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Sylvia Anne Valentine

Box 128 Mathews VA 23109

804-654-0001 a"svf717de@westpost.net

Energetic, success-driven contract attorney with over 20 years in the legal prof
ession in the teaching and law office environments, also in operations, and mana
gement positions: special interest in corporate compliance and risk management.
Exceptional communications skills; able to analyze and explain complex informa
tion in a concise and easily understood manner. Maintains an effective manageme
nt style that reflects establishing clear expectations, ensuring accountability
among staff members and students, and fostering an atmosphere of mutual trust an
d respect. Solid history in research, analytical, negotiation, organizational,
and customer service skills. Committed to continuous improvement of attorney sk
ills in the legal office and the legal profession.
Relationship Building Criminal Law Federal/State Compliance
Contract Negotiation Probable Cause Juvenile Law
Risk Assessment Public Administration Corporate Law
Risk Management Expense Control Reverse Merger

Professional Experience
12/2008- Present Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
a Tried approximately over two hundred cases in District Court, Juvenile Court,
Circuit Court (second chair) for the Second Judicial District. Processed appro
ximately over one hundred and fifty probable cause hearings. Made judgments reg
arding charges against defendants. Prosecuted defendants for violation of proba
tion and contempt also participated in involuntary commitment hearings.

3/2007 a"12/2008-Special Counsel contract attorney for McGuire Woods, Richmond V

a Trial Preparation Work responding to discovery requests.
Provided assistance for several large lawsuits each with over million(+) amount
in controversy. Cases include: fraud investigation of a reverse merger, product
liability for a recall involving a major peanut butter maker, copyright infring
ement case involving two large tobacco companies, and a non-competition agreemen
t for major paper company, reviewed contracts for multi-billion dollar company a
nd discussed contract dispute.

1/1989 - Present - Saint Leo University, Fort Eustis, Virginia

a Professor/Academic Advisor
Professor at Saint Leo University for the past nineteen years. I am cleared in
the following classes: Crim 220 Survey of the Criminal Justice system, Crim 300
Substantive Criminal Law, Crim 322 Law of Criminal Procedure Crim 430 Correction
al Systems, Crim 332 terrorism, GBA 231 Business Law and GBA 335 Administrative
and Personnel Law, CRM 221 Homeland Security, CRM 432 Counter Terrorism. I am A
BD in both Public Relations and International Relations.
1/2001 - 10/2002 Doyle Land Services, Newport News,
a In House Counsel
Examined Land contracts for cellular towers. This job included assessments of a
bstracts of real property located on private, federal, and Virginia state held p
roperty. I distributed assignments to surveyors and reviewed work and wrote leg
al notes regarding property under investigation also coordinated decision making
regarding placement of cellular towers on potential sites.
8/1996 - 5/1997 Christopher Newport University, Newport News Va.
a Adjunct Professor of International Law
Taught classes on international law to students for Christopher Newport Universi
ty in the political science department, including international transactions, a
nd private and public international law.

8/1989 - 5/1990 Law office, Tupelo Mississippi

Legal Assistant-Did legal research and title searches on the grantee grantor ind

Education & Professional Development


8/1980 Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, Arkansas

* Bachelor's Degree
Obtained a BS degree in Political Science with a minor in International Relatio
ns and Public Administration. Graduated at age 19.
8/1981 Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, Arkansas
* Master's Degree
Obtained a master's degree in Political Science and Public Administration. Gradu
ated at age 20.
8/1982 Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, Arkansas
* Specialist Degree
Obtained a Specialist Degree (30 semester hours beyond a Masters) with an empha
ses on Public Administration. I received a commendation on my dissertation "Pol
itics and the Community College Environment" Graduated at age 21.
8/1988 University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas
* Professional
Obtained a JD degree from the University of Arkansas with an emphasis in Corpora
te Law, and Estate Management.
University of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi
* Doctorate
I am ABD in Public Administration and International Relations.
Professional Affiliations
Arkansas Bar,
Washington DC Bar,
The Washingtonian Lawyer,
Pi Sigma Alpha, Lions Club International