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Product Development

the potential to
leadership vision
Improving your ability to innovate requires
a wide array of skills, processes and techniques.
The Product Development Academy Programme
will help you in the battle to get ideas to market
as profitable new products and services
18 months 20 Companies

1 Goal
Successful applicants benefit from a range
of conveniently timed Workshops, Clinics,
Web Seminars and Group Discussions
This programme, consisting of a series of live, meeting basded
and virtual events over a period of 18 months, is designed to
equip a select group of organisations across the North East with Boosting Product Development Performance
the skills and processes to boost their innovation performance,
by delivering the opportunity and the tools to: ➜ RAISING ASPIRATION & AMBITION
➜ Better identify customer needs A funded programme for small to medium sized
➜ Link innovation processes to your business strategy businesses in the North East who want to develop
➜ Manage your product portfolio new features products and services
➜ Understand how to take products to market
➜ Engage and develop collaborative ventures
through open innovation ➜ EDUCATION

Thorough exploration of theory and principles of

3 key areas of Product Development processes
and techniques - at times that suit your schedule!

developing a Participants learn from experts and go on to apply
vision for your future: the principles and techniques to initiatives within
their own organisations

1 2
“How well a company innovates new products and technologies will predict its
ability to weather the economic hurdles of the present and future. But successful
innovation can’t just be small incremental innovations – it must be “disruptive” or
radical innovations that shake up the status quo - the largest gains in business
come from more daring innovations that challenge the organisation”.
Paul J.H. Schoemaker, Wharton University, November 2008

“ There are many roadblocks to innovation,
especially as companies grow older and bigger.
Multiple layers of bureaucracy make it difficult for
Companies that are chosen to participate in this
programme can expect to improve their ability to:

companies to shift gears quickly and to abandon

old ways. ➜ Access new market sectors and customers

➜ Generate revenues from new products and business

Smaller companies have the agility, the drive and the
speed to take advantage of emerging market
opportunities. However they can struggle to sustain
their innovation efforts, excite customers with their new
➜ Manage the risk, time and cost of their product
development programme
products, reduce risk, and to compete with larger, more
established players.
➜ Develop new high value, breakthrough products
The Product Development Academy is designed to
equip successful applicants with the understanding, ➜ Increase the percentage of successful products
skills, tools and processes and expert and peer networks

they need to boost their innovation performance.
Catherine Johns
Director of Innovation Development
NETPark Net

Twenty companies get selected

on the basis of their ability to benefit
from, and their commitment to the
Academy programme

3 4
What is the
product Regular on-line sessions, workshops
and direct assistance...
academy? . .
The Academy is:
A professional development .
Participants Learn how to:
Change your company

programme which will culture to encourage
improve the innovation creativity and innovation

The Academy is an 18 month capability of participating
organisations Select and apply appropriate
programme of workshops, online tools and techniques to

Based on content, insights boost your innovation
seminars and clinics delivering and guidance developed capabilities

and practiced by leading
essential knowledge directly to companies Discover hidden
opportunities to create ‘new
regional busineses and SME’s to
Completely independent to world’ products and
and unbiased services, to access new
improve returns on investment
customers, and to sell into
Designed to give new market sectors
related to new product and service participating organisations
unparalleled access to Identify which ideas and
development opportunities. innovation practitioners technologies have the

from some of the world’s greatest potential for
most admired companies creating new customer value
This core programme is supported Set a clear strategy that
by a global network of experts in focuses on creating products
and services that bring
innovation who will help you to
higher revenues and greater
market power
apply your learning, and expand
Access universities and
your professional networks companies that could have
the answers (or the
technological developments)
that you need ‘sitting on
The Innovation Management Academy is a sponsored programme delivered by Pure Insight on behalf of NETPark Net their desks right now’

5 6
Engaging in the Programme

how does
YOU WILL automatically be enrolled for the Academy’s core Innovation
Mangement module. This module is comprised of innovation
case studies, web seminars and tools that have been
developed specifically by experts in that field. It’s designed to
provide a broad base of insights into current best practices in

it work?

