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Working on campus


MANY STUDENTS CHOOSE TO WORK ON CAMPUS, SO IT IS OFTEN Study Program positions under Work Opportunities.
competitive to find the job you want. The key is to start early — Then, obtain the Declaration of Eligibility/Hiring form from
mid-summer — and be proactive in your search. You must use the Office of Admissions and Awards or download it from
many methods and search in a variety of locations, and this their website.
tipsheet provides the directions you need to get started.
The research centres, laboratories, and teaching
How to find work on campus hospitals
Finding work on campus is no different than finding an RPositions such as research assistant, administrative
industry position, so you must look for both posted posi- assistant, and lab technician may be posted on the
tions and hidden job opportunities. Start by identifying the following websites:
places you would like to work. Then visit the Career • Research centres ► www.research.utoronto.ca
Centre, department, faculty, or research centre website to • Faculty of Medecine ► www.facmed.utoronto.ca
see if there are any posted opportunities available that • Career Centre ► www.careers.utoronto.ca
interest you. Since only 20% of positions are ever
advertised, visit the place you would like to work and Some of the largest employers in this category include:
bring along a tailored cover letter and résumé to leave • The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
with them. This way, you are the first person they call ► www.camh.net
when a job opens up.
• Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Remember to network with friends, professors, TA’s, and ► www.sunnybrookandwomens.on.ca/
U of T staff. Ask for advice on finding positions and let
them know you are looking for a job on campus. • The Centre for Neurodegenerative Disease
► www.utoronto.ca/crnd/
Additionally, attend our Successful Strategies for Finding
Work workshop, pick up the Finding Work tipsheet at the It is important to realize that many research positions are
Career Resource Library or go to our website for further never advertised. Your best bet is to contact the professors
advice on finding positions. you want to work for directly, expressing your interest in
their works, and your desire to participate. To learn how to
Popular places to look for work contact professors, get the Research Opportunities tipsheet
The Career Centre ► www.careers.utoronto.ca in the Career Resource Library or log in to our website.
Click on Work Opportunities, do an advanced search, and
select the campus of your choice to find many on-campus The colleges, faculties, and student services
jobs. The Career Centre is one of the top employers on Students could work in many roles including office clerk,
campus for part-time and summer jobs such as informa- assistant, and porter, Search the main U of T directory to
tion desk assistant, website support, and employer find office locations ► http://link.library.utoronto.ca/
relations assistant. as well as for positions within the uoftdirectory
Work-Study Program.
Some of the biggest employers of students in this
Work-Study Program category include:
► www.adm.utoronto.ca/fa/workstudy.htm • Faculty of Physical Education and Health (sports
You have the opportunity to work part-time on campus in instructor, camp coordinator, and administrative
a career-related Work-Study Program position if you assistant) ► www.ac-fpeh.com/
qualify for OSAP funding and are currently registered in at
least 60% of a full course load. Beginning in September, • Hart House (lifeguard, membership associate, and
check the Career Centre website for available Work- program intern) ► www.harthouse.utoronto.ca/
Working on Campus • 2

• Accessibility Services (student assistant, library • Division of University Advancement (public relations
assistant and information assistant) and telefund representatives, concierge)
► www.studentlife.utoronto.ca/accessibility.htm ► www.dur.utoronto.ca

• New College (clerical or enquiry assistant, counsellor, Temporary jobs on campus

and ESL instructor) ► www.newcollege.utoronto.ca/ UTemp places qualified current and former U of T
students and staff in full- and part-time temporary
• Joseph L. Rotman School of Management (research positions such as office clerk, administrative assistant,
analyst,and facilities or program assistant) and customer service representative.
► www.rotman.utoronto.ca/index.html ► www.utoronto.ca/utemp/

Full-time jobs on campus

Additional major on-campus employers Most U of T staff positions such as coordinator, admin-
Visit the following websites to look for posted positions or istrator, and director at U of T are full-time and require
get information on where to drop off your résumé. experience. Visit University of Toronto Careers
► www.jobs.utoronto.ca
• University of Toronto libraries (resource assistant,
bibliographic assistant, and digitization assistant)
► http://link.library.utoronto.ca/library/easy/welcome.cfm
Here for you at the…
• Aramark/CampusDish (food service assistant, customer
service agent, and bartender) ►www.campusdish.com/
Career Resource Library
• Career tipsheets — over 40 topics available in the library
• Second Cup, Innis College Cafeteria, and Alumni Café and online.
► www.fs.utoronto.ca/ and follow these links > Quick
Links > Hospitality and Catering > Food and Beverage • Career research tools — over 1,000 occupational books,
> Coffee, Food and Catering Careers by Degree series, Career Cruising database
access, and graduate school resources.
• University of Toronto Bookstore (cashier, file clerk, and
bookstore assistant) ► www.uoftbookstore.com/online/ • Job search resources — Résumé, cover letter, and
employment.ihtml interview guides; Informational Interview Contacts; and
employer directories.
• Facilities and services (service worker, stores assistant,
and building patrol) ► www.fs.utoronto.ca • Additional services — word processing, Internet access,
free local faxing, photocopier, and video terminals.
• University of Toronto Students’ Union (orientation
coordinator, book exchange clerk and polling clerk) 416-978-8002
► www.utsu.ca/

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