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Pacific Graduate School of Psychology Palo Alto, CA

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology 2006
Pacific Graduate School of Psychology Palo Alto, CA
M.S. Psychology 2002
York College of Pennsylvania - York, PA
B.S. Computer Science 1999 Summa cum laude
City University of New York - Brooklyn, NY
A.A. Music 1983
California Board of Psychology
Licensed Psychologist #PSY-23261 (2010)
New York State Board of Psychology
Licensed Psychologist #018460 (2010)
New York State: Child Abuse and Neglect
Wild Iris Medical Education, INC., Comptche, CA 2009
Domestic Violence
John F Kennedy University, Pleasant Hill, CA 2008
Human Sexuality
John F Kennedy University, Pleasant Hill, CA 2008
Child Abuse: Assessment, Treatment and Recovery
John F Kennedy University, Pleasant Hill, CA 2008
Domestic Violence: Spousal and Elder Abuse
John F Kennedy University, Pleasant Hill, CA 2008
Substance Abuse Treatment,
John F Kennedy University, Pleasant Hill, CA 2008
Substance Abuse Treatment
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Rockville, M
aryland, 2000
Therapist Training,
State of Pennsylvania, York, Pennsylvania, 1999
Drug and Alcohol - Intensive Out-Patient (IOP)
Reality Therapy
Child and Family Therapy
Department of Health, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (2000)
Stress Management
Department of Health, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (2000)
Confidential Training Including Ethics on Drug and Alcohol
Department of Health, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (2000)
Department of Health, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (2000)
Family Therapy in Addictions
Department of Health, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (2000)
Choice Theory/Reality Therapy in Action
Dr. William Glasser, University of Scranton, Pennsylvania, (2000)


Behavioral Modification
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with Adolescents.
The Treatment of Substance Abuse Disorders
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) With Deployed Military Personnel
Engaging fathers for youth
Evidence Based Preventative interventions regarding optimal child development
Homeless Veterans
Veterans Hospital, Menlo Park, CA
Facilitate and organize patient/staff music group designed to play functions su
ch as graduations and parties for veterans hospitals
Substance Abuse in Prison Populations
San Mateo County Jail, San Mateo, CA
Promote attendance and chair 12-step meetings of Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous
once a month
Ferber, L. (2006). Are post-treatment differences a function of pre-treatment ch
aracteristics in non-completers, completers, and graduates of the homeless veter
ans rehabilitation program?. Dissertation Abstracts International. (UMI No. 3222
Ferber, L. (2004). Time-limited psychotherapy: A clinical case. Unpublished manu
Ferber, L. (2003). Effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy: On substance u
se disorders. Unpublished manuscript.
Ferber, L. (2002). Effects of religiosity/spirituality: On substance dependence.
Unpublished manuscript.
Ferber, L. (2001). Adult ADHD: Maximum risk in substance-dependence. Unpublished
The Supporting Involvement All Site Conference for The Alberta Psychiatric Assoc
iation: A Proven co-parenting intervention assessing/addressing child abuse, neg
lect and substance use risk factors, Oakland, California,
April 26, 2010. (co-presenter) Marsha Kline Pruett, PhD, M.S.L., Kyle Pruett, M.
The California Evidenced-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare; Supporting Fathe
r Involvement as an Evidenced-Based Intervention in Child Welfare Services, Oakl
and, California, April 20, 2010. (co-presenter)
Engaging Fathers as Co-Parents in Low Income Families of Color: Bringing the Pro
gram to Life. Presentation for National Council on Family Relations, San Francis
co, California, November 13, 2009. (co-presenter)
Supporting Father Involvement (SFI). Presentation for Fred Finch Adolescent Resi
dential Facility, Oakland, California, June 12 & 26, 2009. (co-presenter)
Coming Home: Military Families Cope with Change. Presentation for Spouses and Pa
rtners of Veterans with Children, Sesame Street, Richmond, California, 2009.
The Role of Program Completion and Aftercare in a Domiciliary Therapeutic Commun
ity. Presentation for Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, Palo Alto, Californ
ia, 2004.
Inadvertent Plagiarism of a Musical Melody. Presentation for American Psychologi
cal Association Convention, Baltimore, Maryland, 1999.
4/2010 - Present
Arizona State University-Prevention Research Center-Tempe, Arizona
Bridges to High School Program (Developed by Nancy A. Gonzalez, PhD., Foundation
Professor, Department of Psychology, ASU., Larry E. Dumka, Ph.D., Associate Pro
fessor, School of Social and Family Dynamics, ASU., Anne Marie Mauricio, Ph.D. A
ssociate Research Faculty, Program for Prevention Research, ASU.
Culturally broaden The Bridges to High School Program (family-focused preventat
ive intervention)
Review and make suggestions/modifications on existing curriculum.
