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Vol 72 No. 2
16546 October 15,1998

Hurst-LECOM sign agreement

Students could'finish pre-med in three? years* j
By Carrie Tappe "The program can accommo- the caliber of students desired by
News Editor date a maximum of five students a medical school, he added.
from Mercyhurst," said Silvia M. Currently, six Mercyhurst alums
Mercyhurst College students Ferretti, DO., vice president and attend LECOM. A recent ;" Vi
planning to pursue careers in the dean of academic affairs at" Mercyhurst graduate, Melanie
medical field now have the LECOM. Tr Henderson, received a $10,000
opportunity to accelerate their "Students wanting to partici- scholarship to attend the school,
undergraduate studies and begin pate in the program have to make he said. *
medical training a year sooner.;* that commitment early in their According to Dr. Larry
The opportunity was made undergraduate careers," Garvey Gauriloff, director of the pre-•
possible by an affiliation said. professional science program at
agreement signed Tuesday by "During students* three years Mercyhurst, there are currently
Dr. William P. Garvey, * £ at Mercyhurst, their courses will between 35 and 45 students who
Mercyhurst president, and John be far more focused toward consider themselves pre-med.
M. Ferretti, D.O., president of medicine and far more demand- An average of two to six >
the Lake Erie College of ing than regular undergraduate students apply to medical school*
Osteopathic Medicine. The course schedules,** he said. Acceptance into the Mercyhurst
agreement creates a 344 Acceler- "Students will have to make a portion of the program is just the
ated Program in Primary Care, commitment to this program no beginning.
which allows selected students to later than the end of their T o be accepted into the
begin classes at LECOM after freshman year.** LECOM part after three years,
three years of undergraduate* "Skipping a year of under- the student will have to maintain
study?Upon completion of their* graduate study is not without a high QPA and will have had to
first of four years at LECOM, benefits^ Mercyhurst students can reach certain limits on the
students will receive a bachelor's save nearly $20,000 in under- MCAT entrance exam,"
degree from Mercyhurst graduate tuition and room and Gauriloff said.
Marccllo Vafala photo "It is a great pleasure for § board,** Garvey said. Students 'This agreement is a signifi-
Mercyhurst to form this partner- completing the program will start cant step in our continuing
Megan Krafp and Julie Zook take advantage of earning a paycheck sooner than relationship with LECOM. It was
ship with LECOM. For such a
Indian Summer on campus. # young medical school, LECOM their peers as they enter the time for us to further solidify our
National Weather Service forecast: '* has developed a respected,. medical field after 10 years of relationship with LECOM and'.
reputation in medicine,** Garvey education and clinical experience the local medical community.
Friday Saturday Sunday rather than the average 11 years. The agreement is mutually
said' "This partnership goes
Mostly cloudy Mostly cloudy Mostly cloudy along with the Mercyhurst • The program also enhances beneficial to the schools as well
High 57 ^High72 High 68 philosophy of, 'Whatever you LECOM's visibility among pre- as to those students qualifying
Low 52 do, you should do it well."'; med college stddents and attracts for this program.*' f
Low 44 Low 53

Archaeological Institute published nationally

By Heather Cvitkovic professionals in thefield,the years ago, according to The Pittsburgh Post _ _ _ showcases the level of research
A & E Editor Institute's faculty, staff and Adovasio. f An Australian television crew being conducted at a small
I students are regularly involved in Work at Meadowcroft is done recently completed filming at the school,* Adovasio said. "Such
The Mercyhurst Archaeological projects conducted all over the several times a year. Recently . institute for a story about some of media attention strengthens the
Institute was featured in the United States and abroad. the digging was sponsored by the the oldest textiles ever discov- image of the college and aids in
cover story of the Oct 10 Research conducted by the National Geographic Association ered in the world. These textiles the college's recruiting efforts."
edition of "U.S. News and Institute in uncovering the oldest and the state of Pennsylvania were discovered by Czech Meadowcroft is not the only
World Report." evidence of human occupancy in Adovasio was among the first archaeologist, Olga Soffer. excavation that the institute and
North America was part of the archaeologists who began Adovasio, who is considered an its students have conducted.
Mercyhurst Archaeological There have also been excavation:
cover story. excavating Meadowcroft in expert in textiles, conducts
Institute is a teaching, research testing on those artifacts at in the Czech Republic, Israel and
and applied research entity ^ "The story explores contempo- 1973. The site came under
Mercyhurst' charge in 1990 Mercyhurst the Allegheny National Forest in
composed of the anthropology/ rary theories surrounding the first Warren, Pa.?
archaeology and geology people to inhabit North America,'] when Adovasio joined the The show aired on Australian
television and was featured on Currently, Martin Oliva is -
departments at Mercyhurst said Dr. James Adovasio, director college, and Mercyhurst archae- visiting Mercyhurst College. He
of the Institute and director of the ology students continue to * the April 1998 cover of "Dis- is the head of the Archaeological
* This collective group shares cover" magazine.
the combined mission of archaeology department conduct field study there about Museum in Brno, Czech P~p-b
Among five excavation sites three times a year. A one-hourprogram on ? lice This museum is the leading
conducting the highest quality Meadowcroft will air on the
research while intensively featured in the story is This kind of recognition is not museum on Ice Age materials.
Mercyhurst's work at f new to Meadowcroft or the History Channel in the near He provides the materials that
training the next generation off
archaeologists, anthropologists Meadowcroft Rockshelter in Mercyhurst Archaeological future. Adovasio and Soffer conduct
and gcoarchaeologists. Washington County, Pa. At the Institute. Over the past 25 years, "This kind of exposure brings research on. This visit gives him
site, researchers have discovered the site has been featured in a the work of the Mercyhurst an opportunity to see how the
Utilizing some of the most materials he provides are
evidence that humans occupied |number of publications, such as Archaeological Institute to the
sophisticated methods and analyzed and tested.
North America about 16.000 "The New York Times" and attention of the general public. It
instruments available to

PAGE 2 THE MERCIAD October 15,1998

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• * » • *# * * • • *
• • • • ** • • • • P
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* *




Gandhi speaks to capacity crowd

By Bill Melville humanrightsand instead ' Before I went to live with

Merciad Writer repeatedly granting China most him, I had built up an image of a
favored nation status. person who was a giant and that I
On Oct 8, Arun Gandhi, Often relying on his 1 couldn't approach him,?But he
grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, grandfather's words because he was a warm, loving grandfather,"
presented his speech, '•Nonvio- feels their relevance continues in he said. "He was determined to
lence or Nonexistence: Options the modern world, Gandhi spend an hour with me every
for the 21st Century," to a near stressed that humanity will day, and he would stop whatever
capacity crowd in the Mary continue to decline unless he was doing to spend that time
D'Angelo Performing Arts individuals rely on nonviolent with me."
Center. means to solve problems. In Gandhi, who has spent most
To state his case about Gandhi' s opinion, much of the of his life between India and
nonviolence, Gandhi used a problem is an inability to respect South Africa, came to the United
combination of lessons he individuals. States while he was completing a
learned from his famous grandfa- Gandhi reflected on his youth comparative study on racial
*»_*:»-> • * *M •
• *- • * * • • • t • • * a * * a • 4 a * a
ther during the 18 months he in South Africa and the violent prejudice in the United States,
lived with him in India color prejudice in South Africa, -
T 1 i f l W __•__•_-•—^i^
t * * V •
• * * • * • « • * * * « y » % % a * • •*. «
* • • • • • - * * * j i l f t • a a » • « • r * a.
path he started down after
Gandhi addressed the crisis several assaults triggered by hisij and caste prejudice in India. In
management style of United skin color. His parents sent him 1991, he created the M , t |
States' diplomacy, using to live with his grandfather in Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence
Kosovo. He also accused the India, so he could learn nonvio- at Christian Brothers University
i * 1 * < • » » • \ a . k ft * • ft * • • 1 * * * * « * ft a * a * « a . a . a t a a f t t ft * a a f t . i t a . a f t • a a a a a ft a J T * a « a a • B • a a V a * -

United States of overlooking lent methods of dealing with his in Memphis, Tenn.
China's blatant disrespect of anger. £ -. |

Haunted house on campus

» • * * -
• * * • * ft P ft • " - - ' * ! * * * " * * " *
ft• * J *
* • * » * » * P - *
* * » P * • • • a a ^^i ft a
» * " P P « • P P • - * P P * P P P • - » * • * * * * # • • P * * ft ft * - . . f t . B f t * . , * . i a , ft « * t t 4 t ft ft f * P * P -

• • * * - » P • ft ft a f • * • « • » - * » * • * • P • • » P • P P • • % a • P » • ft ft • a - • P * * ft • P • • I ft- ft ft ft. ft » i . * * * • » « • • • « » . * « , P a a ft . . * a a a a

• L * 1 * » " i ^ a ^ - * - * * • " " « • ! * * * ' . * * * * i p • • • * ? L * a ^ t * * • • * * * • * « _ - • * • P ^ * * * • • • • P r P P * P - P . • P * • * * • * , . . . f a * . . . * * . 4 s % " p a a P a

. « a P P • • - • • » * V « • » • . . a . . . a f t ft P P P * f t * f t . « * P P . . f t . ' P P • • - * « . f t . « p f t . v ft « . . . . ft . . ft , ft . • « • ' « % • * • ft ft .

