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Europamobil is looking for crew!

What is Europamobil?
Europamobil is a project directed to pupils and to international students. It aims to enhance
pupils’ interest in European issues by making Europe tangible to them. To do so, a group of 20
students from different EU countries visit schools in Brandenburg, a region of Germany. The
project has already taken place twice, 2009 in Germany and 2010 in France.

Who can participate in Europamobil?

The project is directed to students of European Studies or other relevant disciplines from all EU
countries. All costs of participation are covered.

How long does the project last?

The project starts on the 8th of September and ends on the 2nd of October 2011. During the
whole project period the participants stay at the Genshagen Castle close to Berlin.

What are the activities of Europamobil?

The participating students visit with a bus, the Europamobil, 10 schools in Brandenburg/Germany
where a programme of workshops, seminars, simulation games and language animations is
implemented. The travel lasts 10 days and each day one school is visited. The programme is
developed by the students participating in the project during a preparatory seminar prior to the
travel. The programme concerns various European issues ranging from single European market,
EU institutions to energy policy. The focus is on the question “What has European Union to do
with me and my everyday life? What possibilities does it offer to me?” Afterwards the results of
the project are presented during a public conference.

What kind of assistance is provided to the participating students?

In the classrooms the students teach in teams of 3 to 4 people. During the whole project period
assistance of two professional instructors is provided. The instructors act as seminar leaders and
coaches, since they are experts in the field of pedagogical training as well as in the subject of
European integration. In case of need students can get additional help from them, since they also
supervise students’ actions at schools.

How do students profit from their participation?

The students can gain practical experience in teaching and project management in an
international environment. Depending on the university, the participation may be recognised as
an internship or an ECTS equivalent. All involved participants may enrich their knowledge about
issues related to European integration process by participating in discussions with invited experts
as well as in the final conference. The one-week preparatory seminar includes training units about
project management and pedagogical methods. The project gives also an opportunity to build a
network and to reinforce intercultural skills.

What languages are used?

The project language is English; workshops at schools will be given in English, German and
French. Hence the students should have very good command of English and speak German or
French very well.

What is the project’s impact on pupils?

The Europamobil project provides to the participating pupils the opportunity to practice foreign
languages and to test new pedagogical methods.
The results of the project are brought to attention of authorities during the final conference.

Information & Application: The application deadline is the 1st of July 2011. Interested students
are welcome to contact the project coordinator Magdalena Kurpiewska by phone
0049 (0) 33 78 - 80 59 50 or email: kurpiewska@stiftung-genshagen.de.

You can find further information and application documents on the project homepage:

Please send the application documents via mail, email or facsimile until the 1st of July
2011 to:

Magdalena Kurpiewska
Stiftung Genshagen
Im Schloss
14974 Genshagen
Tel: +49 (0) 33 78 - 80 59 50
Fax: +49 (0) 33 78 - 87 00 13

The Europamobil project is organized by the Genshagen Foundation and the Robert Bosch Foundation. It is
financed by the Robert Bosh Foundation and the Federal State of Brandenburg.