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2402 Chetwood Circle #103, Timonium MD 21093

513-807-0665 (mobile)
Finance and Economics expert with over 8 years experience in accounts reconcilia
tion and analysis; Leader with proficiency in problem identification, solving an
d outcome evaluation. Proven record of delivering results through strong researc
h skills, problem-solving abilities, and constant focus on customer service. Con
versant with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002.
Financial Analyst January 2009 - Present
Software Development and Information Technology consulting firm with operations
worldwide. The company specializes in building software applications across num
erous industry verticals.
My Role
* Generating, building and distributing monthly financial reports and expense re
* Create new reports that improved financial reporting, expense reporting and co
st analysis.
* Assist in the development of quarterly budgets and in financial planning.
* Analyze budget, financial reports/data and expense patterns to project expendi
tures, costs and revenues.
* Reconcile General Ledger accounts on a bi-weekly basis.
* Develop financial reports for forecasting, trending, and results analysis. Int
erprets financial transactions and events for users who must make business decis
* Reconciled The Corporation's Cash General Ledger Account to its 2008 and 2009
Bank Statements. Identified errors and omissions, suggested corrective measures
in preparation for an ongoing audit.
Customer Service Representative October 2007 - December 2008
Retail banking: execute transactions directly with consumers. Services offered i
nclude: savings and checking accounts, mortgages, personal loans, debit cards, c
redit cards, and so forth.
My Role
* Cross-checked teller reports for errors, which reduced mistakes by more than 8
* Processed 100% of daily Journal Entries and Postings within required 8-hour ti
me frame.
* Reconciled Inter-Branch accounts, eliminating 80% habitually irreconcilable it
ems, reducing losses.
* Checked, verified, and posted cash and check withdrawals and deposits.
* Improved customer service by providing timely solutions and fostering professi
onal customer relations.
Financial Controls Reconciler December 2004 - August 2007
Consumer Loan/ Commercial Loan Department: the department collects deposits from
clients and gives direct loans to businesses and individuals.
My Role
* Researched and resolved complex, non-routine problems, reducing unresolved ite
ms by 80% and reducing losses charged to department while improving correct post
ings to customer accounts.
* Administered Pre-Balance procedures in order to identify system flaws and erro
rs; forwarded improvement recommendations to Information Systems staff reducing
reporting flaws by 100%.
* Recommended transaction detail reporting as opposed to summarized reporting fo
r two Insurance General Ledger accounts minimizing reconciliation errors by 20%
while decreasing turn-around time by 50%.
* Served as General Ledger subject matter expert during conversion to new system
; advised Accounting Department, Finance Group, IT Department, and Business Solu
tions Group about end-user needs. Successfully converted to new system in design
ated time frame.
* Created Pre-Balance batch worksheets to help compare paper documentation with
computer system.
* Trained a Consumer Loan Specialist and Financial Controls Reconcilers regardin
g all aspects relating to Pre-Balancing, Insurance & Student Loan General Ledger
Accounts balancing/reconciling roles.
* Served as liaison to various departments regarding reconciled/adjusted items,
resulting in improved inter-departmental relationships.
* Successfully answered internal audit questions pertaining to balancing and rec
onciling the Student Loan General Ledger Account a role that earned me an award
(You Make a Difference Award 2007)
* Updated and maintained files, reports, and other data to improve research meth
Revenue Officer September 2002 - October 2004
Internal Audit and Tax Investigation Department: In support of the overall URA M
ission, the department serves the public by investigating and Auditing potential
criminal violations of the Uganda Revenue Code and related financial crimes in
a manner that fosters confidence in the tax system and compliance with the law.
My Role
* Reviewed accounts to verify tax amounts due, helping to identify eleven fraudu
lent tax cases in two years.
* Investigated anomalies to determine correct taxes due. Identified over $40,000
in taxes due but not collected.
* Conducted audits leading to collection of additional $40,000 in unpaid taxes.
Master of Science in Finance May 2010
Johns Hopkins University, Carey Business School, Baltimore, Maryland
Relevant Coursework: Financial Risk Management, Financial Modeling (use of the C
rystal Ball program by Oracle), Econometrics in Finance (use of STATA), Investme
nt Analysis, Portfolio Management, Financial Derivatives, Financial Statement An
Bachelor of Arts, Economic December 2002
Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda
Relevant Coursework: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Quantitative Economics, Res
earch Methodologies, International Economics, Monetary Economics, Mathematics, S
tatistics, Computing for Economists
* Computer Skills:
Ms Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access), Bloomberg, SAP, SAS, SPSS
, STATA, Crystal Ball by Oracle, Outlook, Monarch, Mobius, Frontier
* Accident and Health Life Variable Annuities Ohio Department of Insurance.
* Commercial Investigation Certification Uganda Revenue Authority. 20
* Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002