» *_» ft ft * • • * P T *

W t
:":xOrdersiviH be taken ihitheSt^
4 L k V P l f t L . ? « ' ^ * ^ ^ ™ • P ^ V j V V ft ^ F * ft ^ f t ft # " ^ * —
• • • • • ft # ft ft p • a a t ft • * ^ ' f t f t ' f t * : ft% 4 ' w W ft p ^ 4 • • ^ " • • • • ftp • j k t t f t f t f t a t f t i r T ' W ^ * " ft
By Carrie Tappe Admission is $3 for adults, $2 businesses.
News Editor
P P • " * M i f t • • V l f t h f V f t U * W ? • / ' * » > « V * * ft • * . P * « • , • P • • • • P * • P • P » • P • f • • • • t P • • , • ft, » » ft • ft . 1 • • ft ft ft ft ft > * • a a 4 a # ft a * a - a * « , • • * •

for students, and children^

• • ft « * f £ » * • » < * * * * P • * * • - f t * . # ' ft J i S 4 J J P " * ftV* • * 2 f t * * J • J • ft i * - • » „ • » * • • • . j * • ft " * • • * • * • P - ft • ft • « 1 ft • » i a • - • • ft ft ft p ft ft ft . S T J ^ * * - • •

* ft a- fl ft ft fV • ft * * P | ' • % « P P P * * P » • » P P . . • P . . . ft f a . ft ft ft . a • • ft
\\s\*«IXVpftVft>. irWI V^WMFV*\^/Vvk'^7v//AVA\Vv///.v?. # ,v. , .V.»
a * ft ft * « * a . a * a • a • a • . ft ft . ft ft a a * ft ft ft p * ft ft ft ft . ft * » • • •
"The money weraiseat the
* • •l * • "- • ft • • •
ft • ft
> A»» •• •« ** i*P P
ft ftiafta»-fta 1 ft P * » * « • • •> • • • \J*>,lftM • ft * • « ft * . • * *
* * » • • ft < ftP* ft. ** » • * P ft P •' ft a* • * . * . • ft P . • * P ft ft P ft "
ft ft a * * • ft ft P ft P ft »> > * • P' * ' P *•> P * » • P ft ft ft * P • ft ft ft ft • • • * ft * . V P ft •
P •* * t • • - * • * • P • • P P j . P . P P * - • « * ft ft P ft f * » • ft a • ft * P P P P
• ft P » t ft * * » • P 4 • + f P P • P P P - P P P f ft P . P * 4 ft . a ft • ft#, f•I • • • a
• * * • P » * P 4 ft P ft * P • ft * 4* * P 'P . P P * P a"*. ft a a - I* ft. a», , 4 '**. ft
P P * 4 Pft « - • • 4 m A '— P • 4 ft ft • • •
"The haunted house is the haunted house goes to help fund
The Criminal Justice Club will
P P » • • • 4 • P * 4 ft 4 ft ft ft H.V t ft ft I ft • . ft ft ft • ft ft ft •* * P 4 * ^

biggest fundraiser for the Club," club members' trips to the

* P * *« • • « •• * -• • > • • » • • .» » •- - * P * » • P P fta-ftpk-P ft

ft 1 •

hold the sixth annual haunted Nicole Wilder, club president, national conference which will
house Saturday, Oct. 24,7:30 • ft

said. "I t's a great time for club be held in Orlando, Fla. in the
p.m. until midnight, and Sunday, members to get to know each spring," Wilder said. "We also
Oct. 25 from 7:30-10 p.m. The other and sets the pace for the do a lot of volunteer work and
spooks and scares will be located remainder of the year." u sell poinsettas for Christmas."
in the underground ramp of the The haunted house is made
!:; SAGIsponsois Coffeehouse every; Wednesday from 8^11 p>mjin;:.: parking ramp, east of Old Main. possible by donations from area
theLaketlnrtia the Student uiiiOii. Each: Week has a different theme.:::
:::: :: : :
•'• '; [^^K^x-x^^x^i-Sx :^x^ : : : :: ; ^: :^:vx >xyx ^J^var&x^x^xw
They reign There'!
: :
xSx^^?^ :: xix-:^: ^^^xox^ixixlx^v^xi;;: ~ x ^ :S#j£x
: : :
^ • : • : • x • : • : • x • : • : • : • ^ : • ^ : • x • : • . • : - . ^ : - : • : • : • : • : • : • : • : f - : ^ • . ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ • . ^ ^ ^ • • • S ^ • • ^ ^ ^ • . • . • . j ^ v i v ^ v ^ : - ^ ^ • • ^ • - • ' ' ' '

:::ttie Rock: And RoUHali^JSftte and/or iher13reat:MTO:Scr^

: : :
: - L ^ y . [ . ^ y . * : r : : y ™ . ™ . \ l * y y ^ : * y ? ? : : • : • * & • : • : • : • : • : • : • : • : • : • : • : • : • : • : • : : - : - : - : : - : ^ - : x - : - x - : - x ^ : ; X x ' > x x : : - : : :


at Seton

Special Education

v ^ — -^r; Writing P°r r -
• • '.^V'.*i^•V'.^^, a . ft »

a a i


W 5 throughout th* reimlnder of the W l l e r n u p ^ ^ f ; ^

Anv dubs '*»"***********'**'
pnnt mformat
tmeats or on camW-
T%-X*5*Xv.:X^.. "AW

: - : • : • : • : : - . • : • - - : • : • - : - r r . : - : • : - : • : : • : • : • : : - : - : - : : - : : > ; : : - ' - X : X x :
: - : - :

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» * - *
• :

. - x - . J I L ^ J t ' A i u ' - i ^ ' i *

QEttJft cou^

* mentis c 9

The Merciad is lookingfaranftdvertislnglttanager$Jf)d.w ers*

Anyone interesied|n fc^^ Jodie Polk and Mike Gratzmiller were crowned Queen and King
Advertising manager Oct. 3 at the Homecoming '98 festivites.
\ V % * «• V * <' < * < «• « < 1. ft c 4 fc* sffi&V/*

October 15,1998 THE MERCI AD

* « PAGE 3

«®»i • * * • • « • • 4 » : • 4 % v»» : w ? " • • • • < v » v W * • •>:•:•:•:•:•:-:•:•:•:•:••••• '•;•••••• • • * -

Work tudy undergoes changes Ambassadors in need By Mike Tanner - wanted to get a [oot in the door,
By Dave Hermenau the cafeteria, the archaeology time are now automatically Merciad Writer regarding the pledges." Accord-
Merciad Writer department, the Hammermill assigned to positions. In previous ing to Lindahl, the club recruited
Library and the housing depart- years, students would apply for The Mercyhurst College Ambas- heavily in McAuley Hall in $
Among the many changes on ment. '' ': employment at a job of their sadors Club is in need of a few hopes of attracting males.
campus are changes within the Students are paid minimum choice. good men. This year, the women The club hopes to add some
Mercy hurst College work study wage ($5.15 per hour) on a Junior Sue Toner said, "I was of the organization outnumber ethnic diversity. As it stands,
program. j te biweekly schedule. All wages lucky to be able to work the same the men 5 to 1. j i there are no minority ambassa-
Formerly run by the office of are deposited directly into position in Baldwin Hall for These men and women, dors. I
Financial Aid, student employ- students' bank accounts. These workstudy this year that I worked distinctl y known for wearing "In order to diversify with
ment is now headed by William positions al low students the last year. It seems as though no green Mercyhurst jackets, give the students on campus, we must
Kennedy, associate vice presi- opportunity to earn extra money one wanted to work in the tours of the campus to 600 to be a more mixed organization,"
dent of operations. for school expenses without cafeteria, so that's where 1000 visitors yearly, as well as said senior ambassador Karen
According to Kennedy, the traveling off campus for part- everyone was assigned." assist in hosting various events Petho. "We hope all students
change was made i n an attempt time jobs. Kennedy stressed that rumors on campus. would consider becoming
to exercise more control over "There are also opportunities of abuse of the work study The Ambassadors Club also ambassadors."
where the college's resources go for some students to work off- system will be fully investigated works with the alumni and "As a student, I think its
and to enhance certain areas of campus for their workstudy," by him and his staff. Kennedy admissions offices in hosting really important for the ambassa-
the college. Student employment Criminal Justice/Social Work plans to ensure that the work special functions. Club members dors to be as diverse as it
is a large program on campus. major Amy Pieczynski said. "I study system is fair to all lend their assistance at freshmen possibly can be — especially if it
I Over I ^00 work study am able to my work study job at students and that hours are orientation and the Laker live-in hopes to appeal to all of the
positions in approximately 75 Edmund T nomas Detention recorded correctly. as well as Mass of the Holy perspective students," said
departments are on Mercyhurst's Center. Work study is great for "I think it (the shift in work Spirit and graduation ceremo- sophomore Paul Ickes.
work study payroll for an over me because it opened opportuni-H study management) is a very, nies. To become an ambassador,
one million dollar budget ties for part-time employment. very good thing for the school. The Ambassadors currently students must complete a training
Financial aid awards ranging This year, students who were Every penny that the school have 42 members, 9 of which are class where they learn about the
from $600 to $1,700 are given unhappy with their previous spends in any fashion is money males. "We tend to attract. college's history, architecture
annually to students based on positions were re-assigned by that we garner, either from gifts Caucasian women, traditionally," and anecdotes about people
financial need. Students who Kennedy while those who from the government or from our said Jen Ryan, senior Ambassa- involved with the college. In
qualify for this type of aid may wished to remain at their students, so the wiser and more dors CI ub president order to achieve ambassador
work in any one of the many previous positions were allowed carefully we spend that money, Junior Travis Lindahl, club status, prospective ambassadors
positions on campus. t to do so. Freshmen and those the better off we all are, espe- vice president said, "We started must pass a tested on information
According to Kennedy, the students participating in the cially our students," Kennedy recruitment early this year so we about the college.
largest work study employers are work study program for the first said. could get a jump on thfags. We



