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A Moral Dilemma

Ian Philip S. Longno

Today, in this modern world, we are faced with challenges that come from
different situations in life. Most recently, there has been an issue that has divided
the Philippines right down the middle. This issue is about the “Reproductive
Health Bill” or more commonly known as “RH Bill”. This proposed bill has been
circulating since 1998 but is dated to have been brought up as early as the
Marcos regime. The RH bill is a comprehensive policy that contains acts of
widespread family planning, ways of reducing mortality rates for pregnant
mothers, sex education and so many more. But, it is highly controversial due to
the moral and religious effects that have caused a spurn to the Church. Many
people have called it immoral and totalitarian because it demotes the moral
conscience by having sex education be mandatory, starting from grade 5 or 6.It
also gives the normally reserved Filipino population a feeling of unease because
they are not accommodative to having such topics discussed so freely.

In the church’s defense, they have taught what is morally right and
wrong. As a child, I was brought up with Religious lessons such as the Ten
Commandments, the holy bible, and the life of Jesus Christ. Such, we are
compelled to know that we can take a life taken from the fifth commandment,
“Thou shall not kill”. We are taught that there is a place called “purgatory”, where
the souls of anabaptized babies pass on to. This confirms that unborn babies
have souls and have the right to live. We have also been taught to not only
preserve human life, but also not to persecute it nor oppress it. Through this
teaching, we can confirm that the Roman-Catholic Church is thoroughly against
the RH bill and wishes that its followers would also deny the passing of this

With this, the Church reminds its people about the principles of God:
first, God is the creator. Second, religious freedom based on the Natural and
Divine Law. Third, no one can deprive the life of another. Fourth, it is against the
teachings of the Almighty Father. Lastly, we cannot forget what God has given
us. These principles are here to remind us that everything has a purpose and
that nothing is without meaning. Therefore, many Filipinos have stood up with the
Catholic Church against the passing of the RH bill.
The RH bill has spurned a lot of controversy due to the praise it has
received and the dilemmas it has brought upon the religious nation of the
Philippines. My take upon this issue is that I am completely for it and that it can
help the whole Filipino community. This bill will help reduce the total population
growth in our country and can help reduce the rising poverty that has inhibited
this land. Many demographers and economists feel that this bill is uncalled for
and not essential to reduce the Filipino population because there is still land in
this country for many Filipino families to stay. Yet, they did not account that the
lands in the Philippines have land owners that are less likely to let someone take
residence on. The Roman- Catholic Church has also given out their opinion on
the matter. They condemn the passage of this bill because it is morally and
ethically wrong and strongly advise people to not seek this bill. They have also
warned the people to not use contraceptives because it will destroy the life of the
unborn child. Yet, do they know that the families that have many children are now
living in the lower levels of poverty and are starving? This bill helps families avoid
the likelihood of being in a strain of poverty and help their eventual children have
better lives due to family planning. What has the church done to help out
poverty? Have they opened their doors for these people? Not in the city where I
live in. It is also good to have sex education in schools so that people especially
the masses have an idea about this, instead of having to be unprepared in this
topic because they will eventually come upon it during this day in age. Therefore,
I must conclude that this RH bill will generate something good for this nation and
its populace.