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Marion L.

Marino-Meyash, RN, MSN Ed

12710 J.D. Lasr Road Fountain, FL. 32438
(355 Monument Road Apt 25A1, Jacksonville, Fl 32225)
Home (850) 722-9737
Cell (850) 866-5892 (Preferred)
Goal directed and results oriented professional with a strong background in medi
cal, supervisory, and education. Skilled communicator, persuasive and adaptable.
Self-motivator with high energy, initiative, and focused. Keen insight into the
needs and views of others-able to listen and identify issues or problem areas a
nd form innovative solutions in a professional, personable manner and articulate
in presentation. Areas of strength include:
* Education Focused
* Comprehensive Medical/Surgical/Nursing Knowledge and Wellness/Preventative Me
* Communication/Negotiation/Facilitation
* Problem Solving/Decision Making
* Client and Community Relations
* Flexible/Assertive/Adaptive
* Writing/Documentation/Presentation
* Attentive to Cultural Diversity and Culturally Competent Care
* Enthusiastic Life-long Learner
* Advocate for Change/Visionary
* Interest in Research and Development to enhance Evidence Based Practice (EBP)
Capella University, 48 credits towards PhD in Education; Expected completion 8-2
University of Phoenix; Accredited Online University; Graduated 12-10-07 MSN Ed
University of Phoenix; Accredited Online University; Graduated 11-24-04 BSN
Gulf Coast Community College, Panama City, FL; 1985-1998
Western Connecticut State University, Danbury, CT: 1975
The Brooklyn Hospital School of Nursing/Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY: Di
ploma in Nursing
Concorde Institute, Jacksonville, FL (7-13-2009- Present)
ADON/classroom/clinical instructor
Fundamentals of nursing/Med-Surgical Nursing/Professionalism
Conduct clinical rotations at Shands Jacksonville (trauma; ortho; neuro and reha
b units); and a LTF
Knowledgeable about teaching NCLEX related content in the classroom and via ATI
Instruction delivered via lecture. PPTs, videos, and online (Evolve)
Counsel and assist with remediation of students
Staff development of instructors
Student advisor
Aquinas College, Nashville, TN (7-01-2008-5/2009)
Full time faculty (One year contract)
Lecturing, skills lab, clinical, and advisor for Fundamentals in the ASN program
Gulf Coast Community College, Panama City, FL (1-05 -5-08):
Adjunct Clinical Nursing Instructor for Adult II; Adult III; and Geriatric nursi
I instructed students in gerontology in a long-term facility; the medical surgic
al arena; step-down and cardiac unit in an acute care facility. Responsible for
teaching clinical skills, such as wound care, respiratory care, tracheal care/su
ctioning, lab values and the relevance to specific patient, medication knowledge
, IV therapy, and cardiac care (telemetry, medications, drips), and the challeng
es of the elder population.
Responsible to ensure students met the competency levels expected to progress to
the next level. Ensure policy and procedures of the hospital facility and the c
ollege are met. Student and patient advocate.
Community Health and Rehabilitation Center, Panama City FL (12-04 -1-07): 11-7 S
upervisor; Part-time, Biweekly and PRN
Resource person for staff; responsible for ensuring staffing within compliance a
ccording to Medicare/Medicaid guidelines; Resident, family and staff advocate
Gentiva Home Health Services, Panama City, FL (3-04 to 11-04): Associate Case Ma
nager for patients in Bay and surrounding counties
Responsible for improving the health and well being of the patients and their fa
milies by providing efficient, knowledgeable, and caring services, including: pa
tient assessment and educating the patient and caregiver and reporting pertinent
changes to the physician.
Health South Rehabilitation Hospital, Panama City, FL (2-03 to 3-04): Charge Nur
Responsible for 65 patients with a myriad of medical/surgical needs i.e. CVA's,
cardiac, respiratory, and orthopedic surgical procedures. I was the liaison betw
een patients and physicians; the phlebotomist for hospital M-Thurs; and the reso
urce person for staff nurses and ancillary staff.
Bay Behavioral Center, Panama City, FL (11-02 to 2-03): Assessment and receiving
nurse (7AM - 7PM) Per-Diem
Corrections Corporation of America, Panama City, FL (11-23-92 to 9-06-02): Healt
h Service Administrator
Responsible for the continuing education of 8 medical staff members (high retent
ion rate 3-10 yrs) and correctional staff; Scheduling; Managed clinic responsibl
e for 550-600 inmates; Liaison with the Immigration and Naturalization Service a
nd detainees; Worked closely with facility physician and mental health clinic; P
articipated in the University of Alabama School of Medicine CEU for HIV Manageme
nt. Worked closely with local Infectious Disease physician to maintain the healt
h of patients with HIV; Secured resources within the community to assist with ed
ucational programs for staff and inmates on high risk behaviors and potential ri
sks, and for discharge planning for inmates with life threatening illnesses or o
ngoing mental health issues; responsible for facility's employee health, ensurin
g all staff were given the opportunity to receive the Hepatitis B vaccine, were
tested for TB and referred to an appropriate healthcare provider in cases of pot
ential Workman Comp issues. Was responsible for the medical budget and billing n
eeds for both the Main Jail and the Annex; Helped set up a TB task force/Infecti
on control with the BCPHD in 1994. Community-Jail liaison; Developed a Bioterror
ism plan for the facility.
Gulf Coast Hospital, Panama City, FL (1990-1996):
Staff Nurse on step-down unit until 1991; House Supervisor 3-11 until 7-15-96: O
ff hours Administrator responsible for maintaining professional operations of th
e facility. Staff resource person.
RN State of Florida (active)
RN State of Tennessee (active)
RN State of New York (inactive)
RN State of Connecticut (inactive)
Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare 1999-2007
Employee of the Year 12-2000 (CCA)
Employee of the Quarter 6-2000 (CCA)
Employee of the Month 4-2000 (CCA)
The Florida Jail Medical Services Inspector 1998-2002
Who's Who in American Business 1988
Nurse Manager of the Year 1988 Bay Medical Center
Instructor for RN refresher course 1987 (Bay Medical Center)
Nurse of the Year 1968 Central General Hospital (Long Island, NY)
* Sigma Theta Tau Member
* National League of Nursing
* International Counsel of Nursing
* Florida Nurse's Association
* The American Nurses Association
* Jacksonville's Association of Nurse Educators (JANIE)
* Darfur Coalition Member
Completed AHA instructor course
CPR certified
Upon Request
*** Additional work history available upon request.