. 4 *



B5f?aE^fo History) wr~


u ^

JOYOfi cvor &*r* \


_JSavmgs-ba^fcTon comparison of *99 I

ed with options package v
cqmparajdjjqmu^pe^&^oroua. Corolla 1

pftlie best seljing car in history, based on mtt^^^^l

k\\V I'-".' ' '.•'/ V:
: • • •'

PAGE 4 THE MERCIAD October 15,1998

By Heather Cvitkovic
A & E Editor |
back and forth. What they discuss
ranges from campus gossip to
Cafe is back
crazy Internet findings. Koskoski
The signs around campus read, and Jenner devote five minutes t o |
"Hurst Rock Cafe is back!" The Mercyhurst sports each night,
only problem is that some people discussing stats and players.
never knew that it was missing. Shawna Gudalis, sophomore
Most people, in fact, are communications major and
probably wondering what Hurst corresponding reporter, does
Rock Cafe is. segments once a week asking
"Honestly I had never heard of it students crazy questions.
before today. I know that Mike Yet there are some very distinct^
Gratzmiller did a bunch of stuff for differences. The most obvious, of
the communications department course, being the studio and the
but I didn't know he did a TV cameras. Now, as Gratz noted,
show," said Ray Fritz, junior. "I there are graphics that can be used
didn't even know that Hurst TV during the show to make it funnier
had shows. I thought it was only a as the person behind the scenes
community bulletin board." makes fun of one of the hosts.
The show is described by its fans They have had a few guests, too,
as a pretty funny show. It is run like Jenny Novak, who discussed
com pi etel y by Mercyhurst homecoming weekend and Camille
students, who put a lot of time and Cellucci, who was on campus to 3
effort into it. | talk about the making of "Titanic."
Hurst Rock Cafe began last year The bigger set makes it easier for
as a radio program on Gratz and Osry to accommodate
Mercyhurst's radio station WMCE guests. 3
88.5. The talk show included two The format is also growing and Hurst Rock Cafe staff ham it up for the camera!
hosts and sports commentary. The changing with the show and its The students that make Hurst Rode: Cafe possible: Behind the camera is Zach Mchugh.
hosts and sportscasters would cram hosts. Instead of being a talk show,
into a studio and talk. They would Gratz and Osry would like to make From left torightin the back is Jessica O'Neill, Shawna Gudalis, Scott Koskoski,Gabe
talk about things on campus, in it more of a variety show. They Cellini, Mike Gratzmiller andScott Ludiviks. In front are Marissa Ortman and Ted Jenner.
Erie and in the country. They would like to have skits and get
discussed sports,' Nothing flashy. more guests. Koskoski and Jenner "But I could see it getting better equipment works, how everything something new is all about.:
Nothing all that exciting. would like to start an athlete of the with time," she added. operates. Sometimes a camera may learning. The show will get better
Only, did you know that week feature and have more sports Gratz points out that the show not work and we have to call the and will become less disorganized,
Brownie Mary came on the show? guests. really started this year. show off. Sometimes we can't get I less chaotic with time," said Gratz.
Or that they broadcast once from The show is student run, 'These people are just getting the graphics displayed and a joke Meanwhile, the show must go on
meaning that the decisions are up into the groove of the whole thing. is missed. But that's what starting I at Hurst TV, where every night is
Calamari's? Wellfthey did.
At some point last year they to the students. Any changes in We are all learning how the live. a 5'
began to simulcast the show on format or the set have to be
television. Hurst TV was only a decided by Gratz, Osry, Koskoski,
fledgling then, and filming was Jenner and the behind-the scenes
done as they sat in the studio doing people who help them out. ,*
the radio show. Student reaction to the show is £
Flash forward to today. A back mixed. Many students had never
room of the communications heard of it and had no idea what it BOOK EARLY 0 SAVE
department has been set up into a was. Several students found itl
television studio. The look: a cross funny and entertaining and watch
between Con an and Letterman. it as often as they can. Others <AH(VN • OAMAKA
The feel: rather professional. *t found it disorganized and not well
The half-hour show airs Monday put together. PANAMA («TY &EA(W
through Friday at 6 p.m., and can
be found on Hurst TV which is on
Junior Heather Adams had
heard of it but had not begun
cable channels 62 or 19B. watching it until recently.
'Tarts of the show are really
SOVTH P « t iftAHD
Many of the elements from last
year's show have carried over into funny. Gratz always made me and W T O &EA(H-A\*AA\*
this year. Mike Gratzmiller, senior my roommate Erika laugh when he
communications major, and was on the radio my freshman WEST- BAHAMAS
Debbie Osry. sophomore commu- year. I hope it gets bigger because g Guaranteed Best Prices, Hotels, & Rarties)
nications major, have returned to I think that it could be really
funny," Adams said. EARN CASHftFREE TRIPS!
the hosts* seats. Scott Koskoski, CAMPUS REP. POSITIONJ AVAILABLE!
junior communications major, and % "I didn't really think it was that
Ted Jenner, sophomore communi- funny," said senior Karen Jones. "I www.icpt.com
cations major, have also returned guess I just expected it to be a lot
funnier because Gratz is so funny For Details & Reservations Call
to bring the latest in sports. And
the format is pretty much the same. on the radio. But it was actually INTER-CAMPUS PROGRAMS
kind of boring. All they did was
"Gratz," as he is often referred to
talk and not about funny stuff." 1-800-327-6013
as, and Osryfindfunny or silly
things to talk about and discuss

October IS. 1998


P A C presents Phantonipf the Opera

By Kari Wells the theatre. Christine is then forced as well as Mercyhurst students
Senior Writer to choose her fate and that of those from the D* Angelo School of j
close to her. Music will accompany the
The classic 1925 silent film, The Chaney developed his own orchestra during the score and will
Phantom ofthe Opera, starring make-up for the mov ie and sing the arias from the film. Sarah
Lon Chaney , Mary Philbin and experimented in creating horror at Crispo, a sophomore from Forest
Norman Kerry, will conclude the the sight of his deformed, death- ? Hills, N.Y., will sing soprano in
fall film series yet kick off a two like face. The film cost a million the performance. Other students
day collaboration with I Musici de dollars to make, which was performing are Nicholas Maier
Montreal. unheard of at the time. The motley and Keri Webber.
The film tells the classic story. was used to build an elaborate Gl en Kwok, director of the 1
based on the novel Le Fantome de reproduction of the Paris Opera 5 D'Angelo School of Music, said,
1* Opera by Gaston Leroux, of Eric House. The Phantom of the Opera, "The event is a tremendous
the Phantom, (Lon Chaney) who *« directed by Rupert Julian, became opportunity to work with one of
looms around the Paris Opera a huge hit and was re-released in the leading chamber orchestras in
House behind a mask and becomes 1929, with talking and singing.$ the world." A
a mentor to the young understudy I Musici de Montreal, conducted I Musici de Montreal will also
Christine Daae (Mary Philbin). He by Yuli Turovsky, is a 14-string perform on Sunday, Oct 25, at I
becomes obsessed in his love for chamber orchestra that will 2:30 p.m. They will be joined by
her and forbids her from seeing her

accompany the movie with Gabriel the D'Angelo Concert Choir for a from the 1925 classic Phantom of the Opera, starring Lon Chaney
fiance, Raoul (Norman Kerry) Thibaudeau's original score; performance of Mozart* s Ave Phantom. The PAC presents this show on Oct, 24 at 8 p.m.
The highlight of the picture is the Thibaudeau will be in the orches- Verum Corpus and Vivaldi - s /-'

unmasking of the Phantom after he tra playing keyboard on the night Gloria. This event is scheduled for students with ID and $7 for
has kidnapped Christine and takes of die performance. Professional For The Phantom ofthe Opera, Saturday, Oct. 24 at 8:00 p.m. in President Cards.
her to a secret apartment beneath musicians from the tri-state area. the lobby of D*Angelo will be the Mary D*Angelo Performing
decorated with scary decorations Arts Center. Reserved tickets are $j "DONT SEE IT ALONE," PAC
and organ music, and the ushers $ 10 fop adults, $8 for students and employees warn.
art show displays Mercyhurst talent
^^TK^'J^^i^Bl^rt* HSH8BH 5 E n r a K 1 * • 1 r • • * • * » * • > * •*r* • - * #rrf%*a *\ij|jd*V " t o ? - * #.«^- • - • * • • will be in costume. seniors. Regular seats are $3 for
V • * • » * » * * * • • • % * * • * * < K\% r - • • • • * * *• * *• * • * • * • • * • * « . <» * - - • 4 » * • •' I » " * » • • « * * . • »

aiw a MercyhTOt student; had the^im^
• * * * * #
* " » * * * * » P f P * * • • • f c ^
4 4
B T l
4 9
• « •
* 4

* ,
4 .



