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Marianna deCroes


Life Experience:

Storyteller – over 25 years, elementary and high school teacher18 years combined experience, parent, business owner & manager, private school administrator Education:

State University of New York Empire State College Bachelor of Science Degree in Education Sunbridge College, Spring Valley, NY Waldorf Teacher Credential Emerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex, UK School of Storytelling Certificate Creative Speech Training – with Steven Moore Four years using the curriculum of Creative Speech by Rudolf and Marie Steiner Teaching Experience:

Elementary School Teacher, Summerfield Waldorf School. Responsible for all academic subjects, recorder, painting, singing, drama, and storytelling for a class of 26 33 students from grades one through eight – eight years Lower School Coordinator (grades one through eight):

Summerfield Waldorf School. Responsible for day today support and oversight of faculty, student and parent needs for grades 1 through 8. Member of Governing Council of the entire school including budget oversight, accreditation, curriculum innovation and development, mentoring programs, scheduling, and serving as faculty chair. – five years High School Humanities Teacher, Summerfield Waldorf High School. three years

Storytelling Workshops and Courses

Storytelling for Teachers

Center for Educational Renewal, Santa Rosa, CA Developed and continue to teach a storytelling curriculum course for teachers in a Waldorf teacher training program from 2003 to the present.

“Storytelling in Education” Courses

Emerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex, UK Weeklong storytelling courses for adults including teachers, parents, therapists, and social workers from around the world Summers 2002 – to the present. Five week fulltime program with weekly performances for children at the college and in local public schools. Included adults from UK, Norway, Germany, Korea, Japan, Israel, USA, Mexico, Sweden and Canada February March 2005, and Jan – Feb. 2011 Weeklong course on storytelling and puppetry, summer 2009. Numerous short storytelling workshops to parents, educators and therapists 2002 2011, Santa Rosa, CA. Workshop for psychologists in Lisbon, Portugal, Summer, 2008 Week long course for teachers in Madrid, Spain, summer 2009, 2011

Course Contributor to workshops on Storytelling:

“The Body Speaks” with Nancy Mellon and Ashley Ramsden March, 2004, Rudolf Steiner College, Sacramento, CA “Finding Your Voice through Storytelling”, with Ashley Ramsden and Garth Williams, July, 2004, Rudolf Steiner College, Sacramento, CA “Bullying and Teasing in the Classroom and on the Playground” Sponsored by the Arizona Association of Charter Schools in conjunction with the Arizona State Teacher’s Association January, 2005, Phoenix, Arizona Topic:

using stories to change social dynamics in the classroom and on the playground:

creating stories for social situations and individual students in need of support.


ʺMarianna performs and teaches with a rare humor and lightness of touch that comes from years of experience. Creative, feisty and compelling, she draws both an audience and her students into the world of story with imagination and a sure intuition.ʺ Sue Hollingsworth, MBA International School of Storytelling, Forest Row, UK

“Marianna ʹs Storytelling classes with our students preparing to teach in Waldorf Schools during the past 5 years were outstanding! She helped students fire the imagination, transform their speaking voices and develop the confidence needed to tell stories to children in the classroom at different stages of development.” Don Basmajian, Director Center for Educational Renewal Santa Rosa, California

“If you want stories to touch your heart, join us. “ Carmen Tavares, Kindergarten Teacher, Lisbon, Portugal, August 2008

“I think anyone who takes this course will change the way he sees the world; he will see the world with a different point of view.” Vasco Ribeiro, Kindergarten Teacher, Lisbon, Portugal, August 2008

“Marianna is truly an inspiring teacher, both skillful and sincere. Her teaching is always salient to both education and the inner life of the human soul.” Rosalind Brown, Teacher, UK

“The secret of nature will be revealed. I recommend this course without thinking twice!”

Maria Carolina Oliveria, Kindergarten Teacher, Lisbon, Portugal,

“Marianna is an inspiring teacher who has the amazing ability to lead and guide people of every background into discovering the wondrous world of stories and to find the beautiful stories within themselves.” Susanne Farrant, Teacher, Switzerland

“An excellent introduction into how storytelling can be used as a vital learning tool in the mainstream classroom.”

Janne Jalland, State School Teacher, England

“An invaluable experience. I took away both skills to use in the classroom and

the gift of loving personal growth.” Teacher, England

Michaela de Winter,

“I would recommend this course to any educator who wants to understand child development from an Anthroposophical point of view and learn how to use storytelling with their work.” Julia Leon Lopez, Chilean student, Art of Education, Emerson College, UK

“This course will not only teach you about how to tell a story but it will change the way you look at yourself. It really changed my life.” Linsey Schluter, Teacher Training Student, Holland

“The course provides a very helpful insight into how to choose age appropriate stories for children, how to create meaningful stories for any stage of development and most importantly , an experience of allowing stories to work

on the soul.”

Diana Cowen, Music Teacher, England