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(904) 422-3513 cm961ce0@westpost.net

Analytical, focused Personnel/Site/Document/Operations/Intelligence Security Pro
fessional with additional medical background and numerous combat/security tours
in Afghanistan/Baghdad/Northern Iraq. Ex-US Army with Bronze Star. Exceptional o
ral/written communications (including in public speaking/security briefs for sen
ior leadership), organizational and leadership skills. Proven multi-tasker and p
roblem-solver under high stress. Willing to travel/relocate for appropriate posi
tion. Operational in the Kurdish language (Sorani).
US State Department certified in high threat close protection, counter insurgen
cy operations, and intelligence gathering including as team leader, counter assa
ult team leader, advance team leader, medic, and as sniper (Designated Defensive
Marksman) used for counter sniper operations.
Proficient with MS Office, suite, PowerPoint, Macintosh OSX, Dreamweaver, AutoC
AD and Blue force tracker global positioning system.
Maritime Security Specialist
Provides security consultancy, maritime security/anti-piracy operations, maritim
e counter-terrorism, anti-smuggling operations, vessel escort protection, vessel
& asset recovery, and maritime security training. Performed maritime security o
perations in the Gulf of Aden and off African coast. Provided port security in K
uwait, Iraq, and Karachi, Pakistan. Operated as a long-range defensive marksman
to reduce and mitigate threats.
Security Specialist
Researched, developed, modified and implemented personnel and site security pla
ns and protocols, including for high profile civilian and military personnel and
potential targets.
Entrusted to gather intelligence as member of security team assigned to the Bag
hdad, Iraq U.S. Embassy, then analyze, and disseminate mission-critical informat
ion for counter assault team, including daily morning and evening intelligence u
pdates with intelligence officers.
Oversaw mission planning, organization of high threat venue meetings, arranging
security plans for foreign delegations security plans, evacuation of wounded pe
rsonnel, intelligence presentations and information security, and maintaining go
vernment equipment for USAID in Baghdad, Iraq.
Served as Team Leader for advance team, counter assault team and security prote
ctive detail, including performance of hundreds of tactical site surveys for ven
ues in Afghanistan/Iraq and briefing senior military, security, State Department
and other governmental personnel on security issues.
Performed Joint Security Operations with NSA, DEA, Secret Service and State Dep
artment, and assisted other agencies in security operations route and mission pl
anning such as: USAID, U.S. State Department and the Secret Service in Afghanist
an and Iraq.
Supervised 30 military individuals, operations and communications for over 100
security operators, and trained over 300 in medical tasks and tactical medical p
Decreased security threats on US diplomats through vital mission planning and i
ntelligence gathering.
Operated various global positioning systems, and multiple software presentation
Performed close protection for thousands of motorcade operations, foot movement
s, and air movements for high level diplomats and foreign dignitaries.
Performed security operations for (and received letters of recommendation from)
Vice President Cheney (Afghanistan), Vice President Biden (Iraq), NSA Director,
Chamber of Commerce Director (Afghanistan/Iraq), Ambassador Khalizad (Afghanist
an/Iraq), Ambassador Neuman (Afghanistan), Ambassador Crocker (Iraq), and Ambass
ador Hill (Iraq).
Long-range surveillance team Medic 1/325th Airborne Infantry Regiment, 82nd Air
borne Division
Performed as infantry/long range reconnaissance LRST medic, senior infantry lin
e medic and team medic in Operation Joint Guardian, Kosovo and Operation Iraqi F
reedom, Iraq.
Performed reconnaissance and surveillance missions with the 325th Airborne Infa
ntry Regiment Long Range Reconnaissance team and other high threat operations in
As Samawah, Habaniyah, Diwaniyah, Fallujah, and Baghdad, Iraq. Performed direct
action missions in Iraq with joint SOF teams, and combat brigade.
Reconnoitered routes, planned mission, and oversaw operations, surveillance int
elligence gathering and target acquisition. Performed numerous combat operations
throughout Iraq in 2003.
Trained 300+ in tactical combat medicine prior to Iraq deployment to Iraq and 2
50+ in preparation for Operation Joint Guardian, Kosovo, in close quarters battl
e, Military Operations on Urban Terrain (M.O.U.T), and tactical casualty care un
der fire procedures.
Operated as non-commissioned officer in charge of ground and air evacuation in
Operation Iraqi Freedom, accountable for $10+ mil in equipment, and managed trai
ning/deployment of 30 personnel
Performed HUMINT surveillance operations in Operation Joint Guardian, Kosovo on
border outside Zegra, Kosovo. Provided intelligence collection on UCPMB personn
el and other military forces for battalion and KFOR commanders. Provided spot re
ports to task force providing immediate situation and event Intel updates along
Serbian border.
Performed numerous joint NATO missions during Operation Joint Guardian includin
g: cordon and search missions, counter insurgency operations, reconnaissance/sur
veillance missions, mission force patrols, and direct action long-range missions
Entrusted to oversee security emplacements for all battalion wounded personnel
and scout team members during Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003, and treated/evacuate
d over 150 personnel.
Served as lead instructor for first response course, tactical casualty care cou
rse, combat lifesaver, and as the evaluator for the medical tasks in the expert
infantry course.
Bachelor of Science, Sport and Health Sciences. 2010
Additional Education and Certifications includes:
Special Tactical Services (STS) Maritime Security Operations/ Anti-Piracy/Port s
ecurity course 2010.
US State Department High Threat Defensive Driving Course, Beaverun, PA. DynCorp
Intl., 2005, 2006.
US State Department High Threat Close Protection Worldwide Personal Protective S
ervices (WPPS I), DynCorp Intl., 2005, (WPPSII), 2006.
Worldwide Personal Protective Services Course; Motorcade Operations; Foot and Ai
r Movements; Weapon proficiency - M4, Glock 19, M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, M24
0B Machine Gun, SR25 Sniper System, M24 Sniper System, AK-47,M203 Grenade Launch
er; Close Quarter Battle; Unarmed Defensive Tactics; Threat Assessment Advances
and Risk Management; CPR/Combat Casualty Care Course; Hostage recovery; counter
insurgency; and Surveillance/Counter-Surveillance operations.
US State Department Designated Defensive Marksman Course (Sniper Course). High
Desert Special Operations Center, Hawthorne, Nevada, 2006.
US Army Non-Commissioned Officers Placement Leadership Development Course (PLDC)
US Army Basic Trauma Life Support and Advanced Trauma Life Support Course.
US Army Combat Special Operations medical training.
US Army Expert Field Medical Course/ EFMB Evaluation Course.
US Army Combat Medical Course.
US Army Expert Infantry tactics Badge Instructor and Evaluator.
US Army Airborne School.