• •

9 >
» *


9 •
* - .
r *
* • 4 * * 9 # 4 • 4 • • 4 ^ 4 f f * A • » " ^ • * J " ' J" * » • » J 4 - 4 4 * 4 4 * f 9

• • • ft * * » • % # * * • • - m 4 » ft 9 ft ft 9 t ft 9 9 «ft4**V ft ft 9 » 9*ftftW 9ftft* ft i n i 4 * • 4 4 9

9x ^ * • fl " *9 V ft " " %HL * 4* U ' * • * t •4fc4 9 m • J ft 4 • * * 4 4 • 4 4 4 •

•iiDantel Burke; j^esswofari^lfe

1998-99 Performing Arts Center.'"Cultural
entetedhis painting?C^
Series oh the Hill S continues '
4 m* 4 4 4 ' • > ft 9 9 • -A^ 4 4 4 r+Wt ft fc * « • _• • • 4 9 ^ 4 9 f t 9 f t S 4 9 J - f t ft 9 9 9 * • • 4 » »—• * 9 > * • ». 9 9 » » * • • ** 1' ft • • • ' ft • •% •ftWft• 9 * • *













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9 ~


^ "









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- 1





















* » •


* I

Car<k>t^assista«t professor;^^ North America, will give a By Heather Cvitkovic cultural ly diverse film series. The
performance at 2:30 p.m. in the? * A&EEditor * > films are shown Wednesday
;ii^:tfett]recioT!^^ PAC. The event is free to Mercy- evenings in the PAC using a big.
The 1998-1999 Mary D'Angelo hurst students. During the finale screen with surround sound and a
Performing Arts Center "Cultural the D'Angelo Concert Choir will 35 mm projector. The college
Series on the Hill" has begun. But accompany the orchestra for a presents award-winning films that
have no fear there is plenty more special performance. $? might not otherwise be shown in
to come. On Sat, Nov. 7, at 8 p.m. and Erie, according to Maher.
Gallery opening features faculty The schedule is brimming with Sun., Nov. 8, at 2:30 p.m. the Eriel
Ballet Theater is putting on a dance
'The film series is one which has
attracted a wide array of people to
member's artwork concerts, films and theater
productions. New and exciting | production called Cool Classics. the hill over the past few years "
By Sarah Foster antique furniture with materials things planned at the PAC are sure The show, sponsored by Mercy- noted Michael Fuhrman, director
Merci ad Col urnnist such as colored glass and metals. to attract and entertain a wide* hurst College and Lake Erie Ballet, of the PAC. "Most of the films on
Her artwork has been featured in array of people. will feature music from Chopin, the schedule are new release
The Cummings Art Gallery is several exhibits including the Erie October kicks off with a Previn, Ellington, Brown and award-winners and are shown at
preparing for a new art exhibit, Summer Festival of Arts. showing of the 1925 silent film Vaughn. The event is free to movie theater quality, before they
which will open Thursday, Oct % Ventrello's works are made up Phantom of the Opera on Sat., Mercyhurst students. jt even reach the video stores. We
22, with a reception from7 to9^ of various found objects and are Oct 24, at 8 p.m. Tickets are $3 From the National Concert Hall are very excited about the quality
assembled in shadow boxes or for students and the event is of Ireland and Boston Symphony! of life in many different cultures
p.m. J. f Hall comes singer Mary Black and also our own." | '
The art gallery, located in the frames for the wall or pedestal. Halloween oriented. I Musici de
Gary Caidot, director of the Montreal chamber orchestra joins with her five-piece band. She will Many more events are scheduled
Mary D'Angek) Performing Arts take center stage at the PAC on at the PAC in the winter and spring
Center, will host the exhibit of Cummings Art Gallery, describes1 the D'Angelo School of Music
Ventrello's work as "tiny worlds.' musicians and singers for a Wed., Nov. 18, at 8 p.m. With nine terms. To order tickets to events or
artwork by Mercyhurst College platinum albums to her credit. for more information call the PAC
Assistant professor Cathlyn Hahn The current exhibit in the collective performance of Gabriel
Thibadeau's orchestral score for Black outstrips U2 and Sinead ticket office at 824-3000.
and retired elementary art teacher Cummings Art Gallery was
brought in by the Presque Isle Art the film. O' Connor i n record sales in
and adjunct faculty member 'This marks the first time a live Ireland, Maher, a native of Ireland, Editors Note: After The Phantom
Charles Ventrello. Association and will run until of the Opera the fallfilmseries
orchestra accompanies a film. It'
s ™ said. The concert will be a hybrid
The exhibit, "Mixed Media Friday. of folk, pop, rock and Irish will conclude. Films will continue
Constructions," is made up of The hours of the gallery are going to be a cool event," said
Yvonne Maher, assistant director balladry. Tickets are $10 for to be shown every Wednesday i
three-dimensional sculptures. Tuesday through Sunday, 2 to 5 Mercyhurst students and President^ night in the PAC at 8 p.m. These
Hahn, assistant professor of art^ p.m., and also Thursday evenings and publicist for the PAC. *
The following day, I Musici de Card holders. I are part of the winter and spring
and director of the art therapy from 7 to 9 p. m. There is no The fall cultural series also culturalfilmseries.
program, based her sculptures on admission fee for any of the! Montreal, one of the few remain-
ing full-time chamber orchestras in boasts an esteemed foreign and
states of consciousness. exhibits. For more information
Her sculptures combine pieces of call Gary Cardot at 824-2529,
• ' - v . v
. v .
: • ' • ; • : • > : • : • ; V%YW.W*C

PAGE 6 THEMERCIAD October 15,1998

Changing face of The Merciad Campife! Question

We got off to a rocky start but we intend to get better. Much better, in fact We are intent on becoming
a student publication that the Mercyhurst student body can be proud of and one that will attract aspiring The inquiring Merciad reporter asked patrons of the Egan Dining
journalists as well as students who want to dabble with words and newsprint *' i
•iall what their thoughts were in regard to the new Sodexho Marriott
Unlike other colleges and universities the Merciad is not part of a classroom experience. food
We hope to change that 1' * \
Meanwhile our staff is comprised mostly of non-communication majors who need to learn the basics
"It's the same old, same old every day. If I see another piece of
of newspaper writing and production. At this time we are without an editor-in-chief but not without the
pizza, I 'm gonna flip out and hurt somet y
• : • : •

spunk to find one. ;•

Kristle Varga f ' y '#$ &,•$
We have two students who are vying for the position and the next two issues will tell the tale.
Freshman, Elementary and Special Education
In the meantime we ask for your patience as we re-write and re-read copy until we get itright,or at
least at good as we can with the skills we bring to our positions.
"I think it's an improvement over last year's service. I think them's
We will publish the Merciad biweekly this term until we get a few more issues under our belts and a better variety and selection but I still think a lot needs to be done."
production flow established. Maurice Profit
But you will notice changes as we go along. The first was the new masthead and this week we Graduate, Organizational Leadership'
introduced a four-color photo on the front page for the first time in Merciad history.
| It's progress long over due. i They never have Lucky Charms anymore. The other day, they tried
to pull one over on me by having imitation Lucky Charms. They*:
didn't even have the pot of gold marshmallows." W * 4

The price of comfort Dan Huskes

Freshman, Pre-Med f

Mercyhurst College spent thousands of dollars to update the computer systems on campus. $ "I think it's decent, given the fact that they need to provide for so
Fiber optic wiring was installed across campus to allow all students to access the Internet and many people."
e-mail from the comfort and convenience of their own dorm room or apartment Billy Burnes; |
In the spring, a meeting was held in the Mary D'Angelo Performing Arts Center where | Fieshman, Business
students were told how the new system would work, the process for buying an ethernet card
and getting up and running on this new "full of promise" system. •*"<•' * I like the larger selection, but it's not enough.

What was not explained, however, was actually how much of a rip off the system can be. Lindsay Terrizzi
Ethernet cards are sold in the bookstore for $65. Students were told that they could purchase Sophomore, Applied Music \
the card and merely walk their whole computer to the bookstore and the card would be in-
stalled for them. What we were not told was that along with buying the ethernet card, we "I don't eat here very much but the rice is gross and the ice cream is
would need to buy a data cord that can run anywhere from $ 12 to $25. too hard and I can't get it out of the thing. 99

^ f you chose not to carry your "non-lap top" computer to the bookstore, you could call the Annie Onofrey
computer help center at Ext. 3200, and a techie would get to you as soon as possible. Well, Sophomore, Music Education
good luck. We hope you have a lot of time on your hands. f
After calling the computer help center and leaving a message on the voice mail on six "I like the lunch variety, but they need more variety for dinner, Lay
different occassions, no one ever answered our call. No one came to our aid. off of the stir fry a little hit." ^
Common courtesy says that when someone calls you and leaves you a message asking for a Bill Davis ; J | *
response, you return the call. That's not the case here. Instead you wait and wait and pay up to Graduate, Special Education i
$90 to get it installed..
Now they tell us we have a bad data jack! "I love the salad bars."
If you are interested in accessing the .internet via Mercyhurst's computer system, go Kelly Landy|
to the computer lab. Buying?an ethernet card is highly overrated. The bookstore prices Freshman, Elementary Education
are much higher than large computer retail stores and the installation service is practi-
cally non-existant. So much for high-speed technology.

by: Sfau/wfee, C ftou/trd

2&&H8 && />X*L EtmotJ
tt/o*e Cou/</'Jtrf/you. ??«

«itfl/E* 6U/E OCT TIPS T o * TNftfiSS-
x \VV • • u ci.»iV**AV -As • •«*

October 15, 1998

PAGE 7%'

