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Howard Gregg Buescher

5935 East 249th Street

Cicero, Indiana
(317) 984-7096 a
" home
(317) 385-0643 a
" cell
Experience in logistics, maintenance, production, stockroom and transportation m
anagement. Extensive experience in customer service, quality assurance, human r
esource management, training development, environmental management, inventory co
ntrol and financial management. Self-motivated with an established reputation f
or reliability, hard work, commitment, constancy, accuracy, quality control, pro
ductivity, efficiency and effectiveness in fast past detail oriented environment
Texas A&M University
College Station Texas
Bachelor of Science Degree
Major: Agricultural Economics
Spanish Spoken: Advanced
Written: I
Cintas Corporation
Indianapolis, Indiana
8/1997 a" 6/2010
Production/Stockroom Supervisor
Responsible for meeting production goals, controlling inventory and managing the
flow of product through the plant. Managed and led personnel in the plant and
in the stockroom. Resolved customer service issues on a daily basis related to
the receipt and delivery of customer merchandise.
United States Atlantic Command
Norfolk, Virginia
6/1995 a" 6/1997
Transportation Coordinator, USMC
Coordinated air and sea movement in the Atlantic area of operations. Primary re
sponsibilities were exercises and operations in the Carribean basin. Supported
migrant operations in Cuba, humanitarian and nation building operations in Haiti
. Coordinated humanitarian shipments to countries in the Atlantic region area.
Contributed to success of operations by ensuring prompt, cost effective deliver
y of cargo, personnel and equipment. Received Joint Commendation Medal for work
Circuit City
Richmond, Virginia
6/1994 a" 5/1995
Warehouse Supervisor
Supervised truck fleet and transfer of merchandise from service center to retail
stores. Monitored inventory and worked to minimize cycle time of merchandise.
Received recognition as employee of the month during this time period. Served
as substitute driver of commercial trucks when needed.
Ryder Commercial Leasing and Services
Richmond, Virginia
11/1992 a" 4/1994
Branch Manager
Managed two shift facility responsible for the maintenance of commercial lease a
nd consumer rental vehicles. Management task included: profitability, human re
sources management, environmental control, administration, customer service and
United States Marine Corps
Various Duty Stations
9/1977 a" 12/1992
Time period covers my active duty in the United States Marine Corps. I served a
s a motor transportation and logistics officer with tours in the United States,
afloat, in the far east and then Persian Gulf. Left active duty as a Captain an
d retired from the reserves as a Lieutenant Colonel.
American Legion
Knights of Columbus
Texas A&M Corps of Cadet Association
Texas A&M Association of Former Students
United Mitochondrial Disease
Aimee Hoyer
Cintas Human Resources Manager
Brad Hammer
Cintas Service Manager
Dominic Phan
Engineer, Chrysler Corporation
Dr. Maurice Rougraff
Retired physician

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