YOU WILL also enroll in the two modules below:

1 Core Module (Innovation Management)

* How to better manage Intellectual Property
* How to partner with other organisations (Open Innovation)
All small and medium sized companies in * Incremental Vs. Breakthrough Product Devlopment
the North East of England that develop
new products and technologies are eligible
to apply to join the Product Development
Academy Programme.
2 Creating and dealing with great ideas (the ‘Fuzzy Front’ end)
* Finding the ‘uncontested’ white spaces
* Idea generation and management techniques
* Identifying ‘Hidden Needs’

After an application process, twenty companies

will be selected on the basis of their ability to
benefit from, and their commitment to the
Academy programme.
3 Managing your portfolio of products and services
* Managing technology projects
* Roadmapping, wargaming and scenario planning
* Phase and Gates processes for killing bad projects

If your company is selected you will be asked to

attend the Academy’s Diagnostic Workshop. At
this workshop your specific needs will be
WE WILL deliver the modules over 18 months, after which participating
identified using Pure Insight’s unique Innovation successful aplicants will undertake the Maturity Capability
Maturity Capability Model, and you will be given a Model again to assess their development in key Innovation
clear analysis of your weaker areas. Management core competencies

On completion of the programme participants

will be invited to join their peers in Pure Insight’s
Innovation Leader Alumni
7 8
Why do we need to innovate


The programme combines traditional professional

development tools with a range of highly innovative new
supporting products.
The key elements are:

Innovation Web Innovation Clinics Facilitated Peer to Innovation

Seminars Peer Exchange Knowledge Hub
Web Seminars (Webinars) are Participating companies will Peer-to-Peer exchanges Programme participants will
live seminar sessions bring their specific challenges provide insights from have 24/7 online access to
delivered directly to a to the Academy’s Innovation companies that have ‘been Pure Insight’s library of over
computer and telephone. Clinics. As short and focused there and done it’ before. 700 interviews, case studies,
Webinars are 60 minutes two hour web events each They provide real insights executive views, presentations
packed with ‘how to’ advice clinic will be led by key into mistakes made, and and articles. Easily searchable
and actionable insights from experts from across the world lessons learnt. They are by topic and industry these
leading experts. and will focus on a specific facilitated via e-mail, online, insights are valuable when
module from the programme. one to one telephone calls, or preparing change
Innovation They will provide advice, tools even via teleconferences. programmes, taking on a new
and methodologies, case Participants are also be skill, introducing new staff to Ambition
Briefings studies and expert access to entitled to join Pure Insight’s key topics, and for building
help remove blockages and ‘Hot Topic Q&A’ sessions five internal presentations and
Innovation Briefings are held move things forward. times per year. * business cases.
bi-monthly. They are
(see member.pure-insight.com)
summaries of ‘best’ (i.e.
proven) practice, and are Ask the Expert Seminars and innovation
delivered via a combination Facility Workshops
of physical reports and web Education Application
summaries. Combined they Pure Insight maintains a Pure Insight will provide five
build into a comprehensive global network of over 800 (5) complimentary delegate
library that can be referred to thought leaders, consultants seats to its upcoming seminar
again and again. and lead practitioners and workshop programme in
standing by to respond to 2010-11. These events are in
participants questions via strong demand and sell out
email or telephone. * on a regular basis (see
* Limitations on numbers apply
9 10
Those selected to engage in the programme will join
an exclusive networked community that will help
them better prepare for future challenges through the

Define your
transfer of cutting edge knowledge

Programme Timeline
internal SELECTION: Eligible companies are defined and selected

champion DIAGNOSTIC: Innovation Maturity Capability definition

DESIGN: Individual objectives and desired outcomes

Framework Set

Objectives Set

Create Structures for Participation

We’ll deliver the

Engage in Programme Components

Fill Knowledge Gaps Using ‘Knowledge Hub’