Haver Not enough culture? Face of the

By Karl Wells
Nation which was on Fox and
Senior Writer mended for bringing in such an

During a decade when a genera-

tion has no real heroes, I was
able a few weeks ago to meet the
later shown on Comedy Central, amazing speaker. College is an
He used television as an outlet to opportunity for students to listen
make citizens aware of injus- to ideas and meet people they
tices, and to make them laugh by probably would never have a
challengingright-winggroups By
Hurst lacking;
Bill Melville!
person who would closest fit the chance to otherwise. Merciad Columnist
and organizations. Topics ranged Not all of the attendees at the
label for me personally. from bringing a gay men's choir event agreed with what Michael
Imagine the amazement and to serenade Jesse Helms, to As a student who is currently busy wading through all the information
loss of motor abilities that Moore had to say but they were various graduate schools have sent my way, I keep thinking about the
having Janeane Garafalo invade exposed to a different thinker
occurred after I learned he was a "private" public beach in many prestigious scholarships out there. ?
going to be speaking at Edinboro who engaged them in discussion I couldn't help but wonder why there has never been a Rhodes frj
Greenwich, Conn.J * and made them aware of his *
University and my disgust that Scholar from Mercyhurst, and why the last person I know who got
I caught up with Michael particular experiences and money for a Fulbright Fellowship was Dr. Philip Supina, who is no
the event was not more publi-S Moore at Edinboro where he was opinions. This is what the college longer employed at Mercyhurst.
cized. His name is Michael J
speaking and also promoting his experience is about—being Yet, if there are many small schools out there that have Rhodes
Moore, advocate of the working- new movie, The Big One, and
man (or person). exposed to ideas radically |Scholars, why can't Mercyhurst?
book, Downsize This/: Random different than the mainstream or Well, in part I have to blame the students. There is great deal of
He was born and raised in Threats From an Unarmed ennui floating around this campus, and most students just want to find
those not well publicized. J
Hint, Mich., a town that thrived American, which is a New York a job that pays a decent salary when they get oufcMost of those who
because of General Motors. Simply going to classes does
Times bestseller. not fulfill the goal of having a are looking at^rad school simply think that such awards are out of
However, GM started «He also announced the return their reach. y.
downsizing in the 1980s, complete college experience or
of TV Nation, but under a yet bring about well-roundedness A professor of mine mentioned to me that Mercyhurst should have!
plunging the city in a downward undecided new name on the candidates applying for Rhodes Scholarships every year, because they
spiral of une m pi oyment, (even at a liberal arts institution).
Bravo network (We do not have On this note, I strongly bring prestige to the student and to the school.*
homelessness and crime during a Bravo in Erie so call your cable I know many people who are qualified to compete for these awaids,
period when the company was encourage the Mercyhurst
operator now and request it!) student body and the community yet they usually don't bother, shrugging it off as a waste of time.
booming. During his presentation, he Many don't realize that merely being considered fiw a Rhodes
to support the pursuit of a true,
Moore wanted to show the spoke a great deal about Presi- scholarship (two free years of education at Oxford University in
higher education. England, for those of you who don't know) is an honor.
effects of the layoffs by picking dent Clinton and the This can be done by attending
up a movie camera and shooting Republican coup d'ltat that is The «ame goesforaFiilbright Fellowship. While they aren't the
presentations such as the one? easiest scholarships to win, being considered for one is an honor.
Roger & Me, the largest grossing taking place. Though Clinton is given by Aran Ghandi, grandson
nonfiction film of all time. In fact, depending on the countty you apply to study in, the chances
"the best Republican president of Mahatma Gandhi, or by ofreceivingone greatly improve. Receiving a fellowship to study in
Moore, throughout the film, tries we've ever had," the Republi- requesting that more speakers be England is difficult, while one stands a better chance when applying
to contact Roger Smith, the cans are trying to undermine brought in to talk about particu- Jj to a Belgian university, just because of the sheer number of appli-
chairman of GM, to invite him to American voters by impeaching lar topics. You pay a great deal cants. > 1
Flint so he can observe the a popular president. Moore also of money to go to Mercyhurst so While I think students should pursue such awards more vigorously,
outcome of his actions and addressed our party system (or you are entitled to input in I think the faculty and administration should do a better job of
explain the motivation of his lack thereof — the forming the education offered promoting them for students who meet the criteria I had to go to the
company. "Republicrats"), education and whether it be classes or cultural Rhodes Scholarship Web site just tofindout that we had a coordina-
Moore is also the creator and the male libido. events. tor on campus for it V
star of the television show TV Edinboro should be com- Hwant to leave you with a This goes for graduate school tests as well, especially the GRE
tremely scary, T (Graduate Records Examination). I know the test is only offered at
thought While I was reading Gannon, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't have some kind of
preparatory class for it j
Downsize This!, I became [7 I know that Gannon University offers such a class, but shouldn't
overtaken with honor. Chapter we take a greater interest in this, since the test plays such a large role
Two of the book is entitled in graduate school admission? fc \
Would Pat Buchanan Take a If this sounds like some loudmouth shooting off to those of you
Check From Satan?" J; I who have spent your four years hoping to get a comfortable job, well,
The answer is kind of. He it is. A large percentage of Mercyhurst students choose grad school,
cashed contribution checks from over entering the workforce, and with a major like mine, English, it's
Carrie Tappe News Editor fake organizations, care of either grad school or "Welcome to McDonalds, can I take your order,
Jessi Gentile Features Editor Michael Moore, titled Abortion- please?"^ y.
Heather C vitko vie A&E Editor ists for Buchanan (an alleged So please excuse me if I sound a little concerned about the lack of
Stephen Nolan Sports Editor anti-abortionist) and The John promotion for grad schools and prestigious scholarships, because I
Jessica Russell Photography Wayne Gacy Fan Club. Doesn't am?
Carrie Wells Senior Writer it make you wonder what other
Shawntae Howard Cartoons checks politicians are cashing?
The Merciad is the student-produced newspaper of Mercyhurst (Editor's note: Haver, a Scottish
college. | word, means senseless banter.)
* Box 161. 501 East 38th St. 16546. Phone: .824-2376.
The Merciad welcomes tetters to the editor. All letters must
certain conditions. Letters are due on the Tuesday before


. . . ••.'• :'''••.:..•:•:•'•::>::.•.':•,MA

Page 8 THE MERCIAD October 15,1998

:f:; : : ; ^ : : ii -r *; r:*: T: :*;_:• : -
|$$||§| w
Hm? 8Kb
i» * •
• H H H 1 I I mmI
iSSi 3?

* _ »_»
• : • :• *i: »•: •: «
»:» lit :J*T
> ; » : « i;*T» • I*

H a i n m e r m ill o f f e r s c o n v e n i e n c e a n d ( t e c h n o l o g y
By Karl Repenning librarian from New York. Aside Strausbaugh. books and references, the
Me re i ad Writer from a master's degree in library Encyclopedia Britanica Online, original library will be used
science, she has a master's * a new feature offered through! primarily as housing for material
With the start of the 1998-1999 degree in genetics. Randall's job Hamlet, is a good reference and conducting research.
academic school year comes vast is to make sure that the library because in addition to the The Eimer Curriculum Collec-
i m prove men ts to the has the appropriate materials shorter, easily read information, tion and the music library have f
Hammermill Library. needed to remain current as far- it provides links to other relevant been moved to the first and third
Aside from physical changes, as available sources web sites, he said. floors of Hammermill, giving
the library now provides the state are concerned. Strausbaugh also pointed out students all the research materi-
of the art technology needed to "My goal is to coordinate the that the journals are all Web- als they need in one location.
perform sound research. The development of the library based, giving students access to There are also plans for the
library has also brought in new collection of the highest quality more information than ever fourth floor of the library which
faculty to help things run more to reflect the interests and before. include more group meeting
smoothly. curriculum Of the Mercy hurst "Hamlet is such an improve- rooms and a senior seminar room
Three new faculty members community," Randall said. ment over the card catalog where classes will be held.
have been hired to provide their Due to the increased number of system. Now, when I use the Taking materials out on loan
Eleanor Randall with Ken has become easier with the new
knowledge and expertise in areas computers available for student Brundage library I spend half as much time
such as circulation, collection use, the library hired Ken trying to find my resources. This bar code system. The process
and computer science. Each new I Brundage, a computer systems | really lets me concentrate on my took several years to complete
member of the Hammermill staff librarian. projects and assignments," said but is a more efficient way to
Over the past two years,
has earned his or her master's Before he joined the faculty at Stephen Nolan, a senior finance track library materials,
Hammermilr has obtained some
degree in library science, among Mercy hurst, Brundage worked as Strausbaugh said.
of the most advanced systems major.
other academic achievements. a systems librarian in Portage available on the market. There Aside from computer technol- The library has come a long
Mary McOrath, the new County, Ohio. are 70 computers available in the ogy, Mercyhurst has expanded way from its one small, dark
room in Old Main over 70 years g
curriculum librarian, earned her "It is very exciting to be building. Of these, 50 also allow] its periodical and book collec-
ago. Students are sure to note the
master's degree at Clarion working at Hammermill Library the user to access such programs tion. The 1 i brary subscribes to
positive differences.
University. Before coming to right now with its new state of as Word Perfect, Microsoft Word over 870 different journals and is
Mercy hurst, McOrath worked as rt facility and library and PowerPoint. This year there planning more shelf space as its When students were asked
a public school librarian. Dean of automation system, * said are also 10 Macintosh computers book collection grows. about the changes Jennifer Ryan,

