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Lynn Daughtridge

415 Atlantic Drive

St. Simons Island, GA 31522
(770) 893-7192 / kiddoga@hotmail.com

November 1, 2000 - Present - State of GA/DHR/OCSS

1) Child Support Services Agent II - Currently Serving Brunswick
Transfer Salary: $41,093.19
Establishes and enforces child support obligations of responsible parents. Coord
inates child support activities with legal, judicial, and public organizations
Completes reports to document information acquired during cases and actions take
Computes the amounts of child support payments
Examines case files to determine that court-ordered judgments for payment are in
May adjust payment commitment where indicated and appropriate
May testify for the State in civil or criminal prosecution regarding failure to
Monitors payments awarded by the courts to ensure compliance and enforcement of
the laws
Secures all information necessary to locate non-custodial parents
Previous Agency Position Experience
2) Budget Operations Manager - 2 Peachtree St. NW, Atlanta
Promotional Salary: $43,147.80
a. Develops and analyzes annual operating budgets for OCSS
Assists in the development of and responsibility for the timely submission of AO
B, supplemental, zero-based budgets and fiscal affairs transfers and other budge
t documents as requested.
Prepares all budget submissions, revisions and enters in financial systems (Peop
leSoft and BudgetNet)
Analyzes appropriated budgets and make necessary object class realignments to re
flect program spending.
Responsible for thorough and complete analysis of the impact of recommended budg
ets in relation to requests for budget improvement, reductions or fiscal affairs
transfers and prepare response or justification
Analyzes and makes budget projections and reports impact / needs for program ser
Prepares approved budget revisions and enters into PeopleSoft and BudgetNet syst
ems and verifies balance
Acts as liaison with DHR OBA and OPB to facilitate understanding of recommended
requests or solutions to budget inconsistencies.
Administers and monitors adherence to OCSS's budget appropriation allocated to 9
Regions and State Office Sections.
Participates in making budget/expenditure projections, statistical analyses and
compilation of data.
Supervise AOC I and AOC II positions
b. Prepares Budget Reports and Receipts
Prepares monthly and annual program and region office report of actual object cl
ass expenditures
Analyzes monthly personal service projections to ensure agency is within budgeta
ry capacity
Prepares summarized budget documents and revisions within established timeframes
allowing sufficient time for manager review
Oversees and takes corrective action on daily voucher rejections
Updates and submits to OFS the Monthly Reimbursement Spreadsheet monthly
Prepares DHR receipt of deposits into CSS budget of repayments or collection of
fees from miscellaneous sources within 3 days of receipt.
c. Budget Coding and Monitoring
Prepares schedules to request new and update Department ID codes, fund sources a
nd project codes
Verifies appropriate establishment and usage of department ID's, funding codes a
nd object class designation, submits changes/corrections as needed.
Reviews Purchase Orders and Basic Expenditures, ensure that all coding is correc
t and that funds are available for expenditure.
Prepares contract authorization forms for all OCSS contracts ensuring correct co
ding and budget information in order to avoid system rejects.
Monitors the processing of contracts for copiers, postage meters and other equip
ment rental, janitorial service and leasing contracts, ensures that all document
s are submitted with correct budget coding and within the deadline assigned.
3) Office of Child Support Services - Administrative Operations Coordinator I (6
years) Canton, GA
Starting Salary: $23,541.96 to $29,938.40
Monitored expenditures for the region by preparing monthly and quarterly budget/
expenditure comparison reports by office.
Identified potential surplus/deficit in the region's allocation and alerts super
visors and managers to matters that may require attention.
Prepares quarterly statistical reports/graphs on collections and office performa
nce (5 local offices) to the Region Manager and the Deputy Director.
Monitors office operations and region activities by reviewing and analyzing info
rmation related to workflow and may make recommendations for improvements.
Performed statistical analysis / review for each field office monthly and for sp
ecial projects
Performs any audits as requested by the Region Manager
Assisted with operational budget reviews within the region. Accurately records
changes made during budget reviews and provide updates to managers.
Maintains monthly reports and tracking using spreadsheets.
Analyzed data for errors / trends / consistency
Conduct training sessions on budget tracking and monitoring to field staff.
Prepares DHR receipts for miscellaneous deposits (repayments) to the OCSE budget
Receives, reviews for correctness and budget coding and submits forms for all mi
scellaneous payment for the region. Assists local managers in resolution of mat
ters pertaining to purchasing and miscellaneous payables. Maintains supporting
Processes petty cash and basic expenditures for the local offices ensuring prope
r budget coding and submission within assigned timeframes.
Responsible for all purchasing and procurement for the region. This includes pr
eparation of purchase orders through the PeopleSoft FN system.
Reconciliation of state Visa purchasing card for self and Region Manager. Submi
ts expenditure statement to Office of Financial Services each month.
Maintains Region office supply inventory, determining needs and places orders fo
r replacement.
Serves as liaison for region coordinating all administrative matters i.e. inform
ation needed for new and renewal contracts on copiers, postage meters, janitoria
l services, and lease agreements.
Assists in new vendor applications and assignment of vendor numbers for employee
s and outsourced services.
Previous Employment
1) Northside Hospital - Cherokee - Emergency and Critical Care Unit Coordinator,
GA (2 years)
2) Henry Medical Center - Surgical Unit Secretary and Medical Records Auditor, G
A (5 years)
3) City of Wilson Waste Water Treatment Facility - Pretreatment Coordinator, NC
(4 years)
4) Southern Testing and Research Laboratory - Cyanide testing Specialist, NC (2

1970 - 1983 N.E.W Christian Academy North Carolina
High School Diploma
1983 - 1985 Nash Community College North Carolina
Associates Degree, Environmental Chemistry
4 year Chemistry Award - NEW Christian Academy
2 year Chemistry Award - Nash Technical College
Dean's List - Nash Technical College
Clayton State College, Henry Medical Center, UGA
Computer Applications: Windows 95-XP, Office 2000, PeopleSoft HR and FN