Maintenance of 250,000 G.P.D. Reverse Osmosis and Trident Direct
Filtration Plant for the Army Base of Kwajalein D.O.D. in the Marshall Islands.
7/06 to 07/07 Fulltime at home Dad/Overseas assignment search
7/03 to 07/06 Bond Engineering, Inc * Tampa, Florida
Lea d Water Technician
* Consulting, troubleshooting, ordering equipment, parts, chemicals and complet
e weekly/monthly reports.
Also responsible for training five water technicians at this Nano Filtration Pl
ant on Lajes Air Force base,
Azores Island of Terceira, Portugal for the U.S. Air Force DOD.
12/01 to 6/03 Primesouth, Inc / Griffith Energy Project * Kingman, Arizona
Lead Ultra Pure Water/Industrial Waste Systems Technician
* Consulting, troubleshooting and training of four water technicians at a 600-me
ga watt co-gen. power plant.
6/01 to 12/01 Conestoga-Rovers & Associates * Phoenix, Arizona
Lead Water/Wastewater Technician
* Start up and commissioning of remediation systems for Motorola and Honeywell.
12/00 to 6/01 ENRON * Chandler, Arizona
Ultra Pure Water/Industrial Waste Systems Technician
* Start up and commissioning of FAB 22 for Intel Corporation, Octellio Campus.
4/00 to 12/00 City of Glendale * Glendale, Arizona
Pretreatment Inspector
* Sampling and inspecting of industrial manufacturing/commercial restaurants, au
to service centers, Laundromats and P2 establishments. Complying with 40 CFR-403
EPA regulations.
2/99 to 1/00 H2O Utility Services, Inc. * Holiday, Florida
North Regional Operations Manager
* Managing water/Reverse Osmosis/wastewater operations/collections/distribution/
back-flow cross connection and maintenance.
1993 to 1/99 Bou Environmental * Gainesville, Florida
Owner/Operator * Water/wastewater operations business
* Manage day-to-day overall operation of business on tight budget and solicit ne
w business.
* Establish new services and consulting with governmental agencies to ensure com
1/92 to 10/94 Southern States Utilities, Inc., Putnum County Division * Satsuma,
Water/Reverse Osmosis/Wastewater Operations/Collections/Distribution Technician/
Back-Flow Cross Connection Technician
9/90 to 1/92 Professional Services Group, Inc. * Naples, Florida
Water/Reverse Osmosis/Wastewater Operations/Collections/Distribution Technician/
Back-Flow Cross Connection Technician
1/87 to 9/90 Southern States Utilities, Inc., Venice Gardens Division * Venice,
Water/Reverse Osmosis/Wastewater Operations/Collections/Distribution Technician/
Back-Flow Cross Connection Technician
Michael J. Bou Page Three
EDUCATION 2002 Graduate of 2-year AAS/certificate program in Advanced Water Trea
tment given by David H. Paul, Inc., The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and Arizona W
estern College.
CERTIFICATION Florida Class B/Arizona/NV Grade III - Drinking Water Treatment Pl
ant Operator
Florida Class B/Arizona/NV Grade III - Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Florida Class B/Arizona Grade III - Distribution Technician
Florida Class C/Arizona Grade II - Collection Technician