the library, Roy Strausbaugh B rundage. located in the Tullio Room on The skylights and balconies "* a senior English education major
appreciates the work McOrath "Ken Brundage makes sure the third floor. that used to grace the third floor said. "Being an English major, I
has done for the library. "Mary that everything is up and Jamie Smith, a junior biochem- have been removed to provide have spent numerous hours
has filled a huge gap for us," he running. He is great with all of istry major said, It's nice to morefloorspace for expanding researching in the library and I
the computers/ said have access to the computers in aisles. The windows on the first am very-happy to have the
the library since the main labs floor have been pushed out extended facilities now available
In addition to a new curriculum Strausbaugh.
close so early.'' almost six feet toward East 38th to us. The atmosphere facilitates*
librarian, Eleanor Randall joined According to Strausbaugh,
student learni ng on a much
the Hammermill faculty as the these new faculty members will All the computers are equipped Street to insure .another 10 years
with the Hamlet system, one of of collection growth. higher leveL" *
collection development librarian. ensure that students are reaping
Randall is a former medical the benefits of having this the best information systems in Strausbaugh anticipates thaU
technology at their disposal. the nation, according to with the expansion of journals,

J e n Y o r k : first f r o m H u r s t to study i n R u s s i a
By Jessi Gentile is one of our best Hopefully she her to see a side of the culture fact, York said, "Staying with a
to do it. Even though I'm not she would have missed had she host family was really great. I
Features Editor ^ fluent (in Russian) yet, it's much will be able to take advantage of met a lot of friends through them,
these opportunities and someday chosen to live in the foreign
Last May, when most of us were better than it used to be. Some- continued on page 9
work in that part of the world." students* dorm at Smolny. In
packing our things and preparing day I would like to do archeo-
to head home, Jen York was &• logical work in Russia or even Jen's hard work certai nly does
heading to Pittsburgh to catch a work as an interprete r or a not go unnoticed by her peers
plane to St. Petersburg, Russia. translator. So for me, the ^ either.
York, a senior double majoring experience was invaluable," she "Jen is the most conscientious
in Russian and archaeology, said. person I know. I believe her
spent the summer at the Smolny Dl*. David Hyland, assistant combination of Russian and
Institute in St Petersburg where professor of anthropolgy and archcalogy will lead to an
she studied Russian grammar, biology said, "Our department exciting career for her, I am sure
phonetics, conversation, films has done a lot of field work in her decision to study abroad was
and economics. The classes were Russia and the former Soviet the best one she could make for
demanding, but for York the Union. Through our classes, we her future," said Kari Wells, a :
experience was well worth it. have transferred some of these senior political science major. Jen York (left) with her host sister, Anya (right) and Mend Sasha
"I needed to improve my skills, ideas to our students. Jen has While in St Petersburg, York (center)
and this seemed like the best way certainly picked up on them. She lived with a host family, enabling
: ^JTlTi
1Z£ ~ ra • " • " " W M H W


Yorklin Russia
from page 8
and I am still in contact with
Ophelia Proj ect starts at Mercyhurst
them." i .

Another aspect of Russian life Byjessi "When I recommended at 9 p.m. in the student govern- she said. flHt
that York was introduced to was Features Stephanie for the mentoring ment chambers. Currently the Mercyhurst
the food. < program last year, I knew that Karen Petho, a senior environ- chapter is trying to organize a
"It was really good and very Last February, Stephanie Ballint her caring and compassionate mental politics major and regional advisory board in which
ethnic. One of my favorite was recruited to head' nature would be a benefit to member of the student organiza- students from Allegheny
dishes was Georgian Mercyhurst's Advisory Board of j others." tion, said, "I think Mercyhurst College, Gannon University,
Khachapuri, a layered cheese the Ophelia Project Ballint, a
bread. Most of the food is Soon after that, Ballint* will benefit from this affiliation Edinboro University and
simple, not all this prepackaged senior family ecology major received a call from Susan with the Ophelia Project. The Mercyhurst will participate.
stuff like we have here. Things from Euclid, Ohio, willingly Wellman, president of the Erie- college does not have an organi- The campus organization is
are basic — bread, cheese, fish accepted the challenge of starting zation that deals with women's also working with the Student
and that's your meal. Oh, and a new organization with a focus issues, so this is a good place to Activities Committee to co-
tea and sour cream are served on combating the loss of self- start I left the meeting feeling sponsor Mary Pipher's lecture
with every thing," she said. esteem among junior high and excited about what we discussed. and book signing Sunday, Oct
In addition to attending I am really looking forward to 18, at 4 p.m. in the Warner
classes, York and several high school girls.
What we are trying to do is the next one." Theatre, 811 State St Ballint is
students at the institute ap-
peared on a Russian television figure out just what it is that At their meetings, held every selling advance tickets for $8 and
program. The students offered makes these girls lose their self- three weeks, members discuss can be reached at 824-2741.
their perspectives on problems esteem. Once we figure out what j issues affecting college women Tickets will be available at the
facing the world's youth today. that is, we will combat it In the as well as teens. They report door for $10.
While in Russia, York also future we plan to implement a [their conclusions to the core The proceeds will benefit the
traveled to Moscow and team, comprised of the project's Ophelia Project and its commu-
Novgorod. There she did a great mentoring program in which
deal of sightseeing, but what Mercyhurst students will actually Stephanie Ballint board members. { nity education plans.
she remembers most ;is seeing volunteer at local schools," "A lot of women want a group SAC will run a shuttle service
Lenin's tomb. Ballint said. (on campus) that addresses to the event Anyone interested
"It was weird, but very Ballint first became interested based organization. Wellman women's issues. This is what we should sign up in die student
imposing. Everything is very in the issues the project is wanted Ballint to head the do. In the future, once we have union.
secure. There are several guards grown, we want to sponsor After grad'iation, Ballint
around the tomb, and you have concerned with three years ago Mercyhurst chapter of the
when she read "Reviving Ophelia Project. £ programs on campus for anyone plans to attend graduate school at
to keep moving. You can't who is interested. Right now, we John Carroll Ur iversity in
stand still to look," York said. Ophelia: Saving the Selves of "In the formation of the
"Jen was very fortunate to be Adolescent Girls" by Mary college's advisory council, are workng on developing a self- j Cleveland where she will pursue
in Russia in the summer Pipher. The local group takes its Stephanie's direction and ideas defense program," Ballint said. a master's degree in school
because the surrounding sites name from this book, as do According to Ballint, the counseling. She hopes to start a
are sure to make it a
are really outstanding and several other organizations that campus organization is designed chapter of the Ophelia Project in
beauty is everywhere. It is not success," said Szymanowski.
have started around the country for women. Cleveland.
what people would expect to Sept 30 the group held its fust "I want to continue to do social
since the book was released. meeting. "I was only expecting a The Ophelia Project has a
find in Russia," said Father service — that is what I love to
Steve Simon, assistant professor Encouraged by one of her peers handful of girls to come, but 37 fathers board which is open to
Ballint got involved with the men. But at Mercyhurst, for our do. I love speaking to groups of
of Russian. showed up. I was really happy people and helping them,"
Russia was quite a change for program about that, and it was very < purposes, we are women only. If
the Pittsburgh native. 1 there are any men who have a Ballint said. \ m
year. encouraging,' said Ballint
"In Russia, even though most strong desire to participate, they
of us didn't bring much money, Margie Szymanow The student organization's next
would of course be welcome,"
we were all considered weal thy. family ecology majo meeting is scheduled for Oct 21
There you have to pay for

Writing Center offers new service

everything, even the bathroom.
It really makes you think," said
York; X*
Nonetheless, she had quite a
bit of advice to offer those Students may learn more from
considering studying abroad. Writing Center. This is the first workshop series is to holda
By Carrie Tappie workshop several times a week their instructors. In addition to
"Definitely do it It's really year that the Writing Center has
different at first, but it's so News Editor so that there is a greater opportu- instructor endorsement, the
important to have another been allotted a graduate assistant Writing Center will place fliers
position, and consequently, the nity for students to attend.
perspective on things. I took a The Mercyhurst Writing Center, around campus concerning dates,
first year that offering workshops Each workshop is designed to
lot of things for granted here," located in the lower level of the times and topics of upcoming
has been a possibility. last 30 minutes with lime for
she said. I Hammermill Library, is offering workshops.
According to Simon, York The first workshop series, questions. Workshops are tentatively
a new service this year to the [ Also, Farrell will be keeping a
was the first student from I entitled "Draft Dodging and scheduled every Wednesday and
Mercyhurst to study in Russia. ^ student community in addition to sign-in list at each seminar so
their other programs such as tutor Paper Topics" was held during Thursday at 1 p.m. Future
"I think it was very fortunate the week of Sept 21. It focused that students may notify instruc-
for a person of her quality to be consultations and handouts.? workshops will deal with issues
upon locating topics, writing tors of their attendance at a* such as taking essay exams,
the first. She is the best Russian Dr. Clayann Gillian Panetta, workshop. All workshops are
I student 1 have ever had. ? director of the Writing Center papers with focus on a specific proper citation for MLA, APA
topic and then basic revision being held in the Lower Level and Turabian, technical and
Overall, she is just an excellent and professor of English, has
student Now, the program will implemented a workshop procedures. Study Room of the Hammermill business writing. JSBif
look more strongly at The current goal of the Library. H *jflf '
Mercyhurst students in the program that is headed by Marcia
future," said Simon iFarrell, graduate assistant for the
K^S : _ _
J7-T" ISffW^***;? • r »

