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Shawn Anderson (RCDD)

6389 2nd a
ve N
ST. Peters
burg, FL. 33707
Email: saf

Career Goals: To obtain a position in the telecommunications field that will ch

allenge my capabilities and provide opportunities for growth in all areas of tel
ecommunications field. I recently took and passed the RCDD. I would love to fi
nd a company where I can show case my superb managerial skills and hopefully hav
e a long lasting career with.
WFI supervisor
Oct/ 10/ 10
Sub contractors through General Dynamics for ATT
Extending and testing T-1's for ATT wireless systems at cell sites. I am traveli
ng all around the mid-west, mainly OH and MI. Using t-berd testers. Learning
microwave and DSX (wire wrap). the job is only a contract job, trying to look ah
A-Tech., Tampa, FL Site supervisor June/ 09- 0ct/ 8/1
MCS Inc., Tampa, FL Site Superintendent Nov
ember/ 07 - August/08
Managed personnel involved in installation of telecommunications systems. Duties
included blueprint reading and interpretation to personnel, layout and sequence
for installation of products, material ordering, and inventory control for nume
rous projects at different locations simultaneously. I've engineered the low v
oltage layout on large new construction projects. At the end of the day, making
sure the projects were done correctly and in a timely fashion. I never had a p
roject go over budget or finish late, due to anything in my control.
Tri City Electric, Tampa, FL Project Manager April/ 07
-November/ 07
I Supervised employees in the installation of low voltage systems at several pro
jects throughout Florida. We Initiated quality control and labor management pro
cesses, providing additional cost savings to the corporation. In addition, assis
ted on project quotations and engineering.
QTSI Inc., Tampa, FL Project Superintendent Febuar
y/02 -April/ 07
Assignment at Centcom, during which obtained a government clearance, secret (sti
ll active). Responsible for many large, high profile contracts including Bright
House, Bechtel, Brevard County and a very large project for SAIC. All of these
large jobs were done under budget, in a timely manner. EIA-TIA standards were f
ollowed and proper QC was applied. Performed Cat3- Cat6, fiber, CCTV termination
s, sound (indoors and out), security and wireless. Engineered and built IC's al
l the way to large Er's, including installing Cisco switches and routers. I have
also worked with all different types of cable tray, conduit, PVC, EMT, Rigid, i
nside and outside plant. Trouble shooting and repairing was a daily requirement
Knight Enterprises, St. Petersburg, FL Subcontracted for Bright House perfo
rmed residential, Arial, buried, splitters, amps, Splicing and other projects.
Connecting and troubleshooting DSLs, routers and modems
Southern Sound, Tampa, FL Site Supervisor
Responsible for building out and terminating communications rooms, predominantly
VOIP projects at new schools. I've spliced cat-3 mechanical and fiber optics,
single and mm, inside and outside. I was in charge of the city of ST.Petersbur
g we did everything from simple trouble shoot and repair to new construction. E
ngineering and installing cat3- cat 6, fiber, T-1's. Trouble shooting phone lin
es on the city docks, with the salt water, was especially fun. It was a great le
arning experience that I always conquered. Test from Verizon's RJ31x to the POTS
, then out to each boat slip. Usually to fix, I had to make a splice outside in
the POT or in a junction box under the dock.
Telecommunication Systems, Tampa, FL Lead Tech
First learned how to fusion splice fiber optics. We installed everything, inside
and outside. Designed and terminated comm. rooms. I was in charge of small 4
man jobs.
Nortel at Kodak Park, Rochester N.Y. Tech
Was on the "ACE "termination team, we did all terminations. Here I first learne
d to splice cat3. I learned a lot dealing with programming phones, phone lines
and cross connecting at the main frame or CO.
Began in the business in 1992 for Vrooman Communications Inc. in Rochester, N.Y.
It was my father's company that he started.

EDUCATION: Monroe Community College, Rochester, N.Y.

Hudson Valley Community
College, Albany, N.Y.
Fairport High School, Fa
irport, N.Y.
CERTIFICATIONS: RCDD in 2010 , Hotmelt, MTRJ, Unicams, Leviton, Ortr
onics, superior, Confined Space, Panduit, Siemens, Tyco, fluke, T-berd, OTDR and
most other testers and Front loader (Lull)
SUMMARY: I have a broad background in the telecommun
ications field. I am a goal oriented, hard working professional who posses a go
vernment clearance. I have 18 years experience in the field. I have many years
dealing with project planning and implementation, surveying, bidding, staff mana
gement and supervision. I am an excellent team leader and I believe any company
would be happy to have me as an employee.