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Raymond J.

1113 Fairlawn Dr.
Rockledge, FL 32955
Phone (321) 633-0934 CELL: (321) 591-1527 Email: rdeab02a@westpost.net
Objective: Part Time or Full Time Position
Personal Profile:
a Highly accomplished professional with a track record of success contributing t
o bottom-line profitability in positions of increased responsibility in all area
s of computer operations. Offers more than 25 years of hands on experience with
all types of computers including computer systems hardware/software support and
management of computer operations groups.
a Uses excellent written and verbal communication skills to operate effectively
among corporate management; Offers outstanding growth potential in any capacity.
Relevant Skills and Experience
Management Skills
a Responsible for budget preparation and management, supervision of technical st
aff and justification of new hardware and software purchases.
a Data Center design and management for Web based applications.
a Development of systems business plan including goals, milestones and metrics.
a Implemented significant cost savings by pursuing aggressive technology impleme
ntation and purchasing practices.
a Coordinate and train new personnel in computer operations procedures while dev
eloping and applying long-term strategy for operations.
a Supervision of programming, network, helpdesk, clerical and analytical staff s
upporting executives, management, engineering and refinery operations.
a Other functions include writing performance appraisals, developing presentatio
ns for upper management, management of complex projects and acting as a technica
l expert for clients in the computing field.
Analytical Accomplishments
a Completed total project management for: (including team management, contract n
egotiation and financial justification) Point of sale system, warehouse automati
on, CAD/CAM design and maintenance, Total design and installation of LAN/WAN, co
nsolidation of computer centers and client server implementation.
Operational and Technical Experience
a Management of data center installations: Internet Web servers running Business
To Business (B2B), Application Service Provider (ASP), Internet co-location sit
e, VAX Clusters.
a Host system experience: HP3000 (HP/MPE), HP9000 (HP/UX), SUN, DEC VAX (VMS/ULT
RIX), IBM 360/370 (MVS/TSO).
a Network: Wide Area Network (WAN), NT/2000 Server, Novell 3.x/4.x, LINUX, Inter
net/Intranet Web Servers, CISCO Routers/Switches, Fiber Optics, Wireless LAN, Or
acle 8i Server.
a Continuing Education Includes: Netware Advanced Performance Integration, Netwa
re Systems Administration, TCP/IP Implementation, HP UNIX, HP 9000 System, Proje
ct Management, System Administration, Help Desk Service, Supporting Windows 95/N
a PC software: Windows 2000,95,98,xp,Vista,and 7 client, Microsoft Office 97,20
00,2003,2007 Professional Suite, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Outlook/Exchange,
Internet Explorer, Microsoft IIS5, FrontPage, Visio, plus many more to numerous
to mention.
a Programming experience/knowledge: Microsoft VISUAL BASIC, Paradox, COBOL, FORT
RAN, DBASE, PASCAL, DCL, HTML, Java, C++, SQL, Oracle, Sybase, DB2.
Employment History
2005-2009 Sales Service and Repair Computer Systems a" Circuit City
This retail store sold electronics from game consoles to Large
screen TVas. Store certified to work in all departments in sales
As well as FireDog certified computer repair technician. Rated in
top 5% of staff in sales and support.
2001- Present Self Employed Computer consultant- California/FL
Provide general computer consulting to home and small business
clients in the following areas:
a Computer Repair/Upgrades.
a Custom Build computer systems.
a Website design and implementation.
a Computer networking.
a Computer education/training.

2000-2001 Director Of Information Technology a" Net Horsepower, Inc.

This is a internet based company specializing in B2B and ASP services to the agr
iculture business. www.horsepower.com. I manage a small staff with a limited bud
get that provides support for business desktops, Web development, Oracle databas
e, LAN, and production servers co-located offsite.
1994-2000 IT Site Manager - formally Unocal 76 Products Company, TOSCO
Refining Company, Santa Maria, CA
A petroleum company located throughout the US. I managed a large staff (22) with
a 2 million dollar budget that supported day to day operations of LAN (24 serve
rs), desktops (600+), data centers (3), WAN using Cisco routers and switches and
training for end users.
1991-1994 Manager Of Information Systems-, The Nichols Group. Orlando, FL
A nationwide distribution company specializing in the construction industry. I m
anaged a small staff with a 1 million dollar budget that supported 4 data cente
rs, WAN, LAN (2 servers), Desktops (100+), Fiber backbone, Warehouse (automated
via Scanning and bar-coding), Distribution sites, EDI, and 30 retail stores main
ly in Florida with point of sale linked to main data center in Orlando.
1989-1991 Self Employed Computer consultant- Orlando, FL
1966-1989 Supervisor Computer Operations - Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester,
Systems Administrator- Engineering CAD/CAM Systems
Systems analyst- Digital VAX Systems
Supervisor Numerical Control Division- Machine Shop
Programmer Analyst- Numerical Control Machine Tools 3,4 and 5