• • «

: # : > • ; • > ; • ; x ( • ' : v : : ; v : : : : : : x : : ' : • / • ; • • ; • ' •. •

PAGE 10 THEMERCIAD October 15, 1998

Intramural sports begin Athletes of the week

By Stephen Nolan the students this year," Norwood against the Gannon University
Sports Editor said. I flag football champions. Soccer player Robbie Yurkovich
The first intramural sport of the "The whole system is a lot*
Intramural sports are an impor- year was flag football, and all better than it was last year. Being
tant part of any college campus games were played on the new able to play on the turf is a big
and nobody knows this more} Astroturf at Tuillio Field. Six bonus as well. I am really
than Scott Norwood, teams played, each team having looking forward to the playoff
Mercyhurst's new baseball coach six games. The two best teams, this weekend," said senior Steve Bt 4

and director of intramural sports. with records of 6-0 and 5-1, Dobis.
Norwood is trying to breath made it to the playoffs. Of the Mike Brestensky, quarter back
new life into the whole intramu- remaining four teams, the third for one of the teams, and league
ral sports system. With the help placed team plays the sixth place MVP said, "This year it is a lot
of assistant baseball coach Joe team and the fourth place team more structured, the rules are set
Spano, they seem to be getting faces the sixth place team. out and it makes a better game. It
the job done. During the playoffs, teams vie ) would be an honor for us to
"This year what I really wanted for the ultimate crown of flag represent Mercyhurst at Ohio
to do is make it more realistic. football champions. Playoffs State. It will be very good for the
This year we are playing football should be completed this school." EKSSJ

on the turf. We are making sure weekend. The next intramural sport is co-
that the playoffs are set up The champions will to travel to ed volleyball. Sign ups will E»

properly. We wanted to give the Ohio State University to compete begin next week. For anyf Rob Yurkovich during the game against Hillsdale this weekend,
kids that do not play a varsity against other flag football teams. suggestions, questions or He scored two goals and had two assists.
sport a chance to play. There is a Norwood is also trying to i comments contact the baseball In the last three games for the men's He had two goals and two assists
more heavy emphasis placed on organize a "friendly" game office at Ext. 2441. soccer team junior forward Robbie in a 7-0 defeat of Hillsdale College
Yurkovich has scored four goals t Oct. 8. Against Ashland University
and had three assists.
Hurst sports hits TV Yurkovich had one goal and an
™ The highlight was his goal against assist in a 4-1 victory Oct 9.
Mercyhurst home games have The next game for broadcast is Future broadcasts will include Wheeling Jesuit College Oct 7. Yurkovich leads the team with 10
hit the airwaves on Image Saturday, Oct. 24, at 1:30 p.m. basketball and hockey matches The Lakers won the game 1-0 in goals and three assists in 13 games
when the Lakers football team Dates and times will be an- sudden death overtime with a goal played.
Sports Network, Cablevision :; from Yurkovich
jCh. 13 or Adelphia Ch. 3. meets Ashland University. § nounced. ,_'i

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October 15,1998

Men soccer look toward playoffs

By Stephen Nolan
Sports Editor
\ Briefly
The men's soccer team played
Men's crew making waves
four important games during the The Mercyhurst men's rowing team placed 5th overal 1 and ninth in the
week, netting four wins. college division at the recent Stonehurst Regatta in Rochester, N.Y.
These four wins give the The men's second varsity boat placed 23 overall and 17th in the college
Lakers an overall 10-2-1 record div isioa 1 heirfinaltimes were 30:48 and 32:26 respectively. f
and 4-0 in the Great Lakes Competing for the men's varsity boat were Mike Tanner, Curtis Walsh,*
Intercollegiate A thletic Confer- Janne Masatin, Dave Schroeck, Ryan McWilliams^Bob Furgal, Patrick
ence. % Fore, Ryan Snoek and Dallas DeForest coxing. £ •
On Oct 7, the Lakers faced Men's coaches Ben Foster and Adrian Spracklen agree that while the
Wheeling Jesuit College in varsity men are off to a good start, there is still room for improvement.
Wheeling, W. Va The Lakers They performed up to my expectations for this race," Spracklen said

"They showed a promising start for the season to come."

won the game 1-0 with the game •

winner coming in sudden death

overtime with a head shot from Cross country making strides
junior Robbie Yurkovich and an The Mercyhurst cross country teams each placedfifthat the Clarion
assist from Mike Shields. University Invitational Oct 10. ,
"It was just one of those [« Irish freshman Ciaran Brewsten led the Laker men, clocking in at 30:44
games. They were ranked 14th in for 16th overall out of 63 runners. Michael Tarboxfinishedin 20th place,
the country, naturally. They are a Brian Coliazzi came in 27th, Brad Alvord was 33rd and Michael
very good side. We went down Fleckenstein rounded the team's topfivein 43rd place.
there and played extremely well For the women's team, Jenny Standfest and Katie Conley, team captain,
and deserved the win. In the last continued in the number one and two spots with times of 26:29 and 26:59
20 minutes of the game we were to placed 18th and 26th, respectively, out of 64 finishers.
all over them but we did not Rounding off the team's top,fivewere Catherine Fletcher, who finished
capitalize on our chances. But Jessica Russell/Merciad photographer 31st Krista Doutt in 36th place and Colleen Nardi, who finished 40th.
luckily enough we capitalized in Senior Eric Clark is tackled by an Ashland defender. The Lakers On Oct. 17 the Lakers will compete in the University of Pittsburgh at
won the game 4-1 * Bradford Invitational .[
overtime and came away with -
the win,*' said Coach John at the half. We let them back into
On Oct 8, the team faced
team and do the business,
Melody said.
the game a little but we still Women's tennis in winning form
The Lakers faced Ashland played well and deserved the
Hillsdale College. Sixf win," said senior Stuart Hogg. Halfway through the 1998 Mercyhurst women's tennis season, their record
Mercyhurst players found the net University on Sunday, which stood at a respectable 5-5. During the next five matches, the Lakers gained
ended in a 4-1 victory. The On Wednesday, the lakers
in a 7-0 defeat Goals came from faced Westminster College, momentum and looked to rise in the conference ranks.
Lakers came out strong with the They defeated Wayne State University, Carnegie Mellon University,
Lynn Burns, Anthony Maher, first goal coming in the 10th netting a 3-0 win. Goals come
John Kitcho, Alex Morrison and from Jon Rees, Nick Potter and Lake Superior State University and Michigan Tech University bettering
minute from Maher, assisted by their record to 9-6. Despite being a young squad, the Lady Lakers
Rob Gillooly. Y urkovich scored Mark Fitzgerald. Burns then Maher. Tuitt now has six
two, i ncluding the game winner, added two more thanks to assists shutouts this season. defeated some highly ranked teams.
and also had two assists. Goal from Yurkovich and Maher. The I The Lakers are ranked fourth in The womens' tennis team will return home Oct 16 and 17 to face
keeper Derian Tuitt had his fifth* Lakers final goal came from the GUAC conference. They Saginaw Valley State University and Northwood University respectively.
shutout of the season. play Gannon University on
"Hillsdale is a first year
Yurkovich. Ashland scored their
only goal late in the game. Saturday at Family First Sports
Park at 3 p.m. Gannon is
Men's tennis prepare for season
program and not as strong as "We came out strong in the The Mercyhurst men's tennis team, under the leadership of coach Pat
some of the other opposition we currently ranked fifth in the
first half. We were three goals up Heal y, has started practice for a short fall season. The team is lead by
face. We still have to play these region. returning senior captain Scott Robson. He hopes to lead the team toward a
successful season despite having no recruits.
In addition to Robson, other seniors on the team include Oto Hlincik,
Field ihockey winding down season Tate Erickson and Derek Chew. < ; |
Rounding off the team are junior Adam Krisbai and sophomore Brian.
Veith. > j. , ;
The Lakers lost the experience of two graduating seniors, Scott "Zippy"
By Jen Harwell since last season. Lead scoring positive part of the year. ^ Vance and Rob "Pops'* Lapopsld. j * >
Sports Writer?' sophomore Nadia Shabanza feels "I love it, it's more exciting," The Lakers play three tournaments in the fall, but their main season
the team is doing well. Christopher said. begins in March. *fc
With fall underway, the women's "It's been a very successful ? Not only does it make practice
field hockey team will take to the year, especially compared to last
field only four more times. year," said Shabanza. "I am
more convenient, but adds to the
spirit of the game. §
Golf team ends great season
The Lakers lost their last two really pleased with how we are The golf team ended their fall season wjth an impressive outing in the
matches, Oct. 10 and 1 1, to doing.** "It's really nice for us to see Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference championship hosted by
Mansfield University and % Goalie Lindsay Christopher the people who came out to Northern Michigan University.
Bloomsburg University. The also feels the year has been a support us," said Shabanza. "We The Lakers traveled to Marquette, Mich., on Oct 2 and 3, for the three
Sunday game ended in a 10-0 positive one. W really liked it" round tournament Mercyhurst finished seventh out of 14 teams. T
"We have definitely improved "We were expected to finish near the bottom of the pack Our guys did a
loss. *& great job, they played very well all weekend^The guys were mentally *
Nicole Bonvouloir brought in a lot from last year," Christopher The Lakers face Philadelphia
College of Textiles and Science tough," said Coach Mike Sisti. « *
the team's one goal, with an said. Senior Curry Huskes put up the best scores for the Lakers with rounds of
Three of the last four games on Oct. 18on the road. They
assist by Kristin Yakawiak| then return home to play Oberlin 75,76 and 78. Junior Rich Burlett shot rountfs of 77,78 and 80. Seth
Despite two recent losses, their will be played at home on Tullio College Oct. 21. | Parker had rounds of 82,78 and 79. Junior Kyle Hinsdale shot a 79,83 and
spirit remains strong and the Field. The team agrees that b «7 nnH fmshman Will Coserave had rounds of 84,76 and 85.
team feels they have improved playing on campus has been a }