Disseminate Insights to your Internal Teams

Target Insights to Real Process Improvements

Learn how to Select and Apply Appropriate Tools

Adapt your Innovation Culture

Share Learning / Experiences with external Peers

Engage in Facilitated Peer-to-Peer Q&A’s
By training up (over a period of time) an internal
‘improvement champion’ The Product Development Interface with Experts Aligned to Your Needs
Academy will help participating organisations master the
dynamics of modern innovation success and improve their Review Against Objectives

ability to recognise opportunities. In short : Roll Out Team Learnings to Your Organisation
Embed Learning / Improvements to Processes
Helping to build real and sustainable business growth

11 12
Expert faculty

the programme is supported by a strong

faculty of global experts and senior practitioners
all recognised for exceptional achievement in
their field

Making it
Jeffrey Phillips Prof. Wim Vanhaverbeke Peter Hoyland

Thought leader, Open Innovation Expert, Portfolio Management

Intrapreneur and Innovation Author, Strategist and Expert and CEO
expert OVO INNOVATION Economist



global experts
Listed below are just some of the global experts, thought
Leadership and Partnership leaders and academics whose insights will support the

None of us are as smart as all of us and programme

Alex Kandybin
participants will benefit from aligning to an Partner. Booz Allen Hamilton
international network of experts as well as insights from
Dr Robert Cooper
Europes largest process and innovation improvement (r)
Founder of Stage-Gate Process
Dr Jay Paap
Technology Scouting & NPD expert
➜ expert faculty
Dr Peter Koen
➜ advisory board Associate Professor at Stevens
Institute of Technology

Stakeholders of participating companies take an agreed Professor Satish Nambisan

Lally Business School
reference point at the beginning of the programme.
Professor Gina O'Connor
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
By identifying first their own strengths and weaknesses,
they will go on to achieve a higher level of innovation Dr Robert Phaal
management though this step-by-step programme Cambridge University
aimed at boosting their overall business performance. Geoff Waite
Vice President Sagentia

Robert Shelton
Director and Owner at PRTM

13 14
Aspiration and ambition matched to education and application By the end of the programme the members of the

academy will be several steps further in delivering
a strategic approach to successfully bringing new
products and services to the market.

The programme components (see pages 9-10 for details)
combine to allow organisations an un-biased forum and
process for the controlled delivery of new or improved
innovation implementation strategies within their

The overview below highlights the three modules available in the

programme. The modules focus on participants learning about vanguard
practice and then creating their own concepts through internal discussion
and implementation.






Module Specific Webinar Ask the expert


Creating and dealing
with great ideas (the
Creating and dealing
with great ideas (the ??
‘Fuzzy Front’ end) ‘Fuzzy Front’ end)

Facilitated Peer to Peer exchange

Access to annual Web Seminar programme : 36 One hour sessions + full archive access

Managing your Managing your
portfolio of products ?? INNOVATION
portfolio of products
and services and services

?? ASK THE EXPERT Senior practitioner / thought leader from WEB SEMINARS World class professional development
Pure Insight’s network of 800+ experts and content contributors programme following 10 key innovation themes*
* Themes detail available on request
15 16

next steps
are your

for action?

By the end of the programme participating

organisations will be equipped with
enhanced skills to help them:
Key dates Example content Commitment required
➜ Better Identify Which Ideas to ● 19th May 2010 ● Open Innovation & Technology ● Must have senior management
develop (Meeting Unmet Needs)
Product Development Academy
applications open
Scouting support

● Senior ‘Programme Champion’

➜ Link Innovation and Business ● 11th June ● Incremental versus Breakthrough
to be defined as key point of
Development Academy Innovation
Strategies applications close contact for programme delivery

● Fuzzy Front End, Consumer Driven, ● Guarantee of attendance at

➜ Manage a Product Portfolio ● W/B 28th June Customer Centric Insights key planning / milestone events
Successful applicants notified
of acceptance into Product (varied dates will be available)
Development Academy
➜ Take Products to Market More ● Innovation Processes, Systems and
Effectively Tools
● 15th September
Product Development Academy ● Meeting Unmet Customer Needs
➜ Engage and Develop Collaborative programme begins
On-line registration
Ventures through Open Innovation now open at:
Delivered through the methods
outlined on pages 10 and 12 www.uknetpark.net/innovationacademy

New Better Customer driven

features products innovation
17 18

Apply at:

Product Development