Modify videos, homework assignments, language, handouts, and components of the
program in order to be relevant and effective for African American families
4/2007 - Present
Supporting Father Involvement Project/ Study - Richmond, CA, Pleasant Hill, CA (
Evidenced Based Intervention based on 30 years of research) Developed by Philip.
Cowen, Ph.D.,
C. Cowen, Ph.D.(University of Berkeley CA),
M Kline Pruett, PhD, (Smith College, Mass & Kyle Pruett, M.D. (Yale)
Group Leader
Conduct initial clinical interviews with fathers and their partners
Provide and facilitate group meetings for fathers and co-parenting couples (pla
nning, preparation and debriefing after meetings)
Meet with Supporting Father Involvement Study staff for ongoing project coordin
ation and case review
Participate in OCAP hosted training and all project meetings
2/2009 9/2009
Health and Human Services - San Francisco, CA
Psychiatric Social Worker
Assessment of more difficult psychiatric cases
Program development
Crisis intervention, individual and group therapeutic interventions for adult p
Provide case management, collateral contacts, mental health consultation and co
llaboration with community service providers
Clinical consultations to program in order to ensure quality of care and approp
riate documentation
Provide brief intervention with challenging individuals to assist in re-establi
shing self control, accountability and responsibility.
Provide linkages to behavioral health services within the Community Behavioral
Health Services System of Care as appropriate.
Work collaboratively with Non Violence Alliance (NoVA) case managers to identif
y clients strengths and resources (individual, familial, or community)
History and diagnosis
Conduct crisis intervention; including assessment of danger to self and/or othe
rs and makes appropriate referrals as needed.
Conduct psycho-education in group settings. Maintain up-to-date client records
and case documentation
5/2005 12/2009
Our Common Ground, formally known as Daytop Village, Adolescent Inpatient Rehabi
litation Residential Treatment Facility - Redwood City, CA
Pre-Doctoral & Post-Doctoral Psychologist Assistant Internship (working directl
y with adolescent substance abuse patients)
Developing specific Individual Education Plans (IEP)
Facilitating Encounter, Gender, Extended, Probe, Boundary and Process groups we
Facilitation of various psycho-educational seminars
Developing specific treatment plans which entailed formulation of DSM-IV diagno
sis plus setting particular goals and objectives
Providing individual, family and group therapy weekly
Administering psychological testing, interpretation and data entry
Responsible for preparing case-presentations on previous and current residents
Supervising other clinicians regarding developing treatment plans
1/2006 - 3/2006
Veterans Hospital Menlo Park, CA
Research Assistant
Developing topics of interest for literature review
Recruitment and eligibility analysis
Data entry and analysis
Writing and editing manuscripts
3/2004 6/2004
Pacific Graduate School of Psychology - Palo Alto, CA
Teaching Assistant - Psychodynamic I
Develop curriculum
Instruct clinical interviewing techniques
1/2003 - 6/2004
Pacific Graduate School of Psychology - Menlo Park, CA
Research Assistant
Study: Veterans Recovery Program
Examining research methods
Developing topics of interest for literature review
Reviewing literature
Writing and editing manuscripts
12/2003 - 6/2004
Veterans Hospital Menlo Park, CA
Research Assistant
Study: Examining the outcomes of abstinence, homelessness, and housing of 336 pa
rticipants in a 180 day drug and alcohol residential treatment facility
Reviewing literature
Recruitment of participants
Testing participants
Data entry and analyses
Writing and editing manuscripts
9/2002 - 1/2003
Pacific Graduate School of Psychology - Palo Alto, PA
Research Assistant
Study: Assessing pro-social standards and self-attention in the development of p
rosocial self-regulations with children in kindergarten and first grade
Reviewing literature
Testing participants
Data entry and analyses
Pacific Athletic Club - Redwood Shores, CA
Fitness Specialist
Provide instruction to members regarding the use of weight lifting and cardiova
scular equipment
Suggest individual workout routines specific to members particular needs
9/1998 - 9/1999
York College of Pennsylvania - York, PA
Research Assistant
Study: Examining inadvertent plagiarism of musical melodies
Reviewing literature
Study design
Testing participants
Data entry and analyses
Writing and editing manuscripts
6/1981 - 8/2001
Musician - Brooklyn, NY
Band Leader & Studio Musician
Psi Chi National Honor Society in Psychology - 1998
American Psychological Association Division 43 Society for Family Psychology
American Psychological Association - Division 50 Division on Addictions
California Psychological Association
Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy
Change and transformation for individuals, groups, and organizations
Creativity, communication, and writing
SPSS statistical software
Strong leadership and human dynamics skills Public speaking and presenting
Assessments and measures evaluation and scoring
Basic knowledge of grant-writing process
Well-developed interpersonal and communication skills
References on Request