kUM.l,.J.lllil!lU'lllM October 15, 1998
• "••;• : : : - ^



G r a n d Valley State brushes football team

By Scott K o s k o s k i ! national top 10.'** vj Unfortunately for Mercyhurst,
Sports Writer For the visiting Lakers of the second half was a carbon
Grand Valley State, the fire- copy of the first two quarters.
Last Saturday afternoon was works show started with 4:23 Grand Valley fullback Josh May
truly a time of "bests." remaining in the opening half. busted through the Laker
The Mercyhurst football team MIFC passing leader Fox, \ defensive line for a two-yard v
welcomed Grand Valley State needing 257-yards in the air to score with 11:05 left in the :
University, arguably the best' become the conference's all-time second half. Tailback Rick $
team i n the nine-year old leading quarterback, showed he Granata gave the visitors a
Midwest Intercollegiate Football could also run by scampering staggering 42-7 lead eight
Conference (MlFC) and ranked four-yards up the middle for the minutes later when he ran 6-i
sixth nationally in Division II, to gamers first score. On \ yards for another touchdown.
Tullio Field. * Mercyhurst's first play after the*3 Mercyhurst's Vinnie Corasaniti
The conference's best quarter- kickoff, senior quarterback Matt punted two more times before f
back, Grand Valley's Jeff Fox% KisselPs pass was intercepted by Fox and Brown combined for a
broke a record and became the Grand Valley cornerback Jason 17-yard touchdown strike with $
M I F C ' s all-time best offensive Graves. Graves rumbled 30- seconds to go in the period.
player during the game. In the;- yards in for the second GVSU In a final quarter played mostly
end, the best overall football i touchdown in 21 seconds and the with reserves from both teams,
team Mercyhurst has faced in its visitors pulled ahead 14-0. t - Mercyhurst tallied the only;*
19-year history got the best of After two Mercyhurst punts to score. Third-string quarterback, Jessica Russell/Merciad photographer
the Lakers 49-14. J" open the second quarter, Fox Scott Bui son, capped off his The L a k e r defensive line a t work against G r a n d Valley on
built an impressive ei eht play, second-straight impressive
Under six-year head coach Joe p 73-yard drive capped oy an 11- Saturday. T h e Lakers lost the game 49-14
Kimball, Mercyhurst developed a yard touchdown strike to senior backup performance by airing
reputation for pulling off critical wideout Kenny Brown. The duo out a 60-yard pass to receiver 101 passes, a season MIFC mark. powerhouse Westminster
upsets. Any chance of that trend of Fox and Brown would hook Angel Roman with 6:32 left to Defensively, Scott Platz contin-^ College. Although the two
repeating itself Saturday was up for scores twice more during malce the score 49-14, where it ued his 1998 all-star season by• schools are less than two hours
quickly erased before the end of the game, including a 26-yard remained. notching 12 tackles. Senior Doug from each other, the Lakers and
l Brinkley made 11 stops in the Titans have never met on the
the first quarter, though; rifle on Grand Valley's next. p Mercyhurst's Kissell tied*
" W e just didn't show up like another school record by £i secondary, and junior Brock gridiron, Westminster enters the
possession. Facing a 28-0 Grand Lindsey accounted for the lone* jame after getting rocked 48-6
we needed to," said sophomore Valley advantage, the Lakers attempting 45 passes, completing
wide receiver Garrett Patty. "We 22 of them ana throwing two Mercyhurst sack, an eight-v J y Saginaw Valley last week
Anally got on the board when yard loss. ~ \ • The game can be heard live at 1
knew we had to play mistake- Kissell found a wide open Tom interceptions. The Lakers totaled
free football to stay in the game, Wilson from 32-yards out just 411 total offensive yards, but still Mercyhurst, dropping to 3-3, p,m. only on 88.5 WMCE
and Grand Valley showed us well short of Grand Valley's 603 takes to the road on Saturday for Mercyhurst College Radio.
before the half. )A
why they're ranked in the | total yards. The game featured a battle with longtime NAIA

Hockey jprepares for the |future Women's soccer net wins

• *
The women's soccer team has a record of 10-2.
Gotkin said. *J main goals for the team this The Lakers played Saginaw Valley, they won the game 2-0, with
By Stephen Nolan year are to host the ECAC both goals coming from Tuesday Kastner.
The Lakers this season have
Sports Editor a 27 game schedule plus six championship playoffs, to wii The following day the girls set their eyes on Grand Valley State
or seven independent Division the ECAC playoffs and University. Theresa Roach scored the only goal of the game.
The Mercyhurst hockey team hopefully win the ECAC
will grace the ice for the last I games, Gotkin said. The The Lady Lakers traveled to Wheeling Jesuit on O c t 8. In a well
program will also award regular season championship. played game by both squads the Lady Lakers would come out on
time in the Eastern College "I think we are going to j
Athletic Conference this athletic hockey scholarships top with a 2-0 victory. Katie Daniels scored two brilliant goals en
next season, and Gotkin is dovery well this season. We route to the victory.
season. As they prepare to hoping to recruit more have a lot of very good Their next game the women would return for two weekend i>
begin play next year in the legitimate Division I athletes freshmen who came in this games. Their first game of the weekend would be against Hillsdale.
new Division I Metro Atlantic to add to the current pool of i year and the upper classmen Seven Lakers scored in a 10-0 victory over Hillsdale. *
Athletic Conference. players. j have a lot of experience. The Next the Lady Lakers played Ashland University. They won 2-1,
This is the last year the : "All the changes are not combination of these should Kastner and Juile Ann Chiodo scored for the Laker. ?
Lakers will face teams like going to affect us this year. mean that we can win games. The women's team play Gannon University on Sunday, Oct. 18,
Elmira College, Rochester Everything is status quo for We are all looking forward to at Family First Sports Park*
Institute of Technology and this year. Other than the fact Saturday," said senior Bob Update: • , {•
Hobart College, old nvalries we are recognized as a Atkin. The Lakers lost to Westminster College 1-0 Wednesday on the
that filled the rink with Division I program by the £J The Lakers have lost some road. Westminster scored the only goal after seven minutes.--*'
tension and passion for many NCAA," Gotkin said. "We* quality players this year, but£j
classic games. Next year the Gotkin is hopeful other
Lakers compete against teams
like University of Connecti-
chose to stay in the. ECAC
west just because when we
made all these changes it was
players will step up and lead
the team. 1
Volleyball endsj tough season
cut, Holy Cross, Canisiusf | M too late to get into the MAAC "We will look to players T h e Mercyhurst w o m e n ' s volleyball team, o n O c t 2, took on
College, Sacred Heart Univer- conference and it was too late like Bob Atkin, Scott i Northern Michigan University a n d lost in three-hard played
sity, Fairfield University and$ to go out and schedule other Ludeviks and Oto Hlincik in games. T h e Lakers h a d an eight point lead i n t h e third game,
Iona College. t but were unable to knock Northern Michigan down., }
Division I games. Thefans offense; Mike Masse and
"We are very excited about T h e L a d y Lakers hosted Michigan T e ch Oct. 3 . |
will not see a great difference Tony Borgford in defense; Lake Superior State joined the Lakers for their final match
this season, it is our farewell in anything that they have not and Ashley Stevens, the
tour of the ECAC West. We junior goaltender. Those five of the weekend. T h e Lakers lost t h e match in four evenly
seen in the last 10 or 11
have had some great natural years." guys are going to have played g a m e s . ^.
rivalries and some great The hockey team will not very good years for us, along T h e Lad y Lakers hosted G a n n o n University a t the
games. We can play for the compete for any NCAA titles with a lot of teammates," Mercyhurst Athletic Center on Wednesday.* Scores were not
ECAC championship, which this year, but they are in a Gotkin said. < t \ available for that match at press time.
is extremely prestigious and position to try for the ECAC The hookey team plays its W e d n e s d a y ' s w o m e n ' s volleyball match marks the last
which we won ^1995^ like title. A goal, which Gotkin fi rst game of the season * £ game for assistant c o a c h M i k e ^ R u m m y " Rumbaugh. After
every coach, I want to win!, believes, may be a little lofty, against the University of assisting both the w o m e n and men'sjvoJleyball teams, j
every game or at least as but one they have achieved in Windsor Saturday, Oct. 17, at R u m b a u g h h a s accepted the head coaching position for m e n s
many as we can." Coach Rick volleyball at St. Francis University. —-^—
the past. Gotkin said the three 7:30 p.m. Fn the fee Center.f

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