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June 2011 Community Project: The Robot Apocalypse

June 2011 Community Project: The Robot Apocalypse
July 6, 2011 update It’s amazing how quickly months come and go. It’s July already and another community project has wrapped up! It was so much fun to see the many different robot apocalypse stories that were published this month. It was the robot way or no way in “Incorporated,” household appliances (and Scribd) went rogue in “Robonoyances,” and you were given a history lesson in “A Historical Account of Recent Proceedings Regarding the Fall of Civilization.” We have also chosen a Scribd Staff favorite. The Scribd Staff favorite of this month’s community Project is “The Locus, The Janus” by The Jotter! Thank you to everyone who participated in this month’s community project! The July community project will be announced very soon. Mariko Fritz-Krockow June 2, 2011 The Robot Apocalypse: This is the theme of this month’s community project. The world is being taken over by artificial intelligence and it's up to you to tell the story! Use your creativity to tell a story about how the world that you live in is being taken over by artificial intelligence. You can write a short story, chapter of a book, poem, create a photo essay, paint a painting – anything at all! Once you have created your masterpiece, upload it into this month’s community project collection. As always, the Scribd Staff favorite will receive an awesome Scribd t-shirt, but this month, thanks to our friends at Doubleday Publishing, you will also receive a copy of Daniel H. Wilson’s new book “Robopocalypse”!

Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson

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What to do: Tell a story about the robot apocalypse. Use any medium you like! Upload your creation to Scribd and add it to this moderated collection.

Mariko Fritz-Krockow, Community and Content Manager Currently reading “Robopocalypse”

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