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Accomplished, Information Technology professional with 28 years experience at a

large telecommunications corporation. Outstanding at developing and maintaining
long-term relationships as both an internal team leader and an excellent custome
r and client liaison. A measurable track record of developing and communicating
a clear vision, and successfully leading others toward that vision in an environ
ment that fosters teamwork and a commitment to excellence. A demonstrated backgr
ound of aggressively pursuing goals while protecting and growing the organizatio
n's assets.
* Proficient in TDP (RMAN) installations for: SAP, Exchange, Oracle, DB2 and SQ
L Server data bases in a single server and cluster environments
* Lean Methodology
* Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)
* Project Management
* Microsoft Word
* Microsoft Excel
* NetBackup
* AIX, SUN, HP, Windows
* Installation/Optimization: Evaluate, install, modify, configure, test, and re
commend ways to optimize Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) client software so as to i
mprove efficiency of the client's backup and recovery system.
* Performance/Capacity Management: Utilize tools and monitoring techniques, log
s, and various reporting techniques in order to recognize trends, identify bottl
e necks, and advise management on efficiency improvements and/or on ways to impr
ove reliability and availability.
* Systems Analysis: Evaluate current architecture to include server hardware, A
CSLS, SUN SL8500 library, TSM, and associate components and recommend ways to im
prove archiving, backup and recovery and disaster recovery capability.
* Customer Support: Liaison between client, vendors, end-user and technical tea
ms in both project and day-to-day support. Support problem and change tickets of
client server support operations for work involving problem determination and i
mplementation of changes to hardware, software, applications or network systems.
Install client and server software, patches and new releases for all UNIX and W
indows platforms for TSM and NetBackup.
* On-Going Duties: Performed daily initial program load procedures, initialize
sub-systems and other software, alter start-up processes when required, power up
devices for operation, monitor queues and implement needed action, initiate sys
tem shut-down and recovery procedures, and interpret environmental warnings in o
rder to take appropriate actions.
* Storage Management: Managed storage resources by issuing system commands to d
isplay and mount and disk packs, both private and temporary, as required for job
streams, using JES3, MVS, IMS, UCC7, TTRAN, NHJE, RJP NDM, TMS, IMF, and VTAM N
etworks, Job Streams, Outstanding Systems Messages and Halts.
* Project lead for the successful migration of all documentation from Qwest to
IBM's QMX database.
* Designed and developed standards, procedures, policies and documentation in r
espect to TSM and NetBackup to mainline workloads and keep consistency through t
he team.
* Identified and implemented process improvements that increased the effectiven
ess of the team's day to day backup and recovery processes and procedures.
* Successfully converted 5000 clients from Netbackup to TSM.
* Integral team member for the conversion from sun servers to AIX servers for t
he TSM backups and recovery.
* Recognized and honored for several performance awards for consistently exceed
ing job performance expectations.
* Technical Leadership: Provide training, mentoring and subject matter expertis
e to fellow team members and subordinates on the TSM process and procedures, in
addition to troubleshooting and resolution of complex technical production probl
ems through detailed diagnosis and analysis of software and system operations.
* Management: Trained, managed and supervised, up to 16 subordinate staff, on c
ompany processes and procedures, promoting and ensuring a cohesive team environm
ent and consistent practices throughout the department.
* Motivational: Practice a personal attitude of success portraying an outward e
xample of loyalty, integrity, honesty, equality and continuing education in orde
r to keep an upbeat, success and productive team environment.
November 1995 - March 2010: IBM /Qwest (Qwest acquired by IBM 2003) SLC, Utah
Systems Management Specialist
Provide day to day technical, system administration and monitoring support for a
utomated backup and recovery products, tools and processes for Qwest.
Daily tasks include: scheduling and monitoring backups, performing problem deter
mination on failed backups, reporting monthly measurements, making recommendatio
ns to improve environment, and maintaining current documentation.
January 1975 - November 1995: Qwest Communications SLC, Utah
Information Systems Engineer (MCO)
Maintained maximum systems availability on IBM and Amdahl main frame software an
d hardware systems by monitoring system consoles, environmental consoles, printe
rs and alarms.