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From: mary eng <maryeng1@gmail.

Date: Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 1:31 PM
Subject: Re: israel shamir contact
To: Jonathan Leman <jonathan.leman@expo.se>,
info@feministisktinitiativ.se, lw@fam.se,
fredrik.sjoshult@expressen.se, "Redaktionen, VAKEN.SE"
<info@vaken.se>, elin.anderson@primegroup.com,
elinor.carlsson@investorab.com, Henrik
Samuelsson <henrik.samuelsson@svt.se>,
rasmus.fleischer@gmail.com,fredric.karen@svd.se, Israel
Shamir <info@israelshamir.net>, lr@fam.se, humanitarian
law project <hlp@igc.org>, barriticus@gmail.com

dear Jonathan Leman of EXPO

it might be easier over the phone.

if you skype i am at

i have a "scoop" on the wikileaks/shamir connection but it

is via some round about drama in the USA
regarding barrett brown who

called himself "leader" of anonymous.

barrett is a writer.

he referred i speak to israel.

i said that "is not the antisemite is he?" he said no. i

blindly plunged into a skype call. israel shamir wanted me
to write an article for counterpunch. on WL.

he seemed overly friendly, ambiguous, if not mildly

delusional/senile or deliberately concealing.

so the fact he did such massive work for wikileaks to me

seems to point to either an assembly line process to the
that has no time to vet the esoterica of all of the numerous
or perhaps
even an attempt to lure assange to sweden or into further

now at which point my constant blogging about wikileaks

proves that JULIAN ASSANGE is an animal rights anti-
vivisection vegan who supports groups that liberate mink
farms, merely because i link to the ALF on my blog to
protest the patriot act-----
do you see the flawed logic therein????????
and i am the first to critique wikileaks when i think they are
making bad PR moves, bc that is what real friends do.

so i think you should amend and correct your article in

light of new discoveries.

what i noticed in my five months in sweden recently was

the lynch mob mentality of SVT et al
how does expo plan to evade hacking as our lynchmob
media PBS recently got so hacked, imperiling many many
people's security.


bc if so are you then forced to demo certain agendas?

are you sold out?
are you so corrupt the anti-nazi mag is actually pro-
NAZI "svenska tiger" when it comes to wallenberg war---
dubai return of the nasdaq OMX the day assange got the
anklebracelet---and the now total monopoly sweden gets
in USA stockmarket in exchange for the primePR post
primegate fussup.
so at which point are you a social democrat and are you
a part of KARL ROVE/Reinfeldt's Gravy Train primegate
bribe scheme too?????
oft within anonymous

there is racism and sexism galore

yet at times they seem to support wikileaks.

i called barrett up on his sexism, and then he referred me

to the anti-semite for which i excoriated him, to let him
know, shamir is a stooge set in place to make Wikileaks
look bad. but alas brown is from TEXAS and everyone is
racist there.

i think you should apologize to anti-war ISRAELIs and

anti-war jewish people for making mockery of a very good
thing: wikileaks.

the jewish side of my family and i have very much enjoyed

the cables about HUMAN TRAFFICKING rings from Tel
Aviv to Russia to London to Los Angeles.
when you are anti-wikileaks are you pro-human
trafficking???? are you trying to keep all those women
enslaved??????? are you or pro-ecodestruction or pro-
torture in gitmo????

i would like to know more about EXPO and the necessity

of putting ASSANGE on the cover.
who authorized this???
are you aware that LIBEL law is very vigorously pursued in

valdtakman=rapist and this assumption, which seems to

happen in all of your corporate media in sweden, who are
financed by the war industry or the racist parties.
are you guys being overly influenced by your prejudicial
media climate?

what i want to know is do you know you are propaganda

victims? and do you know you are propaganda creators?

in the USA this would be called "prejudicing the jury"

or "prejudicing the media climate"

barrett brown assured me shamir is not the famous anti-

semite i had read of loosely . . .

now what i see is that if assange used shamir to push over

the cables into russia, there is important work for human
rights regarding journalists beaten to death and human

so calling out shamir's radical views i see as fair, but

without the context of the greater good that might be
achieved, i find the situation dubious.
i understand the media climate is super controlled and
most papers receive financing from the racist parties.

i do also enjoy your coverage of hate crimes.

what concerns me as a missing link is the chance that

shamir was "Hired" to lure assange to sweden with the
help of wahlstrom who was kicked off ordfront for his racist

i am very concerned regarding this, that he is responsible

for luring Assange into the rape plots with ROVE/Reinfeldt.

