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Fibre Cable Hauling, Testing

& Terminating

Index 1
Who are Decon Technologies 2-3
Specialized equipment 4
Skills 5
Rod & Rope 6-8
Mechanical Hauling 9
Joining & Splicing 10-11
Testing 12
Other Works 13
OH&S 14
Previous contracted work 15-21
Who are Decon Technologies?

A data/communication division established in 1997 to install and

complete communication companies power requirements
throughout Melbourne Metro and country.
Initially provided power supplies, battery UPS, air conditioning and
general power requirements.
Due to the successful undertaking of the initial work provided to
communications companies, Decon now provide a full installation
package. This incorporates power installs, cable hauling, cable
terminating of all optical fibre and copper installs.
In late 2004 a full fibre optic installation service was created for Telstra
affiliated companies requiring access to the restricted Telstra
Ethernet fibre service.
Who are Decon Technologies?

The workforce consists of qualified electricians/data technicians, fibre

joiners, hauling specialists, data and minor civil/machinery specialists

Electrician Hauling Crew Data technicians

Specialized equipment.
A number of different skills are required by Decon staff to ensure
a successful project.

Rod and Rope

Mechanical Hauling
Joining and Splicing
Time Management skills
Project Management skills
Various electrical work
Rod and Rope

A process of proving the cable conduits in the ground, conduits run

from pit to pit within the external communications network.
The external communications network is a series of man holes and pits
linked by conduits, which on a schematic plan look like a network of
tree roots through the entire Metropolitan and suburban areas of
Rod and Rope

1. Screw together 2. Pushing fibre glass

fibreglass rods rods through the
conduit in the first pit
Rod and Rope

4. Rope is tied to the

3. Fibre glass rod travels
fibre glass rod and
hundreds of meters and
pulled back into the first
exits in next pit
pit thus proving the
conduit cable runs.
Mechanical Hauling
A number of companies within the industry hand haul, however at
Decon we have purchased specialized equipment allowing us to
work safer, quicker and smarter.
Mechanical Hauling is optical fibre hauled via the use of a winch over
kilometers of the roded external communication network.

Optic fibre cable Mechanical winch

pulled off drum trailer hauling rope and
and tied to roded rope optical fibre
Joining & Splicing

The next step in the process of completing an installation is the fibre

terminating of the hauled cable. This completes the data link
from venue to exchange.

Existing fibre access Fibre access point

point joint in a unclipped from
manhole manhole rails
Joining & Splicing

The small fibre optic

Two new hauled fibre
joined cables are placed
optic cables are joined
in splice protectors
in existing fibre access
within tray.
point joints.

Ensures the cable paths had a signal from venue to exchange.

Light pulses are sent down the completed hauled and joined cable path from the
Telstra exchange to the customers premises/venue using CMA 4000 testing
All cable paths and results are then documented and presented to the clients
design, specifying cable paths, sine wave results and quality of joins.
All results are documented and provided to the client.
Some other work carried out by Decon is:

Pit pumping.
Civil works
To ensure the safety of both our staff and customers we
follow Occupational Health and Safety procedures.

All staff has been educated in OH&S policies and as part of the daily status
meetings, any issues were raised and addressed.
Job safety analysis were created before any work commenced on site
Personal protective equipment checklists completed
Due to the possibility of gas leaks and the high volume of passing pedestrian
traffic, all manholes and pits in the cable run required guarding and gas
Machines are regularly serviced and calibrated to reduce the likely hood of
injury on site.
Street joints are enclosed in manholes and require specific safety equipment
including gas detectors and high visibility vests.
All manholes were condoned off with barriers, to protect the public.
Concise safety plans ensured all OH&S issues were covered and supported
the new OH&S policies introduced in July 2005.
Full completed safety certificated power installations.
Decon were contracted to undertake and manage the major
implementation of the communication network for the
Commonwealth Games.

Decon were handed this project in August 2005 with a deliverable date of
November 2005.
Project involved both steel and plastic conduit work, installation of racks, minor
civil works, pit & pipe replacement, data & power installs, street hauling and
terminating of optic fibre and copper.
This project involved the construction of the optic fibre network for the majority of
the Commonwealth Games venues. This included the following venues:
State Netball & Hockey centre
Games village
Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre
Telstra Dome
Melbourne Gun Club
Broadcast sites, security huts, high rise buildings and customer premises
There were a number of key requirements

Installation of data for

communication/optic fibre racks
within factory and venue sites and
remove after completion of the
Completed and commissioned
temporary communication rooms in
all venues.
Running of approximately 85,000
meters of fibre optic cable
2,500 fibre splices
Replaced damaged pit lids
Repaired any blockages in the Telstra
conduit network.
In order to complete the project specialized equipment was

Cable Drum trailers
Mechanical hauling winches
260 PSI compressors
10 tonne and 6 tonne trucks
Rope recovery trailer
Fusion splicers
OTDR testers
The work completed for the Commonwealth games project
continues to provide ongoing benefits to customers.

The completed project provided a large LAN network, capable of high

speed data, enabling all venues to communicate via the Telstra
Ethernet network (fibre optic).
Provided communication runs via fibre optic signals, through the streets
of Melbourne through exchange routers and CISCO switch gear.
Customer is able to use installed Ethernet service as one large
private/secure computer network
The installed Ethernet service allows customers to use the Ethernet
network for high speed broadband, media broadcasts, live TV,
security and CCTV.
This project illustrates what Decon Technologies can achieve for
its customers.

The Commonwealth Games project was completed on time within

schedule and on budget.
Due to the immense size of this project, it could not have been
completed without the commitment of the staff, skills and
specialized equipment used by Decon.
The successful completion of this project has resulted in extra work
being tendered to Decon.
Internal installations
Rack’s built by Decon in the factory & delivered to site.
Installed with copper, power and fibre termination for
Vodaphone Arena, suppling CCTV camera services.

Temporary equipment
OFDS Racks
equipment racks rack supplying
installed and
installed in lock coaxial
up cages. connections
for CCTV