or that he is utilized as a vulnerability.

if you did your research you might find that wikileaks has
very vigorous supporters who are Jewish and so painting
him as a NAZI really hurts our feelings.
i see his workings with shamir/wahlstrom as unfortunate.

when i first read wahlstrom's "stumping" for wikileaks i was

very disturbed at mischaracterizations and the ugly image
he put on wikileaks

so if shamir was "hired" to set up assange for the racism

claim .....
how do i know that EXPO is not "hired" to continue the
propaganda campaign to destroy WL cred b4 the powerful
forces of SEB/InvestorAB/SAAB/Ericsson
which are under investigation in new york for serioius
monopoly and antitrust give aways on behest of eric
read here:

which seemed to coincide with the primegate--primePR--

ardin--irmeli krans--borgstrom thing.

and as i see you advertise with the feminist initiativ, which

it seems claes borgstrom has wed in what we would call
political "baby-kissing"

as women stand to benefit from the cables i believe

Borgstrom's faux feminism is a deliberate co-opting of
what on surface stands for equality in europe.

Borgstrom's association with the feminist initiativ makes

me very concerned that they support MONKEY MEDIA
COURTS FOR usa$$$$$$$$$$

calling someone a rapist in the UNITED STATES involves

very delicate (though flawed) procedure regarding RAPE
SHIELD which would keep the NAMES and sexual
history out of the media. so why were the victims names
paraded? why is guilt presumed?

the trial would be moved to media climate unpolluted

by unfair prejudice, which now thanks to Borgstrom's
vociferous TV presence and rape stumping the ENTIRE
world is a prejudiced media climate.

this is a serious assault on magna carta standard

operating procedure.
why is EXPO taking part?
are you a vigilante justice system of your own much like
the KKK in the USA?????

do you have "innocent before proven guilty" in sweden, or


i am concerned that the orders for the EXPO trial by media

came from borgstrom/wallenberg who have much to lose
from wikileaks destabilization

this letter is open content copyleft please forward to any

and all and republish or kopimi at your will.
i will however look forward to answers:

0. is EXPO weapons industry financed? by that i mean

SEB saab ericsson investor AB FAM bonnier affiliated? or
israel war industry?

1. is EXPO infiltrated by Borgstrom and his facebook


2. is EXPO bribed to defame Assange

3. why are you calling him "valdtakman"=rapist when he

has not been charged or proven guilty or given a fair trial.

4. and off topic what is your opinion on stieg larsson----or

has EXPO become corrupt since his death

5. do you believe the allegations that Wallenberg are

profiting from displaced refugees accepted into the
swedish social system

6. is EXPO receiving war industry finance or racist

kickbacks from the deportation clubs (bodstrom CIA
jeppesen dataplan, inc) and human trafficking rings that
are being exposed on wikileaks

7. is EXPO doing what it is told to please the CIA which

SVD reports is extracted (the few) in the same manner as
the Pirate Bay prosecution which was shown on wikileaks
to demo the impotence of SWEDEN's state sovreignty
when it comes to taking orders from WIPO IMF WB and

8. are you aware that the domscheit berg defamation

book is published by bonnier which is married into the
wallenberg weapons family?

any response is greatly appreciated.

i put some contacts in the email to keep us all in the same

social loop.

lots of love to you as a human being. and to all the other

humans included.

mary eng
feel free to skype me at maryeng1

do you think julian assange will sue Google re the search

result defamation?

this happened in france you know when a man was falsely

accused of rape . . . .
does EXPO have a legal department you could refer me
on to??? i would love to speak to someone there.

On Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 6:49 AM, Jonathan Leman


I am not quite sure that I understand your e-mail.

Did you or did you not speak to Israel Shamir/Adam
Was something in my article unclear?

I posted a version of it in English on my blog to avoid


/Jonathan Leman
reporter at Expo

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: humanrights <maryeng1@gmail.com>
Date: 2011/6/1
Subject: israel shamir contact
To: info@expo.se

i was referred to speak to israel shamir

and did in fact.

it was thru an american ref who assured me this was not

the famous antisemite

wahl never got back to me.

feel free to contact me at


or maryeng1@gmail.com

for my experience researching wikileaks and crim law in


i spent 5 months there

and research wikileaks.

forward to any interested parties especially leman.